The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 27, 1963 · 63
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 63

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1963
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'Hud' Provocative Tale of Angry Men Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas Score in Off-Beat Film Plav BY JOHN L. SCOTT Hud." new film at Grauman's Chinese Theater, Is a bewildering, at times brilliant, bitter look at life in the raw. Located in modern Texas, the production pits son against father in a battle of hate and is not recommended for those who prefer to view their movies through rose - colored Paul Newman work by Martin Ritt in his direction of the controversial, single-track plot, are definite credits, turning "Hud" into an absorhing, if troubling, cinematic experience. In the picture Newman gives one of his finest portrayals as a wretched young punk who deserves and asks no sympathy. He's an immoral, or perhaps unmoral, nonconformist who tries to have his father declared incompetent to run the ranch, assaults the house-. keeper and winds up alone but defiant with his land after his parent passes on. Son Refuses to Change Douglas, the hardbitten, pioneer type, is determined to break Newman as he would a recalcitrant horse; but he fails and. after witnessing the extermination of his entire herd of cattle by hoof and mouth disease (a horrible but unforgettable sequence) he comes to a bitter end himself. It's a powerful, wrenching portrayal. Patricia Neal, a surprising but eminently satisfactory selection, provides a bit of bawdy humor here and there and combines drabness and attractiveness in quite wonderful fashion. The fourth principal, Brandon De Wilde, as Hud's nephew whose father's mysterious death was supposed to be somehow linked with Newman 15 years before, is a good choice for the role. At the finish the nephew deserts his uncle, unable to stomach the latter's meanness and lack of character. Strong Supporting Cast Others who contribute useful support are Whit Bis-sell, John Ashley, Val Avery, Crahan Denton, Sheldon Allman. Peter Brooks, Curt Conway, Pitt Herbert and Yvette Vickers. Director Ritt, becoming noted for his emotion-risers, pulls no punches to attract down-the-middle theatergoers. His "Hud" will either aggravate or delight you. Personally, I was delightfully aggravated. Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank Jr. wrote the screenplay based on a novel, "Horseman, Pass By" by Larry McMurtry. Ravetch and Ritt co-produced the film for Paramount release. It is a pleasure to credit James Wong Howe, long one of the best, with fine photography. Elmer Bernstein provides the rather melancholy musical score. A NOVEL EXPERIMENT involving an American ballet to be called "The Prospector" is being prepared by Gene Nelson in association with Nico Charisse, who created the fantasy. Woven around an incident in the life, and death, of a California prospector, the subject will be a three-reeler. Nelson said a musical score has been written and will be conducted by William Friml, son of Rudolf. Nature's elements wind, rain, sand, etc. will be the only sets used. Elizabeth Ashley, who scored in "Take Her, She's Mine," is testing for an important role in Paramount's "The Carpetbaggers." The