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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, August 14, 1818
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There b more drollery and haasor than poetry, in U following doggrl tffiuioa, from lb itiladslphia Vajoo, Killing off the .eccentric Cspt Syaunes. - . .. . ,.. .. THE CENTERIAD; Or, J nether (frost for Jfempaptr EiUor.. Much fun b snad of captain tynmu, ' For undertaking diver whim '. , . And Chiefly, that b means U T cat or , Ad ipVdilion U earth1! centra. . ' mm wage too, are a poking blaroy At food lord Cochrane, for the plan he Ma acnssxi to una me role, And ptep into our Captain's Hoi. ' ' Lei each ungrateful people go; . : . A noon f uch fools ii'i always so. The iatrant tenant of the manner Won't eat themselves, nor let a stranger. I)vod of all pretence la merit. The ciaH be men of public spirit ; And none can more a public work, Bat the are at him 4 As Turk. ' lsrxtherguessthei waggish gentry Will find,' in leu than half a cent'rjr, That what they no eo much bespatter, Is, ia the end, no bughmg natter. Whence eota theN snakes, in part or wool, Lxoept freta ymmie' arctick pole 1 or ag ei, we aow discover, This orifice wasfroxto orerj - liuttiaee. in tbet ear latter days, The ice:vee way to solar rays, Who kautrs. we say. but these great elves Har bow come thesnselves ! If io, to gus what will be next. The ssaH is rery audi perplexed ; - And counsels superficial folks, .. . ' Hs best they should reserv their Jokes ; For who can ten, bat text nay ceine Soa )onter of a fe - faw - fum ; And make a tmr along the lea As Kru. - does along th sea. And, if their snakes within the earth, ' Are of so terrible a birth, That, by the wukinpot their tails, 1 be easily can Uck our whales, How would these deckling mortals fare ; - Should they send oat a central benr ? ' Ami, by the way, what man can tell That aU oar mammoths do not dwell W.thia the precincts of earth's shlt ? And cow and then come out to serve us A ad take a turn about the surface ? From Ike Windsor Ft.) Journal. Letters from the Rev. Walter Chapin, to the 1 editors, dated Woodstock, July 14, 1818. Messrs. Spooorrs - 'TlM enclosed letter which I received a fw days since from Mr. Thompson, gives a very interesting and minute account of a cavern in the Iowa of Plymouth, which has never been explore 1 till within a low days. I hare specimens of tho petrifications, which are among the greatest cariooities of the kiud I ever wibMmcd. TLcy appear to be more cohesive than tbs rocks on which they are formed. Thot e ia my possession are much shorter than icicles of the same size ; but their form and appearance are such, as evince that tney were produced by the water trickling down the rocks, lfyou think the letter would interest the readers ol your pa - j - er, you have liberty to insert it. Yours, Sic. Bridgtwater, (,ft.)July 10, 1818. Rev. Sir Having heard t.f the recent disomy of the cavern in the town of Plymouth, 1 'went yesterday, accompanied by a young gen tleman of my acquaintance, for the purpose cf examining it. We found it situated near the bead ot Black river, on its south western side, and about 50 rods from the stream. It is at the foot of a large mountain, just in the border of a wood, and about 60 rods from the nearest dwel ling bouse. It has been known for several years that the trth was hollow in this place, and a' ones have been frequently thrown in, which oc casioned a rumbling noise as they bounded from rock to rock ; but the passage was never opened so as to admit a person to descend, till about 10 or 12 day ngo, jliavmg procured lights, we descended through a sloping and rugged passage, barely sufficient to admit one person at a time, about 10 feet, which brought us to the first sub - terraneam apartment. Accuitomed to the brightness of day. our eyes were unable to discern the distant rocks by the help of our candles, and nothing appeared before as but a dark and proband abyss. We ho waver proceeded cautiously down, over loose fragments of rocks, about SO feet further, which brought as to the lowest place iu the first apartment. The shape of this room is fcliptical, being about 90 feet Ion; and 20 broad, lis greatest perpendicular height ia a - bout 20 fset, the walls irregular, and tiie bottom very rough and uneven. We found at the north a passage into a second apartment, which was a - bout two thirds as large as the first. The bot tom of this room is sand, and much more level than the former. In passing from the first into the second apartment, the perpendicular descent ii about 8 feet, rom ine second, we proceeded through a passage 5 feet bih and 4 wide, iu - to a third apartment, which was 14 (eet long, 8 broad, and 7 feet high, from the third, we entered a fourth apartment to the north, upwards of 30 feet long, H broad, and 13 high. This is very carious. About 3 feet from the bottom, the sides begin to incline towards each other, and moet at the top like the roofof a house. In p? sing from the entrance to the opposite end, w ascend about 10 feet, and the top is parallel to this ascent. " On returning ba k into the third, we found a passage into a nflh room, to the south. The opening into this room is not larger than the mouth of a common