Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 19, 1895 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1895
Page 2
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I ,1 y; ,li I SI 'PLUG TOBACCO wnsamera ojctiey/injTODaccowiio are wiilina to pau a little more llan o r j the price charged for tne ordinary trade tokccos, willjindfe trand superior to all others- BEWARE OF IMITATION S EVERY DAY FOR 23 YEARS Letters have come from all parts of the country telling of cures wrought by Dr. CLARK JOHNSON'S INDIAN U30D SYRUP 111 CAICS OF Scrofula, Chronic Blood Disorders, and especially Rheumatism; also, Chills and Fever; Dyspepsia and \ Dropsy. TWENTY MILLION BOTTLESsoIdsinceiSTo First and Foremost it Is the FAMILY REMEDY. \ It Raves Doctor's billi. Should be in every household. Read what one of its many thousands of grateful friends says about it: "Several Doctors treated me Cor Rheunuttarn, but did me no good. I tried various remedies, but obtained no relief. I Buffered (or yean. My neighbor (Mr. Zeller) told me of your Icdlan Blood Syrup, and I used It, I am thankful to say, with success | it cured DIE entirely." ALFRED BROWN, Klrkwood, Appanooae Co., Iowa. BtF* All Druggists have sold it for the psst 23 years. ON. CLARK JOHNSON, TT W.THIRD STRICT, NEW YORK. L DUCLAS I3THEBE3T. TIT FOR A KINO. CORDOVAN; l l S 1 *3. S -°POLICE,3SOLE5. -EXTRA FINE- S2.*l.7?BOYSSCHOQlSHO£i ·I.ATJIES- SEND ran CATALOGUE f - L. · D O U G I_£ . 3 S Over One Million People ·wcartho W. L. Douglas $3 $4 Shoes All ou- shoes arc equally satisfactory They tfve the hest vnluc (or llio money. They equal custom ·hoes In itylr and fit. Tb=fr wcurlnequallllc-8 are iinsurpansd. The prlcM oro unllorm.-.-Blnmped on gale. Prom Si to 53 Bnvcd over other raokcu. llyourdcalercannottupplyyuuwocan. Sold by W. D. WAGOKEII Co. Singer Sewing 'Machines [West Itoom, Syndicate Ulock.] THB GENUINE SINGUH in un -qiiestlonlibly the best aewiiiff ma Hin the market to day. Ma ihinea Bre aold on uasy terms imd at prlcea reasonably low. Call and see them and get prlcea. Repairing mnchmeB and other light Heneral repairing done CHJ short notice, lu a workmanlike manner. ChHruealow. Needles-lor all kinds of machines, repairs ot nil kinds furnished promptly. ·WARD COOPER SHERIFF KEDGrSAVE. WINCHESTER'S ta ennyroyallills are tbe tnont powerful." *af«. sure and rdloM* Fill ·/· thit Kind |» (Aa Marktt. Mont ~ " remedy In anpprcw*d uicnetnatloa ilc trouble! arlnlnr Iron " BruntTM of JmunlofU anil all fenialo troubles arlnlnr from It t*«t on* gut tli* PTCncfceifar'* «IM White f-tlij Clrfle Brand Pen* ymtal ri»l«. Onr rrroRiES OF A DISTINQUISHGD BRITISH COLUMBIAN. Vk« Gloomy Aiml'enuy «t Blm Trlnfm r»«th--Row tli* Dur Bvtancd · Bal- lot--Th« Elierlff Iin't Oootw, bus H« ·temped Onl a Smallpox BphUaile. Lying ill the plctoreaqna Tilley «f the ColombiaTirer inUrltlia Coluiubia, with thu Selkirk moaiitalna on ono side and the Rocky monritnlni on tb other, ia tbe town of Donald, cm the CsnLdion Paaific railroad. It iwcd to be known aa a "wido open town," bnt If Ifi now a Bcdalo llttlo plaoo of nearly £, DCO in- babitanta. IE IB the tncerlng p]ai,o of divisions of die railroad, and frgm tbut 011 a ly » tetttra to. am ert side. Ask your Dnirc'l't- II be ..