Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 18, 1943 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1943
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IT READ 3.13? the date after your _it the top of your pa~ [If it reads 3.43 your r tion expires this according to /cur rec~ ^PROGRESS-REVIEW LA PORTE CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY AFTERNOON,~MARCH 18. 1943~ OFFICIAL Black Hawk County and La Porte City NEWSPAPER £ -I "TITT- -«-^ ,. === *«.m» per year; gZ-oOoutside Iowa econcTWaijfond Pledge Drive to Start on Tuesday iJlVfi rTflsi fed Johannsen ID .«.,,,£ i~» i T i T · * · Fdiu AAd» Wftarf,, fu 0 TM M IKeVlSe Klllp Ln^al T.innc T T^/Tv-m-i-r^ ^ Has st Woman esident . Ogdcn Fosse Elected President of School Organization ting Monday Heads the Firemen 'Revise Rule For Overseas Soldier Mail Officers elected by the La Porte City fire department at their meeting Mondey include: Ted Johannsen, chief; C. T. Gates, assistant chief; John Dut- Icr, foreman; Les Schade, assistant foreman; C. A. Brust treasurer; W. A. Franklin, secretary; C. H. Strohccker, police; Keith t Porte City's school boarc first woman president in this week, following Monday of Mrs. Ogdcn a member of the boarc two years. Mrs who received two of five lor the position a year/ ago s Clyde .Tenks. She was unanimously. Sides appeared before to urge retention of chilli here this year, ie board after hearing the ted to reverse its action months ago and approve nee of the spring sport. on who is to coach the ,s held over to a meeting for Wednesday night -k. school received word thc I of this week that Orange ichooi will schedule one pcrc if it can be played he- Orange school closses Jesup has replied that it ^celling baseball this year of early closing and the Kline, assistant Esher, steward. police; H. G. FIRE EXTINGUISHED Smoke was found coming from someplace in the Decorah State Bank, but the usual places, such as waste baskets and cuspidors, did not reveal any flames. Inves_ tigation showed that it was com- Packages Up to 8 Ounces Can Now be Sent at First Class .Rates Without Request from Soldier Local Lions Club Third In Contest ^_ __. Wins $15 Prize for Membership Increase of 27 Per Cent Since the First of the Year Red Cross Drive Is On · Names of Workers Listed for Convenience of Contributors A number of Revising regulations on mailing La Porte City's Lions club r a n k , of parcels to army men overseas, ed third among the -10 Lions clubs the post office department a;:^in northeast Iowa in the member nouncod this week that it will-ship contest just finished. accoriL henceforth accept parcels weigh-ling to a report sent out this week ing up to eight ounces, if postage ~ " ~ " is paid at the first class rate of three cents an ounce. This will make it possible to mail small items such as fountain pens, watches, glasses, etc., soldiers sen-ing overseas. by R. L. Bailey of Mason City, district governor. W i t h 18 members on Dec. 31, and five added since that time, the club has shown an increase to of 27.8 per cent. Leading the clubs was Northwood, with 12 members For larger packages the o r d e r l t n e first of the year and six add- still stands that they may be ac-- c i - ior a £"'" of 50 per cent. cepted at the post office only Ames, w i t h 13 members added to its Dec. 31 total of 32, had a '10.G when accompanied by a letter from thc soldier asking for the package, and carrying approval of! Northwood received ithe request by the soldier's com. award for its achievement. Ame per cent gain. LETTERS Camp Earkelcy, Texas March 7, 19J3 Dear Editor, Writing you for .sending- t h e Progress_Reviow, which is we]_ corned with open arms every week. Really e ,ent to pick up th'c home town paper and read what's going on, and what has taken place since I left home. I am down in the Lone Star tntc--Texas--stationed jit Camp Barkelry. Bnrkeley is located oul. *idc of Abilene, Texas in the con. ral part of the slate. This is a Medical Department Replacement training center, training men in ill phases of work in the medical department. I have been -assigned to t h e A d m i n i s t r a t i v e School which will completed in thirteen weeks. have just finished my required 'hree weeks of basic training, The tvyc-cn the state schools. University of Iowa and