Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 19, 1895 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1895
Page 4
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Ij ? , \\ It I I :s I t i i s I ; .li l! 1 . W i! 'if · 8· ^ 1 .1 Progress-Review E. DUKE NAVfN. Pub. WASHINOTON. 5'enator Jones of Arkansas is preparing a currency bill, winch he hope.-, viiil harmonize the conllieting bond I and silver elements. IOWA | Cold to the amount of SJ. IOO.OUO was ·------ | ftliippcd lo Europe Salurday. lcavi;i^ HISTORY OF A WEEK. I Xr^d" 1 ,^ ^fflm^ LAPOUTE CITY, T.HE WORLD'S NEWS SHELL. IN A NUT ImporlHnt Kirntl.. IJoiliHlIc nnil Fori'lcn I ' u l l i l f i i l i t u i i i i i i i r c l . i l ciiry, Criminal r.nd J I U - --Ei'llBlii In hi* inaugural address (lor. Merrill of Kansas warned his hearer., lo cense j talking nboiit repudiation. j (Jen. William Scwell was nominated I for senator by the. republican legislative caucus at Trenton, X. -I Sessions of bolh houses of the Ulinoii: legislature were brief. In neither | body was a quorum present Monday. Professor H. M. Ini'lis took charge of. the cilice of superintendent of public instruction of I l l i n o i s succeeding' Ilcnry I! nab. Thomas.F. Ciilroy and James .1. Martin, two of the leailei'.s of Tammany, have delcnnincd lo retire from poll- lies. Hearing defeat, Um Addicks men refused lo enter the republican senatorial uinciis :Lt JJrjver, Del. Democrat 1 ' Dominated .1. Ij. Walcott. IJcinocrals in Hie Texas legislature- liave iKimiiiiiled II. J!. CliiHon fur United Slates senator. Sonlli Dakota's legislature agreed to support the attorney general in the prosecution of Taylor and his bonds- Tht dredge .Mount Waldo was Blink in a (fall- in the G u l f of Mexico, n i n e of those on board being drowned. The resignation of .luhn C. lilack. congressman at, large, from Illinois, was presented lo the house. \_ ,-,_.,;n;,(_ n!VC'- l -e '" - l l l d l f O KultS W!IS made t'o Ihe liousc judiciary euinmillee by Uepi-csenUaivc liuiley. Impe.-ieh- m e n t w i l l probably be recommended Ui the house. Mr. (iorman defended his course on the t a r i l f b i l l in n speech in the senate-. A criticism of Mr. H i l l drew from tho New Yorker n warm reply. llcpublican .senators will pass a tariff bill if the I'rCbldcnt calls an extia session, claiming it i.s useless to tinker with thu currency u n t i l the revenues have been increased. A bill to provide for carrying into cITeoL the inlei-iiationiil arbitration resolution adopted by congress in IHiKl WHS oll'eied In the senate by Mr. Shei- innn. Petitions for writs ol error and of habeas corpus in the Debs case were picseiited lo the Supreme court by Attorney Harrow, The former will be argued Wednesday, Seven of the ten ens', bound lines from C'hieiigo arc asserted to be cutting grain and provision rates. The steamer I'eto.ilcey is fast in the iae oft St. ,loc, Mich. Tugs have been \iniible to release her. All the trolley lines in Urooklyn, w i t h one exception, lire tied up by the strike of'their employes, who number nearly 0,000. Ilosolntions c o m m e n d i n g Ihe work of IJr, I'lirkhui'.sr, were adopted by llie New York presbylery, Kev. 1'. 1'. Mulliily alone dissenting. .lolnr Harris iind w i f e , who lived nenr 1'uxton, Neb,, ended t h e i r lives with u razor to avoid starvation. .luilge Vallianl, of .St. Louis g r u n t e d Louis Opel :L divorce from his wife on Uie grounds alleged in his cross bill. Judge Seaman, while on his way from Slicbuygiiu to Chicago, hold 11 ten minute session of court in the depot lit Milwaukee. A syndicate with headquarioi.- Chicago is seeking to oblain control of the fish industry at Gloucester. M.iss. Jiay 11, 1" and l'i have been selected as the dates for I lie annual cnuamp- minit of the Illinois 0. A. 11. lit Hloum- inglon. llev. John Schneider of the Methodist church at Fort l l o u - u r d , \Vis., declares he will expel any member of his church who persists in iluueing. The annual bonspiel of the iSorlii- wcstern Cm-ling association began at Milwaukee, thirty-eight rink-s parlic:- ucnt. Tlie sen.i'.e I-Vday debated .Mr. Ilili'.s a m e n d m e n t to the urgency deficiency bill d«-sii;r:eil to afford an o j i n o r t u n i l y lo the roii-.titntioi:ality of the m- Cen. .lolir: .