Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 5, 1939 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1939
Page 2
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In the Portsmouth speech, btanhppe said "rnan-the-guns" orders had been issued shortly before he left the admiralty in London, ·"Long before the guests came aboard this ship," he said, "16 anti-aircraft guns could have given a warm welcome to anyone who napperJed to come this way." The incident, coming in the midst of British talks with Poland's foreign minister, Colonel Beck, on formation of an "anti- afgression" front in Europe, was said in some quarters to have embarrassed Chamberlain and to have placed Stanhope on a touchy spot. , . Y. Fair Is Near Completion Former Minneapolis Principal Is Found Guilty of Larceny ·MINNEAPOLIS, (U.PJ--Philip E. Carlson, former Roosevelt high school principal, Wednesday faced a one-to-five year prison sentence on a second degree grand larceny conviction accusing him of embezzling school funds. The 60 year old defendant, who resigned his post upon request last jAiuary, was found guilty by a district court jury. Carlson specifically was charged with embezzling $150 belonging to the high school's book Mild Mannered Man Starts Brawl, Invades House and Stabs Self INDIANAPOLIS, (#)--A mild- mannered 35 year old workingman ran amuck here Tuesday night, started a tavern brawl and invaded a stranger's house to get a knife with which he killed himself. Detective Sergeant Thomas Aulls identified the man as Frank H. Gossa, Jr., of Indianapolis. Aulls said Gossa "suddenly seemed to lose his mind" and, breaking away from four companions, went into a tavern, hit a customer and was thrown out. then, the detective said, he walked into a residence nearby, took a paring knife from the kitchen cabinet and stabbed himself fatally in the throat. Bewildered Mourners Attend Funeral for King Ghazi, Iraq BAGHDAD, W)--Tens o£ thousands of bewildered mourners attended the funeral Wednesday o£ King Ghazi I, 27 year old , Ghazi was succeeded by h three year old son, Feisal II wit the baby's uncle, Emir 'Hah, acting as regent. The mob which stoned Monck- Mason to death also attacked and lish" had killed the king). ,,,L -* lhe Eng - P aused Thousands of Miners Make Application for Jobless Benefit PITTSBURGH, (IP)--Despite expectations that their idleness would not last for long, thousands of bituminous coal diggers Wednesday sought state unemployment compensation as a precautionary measure. -More than 1,000 miners registered at suburban Carnegie for benefits ranging from 57.50 to S15 weekly. Hundreds took similar steps at McDonald and Clarion. Payments start in three weeks unless a new contract is negotiated and mines reopened. Some applied for jobless benefits in West Virginia but whether they would be eligible was not determined immediately. This view, -made by Fairchild Aerial surveys, shows the New York World's fair nearins completion. In foreground Is the international area. Beyond that the river and oval lagoon, with the trylon and pcrisphere In background. Zoologist Declares Stomach Capacity 125-150 Goldfish LOS ANGELES, (U.R)--For the information of the college boys who have been gulping 60 or so goldfish, it was estimated Wednesday the human stomach has a physiological limit of between 125 and 150 goldfish oE gulping size. The information was offered by Prof. Sarah Atsattan, zoologist at the University of California at Los Angeles who made no guarantee for the survival o£ any campus lad so rash as to try for the limit. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1939 FRENCH CHIEF IS RE-ELECTED LeBrun Gets Second Term as Exhibition of National Unity VERSAILLES, France, (£)_ President Albert Lebrun of France was re-elected.for another seven- year term Wednesday. He was the second man in the history of the French republic to be accorded a second term, which is for seven years and starts May The Daladier government had prevailed upon the 67 year old former engineer to stand for reelection as a demonstration of national unity in the face 'of the unsettled European situation. Widow Beats Adversity " as Sawmill Operator French Cruiser to Go to Alexandretta Area PARIS, (U.R) -- The newspaper --iT TV"*" "' "" ? c " uiu.