The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 13, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1818
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BROAD WAT C I it c U S THIS EVENING, AUG. 13, IV performance commence with the gortsoilhe Ridg. - ; blister Coty, the cerebrated American hero, will distinguish hinitelJ with wany brilliant leals Coronation, or Learned Horsei ; in which all ihoi noises will tow their wondertul sagacity fl!t eJei(i" hone Othello w ill stand on a pedestal at a statue, and all the other horsei will lit down at lite command of the ridert. Moo. Caussia will go through many turpri - tutf fentt witB a ttick, but recency introduced i,ito wountry. - Master M'Cain, tlie wondor of the age, will, on o horse, crlorui many wonderiul leatt lor youth, only "weyeart old, leap over 2 garters, - oti conclude by riding on hi head, hu horse in lull speed. . Stack Rope, hy Mr - Mavhe. Grand Carnival ot Venice, or men piled upon M6I1 (iyrnoMtic Exercises, by the whole troop. ill Hailrn will on one hoc mi ncrlorin many ' astnniiLuig leant, leap, over four hoards of ' li'hts, separate ana lonewer, wiu uouliwic 17 ' ,"urpriinB leap through a balloon 12 lent high. Still Vaulting by the company Clown Mr. ;' Csmpbell. " The whole to conclude with the grand Irani - Cbline exercises, by Mr. May he, who will throw a tomersct over C hoitet, with their rider, and a board of lire. " Tickets way he had at the circus from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. A place it provided for people of colour. .Doors will be open at 7 o'clock, and the performance commence precisely at , No tiunakmg allowed. . Checks not transfer - able. Gentleineu are requested not toeuler the ring. For S.iVA.Y.YAll, F.I.I.. I) I.. Porter, master, a first rate vessel and intended for a regular trader, having considerable of her freight eng.iged, v. 1 1 meet with immediate dispatch. For ircigljt or tiatsairc, apply on board at lluriiiig - stip.orlo 1 6 ANSON O. PHELPS, , 13 1S3 Front - street. For j, Freight or dun ter. The schr. MOUMNG STAK, - 0 tons 1 carries about BOO ban cU, and in tomplete order for sea; lying at Dover street wharf. Applv to R. it C. W. DAVENTORT&CO. au 13 35 r k - slip. fur rintii'iia, The British brig AMELIA, Juh .Humphrey, master ; an uncommon!) baa fast sailing vessel. For pvsage oolv, apply on boat J, at Jones' wharf, or to R. GILLESPIE, 112 Front - direct. W'Un offers for sale. 300 hlils now Itulnn'.nil Flo ir, liaxulls brand 80 liluia Kentucky iouacco 1 1 do Kiclm ond do 12 haln prime I'pland Ci ttnn A Chain (. able, fit fur a vessel of 500 tons Wine and Porter llo'.lles 2 pipes and 3 hlids Red Port Wine White Port nnd Clan t do Rohz Red Port, in cases of three dozen each, aug 13 For Hale, Freight or Charter, Thetcb H ANNAH, Hampton, mas - ,ter, 140 tons; is well found, and now tcajy lo receive a targo. Apply at Ci Wash - i.igtiin - strett. aug 13 G. O fc S. HOWLAND. For U.4k'.W.i. I o sail on WeJunJay, tho alcgaut L - rlcoiu ered thip Garonne, iterline, uias - tur, wiih what freight may offer bctjre that time. rcrwlucb, or passage, apply 10 captain a. oa board, at pier No. 5, North - nvsr, or to aug 13 O. G. St 8. HOWLAND. IT for LIM HLt.yiU.X. " Tna sailing packet schoonf r 2iSi;CHARLESTON - PACKi;T, i'.B. Vail, matter; being detained, ran take some freight, aud will positively sail on Sunday moruin?, wind pcrm.tling. Apply on board, at Ste veus' wharf, or to SAUL ALLEY, an 13 ' 00 Piuc - strcet. i HON, alLEL, & HAKUWAKE. O C f Tons fjigliah irr.n, aborted, in flat tmttJKJ and squire barn, a part of which U entitled to debenture. 100 toas round iron, as w ted, from 1 - 2 to 1 ; 1 - 3 inch - s J00 do Swedes flat iron, from 1 to 5 inches ' 60 do square, assorted from l - ii to 3 inches 50 rhi each Cat aud square Russia iron 60 do country iron, assorted 'M do ploughshare moulds 10 do axlttree and crowbar mou! Js 10 do home (hoe moolds 20 do hrasicr's rodi, assorted, fromS lG to 3 D inch - 30 do spike and nail rods, auorted ;' 10 do. sheet and boiler plate ioo ' 5 d Engli'li end Aiueiicun ILmpi 10 do English (L.) blistered steel 10 do Swedes sttti 10 do Crawley do 5 li German do 5 do shear and cast steel 20 do Lirittol and Nova Scotia erind stones anchors 500 anchors, assorted from 50 to 20001b 1 do about 90001bs. 60 rolls sheet lead, ass'd 3 to C lbs per foot 100 ranks spikes, ass'd from 4 to 9 ir. - .ies 2C0 do. cut nniU. from 2d t UOd 50 do. wrought nails, assoned 20 do. slate and hm - se nuils 10 tons iron pots and bake pan, aborted fiom 1 tu 10 gallons, entitled tod.j'u. 5 tons English spelter 20 ilt. A.nericati hollow ware, consisting of pots, kettles, bake pans Skilets, spiders, tea kettles AndiiOiu, tc. 10 caks trace, ox and boat