Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 18, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1943
Page 2
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b r ; i ' j. Page Six CLASSIFIED ADS THE PROGRESS-REVIEW, LA PORTE CltY, IOWA ^ ' . Thursday^ THE RED TM~' GOLD Weekly Publication of the La Porte City School \-CLASSIFIED RATES Classified ads are one cent per word for each insertion, with a minimum of 25 cents per order. For example, a 10-word ad will cost 25 cents for either one or two insertions, but only 30 cents for three times. A service charge of 10 cents is added to "keyed" advertisements calling foi replies to Se sent to this office instead jf the advertisers. Terms are cash except for business houses carrying r e g u l a r ledger accounts at this office. FOR SALE CLEANER'S SOLVENT AT L. J. Tutt's Station. SERVICES Reoair Work BODY, FENDER REPAIRING | Dinsdale Stops Rams In Tournament GIFTS FOR ALL at Garrabranl's Gift Shop. OCCASIONS Co. Jewelry and | t. I \ T ; . - please you. Drive in. Leo 1-tf G-tfc Miscellaneous FOR SALE Insurance TWO GALLONS OF GOOD OIL--| AGENCY $1.20 at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf' Laundry Furniture FOR SALE: Double bed. Price $5. Mrs. Roy Cole. 9.2c Seeds F O R W A T E R L O O and Unique Cleaners. Harry E-hcr Barber Shop. 2-9p OPEN for business. Moore Milling company. 8-3c NOTICES FARM PROPERTY INSURANCE written on installment plan at actual cost through Jesse 0. Kober, Agent. 1-tf TOR THE BEST INSURANCE in life, fire and auto see G. E. ALFALFA $11.85, Clover $8.40. .. ,,, kn Blue Tag Hybrid Seed Com | . P ^1 J '^n MAN WHO BORROWED SCOOP shovel please return at once. E'«anor has been decidedly active in her high school subjects and activities. Her first choice of railed the Ram' i h a TM p i c n ' by ups( ttiriK '-he K.un. "( Dinsdale led all tin- «ay, a short perioil i r i th" '· when the Rams L u c l the all. and quarter n 1 at 22 many to date. She has been a member of GAA and Pep club four I years, Glee club three years, Dra. ter endtd. In the "ctcm! quarter the Rams offense to piaclically a slir'l.ti.l, but could only nnisUi foui points themsclcv-.. Th" Rams hit t h e i r full stride in the t h i n l With KI-U--C, Spencc a: (i mid on the GAA board during her senior year. Eleanor has her career as a secretary. Therefore, after ..,^,. graduating, she intends to attend .,,, ,','tei'.' business college. We all know lYnrsun' fcl r anor will succeed in her corn- all hitting from ihi 1 0 2 PJlht Ram" ouls-torfd ". ·:!: DniMl.iJC' profession. Loveless. 1-tfc "OR SALE: 500 bushel good oats. G5c bushel. H. H. Kaiser, phone 94. 10.2p FOR AUTOMOBILE insurance phone 31, Anna W. Kober. 1-tf Miscellaneous FOR SALE--Early Ohio potatoes. $1.45 per bushel. Arthur B. Eagenstos. 9-Zc FOR SALE: Poland China male hog. Nick Jurgcns, phone 22-41. 9.2c |3.BO; all per bushel. Also many other bargains. Po.stal card u^ today for catalogue and samples. Hall Roberts' Son, Post. ville, Iowa. 9-'e FOR SALE: Tulips, Iris, Peonies Better plant now than in spring. Taking orders for Glads, Dahlias and other bulbs for spring delivery. List Free. Waterloo Bulb Farms, Rt. 218. 1'tf BUY your garden seeds early Moore's. s FOR SALE: Mukden .soybean.s. Excellent seed. $3.00 per bushel. 0. A. Clark and son, phone 36.22. 10-2p e FOR RENT L 1 J U 1H11II.-1 VUI-?*-\Jl --n j ^ i n - m i . i - - - ^_^ 1~*^ to i to tic up the so.!'. -22 ai\ i-i|0ne Act Flays FOR RENT on en space, Bagunstos. share--two-lot Mrs. A r t h u r 10_2c SEWING MACHINE Needles, Bobbins, Shuttles, Belts, Oil and supplies at Garrabrant'c Jewelry and Gift Shop. 6-tfc SHEET MUSIC, Music Books, Strings, Reeds and supplies for all kinds of muscial instruments. Garrabrant's Shop. Jewelry and Gift 6_tfc STOVE AND LIGHT GAS-- Z2c a gallon at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf GREEN COLONIAL FURNACESPhones: 297 and 50-11. W. A Franklin. 1-tf. SEE us for chix starter and pro. tein feeds. Moore Milling Co. 8.3c USE BRIARDALE COFFEE and your breakfast will be good Brust's Grocery. 