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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Friday, August 14, 1818
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' . ' i . v - ' NUMBER. 5ai4 FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, .BIG. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. For S.tL, - (if applied for immtilicuely,) Tb e superior packet sloop Ul laTOiV, .717 rt Wu Sis roonins oiu, nuruien o; 50,95 tons, throughly butt bolted ; stows ft large fgo, and etta remarkably fast ; has' a fall in - entory and in complete order for a voyage AddIv to A. Rogers, on board, east side Bur - U..lip,orto ANSON G. PHELPS, .all : 183 F - ronUtreet.. for Salt, frripllt r Charter, The fine New - York built ship III - 1 HERNIA, . Graham, rnster, built by Mr' Cheeseman, of the5 - best materials, and in ... most faithful manner, has. lately been cop pered and put in complete order, and can be Jlnit on any voyage t.litle expense. For terms, apply to ' . V ffM. tt SAM'L CRAIG, in ii No. 84 Front - street for is t. 'J homo and .It. Bartholomews, A .rood BRIG, of 130 tons, bound to Lthe West Indies, will tilte freight for either of the above places, if offered immedia tely. Several passengers also, can ne wen ac commodated. Apply to JAMES D'WTOLF, Jun. m 10 54 South - atrort - Y. : For SAIAJVAU, 'Th fine schr. 6'ALLY - ANN, Wog - TK?A.Iotn. matter a having been detained by ihe weather, can take totue more light freight. Fof which, or passage, apply on board, at Jones' whartrto ioTT M'KINXE, . aa 10 56 South street. ' FMLlam' WAS I Kit. The British brie - ST. DOMINGO, Icautain Redmond, will take freight for any port in Great - Britain or IrelauJ - she it a good vessel, snd may be despatched immediate ly. Apply on tioaraat rine - wreei wnari, or to ' N. L. & a. GRISWOLD, an? 10 86South - st. For BFRMUh.t, 1 he fine fust sailing sloop HOPE. John Wilson, master, has three fourths other cargo ready to goon board, and will positively sail on or befure the 16th inst. Fur the remainder of freight or psviC, applv to LAI DL A w, c; m A U L r & CO. an. 8 7t No. 9J Oitlc - Hoiise - slip. ter Freight or Cfuinrr, The slnp K1MUK, Iticliil ricld, slmaster, burthen about 3000 barrel, is in complete onler to receive a carjjo, and may be despatched immediately lies at pier No. Jj Sdulli street. Apuly to THOMAS S. WALSH, No. 1 18 Front - street. Buii.Di.yo srtKVK. One hundred and forty tons building stone, of goodatiulity, for sale on board, if applied t'r in a lew days. a'l 8 Iw Far Ltl FAtl'Ottl., v4t The well known, regular trailing J5Jicoppered ship I M POUTER, Oingley , master, will be dispatched aoon, having the greater part of her cargo engaged. For remain der of freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to capt. l. on board, at pierto. 13, E. K. (niuverneur's - wharf,) or to CHARLES HALL, 1 Deaver - atreet. TV sale, o bonrdthe above shift 4 cUalJron CiSALCOAL. ' Sfl For UYKtU'OOL, The aubaUnt ial stiip ROCKINCH A M, .T.F. Willisms, master, w no loading and lut ing conaiderable cargo engaged, is in tended to sail on tne imn msi nn - iuc rr - msinderof freiglit or passage, having handsome ani spacious accommodations, apply on tort, east side Fir - market, or to THOM AS C. BCTLEI1, Jim. ail 6 7 Souih - treet. For B t.Lf.1S'f, and buik In Jew - kork - vt The ship JOHN DICKlNiO.N, Bau?h, "maiiT. for Belfast, is fully loaded, and wiii sail on Saturday morning. A few more passengers cau be accommodated comfortably, iu cabin or steeraje. Apply on board, or to ABRAH AM BELL, corner of Fultiwi k ClifT - sts. A. BELL has received by the late arrivals a large aainrtinaut of wide and narrow diapers 4 4 and Linen, brown and block Liuen, tUecting, ice. which will be sold on fair terms. snrtlw ' for A t.H UtLKi.W 1 Tlie Ust sailing pscKcl senr. rvs - LNV ft HENRY, Tilford, rnasttrj is nearly loaded, can take a few tons more life'lit freight, if immediate application is made on board, west aide of Hurling - slip' all 5 V V LUM, 4.C. Received per Chauucev and Columbia, from Bristol, (Eng.) and lor sale by I tie subscriber, on advantageous terms, via. SiiU keg geuuine ground white Lead iu 2blb. kegs - 20 caiks best dry White Lead ia casks 5 to 6 . cwl. each 30 do Red Lead in casks from 1 to 3 cwt. each 11 do Spanish Brown from 3 to 4 cwt each 30 do Ivory Black from t to 3 cwt each 12 do Roman Vitriol Iroui Mo Kcwt each - . 