oven. With some difficulty, however, we crept through it, and sound the apartment to rcsemblo an oven very much in o - ther respects, it being 10 feet long, 7 broad, and ' in the middle 4 1 - 2 feet high ; at the top was a hole of a conicsl shape, about 2 1 - 2 feet ; the diameter at the base, about 10 inches. On our return to the second, we found a parage, to the north, through which we crept into a tilth apart - meut, 18 feel long, 8 broad, and 5 bih. From this last, we proceeded west through a narrow passage, into the seventh and last apartment, 1 1 feet long, 7 broad, and i high. From the north ad of this, however, there is au alley 2 feet wiJe anl 4 high, which extends nearly 18 feet into the rocks. The distance from the entrance of the cave to the utmost extremity of the third apartment, is, by the seamt passage, more than 100 feet. The bottom ot the second mom is the lowest part ol the care, and is about ti lect lower than the surface of tho earth at the entrance. The bottoms Ul UK VI.UUl!, 1II1IU BHU HUH ttpai IUJC1IIB, r mottlv of sand stlie others criminally of stow. , The rocks fiat Icrm the cavern are wholly of limestone. The walls are. mostly irregular. Ihe water slowly peicolatinj through the fUsures ol the r icks, t. u formed numerous petrifactions. As the water tillers smuij the sand and rocks above, it dissolves a small quantity of limestone ; mis witier runs down uie sids ot me cavern, or forms drops on the protected points of rocks, bottling tLoliuic ttt - it in solution ; these drops, miieaa 01 iniuus; 10 uie bottom ol the cave, slow )y evaporate, depositing lheun7o'.atile particles, In this way 'he peUi6cation are f .rined : a spe cimen of whicu accomnmiio thi Mior. iful of these petnttcations resemble icitles hauging Irom the roths ; yet there are some which apt - ear tike vines winding dm th. .,h. i ... vern. But 1 was iiiforias'.,lliatM;e most curious ol tliese nad teen broken off and r - inoved. In , - . uie uiiu BpMinitn - , ws lound a coiiii lerahle bo dy of sand almost enclosed su a cmt of limp stone j mis crusi wat more than a J of an inch thick, and was prohablv forrued as tha ihnv ivtnhmtioiu. The - ! of the Orst aparviueni are 01 a whilish color ; the others are ot a d 'k yeJIow. Ihe 1 assagts llwecn th apana - eM are short, seldom excjeJiu G feel. Finally ih ittni Kimi wjui in p - it.e, wnere nr.inr? ex . fatbits ; ttr most irrcgu.w, wild and romimu. str,cs. Withsen'iments of h';!iest sfpr.i, I am Sec. ZADO J TUOilPSOS. Rt. Waltxk Cnarisj. a in as lic the to the no to HZ&.YQRK Er&MttQ POST. FRIDAY, AUGUST 14. By the arrival this morning of lh Britiih schr Zanga, in 10 days front Nassau, (II. P.) we hve received Bahama Gazettes as late as the Z9th July. They furnish os news of importance, ex ept a few words upon the subject of the lata dispute between the governor of Uie Bahamas and the provincial legislature, which led to the Jissolutioa of the latter. . The dispute originated in the arrest of some person by the assembly, lor tonlemvt. The matter was Anally referred to the British ministry, whe directed bis dis charge.' The assembly, however, like all other assemblies, was very tenacious of til sum dignity. and refused to comply with the order. This produced a prorogation of that body, nntil the tlst of July, when they again assembled. In the mean time, considerable excitement was found to exist among Use people, who did not re lish the decision of the ministry ( and tha Gov ernor, Coding a determination on the part of the Legislature not to recede from the) ground they had assumed, was obliged to dissolve themi Moduly It is customary among those of oar southern and western neighbors, who entertain exalted notions of their own superior talents and qualifications, and who feel an itching for office, tns English style, Jio offer themselves as caus - didaies for sues office as best suit their fancy This mode, while it displays to advantage tha superior patriotism and self de votedntss ol the candidate, is supposed to be preferable od another account. It operates much in the same way a labor - saving machine, as it relieves the pub from all the trouble and expense of caucuses. conventions, electknering - pruitiag, whiskey. iia ftp. The sjtoal way of announcing one's willingness to bind himself out is a servant to the people, it to make a publication iu the newspapers, wherein is set forth to the greatest possible advantage, the talents, acquirements, and pe culiar qualifications of Uie condescending appli cant. This is always done with the rigitahtre of candidate, if be is so fortunate as to be able write bis nam. This, however, is not al ways th case, and th difficulty is then over come by employing a schoolmaster or village at torney to write the address, to which the candi dates affixes hit mark thing which any one can do. In addition to the address, if it becomes necessary ,the candidate assembles tbe populace - mounts a wood - pile, beer - barrel, or whiskey - key, and harangues them with true unembel - lithed native eloquence. This generally does business the candidate is borne the shoulders of the rabble to the nearest bar - room from whence they stagger to the poll aud he is elected. We have been led to these remarks at the pre sent time, by the following