1-tf NURSERY STOCK: Beautify-make your home more dcbirablc by planting fruit, shade or ornamental trees from Stark Bros. Nurseries. They also have a complete stock of rosc.s, shrubs and plants of all kinds. Ask about their landscaping Rebekahs Plan Tri-County Convention La Porte City's Thistle Rebekah lodg cwiil be host April 1 to the trLcounty Rcbckah convention, it was announced today. Delegates will be present from Black Hawk, Buchanan and Bremer counties. Present officers of the tri. county organization K. Miszncr of La include Porte Lois City, president; iRose Woodruff of Waterloo, vice president; Laura Rein- hait of La Porte City, secretary, and Maggie McFarland of Hudson, treasurer. the final quarter noithei team could break away mlo a comfort. able lead. Both ·-quads m.ilched each other point for point, till only a minute rcmaircd of the- playing time. Dinsdale went into a one point, 2G to 25 lead, anil iiHn.-at.ed it to SO to 25, by breaking thru the Rams pressing defense. Spcnce and Kluse w i t h 10 a:id 8 points respectively p iced Richard RED AND GOLD STAFF Editor-in-chief ---------------------------Associate Editor -- ....... ------G. A. A. Reporter --------Hi-Y Reporter . ......... - ........... --------- en i Athletics and L Club -- .............. ________ ,"/ Spotlight Club ------ - ------------------- ...... jln^t Voice and Instrumental Music ------------------ R,,^ ^ F. F. A. ----------------------------------------- jJon Freshman Class Reporter ---------------------- Mildra! Sophomore Class Reporter -------------------- rj ari ] 51, Junior Class Reporter -------------------- Wethvod ] Senior Class Reporter ------------------------- Dorothy Typist -------------------------------------- Marlys 'Si Asst. Sports Editor --------------------------- -- I-dtl Sponsor ---------------------- - ---------------- Mr. H; and twenty.five girls in our room.) nine their unit on food. 1 " absent | learned to tell the t\Ik of meat from pnrk, k and veal. In Related Art we hav the unit on Prirciplc s c Anntette Hall has been from school this week. Those having perfect attend, ance for the last six weeks were Mile Albert, Marlys Crummer, Enjoyed March 2 A good .sized audience enjoyed thiee one-act plays given at the high school auditorium Tuesday evening; March 2. The productions weie sponsored by the "Spotlight Club," the high school dramatic organization, and W£ re under the direction of Miss Hinde. Phyllis Bryan, Betty Driscol, Janet Wilt, Donna Gross and Claire Caldwell. f __ _. _ o the | The first play, "Red Flannels," Rams scoring attack. Tombinson, I centered about the red underwear Dinsdale guard, scored 12 ptiints, that Grandpa, ably done by Jim to lead the Dinsdalc scorer 1 -. |Kahler. insisted on wearing to = * * I show he refused to be bossed by Rams Down Dike S. lo 28 his domineering, The La Porte City Ranis came w t l l p i aycij by Maxine Thomas, up with their best game of t h e j T t l c a m u s j n g incidents occurring season to defeat Dike in the first, |, eeal j gB O f Grandpa's drawers the audience i thioughout the performance. The The Rams slipped into a 3 to G j suppor ting cast included Norma round of the sectional tournament j secme j t c entertain rvt Reinbeck, 35 to 2S. .thiouriiout the perfc The meeting will start at 9:30|j n the for the morning session, 1:45 for quarter lead, in the -second quarter the Rams built up a 18 to 10 point lead as the initial hall ended. plan. Call or see me. Phone 3G2,|thc afternoon session, and E. B. McLaughlin, local apent. | o'clock in the evening. at 8 FOR SALE: Marion seed Frank Wilson. oats. 8-3c WANTED WANTED--Lady to do housework- Go home evenings. No Sunday ·work. Call or write Progress- Review, Box B. WANTED -- Good Phone 8-14. Mrs. Kuth Hamilton, president of the Rebekah Assembly of Iowa, will be a guest, and other assembly officers and past officers may be present. Committees in charge of ar rangcments include: Songs--Amy Hinet, Pearl Buser, scored econd half neither 1 team heavily, with the Hams maintaining