chnibs Anvil, vices aud heck irons ' For, sledge nnd hand hammer) Mi: i, cross cut and pit saws Crt, Waggn and Chair Boxes. Window gla - t, ofdifTereot sizci Shovels, spades, hoc?, c. Together w tin a general asiortmctit of hardware aud cutlery, lor sale, 011 reinouatln tuiDi, by A HE FL & DL'ASCO.VB, No. 303 Water - ttrect, coruerof Jaints - dip au 13 w SHEET KO.V, CuPPEU, Ac. BRAZlElt - S' copper sheets, assorted rizrs ,, bottoms, railed aud flat Ktr coprnr, sheet brs Urazie - ra' rol, sheet lead Tin plate, No. 11 3x - lxx xxx Do. Pi xx ax x Do. S D x - - - x x - - - x x x Black plate, iron and bns wue best Lend in sheet iron, double Ic treble roll'd Bristol ,, single fc dout'le Lock plate iron English wrought ni'.ls, rose and clasp heads fp.liej, tacks and c'.oul nails Hjrse mi!, block tiii Trace chains, black lead crucible fc'and crucibles, shovel pans Mil), pit ih1 c osi cut saws Hatters ami t nd irons, anvils Vices, wr tin; slates, spaded and shovels Together with a gcutral assortment cf Rardu'sre and Cutlery, for sale on ace. ininioda - t ng terms by J. It. DASH SON, , " 13 lw 117 ltmaiUay. RACOON Si MI.MC5K1XS. - fine dark Indian kil'd Raroimskias '"Xl prir.p M'nk skins. tor i!e hv DILWOR1II fc VOORIIEJW, " - 8"3 3t 13d Water street. T IGNUVVlTiE. IOIodi, of varioia tizes, tj lor laie oy - - - TUCKER &LAURIES, aug 13 - 29 Soulh ttreet. NEW FLOUR 350 Obit and &0 half buls. new Richmond k.ur, of Gallego, Ilaxall, and Woodberry hrandi 100 bids branded Sloket h Smith. lanilinsr am) for sale by WALSH GALLAGHER, ug!3 240. ALEXANDRIA, FLOU1L bbli superfine ICO do flue Alexandria flour, newly 'round from old wheat, and of very tuperior quality Received per ch Resolutions and' tor rale by an? 13 WALSH ic GALLAGHER. MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. II keg ladies twist" Davidson, Saunders & Co." brand ; 58 do. No. 1 do ' do. landing from schr. Catherine, ami Monroe, and for sale bv TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. an 13 160 Front - street. 'lUM d tUMAC. 17 puncheons Antigua XV Rum, and A few tons Trieste Sumac, Landing, ac.d for s ale at 165 Front - tt'eet. aus 13 bt A. L. GOMEZ. ipLOUR. Ml bbls.ruptrf. Riiliiuonil Flour, ' from new wheat, Richmond mills brand. 04 hhls. supl'. Richoiuud Flour, ground from old 87 do SI, l'hilnil. supf. do. for sale hy bOORMAN 4; JtiANSTO, "C 13 57 South street ClOT'l'UiN' UAGG1.NG A:Sl riACKIO. A t Rood atsurtiiiciit of Lotion Having Tuilltd uud common Sacking Ccibii and I'iuitula UKtin, lor nle hr 1). 'UETHU.NLAi'CO. au 13 9 Gullgn llme - lip Q L'ERCllUtW UARIC. 100 L!nl. IivbI. ground, for sale in ;va:ils, by aus 13 GRISWOLDS Si CO ATF3. C"lOTTlM. 66 b.ik prune Upluiid, in J lots to suit pun baser., hy GKliU ULDShCOnT.S, ao 13 till nuitli sir, ct. t IMXHV tiL.Vcs. ioto buats liiibtol T luJow Glaf , fur kale t'V 11UUD a: SE'.VaLL, 6.1 Snotli ftreit. au? 13 LOAF 5 - l'GAK, li Ka.N U V, He. a ticrcts and !(0 hhls Lnai Sugar ') pipes Grays Brandy 4fh proof 14 hhls si' house hrnwn Sugar 100 ki - s Pinladelpl in starch 50 kegs London rclin'd Salt I'elre 10 boxes Cnndys, l.,r s.ilo 1 y JACKSON ii WOuLLLY, aug 13 75 Wall - stn - et. B LEACH'D SHIRTINGS. 3 cases tdeacb'd M,irti!)is, 01" an oci llent q'lahfy, jitel re - ecu td aud :or sale I v the COM .i; It ilOX COM PA X Y, aug 13 US Pearl - i - trcct. 13 HJE Cl.Olilo. A li iv lines superdn Auiericii blue c:ii,iii, lur nt'v by the co.w y. i ziios t;t : pan y, anz 13 I lit Pi ari - slreet. 1 L.N IHK.LAHO KLWAKI). iTRAYED or stolen, on tlie lltti int. fictii ) theii!.4 Tiber, a wliibs hi.d black spotted and reiiiHrliabiV li u;il - int nn'cli Cow, willful hum. vviii.vir will il' - rnversaiu e - 'jw and btm her back to her owner, shall tecme the above - retvaid. D. KENNEDY, Bank street, near t!ie State l'iiii - 11, N Voik. aue 11 :t NEW AD LI.Lti AN P GAblNEl FUitNI - 'll'RE. Yo. 93 H'arren - tt. aftwdours from Iirnadiri). A CHOICE assortment of Cnttinct Furuiiure. t particularly sideboards, patent dining, card and ladies' ilerant work tables it is presumed the like has oever before becu manufactured in America. Mahogany Chaiis, Sofas end Setteel of the first st) le. The subscribers assure the public. that none can under tell them, comparirgquitli ly. I'pnoitiry worn ami roller window Minus. All orders in the above Itnes will he thankfully received and punctually executed hy nig 1 j e.u.i.r.M'ih K tVI.KMt. fail ifjeJ 1 C He let 'till Uie lirst ol .Iy, tir oa a Lease for I'mUi teen years, (hat large and spacious family House, tituatcJ No. 4ii KroaJ - strei t, with or uithout cujcli house snd stables : the pre mises have been lately put in thorough repair for a large fanmy, or a respectable Hoarding house ; the premises are 2Lid feet in depth from the