Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 19, 1895 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1895
Page 1
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PROGRESS-REVIEW. VOL. XXV.--Xo 4-. LA P011TE CITY, IOWA., SATURDAY, JANUARY IV, 1895. OR, A. U. EVAHTS, PHYSICIAN AN'D SUKCEOX, Jllii-t" in 3larsbaU buIdJai;, cner HinnHs r.O'ir £ Co. 's - ' ' DM. G. W. FISKEP UO.MEOl'ATIIIST lii'.-!fleni:?- rfi9 Main Street. OEM u i - e r s t a n t o n ' s store, l-Jl Tune {'i'.v. |;i The SJ.oO rogress-evieui. BY E. DUKE NAVEIN. at III? post nlUL 1 an st'dH'd clas- - at La Pone inaitvr. City Procoe-ilngs ot the County Board of Supervisors. M O N D A Y Monsixr., j rtn . T, lS!ir 'i he Hoard of Supervisors, hawk county, I I lar Sfs-ion con veiled in regu- ! ' H ' s t ' | in tii. w liY]; i^ In r t -a DlT.-r .-ionic :h;ii can W r:inn^ autl LJDOKI. J. C GRAHAM, I ' l l Y S l C l A N AND S17KGEOX. Ollict' Urn cioors east or u|et-,i house. Iji City. Jov;;i. DR. I. S. MAHAN, DrriMl I'nrloi-s over Dr. .1. C. lU-aha L;i I'orte Cky. Ioiv;i. W K H K L Y . SUlISCItll'TIOX *l,.Ml A YEAR. Ai1vi.rti.-iln;,- rates luruisbi'J u n u u n p p l k GEO W. TOIVIPKIN, ATTORNEY AT L\\\-. La Portt Cli)'. Iowa. Olllce ovsr XuLlonal Ilank. CoLluclluus made, itrairD. :ui(l u general IvKiU business can. l u l l y a n t l [iromptly atti-uiied to. First P. L. HAYZLETT ATTOllNIJY AND UOCXSELOI'., "cms, Heal Estate. Abstract*. Insurance, mil collegtlon.s. Oflki- over Court right's ,ir-3t:illnint. La Porte Cily. Iowa. -1.1 SHERMAN T WEARS, ATTOHXEY AT LAW. jonvryunciiis;, Insurance nud CulU'eiiona. Ouicii (jpiioslle Syndicate lilock. CATO SELLS, ATTORNEY. VIN'TOX. IOWA. ractke in botu Stall; iniU FcQurnl (.'ouria. W i l l intend to lau- business ot allkhlllH, lll- fi'jdiny the settluniefit or estate* iu lUauU Haivk us well;is JJmilon Cg. conn*. i':j-lu JOHN T. DOWDING. Plain and Ornamental Fh$i:r=r, teru M-orU :iud F l a a i e r l n g i u ;i s ^ r iv«u ijijt,'c;i;il uttcutlon, Krii lolly Iiiruislito upon :ippliuLLiion, ii--. bnui- - cliut-.r- T. H. HOLLAND, ^ENKI'.AL AND UV'E STOCK AUCTION EEll. O U 1 » n m d u o u L a u u all necessary iuIoriuuLiuu t'iren. Sali.HrucUon ^llaranlc-eil. Terms reasonable. Addrt'^H Ln Jforw (Jity. lown. A I . K X CI.'AKI.ES, who was postRii-i- i c r of Odar Kapids d u r i n g CJ-VMiaud's lirst term, and who used to ill- spoken of as tin- best postmaster Odur llanids ever h i d . has lieeu acaio apiiointed lo that position by thepri'si- d e n l . Tliis time, however, tlw : p o i n t m e n t does nut to nn w i t h popular approval. If some ol the (Jeriur Rapids pspprs can he he- liuved Mr. Charles Iris lost caste rapid ly d u r i n g the last tew years, a;id has been guilty of all kinds of ciwsertni-ss, except m a n s l a u g l i i e r and horse stealing. A determined effort is to be made to have President ClRvclnnd withdraw the nomination. Failinp in thin, Hi" men who ;UH lipliiiiifr his appointment, will endeavor lo convince t::e Scnace i\\Al he shonid not u» continued, lloth or these undertakings partake of tlie nature of a hi;; job. anil it is more than probable that they will miscarry. J.R. TERRY, LICES-SJiD AUCTIONI5EK. iVIII Jlluid to all -.