Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 19, 1895 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1895
Page 3
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; ; ^ I , a n a ' l w e n t t o see what 't. U v. as nothing. Go to ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. I f cc " h -TM ~t 0 »i,. everything u i j n ,. /A M rui 0 ,-rrnTo^ cheaper than elsewhere, according t o ; f U W A N L W S TEMS. miality, but where so much tremendous | architectural beauty is .set oft bv such j W U T II "i"',TM. affl rr-V! C *P lc n"°r of electric , 1 1OI , 1C at W H O L E CITY F U L L O F H A P P Y PEOPLE. ' ' ~ r a n l f a t h "? Jolly! ., -J the ot a shoe. lie was a cobbler and occupied a small shop on the outskirts of a citv. His f a m i l v consisted of himself and grandson, little Pierre, who was ten years of age. Behind the shop was a i-oom which served as a parlor, bedroom and kitchen. The cooking was done by IJernard himself, who possessed some knowledge of thc culinary art. Old Pierre's reputation was not of the best; though he hid never b?en detected in a really dishonest net, he was known to be tricky. But he had a genial manner, was always i-eadv to talk, and his shop became a rendezvous for male gossips who liked to talk about the affairs of the day. OB this particular m o r n i n j two of tlie fraternity sauntered in. "Good morning, Pierre," said Caleb Gibson. "How's business?" '·Dad," answered Lernard, shaking !,is head. "I can'ccompcte with store prices, and it is a hard matter to keen body and soul together." "Body and sole, eh?" said Caleb, rlmckling at his own attempt at wit. '·You must 'see that the sole keeps the body while it lasts." I'icrrc laughed as he gave the shoe a resounding blow with liis hammer, lie always laughed at other men's jokes, however poor they might he; tliis was one of the secrets of his popularity. Presently Silas I'arkcr remarked: "Odd about thc robbery, isn't il?" "What robbery? 1 ' '·Haven't you read of it in the paper?" Silas asked in surprise. '·I have no time to read papers," "Weli, ii happened last night up ut tlie hall, Mrs. ]' ' iacc was stolen. very valuable, and BO long that, it could be wound several times about licr neck. The detectives ai-e working-up the case." "Have they any clew to thc tliicl?" Pierre asked, carelessly, "Well, a slight one. They f o u n d a bit of cloth W h a t is the matter."' lie broke off in alarm, as a cry escaped IJernard. "Oh, I pounicd mv finger a little, that's all." "You must have liiirt it badly, you arc (juite pale." "Xo, no!" Pierre answered, quickly. "It is nothing. Go on w i t h y o u r (.lory. You were saving thev foi-'nd a l)it of clot!,." "Vcs--a small zigzag- piece,evidently torn from a coat. It was hanging- on a nail." "Well," said Pierre, deliberately, "I liope thc robber will escape." ^·'Wliy?" said Silas iu amanemcnt. 'Tor my part 1 hope he w i l l be u r o u j h t to justice." "Jiiblicel" said Uarnai-d testily. "Is there Mich a thing?" '·There is law, nnj-way, and it v.-c a p i t a l i s t s Sjld to He fnnslilcrln: the l-rnillillll.v of KrectliiL- a Vj.t jluliu- liilT Capable of JIolllln; Tnemy Xlioa- ml IVopl,-. A c -n-i " ,,, , c u r v c d ^"ard's lips as he thcred t o t h e r t h e material f o r indeed, a O f beantv. It wa £ f u l l four feet in height, and there were many colored papers used in its construction; a f r i n g e adorned the outer edge. But the tail was t ], e most wonderful o f a l L A Ion- stria- j formed the f o u n d a t i o n , and'inxm it | were fastened pieces of cloth ot'^rad- iiating lengths, the longest Ueing at the top and tapering down to a mere shred at thc cud. Kach was twisted in thc center, t h e ends bcin.r allowed to fly but so dostly were thev put