-,111.., I'forToa.orwrltadlntt .. noon receipt of --»··- BMfSo.fcf- ' added Imporuuoe from ii th* borne of Sheriff Bedgrave, Ihe chief offlaial of all that ooantry around for a great dlatanoa. BherlB Bedgrave b a distinguished man not onJy became be holds tbtohlof office theroabontt for many milos, but becoura he ha» a notable past. He boa bad many fierce campaign! with the In- diuua, fana fought fall fnil share of deadly daelii ·with denperodoea, ha* "dropped" his man on more than one occa- don, knows what roughing it «nean« in a oonut-ry tbo wildest of the wjld, and Ear yen.TM before inch · thing u» a railroad waa thonght of in thatconutry woa marked man. Sheriff Bedgrave is alwayi amiable and almost always cheerful. Onoo a rear, however, he ia munifettly troubled and downcast It is a custom in Donald on tbosa ocoaBlona to wuit until goodly oolleotlon of oitizena bare arrived, and then this ocmTOTBOtiou UBQal- "Good morning, sheriff. Ton seam a little tronbled this morning. You look iluu. Nothing gone vsrong, baa thcro?" tome one will auy, and tbe sheriff will makn tbia response: "Ol, no," with an apparent effort to thiov? off bis OBTeworn look, "nothing IB tbe matter, but the fact IB thin is th« annivtisary of B very end day with me, and I never can shako off its remem- BTRDCU." "Indeed?" Home one will Fay, and at that indtntiou tbu sheriff will toll tbia ·lory nf an eventful day in bin career, one aunnnlly Hill bla sera] withud- Onl »«,( to --Commencing Tuesday, Nov. 1311), 'anu each TuudHy thereafter during the winter Hcmon. tbe 11. C. B X Jt'rv.lH run a Phillips Tourist Sleeper io California and Wntern I'olnts This sleeper will be attached to train yo. -, Hindi leavt-a Albert L-i at 3:00 p. DI-, except Sunday, and will rur MA tlie main line, stopping at all joi!'(n betwi-uii Albert LCA rfiidCoMiin- tiii.-. .iuncnon From i-ommliui .lunc- I i ' i i the route is VIH the U II I. I* ii'v to Kansas City ond Hr. Worth J'jcihr H'y will take the c,ir to El I'iso, whim it will IM- dnivnred to ibr Snulh- ern 1'itcilio for Los AnjfMei and San I'Vaneisco, arriving at Lua Angeles at { 7.-OU i. T). the foll.nvintr Saturday. Tbia the fnct that it i J o r t ' ultitude and delightful southern climiite. No anow or severe cold weather. The rate pt/r berth on tble car to Los Angeles or San Francisco ifl only 88.00 from poiutfl Albert Lea to Cedar llap- idh. and S5.3() Irom points goutb of and including Cedar Uapida. The aleeper la fully equipped with bedding, carpets, tablry etc, and hiia upUolntercd aeata A colored jurter accorapanlta each car lor the pmpoae of making up berths, keipiiig tin' cur clean, etc., and a special manager eoea through with eacb car and has utrttou-'U charge et ibe party Sr-cond Clasa Tickets are accepted in tlua LHr If oti are contemplating a trip to C.ihlornlu addreab ihe under ai^ned lor foldcrn giving full uarticu- lara ol thii ayatem ol travel which combines Cheapness, Comfort, aafetv ana Speed. J. MORTON, G. T. P. A.. Cedar Rapids. Iowa. IlvdlK'lCl Bain to tlio XoutU. On J.nm.iry luth, 1895, tne K., C. It. X. li'v ull sell excursion tlcKeie from all points on its lm to the folio wing territory Ail points in Colorado, Indian Territory, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahomu and Arkaniias. .ind to piuuw in Louisiana, New Mexico and SSntiiSent-TTi Missouri. Tickets w i l l b'j aslil at the lixtrernrly Low Rate of One Fare, plus W.OO