University of Michi' pan. I am happy to "repon Hint the Iowa s t i l l holding , · · " - I · 1 I L l U l l L their own even though w,. |,a vt . beaten Mi quite some time. i n f o o t h n l l for We aK-o have snlTU , ,|iffi,,,i, v W i t h 111.' T.'X-K l,nv-. W |,,, ., n , ,,;. |hc way. still f i g h l i n p the Civil U a r . t r y i n g to convince ( h i m they ouphl to K ] Vf T,-x;,s hack to tl,c Local Quota Is Set at $171,000 Creek Township Farmers Asked to Pledge $52,000 -- County Quota Up One-Third Indians. Hut fine grnup , Vl , ,, nvr . The srennd a n n u a l war bond n great moral re r o a l i v . JUc.'day morning next week, f c o m p l i s h . w h e n approximately 30 solicitors' jnicel at the- Mars theatre for f i n a l n-ally is Monday nigh I at a meeting at thc Saying city h a l l ut which plans for the everyone back liomi' omaming ten weeks I will be here, Pvt. William Pear: Very t r u l y yours, Bill Pcnrson vill be devoted to going la school "rom eight in the morning until' ive in the afternoon. From five workers have )cen busy the past ten days in he interest of the 1943 Red Cross War Fund drive. An effort has been made to contact every home and business place in the community, but tbis is sometimes almost impossible, so the names of all workers arc being manding officer. There is no change in the ruling that newspapers for army men received $25 and the La Porte Cit club $15. Commenting on the contest, aft- until five forty.five we run :iri 'o obstacle course and go through n rigorous program of calislhcntics. I have had one week of schnol | ____ . _______ ___ _____ 0 the boys for spring farm; published, so anyone who has been|f omniarl ^' n K officer is not required overseas can be sent only by pub. er congratulating the two leader. Ushers, and then only when the [Governor Bailey said: "Likewis newspaper has a paid subscription (congratulations to the La Porti from the soldier and has on file i City club. This live organization the soldier's letter asking to bcjlocated in one of our smaller put on the list. Approval of the j towns, enjoys the reputation o; |A reply has not as yet been Id from Dysart, but it is pos. fthat a game can be schcd- jthere. Waterloo East high, plans ot have a team but ; has not been able to sched- Bny games, has offered to , missed should hand his contribu-]'" this case - tion to the nearest worker at once, as it is hoped to complete the drive here by Saturday. Contributions from the rural district at the time of the rationing program were not as com- La Porte City "four or fivelplete as they should have been, 'so all rural residents of Big Creek board's earlier decision'and Spring Creek townships who Et spring baseball had been on a feeling that the boys failed at that time arc urged to leave their gifts with any of the be needed this spring for following workers also: work, work in business! L. C. McGill, business dis- aiid in victory gardens| trict chairman;'Mrs: C. A. Fultz, school this spring. It was general chairman; Mrs. Roy Wag- (]iicstioned whether any of ner, Mrs. Hoy Hawkins, Mrs. John Icipal Art Olsen's time could H. Buser, Mrs. Ada Narber, Mrs. \pared in the month or two j Ralph Waller, Mrs. John » Boltc, to graduation for coaching ofjMrs. L. A. Moore, Mrs. Wallace |cam. | Franklin, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Don meeting next Wednesday Olson, Mrs. Ralph FOSE, Mrs. j will be devoted largely on on rehiring of teachers £xt year, and on the ques- The new ruling, however, pro_ vides that when a soldier's subscription expires, it may be renewed by members of his family without a new letter or order being a real service club." Masons to Hold Patriotic Meetings The Grand Master of Masons in Iowa, Ford L. Van Hoescn of Dc« Muines, has called upon all Masonic lodges to hold a series of statewide patriotic meetings at some time during thc interval be- jtwccn March 15 and 27, the exact jdate to be chosen by each lodge I to auit its convenience. I "It is my belief," says the _ Grand Master, "chat a certain Blaze Saturday Noon brief period in the near fuh it- Wipes Ollt Farm House devoted to these meetings for the East of La Porte City from the soldier overseas. Kerr Farm Home Burns learning how to keep medical records. I am also learning Company and Regimental A d m i n i s t r a