-il.-s in t h i s a n i l m cyuntl'.'d. T n j i n s reasotiiiljit!. Ci iliite* mill lillls uuiri.e oat frc-o of di 3 | j | ' l i t i l t L I J l l :it tic K E t i l S T F . I L OlIk'H. RlTTER GREENE, L'O.NTllACTOIIS AND r.VlLUKHS. ·?! styles or Arclilurduri.'. I'lau-n ai rflniiln furnished. 11. L,\ I'oirrE 'Jrrv, IOWA. A. L. DAY, CAICPESTIill AND l!UJI,Di:H. " ' - A X S , Kri:CIJ-'lCATiONS A N D K.STlJil A SI'BCIALTI'. i.ii Porte ClLy, luwn. CHURCH-SOCIETY DIRECTORY MGniUDIsr JiHJPCOI'AL: Scrvlcci Sun- ?{f«»lnu al 11 o'cloclt a.. ID., iiiibhalll h-tMl Injiniillalcly nlicr inornlnw BO;VKCS. VViTM 1 S u n i l : i ' c v c n l i i K ; V ; ; g-clock. I'r.ijcr ..UD?ti c r ) . \V c ,|rica,liLj- ovorlui} . litv. H. IV. COATKS. Pastor. ,^, L ? IJI '"1-.1U\\: Services SunJay morn- ii:' 1 , cllh:l1 - ··'··'Obitn Scliwl l u n u c a l u K l y u l , -TM' U K * c r v l c c a - Sorvlcoa Suoiluy ovon. tltlMla, 01 "''-, '' r "' cr !DCBllnK!inJ I,«tu« »wiliwUj cTcDlnH. am-. S. U. Koo.iB, -in. J.llel-ary .Vole." THE TOPIC or TUI-: n o u n -- W i t h i n tin- past year, and especially in tin: \, ,st six month- f i n a n c e h is taken, as a topic of press discussion, the place occupied for several years past by the tariff. Cornliadiclury and irreconcilable as are Lhe positions, complex nnd confused as are the ur^'nintnis, of the political parties and lenders of the country u p u u the tariff question, they are no k-ss so upon the question of fi- nunce. The giant political prohluin of the day in the United .States is tne problem of reform in if th« National euiroucy. The man or woman who pretends co Ije well informed w i l l not teco'nt-iiL to l-.'arn the views of it few news papers o n l y upon the f i n a n c i a l and o t h e r (jr. MI ions of the hour, h u t will seek in s-jine way to yat a survey of press discussion in ail puna u f tlic country and upon all sides of the question al issue. Tliere is no ivJiy to ir.c.1 Hiicli a survey i xcept by re idinjj a journal t h a t (jives extracts and coii- driiced statements from all the leading representative papers and reviews. .Such a journal is 1'uhlic 0 union. Puljliahed :il Washington U. C. I I l ) W A C i l l l i A T STOI'.Y WAS WHIT TKN:--The l i i u t u i y of any great and successful undertaking ia Always in- lereiuinr, therei'-ire at the risk of accused of v i o l a t i n g personal 1'resent: 'Mrssrs. AMiley, JJurbee, Bahl, Uraudliorat. Mel) )n S ;"i|. Kownd and .Stilson Mr O A K o w n d was elected temporary C h a i r m a n Tin- A u d i t o r reported t h a t Messrs Ashley. I J i i r u e e and Jirandliorsl had liieu f eir on h of uilice as nu'inUurs of tin- lluard of Mipemsorsiil' L h i s enmity Iliiiird proct-eded to ballot lor pe iniiiit-iit, Ghiurmtui, and Mr Annley w; d u l y elecleil Chaiiiuan of the IJoar tor the ensuing yi;;ir C o u n t y A u d i t o r was instrucled t notify ihu p u b l i s h e r s ot the si-ve new-dp ipci-5 uf the county to lile a cer tilled statement of their boim-liilc s u b seiibers, as provided by Sec -128 u MuJlum's Code, on or beloru '.! o'cloc ii m, Jan 10. 