\. McUcrnand'.s war record formed Ihe thi-ine of an -mgry de- bale d u r i n g ihe (."jnsideratirjn of pri- \ite [-ensioii bills in the bouse I'riday night. Atlomey Harrow w i l l ask th: Supreme e r j u r t fora v.'ritof habeas corpus for Deb', and his associates. ]nic,iiie la.-: nas ilisi-u.ssod in the sen- ale Thursday. -Mr. H i l l i n t r o d u c i n g an ameri!mvnt I" test the constitutionality of the KCl. l.Ymocralic congressional eamnaign eoi.imitlec decided lo take [-art in llie coining for seats ^^'ol·li on the Indian appiopriali'/n b i l l was completed, llie i i u i o u n t :il its loliil bcir.jf S'.tiO,COO less llian the '.-sti- nirk",, liy r e f u s i n g lo adopt a rule to l i m i t deb:ite the house practically rejected Ihu Carlisle currency b i l l . In the senate Wednesday Mr, Quay adiocatcd a m e n d i n g tlie inc-mic tax law to provide for publication of names and salaries of corporation employes. I:i ii message s u b m i t t i n g H a w a i i a n correspondence lo congress the President urges the granting of permission to lease one of the islands to Cmnt llriliiin for a cable station. The diplomatic anil coiisularand tha |-osloflice appropriation bills \vcre rassed bv the liouse. The latter car- ncpi-csciitntlvo Siblcy iiKido an attack on Ihe President in a speeell in the house in opposition to the currency bill. I n the senate Mr. Hansom iviis ek-eted president pro tern, and .Mr. Mitchell replied lo Mr. Tin-pic's criticisms of the Nicaragua canal bill. POLITICAL. Ingalls i.s g a i n i n g support among Kiiiihiis legislators, and other senatorial candidates feav a stampede to bin!. Owing to his attitude toward silver .Senator Dolph may be defeated for reelection ill tin- Oregon legislature. A bill jn-oviding for a slate board of arbitration will be introduced in ihe Illinois legislature by McprescntaLhe Jones. Lcvi Ankcny, a wealthy banker pud btock aTicl grain raiser of Walla Walla, i.s in the lead for thu republican nomination for senator from Washington. In a letter tendering his resignalion Altornev General Henry of Arizona charges' Uov. Hughes w i t h malfc-as- anuu. llrief sessions, of both houses of the Illinois legislature were held Friday, a d j o u r n m e n t being taken lo Monday evening. Stephen 1!. lilkins- \'--as nominated for United Hlutes senator by the republican legislative eaneus at Charles Ion, W. Va. A resolution lo provide for the call ing oT a constitutional convention wa inU-odiiceil in the house at Spring-field, 111.. I'Yiday. Ciov. lludd was i n a u g u r a t e d nt Kne- rumcnlo, Oil., a parade of civic and m i l i t a r y ovganixiLtions pruectlini; tin, eeremony. Thomas II. Cartel', ex-eliairman ul the republican national coinmilte.c WIIK nominated 101- senalor by llii Ttlcntana republican eaiieus. I'.ov. Mathews read his bienniiil mrs ··ngu I'ridiiy iit u joint, session iT boll houses of the Indiana legislature. Oov. AHgcld's mtssnge, read in tins Illinois legislature, devotes much attention to the rutiroiul stiike. P. Turney gave \ioliee that ho would contest the election of II, Clav Kvai:s as "overnor of Tennessee. CASUALTIES. Tivo trains collided in a snowstorm nt Milligun. Ind., an engineer being killed, but the passengers escaping. Kigiil persons were injured in a panic cans'-.! by a fall'njr Jloor at a church funeral at New Haven, Conn. The schooner Juslise f o u n d c l in Ho- teplion bav, off the coast of Wash legion. Her ercw of fifteen were drowned. The home of J. II. ISaldridge n:-nr JeiresDn. Jowa, iia.s des-.roved anil hi- nine children were badly frostbitten. The (Jiinning block and a number of other b u i l d i n g s were destroyed ai JioonesviUe. Ohio, the lois being Sl-'-,- One h u n i l r i d lire-men were frost- b i t t e n while fighting a co.