front in L' - btreft, to the coach house in NesY - bircct, with a large garden and an extensive wine cellcr. null tf Nr.W WORK.1. D' IS3F.RTATION Third,exh'.bitinir gmieral viewed the progress of Chemical Philoso phy, from the early a . - cs to the rnd of the cili - teen.h rtnlitry, by Wai, Thoinaa Iiraude, j rii c one dollar. A Key to the classical propviiciatinnnl Greek, Latin abd Si riplure Proper Names, in whii h the words are arranged arcorilin to tin - ir final sy' - lablcs, exactly its they ouht to he ptoUounccd, according to rules dr - iwn from analogy nnd the best usage; to which are added toiiniuational voeabulaiies of Hebrew, Greek and Latin pro - p r names, by John Walter, price 1 25. Memoirs of Mrs. Harriot Newell, a new e - dition. Piii e 75 cents. Just teeciied and for sale nt the Minerva Circulating Library, Book fc stationary Store 2o5 Broadway, opposite tlic - 11 u euro. iit 1 1 iKW liUUKa. C WILEY fc CO. No. 3 Wall street, have . for sale Fr - 'greM of Chemical Philosophy, fiotn the enrltest njrs to the end of the IKtli cutury, by Win 1'hoiuss Brown, price I dollar Walker's Key to the Cla'sii id pronunciation of tireek, Latin aud Sciiplure prop r names, ic &ic. $1 Si. The Bachelor and Married man, 2 "ls. 1 75. The balance Of Comlort, 2 volt. 1 75 Marriage, 2 vol. ? dolt. Tuckcy't Expedition to the river Congo, 2 50 V, BarhiiEtun 011 the North Pole. 1 25 Hobhou - e's idastratuuis of the 4th Canto of Cbildf Harold, t oi'. . Conversations oa Chemi.try, 2vols. new cdi tion, 2 dollars. aug 13 FL.HCHERS ' CKTKERATKn TECir.TABI.K 8ALVK. i NDRKW FLETCHER iniorirn the inha - lA. bitatits of this cily, of nB extraordinary salve prepared and made by him. It i com - poind entirely of her! t, atid other vei, - table ubitanrcs, mid possesis, ia a di gre e nl'ogcth - er unequalled by any thiig nfthe kind known, the excellent quili iesot' umhfyin, drawing and tieaimg, but not tiisnuy. an luauucr 01 wi uue.. and ruumngs to tc useii to every case, wiwuuc excrplicn, where the km is broken. 111 enstr - of the Scurvy and King't Eril, it will abtc'utelv, Umiigli it may appear incredible, peiiorin the most porfect cure. The n?.;.nuiig pain of wounds, cankered thro' cold, ttref. or oiher cause", it will ruitiira'ein a lew uunutef. t or more man seven'r rears il has breii mad in the wn'rr's frei!v. and i' well known as l b telvr's Healing Salve, iu a wide circle, round the lit ihboihoou ot Dalkeith, and Newhaftle bis native place, in S tMlnnd. TVreil bat, in castttie 1110M hopeless, preserved tlie arms and l - gs, if not the lives, t hun.lrHs of people Cat the writer is aware, that it is extremely improper and equally unavailing for him, to state which have happened in si country so rcmole ; it is only fr hnu, tiy continued advertisemctits, lo make it kiwn in this city, and he hu the happy eon fldence. thut a eeotioul public will pive I im credi', un'.il tlie tniog may - ;xalt for iis - lf, csisb - Iishits cwn merits, anil prove sts ave r.i - r . Irae man and no irap - wter. The writer feels buppy in piwsing in f .in couatry all tb" means ofinulciiig this invaluable medicine, which toda - cli - making public ia the roid - t ol mor; man one hundrc.1 thousand j - euple would be criininal 1.1 the extreme, towanls sufferins; humanity. To be told in boxes, price 1, 2 and 3s by Mr. JOHN' DilKXNAN, sclsi ne;Mit for the proprie - tor. 475 Pearl street. New York 1 each box in - clossrd in a ttnnll paper, containing a few printed directions fornijeg U i;g 1J lint P.lUki. X I. Iron, for talent 63 !:outli - tt. by aul IIL'RD 1 SEW ALL. t Ji F.i KM TO LF.I ijX sHA ' The Farm is situated uear Newark, and couiuins about 30 acres ol the but land, iflilud - i"E a gir '.en of two at res ; the proprietor will furnish all necessary articles. Anyptrsonofa good character, sober, booett, ana iodustrkui, may apply at this Oilii t. A good kitchen Gardner would be preiered. aug 13 lw TRY VOIR LUCK At ALLEN Lucky OJtce, . .Vo. 182 Broaduay. IN the Grand Mcdicul Science Lotury, now drawing 111 this city. THE WHEEL CONTAINS, 1 prue of 100,000 DOLLARS' 1 do of 5(i,0i;0 do 1 do of 20,000 do 1 At of 10,0110 do 1 do of 5,000 do 2 do of i!,0UU do 43 do .f 1,000 do Many smaller Prizei only 15000 Tickets. . The first drawn number next Tuetday will be entitled to a prize ofjlUOO. The lottery wilt draw every 'J utsdaytlus inuntii, and olteneruext month. N. U. AUTRkcis sold at ALLEN'S will be endorsed and paid by (hem. aug 13 OC. GUAC1E Ai CO'i, prize lutol the Medical Science, ISo. 5. 1st days drawing. No. 5373 1O00 dollars. 2J uays drawing. No. 15577 1000 dollars. 