56 do Venetian Red from 2 to 3cwt eacii 12 tierces Allum from ? to 10 rwt each 10 hlids. & tierresand 8 bhls Rottuii stonn French Green, Lamp Black, Purple Brown Colcothar Vitriol, Batn Scouring Bricks Apply to ; A. CHURCH, J 15 184 Bowery. GERMAN GOOU5. RF.CEIVEU hy the ship Triton and the ship Elbe, from Hamburg, and other late importation, an asortuieot of German Litieni, such as Platiltas, white and brown , i'retttgnes, Creas lViwUs, Brown Checks and Sliirting Linen Hempen Osnaburgs and Ticklenhurgs, Hessians, Barlapi, Brown Rolls Bags Tapes, Superfine Broad Cloths Napkins, Silk Galloon and Puuiid Ribbons - Coffee Mills, Slate Pencils Looking Glass Plates Pocket and St alia Glasses Lead Pencils . And an assortment of Card wire. Also on hand, A few tons St. Petersburg Hemp First ouality Holland SailCIoUi, and Sixty boxes Pategras Cheese, entitled to debenture. For sale oa reasonable terms, bv GEO. U THEO. MEYER, J 15 Im 129 Washineton street. BAR IRON, Ac 5 toaa Bar Iron - 5 tons Sheet Iron 20 doion Frviag Pans Patent CharTand Drawing Knives Iron and steel Shovels Oerronn and cast steel mill, pit & hand sawi Coach Spring Steel. For sale by ANDERSON h SHEARER, , 1 22 At 131 Water street. Cl.A It t r. 40 dosen very superiour C laret, for sale at $18 the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, ie tf. Io 1 glcxt - lane RICHMOND ELOUR tUO ba - reU made from the best new Wheat, landng from Vt jehoon,,. o0y DaogMer, from Rfcbmond, at Couee - H0use - tjplorsale by 11S Frwt - street. MADilllA IVIXE. 6PIPE9 li Hhdi. Cboic L - Mdeira Wine. 142 Qr. Casks Malmsey do do of Scott, Loashnan, PeofolJ k Co's. brand, and offered for sala by W. & 8. C RAIG, aug 1 Im No. 84 Front - st. JAMAICA RUM. - SiU punciieons will be i landed tfaitiiay at the foot of Rector - street, North River, from oa board the ship Pacific For sale by ; aug 3 KUBKUT LENOX. JEWELLERY, WATCHES, fcc. CASE of sundry Jeweller'. fine Cutlery, r. Silver Hunting and Plain Watches. Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 case Ladies Corsets assorted. For sale by J LAMBERT, Je24 3 Courtland stret. TEAS, WLXKdu tirtOCKRlfcS. No. 7 Park (late Ladies Auction Room.) THE sabscrilx - r keeps constantly for sale a 1. general au'irtni!nt of first rate Groceries Ior lauiily uv, SLAoneu which are - . Oiinyvvder Hyson, . Young Hyson Hrson fckin sS.VA & TEAS of Crst qualiiy and latest ittiportatiun. routhoog j HTvaomvIhite and brownj BUGAR3 - Double Glowytter, I tuirvv Holland Aj American nlct - ct" Lesion Juice bv - ily Lemons in pood order 4th proof Cognac Brandy (genuine) Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirit Miirltira, Port, Claret, L. P. Tcnerifle, Sherry and othi r Wines Street Oil in Bettit s and Uuttlcs Spices, W. 1. Pepper llib'trl's lirown Stout . Spenn Oil and Candles ; with many other articles too numerous to spttcify, which will bt sold at a moderate ndrance.. hy au;3 JAMKS P. A.N'HOn, JJU.V KSTJC UUUUS. IOSEPH TITCOMB a. CO. 162 Pearl strait. J have just received G cases, rout.unins 5 4, 4 4, 7 - li, aud 3 - 4 LIcucL'U ol.ettiuH auu bliinius Crown Shirtings; Ginghams Stripes ; Checks ; Cl.aiiihrnys Bed - Ticking and Cassiuieres. AIo on hand, an extensive nnortinent of Dorutstic Woollen and Cotton Goods Wick Yarn ; Boots and rhoi - s Cut TKi - ksand Brad", ncr(ed An iuvuice ol Straw Braid, Kc. All ol vvlurl, will be sold at low prirn fur cash orsbort credit. Wool, (Cotton or Bale Goods recrived for salr or on slomge. aug 5 ClHKMICALs, COLORS, c I I i!')in Salts, in ca - ks of cwt. Lump Majoesi - i, in casts ' Do d small sijuarts Calcined do in phials Roi dUlt Salts, Acid Tartar Citru Ai ul, Lluv V t n'ileriti firkins PMt - iit yellow, Kluss Yellow Rigulusof Aniimoiiy (ICAS, BUTTONS, &c. Fowling Pieces, a sorti d, well limdied Do do iu waiu.'oat c asts, tiucly Huisbcd with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, incuses Cold KpaiiMtrs . Naval and Military Sword Bills Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplates for eng ravel s Mathematical lmtrumenU ' Rolling ParalH Rulers Manners cujips - s, telescopes ... Ojiera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. Fors:deby J. LAMBERT, je 13 3 Courtlandt - street. fm.t'FtKLIJ k HliVaUfGHAM GOODS. t CasKs neatly at5.)rted table Kuivcs & Forks, I 1 do. do. do. Small Cutlery, S Table Knives k Forks, with small cutlery. 4 do. do. do. 1 do, do, do. Saws, I do. do. do. Files, 1 do. do. do. Eedge Tools, 1 do. do. do. Britannia Tea - pots, A fewca - ks Candlesticks Butt Hinges, Wood Screws Commode Kuobs, and I rase Buttons, For sale, vei y low, by JNO. M'CR ACK AN, July 2il RI I 2 IWl - .t. JL O Boies mu'tius 10 do. 4 - 4 ii 7 - 8 Iri - h linens I do. pink ginghams 1 do, shawls 4 do. brown pl.itillus 6 do Scotch o'li.tburs 7 Inlet iuiitatiou tlicetmgs 4 do. browo linen 2 do. linen ti I'tirk I ilo. 5 - 4 cottou chetks I do. carpeting. ALSO, Suil - rloth, ( Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Sciue twiuc For sale I y GEORGE JOHNSTON, Julv2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. CO J O.V HdOL U .V.iCUJjVFC.iHJJU. 