The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 14, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1818
Page 3
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BmnlVG 101 barrel CocMetscut River IjwriPg, JUCK t C0,T ' no d i t; 33 Burliog - slip 14 3t aRTE 11 t'AlJb, Mercantile Broker, of - c t his ilore, 263 Pearl - street, 31 j d - "4 West of England black and blue cloths . i. h'ifa merino 1 Mnk men's at.4l women's white cottoa hose IronKs real fine India muslin hdkfs V - ! ... I...11. 1 Ja hoe Gimp T'nmu. rimmiog '. irifu - ial (lowers So fine Clollies Brushe and Snuff Boies jdoHdware Jdo fciuta Pencils i da Billows ! L..t it Shelled Almonds (Miisre oail upright London made Fiaso - rtlti of modern fashion aod of excellent qual - Jne' augl4 3t DOMES llbiliu lULn T' H itibscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following good, "n'uUh Engl"" Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy common Duster, or Counter Srvabea iearth Brushes, fan - Crtsd common Hsd do do do Cloth do do do Wearers do White Wash do Shoe ft Scrubbing do faint Brushes and &sh Tools Clamps, 4, T, 8 row Fsrnituro brushes Horn do - Bed Cords, Clothes and Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats rails ana l uus Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de scription Seine, sewing, wrap - pine;, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe & Sadlen Thread Dearborn1 Balances, ftc. Uoel Saih Cords, irare Wrought nnd Cut aiut Rrsrii Which they will sen wnoiesaie or reian on li teral terms. CEBRA at CUimNu, aug 14 7B reari - gtrect. WATS - 10 cases gentieuieu's London sup:r fine Beaver Hats 11) cases men's and ooy't riatei rista, torsaie JJURU K. 6MVALL, a r r (2 il &Ug 14 t)d CHrtmi siren I AbEIKA WI.Nt,. 5 viiHsand blidisu 111 Derii - r flunlitv Madeira Wine. Scott, Lutftuiao, reniom at to'i. nrann, lor saie oy u 14 So' Soulli.street. LlVlEa 2U bids freth limes, just lauded from schr Henry, from Cane Henry, for sale by Hf 14 iid South - street MUOMS TO LET. A GENTLEMAN and his Ladv, can be ac commodated with Board, and a larire and rltuuit settiii? room, with bed rooms adioin inj, sliere there are a few select boarders - Apply st So. 20 Vesey - strcet, opposite the Uwrcfi. au 14 lw rprtlS'i' ilWOlbs Cotton 1 wiM, tirt quail i it aou assorted !. ju t.m. vy.'miiii u t. i 197 Purl lret, (upttairi.) Ikl K.1 A Ut l U L' I I n; 14 N JiW HICHMOMJ FLOUil. U1U bbls Erimorid Mill's, landing and in itnr, for sale or W. U is. UHAIli, nc 14 4 Front - street. bRoome srRt;;r academy. iP. L. TUKQUANO havine taken into rart - nersliiii his brother it. TURQUAMD. late. iixrived fronj Italy, respectfully iufnrms his oflgud the public, that their academy will moq Monday next, the 17th Amrust iost. for it reception aud education o( youth of both sex, - m trparaie anarlmtnti. w the loilowinc tnuiesoi uitrature, vis : Una. English Grammar Languages. riueioric elles Lettre Navigation ... Vftnrh. XkUtmttics, , cnmnuicD, surveying. Untorr, Clihes. Geography with the use of the Aitroacmy fphere. accompanied by an Orrery and Book keeping by single and double entry, the faction ot Maps, Heading, Writing nnd Aritb - if'ic. Two competent female teachers being attach - - f lo the Academy, vouns Ladies are also tauicht 'redle Work. The accommodations in the Academy areiuch to admit of children from the age of 3 years nd spwards. tttnin? tuition in amy of the above brandies ti noderate terms. . A few Boarders mi be accommodated in the 'mily where the rench aud Italian languages re ip&neo. itsiiaa boons rr sale. aug 14 Sw unity ks ami riHuiick - POR SALFJ, a pair of likely active black P Hones, seven years old. They match in 'Fit and fcait, are last trotter and in excellent - "uon tor journey. "", a ngni uoacbe in excellent order, in - juirestthit office. aus 14 Ct - EENWICH COFFEE - HOUSE, tuata e corner of Greenwich Lane and the I 'ut. lutKcrther inloims his friends and the paobc, hat the above house is opened for l"y and Pleasant situation, during this Mrai season. Iu ticinity to the city, together Uhi ib i beauuful situaotij caonot fail to tecora - tlod it as s iuwnor pTe of recreation. Th yftawich stage leaves aadj - eturns to the above Kvrrai limes a day. ,! Bem.ninorlnlpm Wn!,,5e, - ?n e mot reonabt terms which Liny uuimaie tne distance to the city I ,p,lor. n I . , . 1 . - J v"" , ' xreeaoiy eotartauied au - guie season. 