13409, 9373, E593, 135J1, 100 do each. Remained untold ot Grade's. 3d drawing at half past 6 A. M. on TttPsday uext. 1st iiumbrr drawn entitled to 1000. Warrented undrawn tickets now selliug at 30 dollars each, nnd bharcs in proportion. Frizes and loreigu bank notes received inpayment lor Tii litis. tug 13 it PAPER, fLPEtlUli QUil.LS, be. 171IF1 Y - THOUS AXD choice selected quilh.; letter pa per, fjtdscap do. aud various size; of wrapping paper ; bilb of lading, on fine t aper, 111 It Iter - and common lorn), f or sale by O. C. GHACIEiiCO. liG bHOAU WAY, where may be obtained the Jslthl.O.JO ;5.',00v) ; 'Jll.OOrj; 10,000; ti.OUU Capital pnz s in the Giand ecieiict Lottery, Stnclaai, lor 30lollars each. Sffres in projiurtiun. auf 13 v!t MEKle til A W LS. N elegant assortment i f Merino Shawls, jii't XJL opened and lor sale at UO liroudway, by au li lw PI I II. lilt'. OK .V PETEKS. ",XJEW KlGiiMoND fLUUK, ic. 2JJ Jl litil. tupeiliin: 1'lnur, llaxali and Ciuiniii - haui'e hr.ind, lauding trom schr. Catharine, ami lor sale by W. S. CKAIG, ij 1 r roui street. 70 I, lids, prime Rich...aid Tobacco 100 ki c Manuhirttin - d do 2 boxes 4 - 4 Irish Linen K hhus ti t;iH s choice L. P. Madeira Wine 2 1 - 2 qr. casks do. do. M dmsey ine. aug 1 lw HA,VittriEt.r.NC. fc lKAKCON, No. Oi Son(h - t,trei't, i ilfrr for tale C"0 bolls Kii'siu Duck, various marks bJ eio Eu - h. - h Pal lit Sail cloth 100UO iiieces lo'ig Company yellow atal blue Nankins, ent;t!cl to debenture 40 cases Canton irilks, coir - isting of Black rior. - Uiiws, black 4 - 4 ildkfl t'ros; hatred 7 8 lldkls. Col'd Scwinns Colored u: J charg"nblc Sinchewt lt - 4 Crape t - hau ls. white Coucuas Poti es for hat linings Twilled fN.rsm'i D'ivn - col'd Sili; Shawls 7 - 4 aud 3 - 4, part cf which are entitled to debenture 70 tout English liolt Iron, 5 0 to 1 1 - 8 10 do old sable - , 1 I t! to 3 inch squaie 4 do Swedish, 3 inch wide 90 do Yorkshire Pi: Lead C5 bale U land Cotton 2 HO ounces Oil of Roses 30 do Oil Cinnamon 3 caee Turkey Opium 5 bales Goats' Wool or Camels' Hair 35 pipes Holland Crandv 30 bb! No. 3 cargo Uecf 25 bundles 1 Jeer rkim 2 baits Turk.y Kus 3 cases Dutcti rlafes 10 botes Chocol - to 70 d Herrings A con - tun t supnly of white Lead, from the New Yotk Lead Works, of a superior quality A ffunrrul rtaanrliiiont nl' A if kl ItWHril'l (il.'IIS hurniture, and Window Ulass, irom tins uoston matiutactory. aug lz ""PIKCK GOODS. IIFTY bales Calcutta Piece Goods, consist ? inr of Alflahrul Bafta, ) Kirahad andJCIIOWDAGARY Fotzahad Coiiiiuuzc Alcahad, ) 1 orzihitd, Kirahad, EMERTY Lowerpore, J Aleahad, J Fcrxahnd MAM0ODY Joic ins pore j Fine Mow Sanna Furruckabad") Joninn3re 1 Mnwdaher S.liii!itrn J - SAWN Chandclly & j Cona " J and J DK. - S. Madiass Pattern ) Flag Hdkfs. Just received and for sale by GOODHUE & CO. aue 12 44 South street. BALTIMORE FLOUR. dJJ bbl; new superfine, landing from sloop Hiram, at Old slip. For sale bv CAMBKELENG 8c PEARSON, nug 12 C7 South slrret. - UJ M.CAIUNs, No. 1JO Water - street, of - fetsforsaie, received by the late arrival from Liverpool - - Flannel, assorted colour! Krse, Pont and London Putlil Blankets Strouds, Feanioughts and Baizes, assorted co l.iurs Low priced and fine Cloths, assorted Double milled drab do Suner Blue and Pelisse do, Black Bombazetts 4 - 4 and 6 4 Cambric Mudms 0 - 4 llair Clordand Fijureddo 4 - 4 and 9 0 Bordered Cravat Hdkft 7 - S and 4 - 4 Steam Loom Shirtings, Calicoes Ked, blue, chocolate, jd. - .tc - and chintz furui tine - do 7 ii corded Ginzhams. Cotton Hosiery, and a vftr.plv o 0(her ariir!p. nuy It lw MRGCTORfc MATHERS, No. 71 Pine - I. ttreet, have received by the Importer, Eu phrates, and other late arrivalt, the following goods which they ofler for tale 00 liberal Iciuis, viz : 40 balet Kendal Cottons j( rlo Wl.ile 1 Itiins 5 1I0 sux - riine Proadclolhs 4 do middle priced do 2 do Pelisse Cioths 1 do Cassimercs 2 trusses blue tav'd List Clothl 3 di Toilanettt 10 caw'i woollen Shawls and Scarfs 2 da furniture Chintz of superior patterns and duality S) 1 do superfine London Halt do tontaining boys beaver nd cloth r a ps, ladies .'r.d cluldrens St utf Bonnets, &c. Hatfrs Bowstrings and J Jewellery of vaii'Mis kindt. 1 do do 50 barreli t - enera Gin , 3 do reefified Whiskey 2 pips Cou.c Brandy S dJ L. P. Madeira Wine of choice quality 19 kestiMsnufvtnredTobacco 15 do Patent Yellow ti casks Mustaid 2 hadt Sivoe Cruslsci, ic. au; 1 1 Sir TRON. - 1C0 tons Old SaMe P. S. I. I . ' For .YF.rT.f)RLZA.X lliebrig MARY ANN, capt. Scli - TBSTif'"' - WH he detained by agreement until loth inst.i'hen the will positively tail. Mie can lake a few more pasenger,'and about 5'J tons of fi eight, applicat ion to he made on board at pier No. 9, E. R or to J. H. LAL'EENCE fc CO. au 13 4t 55 Pme - street. r - pEiXElllKFi. WlAE 150qr casks G. P. J. I'enerille wine, imported in 1015 and 1U10", of the Phsley, Power, ai.d Colegan bram'.t. A lew pipes tiuc Port Wine, Inrsale by natjl Paulding, ausl? lw ' 16 J Front - street , ILLlNE l i'b. A tiuaiitity ol while Mills It J netts, h.xidioiuely &iis.h;d and ol the tut quality, tor sale. 1,11 rcivsnaute terms, by WM. CAMPBELL, Manuluclurer. 