on tlie string t h a t scarce!v any" part of it wus visible. " " · Little I'icrrc rose carlf the next ·norniug. Hi, impatience was "so great t h a t he eould scarcely contain himself u n t i l his g r a n d f a t h e r should give him t h e kite; but he dare not express his wish, as Ucrnard seemed excited and nervous, an un-.isual thin- w i t h h i m . The boy wondered whv he stood at the door so long n-a/.m^r anxiously a b o u t , r e t u r n i n g to his work only to r e p e a t the p e r f o r m a n c e a few minutes later. At last he turned to the expectant cliild: "Come," he said, '-,-ou shall j].,- t h e kite." IJADE Hut HOLD TJJK COI'.D. crime we must suffer for it." lv = are poai---yes. )Jut, thu rich lv '= to escapa the punishment, ·--..·ittr they may do." 'I 'lon't know," m u r m u r e d Silas, piously, while Caleb shook his head. 'M ^°'" said 1'ierrc, velicmciit- lio 1^ ricl1 m l n obtains money dis- a ni;s . 1 i'' the transaction is called by lOnld namc " People bhrug their nt'sand pass on; but let a beg^ rmsteal a loaf of bread to keep him ... ^rvidg and ho is sent to prison T, n t m «ch ado. Bah! It is a -tranjc world." f n c f°sscd big h a m m e r down, and it J'^'tn a crash. Vvo heard about tho beggar before," said Silas, "but :d in him. We have with, and can always nat fi. ~«=«u by honest toil. You're Caleb f to-da J'' Bernard. Come, I'icrrc." ' -jswcrcd Bernard, looking at them, .night he took a, bundle from and went stealthily into . ffardcn. Digging a hole in .K"5 B ^_ na -!;- , dc .p^^ the Oh. is it not b e a u t i f u l . : ' 1'icrre cried, clasping- his hands in admiration when the w o n d e r f u l thin" was held up for his inspection. " He was wild to touch il, bill IJer- uard would r o t p e r m i t him tc. do so and b a d e him hold the cord ivliile beheld the kite aloft himself. .Soon it Iloatcd u p w a r d , the tail rcsemblin.r ;l llocK- of birds as it straightened "in thc bi-L-eze. some one. 'C to face i v i t h two men. "That is my name, 1 1 he answered. M hat is your business w i t h me 1 .'" One of the detectives, for sueh t h e v were, rved him sharply as he said: '·IVc have orders to search v o u r house. I J e r n a r d . " "I-'or what 1 .'" '·We arc looking fur a m-cklacu which was stolen from M-.-.s. I.'enton. " "And ilo yon suppose I have it'.'" d e m a n d e d Pierre, wtih a g r e a t show of anger. "How dare you accuse me of stealing. 1 .' Jiuigo--search t h e h o u s e -- a n d if you find i t '' I f c finished w i t h a h:,:- s ii laugh. _"Thc old fellow tal;es it coolly," | said one of the men. "lint, come--'let I us get t h e business over w i t h . " And they w o n t to work. M e a n w h i l e Jicrmird was a p p a r e n l l v nbsorbed in Hie k i t e and l a u g h e d loudly as it rose higher and h i g h e r , thc long t a i l curt-ing and t w i t c h - ing like a snake. 1'i-csentl.v it began to descend, and a shade of excitement was visible in Ins face, w h i l e l i t t l e 1'ieri-c cried out in dismay: "Oh, g r a n d f a t h e r , it is coming- down and -.-.-ill get caught ia those trees," ^ "Y\'e ^ w i l l pre-.-cnt thai,'' .said Iicrnaril, w i t h a f u r t i v e glance toward thc house; and he l o o s e n e d t h e card, lint t h e k i t e s t e a d i l y descended. It hovered over a tree for a f e w scconcK then fell, thc tail becoming e n t a n g l e d in thu branclicK. Bernard travcTthc cord a sharp p u l l , and the ki to dropped at liis fecL L i t t l e 1'icrre ran a n d picked it up. "Thc tail is bioken. g r a n d f a t h e r , " lie e-.clainicd. ' Oil, w h y did you hide tlmse pretty brails? S-je " lie spolce no f u r t h e r , for I J e r n a r d , v.-it'n an oath, sp.