1S9.J The rules of business of l.yu sven adopted for the yrar l.sdii The eonnniitce on s e t t l e m e n t will county oilie-r.s mmJe the f o l l o w i n g re port, which was niloplHil Yeas, ail 7'o the HoiKtaMeJiuinilnf Supervisor. of Illni:lclwwlf Vounty, lutuu. : Vonr cummiitee ou settleiuenl w i t h county ollicers rcspectlnllr submit t h e following report ol the s e t t l e m e n t will; F ii ohoemaKcr, Uounty Treasurer lor t,ha sevi-n uo»tlis emlinif J)^c Hint And seltieincnt inth II |; Williams, Clerk ui the C o u r t s : Ii ,1 Uodame County Auditor, nnd .1 L linechel .·Mipeiinleiideul of;schools for the ye-t tiiditig IJi-ceniher 3!ai, Ib'.'l |irnj)iTiy. Ill:u-i;ii;iwk!i uni!,.r:i h l K l UM-II..SS i'.r tills v k - l u i t y ui [o hl.lti- i i r i - l l l l i v a l l i n i . It - I" :u-,'lllju I., u-ll t l i i . j i\\-u ltv:iu'il In ami an- nit uld bv The P. O. Gome* U!inli.]i -jxn n r l i . u a i- Miiili-ii'm -i llit-iv vulu^. Tin. niwii ]iit|tiriy offer r n i - s : i i u r.r trim.. I- mi in iir-.i- anil liayhi!,- (.-in MI iiniTi-: mi i i u - til rcm*. inn. mi ikL-i-onm ut Misliu rir.. i l n ' u H : i i r ^ n-|.h i i i il:sKi... i:i tell our readers of cvcrj . UJAIj'. Services Sun:, 3 u U t u l t ScJiool at Y uvculnii; ;it T u'ctoc! Jnc^day o^'rnln 1 ^, . M. Kuoll, I'n.-itor :.Vi;i.l8ii KV.\N-GBI,ICAI,: services -S in.. , v · ' I'.KV. K. If, MKl.t,. P;i«lor Itr.v. S«v! M8 every t h i r d ! i\ MclMEHNBV. Pa s -.or. No. I'M, K. or P., mtew al tllelr lial1 Ju l n c lbe l-t'r BibTKiis. 1 --Iris Temple r»l aucl Thlia Frulay --. at L'astlo Hall, .Varcls- ifilly wclcoiaL-d. '.VusMIia red 'Jad s., MlHS Jessie Monre, c o n l i d e n u e , Ifie o r i g i n of a story or tin; late war. The publishers ,( t h e Chicago Ledger wanted a sto-ry which, besides a i.ii'w swry oi' great ineril, sliouM v i v i J i y describe Ihe eveuts of the batik; of Uettysbtirg aud the siege of Iticlircond One after another failed in the work, and at last tlie famous St. George R d t h b u r n e Wds on Ihe subject. lie de- a iabiiloiis jirice for the work but it waa paid, aii.l the story was actually written lo order. It is, however, under the pun name of " H u g h Allen." It is declared ny critics, who have been shown die alv.'ince sheets, to be llie bs-it story of the war ever written. The lirst I n s t a l m e n t of il appeared in 'o. ", Vol. xxiii of the Ledger, and at once attracted great atlctuion, A. private letter from the · editor informs us that in order to rench all classes of people, tiie publishers of the Ledger w i l l mail llie opening chapters of the story free of charge to ?ll who send in their names A. F. A. M., nifeu* on on or before rull moon. A. N, Felion, W. M. IM---O, K. S., mr«li ' i ^ r t n a r u l i mcwu. Mrn. M. tl Jofiu \V:iLt»rson, Sccretiiy. '- Mecl.i oc first- and Jno. McQuiJkln. Kcc. J '. A. p "~^^ '·' Ut if/., Thompson POSL, No. i»7 lhlrd MoE^ar "' t"" commander; k J. Mr, :orpj, No. · the ttntl .it:.30 p.m. welcomed. '. U. Wnl- al once. The Ledger is a great paper, and each week gives slory mailer enouzh to make a dollar bouk. Address. The Chicago Ledger, Chicago IM. *Mr. Fred Miller, ot I r v i n g 111., writes tlml ho l:ttd a severe kiduc.v trouble Tor many years, with piiina in his back .