t i o n , which consists o[ keeping the necessary records of personnel, supply, and rations of these units. Weather in Texas is verj changeable, when I first arrived four weeks ago it w a s warm, bijl the past week reminds me of Iowa, just p l e n t y chilly around the edges. The wind blows almost constantly, since there is nothing between here and the Rocky Mountains to slop it. We have a dust storm now and t h e n , but have yet to see a drop of rnin. The fourth platoon, of which am a member, is made up of nostly fellows from lowr. and Michigan. Of course, n a t u r a l l y .his brings in gome controversy o n i he subject of the athletics bo_ | U. S. A r m y ; Uli I'ltitoon Co. A, 5-lth Mod. Trie. Cn. Cnmp Barkcley, Texns Dear Sir. Smith: I . d r i v e were mapped out. I Tlie 19-1,'j (|nota for bond pledge ·in Black Hawk c o u n t y is ?S,M4,_ JOOO. it was revealed. Last yenr I the quota for the county was j$a,GS7,000, and a c l u n l sales for the yenr totaled ?G,OB5,.u:j,50. There wore no specific quotas for town and t o w n s h i p u n i t s with, ,in the c o u n t y l u s t year, but this county hns goal, w i t h $6,_ rained in the towns I am receiving your paper and um ° '' acl ' al ' |1;l °f I am very grateful for it .been assigned its I really l ot ,k f u r w u r d l o ' l l i e day -TM.9!M to be raise .. ,, when the paper comes. Our liv- "'"' t n e balance in the f a r m i n g ing quarters are in n ho e-1 a b o u t """s- four blocks from the beach. A I Quotns for this section of thc person can really get n sun tan here. I am through my basic training and am w o r k i n g nights at thc motor pool. I drive pickup and cars. I drove thc general to the Gulf of Mexico, and saw some very pretty country. I like the air corps better than thc regular urmy. It is hard for me to find l i m e ! . . .. .... _..., _ to write a very long letter, b u t l ' i t the meeting, are for actual cash I want to say hello to all my lie paid out for bonds during friends in La I'ortc City, a n d ' t h e year--not their thank you again for the paper. Pvt. Harvey Mines 010 T. S. S. Flight G9 £1 Tovar Hotel, St. Petersburg, Florida county include: La Porte City $171,070,97 Gilbcrtvillc 8,339.90 W:shburn 3,222.23 K.igle Center 322.22 Hi|T Creek Tivp 52,05-1.26 Kiiglu Township _. 80,135.11 Fox Township .__ UO.Hiil.SU Spring Creek Tvp. (;;),85C.04 The q u o t a s , it was emphasized * i to us--its responsibilities as well The Wm, Kcrr farm home east as its blessings--would be im- |f what raises in salary, if an be made. It is understood [it hoard has received appli- for "new contracts from bombers of the faculty, and hese requests all suggest increases. her or not the federal limi- pay increases will af- chcrs' salaries has not yet chairman. As soon as the drive is com- except part _ _ nishings. |° f united purpose." Origin of the fire has not been ]n response to his proclamation, 1 L . i « i f -ii i _ - 1 _ - * \J1 lillll UA Hit -in ·- ii "J n--". u"-«-«i ( i j I v a i J U J I f l t LU IlJ^i I ^ I U U I d l l l c l L I ' L J J I . pleted a list of all contnbunon s r d ( , t e r j £ i n c d _ Mrs Kerr who was Trowel Lodge No. 21C, will con- will be published m this paper. | alone jn thc housc at tne timc.'vcnc on the evening of Tuesday, The work room in the Masonic | 9aid thc f i r s t she kncw of the March 23. The Worshipful Mashall will soon be opened at least b , azo was whcn s(]c n( , ard a loud t Wc](Ion BeU slalcs lhat a one day a week and those who wish to do volunteer sewing are requested to watch for the an- Mrs. Nutt Passes Away ·-- Prominent Gencseo Resi dent Dies Early Wcdncs day Following Stroke Funeral services will be hcl at 2 p. m. Saturday at the Barn- h a r t and Johannscn f u n e r a l hom for Mrs. Frank B. Null, 61. who crash outdoors, and ran out to dis.'suitable program 'has been pre-| d .'