The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 13, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1818
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r l 1 CORPOaATIOS NOTICE, i IOTlCli it hereby girt o V,t tvtttint 'i - JLv ownrn of ttte tuluwtr.x tota o( Iom ii th V tfy U New - York, that tny are hereby required ' tupr - to the trctutKi or vtafalwiklB ! thr . : aatd oity, without delay, tie cveralsu.Bs of mo - 1 iioy anacard to the following description of tbe , ftremuet - oems iu mi nil assessed a. - ia now re , 4 iriaining napaidupou the same, for opening, re ' rulatirg, luid paving sundry streets, and for con ' , v UarMn wells end pomp therein; together witb ' tba Interest thereon, at the rveol seven percent per annum, (mm Vie time of the eoofirniMinorikw"olnp,",P'"P,B,e.JLJr um res(wcuv assessments to the time oi par meat, with the charxtt of this notice and au 1. ....... Trwrtisement. And they are further notified, that if default enau ia maiie ia such payment, the said iou,rte ct or parceli of land, will be told at public auc tion, at the city hall of the taij uy, on Turs day. the Sddavof November neit. at HoVlock, A. M. by virtue of aa act of tlie legislature of Hi state ot New - York, r awed the ixtnaayor April, in, entitled 'Ao ;cllor tne more tiieci - ' nil collection of taxes and neaaueKt in the city . of New. - York," far the lowest term pf yuan at wnicn any person imaii oner io io us Himsi i 't. - i i tr - . . . i .1 ..... " in consideration of advancinr the sum aiten; ITU Thereon, with tlie intereat thereon, together with ' tti charges cm thu notice and advrrtitt meni.ano . ne .ceruncaie ieae, ana ranoer nuvBriruiciii " required by the aiJ act, and a'l other cottt and ' , chargee to accrue under - (he tuid art. Jfamu of Me rttpectiet tientrt; Awnber oflol$; waof ttrtet ; mi ichitfi vard; fur vhat at - ie$uJf end tht amount. Tr Lawrence, or Mn. Kogrs 'oti M' 834,435, Delaacey'i farm, on Third ttreet, in ' . the tOih ward, asteaeed ibr paving Third - itreet . $ 50 75, and eabject to asses? meut ibr a cistern $t 40. John rfahtead, lot no. 103, on Foltoo - rtreet, ro the U ward, asseifed ibr opainj r'air - itreet, now Putton - ntrMt, $334 50. ' Patrick r'agheo, two !oi, on Mmbftttan - itre .t, ia the 9tt war J, for opening (tSth - atreet, $2 00. Do. four Iota, on Lawrence - it. 9U ward, ibr cpeoinj I25tb - treet, $t 00. . CliarLei emith, a plot of (round between J. IrUlard ar.J VV. W. Woolwry, 9th ward, re - tVlstme70lh;t. 113. Garret Van Waggcoeo, a plot of ground on Ureeowtcn - lane, 9ia ward, lor opening otu ave ' . sue, 20. Cbatka Debereice. lot ' No 57 Leonard - st. 4lh ward, wideoiDg Chapelt. $30. Do. do. J j. do. opening Canal - it. 113 34 ' Andrew Stockholm or Aaron Stockholm, two Iota, Crott - streer, Oth ward, paving Croat - it a3 io. Do. do. lobject to, widening Cro - nt. $73 82. Charlei Dickeuon or Richard Dii kenion, po. 33, 35, 37, Orange it. do. pavme Urange ,$100 14; opennig Canal at. $i2 04. Do. do. do. do. widening Orange t. $H7. Abijah Arden, no. 49, Mulberry ft. 6ih mil l, paring intcnection of Lrojj et. $ 1 Ja. ' Jjhu H. Livingaton, 9 loin, I.ii'ls Water it in th 6th ward, regulatinjr, $155 01. Do. do. tubject to, wiJeniii; Cross tt. $75 04. Do. do. do. ia the 6th war J, openui Canal - Itreet, $184 01. Aaron Stockholm, 6 lot, on Little Water it 6th ward, aatrwei for regulating Little Water - itrett, $111 76. Do. do. lul ject to, filial' lot", $27 12 t - 2. Do. do. do. anetsed ibr opening Canal itrcet. $257 34. John It. LivingftCD, lots no. 40, 42 Si 44, on Orange it. 5U ward, aisctiod for paving Oiane ' it. .'l"l7 98. John It. Litln'.on, M'Carty leste, lot oo. 54, oo Orange it. Oth war J, a. - e?ied for paviug 0; - ango it. 7d 70. Do. do. a - ses?ej for opening Canal at. $20 16. Do. do. aaieticl for widening Orange - ttrcct, $93 00. Do. d. snbjnit to uicimeut ior well ai.d pump, - IS 1JU. Do. do. tor niling up lot, , - 00 50. . Do. do. for rriulatm? Leonard - it. t'49 10, Eatate of Rob't B. Norton, lot no. 13, Orange tt. oth war J, asteiocd for paving Orange - itreet, . $45 31. - v Do. do. aaseie J Tor. widening Orange - itreet, $217 00. Feter Schermerhorn or Dominick Lynch, lots, Orange tt. 6th ward, aaieued for paving Orange it. 97 71. Solomon Wbeeltr, lota no. 497, 499, 49P, . ' 50 1, Oayard'a eat faro), on Orange - atreet,in the 6th ward, tuaeued ibr paving Orange - itrect, ; C3 SO. Soloaon Wheeler, lota no. 497, 498, 490, 501, on Bayard'e farm, in the 6th ward, asscsced for opniti,' ttreet, f 64. . Unknown owner, aid to belong to the estate of Ready, lot no. 612, on Bavarl't farm, Orange - ttreet, inth: Oth ward, asacned for pasin O - . raoge - itreet, ; 17 3, opening L'anal - tlrcet, ; 16, well and pump, I 50. Dominick Lynch, fur 33 feet, opposite Bayar J - itreet, in the 6th ward, aliened ibr paving Ore lie e street. 140 43. D miuiick Lynch, for 125 feet, north of Frank - lia - ttrett, in IheSth ward, aiscuod for paving Or.ri2e - ttreet, S2I2 82, Dominick Lynch, for 92 feet, below Bajard - treet, in the 6th ward, aueraed tor pavuig in tcrrettiou ofOrange - itrfctt, fll 50. Unknown owner, said to belong to the estate of Ready, lot no. 406, Bayard'a f.,roi, Orange - at, in the 6th ward, assessed for paring Orange - it 423 13. ODeniu? Canal - atreet, ,'16. . Mrs. Dale, I'M feet, ' Mnte - atreet, in the 1 at wrd. aaaeaaed for pavinir Mate street, ISO. John R. Livingston, 375 feet on each aide of . Lewis - atreet, asaeased ior rrgulaliug Lewis - st between Rivinrtoa and Stantoa - it. .. 