-an;' f o r w a r d a n d s n a t c h e d the kite- from h..s b a n I, At the same i n s - t a n t one of t'ue rlctec- lives, who had approached u i i n o t i o u d , tove it f r o m h i m . "Ah: We were not m i s t a k e n , a f t e r all," he '-aid, h o l j i n g ,i p t!,j ; ;i ii /,,,. his c o m p a n i o n ' s inspection. H'.-ncath cacb of the t w i s t e d rags v.-as a .small cluster of pearls, T A C T I C A L A R - i-hitects admit that it is possinie to put a complete city under one roof, and there are signs that before the century closes sueh an architectural miracle- will be attempted in the eastern me tropolLs. Indeed, a | rumor is printed in a Xew Vork paper j t h a t the entire block at the corner of i U'es: N i n e t e e n t h street aud Fifth avc- line, stretching- cast, has been bought up by a secret syndicate of benevolently speculative millionaires. It is hinted that Charles T. 1'erkcs is one of the g u i d i n g - . p i n t s in this tremendous enterprise. Mr. Yerkes is -.veil known to the i.cientilic world as the giver of thc famous Yerkes telescope, aud it is easy to underMaud how a man uf his practical mind might Li- fascinated bv the 1'roj.pcct whieh this gigantic scheme presents. Who the New Yorkers are connected will, t h e Chicago business Sfenins in this plan, which involves millions to M a r t , can onlv b L - surmised :« present, liut it is .shrewdly .suspected t h a t the brilliant son of a famous judge who abandoned law for business is one of these choice spirits, and that several very rich women of Xew York spiral driving p arli: which wm ^ large cnougli for five phactcns to move abreast, there will be several " and aluminum aerial lakes or reservoirs 011 different floors of the central j dome, into which water from artesian , wells will flou. These will be lined ' -.vith K r:issy banks, llowcrs aud trees, i and l i t t l e bath houses, looking like kiosks, u-ill be sprinkled here and there on tlie borders. Some of these will be so arranged that iu sufiJeiently wintry weather thev can be thrown, open aud absolutely perfect s k a t i n g rinks thus formed. In other parts ol the vast central dome gymnasiums and chapels w i l l be found, nml, t-rovui- ing glory of. the whole, a magnificent newspaper will probably be published. Liku the crystal palace at Syden- l i a m , the entirety of this c i t v ill a c i t v "ill bo roofed over with, plate glass, b u t it w i l l he BO constructed t h a t at Hie pressure of a linger thLs prismatic croun can be l i f t e d and laid aside to I allow air from heaven free entrance, and also for hygienic purposes t h e r e will be various pumps and f a n s I throughout the different c o m p a r t m e n t s , to,e daily pnrilieatiou of thu ! atmosphere. I r T r^ . , , . County Attorney K. J. Salni I. Uv/Ti.Kr. has arrived at his i.,, - ... , it- t ,. . ... - , , i keeping a gambling house a\\est Liiion. It is s;nd lie | ..,,, · - .. * , , ,, ..,, , , i "pprebsion in otiicc, and als. THE Jaspov county grand juri brought in two indictments agam.s' County Attorney K. J. Salmon, one foi and one foi ipprebsion in ofiico, and also proceed-- -..,,,,. « u y p j . M»gs were instituted for contempt -l-KoilOR. ll,o U-ycar-old son of 1!. F. j The court made an order suspending bae ,. ,,,-a,. ^ h i t t e n , foil from a Mr. Salmon from ofiice and ordered »».a mill, a distance of lift,- feet, that the board of supervisor, appoint may another county attorney, and that such attorney pr,xeed to remove Mr. Salmon from ollice permanently. This was sustaining internal injuries t h a t prove fatal, A nisi-ATcit says that Alfred limy, , ,,, under s-enlone,- ' t r l i ^ r h ir, \v e ji:^~.o-;, ' o n i t e :; surpris Kansas, for hyptouiuug a man to niur- ' del- one of his neighbors, is a son of A. I'Riy, who lives near Ralavin, liv an explosion of ga.s in a Japan bake oven at Diibuque the fore-man of »£j ........L -- f *. 