Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 11, 1934 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1934
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MAY 11 1934 Silver Thoughts A book of sentiments for Mother. A beautiful suede covered book filled with the sweeter, things of life. Every Mother will appreciate the wonderful and practical sentiments as illustrated. Purses $|95 to 3 95 Oiri new arrivals in purses are spring's inspiring stimulant to style. You will enjoy selecting Mother's day gift from this new display. Cay Bits of Colored Linen · Every one embroidered in pleasing pastel designs. Some have applique and drawn thread. Why not a half dozen for that dear mother of yours? Mother Really Prefers McCallum's SILK HOSIERY Gloves 89 C t $225 Of course they're white . . . in a fine quality, double woven fabric. Many popular styles including slipons, demi-Mousquetaires. and cuffed types ! Linen Luncheon Sets 750 Unens A r e Always Appreciated . . . for Mother, Warranted all linen, size 54x-S6 with 8 napkins to match in Rose Scroll or French Empire design. Cotton Bridge Set $5 90 36 inch and four napkins to match, all hand-made which is very attractive in natural color only. Here's a gift Mother would appreciate for Mother's day. gift; Welcome B-P Women's Club to Damon's and Mason City A S T O K E O P " S O U T H -- F A S H I O N . . . amoti BRITISH CALL IT HIGHWAYMAN ACT Newspapers Comment Upon Roosevelt Decision on Debt Defaults. LONDON, May 11. UP)--"Highwayman act" was the term used in headlines by a British newspaper today in reporting the decision of President Roosevelt to regard nations making token payments on war debts June 15 as defaulters. "Highwayman act by U. S. on debts," said the streamer headline, and the subhead under it read "Pay up in full or--" Another newspaper, the News- Chronicle, expressed the view that behind-the-scenes influences were involved in the president's decision. SUN SEEN AGAIN IN NORTH IOWA Wilkins of Irvington Hurt as Plow Upsets IRVINGTON, May 11.--Ed Wilk- inj* was seriously injured Wednesday while plowing with a walking plow. Tlie accident occurred at a corner when the plow overturned on him, He suffered two broken wrists. LOOK A Get i Acquainted Bargain by Experts on Greasing AND Washing e At the largest Garage with finest service facilities in Northern Iowa JEWEL MOTORS INCORPORATED Across From New Postoffice PHONE 81 24 Hour Sen-ice Fran Face 1) nterrupted. Pilots reported that he dust particles had invaded the upper portions of the air -- as high as 10,000 feet, and were sweeping eastward at the rate of 60 to 100 miles an hour. Experts said the "black blizzards" were without precedent in ntensity and the area involved within the past 20 years. Blotted From Signt. Chicago's skyscrapers; which ordinarily loom before the eye at reat distances, were virtually blotted from sight. How many thousands of tons of dust were involved could not be estimated. Air conditioning experts calculated 308,950 jarticles of dust to the cubic foot it the corner of Clark and Washington streets, in the heart of Chicago's loop. One estimate was that some 12,000,000 pounds of dust had been swept into Chicago-- four pounds for every man, woman and 'child in Lhe city. Many persons suffering from sinus and eye infections were sent hurrying to specialists for relief. Blinded by dust, a woman was killed in a . motor vehicle accident near Dupres, S. Dak. Another woman died at Sykeston, N. Dak. She was pinned beneath a chicken coop blown over by the high wind. KIDNAPERS WANT $75,000 RANSOM Contlnaed From Page 1) ing official statement was issued "We feel that William Gettle i still alive. Our first concern in thi; case is the welfare of the victim and therefore we are thoroughly willing to co-operate with his famil; by withdrawing our officers, if b; their' presence he is in danger, o: so that negotiations can be mad' with the family for the return of th victim." Woman Released. This was signed by Eugene Bis cailuz, sheriff of Los Angele county;. James E. Davis, chief of po lice; Buron Fitts, district attorney and R. 'E. Vetterli, U. S. departmen of justice. A woman arrested last night was questioned for three hours by Dis trict Attorney Fltts and Captain Norris Stensland of the sheriff's of fice. Her name was not disclosed. She seems to be a great talker,' said Stensland. "We will release he: today." Noon returned to his office again shortly before noon, and announce( there was no statement to make but that he expected developments soon. Another Truce Observed. TUCSON, Ariz., May 11. Another "truce" in the kidnaping o: June Robles, 6 year old heiress, wa; observed by authorities today whij her family sought to" contact tti 1 abdJctors. ' A request that officers withdraw from the case for the second tim since the girl was kidnaped Apri 25, was granted to give the abduc tors a chance to send the Roble family a new set of instructions fo delivery of the ransom money. Fernando Robles, father of th victim, announced he was able t raise only $10,000 of the dernandec 515,000 ransom. Those who helpec him raise that amount, he said, de manded that the girl be producet alive before the sum was delivered Mother Will Appreciate A Beautiful Plant Geraniums Hydrangeas Martha Washington 25c up Pansies 29c Basket Rose Bushes 29c fo4r 98c Henry Field Seed Store ! 