1470 31. And 14 lota of the above property is asseated ibr a well and pamp in Lewit - tt. near 5'tauton - at. 1?4 CO. . Anthony Lamb, 1 lot on Norlblk - street, west aide. 1 00 feet aouth of Grand - street, in the tenth - . ward, asaeeaed Ibr well and pump in Urand - at 45 75, Unknown owner, 1 lot, on Rivin'ton - t next ' td the corner of Cannon - at. west tide, in the 10th i ward, aatened ibr regulating Kivios;ton - at. f 42. Jsaac F. Cox, 1 lot, No. 59 Bayard'a weat farm, on Broadway, la the 6th ward', assessed for paving Broadway, 70 55. EUate of Solomon M. Cohen, i lots, nof. 1213 and 1251, Bayard'a east farm, on Broadway, in - the 8th ward, attested ibr paving Broadway, $117 64. . John Fiora, Slots, not. 1179, 11 CO, and 1181, . Dyckmaa'a farm, on Broadway, in the 8th ward, auetacd for pavuig Broadway, fl 45. By order of the Common Council ... JOHN ..1'COMB, ... Street Cnminiatiooer. N. B. A considerable portion of the above ftropertr ia anbiect to back laxa for several - yeara past, which will be fully explained on the - day of tale, or by calling at the collector's office, No. 2, City - Hall, where every information wilt be given. Street Cornmitaionet,i Office,) ' July 20. 1818. ) ' July2ti law3 A KEYED HARP. JA. GUtTWALDT respectfully invites . the amateurs of mus'c to liunect at his Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical instrument that perfectly equal the harp in sound and far surpasses it in point of ea - y imLw ui, w it u piayea live tne psano by .means o keys, and ccnaequpnlly haa all the ad - vantaeet of brilliant modulation : tits nul, nn, ,a tbe United States. Alan, as elegant Pina Fnrt of fine tone, musical variety and' workiu&nshir). witban asaortmentof dUIcreiit kinds, whose rood qua'.itiea have been testified by tbe tiadersigoed eminent rrofevsora : We the aubsenbers, rmfeuoraof music, do Certiry, that w have carefully examined Mr. J. A. OjUwaldl'sniano - fortes, which, for iazemri - ot ' tr mdicellene of workmanahin aad uniform kri!li - axy of tone, we deservedly recommend priiic puirmse. Messrs. Oitlra. r.riwwv, t,d :wi,c. flu nult, Charles GLTtrt.' 1 7 to a chanccry. .Vri atMiam YavL it. I a puruancr of an order of this honorable I enuri. hnn 4t thai 7ih dxwaf Jane. 1818.' will be sold at - public a action, al lie Tontine Coflee House, in tbe city of New York, voder me surectioa of tbeiuoscrtotr, a one 01 am aar ten of thiicoart, oa the Slit Joy of July next, at 13 o'clock at aoon, all mote several oiocaa, pieces or parcelt of round, tituate, lying and being in the towaahip of Brooklyn, ia the county oi Kings, and state ortfew - iofi, aiorcsain, ana i :.a a a nt i r m.x.i 1 ui i emiah Lott. the 19th dar of March, 1802, bt the follon ioi bouodariea, to wit, northerly io front by Watcr - atreet, aoutherly in tlie rear by Froot - atreet, easterly on tbe one aide by Jackson atreet, and weaterly on the oilier aide by tiold - itreef. containing four aquarea or bloc - Li oi .mhiuI A fan All tkAM fvt bin UFftta. Irtf. Ivill immediately in front of the before deaenbed hlocka. bounded aa follows to wit eaaterly by JackKin - ttreet. southerly by Water - atreet, and westerly by uoid - atreet, containing in oreaatt oo Waier - itreet tbe diatance between Gold - and Jackaoa - itreet, and running into the Kaat Rive r at far aa the grant of the corporation of the city of New - YorKtieitend, witb the appurtenancea Dated Jane , 18 13. JAMCS A. II AM It. TIM, Matter in Chancery. Note. The above property will be told in lota and parcela, according to a certain map to be made thereof, which will be exhihibited in the Coffee - home one week before tiie day of tale. iju lawzwaiw Tbe aale of tbe above property ii postponed to the Seventeenth day of August in at, at tliOaiame hour and place. July 21st, 1818. JA.HtS A. 11 A MIL, i J21dtdi Matter in Chancery. I ) UM. 40 puncheons lirat quality iS. E. Kutn, a. i ior sale by J AS. D'WOLF. Juo. J ?9 54 South - ftreet. I O trOH IsMfc.N. FOR 8ALE - full blooded fOl.NTER DOG, he very rarely dushea a bird, ia very staunch. tod beata remarkably will. Enquire of JA.VlKd K.tJO.XOVtK, aug7lw 16 1 1'enrl - atreef. VAI.UAOl.t KJ - .AI. Kal AlK (Oil IS THE HTf OP .ItW - MRK. lIVE lott ol ground on the west aide ofGrten - V wicb - Kreet, lielween VV.try and. DetLroi - ei - atrceta, 26 by 80. Four do in the rear of the above, fronting on theeat aide of Washington tlrttt, 25 iy B0. Kiglit do io Uie block below, helwetn Wash - ingtun and Weit - atreetf. la Montgomery County. 6000 acret of Land in Lawreuce'i purchase, near tail Canada Creek, on Ur: norm side oi the Mobawk. In Franklin County. 15,162 acres of Land, ia the towni of Mount Morns and Dayton. In Eaiei County. 7832 acrn of Land in the town of Barrymorc. io the County of Leu ia. 1250 acrei of land io Caaterland. Chaaiania Pun hate. In Saratoga County. 2C00 acret in Palnier't purchase. Enouire at theotfice of the auhscriber. 