1MIOS. WIHTTEMORE has coastantly on L hand at Ins ruanuiactorv, No. 50 Ferry - street, next to Uie corner of Pearl street, a large and general assortment ol cards ol every description, vir: Cotton Cards of 7, 8, 9, 10 Wool lo 5 and 6 Machine do Clothiers' and Hatters' Raising Cards All of superior quality, which he will sell on the lowest terms. J 24 Im IRlcil LINENS, LAVVs. MltEM.NOd, DIAPER, c. A LARGE and handsome assortment of the following eootls, just received per Hesperus, and oilir late arrivals, and are offered for sale on reasonable terms : 3 4 Diaper. C 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diapers and Dmuak 3 - 4 White Linens 4 4 and 7 I) Linens, fine ana low assortments i 3 - 4 Brown Lawus and Linens 3 - 4 Black do 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 ShfetinfS 5 - 8 Lawns, 7 - 8 Dowlas, bonk and long fold Strong half bleached 7 - 8 and 44 Linen 4 4 Hiisgs, half bleached Irish colored Thread assorted. THO.M S SUFFERS, auglOtw No. 6 IVpeyster street. G I'NPOWDKIl, SHOT, LEA - O, ic T 1000 or. casks F.FF Is FFF Bl wmfi Id Powder 500 do do musket and Cannon Powder 100 do do best English do 50 do do Dartlord Cnnniiter do 20 do do Single Seal do 4 tons atsnrtitl Patent Shot 3 do do moulded do 3 do bar Lead 10 rolls Sheet Lead 5s1 feel pvtent Lead pipe luO M. superior French and Eaglish gun and pistol Flints Also, an assortment of musket and pistol balls, powder flasks and shot belts, for ale by SBHOONM AKLR, VAN BEL' REN A CO. aug 8 2w No. 91 Front - st. GEORGIA EUGAR. - 50 hlids. fr sale by POTT ti M'KINNE, nuj 10 56 Soaih - street. BLANKETS,. CARPETING, Itc. Rose Blankets 7 - 4 to 12 - 4 " Point do 2 1 - 2 to4 London Duffle do , Striped do do - Printed Table Covers, blue, green, scarlet and Waterloo. Brustel Carpeting Wilton Hcsrth Rugs i Imperial do. - The above landing from the ship Tarsgon, from Liverpool, and for sale by EDWARD LYDE, au 8 lw No. 16 William - street. VU.UF.STiL CO J TO.YOOUUS. N assortment of D'Muetic Goods, such a ri. bleach'd 6i unbleach'd Shirtings aud Sheet - me White black Millioetls, (assorted nnmliers) Floss, knitting ii sewing Cotto, For sale on reasonable terms by WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, au 6 197 Pearl street, (up stairs. NANKLM CKAPES. - 4 cases tl.gai.lj aa. sorted Nankin Crapes pist received, and for sale by p. REMSEN ti CO. aug 26 Snuth - street. ' AMERICAN CLOTHS. ' lOSF.PH TITCOMB h CO. No. 162 Pen l - J street, have iut received 10 pieces Amr - i. enn Superfine Blue Cloths, slii.h will be vld cheip, for rash coly. . . "' Also on ban.1, an extensive assortment uf Po mii'tw, Wooueo, aim cstsa Hontl&U jiwt'Jis - cription, at low prices. J lit . Wlli The HOUSE & LOT, No. 339, Broadway. The lot is i!8 test front and rear, and 160 feet deep. The house is 65 feet deep, fiuithed in the best manner, and replete with convenien ces for a large family. On the premises are a brick stable, two rain - water cisterns, (oui oi which is brick) and a well of excellent water. The situation is considered equal to any in this city. For particulars, npply to Benjamin U. Mm turn, ou the premises, or to ROBERT BOWNE, JyS.i Im ' No. 2JG, l eacl - st. rUlL SALE. A HANDSOME fait trotting sorrel P:iney, four years old, very kind under the saddle, oNt for no Mult ; the pretM - .n1 owner having put (lis sou to business is the cause of his bcil g lor ;u!e. Enquire at 1 J Vandam - street. N. 8. A vtry light Sulkey for sale cheap. Knq oire as ai'je. aug 1 1 tf fw W lis I UK SOLD AT ALCi'lUST, luHFnn W'rdtiesil:iv. I lie ad of S. Il;iu!er next. the property ol Robert tiourlay, deceased, iu thef'jj vilUie ol" Newbureh. vis : 17 building lots, fronting onColdcn street, 1 1 do do do on High street, 12 do do do. on Water s'riet, 2 do do do on the li - Hood - strect. Also, a water lot, containing 14 fret front. On the aforesaid property tnere is a dwelling houe 2ti by 30 Icet, alo one sixteen b twenty nine 't et, and a store house twenty six by thirty alio, a carriage inuktrs shop lb by 2)1 feet, with a cellar under thj whole, uud which lit a small espence may be converted a coiuiori.ii it dwelling. The Ncwhurgh and Cochccton turnpike, with other principal roads fioin tlie interior, runs through tlie centre ol Ihe above property, ana it being exceeded ry none to or uooni me village for beauty ot prospect and advantages lor trad - , it is - resumed that persons wishing to obtain lots for stores or private dwellings will not let this opportunity pass, of becoming i.os.esed of thoso ituated in the most pleasttut part ol the .village, l tt made known at Uie time of sale. For particulars, apply to . MARGARUl" GOVHLAV. Ex'tx. v J ANDREW GIFFORD, fcx'tor, aug 10 Ms 134 Green wii - n ft. NYnrk A KEVEL) HARP. X A. GLTTWAI.DT respcctlully invites tf . the amateurs of music to inspect at Ins riaiin - Forle Manufactory. No. 75 Maiden lane. a musical instrument that perfectly equl the harp in sound and lar surpasses it in point of easy t restraint, as it is played like the. piano by meuns nl keys, and consequently has all the advantages of brilliant modulation ; the. only one in the United States. Also, an elegant