1 - 137 Pearl - stiett, up stair;. Also 100 pieces black do. new stiil'eued and (ilii - t.ed. UU t A MEIlit,'AN UKANDY - 20 Pipes, ot good X tX quality and high proof, for sale by aug 11 lw CORNL'S DU KO!. IpNGLlSH CIlEEi - E - 25 h?.nq.eis 1.1 Ht - tk - !i ley, double il single Gloucester Cheese. ALSO. Eiit;!ih Hams, Bacon and Lard of superior quality, just received by ship Phocion, In.m liristul. for sale, wholesale fc retail ; with a general assortment ol Bristol Wore Groceries, hy F.. ULACKFORD, 157 Greenwich - street. Likewise, a few qr. boxes best Havana Sc - gurs, Fish saucrs, Capers aud Olives, ant: 10 ! PUR IE It liOTiLEU, HUEAJJ11.XU COPPER, ir. BUPTOL porter bottles, in hampers of one groce each i - 'hratluug c opper, from 14 to 23 ot H ml, assorte d for the season Fpaui - h brown While lead, ground in oil Crown window glass, li by C to 111 by 12 The. above goods arc just received by the shin rhocioii from bri - tol, nnd are recommended as being ol the beet quality and in the best order sale by sii'll lw WM. NI ILPON H - SON. M ill. l liNe, i'Ai' a.iO reams liiiu inrUl Jl um Print in;:, fur sale bi - (i. G. S. HOWLAND, ' Wa - liingti;n - street nag 12 II It 'll J I hl.d MMOND TOHACCO A FLOL'R. 10 lids prime liichmond Tobacco ).'ti ki fis gjod ( oniiiion inntiiil '.ctured do I INI bb!s. new r lour, Kier.inoiid .Mills 50 tlo do Woodberry. landing this day mini sehis. Catharine, aud I'ulv Uaegliler, loi sale by bOORM AN fc JOHNi 1'ON. au; 1231 20 ROMA.V Ct.ME.T. ca'.ks Reman cement, jud rue x - ived and lor sale by ANDERSON fc SHEAREIt, niiST 12 ?iv 131 Water street. IRISil Ll.vE.Na, DiAt'EKs, .v.c. 'IHE suhsenhers havi; received by the late jL arrivals from Ireland a very handsome ns - sorlu.ent of 4 - 4 whites, some ia demi pieces Also 7 0 do hroH'ns from 7 to lUd. very superior gKjdi, vviiich they will tell on moderate termi. J.ii tY.SI tllU.MiJilO, mi 7 2w 4 1 South - street. nOOACCO. 353 Kegs landing I coin schr.. L lluio au.i Only Daughter, and cloop Fair American, from P.ichmond, viz. 4 Kegs branded 13. H. Brady, D'j, nn. 1 & 2 4 do. Geo. Fletcher, C't, no. I fc 3 40 do. T. M. Deanc&eo. It's, no I fc 3 S7 do. J. Gihb, It's, no 1 fc 2 till l - 2do. .1 fcP Labbv, 8V, Ladies' twist. IN STORE, 1500 Kegs, C,'s, no's 1, 2, 3, half pound rolls, Ladie' Twist and CaveudUh Tobacco of the following brauds, viz. F.udets, Ross, Ego, Miller, Holtz, Dutton, 5'tarr, J. llarcfcco. R. Hughes Si co. F. Dancy fc co. Ander son, Hlair ic M. Keage, Cantor, mid Sheltoii fc Williamson. ForsaUby - CORN'P - - L' 1V uots au; 1 1 2w A lll - .LriJI tUlOOl, is suealtO till the l - al Monday in August iaat:wit. KJ The public is respectfully informed, that Mr. John II. Minth is engaged as elrawin mas. ter, and Mr. Schiifc ly as leaciicrol the rrcuth. Spanish aud German languages. ' :in 3 tlMtug SPUN AGE. COXVENTEXT Storage for Dye Wood., or other articles of a similar description, may be had by appl ing at No. 29 Soutli - ktrect. an 8 I E W IN TIUNIT 1 CIJUKCH. I . - 'OR SALE, a pew in the south tide Aile ol 1 Trinity Church, or would he exchanged for one in St. t'eorge's C hapel. Enquire at Xo. 21 Maiden lane. huniw .f WET .YURSE. A YOUNG Woman, with a good breast of milk, wishes a situation as Wet Nurse, in u respectable family. She can give the most satisfactory references at to character and ability. enquire at 13 uarden - street. or 3J Waler - it. aug 10 lw' FOtt is A LE, Tlie two fmirsiorv Eire - Proof STOIIEP i3SjNo. 1115 and 107 Front - street, occupied by Mott fc Itcduinnd, and Isaac r rost. 1 1 stores are 00 feet deep and 20 feet front the Lot's are C5 feet deep Apply to ROB P. II. DOWN E, an? 10 1m "I Pine - strnct. BOaRD 1 wog"i,tiemnican lie wdl accommodated as :nuanent Unorders in a private French family, at No. 31 Courtlaodt - ttre - et. aug 12 2w ' J O LEI, Mti " hat elegant nnd conimedious Home on lb - corner of Wail - street, and lroad.vay. re cenlly occupied by Mrs. Morriion as a Boarding House. Possession may he had immediately. rcrtermt enquire n RICHARDS H TAYLOR, ii 12 lw 145 Peari - ltreit, tiJn Until the first of next May, a store eligi - hl)Mluated, No. 117 William ttreet, three doors from John street. Enquire aug 12 Ct No. 13 Gold street. LOST. "N Tuesday eveung, in the neighhoihood of J Stanton and Kivington - sircets, a small iced Morocco Pocket Book, containing 35 dodars in Hunk notes, a note of band drawn by Sandy Lnt - lin in favor of the subscriber, dated the I lth int. at Ci) days