514 South Federal Mason Citj ^| EXTEND WHEAT CONTRACT DRIVE jovernment to Let Farmers in Drought States Take Part in Benefits. WASHINGTON, May 11. ltP-- igning of contracts'lor the wheat reduction control campaign will e extended until May 16 to allow armers in drought states to par- icipate. · * Describing the primary purpose f the wheat plan as adjustment of reduction, George E. Farrell, chief f the wheat section of the farm dministration, declared the pro- ram has a secondary function in isuring income to farmers under onditions such as the present rought. Dust Obscures Sun. Farrell's announcement came vhlle clouds of dust, swept eastward from the drought stricken area swirled high over the capital, giving a dusky appearance to the ky and partly obscuring the sun. · In a speech prepared for delivery at Urbana, 111., but released here, rarrell said farmers who had not ireviously signed wheat reduction contracts would be allowed to do so and would receive benefit payments vhich would recompense them for drought losses. May Be Only Income. In many cases, he asserted, these Dayments would, represent the sole ncome of farmers in drought areas. "In one of its principal features the wheat plan is based on the pro position that it is right and ad vantageous to assure farmers some dependable income even in time o utter crop failure," Farrell said. "The benefit payments designet on the average to bring production under control and cut down sur pluses, also are designed to help th farmers who in drought or othe calamitous circumstances, get crop at all." IN DAY'S NEWS Philadelphia Mayor Presents His Wife With Key to Cellar PHILADELPHIA, May 11. LfP-- "A key to the city? of course. Just a minute . . ." Mayor J. Hampton Moore fum- aled in his pockets for the key he was to present to Mrs. J. Hampton VToore at a function in her honor. But the mayor had changed his suit and the key to the city was at home. From his pocket came a chain of keys, and one was removed. "Hmmpf," said Mrs. Moore. "Since can't give me the key to the city, tie gives me the key to the cellar. Td rather have the key to.the safe." Sales Tax Hearing for Print'Shops to Be Held on May 16 DES MOINES, May 11. W)--The state board of assessment and review today set May 16 for a hearing of newspapers and print shop operators relative to the retail sales tax on print products. The board has ruled the two per cent tax applies to both labor and service on any form of printing, such as initialed stationery, which becomes personal property. Bar Entertainers From Lap Sitting PORTLAND, Ore., May 11. (.¥)-- An ordinance to prohibit pretty entertainers from sitting in the laps of customers c in restaurants and night clubs has been passed by the Portland city council. The measure provides that the girls must not come "in physical contact" with patrons. It awaits the signature of Mayor Joseph Carson. BUY NOW! SAVE! The Mason City Paint and Wall Paper Company stock recently purchased at Sheriffs sale and 300 new wall paper patterns--DOW. offered to 'you at sensational savings. Wall Paper 300 Beautiful Patterns for every room of the home 100% PURE Decorators--We Have Books for You--Stop in Anytime. Star Wall Paper Paint Co 34 SECOND STREET NOKTHEAST West of Post Office Phone 1192 Former State Senator Fred A. Egan (above) won democratic nomination for post of prosecutor of Lake county, Ind., over Bobertr Q. Estffl, the incumbent, who posed lor pictures with his arm around John Dillinger before the outlaw broke - out of jail at Crown Point, Ind. Efan made the Dillinger picture incident an Issue in the campaign. (Associated Press Photo). THREATENS TO BOMB CAPITAL Bolivia Hears Reports That Paraguay Has Mistreated War Prisoners. LA PAZ, Bolivia, May 11. /P)-Bolivia threatened today to bombard Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, from war planes. In a statement reviewing reports 01 mistreatment of Bolivian soldiers in Paraguayan prison camps in the Gran Chaco warfare, the Bolivian government said: "In denouncing these crimes, we make it known that if they are confirmed the Bolivian air force will begin a bombardment of Asuncion." Asuncion has a population of more than 100,000. Bolivia already has sent her war planes to bomb certain Paraguayan outposts. INSULL CLAIMS ARREST ILLEGAL (Continued from 1'uge 1 arrest, detention and finally delivery to an American diplomatic officer, all without due process of law and tantamount to kidnaping. Makes No Comment. Judge Sullivan received the plea without comment and summoned Insull's old business friends to the bar. Already his co-defendants, months ago, had pleaded not guilty to the charges of mail frauds in marketing the Corporation Securities company stocks. Samuel Insull, Jr., was called first and entered his plea of not guilty to the indictment alleging improper handling of assets of an insolvent company, then in turn came Harold L. Stuart of. Halsey, Stuart and company, investment firm; Philip J. McEnroe, who was a vice president of Corporation Securities; John F. O'Keefe, secretary; Edward J. Doyle, president of Commonwealth Edison company; Stanley Field, former chairman of the Continental-Illinois National bank and a director of Corporation Securities; William R. Irwin, and Charles W. Daniels. Surety Bond Approved. At noon a surety bond for S200,- 000, already signed by Insull himself, was approved by U. S. District Attorney Dwight H. Green and signed by Federal Judge Sullivan. The bond was furnished by the Fidelity and Casualty company of New York. Insull was instantly taken in hand by deputy sheriffs of Cook county, who served warrants alleging larceny and embezzlement from funds of the Mississippi Valley Utilities Investment company, and another trip to the criminal courts building on the west side was begun. There property had already been scheduled toward the $50,000 bond required on the state charges. 