. c . d at ., 1:3 ° a ' m ' Wednesday cover that the entire roof was'parcd and is confident of an un- ablaze. By the time firemen and usually large attendance on this no-jncement in this paper, ca]l) neiehb ' ors reacrc , d lhe scen e the important occasion. determined by the board.jfor work on that day. Due to thcj c n t i r ( , f j r e was out of con trol, and! limitations are binding, in-shortage of fuel oil, the room has mos( . Qf the c f f o r t s } lal j to b?' will not be possible with- cial permission from fed been closed during the past winter months, and garments for · f - ' a i j'UI l l l l t - a U j r i i l U I I l I t T l l - H-i ( I I V l | frit O i U I J U |^t*i. j u w m - j f~ .gencies in Washington,[making distributed by various ical teachers last year re- individuals. Lotus club with Mrs. pay increases ranging from |5 per cent. The federal law John Miller representative, and American Legion Auxiliary with turned toward protecting the other farm buildings. Even contents of the basement were completely destroyed, including a stock of home-canned foods and a newly installed electric pumping system. Plans, for rebuilding are still pending, and cannot be decided until availability of lumber and other building materials car be determined. Mr. and Mrs. Kcrr arc considering arranging tem- ; Captain Wagner on porary living quarters on the [arm during the summer months, the hope that a farm house __.i be erected before cold weather comes next fall. AuxUizwy Sponsors Wave and Spar Drive American Legion Auxiliary un- [ts raises if present salary'.Mrs. Franklin representative, have |are more than 15 per cent!completed several dozen garments, than on January 1, 1942.|A number of other groups are also -ral, special permission to working on lap robes, etc., at thc ladditional raises has not| present time. Information on any ranted for blanket in-iof these projects may be obtain- of a whole group of cm-'ed from the chairman of the but only to correct mani- chapter. A shipment of yarn is fqjalities within one plant.(expected soon and those who teachers in asking for thelwish to knit should see Mrs. Frank 'however, point out that'Gravenhorst. ichool boards in Iowa have| A Disaster Preparedness plan is granted increases f o r j a t present being worked out in r ar. Whether these i n - ' t h i s area by Mr. Palmer, disaster, I are beyond the 15 per cent'relief chairman for Black Hawk |on is not known. Many county, and Mrs, Wallace Frank- however, raised teachers lin, local disaster relief chair- Jvmelll . B11 ^ B .^.. J _ . to 10 per cent last year, man. This plan includes survey of .^ j n JOWB( j n c l u d i n ? ij. S . s. San still add 5 to 10 per cent facilities for transportation, ho-js- Di Un it No. 207 are cooopcrat- running afoul of federal ing and feeding, medical care and . w j t h the j^avy Recruiting S| on s. jcommunication of sudden need ^ u e r s e r v i c c i n a state-wide drive to i in question is thc storm, fire, flood, etc. It I s ' 0 f f e r information and help in thc fgovernment to enforce its!hopcd that such assistance Wlll i en |j s t n1 ent of women between 20 Tiling against school boards, never be needed, but the freak.^ J6 years of nge wro are eli- s is known, thc only storm and damage just this week .y c for scrv j ce in thc Navy's the law are provisions in the nearby town of Independ- Wavea and Spars, deducting excess Sal-!ence, should remind us that we Mrs n a ) p h Foss, president of! i computing employers' in-[never know when disaster ma y! t |, c \ 0 '^\ unit stated that Mrs. C. r xes ' This penalty would strike, and it is the duty of thc y g arTin art had been appointed f c t the board. There re-;Rcd Cross to be ready. When the\-yfave-Spar procurement chairman course, the patriotic mo-.organization is completed printed!^ th j s area . she explained Mrs. """plying with federal instructions will be posted in pub- jj^rnhart has information about : filiations, and thc oath lie places all over the county. e n ij a tment and introduction cards, *""" k " · - · · ' -- -- ·-· *- » L - w »- whi( . h w ; n aid interested girls in contacting the Navy Recruiting station in Waterloo. , A Wave or a Spar receives $200 in uniforms, a training course,' and when assigned to duty, the I '» any case, since econo-i a r g u m e n t i on t h e other hand, is regular grade pay of a man in the pcration of thc school tne fact that their living costs in corresponding rank. th A years havc not most cases are more than 15 per Each enlistment in the service ne drop m tax rates. If cent ovcr the ]eve i s of January, means that a woman is allowing ari/K 1 , » VCn 15 pcr 1942. It is also true that until last's man to be shifted to a ship or ""M.honal 83,000 would| year ' a rai3e3 were granted, aal-U