for the round trip. Good to r e t u r n 20 days from date of .sale. Slop over will be allowed at pleasure. For further particulars dill on your n arest elation aient or ad dress. T. MOKTOK, G. T 1'. A., Odar Kjpida, Iowa, "It wat Jnst 80 yoara ngo today that I was np la the Cunbon country with tbe dearest friend I ever had. Ho was a noble fellow, one that I wonld have gladly given my life to any day wcro thoiu c«]ciiKion to do BO. We were walking through a gorge one afternoon, and | by a Inmoutnblo oversight had only one gnn with, us My frloml hail that. Suddenly wo came face to faae with an enormous grizzly boar, onn of tho old time be.-irB, tromendoaa followa, such na ! we nocd to have In these moontuiiiB. | Tho bear wns Dngry, and I think had j . Ja ycar th of honjll ^ wfctakerg beon atuuff by eome beea He allowed j o £ B i xn t tiJ 8 ' · - ·- fight, nor] I auw lit a gljnoe that it was one or GOAT SMOKES. · Frcferi k Clemr BBTBIU, but Down to Cigarette! If Urn Ha* T*. A billyHOut that smokta oigan and jdat like a man, ia in the of Clmrloa Heber,, at 180 Kraasn street, Cuiourlelet Tbfltjott.bai For Sale By . . R. N. MYERS, Succesaor to J. S. Ebarhart, Illinois Central R. R. In connection with the Southern P-a- cillcCo., will, on and after tbe niget ot November 13th, run from Chicago a Pullman 11UFFET SLEEPER EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT. To connect direct at Avondale (suburb of New Orleans) with ihe Southern I'aulie'a ne°. faat.solid vestibule train, the 'Sunset Limited,' for Houston, Sa Aiitotnon, El Faao, Los AngeH and San Francisco This car for Wjll leave Central Station, ClilcaRO, at SOU a m. Weduebdays, but will be open for occupancy at 9 00 p. m. Tnci- (t^y niitlits. THPOUUH 'RESERVATIONS ChicuB'j to die Coast. ID addition, on and after the nijfht of Xovembor 1 U l i , there will be run a 1'ullmair TOUKM' rj-ppp .SLKKI'KH n V f i V N I U H T oon Be tiimo right for tu, icoriiig Bud determined to kill ni. "My filcnd wai a neryona man, and I oonld lee that he w»a n little fright ened. yon Ja\ow that I un-rer low my iier/o, and no I Mid to him that I thonght hn had better give me the gnu md let rao kill tbe bear, BO HH to make ·Die of tho job. He agreed nod acemcd to be glad to have the rcHponmhility off hia hemda. The bear oamo stiui'jht for us, and I took deliberate Din. He hnd bla mouth open, and I Aimed to shoot him there uml lot the ballot penetrate the brain, and thus mnko a neat job of it \VLon the bear WUH about ten paces off, I polled the trigger. That ballet went straight to ita mark, of conno, but do yon know, jnflt aa It strnok the bear In the month, that animal for uotne IOB- ·on or other turned on bin hoela. Tbe bnllet paauod thiongh hl head, and the bear, turning joat oa U woa pnselug throagli, deflected the ballot, ao that It flew back to OB and killed my friend Instantly by my tide. Yen, this la al- 0 , loronBl , frojn per nncl anything «!se iu aight Billl*, at bo IK called, takes bis. attiata. Dnleat a cigar or cigarette ia provided the after meal enjoyment is all broken up. fen Billle, and he blcaU oontiunaliy vnbl provided with a smoke. No ardent lover ol tb» fragrant w»«d pnlla at a cigar with more relish than thifl goat. A complacent smile onil* bla upper lip when the lighted ,wepd ia placed in his month, and,the right fora loot