1 he subicrihrr irmti. ki ik (jveoieitce, together with the preparations he ' 'Hmeet with the approbation ol Ihe A'. B. The best of liquors. Sic. constantl miu secure to nun iheir IlllUOn. SlC. rnnilnnllii bnl shlBd. n.i.juiL i. a.n - ui time. 1010. . , E. BALDWIN, in rate camaees will ha rurni,K.rl ti i.,.. H more reasonable rate than elsewhere. ZWT r.UAF.snAY morning, a Red Morocco vrt.r,i tSUUK. conf aimni Brink Rill. mouoi oi lorty or lorty live dollars, of fck L ; oae b1"' recollected is of rr" w Geneva, and also one dollar of the kTi oia stamp, also aouraberof papers, ol , r - .v ,,v ,u. renl persons in tins cifv. lost in W ashmgton street or on Ibe south Washington Market. A reward of ten "HI De riven, hv mlnmiM it In Ur in I" Va ODDUail marlro, a. - JAM mi RrnT J)3 StilutJ,on lreet, near Spring street. T. k.i.v. PQ., 'l'llllllllOi t f - ALK, a variety of snkndid and valna - U 1,1 01 Mineral, collected m tw - 'msmg ore of cold and ruhir.l n. JVative cinnabar, &c. ftc. For partienhrs cp omce. augMeodiw 3 THE Eagle Manufactory at Greenwich, about 2 mile from tb city of New - York, - m jor saie. liie establishment con - i II lots of ground, one entire block, in foe, ' H'Putable. An excellent four - .tory fire , )uuJ,"5. "0 feet front by 40 deep, with . ,wn j M i ne macmnerr com - renl j 1 Socrally every thing complete aud irf , rryin on the woolen manufactory b,l T " Ma "ischinery may be view. iftieh sJ'n Will""n Torrcy, esq. TO J rm, wmcn wui te liberal. "I trM i vci i i uviLis or "ctOctlTH03C - ,iUTLE,t - TVTEW FLOCtt - KX) bbls. Richmond ta JL1 perHne Flour, made from new wheat, branded" UaXiH" 100 do. do. branded Virginia mills" fresh . i i . ground irom oia wucu jusi received per tens. uaunues, ana Alexander, and lor sale by . TROKXS, DAVIDSON ft CO. au 14 106 Front - street, 100.000 DOLLARS. A TEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY. No LL draw s again on Tuesday moraine next when the 3d days drawing will give to the first drawn number a prize ot iuuo dollar. There are mnnv valuable prizes besides those or J ioo,ouw, si,uuu, zu.tuu, iu,ooo, and 5000, Tickets ana cnare tor sale at GILLESPIE'S Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel. Cash will be paid for all prizes sold as above. aug 14 zt MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY "VTOW drawing regularly once a week, and XI there is every reason to suppose that it Will uraw taster nexi oepiemner. 4100,000 9O,00O 60.C00 10,000 25,000 Tickets and Shares in a variety of numbers may be obtained on the best terms of it nr. If? I . . .") r ri i ii. irAiib jun, iju Droanwar, Who sold more prizes in the last Medical Sci ence Lottery than an)' other Office in this city UBsn 10 any amount advanced lor prizes soon a drawn, and adventurers are particularly requested to observe that all tickets sold by R Waite. Jun. will have hisnnrae on the back, as he intendi to par all the capitals as soon as pre. tented. . aug 14 w'oool medical SCIENCE LOTTERY rimiKUdrawin; on luesday niorning next. - JL 1st drawn number entitled to 1000 dollars Floating prises which may be drawn on Tuts ua Vl - 1 01 ZU,hju ULL.LAK.S. 1 of 10,000 l'j 1 of 50O do S3 of 1000 do Chances lor the above CMits!i at SO dollar earh, may be obtained at GRACIK'a & CO's 140 Urnadwar - au 14 3t 1 prize ol 100.0W DOl.LAHa - 1 do do 611.000 do 1 1 1 2 20,000 1U.00O 5,H)0 2,000 do rio do do do do do do 4J do ,0UO The above are the capital prizes in the 5th Medical Science Lottery, which is now drawing in this city. The first drawn number ou Tues day morning next at half past 6 o'clock, will be eiiiitiea to IWNi dollars. Tickets and Shares in a variety of numbers for saie at the Book store and lottery t'uice ol J. A. BUlU Ua ACO. No. 19 Peck - flip, comer f Water - street. PRErENT PlilCE, Whole tickets :0 Dollars. Half l.SDtllnrt (juattcrs 7 I ollurs 50 cts. Eighths 3 Dollar 75 cts. bixtetnths ' 1 Dollar 87 cts. nii 14 THlKJY HlOLa.iJfD DOLUiUPhlZL AFF.W days since the Capital Prire in the Medical College Lottery of Baltimore, w.u old and paid at WAITE'S Truly Fortunate Lottrry and Exchange Olfictn. in a half and two quarter ihnres ; and in a few weks will be drawn the Capital Prises in the . Medical Science Lottery of New - York, vix. xiuu.uiju i yiu,uuu 50,000 I 5,000 SO.0O0 G. ft R. WAITE have for tale in this splen did Lottery HALVES, QUARTERS ft EIGHTHS, Which may draw the above prises, if an early application is made. Several other capital prize have recently been obtained at their omces in shares of tickets ; amongst them was the highest ever (old at any oflke in this city, in a half, qjariernma two eigiHD, w men were ail paid i soon as drawn. Purchasers will please to observe that waites name i on the back of every Ticket thry . - el!. All prizes sold at their Odices, will e paid as soon as drawn. aug 14 zi IRON, MEtX, it HARDWARE. O X fl Tons English iron, assort J, iu flat i J J and square bars, a part of which is entitled to debenture. 