-iiiun- Petit Parisien reported Wednesday arcn ol Iraq who died in an/auto- that the government, in order to mobile acnidpni- T,,***^ · · · . ^ be rea jy for any eventuality, had decided to send a cruiser to the , --,--.. .. w ,j du i w u u Alexandretta area of Syria to re- was hilled by a mob at Mosul inforce the French garrison of during frenzied mourning, is to 1,600 men. As part of the efforl be held Thursday at Mosul. t° include Turkey in a "stop Hit,Ghazi was succeeded hv his ^ er " k' oc * he government has con- HATTIESBURG, M i s s , IU.PJ-- Twenty-nine years ago. Mrs. Q. Z. Hinton was left a widow with wo small children when her hus- and was drowned attempting to ireak a log jam in the Bogahoma river. Today, Mrs. Hinlon. with the assistance of one of her grown ;oris, has built a lumber mill that specializes in cutting long leaf pine. The xvoman sawmill operator ;ays that she is not interested in what happens in Hollywood or the new fangled hair styles. But she can look at a pine tree and tell you accurately how many feet of lumber it will yield. w handing over the Sanjak Abdul ol P rov nce ° E Alexandretta to YEGGS DRINK WINE COLUMBIA, S. Car., iff )--At t° i. They drink a quart of wine and some soft drinks. Easter Suit Problem Solved.. without aid of Sherlock Holmes Reading time . . . 1 minute, 20 seconds. HIary...rm sorry, but I'll not be able lo buy the new suit for EASTER we planned on. Next month I'm sure I can make It. Joe . . . Don't be s i l l y , EASTER is EASTER. Go to Abel Son .. . and get it on lhe Budget Plan . . . There's M EXTRA CHARGE: Whether it's $20 or $65 It makes no diiference what your price is ... Abel Son sees to it that they have i t ' . . . Here's one store with a big EASTER stock ... at just the "right price' 7 for you. "Our Own Tailor Shop" w i l l do the finishing touches . . . our salespeople will make your visit a pleasant one . . . just like JoeV. Our sole purpose is to see that YOU arc completely satisfied. A B E L 6r SON I N C U,S. GRANT TO RICE LAKE MADE Colby Says Necessary State Aid for Refuge Will Be Available LAKE'MILLS--A federal grant of $17,300, which must be supplemented by one-third as much state funds, was available Wednesday for a conservation project which would turn Rice lake into a near-2,000 acre wildlife refuge. Approval of the grant, from the United States. Biological survey, was announced Tuesday. Dr. i'rank Colby of Forest City, member of the -Io\va conservation commission who announced the grant,'said Wednesday that necessary state aid would also be available for the project. Must Match Federal Fund Federal funds for such a grant are taken from ''Pitman-Robertson" money, a congressional appropriation not to exceed the amount collected annually by excise taxes on firearms and ammunition. During the fiscal year 1937, $3,250,000 was available under the Pitman-Robertson act. Only Sl,000,000 was budgeted for the current fiscal year, however. States must match each $3 of federal funds with $1, according to the act. Would Construct Dike The Rice Lake Outing club at present has 469 acres of land in the Rice lake area, with 425 more under option. Two hundred acres additional would be necessary to complete the project, which would total approximately 1,865 acres. A dike would be constructed at the west end of Rice lake, under present plans, to 'raise the lake level to that of several years ago. No construction is allowable, mder terms of the Fitman-Roberton act, until all necessary land is acquired for the project. Longford, Baker Sing "Ave Maria" Air Ya Listeriin? FIRE DESTROYS CHURCH AGENCY, The Methodist , ~ church here and a barn at the Frank Avery place were destroyed by flames when a garden fire swept out of