34 Ce - dar - atrett. BF.V. ROBINSOV. tnh 17 tf , I ANCHESTEK VELVETS, Aaaorted eo - i I lours and very su tenor qualit for sale low, by GEO. I. NEWBEItY, J 61 Hi IVai l atreet. G.oAU.ER'S PATENT KAOR STROP. Tou that wish to ahave vntheaae, Buy of SantritRi if you please ; His Razor Stiop't, peculiar such, That sharps tlie Kaior with alouch. GSAUNDERd rtspect fully aolicita those . who have not got hia Parent Raior Strrf, to furnish theratelvea with hia new invented Ru - ior fclrop. and Metallic Composition. No ten iicinan wno once makti trial of one oi the Strops now ollered, will ever try any others; and such is tla - ir formation, that ever so much use will not give the razors that roundness which renders the ttsl of them useless, and which ia well kuo vn al - waya to follow tbe apulu alion of all those hither to invented. 'I he above strops are in general use in New. York, and are distinguished Irocu ali oiera; BtOfT ttHct hoio unJ - rnTm wiy more miLeir praise than t can iuvsui. O. SAU.NUEKS, 18 Wall - strict. Also for sale, Razors, Soap, and evtry uten ail for Shaving, of the first uualitv. with a rape, riorftieoitmriitof Perfumeiv. I lair - Powder, fic. from Smyth's, ftew Bond street, London. N. rJ. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my 22 S c JOHN'S HALL ORDINARY ! The contiguity of this budding'tolLe seat of bu siness, induces the subscriber to open, ior uie accommodation of guutlemen connected with public biuiuets at the City Hall and others, a public Ordinary. Dinner will le served up pre cisely al half past two o'clock, and turtlt soups, rtUrbes, with tbe most suitable rcti trfimeotj ol the season, at all hours of the day. An elegant. Ball - Room, decorated in a per fectly national stylo, is al. - o at the service cf parties for dancing, society meetings, or for purposes of our ju. - tly deserving; and admirable milita ry volunteer corps, for their various exen isea. I he aubscriber has spared no pa:m to render the buudinsr as pleasant as its situation would per mit, and, by assiduity and the strictest attention, will endeavour to deserve tint patronage whicb an oulihlcned and discerning public are at all times ready to bestow. au3 lm JAMES L. HRDF.N'BF.RG. ftlt. DE ANGEL1S, formerly practitioner of I J Medicine in tbe Military Hospitals ot Maples, and admitted a member of the Medical So eiety ol new Tor, where he has resided aince the year 1798, and hia reputation and auccessin practice ia now established in the knowledge of the nuulie by near twenty yean experience, eon. Vinues to be consulted at his office, No. 2i Wa ter street, opposite Crane whtrf. In Rheumutio and Venereal cases. Dr. De Au gelis has been wonderfully successful; and the most terrible efteeta of lltuse uisordera have fre nuenlly been cured by him in a short space ol time without ioeonvenitnee to the patient.' Obstructions, ulcers in the throat and tialate stifToeaa in thejointa, paina in the limbs, eruptions the skin, together with a numerous train ot e, sila arising from neglect or improperly treating ol the most insidious ot maladies, have given way to hia mode of treatment in almost an incredible manner. Hit extraordinary sueceaa is, in a greit measure attributable to hia well known Anti - tbeumaliu and Anti - syphilis Syrups, which whilst they cradrsaie every form of distaae, restore the emaciated patient IS) vigor and healtn. N. D. AU letters from the country (post paid) will be attended to, end the necessary advice and medicine will be given and aentto any part of the union. J2i EDUCATIU.Y. YOUNG LADIES' SELECT SCHOOL, No. 13 CkbAR - STRKET. TR. MEAD respectfully gives notice, tliat a X hia School will be agaio open oo Tutiday Hji tat oi ScDtembrr. Youoz Ladiea' will be instructed as usual, in a course of Education; embracing all the im - nortant brandies, from Readme and Penman strip, to Rhetoric and Natural Philosophy. French hv one ofttre most approved Instructors Enquirers may satisfy tUmietves respecting the rumrurtrr at lh:s School. IV CallvrS! UTOn any oi the following gentlemeu, most ot whom are a Oioi.a its patrons. . - ClbS. Riggi, . Anthony Dry, r:.a.a linlTui Amltl JsULnH. John uydam, and . Jau.s Reowick, Esqri, j 3ii im" Amy AgtnCt Office, Afl'srt LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. WANTED, a quantity of locust timber and tree - oail. Apply to th Nary Agent, at 81 Waihington - slrett. (Er" The publiihrrs of the New - Branawick Tiuea, Newark Cenlincl. Looz - lsland &Ur. New Haveu Journal, and New - London CatetU, , will r!M pablirh this ad.erUsetaeut one month, and rend their bills U ihe Navy A'eat's OtBce. 1 Jjia la a or . - J C op, oo on tue, are tion it pen, and tige yet ny l e to TAtoaaLi raovaaTr at Jamaica, l. I lJj deuva Tkat very exeellent tana, ffhe hte rta deuce of Geo. Cwtwbe. Jr. deceaaed) aituate at Jamaica, iui. on trie Kocaatray larnpiae, iildn half a mile of the yillagieoiUuuing about ouaoia oi gooa una, in ciceuent leoeeioo - n - dition. . The mansion house ia vtl bnilt ai.d Very Urge and eommodiona. eonsislioiof a tvoatory main building, with two whirs, making tocether front of nearly 150 feet. The eut - houaea are very eontenicntand in eaeellcnt repair j the barn particularly, ia nearly new, and a p Dosed to be the turfest and beat arranged one on .the island. On the premitea are, also, a good orchard and large garden, well stocked witb a variety of frnita. A Lt O, a good piece of aalt,mandow, within 3 milet ot tbe fa to, containing about 7 acres, and i piece f excellent woodland, eantaii