100 tons round iron, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swedes flM iron, from I to 5 inches 50 do square, assorted froai 1 - 2 to 3 inches 50 do each fiat and square Russia iron 50 do country iron, assorted 20 do ploughshare moulds 10 do axletree and crowbar mould 10 do horse - shoe mould 20 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 16 to 3 8 inch 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted 10 do sheet and bailer plate iron 50 dj English and American Hoops IU do tAgltsb (L..) DlislereU steel 10 do Swedes steel 10 do Crawley do 5 do German do 5 do shear and cast steel 20 do Bristol and Nova Scotia grind stooes anchors 500 anchors, assorted, from SO tw COOOlbs 1 do. about 90001b. 60 rolls sheet lead, ass'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 cask spikes, ass'd from 4 to 9 inches 200 do. rut nails, Irom 2U to Wil 50 do. wrought nails, assorted 20 do. slate and horse nails 10 tons iron pots and bake pans, assorted fi om 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to deb'n 5 tons English spelter 20 d. American hollow ware, consisting of pots, kettles, bake pans Skilets, spiders, tea kettles ' Andirons, &c. 10 casks trace, ox and boat chain Anvil, vice and beak irons Forge, sledge and hand hammer Mili, cross - cut aod pit saws Cart, Wag in and Chair Boxes. Window glass, of different sizes Shovels, spades, boos. &c. Together with a general assortment of hardware and cutlery, lor tale, oo reasonable terms. by AliRKL H UUXSWMB, No. 363 Water - street, corner of James - slip aug 13 lw s,OTTO.V - 6b bules prime Upland, lor sale to VV lots to suit purchasers, ny GRJ3WOLDS fc COATE9, aug 13 68oith - trret. COTI ON MAGGING AND SACKING. J good assortment of t.'otton Bagging Twilled and common S. v. ting Coffee and Pimento Bagging, lor sale by D. BtTHUNE ft CO. aug 13 02 Coffee - Houf - slip "kUERCl 1 RON HAKK. 100 hhds. fresh in inrv tl - liw grnand, lo sale in tiareels, by nug 13 GRISVoLOS ft COATFS. vv 1NDOW GLAaS. um boxes Briitol W indow Glass, fnr vale by 11URD fiSKWALU aug 13 65 South street. OLUE CLOI Ho. A few piece superhoi MJ American Ulue Cloth, for sale ry ine COMMISSION COMPANY, . . 148 Pearl - street. aug 13 1 RON. 100 tons Old Sable P. 3. L JL Iron, for sale at 65 South - st by n 13 KURD SEWAI.L. PRINTING PAfKK 350 (veto bo uitdi - am Printing Paper, for sale by . G. G. ft 8. HOWLAND, aogl? 67 Washington street 200 BALTIMORE FLOUR. bbls new superrloe, landing from sloop Ifirwm, attlld'lin. For sale hv UAHBKELENU 8t rr.A uSON, aug It 67 Soatb - street. ! . For HA V ILK. , Tb vhip RUBICON, HoldnJg, ma - iiiter, tor Havre, will sail about tb 1st proi. or treigbt or passage, apply ok beard, at Jones' wharf, or to - POTT ft M'KINKE, an 13 66 South - street. fur IFf LAIAG IXJrfV, A. C. The staunch and well found schr - UMON.Denet, muter, will sail with ail possible despatch. For freight or passage, appiy on board at ly - fllarxet wnwri, or to A. L. GOMEZ, 165 Front street. aug 13 8t 'or SJtAXA'JH, The packet schr. HAHK1ET NEWELL, U. L. Porter, master, a first rate vessel nnd intended, for regular trailer, liav - iujf considerable of her freight engaged, wi',1 meet wit!iinmediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board at Uurling - slip.or to ANSON G. PHELPS, au 13 183 Front - street. tor btue, freight or Cluirter, The schr. M0KX1NG STAK, 90 tons ; curries about 800 barrels, and in complete order for tea; lying at Dover - street wharf. Apply to R. 4: C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. au 13 35 Peck - slip. tar sinttgua, The British briz AMELIA. Job .Humphreys, master: an uncommonly fiue fast sailiDC vessel. For passage oulv. apply on board, at Jones' wharf, or to R. GILLESriE, 112 Frout - street. Who offers for sale, J00 bbls new Richmond Flour, Haxalls brnnil 68 hhds Kentucky Tobacco 11 rio Richmond do 1 hales prime Upland Outfcm - - A Chain Cable, tit for a vessel of 500 tons Wine and Porter Bottles 2 pipes and 3 hhds Red Port Wine White Port and Claret do Ram Red Port, incases of three dozen each nug 1J tor Aae, Freight or Charter, The si h HANNAH, Hampton, mas ter, 140 tons is well founJ, aud now ready to receive is cargo. Apply at bv Wash ington - strect. aug 13 G. G k S. HOWLAND. tor h.iYjiXjl.' To sail on Wednesday, the elegant coppered ship uaronnc, iter! in;, mas ter, with what freight mar offer before that time. t or which, or p - .ia&age, apply to rni pio s. ot board, at pier Ao, 5, fioilli - river, or , aug 13 ti. G. SIS. I": . LAND. i - or Ch.i ULtlHiX)J, The fast t:ii!inz packet schooner CHARLESTON - PACKET, S.K. Y: master ; being detained, can take some freight. and will positively siil on Suuday morning, winJ perruilliug. Apply on board, at Stevens' wharf, orlo bAUi - Al.Lti, au 13 98 Pine - strret. ur .Yt:W - tMLLiXS. The brig MARY ANN, capt. Scli - lor, wJl be detained by agreement un it loth mst. when she will positively sail. She can take a few more passengers, and about 50 tons of ft eight, application to be made on board at pier No. 9, E. It or to J. II. LAURENCE ft CO. au 12 4t 55 Pine street. I 1ENKKIFFE WINE 160 qr. casks L. P. Tenenlle wine, imported in lt15and 1S1G. of the Pasley, Powe r, m il Colegan brands. a lew pipes tine I'ort Wine, tor sale by NATIL PAULDING, aug 12 lw 102 Front - street AMEUICAN BRAND Y 20 Pipas, of good quality aud high proof, for sale by aug 11 lw CORNL'S DU BOIa. ENGLISH CHEE&E 2ahaiitiM - roi Bork ley, double ft single Gloucctter Cheese. ALSO. English Hams, Bacon and Lard of superior qutiiity, iui received oy snip rnocion, irom Bristol, for sale, wholesale Si retail ; with a gene ral assortment ol Bristol ware it urorenrs, by E. BLACKFORD, . 157 Greenwich - street. Likewise, a few qr. boxes best Havana Se - gars, Fiih snucrs, Capers and Olives, aug 10 lw Ii' ICI1MOND TULACCt) FLOUR. 40 hhds prime Richmond Tobacco 152 kegs good common manufactured do 100 bbls. new I - lour. Richmond Mills 50 do do Woodberry, landing this day Irom schr. Catharine, and Only Daughter, for sale oy UUU11MA.X Si JUIKslU augl2 3t rHOUACCO. 353 Kegs landing from schrs, JL Hero and Only Daughter, and sloop Fair American, from Richmond, viz. 54 Kegs branded B. H. Brady, 8's, no. 1 ft 2 54 do. Geo. Fletcher, 8's, no. 1 ft 3 40 do. T. M. Deaneftco. 8's, no 1 & 3 57 do. J. Gihb, 8's, no 1 ft 2 Cii 1 - Sd o. J ft P Labby, 8's, Ladies' twist. IN STORE, 1500 Kegs, 8's, no's 1, 2, 3, half pound rolls, Ladiea1 Twist and Cavendish Tobacco of the following brands, viz. Enders, Ross, Ege, Miller, Holtz, IJutton, Starr, J. Hare fi co R. Hughes ft co. F. Dancy ft co. Ander son, Blair ic M. Keage, Cantor, and Sheltou ft Williamson. For sale by CORNELIUS DU B0I3. aug 11 2w MKKlNO SHAW Lb. 4 N rlegaut assortment of Merino Shawls, just Ix. opened and for sale at 150 Broadway, by ailglSlW MIH.IiKllUN S IM LKS, NEW KICll.VKiNl) FLOUR, Ac. 235 bbls. super fine Flour, Haxall and Cuuning - ham's brands, landing I row schr. Catharine, and for sale by W. ft S. GKAlu, 84 Front - street, IX STORE, 7 1) hhds. prime Richmond Tobacco 100 kegs Manufactured do 2 boxes 4 - 4 Irish Linen 12 blids. 6 pipe choice L. P. Madeira Wine 2 1 - 2 qr. cask do. do. M .liusey Wine, aug 12 lw Tim AN I'FACTU KED TOBACCO. 14 kegs IT JL lad ie twist " Davidson, Saunders & Co. brand : 58 do. No. 1 do do. landing from schr. Catherine, and Monroe, and for sale by TROKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. an 13 160 Front - street. f M. CAIRNS, No. 1J0 Water - street, of - V iers for sale, received by the late arrivals from Liverpool - Flannels, assorted colours Rose, Point and London Dutnl Blankets Strouds, Fearnoughts and Baizes, assorted colours lxw priced ar.d fine Cloth:, assorted Double milled drab do Super Blaeand Pelis - e do, Black Bombazetti 4 - 4 and 6 4 Cambric Muslins 6 - 4 Hair Cord and Figured do 4 - 4 and 9 - 8 Bordered Cravat Hdkfs 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 Steam Loom Shirtings, Calicoes Red, blue, chocolate, plate and chiuU furniture do 7 8 corded Ginghams, Cotton Hosiery, and a variety of other article. aug 12 lw LOAF SUGAR, bKANDl', ftc. 5 tierces and 80 bbls Loaf Sugar 20 pipe Gray Brandy 4lh rroof 14 bbls sugar bouse brown Sugar 100 kegs Philadelphia Slsrch 50 kegs London refin'd Salt Petre 10 box Sugar Cniidys, for tale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, aug 13 75 Wall - street. CORN MEAL. 14 hhds. and 116 bbls. yellow kila dried Cora MeaL of a superior quality, for sal b 1 i,VB.Z.IV bAUIUU, a2 13 S3 South street. or PROCTOR MATHERS, No. ?1 Pine - ttreei, have received by the Importer, Lit - ph rates, and ether late arrival, the following good wiucn mey oner lor sal on liberal terms, 40 bales Kendal Cottons 36 d White Flaios 5 ' do (upertiae Broadcloth 4 ' do middle priced, do t do Pelisse Cloths ' 1 do Casiimere " t trasses blue sav'd List Cloth 3 do Toilanetts . 