their 8 point lead. It was everybody's night in the scoring department. One reaton for the success was the well divided scoring. Krusc and G. Spcnce paced the Ranis' scorers with 9 SOPHOMORE HOMEMAKING NEWS The sophomore girls are begin. Anderson, Marlys S t a h n k e, Charles Sides, Jim Larsen and Bob Frush. Each class in high school j \vas represented in this play. I The second play, a drama, | "Show.Up," starred Ruth Coburni as May Allen who trapped Fred' Simms, Marshall Kline, into J ! milting murder removing blame from May Allen's brother. Ann Gill and Lloyd Frush. com_ ad. the Ruth Brown. Reception--Ada Narber, Elsie WANTED--Few loads of ' Claik Hoyt, phone 10-31- Thcde, Dora Jcnks, Marie Gardner, clover hay. Anna Schaible, Rose O'Brien. 9-41) j Registration -- Martha Miszner, -- Nellie Hull, Minnie Brown, Irma Feller, Margaret Wilkinson, Edna WANTED--Baby Buggy in good condition. Carl Brust. 10.3p NEWSPAPER! C. A. Brust BRIARDALE STORE HOME OF FINER FOODS Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES 'FISH Friday SPECIALS Saturday No Ration Stamps on These Products GOLDSMITH SAUERKRAUT, quart jars FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER, per pound SUNKIST LEMONS--Size 300, per dozen SUNNY DAY--COOKED SALAD DRESSING, quart jars BRIARDALE CORN FLAKES, 2 large pkgs. BRIARDALE RICE--Best Grade, 2 pounds BRIARDALE OATMEAL, large package BRIARDALE EVAPORATED MILK, 3 tall cans EAGLE BRAND CONDENSED MILK, large can f* \V (^ TABLE SALT, 10-Pound bag APPLE BUTTER, 2-pound jar OXYDOL, large package Crystal Wtite SOAP, 7 bars G. W. C. !, quart bottles 19c 49c 39c 35c 19c 25c 23c 27c 23c 23c 19c 23c 25c 15c Elliott. Program and Badges -- Lydia McBiide, Ethel Peters, Pauline Young. Decoration -- Ida Fox, Elsa Flickinger, Vera Haven, Loretta Brust, Mabel Bader, Alma Hilmer, Alma Bookmeicr. Page girl -- Mabel Bader. Chairs -- Burrel Wilder, Henry Thede. Refreshments -- Mayme Wilder Nettie Yarrow, Grace McLaughlin Grace Moore, Caroline Cohrt, Mary Peters, Ida Walthcrs. Gift -- Anna Chester, Bookmeier, Gertie Young. Alma points each, while Peaison was, p i c t e( ] the cast which kept the au.; a close second with 1. March j ,]i ence ' s interest for 20 minutes of Kline came through with the best defensive and floor play. Engel, high scoring Dike center, poured 13 points through the hoop to lead the Dike scorers. intense acting. Those two favorites, Connie Fro. ning and Leone Kenney etarred in the last play "Rocking Their continual chatter. Chairs." as two An interesting sidelight was goss j p j ng soc i a i climbers, as well ·ought up when some of the . th = amusinir facial exnreasions brought students up began wondering about La Porte City's last tournament as their amusing facial expressions kept the listeners entertained at -- _ . all times. Eleanor Taylor corn- bid. By going through some; °ld|p] e!;ed tne cast and is to '"'"" " plimcnted for, her fine'perform- ance. Roses were presented, to Miss Hinde and a tie to Mr. Matthews as a token of appreciation for their services. records we f;n ( ] the lust time a Ram team got by the second round of a tourney was 8 years ago. Biographies Elcuior Taylor--As we delve into Eleanor's past life we find that she was bom July 14, 1026, as the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor, then living s,ix and one.half miles southwest of La Porte City. She has two sisters, Darlcne and younger- Carol. Bruce No. 1 is remembered by Eleanor as her first school. She finished thru fifth grade here. Then she sailed thru sixth and HONOR ROLL 1st Six Weeks, 2nd Semester Regular honor roll: Tllen sne sallcd Ulru slxttl anu Freshman -- Beverly Benson, | seventh grades at the Dysart I Mildred Casey, Joan Foss, Dorothy I Jacobs and Richard Benson. ' Sophomoies---Neva Jean Craft, I Darrcll Spcnce and Jean Merchant. j Juniors--Lois Buck, Shirley I Hackerson, Donald Boldt, Richard I Kocher and Glen Schcel. Seniors--Ruin Coburn, Jeanctte Cole, Dorothy Duller, Marie Foss, Connie Froning, Clco Kruse, Merle McBride, Marlys Stahnkc, Eleanor