fighting front. The need for -· the board should I aries here were slightly under the help is urgent. e the pay boost average for schools of this size one or two teach ' j n T owa . At tne present time, "embers take to comply j Give generously to thc War ' a v s. " iFund. The larger part of this factor in the matter of money will be spent for the bene- Wa ffcs is the question of fit of our armed forces overseas. ".Wtes, A $2,000,increase,Don't wait to be "asked. more or less inevitable! - Trip from Alaska Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wagner have received word that their son, Roy Wagner, Jr., an i n f a n t r y captain stationed in Alaska for thc past year and a half, is on the way back to the United States on u month's business trip for the army. He expects to be able to spend some time in La Porte City before returning to Alaska. Time and tide wait for no man --end neither do the want ads. A welcome gift of a refund on their light and power bills, and !,,,,. . _ I bracket for schools of 400 to 500 1 their last quarter water bills waa "acneri side of the- enrollment. - |maU to Acklny resident!. | *- - , was first planned however, they are in the upper CHECK YOUR DATE! We have finished recording all of thc subscription renewals obtained during February, and believe that we have the correct expiration dates on all labels on our mailing list. Please look at your own expiration date on your paper this week, and sec if it is correct. Sorr*e errors are -~ bound to creep in while several hundred listings are being changed, and we want them found and corrected as soon as possible. If your date is not correct, let us know at once, so we may recheck our records and make thc necessary changes. For thc benefit of new subscribers, we might explain once more that their subscription expires on the last day of the month shown on their label. For example, 4-44 means that thc subscription expires the last day of April next year. Subscriptions are stopped promptly on expiration, unless renewed. To avoid missing any issues, plan to bring in or send in ynnr renewal sometime during the month indicated OQ the label of your paper. cmorial hospital in terloo, a few hours afler suffering a stroke at her farm home in thc Gencseo community. Mrs. Nutt, who had been in poor health for some time, suffered a severe heart attack March 7, but had recovered enough to start doing light tasks about the house. She was in her kitchen, getting breakfast, when she suffered the stroke Tuesday morning this week. She was only partially conscious from then until her death. Born Ella B. ftyan, daughter of John and Josephine Ryan, at Humeston December 7, 1881, she married Frank N t t t at Humcslon November 1C, 1905. Thc couple went to Waterloo, where they lived u n t i l 19J1, and then went to Lhc farm near Gcncsco where, they lived the remainder of their lives. Mr. N u t t died October 1, 1941. Surviving Storm Rips Farm Here Wind and Lightning Do Heavy Damage Around Here Monday Night j * i L i g h t n i n g anil high w i n d s which accompanied a "cold front 1 maturity value. Still to be decided is the question of whether- bond pludgca by SCRAP Farmers- ari reminded that anutlic'r scrap iron collection drive is to be staged in Illiick H a w k county this spring. T h e y arc urged to get their old iron f i n d other Kemp i f i L u one pile r i g h t away, he fore Hie start of spring work makes it hard for t h e m to find Lime for the job. r.ri Porl" City mrn working in . . . . ,. wr p l a n t s w i l l be credited against , swept i n L o Iowa Monday t i ] r j ,,,,.,,, t ()| . m u n u , ( ) ^ mght destroyed a bnrn on the O r lhc Wiil ,. r]lM [,,,,,,. rh( , i||i[)n Vernon Aycr.s farm in K p r m B was expre,ss,.,| at tlie m r e l i n g that Creek town,!,,,,, and did a good lll( , rc W!IS ,,,, ,,,. lm . l; , lf m ., ki ·leal of damage on the Ivan Buck t h ( , t;l ,,,,,,. u n ] ( . s s U|( , [OWI| -arm, where a m i n i a t u r e Lwislor ,,,.,.;,,,,,, ,,,.,.,,; t Ior ,, dcduc . appear, to have struck. _ Serious t i o n plt(1( , L . s si(flll , (1 a t . WllUrloo properly damage from w i n d was by ,, JC|l , ,,,,.,,_ ,,,,, f : h . l i r n i i l l l Ko reported in tin neighbor- Hawkins yaiil thai he l,al not as hood and some at ha K le C e n t e r ; v(!l ,,,,,, . lljl( , U) t n ,,,,.,, r u l i and at Independence damage on t(](J (|U( ., Lio/ , f r o m A _ ,.;. Ilan . amounted lo almc.,l a quarter ol | ( , a |, o[ Waterloo, county chair- million dollars. Lightning struck the burn on the Ayers f a i m al about seven I It WIIK decided, liowevi-r. at. the /clock, The Brandon fire d e p a r t - , m a t i n g , which w ; ,,s attended both me,:t was called, but the barn was! b y , L : f ' Orte C l l y "·l"TMeiilative S 'unu by representatives of IJig are four children, a total loss before the firemen COL Id reach the scene. Lost in the fire wen more than 40 laying hells, some f a r m ma- hinery anJ some beans and hay, Tractor tires stored in thc barn verc saved. Mr. Ayers was in bed with the flu 'A-?ien the lightning struck. At the Bu'-'k farm, old Stumma Creek township, t h a t the ten or fifteen f a r m s inside the city limits of Lu Porte Oily would be solicited by tin: town group, and counted on the La Porte City total. This will leave a p p r o x i m a t e l y 100 farms to meet thc ?52,000 township q u o t a -- a n average of fSOO to the farm. place, a garage was demolished, Tentative quotas will be the cattle shed damaged, and a «.' cstc(l to i n d i v i d u a l s who as windmill -badly twisted. The wind Vlcc a l j o u t n o w " llJch '""' TI «r D , il · it" wrecked the buildings hi Henry W. Peters, all of this com-; , . . . , u i i · r . ; _ , , . , , I them, h u r l i n g t h e debris f o r m u n i t y , Frank and I ranees a r c / . ' h _ . ! _ _ _ T _ I ,-._.. I , . _ -- f n u ^ . 1 ' O U f i , . , . , , , , . M missed both housc and barn, but P |cJ R c . l ) u t »" c r f o r t wi " b(; Prank, John, IrinMs and Mr3. w . c c k e d ^ f j L i ) ( ) i n ^ bct ' wcn made locally to high pressure any' munyi"'"-' in '° s 'K nl "tf for a n v specific l u u n amount. The community hna been at home, John operates a farm " asked to i n s t a l l the payroll de- j u s t across thc road, and M r s . I . , _^. , ? ,,. duction plnn of bond purchasing. Peters is employed at the LallVirS. JVOCll6r S ixlll I but no action was taken on this Porte City State bank. iDlGS HI Air Crash /'suggestion at Monday night's Also surviving are a brother, Chas. B. Ryan of Boonville, la.; and three sisters, Mrs. Lillian Kinseth of Conger, Minn.; Mrs. Effic Lloyd of San Francisco artU Mrs, Frances Bibb of Sacramento. The body is at the Barnhart Johannsen funeral home. Fun-1 have been received. eral arrangements were delayed] until it was found that Henry Peters would be able to o^'"^ TT-IA an army furlough to return h o m e j r O r HlllOn for the funeral, which will be con-l JT, C infant daughter, Mary lucted by Rev. Donald Hartman.j Evelyn, of Mr. nnd Mrs. George Mrs. B. F. Kocher received a message Saturday morning that her nephew, Henry Allen Norn's, who is in the air sen-ice was' killed in a plane crash. He has . , . , - . been in the sen-ice for two years *"'* ^ "«""'« ^d ts pnn. and a half and formerly Jived i n l c ' P a l streets, This was Uoundy, Coats, Kansas. No particulars " ne of a team of spotted ponies ROLiNDY MISSING Bedford citizens arc mourning the loss of a harnessed to thc local pickup wag. on of Lou Thompson. Roundy, 17, died from injuries received in hia stall. SCARCE WAR MATERIALS --- ~ ., .... u « 14D u Cresco high school boys arc ad, ot "the "censseo crrareh.J ff,iton,' who Tras"born"°oii"Mon^ verti sing for a dozen old crosscut Burial will be in West View: dav Mftrrn 15p dicd c]cvcn houra saws out of which they hope to cemetery. later. Services were held at the ?" e mves f0r ase o£ Uncle I RTftvc in West View cemetery by . J" s f 'P ht ' n ? forccs ln ^c Jap, j-Rev. Ralph Supplec on Tuesday :*.t 1:30 p. m. John Betts to Aid Farm Employment . John Betts has been unpointed | Since Jan, 16, thirty carloads i- the UnitmJ State* omptnymont of soy beans have been shipped ffice M a "C* tetwwm" to help from * Clarksville elentor to gov- ocal farmer* obtain help, and «rnment depot* in Memphis, Tenn. to find fun job* ta ' M»v31ie b«an« wen MudMa*4 r' ' ' ·»« M* ^ ffiiiiiBHffi^^fe infested islands of thc Pacific. TIN DRIVE Another tin can aalnge drive will be hold here Sat- urdty, with the ]Boy Sconta a truck prfid«a by · 1J -- · · · - " ' - · · " - J i ' : . ' r . * ^ iNEWSPA'FERr

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