10 cases woollen Shawls and Scarfs t do furniture Chlutz of superior patterns ana quality do superfine London Hats 50 ' 1 do containing boys fieaver and cloth Cap, ladies and childrens Stuff Bonnets, kc. Hatters Bowstring and Trimmings Jewellery of vaiious kinds. do do 0 batrels Seneca Gin 3 do rectified Whiskey t pipes Cocuac Braudy 5 do L. P. Madeira Wine of choice quali ty 1 19 kgs Manufactured Tobacco 15 do Pa tent Yellow 6 casks Mustard 2 hhrfsShoe HrinliP", kr. anjll 9w - MIKbT IHOX, CutftAi, Sit. BRAZlERS1 copper sheets, assorted sizes bottoms, raised and flat Bar copper, sheet brass Braziers' rods, sheet lead Tin plate, No. I 13xl xx xxx Do.' Dx xx xxx Do. SDx xx xxx Black plate, iron and brass wire Best London sheet iron, double It treble roll'd ' Bristol single ft double , Lock plate iron English wrougfcs nails, rose and clasp heads Aptkel, tacks aim eloui nails Horse nails, block tin T race chains, black lctd crucible Sand crucibles, shvel pans Milt, pit and o os cut saw Hatter and s:id irons, anvils Vices, writing slates, spades and shovel Together with a general assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, for sale on accommoda ting terms by J. B. DASH & SON, au 13 Jw . 147 Broadway. ! l ACOON K Mi .NX SKINS. loOO fine dark It Indian kil'il Rai'ooti skins 1U0O prime Mink skin', for sale hy DILWOR 1 11 ft VOORHEES, aug 13 3t ljt) Water street. I lG.'.U. - i VITE. 10 tou, ol various sues, LJ lor saie by TUCKf.R A LAURIES, South street. aug 13 rLOLiR.. J00 bbls sui - erl. Richmond Flour, 1 Irom new wheat, KnnmonJ nulls brund. 84 bbls. suiif. Richmond Flour, ground from old whert. 87 do SP. Thilad. supr. do. for s.ile by BOORMAN ft JOANSTON, nug 13 57 3ou'h street EbVttH'DSHlKllNGS. - Jcase bleach'd lurtiiijs, of au excellent quality, just re ceived and lor talc hy the co.vikiic&iuri jij.vir.i.i x, aug 13 148 Pearl - street. I JUM ft SliiVlAC. 17 puncheons Autigua 1 Rum, and A few tons Trieste Sumac, , Lending, and for sale at 105 Front - street. aug 12 bt A. Ls. tfUirl TmZi. C1AMBREI.ENG .'4 PEARSON, No. 07 South - street, offer for sale 670 bolls Russia Dock, various mark CO do Knghsh Patent Sail cloth 10000 pieces long Company yellow and blue Nankins, entitled to debenture 40 cases Canton bilks, consisting of ' Black Florentines, black 4 - 4 lldkf Cross barred 7 - 8 Hdkfs. Col'd Sewing Colored and chargeable Sinchew v Crape Shawls, white Coat an - Pongee for hat lining Twilled Sursnets Dove - col'd Silk Shawls 7 4 and 8 4, part of which are entitled lo debenture 70 tons English Bolt Iron, 6 - V to I 1 - 3 10 do old sable, 1 1 - 8 to 3 mcb square 4 do Swedish, 3 inch wide 20 do Yorkshire Pig Lead 65 bale Upland Cotton 280 ounces Oil of Roses 30 do Oil Cinnamon 3 cases Turkey Opium 5 bait! Goats' Wool or Camels' Hair 35 pipes Holland Brandy 30 bbls No. 3 cargo Beef 25 bundles Deerskin 2 bale Turkey Rug 3 cases Dutch Elates 10 boxes Chocolate 70 do Herrinzs A constant supply of white Lead, from the New York Lead Works, ol a superior qaality, A general assortment of Apothecaries Glass r urmture, and Window biass, irom tne Boeton manufactory. aug iz POR TElC BOTTLES, SHEA THLXQ COPPER, tte. T R 1 3TOL porter bottles, in hamper of one MJ groceeach Sheathing copper, from 14 to 28 ox Shot, assorted tor the season Spanish brown White lead, ground in oil Crown window glass, 8 by 6 to 18 by 12 The above good are just received by the ship rbocioa from oristol, and are recommended, as being of the best quality and in the best order For sale by au 1 1 lw WM. NEILSON Ic SO.V IRISH LINENS. DlAPERs, ftc. IHE subscribers have received by the late . arrivals from Ireland a very handsome as sortment of 4 - 4 whites, some in denii pieces, Also 7 - 8 do browns from 7 to 18d. very superior goods, Which they will sell on moderate terms. i.'k W. STERLING ft CO. aug 7 2w 4 J South - street. 20, romax cem&xj: casks Roman cemeot, just received and for sale by ANDERSON ft SFIF.ARF.R, aug 12 2w 131 Water - street. ORGAN FOR SALE. A FINE toned linger Orran. lately imported I from Loudon, built by Nicholls, (successor to the late Mr. England). It consists of 5 stops, the Principal, Viapawn, Hautboy, t'hite and Uulcxana, nat a general sweu wuu iwo smiling movements, and is calculated for a small church, or private use.' Enquire at auglzeeooc ivo. ia uoia - stiw, TEN DOLLARS REWARD. STRAYED or stolen, oo the 8th inst. from the subscriber, a white and black spotted and remarkably handsome milch Cow, without horns. Whoever will discover said cow and bring her back to her owner, shall receive the above reward. U. KENNEDY, Bank street, near the State Prison, N York. aug!3 3t TO LET. TO be let Hill the first of May, r oo a Leate r fourteen years, that large and snacious family House, situated No. 46 Broad stre t, with without coach house and (table ; the pre mises have been lately put in thorough repair for a large fmilv, or a respectable Boarding house i the premise are 200 leet in deptn irom the front in Badad - street, to the coach houe in New - street, with a Urge garden and an exten - sive wine feller. au 13 tf A FARM TO LETOX SHARES. utunted near Newark, end couUuds about 30 seres of the best land, ioclud - irg a eanteo of two acres s the proprietor will ..... i.k nil ariM - lva. Anv person of a 4.. h.,. kMMt. .ntf industrious, may anoly at this Office. A good kitcbeo Gard - ner wotild be prefcrcd. augiaiw 'rent uf in of of of oy in of in to and the that ty, All V and op from he as er Will Yout And Will Call Your Tn Will Take Far A Will But, ou For, Will Tbea A T;. The Will ' X ness Salt. Ibe ion If person, AL.1XDRL1 FLOUR. bbb (operfine - - 100 dout Alexandria, flour, newly ground from old wheat, and of very superior quality 1 Lac aired per sen Resolution, and far hI by aug 13 WALSH , GALLAGHER. TRY OUR LUCK At ALLEXU Lucky OJue, Au. 122 Broadway. In tne Urand Medical Science Lottery, now drawing in this city. n'ii C .a.' ij iti rnvriivs A, lb IIIIUiUVU.llllliiA 1 of 100,000 I 1 of 10,000 1 50,000 1 5.000 1 20,000 I 43 1,000 Many smaller Prizes only 15000 T ickets. The first drawn number next Tuesday will be entitlea to a prize of 1000. The lottery will draw every T uesdayitbis month, aud ofteuer next Oiontb. 1 N. B. All Ticket, told at ALLEN'S will lie endorsed and paid by them. aug 13 OC. GRAC1V. ft CO', prize list ol the Medical Science, No. 5. 1st days drawing. No. 5373 1000 dollars. 2d days drawing. No. 15577 1000 dollars. 13409, 9373, 8593, 13511, 100 do each. 'Remained unsold at Grade's. 3d drawing at half past 6 A. M. on Tuesday next. 1st number drawn entitled to .;' 1000. Warrented undrawn ticket now telling at 30 dollars each, and Shares in proportion. rrizes and loreign Dank notes received in payment for Tickets, aug 13 St P.iPKti, HUPEHJOR QUILLS, He. IIFTY - THOUSAND choice selected quills ; letter paper, foolscap do. and various sizes wrapping paper ; bills of lading, on An paper, letter and common Ibrm. For sale by ' O. C. GRACIE&CO. 146 Broad wat. where may he obtained the jilOU.Ouo i SO.UOO t 12(1,000; 10,000 ; 5,000 Capital prizes iu the brand science lottery, 5tb class, lor JO dollars earn. snares in proportion. aug 13 set B'i :NJiMIN liUTLER'a prize list of the Medical Science Lottery, 2d day's draw ig: No. 15,577, i 1000; Nos. 3152,3973, T8593, 13409, 13541, 4100 each. First drawn number, t Sold on Saturday at this office. fXT3 The subscriber's office will be open this evening until 9 o'clock. I ickets rise to - morrow, previous to which they may be had at if 28 ; parts in proportion. UENJAM1N bUTLER, aug 1 1 27 Wall - st, FLE I CHER'S CEI.EBRATfM VEGETABLE 8ALVJC. A' NDREW FLETCHER informs the itiha bitants of this city, of an extraordinary salve prepared and made oy mm. it is com posed entirely of herbs, and other vegetable substances, and possesses, in a degree attogeth er unequalled by any thing of the kind known. tne excellent qualities oi uioniying, drawing and healing, but not slightly, all manner ol wounds and runnings to be used in every case, without exception, w here me skin is hroken. In cases the Scurvy and King's Evil, it will absolutely, though it may appear incredible, perform the most perfect cure. The agonizing paiu of wounds. cankered thro' cold, stress, or other causes, it will mitisatein a few minutes, r or more than seventy years it has been made in the writer's family, and is well known as Fletcher's Healing Salve, in a wide circle, round the neighborhood Dalkeith, and Newbattle his native place, in Scotland. 1 nere it nns, incases the must hope less, preserved the anus and legs, if not the lives, hundreds of people - But Ihe writer is aware, that it is extremely improper and equally unavailing for him, to state cases which have happened in a country o remote ; it is only for him, continued advertisements, to make it known this populous city, and he has the happy confidence, that a eenerous public will eive him credit, until the thine may speak for itself, estab lish its own merits, and prove its advertiser a true man tint no imposter. The writer feels happy in possessing in this country all the means making this invaluable medicine, which lode cline making public in the midst of more than one hundred thousand people would be crinuna the extreme, towards suffering humanity. To be sold in boxes, price I, 2 and 3. by Mr, JOHN DRENNAN, sole agent for the proprie tor, 475 f earl street. New York : each box in closed in a small paper, containing few print directions lor using if. aug I J Imr NEW AND ELEGANT CABINET FURNI TURE. Ao. 23 Warrtn - tl. a few doom from Broadway. A CHOICE assortment of Cabinet Furniture, particularly sideboards, patent dining, card ladies' elegant work tables it is presumed like has never before