ri;mo Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, witban assortment ofditl'erent kinds, whose good qualities have been testified, by tlie undersigned eminent prolessors : . " We the sunscribers, proiessots oi music, no certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. A. Guttwaldl's piano - lortes, hu h, for ingcuni - iyanilen of workmanship und umlorm brilliancy ol tone, we deservedly recommend to public patronage. Messrs. Gillvs, Elienne, Rd Slertz,C. Thibaull, Charles Gilfert." .1 7 STIHtAUE. c ONVT.NIENT Storage forPye Woods, or other articles of a description, may be haJ by applying at No. 29 South - street, an R (Qr i'lie linr ne slcaui vessel FRONTENAC, of 701 Ions burthen, James Mac Kimie, master, will commence running on the Crst day of May next, and will leive Kingston, lor York and Niagara, on the lit, I Ith and 21st day of each uvn'h, and .viugara, lor lurk and Kingston, the 6th, Ibtl and iath day of each month, during the season, where every attention will be paid to the ease ana cnniicrt oi tne passengers. A pplications lor passage to be made to the cap tain on board. Kingston, bih April, !ftl?. J Til&vlOrl tDVEit I IsEMr.N I . PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy Agent's office. New York, for one wtck from (hi date, to supply a quantity ol Jertey Oak Plunk avenge length 45l - ct, 10 to 16 broad, 9 In 4 1 - 2 thick pith o; hart must he out, aud clear of sap. Also, a number ol Jersey Oak Logs, irom 35 to 55 feet Ion.;, lit Iu it) inches square, and a number of While O.ik to side from 8 1 - 2 to 12 inches, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 feet long, bodies 5 to 6 1 - 2 long. I lie whole to I first quality, and subject to the inspection at the Navy t arri, and delivered there. The proposals are required not to exceed 5000 ett of Plank ; not more than 10 Lo - - s, nor more than 50 Knees a no contract will be given to a - ny individual to exceed erne of the above named quantities ; the sh irtest time, not exceeding 6 ivceks, must be mentioned. Money to be paid n delivery. Any explanation that may be re - luired, ill be obtained at Ihe Nary Yard, where a bill will he given each individual atti rhe has contracted, and by which he is to be governed. J XZ bU II rSTl SAI.K, ftft An undivided moiety in tie fodovinglots of land in " Rrans' Patent" Delaware County, state of New - York, six : Lot No. SO, containing 18 seres . lot No. SS, containing 13S. Also, sn undivided luoietv in the '1st half of lot No.O, containing 104s seres, and in lot No. 37, in the time patent containing 1051 acres. The above lots are veil timbered th nine, sco. Ico. and their contiguity to thevetf branch ol the Delaware river render litem worthy ol the atten tion of lumber raei chants. They will be sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For further particular apply to THOMAS ADOIS KM MET. r.sq. counsellor at law, . o, xa nne t'reet. New York, (hois authorised to make contracts for tbe sale of the above lots) or to the subscriber, by whom s unquestionable title will be given. MARTHA MRAD3TREET, iiammona wrcei, oreenwico. New York, July Mth. ISIS. fcj - Tbe Proprietors of the Philadelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to publi'h the bve for two nsoathi in tfteir paper aoa eeoa their bill to the subscriber. J or TO THE PUBLICK. A GENTLEMAN from Frauce would wish to draw Use attention of the citixens of New - fork to hi newly established Laboratorv of Co - IsVm for walls, prepared for immediate use, and Veoospaiiicd with directions for laying them on. f - i ne coumrs are ol tlie briglilest tints, and pre t'Vedao' that so drappoiotaieut can lake plucu. ,eu jona'smu, rauktbrt - st. ff. R. A verr stmarmr nnalitv etf Rernntlnir manufctctured by the same person. vuryrz it BROWN, stone seal engraver and jewel ler, Ao. IG6 Broailway. ! Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, engraved on stone. Diamonds, amethysts, topazes, crystals ic. bought or cut to any form. 'Xadtes seals engraved with mottos, devices or crests. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of C0.000 tames. A large assortment of fine zolJ seals chains. anaointr )ewiicry. Jy va lui J. W. O R a E S, KASCFACrDRER or SILVER WARE, 'No. 90 Brondwav. 1 NFORM8 his lripn.1, an, I fh nnhlir. that he l 'continues to manufacture of Sterling silverex - y.and ol superior workmanship, Silver leaanOT. a . , r Setts. y.iHrs, Syphons" Fil. KMtveg Cake Baskets, t - r. Kc Church Plate. Spoons, r orks of Die latest and most elegant .atterus, and at Uie lowest price. All orders executrd in a masterly manner. N. B. FAMILIES wishintt to be supplied with tlie first pe articles of Silver, are invited to lusuect Ms worn, as all articles of his manu fact ure are sold only by himsell. 