·iiirt nladder affected. He tried many so culled kidney cures but. no good results. About a year ago he began use D! Eiectric I Sitters and foudd relief al once. Electric Bittern ia especially adapted tn cur* of all kidney atd livrr troubles and often give? almost Instant relief One trial' will prove out statement. Price only 50c. for large bottle. AC Jilanclimlne MctiaberKU »'e l i u d the different funds, as gliuwn by hiil.tnte sliei-t hereunto alt-nclied and inurketl K x h i b i t -'A" and in ide a part, of this rrpoi'l, s h o w i n g a t o i a l bdl- ·iHcii on hand tor the j e w r cntling i)i-c ·list, I8!)J, or the stun ul forty one t h o u s a n d , eight h u n d i e i i and eighty one, -1 100 dollars (-ll,Sbl.. r )lj We carefully examined, compared and checked all evidence of receipls from every sonro; fro 'i .Jinn- 1st, lS!u. to J i n , 1st, iv.i.1, aim n e l n l l y compared llie v o n c u e i b :' ; I'.-.vnienl on lile with llie. Connty Au('n!"r and found tlie voncherii for all moneys p«ju oia lo be correct and the aceunnia beLw-:tn the nvo ollicers to be correct in every p a r t i c u l a r UMSKK OK Till; Wll'ltTs" OKKIC.'E We liai'u examined HhiJ compared the j u d g m e n t docket lee book and on. record of this office ,.nd cheeked al uvitlviioc of receijit.s from all sources and compared the same with receipt* and vouchers for ihi- disbursements llletl and l i u d the sum of six t h o u s a n d , six h u n d r e d , ninety one and 57 lu dollars (.·?il l ij!ll.57) in the hand.-) ol II ! t V i l l i a i n s , Clerk, JJec ::l, Jij'.il. aa showi by Uxliibit "1!," h e r e u n t o attached and made a part hereof, and Hnid sura o| money was counted by v u u r coinrnitlet and found correct We also f i n d that II I) Williams colluded in fees d u r i n g ihe year ending JJec :;lst, W,n, the sum of Iwo thousand, seventy jievun, T-S-IUU dol- Ilirs ($2,01! 7H,l, nil ol which 311111 was fully accounted for lo your coniiriiituu AUMITOIl'.H O K I ' I C l i lu this olfice y o u r committee corn pared the biJIs iviili the iv.irrauts iasu ed Cor the year ending Dec;jl, JB'JI and fwund them corrwt, and found ; voucher t'or each and every warrant-is sued against the dillerent f u n d s in LIi« county treasury aering Mie year Also verified the warrant, tegi.ner aim f o u n d proper a u t h o r i t y (or all ufiii.-ial acts of the County Auditor The amount of money in the Ininds of the County Auditor due to different parlies .Ian 1st, 18", was found lo be Uireo h uu- dred, ninety-six and TiMuO dollars ',«:«)G.T2), as shown by Jixhibii. "C" hereunto attached and made a part hereof, and said sum of money was counted by your committee and found correct W U N T V SUI'KRISTKNDBNT'S O K f l C K We bavu carefully checked all evidence of receipts in llih ollice obtainable from ;an l a f , I8!M, lo Jan 1st, ISOo. compared and checked all vouchers for disburgemcuts, verified ihe same wit!, monies paid into I!IB county treasury, and liud: ID band JOAI reixtn t-'Vi.fto rec'd ilno^ " ·' h'JI.'JU tt ilf 1'ali- «IH.,I by llii'lli. Tllli-s imi^' Hun. M - l l I I M - K i.Mv.i- \V,- s l i n l l , pi at u l Iinv ,i:i^ Isrtll,. a ] i : u i i ] i l i l i ' t ik'ni-rlldnu jl'i,|).'rly lur .