old master of the slow-burn, and double-take, Edgar Buchanan, has been cast in the Doris Day-James Garner-Polly Bergen comedy, "Move Over Darling" at 20th Century-Fox. Michael Gordon is directing. Gogi Goes Dramatic Gogi Grant, who established a new house record during a recent appearance at the Nugget in Reno, was signed for her first straight dramatic role in "Interna tional Hotel," which rolls in Singapore in the fall. starring GEORGE son PIVCADn UUIL UIUU GLADYS COOPER MARCEL DALIO JACQUES ROUX Stntooiqa) ANTHONY VEIUER Starts WEDNESDAY in a Theatre or Drive -in near you glasses. While one is never quite rerta in why, Melvyn Douglas as an aging cattleman and Paul Newman as his unpleasant, pleasure-seeking son detest each other; and two hours of this type of conflict can prove distasteful. However, vivid p e r-formances of principals, including Patricia Neal as the hired girl who works for this strange household, and some yeoman 'Paranoiac' Screening Janette Scott and Oliver Reed star in "Paranoiac," now playing in a city-wide multiple run at theaters including the Orpheum downtown, the Hollywood, Hollvwood and the Studio and Canoga Park Drive-ins. DANA WYNT R JK Directed by JOHN HUSTON an HERBERT MARSHALL DWARO UWI$-ii-Aimai Mon If XCU. LJLlIej Kitt Make Willi Made The combination of Tony Martin and Eartha Kitt was a winning one for the large crowd attending "Concert Gala" presented by Irwin Parnes and sponsored by the National Federation of Tern pie Brotherhoods in Shrine Auditorium Saturday night With David Forester and the Hollywood Pops Orches tra to augment the proceed ings, the entertainment ob viously suited everyone to Whereas Miss Kitt took charge of the spice, Tony Martin supplied the sugar and everything nice. He dispensed freely the debonair charm for which he is noted and maintained enough standby energy to conduct the orchestra over his shoul der while singing, to cue the vocal quartet who accom panied him during his act, and to relive a few bov- hood memories in a series of humorous recollections. A Mixed Offering His songs belonged to the present ("Days of Wine and Roses," "What Kind of Fool Am I") as well as to the past ("Breezin' Along With the Breeze, Lullaby of Broad way"), and some of the tunes might even be said to belong to him alone ("There's No Tomorrow"). I Martin forewarned the au dience of the excitement in store at the appearance of Eartha Kitt, and he was proved more than correct in his prediction the instant the sultry singer, clad in a red sheath, emerged from the wings. As usual, Miss Kitt's material centered on love and money, but with this sorceress practicing her vo cal witchery, who needs! more? Sly and Saucy She let the devil take to morrow in 1 want to Be Evil," then purred "C'est Si Bon," and later turned sly and saucy as the "Old Fashioned Girl" who just wants an old-fashioned house with wall-to-wall money. The orchestra filled out the program with several numbers and afforded com fortable support for the performers. MIMl CLAR. SKAT NOW ON SALE AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL I METR0-GOLDWYN MAYER - megs YTJODRJ TECHNICOLOR" TONIGHT 8:30 P.M. EVENINGS AT 8:30 p.m. (Except Sat. 8:45 & Sun. 8:00 p.m.) MAT. 2:00 p.m. WED., SUN. HOU SAT. MATS. 1:30 & 5:00 p.m. Boxoffice now