1- ^ 1 of the county, but it is snid the cause of Mr. Salmon's trouble has been an open secret for sonic time to those on thc inside. : j ,. -,,-,...,., ul i AT Audubon Judge Thornell over- Uie department was killed and his | ruled the motions of the defendants, body burned to .1 crisp., Tlie building I I'u-se and -Miishrush, for a new trial and wa.s al.s,, destroyed at a lo-ssuf S":WO. " , ·-ciHcnced Walter Case mid Mushrusb, 'liu: postponed coroner's inquest on j " the body ,,f the oandit supposed to have been killed by detective Harrison, of t h e Chicago. U u r l i u g t o n ..uiney railroad at l l a t a v i a . found a verdict ox- j oneraliiig Harrison and linding- t h a t 1hc u n k n o w n robber camp to his d e a t h u pal. W H I M ; fi.shin; William Klordin ".H-Hii H i l l , l l u r d i n C A N A D A ' S NEW PREMIER. t'liniiL.-0-i In ll.ii I'.ihlii,.,. Hon. MacKen/.ie llowcll, appointed u-cmier of Canada, to succeed liie lato Sir John Thompson, lias as yet developed nn ladie.-il views, and i.s" expected Lo mulct- only s l i g h t changes in the ad- 'iving Case twelve years and Mushrush live years. The charges against Charles Jones and William Mushrush were dismissed by the county attorney for lack of evidence to convict. Tliis « imls up. s,, far as the district court is concerned, thc widely known Lieb from t!,e pi.stol of his own I m i l r ( l c r L ' aso or the five defendants . i n d i e t e d for murder in the first degree l-'ork, i .V'""TM 1 . 3lcr -' l «!rMUi the principal in t h e ,-,n,-,,r. i s n u w s e n - i n g a twenty-two - -- ,,^-,. v r V l ' ;i ;'^ el11 . toncu ' i n "ie penitentiary at rucked up and opened a clam. 1,, it. he ! ".V ' : "' lso11 - ^ »""· case was found discovered a pearl of remarkable .sbe ; *·'", v of "'""ler in the second degree j "ml Kobcrt ihishbrusii g u i l t v of nriu: .slaughter. | - I i i . \ Mom-, a prominent carpenter j - ' l u l h u i l d c r of Cedar iiap'uls, commit. j U-.l .sii,ci«!e ,, few duy.s !lffo . shortly ; a r t e r d i n n e r he retired to his room sav- j uig he wished to lie down a. few min- · nli-s, and to eall him in an hour, ru hvii the lime arrived it wiis found ! IK- !md fastened liis Misp.-iulcrs a r u u n d in t h e South a f a r m e r living near B o u n t y , carelessly he rciiia -·mil p u r i t y , and il is n-porti-d t h a t been uttered a large p,-i c ,, for u 3i»va soil w i l l pi-orlnec. a l m o s t u i i y i h i n g . -V l. 1 . l l i : u i : v x i r.. t r a v e l i n g repivseu- tali vi- r., r Lhe Dcn.sinoix- t i p e w r i t e r . has mystcnn::;,!y dis:ippej;red from Iu- -·· registered :, I the l i i i - n e i - House, from C e d i i i - I J a p i d s , and tvmaine.l a few days. The last seen , , L i of Mm wiis 11 oelo.-k o,, tin- m u r n i n g of | " llS Mc ' l ' kl tk ' (1 them t o n bed post and i the ··lilh. w h e n he l e f t 11,,- hotel lie '. '' olllMl u(1 " Lllu bc «l- "'« i l e a t l i wa.s in! l«'ft :ho sample ,,,ael,i,,e an,l all hi.s i ^""""-.eiMis. a.s the family i,, t h c .,,,'. belongings. j J»iiiii:g ,.,,(,,,, u i c l , |ut | lu;ll . Mm 'I'm: b o i l e r mom of (],,. r,, n | v iHi. ' j fl '!'. J l u '""' l)Llp11 "i-'liti"),' the Coal company's mine at L'onl c a u g h t ! '- ." *_ cvul ' il1 .vear.s and MI -^·L- ;:::;. t!·,.· biiii,-i- u ; ,s i,!oivu a l i o n t ·M" yards. A M , jf t h ( , frame work and Hevalors bui-ned. Hngi,,,,,,,. liaily wa.s \ briuseil. but not seriously in jureil. Th,. ! !'"·* i s - e . s l i m a t . ' d a t a b o u t s.|. ( Jli». j t j thi-ow.siibo,,, l i f l y nu-n ,,,,1 of e m p l o v - i meiil. .slrug- liquor been i t i o n years. iull | u : ,^ f,,,,,,,^.,. ; libi-ar,- ,,f i i h i e b | K . |,;| S | ! "i'i-« |M;:J and was p r r s i d c n l at II,.