-all In till-, l . i . - a l i l y . a u d au.viiii. biivjii); i-ial i'sl:i'.r to il||).i^i' i.; \ v j i i H i u l Ii u, U n ' l r a i l v a i n a v : i . l. lilai-i-- II in i.ur hands lur diir-^al. .)ui- u i i - i l i - I K l H l l l U l l V i T I I - . i l l K H I V M U - i l l l j l l l We' ai !- abli-cl t i , ri-ai-li '_-iij.,-rs hi I'n'ry p i i r t »l l i n - Unlli-il Snn.^ a ~ wnll :i tin- iiini-u ,1..-Irani" l-Jur»|«-aii i.iuiurli".. Our l i s t nt l a i u l s rm- · i a l i - M i l l i v i i i n , i n i H . u l n lie i h i ' larni'st i-\-i-i- K-.UI..I hy ,i r.-iil V.-.LIII- aci'in In Itn-.-a. aim i l x i v i - a l l . II].-,,- l a l i i l s liavi. IJI-MII -i.l,-i-;,-il i v j i n Illivli-.i~. c l ' l u - r a lionu-. or tor siK-i-iilatlnii. U'l: liavi.. In l..i r u r i i - SIIUIL- v.-r' Dili' i-i'-idi'Ui',' |ii-r,jH-rly ai r i M M i i i n l i l i i p r l u u v ami jii i h u . - i r il'-nlrrd. Id-.iruil larnii'i-s H I U V I I I K i i l i i i v u w i l l l l i a l j - l l l i i n . ' y h y IIII.-I|L;:U|II- a.^ ·^'i' L-ali I I I I l i e i u n u t unicli i-ln.-a|,.'i- i l i a i i l l i u v Wt: al-o \i-isli h, ,-all u,,. a i i i - i i i l i u i m · c i l i l l i i T l l Uiiin.- .IIM.II.M... tii l l h - ilal.. of t i n - K'XK-xcin-Klun. l-'i-l,,-in,, ivliluli t r i l l l a k i . y . m lln- nm.sL ^ll',^lral)l|. i i a r ' ..-r '-h-j .-::;:::;i r.L i-\ ri'iin'ly Irnv rai.., tor tui- i-uuml n-i],. I'KOI-I.I: in ,,,.,:,] ut l-'lri! li]Mii-:ui,-i. wl i h - a - i - r i ' i i i e i i l l i i - i - IlKil in. rv]irii.i.'lil l l l i ' u l \'lllii ut l l a r t r n r i l , Ci.. i h i . ],L l.',.),i|,aii Inu lillsliict.-. In M L - 1,'. s. Al-o U i . - o l i i r, l a l i l i - Alll'Tklim (.'i-ull-al or Si l.illll.-. Till IICI' I l l l s J i i i - . - s . - h n u l i I Ii,. |iiil-i.|ya iJUslll..- n i i i n - r .mil not mil. ,,/ f i - l i . m i s h l i i . wl.i.n.. y,, llMIn- i r l l l i -Mm.. .A^i-iii 01 ·L-aiisi' In. I.H an i i l i l t r l i ' i u l l l i a IMMS yuu [[avi. l.i il,.; Sells fine, aun-dried Michigan Appl eg at 8 c ta. Potatoes, Apples and Onions at right ratei; Figs and Dates. Also Candies, N u t a , All klnda Warranted to of f r u i t in .can a or dried, giv e aatiafaction if tried. We want B u t t e r , Eggs and Potatoes in trade, For all of which the Higheat Price is paid. J. MILLER, Proprietor. BEFORE YOU h h i k y o u nu r s y n i i i a i h y Vlii-n you rm: IMI i-i.Iil la.-i^ iuiil it y o u r |,Mllc.y is wit l l l l (.Vs. y o u [in- 111 lu,:k. W h i M i y.,u I) I',, w l l l i l l m A n n a a n i l A : n i - r l i - a u Ci'iilr; ' n r i » l l i . ' l , - n r - w r l H i - n rk-ln lu-n. a n i l i n k ei:t l n u i i - i l l i i i i . | y . an.l l i i c a - i ' i i r I n n s y n i i ar a l i U i - i l h o i i l il,-lay. \\ wi-lir n u i l i l i i i ; Ijli ' u i n l l'1-kr, anil vln-u ,i-,. m,.,.i w l i h :i l o t n »- jiay whin y u m ' imllry i-all.