control. Loss was estimated at more than 310,000. TRACTOR CAUSES BLAZE NEWTON, (if)-- Sparks from the exhaust ol a passing tractor were blamed by firemen for the blaze which destroyed a Uvo-siory building in the business district o£ nearby Killduff. James Rigdon owner of the structure, estimated the loss at $8,000. TURNED BACK BY STORMS SOUTHAMPTON, England, (# --Storms over the English channel forced the 42-ton Pan-American Yankee Clipper to turn back Wednesday from a flight to Foynes, Ireland. ' //QAM UP A , v/oiiL.c rr BE. A E SHAVE: Foe. A POL.E, CAT ~t _ Kl-TTAKNINS.PA. DEAR. NOAH"IF^rou TIPPET THE SCAI.F-S AT 2.Z.O, WOJL.D fou SE-T THEM UP AGAIN AT A-OfO "7 AUNT HET By Robert Quillen "Other women say it works, but I was raised on soap and water and I can't figure how you're goin' to get dirt out ot" your akin by rubbin' something in." KELLY AGAIN CHICAGO MAYOR But Republicans Point to Strength Despite Loss of Election CHICAGO, (U.PJ--Chicago retained Edward J. Kelly, a ne\v dealer, as mayor Wednesday bu: republican leaders claimed a 'moral victory," on the strength of gains in Tuesday's city election which they said assures the G. O P. Illinois' 23 electoral votes in 1940. ' . · : Complete returns 'showed tha Kelly was re-elected by 183,41 votes over Dwight H. Green, hi republican opponent. The city' 3,648 precincts gave Kelly, 820, 512, and Green, 537,102. Kelly Breaks Own Record Kelly broke his own record to votes polled in Chicago mayora contests. His total Tuesday wa approximately 21,000 above hi previous high, set in 1935 when he was elected to a four-year term alter having served two years in the unexpired term of Mayor An ton J. Cermak. Green's vote was larger tha any republican municipal candi date has received in Chicago in 1_ years. He polled approximate!} 425,000 more votes than his pri mary total of 212,000. Kelly's to tal was. about 216,000 more than his primary vote. Backed by Nasli Kelly was backed by the Kelly Nash regular democratic organi zation, a powerful political grou: which he has headed with Patric: A. Nash, democratic national com mitteeman, for seven years. Ii last fall's congressional electioi the' organization's vote-pullin power in Chicago alone was sut ticient to offset a republican ma jority in the rest of the state. Oi that basis republicans claimed tha their gaiiii Tuesday, in additioi to normally republican strong holds downstate, forecast a G. O P. victory in Illinois in the pre; dential election next year. Green, in a radio speech con ceding defeat, said that "despit the coercion and intimidation o WPA workers and relief client, the democrats were able to get ou only 56 per cent of the vote." "That, 7 ' he said, "assures a vie tory for the republican party i 1940." FRANCES LANGFORD KENNY BAKER * * ' ;p ^ ^ if % )f. ^ ^ .^ .^ . £ ,, H. H. TELLIN' YA: Armabella, beautiful Parisienne rumored engaged to Tyrone Power, plays the lead in the Texaco Stai- Theater presentation, "Happiness," original .-opicai iove drama by Konrad Bercovici, heard over KGLO *· Wednesday from 8 to 9 p. m. Aiinabella is supported by the Star Theater stock players directed by Bill Bacher. Musical Highlights Musical highlights include rCenny Baker singing "I Ups to Her" and "You and the Night and the Music" and Frances Langford's offering of ''We've Come a Long Way Together." As a duet; the vocalists sing Schubert's "Ave -Maria." i Ken Murray, master-of-cere- nnonies, and deadpan .comedian Ked Sparks continue their battle of retorts. David Broekman's music is heard during the hour program. OLUMB1A BROADCASTING SYSTEM NETWORK 1210 KILOCYCLES Two Ministers Will Baptize Candidates at Baptist Church Two pastors were to immerse candidates at the First Baptist church Wednesday evening, the Rev. J. Lee Lewis announced. He will baptize eight candidates for that church and the Rev. J. M. Eaves, pastor of the St. John's Baptist church, southwest, will baptize three new members of that church and several who will join the Baptist church at