open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sun. 12 Noon Reserved Seat Performances Reserved Seat Tickets at Box Office or Mall Order or So. Calif. Music Co., 637 So. Hill, and all Mutual Agencies (phone MA. 7-1248 for your nearest location.) BEST PICTURE WINNER OF 7 ACADEMY AWARDS! ' i TMt MM Ml-DrUl aUKH RWMSUN IS TONIGHT at 8:00 EfftrTJ SATS MUM -Ml WOOUWJ STANLEY-WARNER BEVERLY MILLS l4l4IUWfllteM.ttM1J1." "7M laterves Stt Tickets at lei Offlei ar Mall Order er I. Calif. Musie c., 137 ae. kid, am) III mutual in if MA. 7-H48 for row nearest lecatteM THRUST INTO INTRIGUE... THREATENED IS Tfcwmtvcnr mMnTtxtrnMABvnm COLOR I Continuous PirfonruncM J FcpuUffricttH iSOPRAiWS FORMAT WELL DESIGNED Marylou Keller Pleasing in Recital A song recital notable for intelligent planning was giv en by Marylou Keller in As sistance League Playhouse Saturday nignt. lhe young soprano obviously knew her limitations and designed the format of her program ac cordingly. For one thing, the agenda was agreeably brief. There was no attempt to represent all styles and all periods of music. For another, it contained no taxing arias. Nor was there the selection of ditties so many singers in clude to please the public, Thoughtful Approach With so thoughtful an ap proach to her metier, it seems likely Miss Keller will HERE AND NOW MtSIC USC OPERA DEPART-M E N T, Walter Durioux conducting excerpts from operas. Bovard Auditorium, USC, 8. Also Wednesday, 8. Free. JOANNA DE KEYSER, cellist; Marilyn Neely, pianist. Hancock Auditorium, USC, 8:30. Free. LECTURE "RECENT TRENDS IN IN-STRUMENTAL AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC," by Maurice Kagel, Bridges Hall of Music, Pomona College, 8:15. MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY in moiificiim aWHHBMBMBl HMHIOJN UlTM MNMItlON ? TICHNICOlOa 1712 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. Raaawad Sua! TtekaU et Bi Offlea or Mill Ordaf ar Is. CaM. MuXc C., I7 as. HiU at., H4 all Mutual Aftncn (shsns MA. 7 1248 for your iwareet location) aM at aH Unltsd Artiata Tlwatrea. Downfall of Capons Empire!" . :' THE t- ' -i SCARFACED TARKIN9 ' P ' ROBERT KEENAN STACKWYNN afar - -MOlLVWOOp MCAtfCJU. "WE SHALL SMI HsIlnMM' I ff ( RETURN!" Cttar ROMERO "The SCARFACED MAR," filUD MWE SHALL RETURN 1" GARDtN TWIN-VUE omvi in OA.4-512T h COLOR MNAVISrON CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES . Inn tin Mm. -Fit 11:38 Sat, Sh. 10:11 hrkiat f wit ViMrtw - Matrwai tm CttUr liMyti f! . TOWN ww rf -T " i DC on mon ss ma un am vi; im m m 'PlIMJl'." mium i productm ; unci OotaVIti'. . TtrWU.riWJ FILM W:' I rTt Ih-ji Vflii .. I Tiirr nil i til m.-niit?iii WIUHIfliMW LAMIA m.1 1211. 4th Wfk! A HOT-BED OF THEIR LOVE BY A HIDDEN ENEMY! AmWMk CHURCH BJI OKADA-PAT HINGLE kUKrvinSAincTUK VO: KoroumK! f i in time iron out some of the flaws that beset her singing. Among them are a vibrato that is too intense to be en tirely pleasing; some shrill ness in the top tones that might disappear with greater relaxation; and insufficient control of the voice when the dynamics are soft, which could be remedied by an im proved technique of breath ing. Miss Keller is obviously musical. Her Intonation is true, her perception of a song's meaning is clear and her interpretation accordingly appropriate. Still more ex pressiveness in the voice would even be better, and is fy'Gala Premier e:M ( TOM0RROV.8:30 Stars! Lights! Glamour! Excitement! SAMUEL BRONSTON presents' tf If! CHARLTON fi AVA PestoiiIaher 7 I mmJ MritFlXi m mm ,m r YORDAN- BERNARD ijs BEVERLY wed 1 20BM.BmrlyDr. CR. 5-4484. vv t--" EVES. 8:30 MATS. WED. I SAT. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - RESERVED SECTION SEATING! TICKETS MAY BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE BY MAIL OR AT THE BOXOFFICE FOR ALL PERFORMANCES! Nm .Addraac No. of tlckat Alternate Date .at$. . Data. me of a aaat for the performance INCLOSE CHICK OR MONEY ORDER TO BEVERLY THEATRE PRICES: EVES, i SUN, i HOI. MATS. $2,80 & $2.40 WED. & SAT. MATS $2 C&eaters Spoken Dtama Los Angeles CIVIC LIGHT v mm LAST 2 WEEKS Eves, excapt Sun, S;30 Mats. Wad. A Sat MO SaU AoailalU Opening Mon. June 10 Ticket Now On Sale JOHN RAITT JAN CLAYTON In a new CMC Light Opera production ef RodgrB & HammtrtlrVB CAROUSEL alsostarrfnc PAT STANLEY with PRANK raHtCTTAOmALD PRIOI DON BBOOOB and CLARAMAE TURNER Tickets for Camelot'and Carousel at Philharmonic Box Office, Southern Calif. Music Co. & All Mutual Agencies No mail or phone order i mm. by Im m. tm. MB one g noLLiuoon cEim:n theatre on La Pttlmat mk Sunirt Wed. thru bandar KM. Mat. 7:30 & 10: S Reaervetinns: HO. J-6797 All Mutnal Atenries Hcxxkt nkA. j am I hit m untT 366 N. ll Citncgi likely to help her restrain some superfluous gesturing. With Raymond McFeeters at the piano, Miss Keller easily disposed of her neatly ar ranged repertoire consisting ot three charming songs by Cimarosa; five songs by Brahms including "Immer leiser wird mein Schlum- mer," "In waldeinsamkeit" and "Von ewiger Liebe"; Hugo Wolfs "Verborgen-heit," "Nimmersatte Liebe," Das verlassene Magdlein" and Elfenlied": the Air de Lia and three songs by De bussy, and contemporary American sonss bv Diamond. Chenoweth, Haubiel, Menotti and Duke. WALTER ARLEN omThii REVCRLV ti DAVID JIVEII The ONE picture that surpasses the excitement and magnificence, the adventure and romance of the unforgettable 'ELCID'l mum uosdm mm mwm nmtvmwKmmmm OIMIDOMKIN SOON "fNKHOlASRAf 1SAM1ETO0N SUPER TECHWRAMA'TECHNiCfXOR- KwamuEDtfrSTS 2 P.M. SUN. MATS. 2 1 3:13 .MitD Eva. 0 .1 understand that each ticket aasuree specified on the ticket. OPERA Philharmonic Aud. Mil mm t 1 1 1 K1 X 8-8188 1 V& JEROME ROESINS' Production HERM10NE 6INGCLD m mm" VSIparK .f I 8804 PaeHIa I A! lu itm ARTHUR tinday ilfternoon nan "Midly Finny" L.A. Tines. If Tleajtsi I. U. Cat. ll flM, IrH I i Bivd. OL Musis Cs. I All Abscise tPlflngtlff Zimx MOrMAY27.i963-rtlV J 'Birdie Proves Bonanza for Teen-Age Dancers The filming of "Bye Bye Birdie" proved a bonanza for the d a n c e r s of Hollywood with just about every hoof er in town being used in the Columbia Pictures Panavi- sion and color release which continues Its exclusive en gagement at the Hollywood raramouni i neater. In all. some 500 dancers worked during the course of NATIONAL GENERAL CORPORATION rt mul itLUiii niinni IS I1UU s at : DOUGLAS NEAL-de WILDE PaNAASON- (Ml M imaIAeilACTCH - aWrti BiaM aw- RKII K m Mttri Mir MMU niUIH AN ALLSTEREOPHONIC CALL, Trig AT8 6 or CW. UOA , BW. 2-9201 PAUL IIEVMAII WALT WALT DISNEY'S "Tttt WALT DISNEY'S iVfl Jrantasial fBEST PICTURE OF ALL TIME" -NATIONAL CUMce Mats for today ratarva at box effieei .Tickets at all Mutual Af artelH-MH 7 - k Niihtlyl:J0-Sun.atlP.M. Mitt. Wed.. Sat. Sun. at 2 yr?isBgiimi "BEST AMERICAN DAViDUSH Fll Ml" -Timer RkautMi AWAXU HURRY ANTHOKY ORSON J 10SAN6EIES TI CARTHAY 7HIIW6E8T my-CIRCLE .'V'30,-. 