- tun,- of his d e a t h . I I , · :usu served n . , "·- ·"·'·- jt "v " I.-CKI.. lie l " K l | i f r i e n d a f e u - d a y s ago t h a t liquor "us k i l l i n g hi,,,, b u t for the sake of 1,U f n m i l y he uould never be a drunkard. | l l i M v a s p c r f e u l l y s o b e : - when he eom- ! niuti-d the deed. j Tin.; \ V i n l e r s e l aceomniodation on I I he Sock Island cami; near fui-iiisliing I .1 geniiinu case of train robbery as it | came i n t o l)es Moincs i i m m L T o'eloulc 1 - f;v, evenings .sinee.. The train .sU,ps t h e wholesale iln.g house ,( \ V i l l c i n s m -V- Co.. of K e o l c u k . sinei. isiil, ,|i n | · i g e i l i i l . He ha,! been n i n e n i b i T nf ! , .1 , --....,«.!,n "·«'-" - -'-- '··- --.'u:,: i u ,^;^'Tr ,;r° MvUt:liiiiK of Hi.- ],nb|ie j f ,,.,, ss L||l . "·"»:· ' l i i v u t o r I ,.,,,,| ; i i,,e, I . " i/ · · " " · " · * i / l l f ^ IIUA. IH " , "'liu-h were ··:,.-, O f the company's dol- | ''""·· U h i l e the ear was left alone , .soini- m.,,1 or men entered the e ;l r and was in prow a y car u-ii.- I c f t u l o n c . It n h e a v y iron strung hox '"·nn as mayor and a b l i - i - m a n . I . i . « I H S M I i n, a baeliuloi- n n , l nglili- I carried on" MIL- H wu.s so THE 1'1:)1-O.SE[) CITY. I l, aas T i m T e l l t i l i S n 1 | 3 . 'Jlini-c ar,- '·nsv o r lii names for gamo birds far cl.jivn thu CJiesapeaJte'. A small, shy snipe l i i a t Ilijs with a tc-ritig noise i? i-a!l.-d il'C 1 Jiorsofoot snipe, bc-'ja-.n-o ' ;:, !f-:v.'.::~,'^ l v * ti, 0 lior.s'jfoot ot- hoi'-"sho'- crab. Jt \t called nUo tlc tnnistrjii". from ils habit of o v e r t u r n i n g pybbli 1 .-; in nfai-cli of forjil. Thc tt-lllalr' .-nipi- boars t h a t name- because it ahv:r, s .-iniiuls a noto of alarm at the Hu'lit of a ·.'·Jiiiiur Chc!-:ipc:ikf; giinnci-s lc llrvc t h a t a single telltale can clear :, -.vhole region of gamo birds. Tho widgocin ia locally called thc bald pale, u n d thc ivjllct is so called because of its cry. over 0.2C4 , and had - c«rth so tightly down that it bn P ^f ib ' 0todl3c0I ' cr1tnad bccn «!y disturbed. Little Pierre lay n the inner room, bat, some . returned: to bed!" Bernard commanded. EWSPAPERl Louisiana had in 181-1 the srcaiost steam tonnage of any stale in the union, It amounted "lo a l i t t l e 17,000 tona. Xeiv York ha'l 1 tons. South Carolina 3.i3:) Ions. only three or four other states more than 2,000 tons. Several had less than 100 tons. Thc tonnage of the Mississippi river v.-as larg-eh registered at Sew Orleans. Ilcnc* the relatively large steam tonnag-a o/ Louisiana. Rell;IOK of I t r l t N h foldlm. Out of '.'10.863 men in tho Uriliat army last Xcw Year's day. .including colonial iroop?, but not Indian na- tircs. J 43.129 bilonge-J .tt the Churct ot Knjrland, S6.8r8 .were JRoraa.i Catli J5.1B9.' PrcsbvtafiBii!!. " '-·"·" are also subscribei-.s to t h e slock. On, thing ii absolutely c e r i a i n in t h i s L-OII- I iitction. T h e r c u l c s i n l c deal for llu I i.ropgrly ims bee:-, consummated, ami I Hie former o u n c r s ,.r rcnlen, of jiri- | vate houses in t h a t arc scekin j r.e-.v abodes. U u t w h a t doe- t i n - p!.-,,i aetunily propose 1 .' According;!, t l i e best obtain; able infoi'mulion f.-.jn, iniidu SOUITC? j it may, unless t h e magnificent i n t f n | lion collapses, eivnuiale .something | like this: Jivccy b u i l d i n g on tin; |,lo,-i k will be torn d o n , , and an absolute I open space big e n o u g h for a football | a m p h i t h e a t e r u ill be t h u s laid open in ! the fashionable heart ut tho city. The j foundations \ v i l l be iKig vei-y deep and i the m a i n piles w i l l ljr ; w i o u g h t iron. ! Iron inlei-npcrscd u i l : , a l u n j i i u i i n . w i n , | f f l a s s a n d v.