Manly, Mr. Lewis will bring a message on "His Baptism and His Cross." The service begins at 7:30 p. m. Thursday at the same hour an anniversary Candlelight Communion service will be held, with a message by the pastor, "Is the Crass Necessary?" An opportunity for the renewing of one's covenant with God, an old custom of this church, will be given and the hand of fellowship extended to new members will be given. Antioch Commandery, No. 43, Knight Templars, will worship in a body at the First Baptist church *· ,,..._,.._ Wednesday P. M. j:I5 Singin' Sam, Cgca Cola 5:30 Lone Ranger, Pfaff Baking Company 6:00 News of the Nation, P. G : . E. 6:05 Sons o£ the Pioneers G:lo Jim Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Stop and Listen 7:00 News of the Wo'rld, United Home Bank . 7:05 North Iowa Forum 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 Music for Men 7:45 News "6:00 Texaco Star Theater, Texas Company, CBS 9:00 Master Singers · a: 15 On With the Dance 9:30 Rosario Bordon's Concert Orchestra 0:00 Evening News Roundup 0:15 Charles Baum's Orchestra, CBS 0:30 Wayne King's Orchestra. CBS 11:00 Hal Kemp's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Shep Field's Orchestra, CBS Thursday, April 6 6:00 Alarm Clock Hour 6:45 Morning News Roundup 7:00 Time and Tunes, Hamilton Seed Company 7:15 Chapel ot the Air, Bui-roughs A. Waltrip 7:30 Home Folks Frolic, Iowa Master Breeders 7:45 Musical Clock, Merkel's 8:00 Milton Charles Recalls, CBS 8:15 Today in Osage, Osage Mer chants 8:45 Musical. Clock, Nash Coffei Company 9:00 Pretty.Kitty Kelly, Wond'e: Bread, CBS 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air, Clea: Lake Merchants 9:30 Musical Workshop, Innes 9:45 Charles^ City on the Air Charles- City Merchants 10:00 Melody Time, Mier Wolf and Sons 10:15 Parade of Bands 10:30 Morning Concert, Vance Mu sic Company 10:45 Church in the Wildwood Marshall and Swift . 11:00 Home Town News, low Shoe Brokerage 11:15 Mystery Melody Game 11:30 Markets 11:45 American Family Robinson 12:00 Mi d-d ay Review 12:30 Front Page News, Pat Pat terson, International Har vester company 12:45 Hank Hook on the Streel Pritchard Motor Company 1:00 Melody Weavers with Shir . ley Sadler, CBS 1:15 The Town Crier 1:30 Romany Trail, CBS 1:45 C. I. T. Safety Program, CB! 2:00 Four Clubmen, CBS 2:15 Army Day Program, CBS 2:30 Senate Recital 3:00 Today's Devotion--the Rev R. C. Hclfenstein 3:15 Kay Block's Varieties. CBS 3:45 Plainsong Chrir of Corpu Christi. CBS ·1:00 Current Questions Before th House, CBS 4:15 Let's Pretend. CBS 4:45 The Mail Bag Hour 5:15 Singin' Sam, Coco-Cola 5:30 Uncle Nick's Junior Musi Hall 6:00 News of the Nation, P. G and E. 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers 6:15 Jim Woods' Sports Camet 6:30 Joe E. Brown, Post Toasti CBS 7:00 News ot the World, Unite Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Daniels, Garner 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 American Legion Program 8:00 News 8:15 Music for Men, U E I 8:30 The Town Crier 8:45 Commonwealth Symphony WPA Artists 9:00 Little Theater on the Air 9:30 Old Refrains 9:45 American Viewpoints, CBS Air School Recess Because of its. close co-operation with regular school curriculums, American School of the Air, CBS' ten-year-old contribution to modern education, is to observe the Easier season as a vacation interlude for its millions of students throughout the country. The air classes, heard each school day, are being suspended from Wednesday until Monday, April 17. Various musical, special events and sustaining shows will occupy School of the Air's regular time--from 1:30 to 2 p. m. each day during this period. Blackmail Halted Blackmail was an instrument of the lawless even in the old days ol the west, but the^Lone Hanger, with the aid of Bolivar Bates and Hacksaw Hastings, develop some new tricks in the air of blackmail to upset the plans of a band of crooks in "The Lone Ranger" drama to be heard Wednesday at 5:30 p. in. over KGLO. The