tnakca motion* toward the whiskers aa though to ttrgke them. But Billle la no ordinary smoker, nor ia he oiukilled in tbe habit He is not only a ooonois- a«ur of the beat clear Havana.goode,,.but la an adept at fast pufflog and graceful manipulation of the Weed while in bifl month. The smoke it -nerer puffed ont ol bin month, Billie inhalesn and blows It ont through bia.noatnlt In great oloudn. It is related, that he .attempted to m.iko H smoke ring onoe,, but in pnckeriug up hia llps^wnllowed tbe oi- gar, blaze nud nil .He evidently relished the bito OB n dainty morsel, for sinco iKli njthoutuliiinge, from Chicago 10 LDS Angeleii. via Avondale. by Hie N,mil; mute. Throughdnnble-herth raifc but 150.00. Thia u»r will lcav Centrsil ht.iliun, C.ncago, lit 3:00 i, m Thuisilay'i,, but -'--il; be open for oc cupancy ,it 9;00 p. rn. Wednesrt»y nigntu. Tina is The ODly True Winter Route To California, owing to low altitudes, and the absence of snow and severe cold vreatlier. Ticket Rates as Low as by Any Oilier Route C H Aslt for Special Californlft Folder of I. C. R. It. ' They, as well as tickets :Ld full information as to rates, can be had of dgfnls ol the Ontral Route and connectn^ lines, or by addressing A. H. HANSON, G. r. A. TOJ aootiBtomcd oheerfnln Sheriff Redgrave hag another thrilling experience that he relates cooasion ally, and it llluiratea his fertility of resomoo In time of great emorgenoy and reveals to somo extent the Tenuous for his popularity and adranoement in the estimation of hi* fellow oiUnsn*. He was np in the Caribou country many yeara n|;o and Btnmbled into a oamp of Indiana where there was on epidemic of ·mallpox raging. It would nerer do for him to letnrn home after having been ·rpoeod to thai contafrlon, and it also ·f no Lucmmuani on bim M a man with ft sympathetic heart to try to stamp out the terrible disease. . He and bLa friend pondered over the situation for B long time, and at lait u plan came to them. "How do yon suppose we itamped fhat amallpoi oatf" the iherifl BBJB as k* tells tha Btory. "Well, it WM thliway. Neldnerof Mhad any medical eduoatloij, and if tr»bad It wouldn't have done any good, tor we bad no rumedles with tu, and it Would have been impossible to make those Indians take any medicine. What do yon think ·we did? We just rounded Op all the Indians that bad tha dienase, and when wo wero euro Chat we had cv- trr ant of them and hod burned all inmr oimctH we Dim«a all tnu juniani up to their uvuks iu the ground and left thorn there for the night The next morning we oaraa around to ae» iiow they were getting along, and--would yon believe Uf--ihtt wolvea bad oome during the night and had eaten off the heads of ev- WJ OM of thoM Lidlani. That stamped «at tU erridemio In. thu.whola aeoalan, wtd to khli day tlMMbM MT« btin a ·MM of unallpox there. It was rather caa«h treatment, bat erer ticca then that tribe of Indian* hart been among my yerrbwtftltiMii."