been manufactured in America. Mahogany Chairs, Sofas and Settees of the first style. The subscribers assure the public. none can under sell them, comparing quali upnoistry work ann roller window minus. orders in the above lines will he thankfully received and punctually executed hy aug 13 GILLESPIE ft WALKER. TO THE PUBLIC. TTrriLLIAM HAM MONO, Hair Dresser and V Perfumer, respectfully informs the ladies gentlemen of New York, that he has fitted a shop, at No. S72 Pearl street, the thirdtdoer liroudwav. in a stvle of maenificenee. which. is bold lo slhrm, is not exee led, for beauty of design, taste or eleganc, by any similar estab lishment in this or any other city in the United Stales i and they are respectfully Invited to call upon him at the above place, where they will at ways find him at home to reoeive eompany, aad anxious to serve them in the best manner. But, the most common method of soliciting pullio sttentioo. is, by lisping forth Ihe invitation in numbers, his muse has kind y volunteered the fol lowing "extempore itantat," which may be eith n said or sung," as best suit the reader or amateur : you come to the bow r I have shaded for yon, tweeter or lairer uame Mature never drew ; teat shall be plac'd among flow'r in full bloom, your sense regaled with the best of per fume. you, will you, will you, will you, come to the bow'r. Would yon shsve In a style scientific and neat. on HAMMOND, who can all your wishes eomolcte i hair he will dress and your whiskers be'U trace, a style all his own, of beauty and of grace. j ou, w ill you, ft. Would yoo make yourself lovM by the hard - heart' ed fair. advice, dress voor bead, t,nd never despair; - fam'd HAMMOND ean teach you to doit with ease, la Greque, a la Turque a la Devil, u you please. you, will yoo, fte. bard fortune alack, have you no hair to dress, mar conquer the fair one nevertheless ; tho' you'd no scalp to cover your brains. seti; would at once put an end to your pains. you, wilt you, fee. tome to the bow'r he has shaded for yoo, sweett r or fairer no painter ever drew i - - - Alm'.nm hv kaufv riff 11 Mtt'd. mirror of fashion ne ptiu ultra o'latte. yow, will you, will you, win you. oroe 10 ine bow'r. augiaeoaiw - . VAUXHALL FOR SALE. PI! E proprietor of rauxhall Uartev. JYtie - I'ork, wishing to retire iron) public busi "tw tola," oners uie rsiaonsnmeoi r or There are yet 6 year of ihe lease unexpired: every atetsil and necessary object for a con tinuation of the business, and lor the pleasure of visitors, arena thespc t, and will make a part of sale, i n celebrity ni ine ptacr, tne kuown encouragement aod receipts lo consequence, an well known to rtqoire particulars. Term moderate. the lease is not c4d before January next, the proprietor will transfer his title to any capable who will give tafident security rbr the ajreeaoo. tug jKawsaJp 240, to lo on in for ty. PUBLIC SALES.' .B r MILLS, M1XTOX U CO. Monday, '. ' A general assortment of dry goods. At 12 o'clock, 3 cases Leghorn hat, from No. 35 to 55. . JusiRiiist. tut. uHLiJhsut ne. TH E proprietors of the southern startle quaj ries, near KingV Bridge, eiv noticr. that they have os baud, and ere receiving, at the Kvig't - nnagt jvaitu tmtt LiWiC - jant, foot of Beach - street, on the IlniUoB river, an elteosiv' stock of marMo for building, of the follow tug de scriptions, vis : . AslUar Coping Watertable Foondalion Btoao ' Step Cbimnry - Piecee Platform Facing Gills, Lintels Column ' Arc bus Also Lim of the best quality. rtr1 A constant supply of lbe abort p? i '(?b may be calculated upon; and th m - .Irrtt 1 purchasing, or making ertBgcni - .n - , wi:! to EZKA .AiM,OW, Feb 11 " - .UtM ftfr On Tuefd y, l c iftii - t :'A ., at the auction t, r - :, No. i - X ar! - t,t, OS9 packages fre - oii :nipited DP. Y' - GOODS, vi: A general assortment ol Cloths, atuns, error tea. Hosiery, Dimities, Brown Linens, Imitntion Sheetings, Plate Calicots, Fancy Muslim, Cotton Shirtings, Irish Linens, Got ton Threads, in skeins and balls, Shawl, Cambric Muslins, (upf? 1 nnts, flannels, Vcstings, hlue and assorted riains, lurmture Calicoes, Biracbsc, and va - bleached Sheetings, Beaver Hat Needle, Pins. fcc. Catalogue will be ready oo Monday mora - ning previous to the sale, and the goods Bay be examined till the hour of sale on Tuesday. Terms, approved eudorsed note at 6 month. A great proportion of these good are entitled to debenture. DAVID DUNHAM ft CO, augl25tt Auctioneer. ' , PAT GJiEEX TURTLE. (0 A line fat Green Turtle, will be dressed on Friday next, at 3 o'clock, in a superior style at Mount Social, corner of Broadway it Grand - street. The subscriber respectfully invite bit