ing, tlie one about 7 and the other a .out 10 acres. AI0, another farm on the main Jamaica turnpike road, about half a mile aoutherly from the Episcopal church in tlie aaid village, containing about 36 acres. ALSO, 26 valuable building lota, at the corner of Jamaica and Rockaway turnpikes, oppo - ite the residence of the Hon. Rufus Kins. The above parcels of property will be told separately together, as may be agreed upon, and can be viewed at all reasonable hours. Tbe atock and farming utensils may be had with the farm, at a fair valuation. The title b indisputable. Apply to D. COUWISF., 13 Nassau st. Or to the subscriber on the premises, au 7 tf MARY CODVVISE. UUM - gOblida. uew rum, landiug l rum sloop Sasco, eatt aide i'eck - alip. for aale by R. H C. W. DAVENPORT &t CO. aus 7 SPEAK'3 CALCINED MAUNEtlA, Remedy for a Sow blomaeh, Heart - Burn, and a Cure for Indigestion. CALCINED MAUNEtlA bat hern some time J in use both in Europe and America; but latterly it hat been more frequently uied than formerly. It wai first brought into use in Geruia - and wai highly extolled by Ilntfiuan, on whole authority it was introduced, but very conimediy, till the knowledge oi it, and its excellence, was more extensively diffused ty 'he author of a medical panphlet, entitled an " Essay upon the Nursing and Management of Childien," 1c. This author hai bestowed much time and attention in the investigation of the virtues of the calcined maeoesia, and in moat instances has great judgement and knowledge of the subject which fie treated, and thereby Las brought this medicine into high repute. We cannot, therefore, mire properly esp'aio ita reputed vir than by quoting the passage in which he re - cmuiPuas us use. lie aya that tlie nrsi and general cause of most diseases to which infautt liable, ia the acidity which the ir food occasions in their itoiuat hi.. This acidity becomes very obvious (row the griping ud purging occasioned thererj. It may not be improper to o.en - an easy and generally a certain remedy, or rather preventive, if timely administered, which the niHgnetia alha, calcined. This medicine eflectually cures all acidifies, provea a mild and lenient purgative, and ktepa tbe body gently c - without leaving behind it that costive state whiihlays the foundation for many dangerous troublesome diseases." 1 he author tt I be above mentioned essay further observes, that " notwithstanding tlie peculiar excellence of this preparation in removing, indigestion, yet s'lll it labors undtr a diradvau - difficult to le obviated, as no chemist has as pursued a method calculated to di vest it com pletely of its i rudities, and give it that pre - emi nence which it. merits (rt lien properly prepared) would justly deui - - 'na ft W it ia a veil established i fact, that iir.lirfisiii'ii is tlie primary cau.e of ma. of the most alarming and dangerous diseases imu'ei.i to tn Iil'uisii syarem ; consequently the mpgnetia alua. woen properly ca!c...t d, would the most ctucaoou. rtiaeuv hitmrto known." Succcrnful experiments have fully demonstrated, tnut the umgnt'ia here recownn - nded has arrived the perfection at wbi lithe above author hinta. bold only (by epuointuient) by JOHN C MOliaicON, ItrucKiat, 1K8 tireeuwich street, BOWNE, Druggists, 146 Pearl - street, New - York. J 31 lm LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NORTH K1VEK. tJI I UATE between Barclay and Murray O street., Chamber and Reed - itraela, Jay and Iiarrie.on - streeU, ana xortn Moore and Beach street', at a price very considerably lets than in terest on their value', and at the expiration of the (crm the buildings to be fairly valued and paid fur, or a new lease granted. Also, to let by tbe year at a low rate, several lots or yards on the water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of paris. Sic. Apply to PH. KHINELANUER, 31 Park, near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June II tl NEW - YOBK SPERMACETI OIL U CAN DLE FACTORY No. 52 BROAD - WAY SAMUEL JUDD, haa for sale, wholesale and retail, winter pressed and summer rained Spermaceti k Vtiit Oil, at the above factory, ot at the old atand, 133 Fly Market. Also, SPERMACETI, WAX, A TALLOW MOULD - CANDLES. Together with a general as sortment of Laiiips, Lamp - (.lasses, Lamp Wirka ; and for the accommodation of cuttomcra, Tin Canisters, 'from 1 to 15 gallont ; Kegt, iromato io gaiiont: jusi. from 1 to 3 do ; with a variety of other aiticlei, all of which are warranted ol the hnt quality, end as cheap aa caa be purchased in New - York. The above articles lent to any part of the city free of ex pence, where the purchaser makes it an object. J 31 T & L COX, No J Courtlandt - etreet, near Broadway, im - porters of the LIVKR tOOI. PATEXT LAMPS, have 4hs pleasure to inform the public and their hindt tb?t they have maW' ceividan i x'.ensire as sortment of the above Lamps, cf the molt re cent improvements. Ltkcicite A general assortment of stand Lamps, - for chimney pieces, side board., tame?,&r. Sir, cf new and elegant patterns, whicn,fer or nament and utility, are uunvaiiej wftn real variety of other Lamps, such as have " . ... ii r i v. never been introuureu oeiore : an oi wnicn arc warranted perfect, and if otherwise, may pe returned. Have also received a great assortment nf tamo Glasses and Lamp Wicks, suitable for ill kinds ot tamos. N. B. All ordtrt in their Une execuiew wnn faithfulness an - 1 punctuality. A Uberal deduc tion to wholesale dealers. aug 5 tf - .m . FOR SALE, A farm on the Hudson, about mik rmiH ftpwhunrh. containine t'ii acres. 