Taylor, Arlenc Wilder, Paul Bader and Robert Case. Receive honor roll: Freshman -- Noima Anderson and James Dixon. Sophomores --.Madeline Fricdly, Beverly Mooic and Charles Sides, j Juniors--Weilwood Blough, Ev. ri'ctt Dexter and James Pearson. Seniors--Loone Kenney, Dorothy Poiter, Murldccn Wilson and Kenneth Kruse. .school. From there it was La Porte City for eighth thiu high Echool. They now reside three and one-half miles southeast of La Porte City, but are moving this spring. SECOND GRADE NEWS We played number of games Friday to help us lenrn our addition and subtraction facts. This is the first week that we have written our spelling words in cursive writing. In art class we made March pictures. ' Patricia Roe has been ill -with a cold this week. FIRST GRADE NEWS We have a new girl in our room. Her name is Marlys Burrows. We have been making kites in art class. John Dorenson moved away | Monday. We now have, ten boys SEVENTH GRADE NEWS Reporter, Norma Jean Poyner Wednesday we got our report cards. Those on the honor roll,' were Charlenc Selk and Paul Loveless. Thursday we chose helpers, they were: president, Shirley Sides; secretary, Elwood Stienbeck; librarian, Gloria Byam; hostess, Norma Jean Poyner. One of our pupils moved to Genesco. She is Darlcne Taylor. Tuesday those who did not go to the plays made two posters; CARD OF THANKS I wish to take this means to thank my neighbors and friends for the gifts, letters and cards I -received while in the hospital. They were appreciated very much. Mrs. Edna Olive. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends [and neighbors for their cards and I gifts on the occasion of our Golden Wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Brandt. lO.lp CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank my friends and neighbors for their lovely cards, gifts and kindnesses shown me during my recent illness. j Ralph Cuey Do You Like to Select Your Cloth from the Piece? Then you'll be interested in this announcement. A representative o/ Our famous Custom Tailor* will be here with a full line of woolens for both and women for our SEMI-ANNUAL TAILORING DISPLAY MONDAY, MARCH 15TH, 1943 Many of llic finer materials we shall show are ripidl disappearing froiu the market -- at ceiling pri they all represent splendid value -- K» don't this opportunity. Tood Each one made a notcbt ing the five different balance, rhythm, h?rmi portion, and emphasis, now taking up house pi, Read the want adsl Shop at La Porte City's FRUIT AND VEGETAf HEADQUARTERS HEAD LETTUCE, crisp and solid, head TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT Marsh Seedless, Full Ripened, Full of Ju Medium Size 96 Count 6 FOR 27C A P P L E S Very Fancy Ben Davis; Medium Size, Firm and Juicy. 3LBS.25C ARGO STARCH--Corn or Gloss--2 lOc pkgs. IODIZED SALT, 2 f or . FRESH BREAKFAST EGGS "Seconds" GARRISON BUTTER, pound MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT KLINE'S SYRUP AND PANCAKES? Here is a deal--A 5 lb. jar of Amaigo White and a 3 lb. pkg. of Pancake Flour BOTH FOR 57 C WE WANT MORE EGGS Drive up front or rear--Blow your hn TRY OUR "SPECIAL" CAKES BY PETE1 Meat Builds Health Meat Is 96 to 98 pet. Digestable Pork Roast Pork Chops Slab Bacon Beef Liver Beef Steak Beef Tounges Smoked Ham Bacon Squares Buifd Your Around 1 MEA Weiners Mull berry Pickled I'if OXTAILS, lb We Have a Good Supply of All Kinds of C Be Sure and Visit Our Modern Fruit and Vei Refrigerated Day and Night to Conserve Vilam Oranges Lemons Cobbler Po Grapefruit Bananas Cranberries A PP«» Lettuce Cabbage Spinach Green Onions Cauliflower Sweet Rutabagas Green Top Parsnips Radishes THESE ITEMS ARE NOT RATIONS All Kinds of Soaps and Washing Kraft Dinner Macaroni Cookka Breakfast Foods Pickles Canned Milk Pancake Flour Cake Flour Whilo rlou Sun-Rich Pickles Take your pay in War Stamps for your Save Grease and Fats"to Scrap the Ax Complete Stock of Bakery Goods at All Ti A^ L RADIO SPECIAL CAKE ^_ Smiling Service at Whei rWSPAPER!

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