--K«r York Bun. ono or two piiRn at a cigar or cigarette, ·wallows it down, then blo-wa the tmoke out of his iiontrilfl with tha eata and grace thnl \vpuld put to aajimf a two leggod oinarutte fiend. It IK only ol Into that Blllie bu Uken to the aig.irutle habit. It WBB apparently witli mnrh regret that a brother goat In an iidjuiniug yard watched him tcokle the (injiiTs He prt'fura oigan, aa a'rnla, bowevcr, hut when nothmg.betbir la to be had a cicurotte In welcome. Chnrle.H Rcljor, thu owner of the goat, notices bin growing fouriupwf for ola- With is:s=!i aiarai "With S Inn mouth," Tvuiurkwl Mr. Reber, "ho looks liko tlio full ^rown, 18- year-old, 100 uouinl ho is, but when ho -wants to dndu vip with a cute little rigjrctto it t polls bin handsome oostof couutoiiiinco " Mr. Ucber la very tolicitonfl for the welfare of his and hus great o.xp, ctatioiw that the dg- ·rctte rausartc now on in the oily will bo carried into thu Qnlmul kingdom and save his gnat from tho grave Of a confirmed cKjarotto fieud. -- St. LonliQldbe- Democrat. Whnt is ri«.ule,l M the grcateat trl- omph of tin- ii!iotosraplicr was the re- ceut puccei-iliil I'.viH'riniunr by ProfoBSor Ddinuuy of Berlin in taking photo- gnipha of "lip spt*cli." , By making bnccessive negatives of tbe movements cf the HJM of a rapid talkertheaianaged to arrange photcgraphs , printed ' from thrm in such a manoor that deaf motet who Wore familiar with "Up" speech" oonld plainly interpret etoy word that the speaker uttered-- 8t Looia Bapiib- Extremely .Low Itatca to the South The H u r l i n g ton, {Jedar H.tpidH Northern KinUv.'iy will run liome seeker's excursions tu points ID TVn- neasee, MlsM»s:ppi, Louisiana and Alabama, on tliti following dates: January 7lii, February 4lb, Alurcli 41U, April 1st and 2!«h. 1895. From Bta- tiona soiuli ot and including Io«a Fulls Albert Led and Decor,ih one day latqr than the above dates. Tickets will be sold at the extremely low rate ol one 'tire for the jound trip, and will be good to return thirty dftja fron. the date of sale. Stopover will be allowed m Tennessee, Louisiana M-'saUsippj and Alabama. For rates and time of trains call on elation agetita or address J. MORTON, G. \. P. A. Cedar Rapids. Ia. Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving III., writes that be had a severe kidney trouble for many years, with palna in bis back and bladder affected. He tried many BO called kidney cures but no 900* 1 results. About a year ago he use of Electric Ultters and (cudd relict at once. Electric Blttero ia especially adapted to cure of all kidney acd liver troubles mid nfun give* almost instant relief One trial will prove our statement. Price only 50c. for large bottle. At Ulanchaine McGaherans but it little out of sorts. Blpan.i Tab- dies would serve In your case It Is we)/ to have them on hnnd for jue such occasions. BEFORE YOU BUILD . . . . Get Our Prices on Lumber. Our facilities for buying lumber CHEAP, is as good as any in Iowa. And our disposition to SELL it CHEAP better than some. ESTIMATES, figures and information cheerfully given. . C. BU^Ef! CO. Main Street Lumber Dealers. A WINTER'S ENTERTAINMT' GREAT VALUE FOR L.ITTLE MONET WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WOltLD FOR A TRIFLE. --Wood will be taken at the KESS-REVIKW- office on subscript tlon. Briog It now. --B. S. Stantoo sells the celebrated Peoila Stovei, Round Oak nnd Cook.' -^i. wtlsQed customer Is a permanent one. That's why we recommend JfeWltt's Little Early Risen. They eon coMtlpttttoD, intilgwtlon; «nd.MI a twenty-page journal, n the leading Rep :blic?n family paper of the United States. It IB a NATION AL FAMILY I'APElt, and givea nil the,general news of the United hcates