Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 18, 1943 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1943
Page 4
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Page Two 6 "PROGRESS-REVIEW, LA EQRTE CITY, lWA La Porte City Personals Will Wilson was taken to the Presbyterian hospital on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Mclaughlin Mcnt to Galesburg, 111. last week to visit their son and family. Nick Heincn of Cedar Rapids spent last week with his daughter. Mrb. Julia Kettman. Joe Milne will leave this Thnrs- 111., called on friends in La Forte City on Tuesday. Mrs Elmiaa Edsill and son, Barry, spent Sunday in Cedar Rapids in the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Edsill. Other guests were entertained in the home also, mootine Dillon was a truest in the home of her parents, Mr. and J Ut! .1111111. w j u leave LIIIO * *JUA a- LJJ.V IIWUJB vj. nc» }jcu -uvop t"*i. * nttu day for Des Moines where hejMrs. D. J. Dillon, over the week will be sent to some naval training station from there. Mrs. Herbert Studebaker entertained Mrs. Belle Ohland Sunday, observing the birthdays of both ladies. Friends have received word of the promotion of Lee Brallier to the rating of Corporal. He is stationed at Cajnp Welters, Teiag. Mrs. Gyncth Richards, who has been apcidinp the winter in Shell Rock, came Sunday to look after business interests. Loin Weisert spent several days last week in Mt. Auburn and Vinton wuh friends and her mother, Mrs. Ava Weisert. Alvn Weisert, son of Henry Weisert, received his rating of private f i r s t class recently at Ft. Ord, Calif. Mr and Mrs. Shelby Foss and family of Waterloo were Sunday guest;, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Richards. A group of friends were entertained in the home of Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Supplee on Wednesday evening in honor of the birthday cf their daughter, Phyllis. Mr. ard Mrs. Paul Wilier and son of Center Point and Mrs, Raymond Sivesind of St. Charles, end. Pvt. Harold L. Dillon is home on furlough from Yuma, Ariz. A boy was born Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Buck of Spring Creek township. They have two other children, a boy and a girl. THIRD GRADE HEWS Max Brown was absent lint w««k due to illness. We are listening to the story of "Hans Bricker" or "The Silver Skates" for opening exercises. nhere he is Rationed -in an ord- daughter, Ruth, before she leaves nanc« branch of the army. lApril 1 for Camp McCoy at Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ashley have Sparta, Wis. for her basic train- received a cablegram from theirW as an army nurse. Mrs. Meson, Roy Ashley, Jr., who ba. Chue will e° to tt ^egan ,11. exercises, been with the marines on Guad- J where ahe will make an exended B k«e for ":, * received one _ alcanal, saying that he is now in,visit in the home of another| iweno -n, _ _,,,,.__ tMt New Zealand. He B aid he is well.jdaughWr, Mrs. Otis Clothier, and and living on a nice farm Mrs. Milo Betts, Mrs. Martin Lieut. Russell F Moore is Morrison and Gerald Morrison spending a seven-day furlough in left on Thursday for Camp Me-'the home of hs parents, Mr. and Cain, near Grenada, Miss., for a Mrs. L. A. Moore. He has been week end visit with Martin Morrison who is stationed there in the armed services. tationed at Camp Linginston, La., but whoi he returns he will be transferred to Camp Ft. Wash- Tie Methodist Booster class oflington, Maryland. His sister, the church school met last week Marcheta, uho is a student at on Tuesday with Rev. and Mrs.iCoe college, Cedar Rapids, was Ralph Supplee. Mrs. Ray Johann- a week-end guest in the parental sen, Mrs. Harry Johannsen and home also i Mrs. Carl Brost was the committee who served refreshments. Neighbors and friends helped Cpl. Wilfred Kessler, son of - J Mrs. Ted Richards entertained a group of friends on Tuesday night in honor of Mrs. Harold Mrs. Ada Narber celebrate her George Kessler, is home on fur- ] Brallier of Minneapolis, who was " ~ . , birthday anniversary Wednesday|l 0 ngb for nine days. He will re , n ^"^ of J"^TM ds ^ cr \ on afternoon with a covered diBh.tnrn Saturday to Homestead, Fla. J ~" "~ " dinner at the Narber home. 