-.lhigratioti in I'.radford, I'a. Many buildings were destroyed and SI.V).u!» damage rlonc. The Norwegian Liilhcran seminary, located in Ihe .suburbs of Minneapolis, was burned lo llie ground. Three men w h i l e on the lookout foi- burglai.s in a New York Hat building were suli'ocnled by gas. Three men were instantly Uilled by a n i t r o glycerine explosion at St Mi'.ry's Oliio. S P O R T S N C NOTES. The thir 1 i i n n u a l bonspiel of the Northwestern Curling association will begin to-day at .Milwaukee. Jn a skating match at Minneapolis John .S. Johnson defeated I'edcr Ocst- l u n d . the Norwegian champion, and made a new record for a mile. Harry J'igeon and Jack Lawson fought under the shadow ol Chicago city l':ill. The former won in fourlecn rounds. In thu live pigeon shoot at Larch-- niont; N. Y., 'for the nmutciir championship, Palmer Work and Davenport killed 'J.'i Lilt of ".: bird-;. calling for the revision .f football rules to prevent brutality ind decrying professionalism in col ege sports were adopted at n meeting of presidents of northwestern univei- silies. _ F O R E I G N . French cruisers bombarded the IIova los-ilions outside of Tamalave, inllict- ng heavy losses. . The Japanese army u n d e r lien. Nogi captured Kai Ping . .iftcr.four hours' j fighting. Two h u n d i c d Chinese were killed. l-'rcnch chamber of deputies refused lo vote for Ihe release of M. llichard, the socialist member. .\ snow storm, acecmpanicd by a strong wind, swept over all Europe, causing great damage and loss of life. \ dispatch from Tnkio states that tlie. king of Corca i.s dead, another rumor being that he has had a lit. P.rilish cabinet council met at London, the reports of disagreement being ilcnied. Carl August M n n f k e l attacked tin 1 anti-revolution bill ill th: lleriuiin I'oielistag. Franltlin Johnson, son of a lioore- vil'e (N. Y.) banker, died at Moi-liJ C.-./lo under suspicious circumstances. EFFORT FOfiHABMONY S E N A T O R J O N E S HAS A CURR E N C Y PLAN. 11! Bill Tlioucllt to Ho Satisfactory to AUTOcalcil of Jiotli Cold linU Bllitr-- I'rocram In Srnute imd Jloiue for the and White have announced a desire to be heard before the vote shall be lakcn. Saturday will be given up to eulogies of the late Senator Vance. To I'lrall To-JO-.iv fur Del)J. V vMHXCToy, .Inn. 14.--Attorney Ear-row expects to bring up ti:e Debs ease in the Supreme court to-day before the f u l l bench of justice,. Tile motion firs', made v.-ill be for a writ of habeas corpus. This, of course, will not be decided inslantvr, nnd the question of bail will depend on tl-.e dale set he- hearing of ar-rumcnn on the "WASIIIVOTO.V. Jan. J-i.--The proba- i bilities arc that the beginning of the j f o r i week will see the introduction of still j , na ;,, j i another currency bill in the Mrnatc. | j, e -, r ·; ! Senator Jont.s of Ark-insa*. who at the ' I critical stage of the tariff legislation j took the matter in hand and harmonized the conflicting elements. is the author of the new bill. There ' had been objections made to Ihe bills i ;i j-,. a » . L ; ;c cc ;-.j.' t ni'r.v refuse b~-l r.r:d prepared by Senators Vest and Me- I _, l ,|, c s:1Inc timl . deiaY a decision cr. 1'her.son, on the ground, in the cast- of j .,, c , m e r j [ s ol - IM1 . L . a ' s .j foi- 50 long r. the Vest bill, Lbat it leans too much j [;' JU( . tll!lt l n c st , n teiiee.s oi some or a'.I toward silver; and in the ease of the Mcl'her.son bill t h a t it is too exclusively in the mtcrc.'