8.1IS San ViatnteBmoffrct Open 10 to WE 3-9147 RESERVED SEATS EL REY C. Heston-G. Cltaklrli 8817 wilthlrt DIAMOND HEAD D. Kayt, WE l. not 8:48 Man From Dinar's Club FAIRFAX 7907 Bw. Bl. WE 931 IS 6:48 Roz Russall-N. Wood, GYPSY; 0. Kaya, Man From Duier'a Club HIGHLAND , sso4 n. Fie. 78a CYPSYj B. Hope. CL 8-8848 848 L Ball, Critic's Choice LIDO 8807 W. PImMI OL 1-8396 Far last 2 Oays! "THE TRIAL" MESA so. Wood-Chakirls-Morano, M'V;. West Side Story r 1 WESTCHESTER , LOYOLA p Boona-Barbart I y V"" .... wniMm i.iiiw BfllO geaulvaoa cam, icLiun v,nnni , sr 6-1410 m. ss4t fiui woman nunt KflRTIIUS-WCTtgrS) vmmt tWILSHIRE Wait Dianay's "FANTASIA" "DAVID & LISA" Open Dally 2 P.M. K440 WlUhire OL 3-083 S 41 "MQNDO CANE" Adults Please! Pat Boone-Barbara Eden, YELLOW CANARY; Plus Woman Hunt Fonda, IN COOL OF DAYj Presley, HAPPENED AT WORLD'S FAIR LEN0ALE T2 Gregory Peck In TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD) Come Fly With Ma Adults Please! "MON DO CANE Plus Stark Fear SANTA MONICA.VENICE Pat Boone-Barbara Eden, YELLOW CANARY Plus Woman Hunt "MQNDO CANE Adults Please! C. Heston-G. Chakiris, DIAMOND HEADiD.Ksye, Man From Dinar's Club INIUW00D Greiory Peek In TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD; Come Fly wnn we Adults Please! "MON DO CANE" Plus Stark Fear C Heston-G. Chakiris, DIAMOND HEAD; Newman, Sweet Bird Ot Youth 1 KDOHN 1 W8WnM'liaH8S resedondcaB,crNARYl Fit 4-8408 Plus Woman Hunt pRMOSA "MQNDO CANE" Adults Please! . Cnjory Peck In TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD; Man Front Dinar's Club HUNTINGTON PARK EU'CCHPTON D Adults Pleaea! "MONDO CANE" Plus Stark Fear 2 Horrific Hits! PARANOIAC; Battle leyond The tm Al r78B CTHeston-G. Chakiris, AU. itGHa, I DIAM0N0 HEAD, 0. Kays. u sVssoa Ml Man From Dinar's Club Adulta Please! "MONDO CANE" Plus Stark Fear RIVERSIDE iMaMM Adulta Please! "MONDO CANE" . Plus Stark Fear ninctl PTBoona-B. Edan, In fYC YELLOW CANARY; Court. Y 4-488S a. I " " nn. . .k, rM rHrt.a'a Fathr RAN URNARJINO fl Adults Please! "MONDO CAN!" Pius Stark Fear a. t -At I 1WvFINE ARTS IVM8SitWllllllr a OL ;-!33 fN VILLAGE VgJ 0 3-3042 6:41 inj WMtwood S-Al yCj GH7-;4g7 X CULVER Igjve i.jim I 1alex I Ctntlnuout It " CH -l28 Vt GLEN DALE v 00.6:45 V CSV CH 1-2818 I van PDITFPinN I m r i I T ACADEMY Prk :4I MS m 8-248 - VS1 LAMAR I 1CJV f 2-8W0 848 'I RV LJ 1 1 California I USmrta 1 I fM I II 9 Kl II Cawpta" ..Par ,49k. NI8.I3I8-8M V3rl OV 7219 li iiornn J?), hm l At TU 1-1671 the picture, which star Jan-et Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margret. Maureen Sta-. pleton, Bobby Rydell and. Jesse Pearson. The "Honest ly Sincere" number alon found 300 teen-age dancers plying their trade for chore ographer Onna White and di rector oeorge Sidney. -eye eye Birdie" was produced by Fred Kohlmar. BJTT - BVN3 RlrtTnjl HWSTfBWa! RSTEI -i WMMKIO. HO 4 1111 1 cA'"MI baor BR 2-9261 1 "WINTERTIME : IN MELBOURNE' PROGRAM I axLuaivcLT at I DISNEY'S;:: WihhfiiHiaCawna WtltStJ. Blll 4 few" OailnS4SP.M. ll..8ui. 1:13M. BOARD OF REVIEW DAY m eaa 1241 CARTHAY CIRCLE UISW. Smvicaiita. I.A a Wt a tl4 P.M. ro"S. Milton - ; MM I 9 -M IIQ - I AJAUl "HAPPV INNIVPRSABV l'.fitV WlBrltKlBoonoptiiliOrjlKaijDtT Ml DAYS) , mtt t&trn ACADEMY JEANNE MOREAU I AWARD WINNER ELSA lURIINElU III -But Cartoon WELLES 1 'THE HOLE' eoioa MOUYWOOi I Tonite! MAJOR STUDI9 a. II :4a PREVIEW, Clr.