1 REVVEKV . For sale, a bargum. a Urw J. J) cry & Malt House councctcd, ia Ihe city of Hnuwin. I he nuildirgd are sloue, nnj par ticnlariy well calculated fur the tU:ine.;e. It i utualed in the uiidst of a bailey country, aud has many other advantages. It is certainly an ubject for those w ishing to engage m tbs busi - iics. It is the only brewery in the couctry. I bis properly Kill be sold cheap. 1 erms lib mlt title good. For further particulars apply !o M. MULDEN, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New - York ; or J. N'lXON, Jr. near the premise. Juue 13 tf FuR H.ilsF, A FARM, containing 300 acres c - n Ihr oi.ukj of she North River, a inilo south from tin village of Hyde I in k, and eihly - wx Iroui New. York. The laud is equal in quality to the Lest in Duchess county, and is iu high ordrr and g)d n uce. On the premises is a good plain l.iroi house, a good bnni and other appendages neces sary to conducting a large farm. A Wo, a buil.I - .ug spot commanding an rxlrnsive and brautiful . fw of the North River. Within h;df a mile ..I the farm house is tin eoiiuent Academy, and j'ithin two miles au Epiecnpal nod a Prosbyte - l inn Church, in each of which there is regular servico physicians two landings' one of which the Steam - boat .adverjjjcs as a lauding place. ttores, ic. 4c. I he. whole will bo sold together ,or aiyi,i9, , uit purchasers. Tbe term ol aymetl, be m!U,e caty aaii an mdiputablt utlo givru by tbe subscriber. WILLIAM BAUD. Hydo Park, July 24 tf ' " 7LW MUSIC. .TlfST published by W. DUiiOlS, at bis Piano ,j r orte and vidMC store, no. i:b Broadway jviuiam l eil Iter traritmn tyeS '"" - . - . Fanny Dcret Thine am I my FnitlifuJ Fair The Soldier's R.Me. Evelee.n's Buw'r, with variations by Lojier. Also, all Ihe i'ns, tic that are now singing st tbe Concert' t - y Mrs. RurUe. Holuian, Mesrs Inclcccn and 1 hillips Vc with a treat vr.rie ty of ne " lusic for the Pino Forte and the Flute Jy S 1NDK.ESTION, OK, SU i - ; JifACff, S acknowledged by Medical writers to be a complaint of slubiiorn kind, and at all times very difficult ofcure Thn. is suffiu.ently illustra ted in the disHppuinlmeut ol those vliu unlortu - nHlely sufler under it, ss they, ior the most nsrt. find, that after having tried many things to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged o use, for perhaps the remainder of life, such articles as can best hut palliate the disease Under such circumstances, an medicine capable of removing the complaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are alllicted stith it ; such a combination is to be met in Dr. MEAD'S ANTI - DYSEP TIC or STOMACH PILLS i the suoces of which has never yet been equalled, lor the care of Dyspepsia in its most complicated form, such as loss ol appetite, nausea, heartburn, flatulency, gnawing nam in Ihe stomach, pain in the side, grei.t cos - tiveness, paleness in the countenance, languor, lowness nl spirits, pain in the head, vertigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. W hoever applies these pills in the above distunes according to the directions, will never be disappointed, as they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical and permanent cure. 1 be use nl a sin gle box will convince the raoit unbelieving ot their ctticacy 1 hey will most etlectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutrali sing the acid, but hy correcting that morbid lists ot the secretions which gives rise to it, at the same time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well being of the. animal economy. For sale by John C. Morrison, I8S Greenwich - street, Hullkc Rowii, 145 Pearl street, Abraham Brooke, 43 Pearl street, and Uenj. tjnackin - bush, Druggist, corner Charles and Creensich treets, near State Prison, N. B. None are genuine without the signature of the sole proprietor, aug 1 1 GEO. SMITH. A NURSE WANTED. A MIDDLE aged won an, who is qnsli.'ed to take care .f ehi dren, and is disposed to travel. Respectable references will be required. one other need apply. Apply to Slr..Sh.K HALSTED, Esq. El.zabethtown, New - Jersey aug 5 A farm of between sixty" and seventy acres, situate on the wot bank ot Lake UIego, snd one mile Iroiu the village of Cooiierstotvn. On it are anew stone house 54 feet square ;a new lrm house, barn, 6ic. It forms a desirable r (abhshinent for a gtntleman vt uhing to retire into the country, as its situation, as to prosiecl. onvenience to market, He. is nnt surpassed bv ,iny in the interior oi the state It will lw sold lor cah, on a credit, or exchanged for pro - pcrty in uusciiy, goos - c. App;y to ti. u at n. tr.uit wn.K, mv 7 tf Law Building. 