'where he is stationed with an air A six and three-quarters ponndJ Da3e . He in-a test chief with that son was bom at Presbyterian .branch. hospital in Waterloo March 17 to I Cpl. and Mrs. Ivan Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Keidel of'fcaby daughter are visiting in the Dysart. Mrs. Xeidel was former- Ihome of the former's father, hundred in their spelling test Friday. James Johannsen treated all of us to cardy last Friday. It was his ninth birthday. aquarium. The fish have not ar_ rived »o the snails have been the acnter of attention. These snails will no doubt be nicknamed "Doo. little" and "MacArthur 1 for they disappear one moment and later are found in the queerest places. a given bv on Thursdij At the HI.Y j day. Mrs. Brallier has been visiting in Waterloo with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hardinp- er and attended their fiftieth wedding anniversary which they celebrated last Sunday. G. A. A. NEWS Tuesday, March 9, the G. A. A. girls held a pot luck supper in the school. Games were played and following this we ate supper To conclude the evening the girls danced. The evening of sports and comradship was enjoyed by all, and we hoped we may have many more of them in the future. The committees were as follows: Food, Marlys Cordray, Florence Hager, Jean Palmer and Zaida Selk; entertainment, Eleanor Tay- March 2, t' L Oj^ .Kline a-, r-.nort/r RECEIPTS FROM PROGRAMS ' cancy in its ca -j Hi.V Benefit Program I enlistmu t 0 ' \ a Receipts, $51.90; disbursements, navy. $31.98; net, $19.92. | We detnkj a t . j Three Ore-Act Plays Mr. Martin that I Receipts, $78.30; disbursements, was not noMi r ,, $45.64; balance, $32.66. ly Elsie Kuhn of this city. Mrs. D. J. Weatherly enter- Grover Miller. and daughter, Kathryn, for fifteen days. Cpl. tained a group of friends at »,Miller is howe^on furlough from bridge party Wednesday night' Awards ,went to Mra. John Belts and Mrs. Elmer Rasche. The hostess served refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Broad of Waterloo and daughter were guests of Mrs. C. Broad the first of this week before leaving Tuesday for Kansas City on business. Dale Cobnrn, son of Mrs. Vera Cobnrn, was a week-end guest in the home of his mother. He is on furlough from Ft Omaha, Nebr., G A R D E N ICIIIT GROW YOUR OWN wifh Michael-Leonard SEEDS Moore Milling Co. Ft Lewis, Wash. Henry Fleischer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fleischer, a private first class in the army, stationed at Yuma, Arizona, as an engineer, is home on furlough. He will leave n March 24. Harold Dillion, an engineer stationed at the ilace is also home on furlough. Catholic Ladies league met last Thursday with Mrs. Frank Gill. A covered dish dinner was served, after which a guest, Father Albert Fmetana, gave a short talk on "Sacred Heart" Five hundred was played, with awards going to Mrs. Julia Kettman, Mrs. John toffman and Father Albert Fmetana. "Women's Relief Corps kensing- ton met Saturday with Alma Hackett. The time was spent sew ing -wollen throws for military hospitals, and two were completed. Refreshments of doughnuts and coffee were served by the hostess, aawsted by Martha Misz- ner and Delia Eagenstos. The group will meet with Mrs. Dave Hints this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. (?. E. Nies and BOD, Gary, of South Bend, Ind. arrived Sunday afternoon for a visit with Mrs. Frances Nies un til Saturday. Mrs. Nies and son will go to Bredgate, Iowa, to visi her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Le Fuller, and Ernest will go to Chi cago where he has accepted a new position with the Dodge company in their aviation plant. Mrs. Neva McChane left Tues day for Chicago where she wr spend several days with he School News SECOND GRADE NEWS We have finished reading in u? "More Friends and Neigh ors" book. We enjoyed the ones very much. Friday we had a number tesl ver the first ninety addition anc ubtraction facts. Nine of us got "A's" in spelling ast week. We made some St. Patrick's utch and Wind pictures for our larch bulletin board. SEVENTH GRADE NEWS Wednesday those who got an A" in spelling were Paul Love_ ess, Mildred Heinen, Norma Jean ·oyner and Charlcne Selk. For art Thursday