3J which are Woodland, tbe rest ii diaided by good fonrninto a due proportion ol meadow, arai a nnd Duture Innd. The bnildinga are p:rtly oe - v k. kn,.a rnnvrnirnl tor a amali family : its sito - .!,.., i. muailed in beauty hy .e - on tbe river .i - ..i....iair inam the'vicinitv of a Sourish Kim m. . H' , , . . ing village, of public worship, society and ew d market, with the facility of communication VL:th Vnrk. render it a desirable weawkroce for a gentleman. 4000 dollara of the purchase money may remain on anorlgare : the payment of the reat will be made easy to the pviruiArer. - Applyoa the premisei, to Jei tl L VERPLASCJC. i 8 S HZ - w'i'" Wat TO. in in of to of 8 on a of an be ' ftJr Tbe fine new steam veastl FRONTENAC; of 700 tons burthen, Jaufe 2 Mac Kiniie. master, vtill comuiem ruiminf on tbe first day of May next, and will leave Kiogtton, for York and Niagara, on tlie 1st, 1 1th and list day of each month, nr) Niagara, for York and Kingston, tbe 6th, 16tt and X5tn day of each month, during the season, abets every attention will be paid to the ease and comfort of the passengers. - Applications for passage to be made to the cap tain on board. Kingston, 6th April, 1818. J 7d&ctOr1 TOR LUMBER SPECULATORS. WANTED to exchange, for a farm, on the borders of the Hudson or Euat Rivets, within 20 miles range of the city of New York. 4283 acres prime out lands, 3451 of which are contiguous and situated io the town of Chatham, tl.e fate of New - Hampshire. Chatham liei the state line adjoining Fryeburr, ia the district of Maine, where there is "an academy ofthe first standing. These 3451 acres are nearly all the cood land remaining unsettled in the town, and principally covered with the belt ol timber : they are laid in lots of 100 and JUO a - crct: Saco river runs through both towns, and affords a direct and cheap opportunity of conveying tlie timber to a vrrjr profitable market. The roads to Saco and Portland, a distance ol 60 mile', are remarkably good. The remainder 832 acres are ' situated ic the towns of Eluvorth and Orange, (also in the state New Hampshire) and are tu.cepiible of making the best farou. The turnpike load that leads from Haverill to Concord runs near and through 600 acres of the land in Eliworth. For lurther particulars apply to No. 38 South street, New - Yoik. aug3 P2awlin C2awlm A1VEKT1SEMENT. PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy Ageut'i office, New York, for one week from this date, to supply a quantity of Jersey Oak Plank average length 45 feet, 10 to 16 hrond, 9 4 l - 2tbick pith of hart must he out, and clear tup. Alto, a number of Jerae? Oak Logs, iroin 35 to 55 feet long, 18 to 20 inches square, and a nuruher of White Oak Knees, to aide from 1 - 2 to 12 inches, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 fret long, bodies 5 to 6 1 - 2 loog. The whole to be first quality, and lubjfct to the impectioii at the Navy Yard, and delivered there. The proposals are required nof to excerd 5000 feet ol Plank ; not mori than 10 Logs, nor more than 50 Knees us no contract will he givcu to a - ny individual toexiefd one of the above named quantities ; the shortest time, uot exceeding 6 weeks, mutt be mentioned. Money to be delivery. Any explanation that may bo required, u ill be obtained at the Navy Yard, where bill will be given each individual aitirhe has contracted, and by which he ia to be governed. J 22 D&C tf An undivided moiety in t!e following lots land in " Evans' Pateul" Delaware County, state of New - York, viz : Lot No. 50, contain ing 176 pc res , lot No. 58, containing Ui. Also, undivided moiety in the east half of lot No. 40, containing lOli acres, and in lot No. 37, in the same patent containing I0SI acres. The above lota are well timbered with pine, it c. ice. and tbeir contiguity to the ireif branch of the Delaware river render thera worthy of the atten tion of lumber raei chants. They will be sold reasonable for caah or approved notes. For further particulars apply to THOMAS ADDIS EMMET, Eaq. counsellor at law, No. 2S Pine s'reet, New York, (who ia authorised to make contracts for the aale of the above bits) or to the subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will Bive0 - IA" 1 " UK A. US 1 Ittfc 1 , Hammond street. Greenwich. New York, July S4th, 1818. ftr. The Proprietors of the Philadelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to publish the above for two months in their paper and send their bill to th subscriber. J 85 dim c2m I Mir. subscriber having permanently fixed his X residence in the town of St. Louis, Missou ri territory, oilers his services as agent, either in the purchase or sale of lands in the Missouri or Illinois territories : he will also act in tbe capa city of atiaut generally, aod owta aueh aom on tr ions as may beentruated to him. Persons having iunded property in the Atlan tic staiet, may uiaue lavoraoie excnangci loi land in the teiritoriea above - mentioned, by application to the subscriber, and furnishing a particular description of the property offered for ex change, with an estimate of its real value. 