advertisement, copied verbatim tt literatim, el punrfuafini, from the Indiana Centinel, printed at Vinceuucs. We re publish it for tbe amusement of our readers. Frienth and Citizen. Having served my country with patriotic valor and feeling, yet actuated wilii the wuruest wi.hcs for the pros perity and happiness of my fellnw - cituens, I feel it my duty to ofl'er to them my eei vieea in the civil department. " I have fought for liberty and my country 1 1 have arrested th tomahawk whin raised a - gainst the innocent 1 and therefore, since it is longer in my power to direct our soldiers the ucbt, accept my friends of the bumble offer of my talents for the of lice of assistant judge. " Who is deserving or tlie civil owice, it tlie soldier bred to Uie art of war, and accomplished in every thing interesting to society, is not ; who has tciletl, witu hunger, wi.h cola and danger, to protect tne rights of tbe republic ? "jtma NUAAC. " Vincennes, June 6, 1818. " N. B. If any of my fellow - citizens should doubt my talents, I will make a speech at the court - house on the day of tlie election." This, we think, is one of tbe best things of the kind we have ever seen. Who can resist such eloquence, the claims of such patriotism, and, above all, such unaffalti modctty f The Indi - anians, we conceive, must be tlie most cruel aud cold - hearted people iu existence, if they do not reward him lor his " accomptuhmenti," his " toil," the " rfnnger" he has encountered, and the 4 toi1' and " Aunger" he has " endured." We hope the honest Ini'ianians will not be so par. Bane, aud fly to some other caudidate as an an tidote. We have received a communication from baker, this morning, in reply to a note publinhed in t'i i piper 00 Wednesday, complaining of the impositions practised by bakers with regard to the weight of their bread. Our correspondent thinks Uie writer of that article must be very little acquainted with the law upon this ruVject, or be would not have called upon the corpora tion to correct tha abase'. The corporation, he conceives, can adopt no belter metiiod in rcla lion to this busine, than the one already in force. There are three inspectors of bread iu the city, whose business it is to inspect both weight and quality, iu the bake - houe, waggon or store ; or in any place where bread may be fonud; and the law enjoins, that the baker shall have bis name on his bread, with a view that he may be detected and punished, should he attempt to defraud the public. Our correspondent further remarks : " I am well aware that there are some that will impxxe on (heir fellow - citizens if they can with impunity; but it will gratify eve ry respectable baker to see these men brought to justice." lie further informs us, that the assize of bread, since August 1, is as follows : Wheat bread, 34 oz. for Is. Do. mixed with indian, 34 cz. do. Do. do. rye, 43 oz. do. Rve, . . . 51 os. do. Another correspondent, upon the rame subject, very ju'llv observes that the assize of bread rhould ne printed ia large rhnractrr and stuck up in all the markets in the city, and o Jier public place. 1'hs inhabitants wonll then be able to ascerUiu .r themselves, without tbe aid of an iispetor, whether their bread was short of wei$ hi or - ti t. It r the duijr, to be ure, of tLe Inspector to etc tliat the bread ia euado according to law ; but a a Who can tell that U;ry perform that duty faiih. fully? - Do Ihsy go to each Bake - losn' every saorniog ; That tbey do not ii rery ivjdent, forj this moment a gentleman has called to inform us that th bread be purchased for bis breakfast Ibis orning weighed oady 32 ounces light, iVhich - is two ounces short of tit suit. , Th assise of bread for th ensuing weak, will b found in this evening's paper. ' T Frmlhe Albany Argw - . ' Afw - Fe'r Flour. It is of th first importance to this state, that this great staple of New York should maintain high reputation abroad. But from some cause or other at any rate, some radical defect in our police tbe contrary is Ins fact. And that this fact should exist, is Is th highest degree disgraceful, and should excitejbe vizilaece and scratinv of an insulted and injured people, la a note to a communication fronn William and James Brown ii Co. merchants, ol Liverpool, we find the followios : " New - York floor is nuit aeslected. There is a strong preH i,,1, - in f liia mtlr in r.aar nl Fl,i l - ,U - l,Jil .ft : " - - - - " - - - - - - : oucn uiioi;i output noi 10 oe , si is a lasung injury, shame and disgrace. X. How can it be expected that our flour should have a reputation abroad, when the inspector is changed every year or two, a parties may happen to predominate ? Just as he begins to become acquainted with his business, he is removed froi office, and som new band takes bold, who per haps cannot distinguish between plaster of Paris aud superfine flour. Already we understand there ax a host of applicants for this office. One of them is figuring away in tb public papen, b series of numbers addressed to the governor, 00 agriculture. If the quantity as written, to say nothing of its awaJily. is to give him any claim to the piintment, he is certainly in a fair way to obtain the prize. Cfiret, titles, dignitaries, ic. ie. multiply so fast in tnis land of republican