-8:S0 PMI H04-6MI Pius Newman In HUD Hollywood 120-8 A.M. 2 Horrific Hits! PARANOIAC; Battle Beyond The Sun UNTIL 5 AM. DAILY HO S-9371 OPEN ALL NIGHT- Iris 29a gyi Pat Boone-Barbara vitam Pk. Eden. YELLOW CANARY. HO 3-2184 12:18 Plus Women Hunt VOGUE "MflNDQ CANE" 6678 HollywS. ho .e2i. 1 2 aw Aguits neasa L i SAM f ERRANDS VAUiY f "1 STUDIO CITt Greiory Pack In TO Da. fixpam KILL A MOCKINGBIRD; Ta 7-1877 40 Pounds Of Trouble LHP0RTAL "MONDOCANr TR 7.2883 12:11 Adults Pleaae! n R. Russell-Natalle 6181 f 0 2.227 6:46 L. Ball, Critic's Chelet . LA REINA Sherntn Oakt ST 4. 1 141 8:45 "MONDO CANE" Adults Please! Pat Boons-Barbara Edan, YELLOW CANARY) Plus Woman Hunt t R. Russell-Natalle ' Wood, GYPSY; R. Heee-Bail, Crltie's Choice Van Nuya T 3-2734 IJ 6251 Van Nuya IT (.38416:46 rP FOX-Cc C0NEJ0 VI LIAR E THOUSAND OAKS 3 Coneio Greiory Peck in 10 up. ea 468-700S KILL A MOCKINGBIRD; 40 Pounds or Trouble I REOlANDt IANNINR REDLANDS lory I upon a:4a PY 9-4331 KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: r S. Dee, A Summer Place BANN NG Hepburn-Ferrer-Fentia. 0? :45 WAR AND PEACE; 6 lane vi 8-3714 ford. The Sheas Mae I "i puaa-M.pmDtM "J ACADEMY Greiory Peck la TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD ' "MONDO CANE" Adults Please! sW" 848 Park SV 2-7I3S I. Ruaaa I.NatallA So. Paaadena MU 2 I2S8 6:46 Ball. Critic's Choice '.- POMONA. UYERUE RNTARIQ.CUREMONT FOX Adults Please! Peman Da. A NA 2-1353 "MONDO CANE" Plue Stark Fasr MT. BALOY DRIVE-IN Feothill.Wdlta IV 3-483) Pat Boone-Barbara Eden. YELLOW CANARYl Ford-Jonas, Courtship .-Of Eddie's Esther GRANADA Ontario 6 l 2 All Time Grssts! lit Taylor In SIANT; S. Dee. A Summer Place vJ 884.2248 VTlTagT Claramant lemmon-aemics, oatj AF WIN! a tflSFS: NA 4-2412 8-48 Sellers. Make Mlae Mink " 1 BRAN8E COUNTY j West Coast MMt r,,,,, 8a"a A.. 11 "MONDO CANE" Kl 3-8317 12:48 PIUS Stark Mar POT Adulta Please! "MONDO CANE" Plus Stark Pear Afithtlm KE 1-302 fl "41 FOX Fullarton la 8.JI8I ea G. Peck, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD; Courtship Of Eddie's Esther 0 LONG BEACH-SEAL BEACH WEST C0AS1 Con). 12 h e-4?ns Adults Plsaaa! "MONDO CANE" Plus Stsrk Far 6. Peck. TO KILL A ' . MOCKINGBIRD) Court-ship ot Eddie's Esther 4276 Attaatle oe. 8 Pars C. Heston-G. Chakiris, DIAM0N0 HEADiD.Ksye. Man From Diner's Club HI 8-IMI Pat Boons-lsrbara Edan, YELLOW CANARY) S. Dee, A Summer Pise 2 All Time Greets! Hi Taylor In GiANTt . S Dee A Summer eiaet' Oaan It HI 6-8871 Bay &i I Baa ts e.ius FT RAN PEORR STRAND San PtaX TI t 7WI-I Sclents Fictlsn! PARANOIAC) 0. Hart Come iy with Me i (nil li 11 '.! RAKERSFIELt tAMTA PAUL 1 FUa alaiien oianOo. int liaartflald FA 8-76D M UGLY AMERICAN) Peter ' tsilers. I Like Mey, RNIA 1. Wavne-0. Martin. akartfiaia RIO BRAV9; S'natrf i Martin, OCEAN'S H Fonda, IN COOL 6 FA t-lU r)M for Sta ta Pals DAY; L. nsrvay-Nuysv JA6-4H6 614S A Girl Named Taoitei Day8.4T I P. Day, Pisese Don t ut osisisa

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