1 o tne enquiries ot sucli aa are oeairoui oi emigrating to either ol the territories, he w ill cheerlully make prompt answers, without an) charge : postage ol letters t him being paid. T. VV. SMIIH. St. Louis, Missouri Territory, 1st June, 1818. Messrs. Irving, Smith & Holly, Cheete borough 4r Patterson, I Reieren - Rathbone &l Uowncr, ces in John Rathbcne, IN. York. Ogdeu Edwards, Esq. s J 15 d&c2awlm IN CHANCERY. Emma Milieu, n. f IN pursuance of a de - Charles Debevoise. f cretal order of the court Chancery, made to the above cause, will be sold under the direction of tlie subscriber, at public auction, at the Ton tine U fire llouw. iu tne cur oi new lorn, on Tuesday, the 1st day of September next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all that certain lot, piece or par cel of ground, situate, lying and being in the fifth ward oi tne city oi .new i ora. Known ana uis - tinauished, in a certaio man or chart thereof made, hv lot No. 38. bounded in front by Leo nard street ; southeasterly by let No. 37 ; in the rear by lot No. 48. and northwesterly by lot Wo 39 : contuinine in breadth in front and rear 25 feet, and in lenetil. on each lide. 10O feet, be the same mr re or lesi ; as the same wa conveyed to the laid Charles Uebevoiae, by Lfflogtiam lb bree and Murv hia wife, in and ny a certain deed, dated 1st day of rebruary, 1801 : together with the hereditaments and appurttnauces, c. fated Mew iota, Aug. utn, loir. j. i,. rtd.L, aug 6 2aw2wdlw Master in Chancery, WHITING LN SIX LESSORS. ii TR DE SPRANGH has obtained Letters IV L Pateut of the U. 8. for hii invention oi teaching the art of Writing in lix lesions. He will enable any person, of whatever agp, and notwithstanding any bad habits they may have contracted, to write well and w ith rarmity, al ter hating received these lessons. IV nous ol sood capacity will he able, by a strict attcn tion, to write weil io four lenoni, each lesion of one hour. The solid utility and meriti ofthii system can be best seen in its particular results, ia those beautiful and varioni specimen! it has produced, and which can reexamined at Mr. U. a' teach ing room, No. 40 Broad - street. Mr. D. S. having just returned from Washington, where he has taught with great success, and where b's method has been much approved by the beads of sovernnienf, will remain only four or five weeks in iVew - York, alter whiUi time he must return to Was hirgton, to fulhl an en - g;seiient mad at the solicitation of a number of gentlemen of that city . in. u.ftir. L - a. win sen a patent ngnr, and learn his sy - teta of teaching to those who wish to purchase it. J S0eod4w ORIFFI.VH SCYTHES. f EN EK ALLY considered iupe rW to any o - J Uien made ia Great - Britain : those io just ly fami'd of vv aJdron perhaps not excepted. urdtri ior tne aDove article 'axer. oy SAMLE1. CORP. N. B. It is now time to issue lor the ensuin, sjiring, considerable delay in the execution being iinavoiiltile. jyxi eon jw GEORGIA IsLGAR. Stlhnda. toranloby FOTT & M'KINNE, aug 10 56 South itreef. UOArtlntF fCHCMJl,. riHF. MISS BENNETTS have opened u X lioarding s hn4 for young ladiea, on the south aide ci f owlea Hook, in a situation very hf - MUiy, an l aunougb convenient to the city quite. retired. The usual Enchsh branches and Needlework, French, Muio, Dancing and Draw inc, are taught, by themselves or by approved osiers. r or terms tic. apply to Mr. LI. 1 GREENE, 24 Walt itrttt, vr at tf.e ictioo'. J 14 If THE SOU ft!) ST HAM BOA JLJi E. The proprietors, wi'h view of accocumodating the public, by extending the lint to Norwich, intend uakiux the exuerimeut with tbe Fulton. Cord. Law. and this route (iffouod practicable) will tic contijiuca during the season. 1 tie line wiu ia fulsre b from New - York to Norwich, as follows t 1 be ConnectJctit, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Monday. rf'Juuday and fruity, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, for New - Haves. The Fulton, Capt Law, will leave AuruncA, at 0 o'clock in the morning of tbe same days, touch at AVts - Z.onafon and depart from thence for tfew Httten at U o'clock. Tbe beats will meet at Atw - iiaren, and depart from thence every Monday, Wtinet - day and t'ridey, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for .Ytr - Fork, and tl.e Fulton for iine - London and Anvich. n.h 17 Njtwavkba and t an ao ajaiiy - irrAua:' TR&XE TIM8 A WKBK. ssi ai w uiwst uaasj uiivugi niootgomtry, JJloomingburgh, Wonllcello, by White Lake, Coahecton, Mount Pleaaant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, and Geneva, to Caoandaigua. It etui ning leaves Canandaigua every Monday, Wednesday andFriiay niummgs at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take tlie Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following rooming. Uj It may be tsptcled Vyit at all timet uAeri the Ueam - bfalt alter their day of runnwg, (hat Uiu line u ill alter to at Io meet them. The whole route will be perfumed in three days, from the iirst of May, until the first of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from tlie fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, un - til the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three da) a distance of three hundred miles. The litie is well furnished with good, new carriages ; good horses, and carefuTand experienced drivers. Every attrn. tion will be paid to render the passage of die traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it is believed that Uie accommodations on this line arc equal to any line ill the state. OCj FAKE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithut a to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Hath, He. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey, Bloomingburgh,' E. C. SI. John, Mount Pleasant. L. tt R. Manning, Chenango, iProprie - LiUlher Uere, Itlitca, I tors. Samuel Greenhff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lancing, rah 14 d6ta . THE STK.1M - B0.rr .irALAfilTA, liW LLIZAUETHTOWN POINT, LEAVES N. York each day, 6'undnys except - ed, from the foot of Whito - hall - stxott near tbe Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. : leaves Eliza - bethtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past 12 o'clock and half past 4 o'clock P. M. Je20 tf AXIHTU HiytH Hl KAM.bO.iTS, 2&3 GO" On the 11th or May, cotumenccd running four timea a week. A Boat loaf., Vw.Vnrlr nn T,,. day, alt) o'clock, A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M; Friday, at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at & P. M. of each week ; and a boat leasts Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. M The Fire - Fly leaves New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for Newburgh, and returns ooMoaday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 A.M. Je 26 WHOOPING COUGH. OCTOR SCOTl'S Pectviral Mixture, which is a safe and effectual remedy for the whooping cough. It ii only ten years since it was offered to the public, and some thousands of children, both in England and Scotland, have been cured by it, after every other medicine had been used without effect. It ia held in the high est estimation for its excellent and salubrious virtues, it promote i gentle per'piralioo, removes viscid phhgm by an eaiy and tafe expectoration, and is highly salutary to the lungs ; it strengthens and detendt tlie itouiarh, givei greater lioerty of breathing, and producca the moat ate, salutary and happy ettecti, hy prevent ing those distressing and convulsive coughs, to which tbouiands of individuals, in conse quence of neglect, prematurely fall a sacrifice. It is not by exciting a temporary stimulus of relief in those violent paroxysms that its quali tics are manifested, hut by eflectually remov ing1 those distressing symptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened fiame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C. Mori - son, Druggest, No. 183 Greenwich street, N. York. Druggests throughout the United states, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the lowest wholesale price. J.y 7 2m aW w aW MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TBS C1TT OF BEVV - fORsT. (Ihtcldal Institution for Insurance tgaintlfirt riSURE against Lost or Damage by Fire, 1)h ellins Houses. Ware Houses, Buildinssin general, Merchandize, Ships in port and their Cargoes, Household Furniture, and every description of personal property, on terms as favo rable as similar institutions in uiiscny. This Company is incorporated solely for the purpose of insuring against losses by fire, and has circumscribed its operations chiefly withii: this it and immediate croxiiuitv. in addition to the capital ciock. Aouu.uuu, which is secured by bond and mortgage on rea estate and public stocks, tliis Company possesses a nanusoir.e surplus ninu, invested iu use manner ; parlies assured may therefore repose the ful lest conunence iu me souu;iy oi lit capiiai, ami that any losses or damage will be settled with oromptitude and liberality. The differed rates of premium and conditions of Insurance are uniform with tbote ol the other Fire Insurance OlSces in this cit v. Tbe public ar referred for particulars to the printed proposals in circulation, and which may he had oa application at tfo. si wa:i street. GABRIEL FURMAN, President, JOUN PiNTARD, Secretary. may 23 I OH.N Hr.VVI I T still rendci at No. 242 W'n i trr itrcet, where he has a very hundsnme and fashionable atiortmeat of Cabinet Furniture on hand, be will warrant to be of the lint quality. He solicits hit New York and southern iiwuuslo give him a call, as he flatttra Jtimseil Ihey will not be disappri'i'td. Orders executed attheihoitettncti - e. Je22tf t - s - f - J EAVES Newburgh eve - f, ,.f y ILj ry Sunday, Tuesday, eil fHfand Thursday mornings, at af'rTU A tucmlil bij knew MW u ,w , e twetn thires that difler. t"' Dof;TORuoRN,fwrt oi the city of ladotTaa' mniiier ot tbe faculty of nhv.i. and surfer a'.zI. rnJ'l JT to repeat wimnorTvaUo0;; the abuse of MERCURY i rash, indiscriminate, Md ftl"!5 ,B"r?, bee. proiai. UVe Of Hlhllit Aiarhir W anua ore annually mercurialized out of ii, il Ace. Tlie diaeaae we have in view own iu ! tal rtiulU chiefly to this wurce. fflftfr hat a yous man, the hopes of bis cotntry ij the darling of his parents, should be SSStf! way from all the prospects and enjoymcnUof b by the consequences of one ngTiardedToSeLt! and by a disease not io its own natu. fatoT,B which only proves so frou neglect or imnrbri! treaUnent.' A geattemav, R(late Dr. fgf 1 ticnt) now perfectly hearUl weliT iid b nderphyaiciaiisof genet J