simplicity, that it is otily witli the greatest difficulty that we can keep the run of them. We observe in a letter published io this morning's Gazette, addressed to Dr. MiU hill, that this scientific gentleman has quite an imposing title superadded to the long line of crooked letters which have before been appended to his name. It is now, we believe, Dr. Samuel L. Mitehtll, M. D. L. L. D. T. R. S. A. A. S. ice. Sic. Surgtm - Gcneraloj theMx - litia of the State of Js'eu - York i David C. Deforest, Esq. Consul General from South America, to the United States, arrived at Boston last Weduesday, The exertions of the pious and benevolent, seem everywhere to be directed to the improvement and amelioration of the condition ol man Iu this public - spirited metropolis, a project has lately been set on foot to build a marine church. At Boston, we perceive measures have recently been adopted to proclaim the gospel, as " glad tidings of good things," to the sons of the wave. fhe place of worship is stated, in the Boston pa pers, to be ever tne center area ot the new stores on Central wharf. Scats are provided for captains and mates, and every mariner has an in vitation to worship at the hours appointed. We stated in our paper last Wednesday, on the authority of a letter from Richmond, (Vir ) that the valuable flour mills, called u allege', had been destroyed by fire. Our information was doubted by Borne. But this morning's brings a confirmation of the disaster whb all the particulars. Important. W'c learn from the Albany Daily Advertiser of yesterday, that the cause be tween the State and the Utica Insurance Company, was decided by the Supreme Court now in session at that place, on Tuesday, lly this decision the said company are prohibited from carrying on banking operations of air kind, and their charter ii declared to give them no other powers than those of insurance against loss " by fire or otherwise." RICHMOND, Aug. 10. fires .'We had not heard the dUmat cry of fire or the note ot the bell since the last winter. But on Fridsy night, in the course of fire hours, the bell runs the alarm thrice. The first was a few minute before i, and the second a few mi nutes after. They both arose from the firing ol the Globe Tavern on the main street, as was already stated in the Compiler of Saturday. It was supiosed that tee fire wis extinguished ; but it again broke out in a tew miuules, tta bell again rung Uie alarm. A Tery iuconsiJeraUe injury was done to the Globe ; but for very prompt exertion, tins large wooden building would have been in a blaze, and scattered de struction on both sides of it. There is no doubt that this was the work of an incendiary. A can dle or some firebrand had txca introduced into a rat - bole: tho alarm was however immediate ly given, aud the fire was easily extinguished. About sun - rise on Saturday, the alarm was sain given ; and after some time it was a certain ed that Gallcgo's Mills were on fire. The flames burst out, from tbe gnrret floor, nearly at the same moment throngn every part of the roof. Persons on the spot rushed up stairs, bul the smoke was too stifling to permit them to do any thng. Tlie mill had been at work tlie whole nipht and it is supposed, that either by the friction of the gudgeons, or of some of the wooden timber touching and rubbing together, the heat was generated which set fire to the house. The mill is up the James Kiver canal atnut a mile from the city 1 in the rear c.f it is the river 1 and the front, are the can.l and steep bank beyond it. Few peoplewere, there fore, on the snot 111 time 10 nave rendered as distance in the the most ordinary case ; but in this situation.tlie wooden structure of the hous and tlie rapidity of the flames would have pre cluded any number of people from avmg inc No other aid could have been given than to have saved the flour which was barreled up which was r fleeted. Fortunately very few barrels were on hand, as they had but recently been brought down to the City. The principal loss nf stock was abotii 14 or 1 4,000 bushels of wheat which was on liand of I this year's harvest. .None of this article sated. One wing of the house indeed Uirr'.s I, and let out a considerable quantity, but mi scorched as not perhaps to be in a situation to make flour. We understand, that the mill - house which belonged to Mr. I'eter Cbevalie. being the bequest of tlie deceased Mr. Gal - lejro,b - s been insured ami the stock on hand, the property of the firm, is said to be i.isured to tlie North tri a Urge amount. Thi public will no doubt suffer from the loss of a valuable a 1 establishment, parUcularly at this season of tlie year. FrsnslAe Dat'en liccorder. ef.i agvtt 11. Lr;.F AND DUrB. JMr. tf'illU. In Mr. Coiein:ui's few - York Evening Post of the 2oih of '.ujjust, is an arti - cle expressing; ''serious mortification, from! the credit that a ptfagraphjias obtained, with I in is of of 'in to to or to as ed hit it of A out contradiction, concerning the unfortunate the Asylum ft.r the deaf and dumb," It ia. evidentiosnithe tenor of tbe article that there a misapprehension or a want pf authentic information on the subject. - For the satisfaction Mr. Coleman' correspondent, and the lady mentioned who called on Governor Brook, and all