friends to favor him with their company. JOILN F. BATTIV. Families supplied by tending their servants. au 12 3t Hr" NO TICK it hereby given, that the partnership formerly subsisting between J. C. Lynch and John Burnett, us wine merchant, ftc. is dissolved this day by mutual coosenL New - York, August (2, 1818. aul2 lw X Consignee of goods per Rubicon, front Havre, are requested to send their permit on board, at Jones' wharf. Those goods for which no permits are received will be sent to the public store on Monday next, 17th inst. au 13 lO 'The board of Manager of ihe society for ibe Pret ention. of Puupeium, will meet tin blternoon, at 5 o'clock, at the New York Free School, No. I, committee room. aug u j. curlTlS, Bec'ry 1. T. HORSES. fpHE subscriber wishes to purchase three or A. four pair of matched Horse, and icveral single Horse for the (addle, and also for draught. R. LENOX. aug 12 lot LECTURE AND RKCl I A 1 IONS. :R. DWYER respectfully inform his IV I friend and the public that be will Lerturw ft recite at Washington Hall, tomorrow evening, U.'.J.J. I...T.J IJ1L IflIU uuuciuciy nuKUil iaiii, luio, Performance le commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets, at 75 cts. each, to be bad at the bars of the Washington Hall, Bank Coffee House, and City Hotel. aug 11 STEAM BOAT BOILER IKON. JUST received, and for sale by ABEEL It DUNSCOMB, ten (on Steam Boat Boiler" Iron. 6 feet lone, from 21 to 24 inches virle. anil 1 - 4 inch thick. aug 1 liw A DELPHI SCHOOL i vacated till Ibe last Monday in August instant. CtT' The public is respectfully informed, that Mr. John R. Smith is engaged as drawing mas ter, and Mr. Schiffely as teacher of the French. Spanish sud German, languages. aug ;i u .vi Aug PEW IN TRINITY CHURCH. FOR SALE, a pew in the south side Aide or Trinity Church, or would be exchanged for one in St. George' Chapel. Eoauire at No. 21 Maiden - lane. aug 8 lw A WET XURS. A YOUNG Woman, with a rood breast of milk, wishes a situation as Wet Nure, in a resectable family. She can give the most satisfactory reference a to character and ability. Enquire at 13 Garden - street, or 33 Water - ii. aug 10 lw FOR SALE. The two four story Fire - Proof STORES No. 185 aod 187 Front - street, occupied ott ft Redmond, and Isaac Frost. The ' stores are 60 feet deep and 20 feet front the Lot' are 85 feet deep Apply to ROBT.U. BOWNE, aug 10 1m 91 Pine - itreet. BOARD Two gentlemen can be well accommodated as permanent Boarder in a private French family, at No. 31 CourtJaodt - ttreet, aug 12 iw Ul.12 That elegant and commodious House on ibe corner of Wall - street, and Uroadway, recently occupied by Mrs. Morrison as a Boarding House. Possession may be had immediately. For terms enquire el RICHARDS k TAYLOR, aug 12 lw 145 Pearl - street. Si!! Until the first of next My. a store eligi bly situated. No. 117 William street, three doors from John street. Enquire aug 12 6t No. 13 Gold street. LOST. ON Tuesday evening, in the neighborhood oi Stanton and Riviugton - streets, a smll Ked Morocco Pocket Book, containing 35 dollars io Hank notes, a note of hand drawn by Sandy Kai - . tin in favor of the subscriber, dited the 1 Ito i,"t - at 60 days for 100 dollars, and sundry bill, receipt, ftc. of no consequence to any person tU the owner. The finder shall receive ten reward by leaving the book and contents with, ' GEORGE W.PITTM AN, Corner of Riungtoo.and Essex - street, aug 12 tf t lllR (ho nrevention and cure of Bilioo and P vrrs. i recommended HAHNS ANTI - BILIOUS FILLS. The operation of these pill is perfectly mild, as to be used by persons in every situation. aud of every age. Thpv are excellently adapted to rnrry off su perfluous ciie. and prevent it, morbid secretions ; restore and amend the epi e'ite ; t produce m free perspiration, and tlr.rehy prevcot cold, which are often of futal consequence A do never fails to remove a cold, it taken on it first appearance. I'liey are celebrated for removing habitual cottiveoess, sirkness at the stomach, and severe head nche, and ought to be taken by all person a change of climate. They base been found remarkably euVacioo preventing and curing disorders atteaiact 00 long voyages, aii tnouid rje proenrca ana sajeiy preserved lor use by every teaman. I he attova medicine is prepared and soki ax LEE'S Medicine Store, 46 Maiden La, and tale by every respectable druggist in the ci Wbere may nw had ti smitten s ceieoratea Worn Loxrnses. ' aug It ' NEW FLOUR 350 bM end 60 half bb. new Riclmtond Flnnr, of Gallego, Haxall. aod Woodbeiry ni4 100 bbl branded Stoke tt Smith, landtag axl for! ' - .;:' .. - ,

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