we drew a hamrock and two pipes for St 'atrick's day. Living," «Hh ri SIXTH GRADE NEWS tendance. It « as Donald Mathe-ws has been on each of th.. chur the sick list for several days. until the; h i d A We drew bird houses and orioles The fir-t thurcn in our art work this week. was the 1'rivbvt The officers for this six weeks ar.d U ere librarian, Grade Smith; pa_ following Sundjy trolman, Maralyn Olsen; room- keeper, Marlys Bible; Beverly Patava. We are now reading the story hostess, Why \\a\\.i. Se] ll-e want adsl , Betty Tibbetts,' Shirley Hack. "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell.. Read the erson and Mary Davis; clean up, ~ Connie Froning, chairman, and the senior girls. FRESHMAN NEWS The home economics girls have been busily employing themselves at the task of sewing. They are making samples of various kinds of seams, making plackets, sewing on bias tape and various other things, Some of the girls are experiencing their first attempt »t sewing. Related Science In related science, Miss Swartz- cndruver has been showing the girls various experiments. The experiments of telling plant fibers from animal fibers by the burning test. Shop A number of articles have been made or are being made at shop Some of the items are chicken feeders, chemical cabinets, mallets breadboards and tables. General Science The boys have been stndyini electricity and have carried out a few experiments on the subject in general science. TYPING NEWS The following people receive he highest averages in the daily speed tests given during the week 1 of March 8_12: Jean Jenks, 48; Dorothy Dutler, 48; Eleanor Taylor, 43; Shirley Hackerson, 43; Ann Gill, 40; Jean Palmer, 39; Lloyd Dutler, 39; Mary Ann Peters, 38; Dorothy Haven, 38; Glen Schecl, 38, and Jim Pearson, 37. BIOLOGY NEWS The class, with the help of Mrs. McNitt, is filling a balanced aquarium. This is different from others in that the plants and animals balance the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This type will not require cleaning, just the addition of water at various times. This week we received the first group of marine life for our EXTRA LIST 70 W. Rox Pullets 2y 2 weeks old 150 W. Rox Pullets . : 2 weeks old 150 W. Rox Strait 1 week old 150 Buff Orp 1 week old 400 W. Rox l week old 150 W. Rox 3 days old 300 Leghorn Cockerels . day old Get your brooder house ready and come and get some of these early chix. We are putting our Chick Starter in sacks made of dress material. A double value, good feed plus material good for house dresses or aprons. Be sure you get Evergreen Chick Starter. Poultry, Hoy and Cattle Feed Poultry Eqaipaient Baby Chicks . Started Cfckks PHONE 111 LA PORTE CTTT ' Beg pardon. Sir, but we'd love lo /. eliminate cottar trotMe VanHeusenSlrf Tht worlfs only wJdte ahlrt wUh a cottar fJial't wovtn tofuUu Annum uucV SmoolU Collir c.Q't LfaMagUl AI* pucker, bee.«. ii'. fold, ejright, iroi. wwren in 1 piece uutoad perfecdr of dHUundaj ?«n««V.i Ink, ****.»«*! cnr^r^d^,;^ $2.25 La Porte City Sales Next Sale Saturday, M 125 HEAD OF CATTLE 30 head choice whiteface and short weighing 250 to 350 pounds. 30 head shorthorn and whiteface year 10 head shorthorn steers, 800 pounds. 10 head springer heifers. Remainder mixed cattle. 100 FEEDER PIGS ANTON, CLARK JURCENS PHONE 209 Let Your Druggist Keep 1 !lf Absorbing Jr. 35c Size POND'S Cold Criiai or VaiushiTv; Oe Pkg. 100 A D 5000 Units Puretest Tablets 5 °° Unils 75c Size s KIDN'l PILL 75c Size mniiE SHAVI CREA3 JAK 35cVicks . 27 C 65c Finer . . . 54= 75c Cherrosote . , 69 C 72 Flenamins $2.59 50c Listerine ____ 39 C 35cBromo- . Quinine . 27 C 50cZ.B.T. Powd. 39«: 50c Hind's Lotion 21 C SMSloanV Lin. 29 C 50cMennens Baby Oil . / . . . 50c J J Baby Talc ...... 21 C eOcPertnssin .490 51.25 S.S-S. Tonic 99* 50c Burma Shave SScZemo . , . , 1943 SPRING Wallpaper Selection · Low Prieea · Free Trimming · ImmtdUto Defi · fietorn Privilege on uniued toils SINGLE ROLLS 5« u, 27' AN Aft NEW WfiSH SHERWiW- FOR PAINT CEILINGS... ING OVER j · KEM-TONE washable wall f inates the usu and bother of in NEWEST, SMA^TES k 1 gallon (t lib tnm ud T fc* 1H E«l- " Mk wlib tan p«l»t-Your tmi? to SEWSPAPF.Hl

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