-ith Mom- for pictorial ef- fcc'.. w i l l lie ,,-ert ,-in,.,'ly in the construction of the liii'l.ling. Tliis ivill ! be a huge oval .shell w i t h a spacious, I c.jiu-t. hoti-1, t h e a t e r and .spiral d r i v i n g , park of g|-ii(,.|.|it iii,idc the cent r a l dome-. The a r n i n g d i n e r i t will |,e sucii t h a t d u r i n g · . i i i i i i n c i - t h e sides of this i m p i - r c n p l - b l y a m e n d i n g spiral avenue can be thi-uv.n open to n a t u r a l .-iir, v.hile in sever.- w i n t e r weather They can be c;o:,nl t i . - ] , i . if nccessni-,-. Tin- loivi-r p a r t of th.. huge oval sht'll will be a r r a n g e d clii'-lly for UIL- mai,- , ogi'iiier,t o f - v h o l e s a ! . - bnsiiu-sses, ai,.| on the --econd f l o o r l i i " cmploy:.s and workmen in 1he va^ 1 . hive ivill have , tlic-ir quarli.-;-s. j 1'bei-i- u i l l be f i f t y floors with an I average iii.-i;rlit of t h i r t y f e e t , but bc- | twcen some of the llais there w i l l bi: I floors t h a t w i l l C o n t a i n h a l l s and ball rco~.; 3c:,^rl,l u i,, I M M I ijy the noigli- , bors of the covered city, so t h a t t h e probable height of t h e b u i l d i n g ivill l., ( ; i over h a l f a mile. Ka.-l, one of these flats will Joule o u t on the i n n e r c./urt and also cm llirj street of tlie outside world^ and each w i l l be arrange'! for a family of si.* or eight persons. They will be so arranged in b u i l d i n g tin- separate outside sections that none of their w i n d o w s will loc/k into of j an opposite neighbor. The sections of the apartment turrets or .scries of Hats i will be fifty in number. Hence the i calculation i.s easy t h a t about L'O.WJU people can be accommodated in this uiamniolh apartment palace. The rentals of these i,;jv most desirable flats w i l l not average less than S-',WO a piece. This item alone gives S^OOO,- 000, or IJ per cent interest on thc original investment of SI00.000,000. Consider now the food bills of these 3,;T,OO families, who will Vc supplied from the grcal central restaurant These food bills will not be less than another SJ.000,000 per a n n u m , half of which, or more, may be reckoned as sheer, clear profit. Consider next that m i n i s t r a t i o n of his predecessor. He is a stiong advocate, however, of e x l e n d i n g 1 aiiiida'.sc'!il relations w i t h "rent B r i t a i n :jm| the sister colonies U h i l c h e favors r i - c i p r o r i t v w i t h t h e l'iiile.1 Slates he ivsprcted e i l i / e n of l l a i - l ; , , , , is l y i n g a'l j heavy it was dropped about t w e n l v ll»- point of H e a t h . Ih, r e s u l t of f a l l i n g md.sawav and l o f t bcl ,, 7 mi li ' n-on, a _ t r a i n ,,-,,,,, ll , villff lc , j l | M l | ) ^ ( ,, ( . ,. o| ,,-.^ M ^ ± ""^ ·"I"' his g,,,,. ||est,,,,.K ,.,, hi.s l , , a , l | . . . ; . M , t . . s C , , , u l u c t o r .1. JI Ten'oi c re and fracliire.l L h r f m n l : , ! I,,,,,,., iloctor w h o attend,.,! I , ] , , , M-n-nlr,.,, p i r . - e s o r I,,,,,,-. J t s,. L -in.s lh. .·o,en,,g ,,f t h e !,,,,;,, ( , a s n , , t inj,,,-,.,!. :ind tlir v i c t i m w i l l l i k e l y reenv,-,-. H,. ·I'h,. I liinicd lo I,is cA-li-ai:li-d | ''» way car and discovered i.t h o p e f u l of m u c h . e l a i n s a l l |,i, { at . nm ii-s and r.-els ^^ Wxv^^.----;,. - '-·ft" f i x ' '^ '_T r--- " *y ~ 5 V*-,T Ic-jislalioii in t h a t direction. Uc- w i l l no d o u b t e x p e n d n lar^c p a r t of hi-, energies in ,..\! ending- C.-in.'ulrr.s Im-le. Mr. liov.dl was b u r n in I'Md,,,, J| ; i n' .Su/i'oll.-, K n - l a m l . I·*»::. !lml W r n t to C a n a r l !i i i i n r - ycai-.-, later. J n ],;, early i m i n i i u o i l lie iva:i a iiciv.,p: l i,|. r ' m : i n . Hi; « a s cl-d.