.t of bor.'J , Jonas icali/!P5 that .silver and bonus nre j the two antagonizing elements in this question, and his c/:ort has been to prepare a measure which will perhaps not be all that the friends of either cause would naturally demand, but will in the end secure the support of both elements, lie has been in eon- T po: sultation with many of the leaders of P A Y I N G OFF THE DEBT. Indiana Legislative Program. IXIJIANAFOUS, Ind., Jan. ;4--There will be an interesting fight in the house to-day on Ihe printing of the governor's message. Objections are made to it oa the score of economy.but it is thought that, the usual numbei wil! be printed. Another question of .sorr.e jnierost that will receive early attention this week will be a proposi- !:o:! to look' into the horse flesh industries Rl Hammond- It has been charged 'lial not all the pickled horse li the court decides lo j s teaks ami dried meat products of case within s. few d:.ys up- I l i lC . ( .. con'--er:i5 is being seat to Lcl it Ito mru 1 '-. If I -: ~~ :i£ rcrr^-s-.'nte'l, 1"I n^t jnuchc- te several weeks i.s set M:-. u arro -.v will at once de:nand the re] c;lie o f l) c bs and lii-s aBscciatcs or. i-cnus. W!..-.'. tbe nri',or.ei"i :=o;l fc:!v :i:::y expire, and t n n t thus the- liabens corpus proceedings and tlie issues. .-· Secular I v c l v c j «-o-.iltl not be decided. it Dncis its v.-ay to the market, in this stsle. A cearching iuvcstigaliou will be made. Tuill:inn £l«tc rlninccs Itcportctl ID CIoo-.l Shape. INT.I.', Jan. 11.--Gov. Matthe iv.-,' message lo the legislature ycs- tcrdav wcs very long and dealt with many topics. The message contained abcv.:t fifteen thousand words. It say? ihat il-c stale has left an era of debt r s a k i n l a n d gone into an era of debt paving. He expresses the opinion lint both these contending elements in the senate, and it is understood his bill as outlined to them has received highly favorable indorsement from the representatives of all of the conflicting in- rracmtu !u l l i p IIn-.:B-.- Not U c H n l t i YV.vsllINOTO.v, .l;:n. li.--There is uo definite program for the house this j ; i ieduction of 'J per cent in the school week. There is a bare possibility that \ a x ; u vy might be made and says that a new currency bili will be thrown ! j n i J 2 \ n ^ two years no inom-y has i n t o the arena of debate, but il is only j been borrowed by the state; ,all pay- possibility. To-dax is District of Co- rnents have been promptly met and lumbia day, and to-morrow the probably ivill lake up the consUiera- tion of the I n d i a n appropriation bill, which was leported Saturday, the only appropriation bill (the most im- portanl of the bills not reported) bc- S1.31U.0(10 has been paid on the slate debt. The Uoby Columbia Athletic club trouble is reviewed and the enactment of n more stringent law prjv- erning pi-tee lighting is urged, Tlie l,iv.- should icaku it a felony to act THE WAR IN THE EAST. At a special meeting of the Neiv Vorl: Yacht club lliinriivcn's challenge lor il nice for thu America's cup was was accepted. Ninety-throe of tho best horses in the country h;vve been entered i:i Ihe (jnrdon City handicap, to be run nl llnrk-m. I In a ' l i v e bird shoot at I'ochcstcr j 'Sim'' Olovcr defeated dipt, llruwer, j CRIME. Wade l l a n i p t o n and John llovry nc-si-oes, of Cairo. III., quarreled about a nickel, und the former killed the latter w i t h a club. Three men were arrested at Kansas City for defrauding railroad;- by siiil- I ing tickets over a bogus line. A man answering the description o! W. \V. Taylnr. the defaulting treasurer of South l)akota, w-as arrested ?VL Memphis, but subsequently ruleasri 1 ,. ilnui-icc Hour, a ftti-nier living ncnr l l u r t h i n d , 111., was tortured by inaskc.l men u n t i l be revealed the whereabouts of his money. James Johnson, n. farmer who lived the champion, by the score of ul to 00. | nc[u . D,,^;,,, Ohio, was Uillcd by rob- licing defeated on nn order of the j i, ui . s while complying wilh their O.o- day in the-French chamber ut deputies the deputy cabinet resigned. Lava from a volcano on one of the New Hebrides islands (lowed fifteen miles to the sea, dovnstating mauy Cuban patriots in .Florida *·»' tll " L the leaders of the Logonda are Insur- guiiti under assumed names. A bomb waa exploded in a 1'arls street, doing considerable damage. It is believed to have been thrown by anarchists. Mrs. IS. C. JJansbrough, wife of the senator from North