1" R. TAYLOR, piano forte maoufartunr If I. from Broa J wood's k Co. London, respect l'uliy acquaints the public of his arrival at New - York that he intends rem'uning a few work - , and will be happy to rectify all imperfections in cidental to piano, either grand, square, unique, harmonic, oNiuue, e;c. a;c. Mr. I's exjren - ence aaJ complete knowledge of all the recent improvements which haro brought tne piano 'o ts present ita'e of exrelleoce, renders his servi ccs particularly a Jvant - sgeons to those ladies and 'enllersen who mar te denmus ol anv alterations additioos to their instruments and be pledges biovclf to rtstore any piano to its original tone and touch, however eret may be its defect - Apply to Mr. T. at Ma Roseltera, 174 Broad - war, aug 10 lw" JfF.IV LAW BOOK STORE. BLAKE'S CHANCERY PRACTICE. Containing all the DTOceedines of a suit, as well in the court of chancery as in the court for the trial of impeachments, and correction of errors, fur the state of New - York. This book contain about 700 page. octavo, and is said by professional gentlemen to be all importoot to me practitioner in this court, beiig the only se rican production on .this subject : and to tlie student it is invaluable, as it exhibits in a very clear and lucid manner, ttep by tep, the pro - greis ot a suit, in all it minutia, from the commencement to tlie final termination of it Accompanied with an appendix, contaiuing precedents of tlie most approved forms, suitable to every case that can possibly occur in the course of a sun. just published and for sale ny l. BANKS, Opposite City Hall. Corner of Nassau and Spruce streets, ang 4 Im THE GRAMMA I ICAL BAH. THE importance of a correct knowledge of JL is too much acknowledged to need comment. The unsettled and desultory manner, in whi h it is taught in common schools, is highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rules and delinitions parrotlike committed to mt mory, learned and conned by rote without comment or elucidation, is found to be generally void of utili ry ; ior au og as the principles ol tuics are noi cndersto&sAriey can never be applied to actual use. I'nuSaajkMcli inuire'siuB and influenced by a desire to prrmioUS soulful a branch of education, the subscribers propose a remedial system. U the undertaking, they are conscious ol' ao other motive, than tbe promotion ol a brancnol knowledge, which is in indispensible pre requisite in every other. The suh.crihets anticipate many objections to so complete a deviation from the antiquated track, which custom has long since s - viu tioned as the most eligible : but, to obviate them, they ask a thorough and candid investiga tion of iu principles. It is a dictum, that with out a knowledge of the reason on which laws are made, no one can know the law. A conviction ofits truth formed the most powerful iocenlivelo the invention nl the urammatiral liar, nbit hcon veyi to the. mind through the medium of Ihe eye the reasons, the whys, and the wherefores. To be short, it employs the perceptive faculties, the learner acuuires a habit, of attention, his judge ment is exercised, and he advances with ease and delight. The subscribers have taken a conven ient room in Fulton s'reet. No. 139. where chil dren, young ladies and gentlemen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar in sixty hours. A correct knowledge of canine will be given to urw beginners ; it not, no pay will ne re quired, a new class to begin on wenesaay . J. liKUWiN, Jtm. E. L. CROSSFIELD. N. B. Young gentlemen, who have been in structed in the snort term of sixty hours, will lt presented ior examination each day at 5 o'clock. I'. iW. schol.tri received and instructed at ni:y hour from 6 o'clock A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M. Perms ol tuition made known at the above men tioned room. J 20 Im tiv tetter I'ntint frmn thr Lmhii Swift. CULLKN'S LIQUID MAGNES'A. Approved of, and recommended by several of the mosi eminent pnyaiciana oi ri.naueipina. YMM Transparent Solution of Magncsiais pre - X sented to the public with the sanction and particular recommendation of many of the most respeo able pn . sicisnsoi una city, as me mositn - cilile mode of exhibiting magnesia. This s. tu - tioe possesses the virtues ol t at medicine in an cn.iuent degree act more speed. ly with greater certain!' and is not liable to form concretions in the bowels, as Messrs. Urande and Monroe base disc - vered are sometimes produced by solid magnesia. It combines with itsantl - sc d and aperient nrii.eibles the very desirable property ef allayine the moat excessive vomiting, and carrying oif Oi e and offensive matter. Hence may be infer red e .p - eat eiSoaay is the summer cuop aiuts of icmuies, tin area, eso. mc. To persons of b lious habits it is recommended asan excellent corrector ol bile snd scidiiy com ii untcates tone to the stomach - eperaies as a rcntit! axation. and sta' ruins a uernia - cut aud regular state ol the bowels. A discretionary use ol this ag eeable beverage enables persons ol ev.ry age, sex and constitution to k"cp their bowels moderate, without the use of salts or drastic purges (hitherto used) which never f .i' to confirm the costive ha.' its they