3 BANK ROBBERY SUSPECTS HELL 2 Men and Woman Blamec for Recent Holdups in Ohio. RICHMOND, Ind., May 11. UP;-Two men and a woman suspected by police of being members of a gang that held up several banks in Ohio recently were arrested here early today after being routed out of a house by tear gas. They gave their names as Harry Hopkins, 23, Jamestown, Ohio, Vernon Taylor. 28, Springfield, Ohio, and Thelnia Mitchen, also o£ Springfield. Eight federal agents from Indianapolis aided local police in the capture. The agents were called last night when it was suspected John Dillinger, widelyrsought desperado, or some of his recent companions, were in the house. The two men arrested were heavily armed. Besides 5600 in cash, police found three revolvers, a sub-machine gun, a sawed-ofr shotgun and a high powered rifle. Local police said they believed the men were members of a gang that held up a bank in Fostoria, Ohio, several days ago. and a bank at Springfield. Ohio, during which a bank official was shot. LOOK NOW INTRODUCTORY PRICES ON MINNESOTA TESTED PAINTS Ask any good painter! R. S. SHEPHERD Paints and Wallpaper 5 S. Coninl. OPEN IOWA B.P.W. CONVENTION HERE C«nnnaed Fnxn Fase 1 and with real sincerity, we bid you welcome." Mrs. Potts greeted the delegates and the response was made by ladys Rowland, president of the 'ort Madison club. Miss Ethel Ridgeway gave the report o£ the credentials committee and Mrs. W. I. Hamilton reported for the con- 'ention, program committee. Mrs. Worth gave the president's report and reports were read by Dr. Ethel Griffin of Sioux City, first 'ice president; Blanche Maytag of Newton, second vice president; Cathryn Burk of Waterloo, record- ng secretary; Vera DeNoon of Cen- erville, corresponding secretary; and Joy Ridgeway of Mason City, treasurer. The auditor's report was iresented by Florence Woods of Ames, state finance chairman. Governor's Message, A message from Governor Herring was read which folfows: "It is with real pride and pleasure that I extend a hearty welcome .0 the delegates and visitors to the annual state convention of the-Iowa Federation of Business and Professional Women's clubs in Mason City. "I have the privilege of knowing personally a number of the splendid women who belong to this organization, and who will undoubtedly attend the convention. No better type of citizenry is to be found anywhere than in your ranks. They combine accomplishment with achievement. They are leaders to then- various i lines of work and thought. I am convinced they have been dominant factors in the upbuilding of the great state of Iowa. 'You know, better than I can tell you, to what an extent women are taking a hand in the shaping of our state policies here in Iowa, and holding the reins of government. For the first time in the history of our state, a woman occupies the important office of secretary of state. Each house of our recent state legislature contained a woman member, who was a leader on the floor, in debate, as well as to the even more important investigations and discussions in committee rooms. Has Appointed Women. "I have appointed women to high offices, and will continue to do so, during my administration. I have consulted business and professional women frequently, always with unfailingly good results. "The Iowa Federation of Business and Professional Women's clubs stands second to none in the organizations looking, and working, toward the advancement and uplife, not only of their own members and those affiliated with them, but of the entire state. It is a genuine pleasure to welcome the Iowa federation in annual convention. "I extend my felicitations, convinced that your deliberations will be noteworthy and your decisions inspirine." famous Lee of Danbury HATS Our hat department is causing" a wild flurry ol excitement . . . and when you see these Lee of Danbury hats at $2.95 . . . you'll . realize why. $2-95 ABEL SON INC. Spring TIES for men A tremendous assortment . . . fresh and new as spring. Foulards, crepes and repps, in light and white grounds. Piain colors, strides and patterns . . « all resilient construction. A bargain you should "tit Up 1 ' with tomorrow. Sterlingworth Suits 20 Search the town . . . and we wager you won't find suits like these at $20 . . . $25 . . . 531. Look at the woolens, the thoroughness of the tailoring, the smart styles. When Sterlingworth sets out to do something extraordinary . . . they do it. Q U A U T V · S E R V I C E · S A T I S F A C T I O N ABEL SON INC. AT NUMBER SEVEN SOUTH FEDERAL ·*«»

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