-.l lo pa ,-li ; ; ,m;,n frorn .North Hastings, and, :,[t,-r an active i-vpi-rieiioc. w.-is made jnini.str. r of custom!, i n .Sir .lolin .MclJon.-ild'.s cabinet in I S T S , n position ), 0 |i, is ],e|,| c^'cr sine'.". S'no.v aft,.,- u, ( . i - o n s l i t n t i o i i a l i l v ,..f Hi,- i n i i l e l law ivi.s ,-:lb.,|'iiito n m - s t i o i i by 11,,- l i l i n g of ci rtai,, .suits »t DCS .Moines, and the . · a r r y i n g of Ihcsi- cases lo t h e supreme court, the- siipi-rvisors of Seott c o u n t y instruct,-,! i l i f -.,un|y li-(.i,si,|.,.|. not t o j . a v to II,,- -ity of l l a v e n j . o r t its share o f ' tho t,-i.\ :,lo,,ns w i t i i i n ihe ciu- Ii m i [ s . A 'jTM ·Jii.V.s;i«u th,- r i t v f i l e d in, appli,, : ,|ioii for a writ of maud,,,,,,,,, t,, C ,,, M]) ,., l(| ,. M-easnrer 1., in:,!;,- t i n s p a y m e n t to i t j r.-gardli'ss of t| M . man,,,.,- ,,, w h i c h l l u - pi'iicling s u i t s arc ilcciilr,!. Tin- I ' l i i i n i ^ - ,n,.r Mo.oor, t b , , s eolleeU,! ,,,'.. i longing lo t h e city. ] ! CI.IN-M.V i l i s p a l c h : i - o i u i l v Clerl; I, ' j I-'- -MarldiiMii lias ll,.,| f,,,,,,; [|,j., ,.;,,/ I I ' - w v i i i g his boii,l.,ini-n l,j i n a k , . go,,.| a j ·''horlage in h-.s :,,'ji,,,nls. T ! i i - a i n o n r i l , i -"'ill ,,.t be k n o w n u n t i l t|, ( . ( . V |),.|.i , now !-ng,.,g,.,| ,,., || M . books complies "·-· «ork. A-. . · M i i r k l , , , , , , ],,,,, |,,. C1I :,, wealth was gone. He , UJ ,l the j U - a i n m c M began an eveiled search, j . ' i i I « ! « l by others, : ,iul before long t h e I t r e a s u r e »as diseovcml and r e t u r n e d , I" thu c.-ir. Tl,,: box Inul not been l : i i n p e i c i l w i t h . ·I'lii; niu.suiim of the hislorieal depart" K - n l M t the stale house has been en- · · i ' ' i r , l by lh t . receipt of m spedmens l t i n - birds of Am,-i-i,. a . the skins b.-inp- pi-cpiired ready for mounting. A case i', b,-,ng prepared for t l , e m and they w i l I .so,,,, be mounted and placed on i n h i b i t i o n . The collection i.s a vc-rv choice, one and wa.s secured through '-o::gres!,man H u l l ;,- OII1 t l l c HlniUl . i .sonian Instil,,,,,. The specimens were s,lecte,lbyr,, J f. 1 . 0 be r U ;i ( lgcway,oni : of l i , . foremost ornithologists of tho . "'.I'M. who h,,s charge of the cntil . o grcal M i n t h s u n i i i n collection of over ! ··"".'"id .-i,,.-cin,ens, ; ,;,d he told Mr ; -\ ! 'l;'"··'; rccnully | b a t t h i s is only a. | b e g i n n i n g of what the i n s t i t u t i o n will I .-.cud to Jowa in th,. of a few | years, as fast ·,,., the specimens can be , · 1 |' r '" l J»" 1 1 ··»"_' -M'l'tuil and tin: selection.-; i i n t e r e s t i n g fe:,t,irc- h of IhJ muscuiu'^t I I'll- .state boils,-. ' · T i t i n - ai-i'oill i i l n o i l l l l iI t i n i"acli ·-:,,IIIKI. l o l i g h t « h - n look i:liai-L'.-. .'M; .in- t-roulteil a , M [ ( h e "I'lagr w i l l ijrob.-ililv · 'ILsiippuaranci- ,.;,,,,',. n i ' i v l y cli-ctrilollic,-|. s I'kliaiu's i l o w n f i i l l ,\ about dooa, etc. -- - £".-**···.. -w»^i^ib» IJUAv LHO.IJ all the Mores, Turkish b'alhs, theaters, etc.. in thb place will be owned and :d by the company, and that in the constant profit ac- the outside. For is it-not clcilr P .TM, s » ul ^ an ^ oc that tutsiders wii: coae in floods to a EnglUh government. Xinrf i,t JIT. ||,,| nip ,. This l o u i i h i n g l i t t l e sU ,ry IJr. Holmes comes from t h e ne"- i "liook Jiuycr:" -Jj r . Holmes, several | years ago. asked a friend: ' W h a t is I your idea of happiness'.,' And t h e I prompt ans-.vtr: 'l^'our feet on the ' fender,' gave liiir, great .salL'.faction ' .