lor 100 dollars, and sundry hills, receipts, fcc. of no consequence to any person but the - owner. The finder shall receive ten dollars reward by leaving the book and confentt with, G EORC E W. PITTM AN, Corner of U11 mgtoii, aud Essex - streets, nng 12 tf 1,'Ull the preteiitiaii and cure ol Bilious aud V Malignant revers, is recommended HAilNS ANTI BILIOUS PILLS, The operation of these pills is pcriectly mild, so us to be used by persons in every situation, and 01 every age. They are excellently adapted to carry offtu - perflumis bile, aiid prevent its motbid tecreliont ; to restore aud amend trie api euie ; loproouce a tree per - piralion, and tlierehy prevent cold's, srhKh are olten of fatal consequence A dote never fails to remove a cold, if taken on ill first appearaoce. . They are celebrated for removing habitual costiveness, sickness at the ttomach, and severe bead ache, and ought to be takeu uy oil persons na a changH or climate. Thsy have heen town', remarkably em - Brious In presenting and curing i!iord - rs attendant ci kuwr, voyage, sua! should be pi on - red and safety prevrted for by every icsiiian. 1 of; anove menicine is prepn r.iu LEE'S Medicine Store, 4 Maidea Lane, und ,1 fcJsale by ese'y respeclal'le dru;;ist in the ci ly. wiierc niavoe i.a may be had Hamilton's celebrated sits. ocgli I I Wutn I - oren at 30 ry ALLEN'3 OFriCE - AUnU'T I lth O' KFICIAL tdST OF 1 RlZtS, 2d da' - drawinz Medical Ecieuce Lcttery 45U. cJait.) - .' os. l5,577,fl,CO0t E593,13UI, Tj7S 3152, 13409, $100 each. sold at AULfcN o l - c;y utnoj. The $ 1000 prize, tbey told in a whole Ticket. TI e Lottery drawl again next Toeiday tuoro ir.g 500 numbers each drawing. tickets acd Shares (warranted undiawn) lor sale at T.uiy Lucky Ofiice, No. 122 llroadway . Whete was told nod immediately paid, No. 3320, which drew last Ne w - ear's day the irreat prize 01 100, - 000 diillurs, the lushest prize ever told by any ollhe - in America, and where was sold ever) rand capital iu the former of this lot tery, viz. No. 10323, J30.000; 195CC, 30.000, 19129. 25.000; 19545, 2S.000 : and several of 20,000, 15,HI, 10,000. 5000, fcc. aug 1 1 3t ALL PiOZES UNTIL A ITER THE ar.V - ENTH DAY OF DRAWING. 'PICKETS in the Splen'hM Medical Science J Lottery, now dinwicg u week, will be advanced on Wednesday next, to 30 dols. L'n - til which day they may be obtained at WAHKV Truly fortunate lottery i exchange cilice, No. 54 Maiden lane, A sixteenth will gain C2j0 dolls. An eighth will gam I950jdulls - A quarter will s;ain 25,000 di.Hi. A half will gain 50,000 dolls. And a ttholu ticket, fur the small sum of 2u dolls, will gain the independent foitime of 100,000 Last wce - kG. L R.WAITF. sold and immediately paid, the highest prize, $30,000 in the Baltimore Lottery, liulf ol which was to a lady who does not wish her name made putilie. - The week before I ait a 10,000 doll r prns was sold at W ade's iu two halishare - s, aud immediately iinrl. And in the late National Lottery, they sld the highest i - i!7C, viz. 35.0oO, iu a half, quart ratul two eighths being the highest prize, tier sol I in this city in "h ires ol 1 11 Lets. :Mig 1 1 "111 EN JAM IN lU PEEK'S prize list of the M.3 Ninliriil ocience l.ollerv, d dnV' draw - in" : .mi. " 1 1, - iihii; Nos. 3l52i H'J: t3V.W. 131..?, 13511, lOOcaili. Fir't drawn uuuiber. i Sold on ia tin day at lhi nCice ft jr" Thn siiliscriher's olficc will be open this evening until 9 o'doek. Pickets nseto - uiorrow, previous to which (hey may be hai at yi'd ; parts iu proportion. BENJAMIN UU'I'LER, aug II 27 Wall s.t.T 1 HE doctor has genius 1 vow, On In skill umy be plat .! some rtl.auce ; He orire cured a piu, aud he's now Iu the practic e of .Medical Sciriice. The doctor's in more than one traJe, I'm told that he deals in per centum, His health and his fortune he in ado With the dollars and mtdicum entum. Many wonderful cures he perlornis, He can cure truly lucky presumption, In all itj stages and forms, P.ut he gives all hii friend the eunsumiUnn. La. - t mouth he sold hundreds of blanks, Surli i. - i elites are always prophetic ; But his patients reluni'd hi in ne (banks, For they don't like tho doctor's emetic. He cries boldly, "A'o - my, no TtU'f," Which makes the iolks ruu away fialcr ; 'I4iesc sayings excite a belief , That he'll give them a blist'ring plasitr. " Read, try, judge, then speak as je find," Ou his cuiious billa may be teen ; But bis physic's a spurious kind. For it gives all his p'ttients the tjilecn. It is hop'd he won't give them the phthisic, Tho' he bawls at a wonderful rate. That sick folks mu,t to him 50 for jihymc, But for forluna must all go to W'Al I'E. At No. 135 Broadway, may be lis I tickets am shares in a variety of riiiinhers, which may draw