pracUc, lTes '1 and repeatedly salivat. d ; when nonuuJZ !l know with wliat com and sty frV Cu "f? catci the severest cases, and confirms the conisi! tution. The Doctor's plan (adyertiai) cewary to guard tbe public against the aouL li mercury, and other fatal delusions, held foitb" 1 Periocs, therefore, having contracted a vale disorder, or suspecting latent poiioa s?T admonished not to tamper with thsir conltitL! tion, or conceal tbe disorder, till past recbvl. ry ; others having the remains cf aa old easT or other impurities of the blood, as well ti otV er complaints of a delicate nature, io thhit ex. should remember poaterity, aad do leitic. to their conscienoes, hy making applfcaUo, to Dr. II. at hia old and reipcctalfe eatih. lisliment, No. 64 Water - street, four houses ! of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance a. lone calculated to prevent disclosure. And he!, let me claim your seiious attention Remembo a superficial cure ia no cure at all ; nnie Uie b,. sinessia radically done, you will certainly has. the disorder break out agnin with redoubled lignity. at aome future period perhaps than will be too late for remedy. Dont you on meet in Uie atreeta miaerable, mutilated heinga. wiihnlt sven a bit ofnoaeon their face.' Tafi TwaraZ. I beiee cb you. n Dr. H'a. character for skill and stubborn Inte - gnly being umvenally known in this city, since IB04, guarantee to patients that delicacy and at. cicry hitherto unknown, and iiavirs; conined hit practice for yean past, exclusively to the cure el diseases of Uie blood syatam. they may safely calculate on the moat decided advantages in cvi. lulling Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in twe or thrie weeks - Strictures removed without bougies or any other instrument ; and all debilities ; likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's tic. A plurality of offices are provided, and so ilti. ated that patieutiare not exposed toeach other's obiervalion. Open till half past 9 in the eveoiua. All persona concerned are invited to be fire ia calling, and aiieaking with Dr.H. which is fr of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tie a'pressicn of gratitude for innumerable racoa - tnetidntions, and for tlie decided preference (it it presumed with just cause) long given him by a jUilicinua public. N . B . All letters must be post pais). Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 Isr NLll tlEU tL'A CA'ATtF JYOR lMtOil - ZOA - . EiR. EVANS ivperi.1 method of curing a ct tain Disease, ianow univa sally ackoQwIedgid ia tit city j his mode oi treutuui I is perfectly nitld, safe, ei - pfoiaous. and his cbarg reatQoan'e. Ia every i: lance he warrants a can, ulid will return the Dsvifta does not perform agreeab io contract. I'h .inrtAtt iprnrti iiiii nliaara.J lliere are many peraens m this city and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseasta, such as cancers, old Inveterate aJcera, scrcfala or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of tbe urethra, bladder and kidniea, old complicated complaints of a certain nature, billons and other obit rut. tioni, rheumatism, Ic which they consider inct tiona, rheumatism, Ac. wnicn tney consider i rable, they can certainly be cured (in geu hy applyioc at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store. 9, Perk - alip, having practised in cite1 eueraii re, Ne. :teliiivs hiispitals in Europe 12 years, endtr some of tka first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, insl made those obitinate diseases his constant stray for 30 years. Oct 11 AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - street, gentle - . men's drening room, has for sale a few Ra zors of Damask Steel, made by the celebrated Marguin, of Parii. He has also received anas - sortmcnt of the best English Rasors, which he warranti good. If proved to the contrary, mo ney refunded. Also, cuts and dresses hair in the latest style and in a manner so as to adapt it to the pbj liog - notny. ...... . Mr. r KUmbiviu returns nitsincere manna to bis customers, and the public in general, lor their very liberal patronage, and solicits a con tinuance of tbeir favours. He has likewise procured a very one none, sea engages to restore raxors to a very keen edgr, and should tney not cut wen no win rcicisc recompence. ... Rpntipmen who subscribe bf the 'Quarter, wi I have their apparatus kept exclusively for thro. - selves. . FIRJ5T Q.UAL.IT1C KAPIaKS SOAP 11 R. FRUMENTO has received boxel VI .L. L... N.nUa Shu, IM &OSP, A.V.M. IIIC Wll uciiuiuau . I which he warrants to be of the first quality, and which he will sell any gentleman wishing to make the trial of it, at No. 1 Wall street, i zt lm AcoaiTAff sepproflal dies BeaverHatr, Ireth from the n" nuiactoty, suits - ble lor the soatn - ern market, aad packed at shortest Kticr, "t J. WILSONS 160 Broad)' may 27 NEW PATENT PIANO fOUtw. GEO. 1. NEWBERY retpeetfully and eoea - denlly aaaores bit friends and tbe " that at hia office, ISH Pearl atreet, may bep; el ased the above instruments, lower than ""J", ther place in the eityj where may also M na M ael - elt patent Metronomea. J NEW - YORK: PRINTED AXD PUBLISBID MwtiAEL jsuhrnjM k CQAi V - .B No. it WiiuaM - TavrT orrom Bark tnrKS - nocsi - all" ? ff - 1 iv

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