·5'jinc time leter--perhaps a year or · more--this friend found IJr. Holmes in I hi.s s t u d y , sitting ulono by the lire ' inking not very happy. To t h e I visitor's Mjlicilious grcetin" came the i reply: 'Only t w o feet on Hie f e n d e r . 1 " WclMier*,! I/rml. A story wm told by Ticknor, who said it was a singular fuel that the bcarl of Dauiel " n f l In ;,e contracli-,1 s h o r t l y '·I-.-cled to tin. odice ii, IC-,,,s '(-'·"."·"" J '' r ° C C ° pi '- S " f l h u v a n s ,s ||. V Siiiidjiy S,,,, i,, J,i ;s pockets "ml h a v i n g in |,; s possession u, largo blo-1; of substription receipts of the liajirr. The !lrrc . st v ,., s m a d u in iiccordane,: w i t h instructions from hlu-rjll l)aven:os-l lo t_ 2 i,r, ;.,,,, e-^^j the lirst ma,, f o u n d t o be taking^'a'ny pru-t in the .circulation of thrj Knii in · S "" IN ciL '- u · intended to hold Lewis ui,d,-r tl-e old i n d i c t m e n t s rc- tnrtiL-il against him two years af , o of eAtorliou in connection with Uic Sun and l,i compel him to .stand trial on { lliL-m. LUH-.S was convicted a n d nas already served time on one . .^s tl , ; i i i ' i i c t i n c n t , a u d the otliers liavc been ·m a,,,l sent them to Sion.v City, j Permitted to stand hi,,,, , o that c .sold by ;, commission i lie could br. :,,-r^vfn,i .,,.,, *_;.. , I "'.if. He leaves a u j f t , ,,,,,| -A. AM,I:I:SO.V. o f O d c b o l i , was (i,,ed Sl'J in jiistic,; c o u r t for seiiinj,. ,,,,. v. holes,,,,,,. ,, R .at j,, siou.\ Cilv )|,. pnrclia.sL.,1 a n u m b e r of Inrlccvs som.- lime ago and kepi them in ',,. s m a l l i room. ,, !,,.,,..., ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,, ,),,,,, S I n ( ) l l l . ' ..·redlo,le.,th. He bk-d tho,,,. dressed the-- people in Sir,u\ City information of the fact and he w-,s arrested. It ha.s been discovered thai a larg,- n u m b e r of unwholesome turkeys after he had nor, knowing lauiel Webster grew larger i wcro li- 1 'P". 1 "'d of in the citv d u r i n g the :! passed middle ape. Tic- j I'oliuays. chiefly to thc cheap liolcln vinv \\ r'licf«v in* :^_._ t . . i _ i ··! 11*1 ..... j.... * . . Webster infimatijly, I and restaurants. -.ave constantlyio iacrcnw tho .!» »t lllH1 PP C11 TM' 1 ^ ^ovl-mbcr and w a my hats." 'Crease thg 61 «. ot \ recently found in Indianapolis, has a, I n y c ' J . ilt Vinton/ where he met hi IlaclnR Ontrlche«. Gottlieb von Klackonbcr^, a Sotlh African Eocr, has two racing ostriches One of them baa developed a speed of twenty-two miles an hour and hos a -stride of fourteen feet. ,.Tho breeding of ostriches for racing- purpose., has been seriously intcrferred irith by tfc*' passage of an anU-bettlng 1 latv ty (£· .r- . , ' -- J - - - . f c . ^ .11, JIIUL HIS wife.. Af Cedar Eapids a few morning« since thc gold watch, overcoat a ndS2-(5 in checks taken by highwaymen from Manager Mattock, of .the Telephone Jvxchanjrc, were found near a gnun clcrotor.. Th«re i* no C lu 9 .to the rob- no; hope, of the to -: -Mitto'cU , i « i """ " """i ^V klJilb he could be arrested ard tried on one ·f UiLin at any tj,«c Ul( . couuty offlcj[lla vw «l to rcneiv the prosecutions. JI C recently made an attempt at suicid- «nd failed, ami has N ii,cc taken up his connection with the Sun. 'T:i - rt '-s, i^cs Moine*, la cnelo-smg this notice and fifty cents and you will receive the Twicc-a-Wcek civ.s one your. l)i:iii-cfK shippers have petitioned the senate to pass the rnilway nooling J.vtlieca*c of tin- seceding against the loyal grand lodge of Iowa, Ancient Order, of United Workmen, to rcUrnin Mie latter from doing insurance business m Iowa under thc name of the A. O. U. \v,, , m trial at Dubtxrac Judge llns-tcd overruled -the defend-« ,, defendant --.^«,^ ,,,,. » ff .., % ^ ra])W)( , " ^.!l^*' Cr ^*\ c ' I *' IlI » ti ^.'«nd .Inat ·v. s- £* X^K ««6 * *

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