were inte ded to remove, and to disouler lor hie the organs of digestiun Iu wer.k stomachs uric and miicr acids are evolved, causing gout, gravel, stillness, and eon crction ol the joints the solution will palliate, and often terame ihese ulllictiii, complains. Indi. - estion and many dio ders of the sys - m, frcnuently proceed from an acidious state of the stomach i chil I en are parlicu arly subject to this depraved condition of that oriran, inconsequence ol their existing almost entirely on milk and vegetable diet. A small quantity of the solution (which children drink with avidltv, and iu gene ul prefer to every other beverage) will in a a short time neutralise the existing acid, and, if continued, will prevent the lorumtion ul any new acid. ndependent o the other advantages the solu tion possesses over crude magnesia, or any other medicine, intended to nrtntuce a similar enect, the superior purity of the magnesia contained in the solution (the patentee having discovered a process by which he deprives the magnesia he makes use of, of the numerous impurilits it is al - wavs contaminated with) must give it a decided preference over every other preparation : to avoid the appearance of empiricism, the certificates ol the pnysicians, snd oilier approbatory testimony, are not published, but may be seen at the store of the patentee. The solution msy either be drank at the fount, (as mineral waters; at 12 1 - 2 ven a per half pint, or may be had in bottles of an oval shape, iWk ed, in raised letters " Culleii's Liquid Magnesia" and labelled Collins solution of Magnesia. Observe, none is genuine except what answers the above description, and is signed by the patentee. JOHN CULI.EN. Price $2 50 per dozen, 7j cents ot which will bf returned on receiving the empty bottles. Sold in Philadelphia only, at Culien's Chemical and Drug store, oti, cut corner of Cheinut and Secftbd streets. I'luludtlphia, 85!i April, 18:8. rrf The Patentee, encouraged by Ihe snceess oi Hie rateiii Ldquiu .uagneaia in ru.i.ot.po.a ami els where, respccUiilly inlorii'S the inhabitants el New York anil its vicinity, that he ha formed an establishment for its sale at No. 83 Broadway, within two doors r f Park Place, where he also manufactures Soda Water of a superior quality J 31 tf LOW rftllED WAICMES. GENTLEMAN lately from Fiaii.e, wish - jL es lo dispose of - large assortment ol Gold nd silver Watches, such as plain, reieating, L'Epine, l utiting, ladies and stop watches, all Warranted. Also, a number of composition gold wab lies, snulf and ladies work bxe with music an - other lam v articles. Likewise, a general assortment of walch - makers tools, and watt h and t lock materials, such i springs, hands dial pint - s, gbsses, chain, .Vc. &c. Apply to No. 141 Fulton slr.'tt, near Broadwav. aug II Its 1 11 A V ELS through some parts ol (Icr.i.any, J Poland. Moldavia, and Turkey, by Ad wn Nea'e. M. D. just received bv Inte iniprtntions and f .r a'e by rt 1 LK A Mt.MSrl, eg II lw 23 Wall street. HACKNEY COACHES, IfOR Select raities. from Ebiahelh Tnvs r Point, for Philadelphia, and the Steam Boat at Trenton and Bristol, and the Mineral Springs at Schouley's Mountains. Notice sent to No. 53 White - Hall street, New York. r HALEY STILES, EJinbeth Town, hy mail, or by the Steam - Beit Atalanta, will ot tmmediaiciy attended la. j 14 to ! as FRANKLIN BANK. fEr Tbe Franklin Bank, will be opened for the transacting of bonnets on Wednesday next, ' tbe 12th inst. The day ior discounting notes are TeesCay & Saturday. Note ofler'd Cor discount, must be lodged oa the day preceding. , lij order Hio tioa.v: ci Virecto;, aug 10 - H. POST, Jr. Cathier. JsJOAA - F AO LUAtf. fW rrrDOLLAftS to loan, m sums to O ,Jvlv" suit applicants, on bond wirb mortgage upon ftppreved property. ' ALSO, 40,000 dollars o ajproVed paper, guaranteed by baiik stock. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be generally ade through the year, and ibortgage diqiotied of. Je vt tf JO LOAJS. A r ffC DOLLARS to loai cJb J , J J Kl bond and mortgage I DOLLARS to loan on Upon property in the city of New - Yorlt - Apply to , J. O. BOGEH.T, Jy 58 . : 138 Water - St. CORNELIUS xkOUERT, ATTORA'KY, COUNSELLOR 'AT LAW, AJYD JiOTAUY PUBLIC. nOMMlSi - IONER. aolhorisad to Uko Afl5 - V davits aud Bpecial Bail in any Court of. Recosd ol this State, the proof and acknowledge ment of Deeds, and discharges of Mortgages Also Affidavits, Special Bail and the deposition of witnesses rfe lietw esse, in tho District and Cir - ' cuit Courts of tlie United Stales, 'continues hrs. olhce at No. 1 4 Cedar - street jy ti . Im 'W At1UA.VA MtHLHAJYTS, PETERS STEBBINS, Com Mission Merchants, BLAKELEV, Mobile - Bay. HAVE extensive store houses and receive and forward goods, cotton, fete, free of cartage and wharfage. Vessel end barges lay alorg side ol their stores. Shippers will please apply to CALVIN