concerned, we he. e subjoin all that has been done by our Legislature. . After a Preamble of twice the length, on the 5th February last, it was Jletolved, That the Honorable John Phillips, President of tlie Senate, the Honorable Timothy Bigelow, Speaker of the House of Representative, and the Honorable Richard Sullivan, be a Committee, in the recess of the Legislature, to consider the situation and circumstance of the deaf and dumb, to extend their inquiries, so far as is practicable as to the view the neighboring states in relation to this subject, to see what aid this Commonwealth Lean, in their opinion, consistently bestow in promoting an institution for improving tne coudition of these persona, and the moot eligible mode of carrying the same into effect, to report at the first session of the next Gen. Court. The above named Committee made a Report June session last, but it was again referred the January session, and no definite Resolve on. the subject has been passed. iota. From the Georgia Journal. The law of congress passed in 1 802 to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and preserve peace on the frontiers, under which Capt. Wright is to be tried, enacts, that " if auy citizen or other person, shall go into uny town, settlement, or territory, belongiug to any nation tribe of Indians, or shall there commit murder, by killing any Indian or Indians, belonging f Mtian or trl r lu Jiaus in amity with the D. btates, such offender, on being thereof convicted, shall suffer death." "And when the offender shall be apprehended, or brought for trial into any part of the U. States, it shall be lawful for the President of Die U. States to issue a commission to any oue or more judges of tlie supreme court of the United States, and the judge of the district in which surh offender may have been apprehended, or shall have been brought for trial which judges, or any two of them, shall have the same jurisdiction, in surh capital, as the circuit court of such district, and shall proceed to trial and judgment in the same mauner, such circuit court might or could do." For the immediate attainment of the objects of the general government in relation to captain Wright, the acting attorney of the United States for the district 01 Georgia, (Mr. Da vies having temporarily left the state for the benefit of his health, which has been considerably impaired by an incessant devotion to business) has writ - tea to the ( - reek agent for Indian affairs, we are informed, requesting to pursuo such steps as will authorize the marshal to take captain W right into custody : and the governor has been desir to cause him to be delivered to any judicial officer of this county, whenever he shall be de manded by virtue of a warrant irora ti e proper authority, and to detain him till then under bis present military arrest. From the .Xalional Adrotate, of thii morning. VerSi Dumb. We learn that Mr. Pepin, of t;ie lircus, lias appropriate uie proceeds of tins evening's entertainment for the bene ft of tlte In - tlilution fjr instructing the Death Dumb in this ru,V. I bis act of generosity rt fleets the greatest honour 011 Mr. Pepin, and it is no trilling compliment to his t hilanthropy and discernment that he has made this vnluable aud benevolent institution tbe object of his patronage. On this occasion, our charitable and humane citizens will not eirect us to say much. They will reap a rich harvest of reward in viewing the expansion of mind and expression of tliought in mese unioriuiaie cninireu, wiiorn 1 roviueucc, in wisdom, has thought proper to inflict. This institution, the ruoitnoiile iu principle and t flee t nas no national ai'', no important resources to draw upon to advance th interest of humanity - relies on the chari'y aud sympathy of gnod citi - sen, and sat b adventitious aid as occasions like the preteut may produce. Those win are gratified at the innocent an:usements of the Circus t Uie feats of agility and expertness (here displayed, and at the sagacity and fine movemests of the birse, will derive much pleasure at the opportunity of combining utility with pleasure. From the New - Brunsmtk Times, August 13. An adjoureed meeting of the assucintion formed at Briu - Town, on Uie SUlh of July, 1318, for the suppression of kidnapping and unlaw ''ul trade in persons of colour, was htld at the house, Abm. Degraw, in thi city, on M'juday Ust. numb r of highly respectable persons attended from t:.e neighboring towns ; though tut a ie w f the citizens made it convenient to attend, we trust, they will not be backward when called upon, to aid tbe association. Uulo uad refutations for the scoverament of the society were a - donted. and a standing committee, onfiftinz of seven, appointed to inaniee its concerns. Il there is a tuan in the community so to the eslingt of humanity, as to think the objects of this association unworthy the attenti i of the philanthropist or Christian, we sincerely pity his depravity. BOJTOX, Aug. 12. iM'.eil from Havti.W have accounts from Capt Henry Hayli, to the 19th July. Chrirto - piie continued on his tour in the interior of his kingdom, accompanied by his family and body ;u ird;. His cabinet secrets remained unknown Public opinion at tbe Cape was divided on hi3 real object, some