Dakota, died in Washington from pneumonia. Memorial services lor tho late Con- Post were held atCalcsburp i 111 under the auspices of the G. A. «. | Willinm AV. Toyloi', treusurcr mu lids for his money. Au unsuccessful attempt was mc,:ic to hold up a train at Indianoln, Miss. Two passengers were wounded by a fusillade of would-be robbers. . llev. YV. K. Hinshiiw was McrioRsly nnd his wife fatally wounded by I thieves at UcllcvHlo. Ind. Mr, and Mrs. Orson Vf. Kollings | vvci-c found ;lend at Minneapolis under suspicious circumstances. Five bold highwaymen held up a | -wealthy Choc taw at Wilbe.rtiin, I. T., and robbed him of S2,dOO. The Merchants' National bank of Defiance, Ohio, was robbed of from' eir.,000 to SaO.OOO by burglars, who en- tered'the vault through the ceiling. of M I S C E L L A N E O U S . Archbishop I r e l a n d replied to Col. Ingcr.soll's criticisms on the bible in :i sermon at f.he cathedral in St. Paul. Ilr. T. l)c\Vitt Talmage addressed nn immense audience at the Academy of Music, Urooklyn. Sunday, lie lc- liu'-il the services to bantlxo a baby. Norlliivestcrn Ohio was shaken by the explosion of a iiitro-glyeerine nr.ig- a/.ii'.e near (Jibsonburg. I louses at tl-.e latter plucc were wrecked. .South Dakota has attached a large a m o u n t of properly, real and personal, alleged to have been f r a u d u l e n t l y dib- pos'-d of by ICx-Ti'casiirei 1 Taylor. Refined Colorado silver bullion is being shipped direct from I h u smellers lit Denver direct lo C h i n a . All tin; trolley lines of P.ronklyn will probably be tied up, the employes being dclcrr.iini'd to strike. Two of tho express packages «lole:i by ihe ItnvliiigtiML train robbcr.s wor'-j pi'.-'icil up near OUir.nwa, Iowa. Hoineitead steel workers, a f t e r :i stormy session, decided to postpo. 1 j organi/injf 'Hidcr Llie A m a l g a m a t e 1 ! asioeiation. LATEST M A R K E T REPORTS. CIIIUACU CATTI.F-- rommon l r ] i | - i i n p ---- S I T,") P7. Il l l O G f -- hlllllllin',- C l i l U U n ........ - T H 0- * bnui'.i'-- l''jir i L L l i u i u j ......... 1 -i"i ti. 'J · w n t AT-- N u . :ii'J . . . . . . . . . . . . i l (in COH.S-- Nu - ................... 4 0 i f o UAT.S-- Xa - ........... , ......... lit IlL'-JTM!--Chuku ireuineiy £-4 fc -:'* Kc:(.P--rrc.lli M W --2 I'oi-AloKs--1-Lr 11 i .. iJ (A VJ l I U K f - A l . U \Vl1UAT--No. 'J IB n Cl ,1*--No. I m i H t - ~- t 12 CAI-II.I: 3 7 j . ( » B - . - i Ileus i ; i.'6iii/L"" llTIt-No,; Coioc--NO . :i ivhut .ill--Nw. ^ \Oiilc ST. 1.0i;ii CAtTLE HOOT !l W ft^ W l l K A T - v S O . - Ktd IA LOHN--No. ^ U UAi'a-.No.- so v tcresls. It is also nndurstrod the terms of the bill are not unfamiliar to lenders in the house. I'nrthcrmore, it is probable that it has been brought to the attention of the proper authorities in the e.\ecntive brunch of the government. The bill will first, provide for Llic issuance of !i,'i per cent bonds to the a m o u n t of Sol)ti,000,000. which are to be paid in gold and are to be used for the purpose of meeting the current expenses of the government iiml tllc rc ~ dumpLioii of the United Mates and treasury notes. The bill will also provide for the issue of bank notes to take thu place of the treasury notes in seen u way as not to produce n contraction ol the currency, Another provision i.s that the national banks shall be allowed to issue up to their resolution »IIB ^continued.-in the «*T^ »te, ; Mewrfl. Pttlmerond Grey Its adoption. T [ ..' wriich he was- president, has closed -its doors. . 4 IU -. oj H 4- G4 13 par value and the tax on national bank circulation is' llxcd at one-fourth of \ per cent. In the interest of silver Ihe bill provides for its unlimited coinage under the condition that the holder of silver bullion may take it to the mint and have it coined into silver dollars, the government retaining as a scigninr- age the difference between the coinage value of the bullion and its market value 011 the day the bullion r taken to tl-.e mints. It also provides for the wiihdrawnl from circulation of all, greenbacks, treasury notes, am national b::nk notes below S'.'O and rh- substitution of silver certificates in lc nominations of less, t h a n S20, wlucl which are lo be payable in silver, The bill contniii provisions agjiinst eithci undue inlhilion or contraction. INCOMi: TAX AM MCAItAUUA Tivo Sulijrrln Tlinl * ra Clulinlnf- Alluiitloli "f Hi" S tun us WA«lilN-OTr»-. Jan. 11.