SPEAR, Bo - 'on. FL I ERS it HERRIUK, N. Vork. EMLEN bt UuWELL, Philadelphia. JyiS tf ' dj JAVJEo D. STOUT, Engraver and cesl Cutier, removed tc 90 Liberty - etreet, neaif Crcenwich - atreet. Jy 8 3m tlj - JOHN PROCTOR, Jun. 106 Liberty - st. off ers liberal anticipations on property consign, ed to his friends in tlie Mediterranean. For further particulars, appiy as above, or to ABRAHAM BELL, Je 6 tf corner of CliH k Fulton - sis. LANDS. (Cr STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 126 Tcar! - street, New - Vork, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, sXhich has ln set apart for the late Army. Letters from the country giving a description of the patent and the price asked lot each lot, will be atteiKUd to, if Post paid. my 15 tf X" The subscriber oflcii liberal anticipation ou property consigned to his friends at Gibraltar. Being alto ageut lor Messrs. Isaacs, Weeks & Co. of Malaga, wiil have it in his power b give useful iuformation to persous sending ves sels to the latter port. HENRY OUOEN, au 8 lw comerof &toneandWhitehall - sts. (Jr i he law and Notarial liusiuvss ol Wiu. Bleecker, Esq. deceased, and also that of commissioner, will be continued at his late office, No. 621 t Wall street, by aug8w FRANS R.TILLOU. SAL'P WATER BVIHS. - , Tbw ps4i are iaiormsd that tb Salt Water Floating Baths continue open from fire o'cI.hU in the morning until lu at eight, at Ar - deu's wharf, near the Battery, and at Uie foot ef Murray street. North River. FOR SALE, a baud'onie Pleasure Sloop, in complete order, with new soils ; a very safe boat, being lined with cork. ALSO, a pair of Inree Patent Chain Pumvs. made by Mr. Daniels. Al'o onelarso Valor Citern. Apply at the Baths, or to JACOB RABINEAU, 3l5Broadwny. (rr Wanted, an active. inUlliuent BOY. to attend a Drug Store one acquainted wild the business. Apply ns ahuve. aue7 COPARTNERSHIP. rrr EBENKZEIt STEVENS having admit. ted into copartnership Ins sons, tijinm K. 6te - eni siid John A. sitrm; their business will m luture be transacted under tbe firm of fbmitter Stei tm U Hum. fbttuur Sferens, HyamK, ttvtnt Julia A. Hteitns. augUSw 17 LOUR. 500 hbls. Philadelphia supeiUo Flour. SP plug, inst ree'd ami lor salr by aug 7 Bt HERMAN JOHNSTON. BOARDING. OICHT or tea genllcuien, who are dcirous of 4li obtaining board in a pleasant and retired ast of the city, i an be nrcommodattd in o pri vate family, at No. 41 C'litT street. J'bt iinprove - meots which have lately been made in this street ind its retired is resumed will ren der it a desirable retreat Iroiu the noise a ad bas te of business. aug 3 lOt I ONT - AI.'I A For tAL,E or iu I E I , and lrJL iiiiuitdnte possession Kiven, the henutnul place culled Monl - Alla, seven miles from the City - Hall, csj tbe Noith River, adjoinaig Lord Comb nay's. It contains 20 acres ol laud under improvement, w ith a large garden well stocked with sellable a variety ol rruit, with every contenien. e for a family. For terms, which aic very reasonable, and il sold a long credit g i - n H wanted, tpply to A. tt U. iALCOT I, 84 Snulh - sireet. J 12 INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. OSEPH D. 'OGRADY reirtlul y inforrrs tiie public, that he has oh mid an Intelli gence ( lice at his hove, 131 Fly - Market, he Iwcen Pearl nnd Water - streets. Families msy he accommodated with servants, house - keepers, Ajc tc. Servant, Sir. with satisfactory recommendations, supplied with good si uatsuas. Orders Irom Ihe country promj'tly attended to. aug 4 Isi' tEN I la I KY. DOCTOR ZEIIAH HA W LEY informs Ihe pul hc that Ins . rtke is at No. 91 Nassau street ; where l.e utraels reA, t Irani an 4 ttli tiellt, and erforiiis every operation in dentistry. I he following i eriilicat ul skill, he Uitnks u Muihcieut rtcoininnidation. w no.M i r M A v COWCER.V. This cettihes, th:it Dr. Zerah llawley is a reg ular brrd physician, aod in good standing with his brethren iu this place ; that he hns paid particular attenti'iii to the ait of Denlulry, has sto - tit d ti e best European worka on the subject, ami a given very good satisfaction in this tranch. his customers who are persons oi the first re - ( tnhility in this city. Wj therefore, with entire confidence rerom - mr.Oil Dr. Hawley, to tbe citiKn oi Nesv - York a ventut. r Eneas Munsnn,! Professorscf liValhan Siuitli, f the Med. '. I. Ives, 'r . Instituting (Jona. KnijM, ; J Yale Coi. - Vw - Haven. Jan. 22, 1818. aug 11 lw SPRING - HILL DI - jTILLEKY. Foi sale, about 27 acres ot land, adjoin ing rassairk River, in II township cm i.oom - beld. W tbe county ol t.ssx, i a l!, t1 111. w whereon is a inrge ni ow.. with cider works, oat buil.lioas ;c. that rtudsrr the whole a vers valuable property. Enquire Of ELI V VAN a'RSDALK, Newark, r aug 11 3vr - ? ' ' 1 ; ii Hi ' H" I si. ; Si i :. - v. .' 7; W ! 4, j t f

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