thinking he had a warlike en - tsrprize against Cover's dunaia in view, while others contended he was merely niakini a tour of his dominions, to view the improvements and inspect the forticalions of the interior. We iu dine to the last opinion, and believe Christophr's lone stop at at. Marks wns to ascertain the slate of public opinion, in Petion's domains, after bis death. S.Ltv, August 12. Fire in Btferira. We have received from a friend in Billerica, the following - account of a destructive fire wbich has recently taken place in that town : OiLtzaicA, August 8 - On the moroins of the 4th mst. at about half past one o'clock, the Inhabitants of the vil - lage situated on Concord river, near its inter - section by tlie Middles x Canal, were alarmed with the cry of Ire. It was found to proceed from a two story building situated near the river, owned by John L. Sullivan, esq. and occupied by Messrs. Jona. Farmer and Henry H. Merrill, as a Blacksmith's ship, having connected wiib it a Forge and other works operates! by water. The lire soon consumed this building, and communicated to the factories for c:rtiing, spinning and weaving, owned by Mr. J rm.cis Faulkner, which with the princi - 7 - t part of the valuable machinery contained 1:1 iHcin, full a sacrifice to the flames. From the combusuSe naru - of the building and th oleaginous state of the machinery, the fire spread with great rapidity to the clo.liin and fulling mill, which was tdo consumed with considerable property, which cmid not be res - cued from U.e flames. The principal losis sustained by Mr. faultier, ry which event a worthy man is thrown m:t of employ, at a season alien his business w.s most lucrative. Had there not been an almo - t ptrfect calm, Mich greuter injury would have been sus'sun "d ; or had tha wind heen in a northern direc tion, the whole village would hare iieen en dirndl d. The fire blew cv tr and caught near the seat of Mr. Rogers, but was hap pit extinguished in season to pmer.t its do - uig any lijury. 1 uis is said to have been the i. - uyent liie ever experienced in the ancient h.n of Hill erica. 1 be schr uteres, and bcr two ten Jen, (whale bna'O h.ta relumed irnm a cruizn nf live davi in ths bay, in search cf tlie great s - serper.t They were not so fortunate a to fll ia with him, nor hv W bad any account 'of his bstng'seen in this vicinity sine the expedition sauea irom ibis port last week. . CHARLESTON, Aug. 8: Lou of tliip Xarearel. Tb fine copired ship Margaret, Weeks, of Portland, which sail ed on th 6th lor Laser pool, got anore on ine south end of Stone' Breaker, at th ship bar, and is bilged and half full of water. Her cargo, 1212 bales or cotton, and 3 bus. UH)acco,'wui, with th exception of 60 bales saved by oar pilots, be entirely lost or much damaged.. Capt. W. cam up last avening from tne wrecx tor me purpose of procuring men, 4 of bis crew having deserted Iheshio when in the greatest danger Capt. W. returns his thanks to Capt. Finch, of the U. S. bng Prometheus, bis oincers aaa men, and also to captain Hussey, branch pilot, for their uawearied efforts to save tbe ship and cargo. To the Editor of the Charleston Timet, s Havana, July 23. The America brig John Howe, of Philadelphia, is under seizure tor short entry cf bcr carsro, and it is supposed that it will be a serious instance of tbe enforcement of our laws, wbich are (under the present case) a confiscation of vessel and cargo, without reference to shippers or discrimination of invoices. Tbe amount of vessel and cargo may be estimated at 50 or 60,000 dollars. A letter from Savannah of the 4th tost, says, " A duel was fought yesterday between two men by tho names of lioy er and Mendes. The latter was shot through the body, aud died last eve ning." Capt. Bonnel!, from whom we received the first report of the ceaion of the Flori Jas, arrived here yesterday Irom Havana, capt. 11. received the information from Mr. Bloomfield, American Consul at Cadiz ; aud capt. Seauians, of the brig Mary, of Providence, R. I. who left Cadiz 4 days after, brought to Havana a nnular report. The bri Mary, Seamans, of I'rovidence, arri ved at Havana, from Cadiz. 6 dnys before the Mary Ann sailed. Capt. b. stated that the Spa nish expedition of 14 sail of merchantmen, with 3000 troops on board, under convoy of a frigate, which sailed from Cadiz on the 29th May, bound to Limn, put iuto Tenerifl'e iu distre, the commodore being sick, and the largest vessel belongiug to the Meet being in a leaky coudition. The troops were distributed among th fleet, the commodore remained on shore. The expedition had procoeded from Teneriffe. SAVANNAH, Augusts. Yesterday afternoon we experienced for a few hour a pleasing terrible storss of wind, rain & hail, accompanied svitu violent thunder i light niic, which soon cooled down Farenheit at kast 5 degrees, and added much to the satist'ai tion and convenience of our citizens ;sevend panes of glass we know have materially suffered from the velocity of the hail stones. We believe no lives were lost, although several trees were blown or knocked down during tlie storm. Several stones ricked up from the ground were as large as a good size walnut. If the s'orm extended :ar into the country, we apprcbend there nas considerable dauin.e been done to the cotton rrop: the corn is so far advanct d that; is little danger of its being materially injured. ASSIZE OF BREAD, FOR TIIE EXSCING WEEK Supf. Flour, insp'd litis pr. bhl. 