It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "AGBICULTUKAI" department has no in tne country. Its "MAIIKET REP · TS" are recognized aiith'outy. Separate departments Tor "THE FA.MLY CIRCLE." "Our Young Folks." and "SCIENCE AND MECHANICS." Ua'-IioMK AND SOCIETY" columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Ita general political news, editorials and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive A SPECIAL CONTRACT enables us to offer this splendid journal auil your home paper for ONLY ONE DOLLAR. AND A HALF Cash in Advance. (The regular subscription for the two papers 13 $2 50) SUBSCRIPTIONS MA.T BESIN A.T ANY TIME. Add reap all orders to the Write A our name and address on a postal card, send it to Ge-j. IV. Best, Room 3 Tribune .Building, N"w York City, and flam pi a copy of THE NEW York · WEEKLY TRIBUNE will be mailed to you. A STOVE FOR $7.00 The Wonderful Acme Heater Examine it at ArDlto Salre. Tbe beat salve In the world for Cuia, UtnltM, 6ore«, Ulcen, Salt Rheum, , Tetter, Chapped Hands - bllblilna, Corui, and all skin Erup lions, Kid potUUely curst Piles «r tnonej will be refunded. Price 26 eta. box. Tor ·»!· by Blanchamt fc REPORT OF THE CONDITION Of Tlic First N'mlonnl Dante or L,» Pone City, In tlio btntc of Io-wu, m the Clone uf KuHlneHH Dec IB, 181)4. 11ESOUKCES, Louni iDd dlscouats...._,,. ....__j Overdrafts, secured anit \iniecuTed U S. Bonds to secure rlrculitlon.. liunklng house, furniture and 11 Due trom 'iil'l I).inks fnot lies . Bu' 1 ITOTH sl^ti T. int.1 .nid naukera Due from np|i-o' tl reserve HKeiits.. -- CLccki ;mil ( r l u r « ifli Items. llitOOCO V BDO 30 2967fi» !i and 378*1 JlflO 12 m Notes of otlirr N.iilonn! banks Fnctional pi|icr LiirreULy. nltki cents.... Lawful Moni-y Iceacrvelo bjiik, vjs: Sped'e -.-. TSM7S Le(wl-tinili"riiutes _ soon ix, 10^847.'. Kedemptloii fiuiil witli L'. H ^reAJiiirtr (B per cent of clrcii.'.iUui,, .....^ CdiK ToUl 19890JB3 I.IAIHI.ITIES. Cd]ilul slock paid lu _ --.... -- .85000UOI Surplus fuuil , 100000" Unuhldcd prolits, leas expenHci anil tuxes paid . ... ,, ,,, 77461 NHtlonnfuaiik notes outstanellnK ...-- " iSuoo Individual deposit* subject to cllerk . .. $+1 7C» 3D Dern.iiiU 1 ; Of deposit! OS 01,881 -H ., ^ ICV.VOj^* STATK OF IOWA, !,, Coiintj of Black Hawk ( T, V. K. Wcttstcln, UiLsnlcr of the above onmtil u«nk, do solemnly swear that the aUore ttalr men: la true to tlie best of m} knowledge and belief. F. E. WF.nBTRIN. CttShler. Subscribed and iwoni to before metlil* nth 5oiniiTT--Attest' Notary Pnblls R. A. I'erklnH, i W. 1L Gnrdncr. J-Dlreclor« K NAHBHt, I Atlanta Ufnnfcrf A GliEAT CH*IC« agents rrantea, To MARB VITAL QUESTIONS ftp *f*ff nAlf PoUllcal·Ke-rr Or THt DAY inilon ° r '" W F I Htm Ufi I · CTlBls ol TO »nd '». llitn« inr Drcail. CoSByslm. Strikes, ltt« uneraplovea, cirenl Labor labors of Ihe pies ent inU lutiiri- T.irlfl Lrv^laiKni. Tim Silver Question Waal, Prowcilon docs for ih« ivirkuwn. \\liat Free Tride iefu for blm. A book tor the hour. Kvtrybedr want It. Price onIv II so Sibils .a sight Musi liberal [ermi to nRraig Seuil tor'clt- cul.inor evuJ a cemt for aircnts oitiotkt one* p. V, Zli,gl« In, Co . M Mirkel hi., »t Mo SMELSER BROTHERS., --PROPIUKTOKS OK-- ,-- HAT* jm-Mea the improved Bock- «; Wuhor«, in od*=dy. For ule bj iy* 'I s ?

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