tlie following capital prizes iu tba Medical aci uice Lottery, vie : 1 oi 4.100,000 I I ot 4 10,000 1 50,000 1 5.000 I 20,000 41 1,000 R. WAITK, jun. sold ami paid more pi iz"s in the lait Medical d'eit nee Lottery than any other olhce in this city. an 12 VALUABLE LIBRARY. tfS Fridav, Aukum 21st. at 9 o'clock, will J be told at Public Auction, at Boston. the LIBKARY of the late Professor M'KEAN. consisting of a very large coll ction of Bonks, of which many are - U - gant, rare, curious and valuable editions, being the greatest number, which for six years, ban breu offered in this town; the expectations of the public, who know the diligence and allection with which these treasures were acquired, will not be dis. appointed. Among those scarce woiks, of winch perhaps no other copy can be obtained 111 America, are Eliot's Indian Bible ; Eikou basilikc ; Plato's Dialogues in Greek, given by hit College to Edmund Burke ; Mather's Magntlia; llolinslied's History of England, fcc. 1 llurton s (loliu) Anatomy of Melancholy ; rox t Acts and .Monuments oi the Martyrs; Owen Feltrum's Uesulves ; the Oxford Gratu - latio Soleimis on the birth of the first son on George III. The classical student will find fine editions of Aiiacreun, Aristotle, CiC' - 'io, Erasmus, Horace, Homer, Qtiimiliaii, am! others; with the helps ol Bos, lloogevccn, and the invaluable Thesaurus of Stephens, and Lexicon ofCastel. T he collection of w. - ukson Amet - ictn History it very copious, comprising more volumes of cisatlantic authors than have been found in a - ny single person's library. The Massachusetts Election Sermons f Vom 1601 to 1810, complete, would alone prove the patience of research which obtained them. Manv Tracts of Calvin in very old editions 1 Loni Herbert's Dissertation on Truth Milton't Dcfensio pro ropulo Angticai.o, original editson ; bpanhe - im on Medals ; Medals of Louis XV; Barlow's (quarto) Columbiad, and other very curious or ciegant liooss are also contained in this Library. BLAKE St CUNNINGHAM, Auc'trs. (TJ" A Catalogue of the above may be seen at James Kastburn fc Co's. Literary Rooms, Broadway. an II t l.fcC J Lttr. AiD KECi I A I lONb. iR. DWVfcK, respectlully informt hi, Ll L friends und the public thnt he will Lee lure u recite at v astiing:on Mali, rornorrnw evening, v eduesday ) August rtn, iai - Perlormcnce tecommem e at b o'clock. Tickets, at 75 et.' each, to lie bad at the bait of the - Washington liall, Batik Coffee House, and City Hotel. i acg 1 1 l'Urt PlilhS, apply al AL.Ls.N'3 truly V Lucky Ufhe'e, No. lit Broadway. Ticket No. 15,577 ' the first dmwn nomlwr (his morninf (2d da)'t drawing) in the Medical Science Lottery, and entitled tu n prize of one thodsand dollart. The forlt nate ticket was sold ALt.EN'S l.tirky Otlice to a gentleman in the country ; who has alteady been lef .rmed tbat he enn receive at (he tnine ofiice U.e gold for his prize. Who will not invest the tiiflms; sum nfSK dollars this day Temorrow the will he dollait. The lottery drawl ccce a wet k this month, next month it will draw rapirlly, nnd Use lottery will he ceniplrted toeoer than any lotte - ever drawn in this style. ai:Rl;;t STEAM BOAT BOILER IRON. 1 1? 1' rtrrtrt - ami in ass t.o A npi r. IHfNSiOMn. i. 1. q.. t.... ron, ti teet long, trom 21 to 24 iucbi t st W, aed ' 4iachthk. augll lw 1 . - I. - PUBLIC SALKS i Frid&v. At half past 9 o'clock, at Ids Hove, No. 2.3 Pearl - stiktl, a general asaortm - ul of Euiopti'.u d: - y govds. 1 '.w. - i ytx.A. Oil t.Li rsill E proprietors of th t lUlhem ui ai l'ii q'ia1 - L rics, near King's - Bridge, giic iKi'.ice, they have on hand, aud are reccivicig, at II. fe King' i - Bridge Marble niuf i.tW - i'ard, fcot 4" Beach - street, on the Hudroti river, an exteutiv stock of marble lor building, ol the follow ing de scriptions, viz : Ashlar WaterUble Slept rialfurnit Sells, Liutelt Coping Foufldalir.n S'ont Chimucy - l'itce - s Facmgs Coluiai.s Arches I Also Lium of the. best quality. ftf A coostaut supply of the above materials may be calculated upou ; and those desirous of purchasing, or waking cwrsgrmrnls, will aj ply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. HUNKI.1N BANK. (r The Frtiiikhn Bank, will be ocned for the transacting of busmcts ca Wednesday ucxt, the 12th iust. The days for discountii g notes are Tuetday fc Saturday. Notes 1 ffer'd for discount, mutt Le lodged cn the day preceding. . By order Hie uoard or directors, ailg 10 II. POST, r. Cashier. ( if. rti The members of the New - York state so ciety of the Cincinnati are requested lo wear '.he usual badge of Inoorniug lor 30 days in tes timony of their respect tor ine memory of to sir deceased associate, capt. Abel Holdeu. By order, au 10 4t D. E. BUNSCOM B. Ssc'rv. MOAt.X iO LU.1A. (Xft Af"i4 lDOL - - ARStoloan, insoaisto I t ,Jvfv" tuit applicants, on bond wita murtgage upon aporoved property. ALSO, 40,000 dollars ou approved paper, guaranteed by bauk stock. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be tpKicrally made throngh the jear, aud mortgage disposed of. Je V0 If iU 1,0.1. . tL' kJ,J J .J bond and mortgage itpoa nrouirty iu the city of New - Yoik. Apply to J. G. BOGEHT, Jy 20 133 Water - st. CORNELIUS BOGERT, ATTORAEV, COUjYSFLLOR A T LA H AM) NOTARY PUBLIC. COMMISSIONER, utlioiutd to take Affi - davilt and Special Bail in - any Court cf Itecoid of this State, the proof auJ acknowledge ment of Deeds, and discharges of Moitgaget Alto Alhdavits, Special Bad and the deposition of witnesses dehmtiut, in the District and Cir cuit Courts of tho United States, continues hit ulRce at No. 1 4 Cedar - street. jy 22 1m l.ittrary and Pfiitojophuat .Wie.y. fr - r - A staled ineeliii" 01 this Society will be held in the New - York Institution on Thursday evening next, thu 1 3th instant, nt half past 7 o'clock. J. W. FRANCIS, Rec. SecVy. AUK I2 2t PACKAGE SALE. 05" On Tuesday, (he lUlh in.t. at 10 o'clock, at the auction store, No. 144 P:nil street, 200 package fiesh imported DP.Y - GOODS, viz: A g:nral assortment ol Cloths, Stuffs, assorted Hosiery, Dimities, Brown Linens, Imitation Sheetings, Plate Calicoes, Fancy Muslins, Cotton Shirtings, Irish Linens, Cotton Threads, in skcius and balls, shawls, Cambric Mushus, supf. Prints, K1eir.iie.Is, Veilings, blue and assorted Plains, Furniture Calicoes, Bleached and Unbleached Sheetings, Beaver Halt Needles, Pint, trc. Catalogues will be ready on Monday morn - ning previous to the sale, and the gondt may be examined till the hour of tale cn Tuesday. Terms, approved endorsed notes at 6 months. A treat proportion of these Goods are enblled to deheulure. David dunham & co, aug 195ft Auctioneers. FAT UtEE.Y TURTLE, cry A fine fat Green Turtle, will be dressed on Friday next, ut 3 o'clock, in a superior stvle at Mount Social, corner of Broadway k (iraud - street. I'he subscriber respectfully invites his friends to favor liiiii with their company. JOHN F. I1ATT1X. Families supplied by sending their servant, an VI 3t L - " NO I ICE ii he - reby given, that the part nership formerly subsisting between i. C. Lynch and John Burnett, as wine merchants, fcc. is dissolved this day by mutual conseut. New - York, August 12, HUH. au 12 lw LL - Tho t'it ci'ihiir orlon liberal aailK'palioiis 00 properly consigned to bis friends at Gibraltar. Bring also agent (or Messrs. Isaacs, Weeks St Co. of Malaga, will have it in his power ! give useful Information to persons tending Vessel! to the latter port.' HENRY OGiJEN, au C 1 w enrnerof .Stone and Whitehall - si. !CT 1 ho law and Notarial busmen 01 Ytiu. Bleeeker, Esq. deceased, and also that of com - uiisfioner. will be continued at hit late office. No. Ci 1 - 2 Wall street, by ( au H 2w HIAN'S. it. TILI.OU. jHisiiWjYAHir j oticf:. rrT A stated meeting of the Ah rorfr Evangelical .Visnonnry Society tf Yovvg .Men," ill be held in the Lecture - room of the brick church, mi Monday evening, the 10th inst. at - o'clock. R. J. HUTCHLXcON, Clerk, au 8 3t fcALP WATER HAilir. The public are intormed that the fait Water Ftoatiiis Baths continue oix - n frcin fire o'clock in the morning antil lo at nigh', at Ar - den's wharf, near the Battery, and at the foot of .Murray street, - ortn Hivrr. 1 Ull SAI.t a handsome Pleasure Moon, in complete order, with new sails ; a very sa.'e !oa(, bein lined with cork. ALSO, pair of large Patent Chain Tumps, made hy U. Daniels. Also, one large V'utor (;ilem. Apply st the Baths.orto JACOB KAHINEAU, 315 Broadway. (iy Wanted, an active, intelligent HOY, f attend a Drug More one acquainted with tho holiness. Appls n nhovn. anr7 NO I IcE ' Ttr Havifg understood from on of my friends, that il rns beendilicentlvcirealated feer - latutu not m:h the intent to benefit me) that I have iven np uiy brokerage business oa aeccuut of my U:ing appoirted oil iiupector the npoit it iIms I continue to buy and sell all kinds of country produce asotoal. All tlie oil that comet into this market would not, in my opiuioo, ue copy one quarter of my time. JAMES MAURICE. New - York, Aug. 7 aeg7ir COPARINEKSIUP. C7 ECENEZEK STEVENS having admitted into copartnership m sods, byom A". Ale - rent sod John A. Mtren', their business mil ia future be transacted uader the firm ot' Ebtniztr Herein k Sum. I bevrzrr Slr tm, JiytrmK. Sieve) Jutui ji. - Xletcnt. augU3w HORSES. THE subscriber wishes t" purchase .hree or .,.r i D.ire - t Horses, nt several sir.. f, tii sadtfu, and ilw tor IcJrujht. IX. LXNOi, au. 12 let

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