'SS oz. for Is. Id 1 - 2 for 6d 35 for Is 17 1 - S for 6d 43 for Is. 24 for 6d 51 for Is Ii 1 - 2 for 6d Do. do Do. mix'd with fine Indian, Do. do 1 o. mix'd with Rye Flour, lo. do Rye Flour, 36s. per bbl DO do W. FISH, city - treaturer. New - York, August 14, 1818. MARRIED, Last evening bv the Kev. Mr. Feltus, John Tu'.loch, Esq. ol the Uland of Jamaica, to Miss Margaret Hoop, daugbter 01 captain Jolin Troop, of this city. DIED, Yesterday afternoon, in the 62d year of his age, Mr. John A still eld, an Old ana respectable inhabitant of this city. His friends and acquaintances, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at S o'clock, from his late residence, So. 194 William st. The 13th inst. at New - Kochelle, Mr. Lewis S. Pintard, sged 45. AtC'cnmell, ia the Island of Jamaica, on tbe 33th of June last, in the 24th year of his se'i Robert Clermont Livingston, E - qutre. eldest son of the 11 0.1. Brockhnl'i Livingston. Kfi'JVf.W POST M.1RIX& LIST. CLEARED, Brig Gratitude, Towne, Brig Oul) Son, Bowler, Mar. - hall, Crow, Kennebunk Oporto. Ja.nnica. West Indies P. Edwards. Norfolk Richmond Charleston. Schr Honor & Amy, Ingall Union, Turrilt, Indian lluntr r, Seaman, Elizabeth. Tolly. Vandewater, Wbeeler & Co. Speculation, Hester, Nasau, NT James Scott. Schr. Rising States, Wynanti, Savannah Jams Brown k Co. Harding, Newbern Lady Hamilton, Pryor, Richmond Sloop Hope, Wilson, Bermuda Rapid, Beers, Boston Altltll'KD THIS FORF.tfOOJ. Sch Alexander, Williams, 6 day from Richmond, and 52 hours from the Capes, with flour ind tobacco, to Boorman & Johnston, Walsh & Galbgher.I) Brothers, EC Woodhull.Trokes, Davidson & Co. and Buck Si Cnit. A'poke l'Hp M.cdonough, 9tli off City Point, bound to Petersburg. bchr Patty U Sally, Norris. 12 days from Da - ritn, with staves, leather and glass. Schr Alexander, Bihop, 7 days from Currituck, with staves, ic. to the captain. British si hrZmsaa, Russell, 10 days from Nassau, (N. P.) Willi litrnumviiae, old copper, turtle, Sc. to Cald - r, M'Lea & Co. t - chr President, Ueaile,3dayifrom Currituck with staves to linker c Kobinscn. Sir p Laurp. - Ann, Brouhton. 6 davs from Snow - Hilt, with shingles to tt Robinson. Slaon Rmhlf r. Hutchinsori.4 davs (torn Nor - 1 folk, with shingles, to the captain. Yesrerd:.y, sim ke schr Martha, flora Itew - .ork tor Isorfnik Sloou Mechanic. Smith, 10 days Iran Rich mnnd, withccalsto A Frnzer. N Sloop Hetty, West, 3 days Norfolk, with shin ?1ls to Lie captain. Sloop Ann Johnson, Irons, 1 days trom ror - filk. with to Charles Wood, letter. day off Barnegat, spoke sch Phatiiix, from N lurx lor xsorioiK. BELOW, F.nelish ship Crania, ol London, trom Ja maica. B' ii; Cora, or Boston, 21 days from Mobili, to P H Schenck fi Co. Sch Clarissa, from Newbern, NC. . hi KD IsAST F.FFJtitffly Bri? Orleans. Thornton, from New - Orleani. and 16 days from the Balize, to Vandewater, Wheekr it Co. with cctt'rfi, tobacco, tc. to Rpgert A Kncelar.d, M E White, D Crowthe Foil : M hinne. W Uurgess, and t uudle. Sunke in the River, ships Mary, Shaw, fi - om York Columbia, from do ; Mohawk, from Bui - timore ; Com. Pen i ; brig Ant, 50 dsys fron Boston. I .at SI 42, Ion 78 30, ship Com. Ro pers, Day, for Liverpool. Lat 29 44, Ion 7. 30 brig Hup., Lawrence, for Cibraltar. Lat 33 35, Ion 87, sch Huntress, from N Yoik. Brig Victory, 10 days from Havana, with sugar, to P Harmony. Sch Alert, Hillard, 13 dsys from St. Croix, with rum, to Curtis, Cmmelin & Co. owners, liios Knox, Wm R Prince, Armstrong, Ba - zaleette sv Co. Me'.Ki, Ilcgers & Son, Heade i lie PeyMer, Wtf, R A Rickets, and the msLi'er. Left, at West End, brig, Barclay, of Norfolk, caryo not avid ; Elizabeth, Cell, of PliilaJe'pi;, to tail Aug. 3d , kI Ly. curgu. Potter, lor V York in 5 day. Sch South - Carolina, Allen, 5 davs from Charleston, with flour and tobacco, to Barker si nopxms, k u woounuu, 11 nrevoort, Q As - plnwall Si Son, Rapelye it Purdy, F U A Bru - nell, and Mr. Gibbs. Passengers, Mrs. Sin - clair, Mr Ring awl child, Mr Lallane, Mr. White and lady, Rev. J B Campbell, lir. J D Guerard, Messrs. K Jackson, J JJnimmond, H Sheldon, T Fitch, J B Bullock, K Ling, R Crce - niken, W Sawyer, J P Bobbins. W Tudor, G YV Rogers, J Davidson, V Duval, V Belae, J Gordon, P Jenkins, and E Clemrns. Wednesday evening, off Cape May, spoke a brig, 54' dryt from Dublin for Philadelphia, with pas - seneert. Union Line sch Resolution, Marshall, 2 day from Philadelphia, with L'Uommedieu an s and Brown, owner. Sch Dauntless, Parker, 11 days from Richmond, wiib flour and tobacco, to Uoorman & Johnston, C Dubois, W & S Craig, C Beers, Trokes, Davidson Si Co. E G Woodhuli, and Wilson St Thomson. Sch Polly Si Sally, Trott, 4 day from Bran - dywine, with flour, to I Hycr & H Rankin. Sch Patty Si Sally, of fiavunnah, a days from Darien. Sloop Fox, of Warren, 6 day from Norfolk. Sloop Collector, Caswell, 11 day from Charleston, in ballast, to Vandewater, Wheeler K Co. 6 passengers. tloop Polly St Sylvia, Hicks, 6 dart from Richmond, with flour, to Th. Buckley & Son. Sloop Atalants, from Norfolk, with Jamaica rum, to Titus & Van Zandt. Per Zuiiga,frim Aateau, A. P. i s Nassau, (. s - ) July J9. The British snow Jane, Woodworth, from avsnnali bound to Jamaica, was cast swav on the IC1I1 inst. near the Bird Itock, Crooked Isl and. I he cargo consisting of lumber will bt saved. Sailed, slocp Favorite, Cocken, fur Philadelphia. July 18 Sailed on Thursday, sch Specula. tion, Hester, for N ork 1 yesterdav. sch Bri tannia, Houthall, for N York. - . July 10 Arrived, sloop Sarah's Delirhf. Sweeting, Norfolk. BOSTON, August II. Arrived at Quarantine, brig Staff 01 - Life, Hiter, 30 days from Na - hio, via St. Domingo. Left t St. Domingo, July 14. schr Peace e Plenty. Livineston. dav from Newburypoit, lost three seamen ; brig Ma - ry - Aun, ciara, new L,unuon, lor t rance; bng Midas, Vanna, to sail in 5 days for the Coast : schr Godfrey, of New Vork, for do. Spoke July 31, lat 22 24, long 6b Id, brig Francis, 20 days from Baltimore, bound to Port so Prince. BROADWAY C I R C U S. L4.ST Wr.kli BUT THREE. ovoool Inuooo For the benefit of the New - York Institution FOB THE USTRl'lTIOIf OF THE DEAF and DUMB. Mr. Pepin feeling grateful to the citizens of New - York lor the liberal patronage bestowed on Ins exertions to please the public, siuce he epened his Circus in Broudtvny, has determined to appropriate the net proceeds of the Circus, this evening, fur the benefit of th New Vork institution for the Instruction of . the Deaf and Dumb. On this occasion, Mr. P. will spare neither pains nor expense to render the amusements of the evening particularly agreca'.ile and pleasant. oonooOoovoo THIS EVENING, AUG. 14, Tbe performance will commence with th Grand Military Entry. Master Thomas will on one horse perform many wonderful feats of horsemanship. Tne elegant horse Othello will perform th parr of a domestic, he will at command, bring a whip, bat, basket, handkerchief ; also walking, trottins, Sc. aad conclude with bringing a flag, p!aced ut the top of a hoard 12 feet high. . . Master M'Carn, ths wonder of tbe age srtfl;" on one horse, perform many wonderful feat for. a youth, wily nine years old, teap over t garters, and conclude by riding on bis head, hi horse io full speed. Gymnastic Exercises, by the whole troop. . Drunken Soldier, by Mr. Bullen - Coronation, or Learned Horse; ia which all those horses will show their wonderful sagcity the eleeant horse Othello will stand on a pedestal as a statue, and a'l the other horses will tit down at the command of the riders. v Mr. Bullen will on one horse perform many astonishing leais, leap over four boards of lights, separate and together, and conclude by a surprising leap through a mail coach. The invincible horse Mentor will be Seen tnnding amidst a shower of Fire Works. Tickets may be had at the cirrus. City Hotel, Tammany Hall, Washington Hall, and Bank Coffee House. Box $1 Pit 50 cents. A place is provided for people of colour children admitted to tbe boxes half price. The performance will take place every evening in the week, Sundays excepted. loon open at 7 o'clock, and the performance cnmnieuce precisely at tt. No sinoaking allowed. Check not transfer - able. In consequence of the short stay of Mr. Pepin in town, there will be a performance every Saturday evening during the remainder of i!i season. au 14 - (Xr TheunciirreutAiOTESoi allibe Banks of this state, and also of the eastern States are bought at a discount of only tnree quarters 01 one rer cent, at the Exchange Olfice, No. 8 Wall - street, under Mr. Burtsell's Bosk Store. eug 14 it. For England, tia Halifax, JV. Ai. 7 Letters for His Britaauic Mniesty' Pack et Montague, will be received at tiie Post Office 'till Wednesday allernoon tlie Td ot September. aR 14 T. W. MOOKE, Agent. rjy - bilver Lake, Niagara, Eastern, Southern bank notes, received at par for lottery tick ets, by BEMAMIX BUTLER, au? 14 37 vvail - streer. For HA FHE, V Th. ffk.t MiTin - MnruMA thin JIM A. Alexr. S. Sutherland, master, will posi tively sail on or before the 1st proximo For freight or passage, apply to the master on board, st Murray's wharf, or at No. 90 Cofle House "r' LA ID LAW, GIRAULT St CO. ang 14 ISt For GIBHALTAH. Jft T"0 remarkably fioe coppered sloop WYrmlvnnnltr PATTERSON, will sad lor the above port on Wednesday the 19th inst. For passage only, apply at No. 90 Coffe Hons slip, to LAIDLAW, QIRAULT & CO. , au?14 3t ' PASSAGE FOR JAMAICA. TheMiip PACIFIC, captain Holden, mxA C.r Falmouth rjjm.l about lb i,y ttmm - - - 1 v Stub inst. and can handsomely acconimodal Utv riiMnrr.r, if 'immadinl - nnlicatinO IS mad on board, a little abov Catharine niaikct, or t ang 14 lw Kuur.n.1 Lri.m - . - DRY GOODS. Received per Tom Hazard, 2 cases Silk Twist, well assorted 2 do Cotton half Hose 2 do Tahhv Velvets Reraninintr of former importations Furnitures, Cambrics, r ine fruits, lor sate 07 nog 14 . P. KEMSEN k CO Will. CAMI'BELU Manutaiturcr 01 me - tic Cotton Goods, bar just received supply of the following articles viz : , ik.nn t.ln,i,M . .. - hio - v. h',1 Shirtinc'S aBQ Sheetings .... . 1,00 p white Millinttt's (assort'd Nos. J 100 do black do , . 2,010 lbs. Cotton Twist, 1st qurdity, "0.. 200 io Knitting Sewing he now oifers tor sale at bis store No. W r'" street, (u stairs.) " 14

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