--The prospect is that Ihe lime of tlie senate will be divided during Ihu week between tnc discussion of the income tax, based on thu urgent deficiency bill, and the continuation of the debate on the Nicaragua bill. Senator Cock fell, chairman of the committee on appropriations, is very hopeful o£ being able to dispose of the income lax question by the time the week shall be halt gone, and if he should succeed in this Senator Morgan, who is in charge of the. Nicaragua bill, thinks thc.-c will be no ilifli-iilty in securing a vote on the canal bill before the close of the week, thus leaving the wav clear for the bankruptcy sind territorial admission -- No.l ................. ' n Conn-- Na 3 ................... lit OAI6-- Na. ^ W h l l o ............. 29 40 UAUI.III-- No - .................. ta 11YB -- ^ O . ' ..................... W 43 4 a V- ore the Indian bill is disposed of the :nmmittce on mles probably will give he evening time to linsiricss from various cominiltces. A day may be; -riven n the consideration of the findings of he Court of Claims. W O R K O F A N O L D G A N G . Clf.7 to tlio I.[-a(lTH of the Imvn Tr.i^n IlOljlKTV. FT. ,Tr«rrn. Mr., Jan. ',,.--I-'nt Crowe the lender of the gang that held up the Hurlington trains near this city a year ago and who broke jail here New- Year's night.probably had a h a n d in the hold u p of the Hurl ing-Ion train near Ottumwa Iowa. Saturday night. Some of the Hurlington ofh'eials, lii'.nk so, md t h a t the other bandit is James livans. the murderer sentenced to be hanged for killing his father-in-law, and who escaped from jail with Crowe. O r T f M W A , lov.a. Jan, !.".--Two boys playing about, the river ili-.m where the robbers who held v.p the Burlington train Saturday night jumped off found two packagrs of money yesterday lying on the ground. One contained S!-·". the other SI. and were done up in Adams Express, envelopes. The seals had not been broken and tbe robbers evidently dropped them in thei:- flig-hl. This is 'the only clew secured to the biir.dits and n o t h i n g more definite has been giver, out as lo the air.mnt Uiktn tn:-.n lo approximate it at S7.00U. PREACHER DEFIES ARREST. El-l:nnillt I'cnroil of V^nrrliiirp, Uv., Not Mnlc^tcil Either. K.v.. -'.'in. I n . -- " I iTon often fnil to do connection he ndvi.s of stringent laws and other CATTLE i 2 ffi » r. 3UJ 'a \vi VOBK. \VHKAT-NO. : Hod ......... '... en o CoM^-No. : .................... HMO U*-IB-- Yi'hllo Wcbitra.... ...... iu ' 'TOLEDO. WBTAT-- Na rlttd ......... ^ Cons'-- No. L- Mlicd ....... '... OATa-- No. 3 Mixed ..... -· 1111-No.i ................... llA«LET n . . . . . . . . ...... I. bills as well as the other appropriation bill. Ciinirruan Cockrcll docs not regard seriously the prospect of the prolonging of the income tax crues- lion. There will be .several speeches which, while based on the deficiency bill, will be directed to the discussion of" general financial questions. Senator Gorman wli) probably find opportunity to-day to mnlte the speech which ho had intended to make Saturday. So far as known {here are only three more (rcncrnl speeches to be S3 made on the Nicaragua bill, but it is | probable that others will yet bo np- 1 I nounccd.- Senator Tiirpic will speaK ·'·I apiin on' the bill; nnd Senators Vest MM "·'.t ·j, be arrested." .silid t h e Rev. Mr. Tern-oil. the "new Ugh-" preacher, who shot Engineer Sl.