- fur anil in lc- MJIIU- .,1 LIU- fai],. m i n i i a l L . / i u p a i i l i . - mi |iay arni-T-ini-ni.- ,. n n,|| i ;ilv , l f |,,,|[,.y .,,,, i i.-.i-i' in In-, |i;iy y o n i w o tlilnl.H. Tbi-i-ii ai- II ],»hu u - i i l c l i win ih-ar l i i v i - . H i l K n t l i i i i l l - l l l l ' S S I s l i l l - i l n r i - . A N V i i S K I l l i v l l i t f I.MI-.-^K ,,|- ml,,.,. MOL .| lili-li l I m y wi.-li in illsn.,11- or a.-, j i a r i ),ay oi-tli w ,.,i l,, W a. S i u i l l m - r s l;al;i.ii,, -lu,ii|, call niiH .-..- loort'T hi Him lln.j. ('. v:. R A V I . I N .STATK.MBNT i HIT Oii.niii.ii ,ir UUIIMI Mm,, itimu re:uil/.i il UiKliT tin. HIM-. ,,t Imr,,, I,,,. I lit I.u I M r t i ' C l l y , in l l n . . - i M . n l y o n t l i . r k ·liiy il I · - . . A . !».. m i l l , niuili'' |o t h f A l l i l l l . i r ul ^ | J . I P , I I H rif|lll|.|'4l \iy I u i i i i i i i l u l ' l i i l l H . U v n U n a i i i l i i l l i . IT i-vlrl|.i lc :|..s uf llijlui, ill.s- counii.'il ur j»iirch:i«iMj .iijiu- :tlly owiii'il Ijy me liiinli. ir-;ir- rl'.'il "uli ...................... l'li" i niiclltliiri ur ilii! fiwur. liiK I K u - i l c n l u r l y (V'.«.rllM.|l ;i* r.:in iu N i l . l i K s ' a t l l l K l i l)r:*rt.j TUB A»'*irvT'Hr:un:r,-rT(i IK: MIAH'.V AT N I U I I T O.N 111.1'UKITWITII S l l l . v i : N ' r U A . N H X ' I I E I I A . V K KIW (srr.urvi KA.I:KH A S H uir;A- T I O N ^ ur I I A N K S I : i a n t n .Nal'l Iliiiilt. · N.-u'J 11:111!:. ···»· 10 v.r' 7" i'.r.n:» lLiil lei Oy.:runirin ..,,,,, i l i v v a l m - ul ri-al [irojicriy )Wu,.|l hy 11," IjlillU H , l l » i a Cue valu|.orj»!rf,rjiialjjroi^. r ty "imieii by tin- iiaiilc) ti.W!Tu \nomtt a v l i i u l l y pitlil up In cusli...,'. wo.w T I C K T r r T A I . A M O U N T IlUK O K I ' O S I T O H S A S KOImivK \ n i o u n m l f l i L i l ' . f i M i i | m ···:, HII i:, Mini Mill'-..I.-IMJKIU 7l.x;iT:itlftt TUB A M O U N T OK C X I i I V I I l l l l i 1-liOfll-s AS rol.l/JWH: L l l l - r p f O l i l n OH li:i! lJ ilf .LIlJ e u D h a n d j a n 1 fully submitted, II M ASHLEY, ") Committee W S STORKS, }· settlement I'ETER UAHL. j\ Co officers (To be Conllniied.; on with --B. S.' Stnoton Bella the celebrated Peoiia StoFM, KounJ Oakaad itok. 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BSacuMur, , McGaheran: Qet_Our Prices on Lumber. · ~i -- i Our facilities for buying lumber CHEAP, is as good as any in Iowa. And our disposition to SELL it CHEAP better than some. ESTIMATES, figures cheerfully given. H. C. Main Street Lumber Dealers. and information 60. S. A. PAIGE At The SYNDICATE BLOCK STORE SELtS G-oocLs,, rocerles, Soots SLZ^-d. Slxoes. A Full Line of Winter Goods on Hand. Pay the Highest Market Price for Butter and Eggs. fegg P eliver y for City Customers. Li-tm_. and AT REDUCED PRICES. CLEANING AND REPAIRING WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY A SPECIALTY. WORK GUARANTEED. . . . i I*' _ IF {NEWSPAPER! EWSPAPER1

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