Pfaff Baking company s p o n s o r s the thriller. FORUM GUEST NV IVl I BLUE Mttt * ' 1T * *· EUO H.U.OC' W H O W E D N E S D A Y EVENING 5:M Don Win slow OZ the Navy 5:15 Lamp Lighting Time 5:43 Wealher-News Easy Aces Tracer of Lost Person:, 5:30 Neivstime 6:45 Opportunity Knocks 7:00 Zingo 7:15 Maurice SpUalny's Orchestra 8;00 Horse and Bugey Days 8:30 Wings for Ulc Marilns 3:30 The Public Interest in Democracy 0:00 News 0:15 The Shadow of Ku Manchu 0:30 Horace Heidi's Orchestra 1:00 George Dolly's Orchestra :30 Lee Shelly's Orchestra NBC BCD NETIYOKK HMO KILOCYCLES WEDNESDAY EVENING 5:00 Captain Midnight ·1:13 Dick Tracy J:30 Jack Armstrong 5:15 Little Orphan Annie 6:00 Sonufdlows 6:15 George Hall's OrcheMra *i:20 News .:00 One- Man's Family 7:30 Tommy Dorseys Orchestra B:00 Town Hall Tonight 9:00 Kay Kyser's Kollege 0:00 The Living God 0:15 News 1:00 Veterans Forum 1:15 Johnny-at-the-Piano 1:30 Lights Out 20 ARRESTED IN DANZIG CLASH "Polish. Swine" and "Nazi Sows" Shouted as Chairs Are'Thrown FREE CITY OP DANZIG, (IP)-Twenty persons were under arrest Wednesday as a result of a clash in which two men were hurt, between nazis and Poles in Lang- fuhr near here. Chairs and beer glasses were thrown and epithets such as. "Polish swine" and "nazi sows" were shouted. . The clash occured Tuesday night near the place where Polish-nazi student disorders took place'Feb. 27, leading to anti-German demonstrations throughout Poland. North Carolina's 1S38 peanut crop--about 16 per cent less than that Of 1937--totaled 249,967,000 pounds, valued at $8,967,000. AUTHENTIC and ALLURING EASTER STYLES in nationally Fampus Footwear Easter Sunday Commander C. morning . . announced today. Lawrence Payne 10:00 Evening News Roundup 10:15 Henry Busse's Orchestra CBS 10:30 Charles Baum's Orchestra CBS 11:00 Wayne King's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Matty Malnek's Orchestra CBS 12:00 Sign Off Woman Chasing Hat Is Hit; Files Suit SIOUX CITY. (/·Pj--The wind that blew off Mrs. Anna Wisz's hat started something. She filed suit for 525,000 against Frank and Dorothy McCrystal. alleging she suffered injuries to that extent when struck by their automobile as ^he darted after the hat. Dr. Roy L. Abbott, professor of biology at the Iowa State j Teachers college,'.will be Hie ! Xortli Iowa Forum Kuest over KGLO Wednesday from 7:05 ta 7:15 p. m. The naturalist, who is ivell known to Globe-Gazette readers because of his "Exploring Iowa's Outdoors" features, will speak on "3Iy Compliments to the Cockroach." REBUILDING IN SPAIN STARTS Factories Stripped of Machinery for Making War Products MADRID, (.'Pj--Workmen started stripping private factories of war materials production machinery Wednesday and officials predicted normal p e a c e t i m e operations would be under way in 90 days. Women workers were being discharged to give jobs to demobilizeJ soldiers. Other developments in the drive for peacetime conditions The Madrid central market opened with fresh fruits and vegetables for sale; Train service with the northwest was scheduled to resume Wednesday: Eighty-eight trucks ,i food arrived from Portugal and 110.000 pounds of meat were distributed in Madrid: * Arrangements were made to resume April 16 the Barcelona air line service connecting Barcelona. Marseille, Genoa and Rome which was suspended when the broke out July IB, 1936. "Rhythm' Step" .. Jet Black Potent $7.50 Many styles to choose from in these smart shoes. "Peacock" Genuine Pin Seal Blue With White Trim. $11.50 Others at §8.75 and $10 A Startling New Selby Arch Preserver Patent or Japonica $8.75 Others at $9.50 and Si 0.50 A Charming Pump of Patent Leather, selected from our wonderful showing at $6.50 Red Cross Modern Step-in Joponica Tan All Styles $6.50 You ore invited to select your Easter shoes from a great showing of "Footwear Grown Famous" for its superior quality and satisfying comfort. Nichols Green "Where the Good Shoes Come From { "

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