-.te last Wednesday night because he would not agree w i t h him on the question of baptism, "lint if the judge will let me know what my bond will be I'll .come to Vanccuurg- and give myself up." I'cnrod still preaches and"no oflicer has yel dared to molest him. lie is an eloquent as well as a dangerous man and has inany followcrs. IScfore he began to preach he was a desperado. He would come into the city, get d r u n k and iro oat Erin" revolvers in every direction. YELLOW J A C K AT RIO. U r i i e a n y In*!*!" on (Junrunl'iic uml Mor.~ tcvlilro ?Iny l^o«c. NEW YOIIK, Jan. 14.--The Herald's special from Uucnos Ayfcs say.u; "Yellow fever hr.s again appeared in the city of' Kio Janeiro. Uruguay insists on maintaining a strict quarantine. It is probable the mail boats from Europe will slop calling at Montevideo. Rio Grande do Sill advices state that there has been desultory fighting along the whole frontier, which keeps thu resident* in a state of alarm. The rcvolt- crs have been defeated and hare taken refuge in Uruguay." either ns principal or second. The advertising of a fig-lit should be made punishable by fine. The iness;i(?e gives a brief review of the eop.l minors' strike last year anil defends his action with quelling tin- riots with state troops. The 7f,0 In troops in the strike cost tlie slntc S-'-J.^iiV and this amount the legislature is asked to provide. The me.';- snffC commends the support of the Loyal Legion and the G. A. R. in their prompt oiler for service to suppress the strike trouble, Gov. Matthews laid great stress upon the fact that shcrilts their duty. In this [vised the enactment directed against sheriffs who fail to perform their full d u t y . W i n t e r racing is deplored by the governor, and n Irr.v forbidding meetings between Nov. 1 and April 1 is advocated. Whitccap- ism is decreasing, and the belief is expressed a strict enforcement of present !:,v.s w i l l finally eradicate it. Kela- live to ship canals the message rceom- nieuds Indiana representatives in congress be urged to secure from the gen- er.-.l government a survey for a ship ciinal connecting Lake. Michigan w i t h the Ohio river. The legislature is also asked to pass a joint resolution calling upon I n d i a n a Tailed States senator, by ii -.lireet vote of the people. The icgisliiturc hns started in to probe the management of the stale ollijcf. The second day's session of Llie senate had hardly begun when Senator Haggard of Lafayette introduced a resolution calling for an investigation of cx-AUorney-General Gieen Smith's official conduct. The resolution was made a special order of business Monday. It is an omnibu-, affair, and includes, besides the e:\attorney-general, Mr. liailey and -^Ir. Yoris. Secretary of Stale Myur.i .V'" 1 his deputy. Auditor of Stale Henderson, and ihe bureau of slatistics. Another important step was takon by Senator Wray of Shelby county, who produced a sensation by introducing^ bill on the pass question. The bill provides a heavy penalty for any slate or municipal officers who shall accept a pass at the hands of a- rail'-vay Tnlnu SlKken bj tin Karihqinlie. ATHENS, Jan. 14.--A severe earth- qurike occurred yesterday r.t Palras, the principal scat of the foreign trade of Greece. The shock caused a panic among ihe inhabitants oi tho city. company. It is thought the will pass. ___ __ ^^ UcKtllatlon on the Inrrmic. ST. JOHNS, N. F., Jan. II.-- Owing la the difficulty of obtaining money to set the relief works going the government has not been able to accomplish as much as desired. The number o. without food is daily, and the clergymen arc frying -° arouse their congreg-ations and to induce them to five more/ toward !- c local charity funds, but, few are in 3 position to respond. Armenian Commlnglon-fl Vtall- VIKXXA. Jan. li. -- The Politiscl" Correspondent · publishes a d a -at" 1 from Constantinople uying the AI" cnenisn commission will not bo aV.« before snring Id visit the district in which the outrapeswcre committed o n accounv of the weather and also on »«· count of a report received 'from · " - . -- the Kovernor of Moosh epidemic there. that cholera INFAVSPAPERf NE WSPAPERf

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