Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 12, 1895 · Page 8
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 8

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1895
Page 8
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,i ' I Pi U] i- I NBEBNATIONAL PRESS AfiS'N /IRGINIA W.JOHNSON. ' 'COPYRIGHT 1892 BY RAND.MWALLY CO. CHAFTHR IV.--(Continued.; As for licr, olbertnot too sentimental or Iinfkjrinatirc uy teinperamc.ut, a gracious vision, other than the glanc- Snc; waves o£ SL I'aul's fcay or the Alulteac landscape on tlic Jiouiaivard route to Vuletla, rose before her. She tefceld herself a stately and lovely bride, attired In white na.Ua, JSrusscla lace veil, and nranpc blossoms, conducted to the uhoiiccl railing 1 by her father, wlicie a Imndsomo bridegroom, clad ID the uniform of the royal navy, waited to receire licr. Six blooming' bridesmaids followed her. Were these maidens arrayed m r u b y velvet and nuns-veiling-, each carrying a Imsltct of chrysanthemum?, and M curing a diamond nnd sappliirc oiin^le, ffift of the groom? Would fashion dieUte instead drescr, of terra cotta, liberty silk, with creara-eolorcd Hashes ami hats, pearl brooches, and a Imuqiict of yellow floivsrs, or Dircctuirc robes of white Ottoman tilh anil moire, trimmed with heather, and frold bracelet's, with the initials of tin- happy pair entwined? Miss Syinlhe had notilcciiled tins point, in reverie, ivJien the party zcucnod homo. "Coinc in for tea, Arthur," s;iid JIrs Crifllth. "ThnnlcA. T U n y e tiTi er ir 'a"e T 2eiit ' replied the j-ounff man, (faily. CIIAI'TKIt V. A li VIC I I I or MALTA. The garden waa a neglected spot where tlic tangled growth of shrul and flower had acquired a. certain pic turesquc charm of u n t r a m m c l c i bloom and fmcrrancc. Jacob Dcaltry was his owe gardener as well as housekeeper; ant while ho watered the trees und plants likely to perish of d r o u t h , ha woulj uo pruning- nor w e e d i n g on his "Let tho flowers have their own way," lie would reawm querulously, as lie pobtorud about with a copper vessel of water to rc/resh parched routs. IJoloreH had strict injunctions to a(- tumpt no amateur cultivation, youthful zeal She might pluck the flowers to place j n her hair, and cor sage, or gather such rare Jruit as decrepit orange, citron, fig, or ncspoli yielded to white little tcclh, b'ut tljc stem mnj,t be respected, Not that Dolores cared a straw for the prohi- ition. Indolence made her prefer to dream in tbc flickering shadow of the "caves, snaycd by the warm wind, rather than to h u r t her (.oft fingers pulling up rank weeds. Order and syjnmetry had fciv attractions far the girl, wlioic -sunny and buoyant n a t u r e had c.suaptd^rom all endeavors to inculeiiti: chill and formal discipline on the p^rt of the pale .sisters of the convent school; as the V I U C H climbed in wayward luxuriance over the wall, spurning the support ol nail and 1-it- tlcc, to gain tho S'Veetncsa and light of upper air. In the memory of Dolores tlie garden had always been there, tangled and neglected, just as the house inaincd unchanged. The \v:Ltcli ; toiv- erh. b u i l t u n d e r the rule of Martin du Kudiii to guard the const from the Miclclcn invasion of the Turki, nnd now serving as signal nnd telegraphic Hlatloiu,, did not resemble tile beacon tenanted by the IJcitltno, w i t h its unfinished t i i r i e t und dilapidated masonry. \Yinil, hun and htoi in had swept over and ravaged both trees and habitation. Li/o had boon a kaleidoscope to Dolores, composed of b i t ^ o f guy color. pulling p'.itteriiH and v a n i s h i n g shapes firandfatlici made lew explanations of an .sort to hur lively, chilcl- "'- intelli-runce, and tolerated her h^e liked to gossip with him by the ' AJiBITEHS OF PEACE. hour, to alternately caress and tease him as she did the dog Iflorio, but he lent only an abstracted at ton Lion to her words. On two occasions fihc had seriously angered him. Dolores still trembled, when awakened at night by the reverberating thunder add. piercing flasbes of lightning of a storm, as the recollection of her grandfather's face, white, convulsed by passion, the eyes flaring wrathfully, and tlio \ cry hair bristling on his head, rose suddenly before her mental vision. The old neighbor, kind of heart and garrulous of tODfrnc.had help'-d to 1 shape :iu/l dress a primitive doll, tuc RUSSIA'S N A V Y B E I N G HEAVILY S T R E N G T H E N E D . JBIc Xnrlao Monitcn IVhlcI. Sfay Preserve the TrantjullUr of Kurop«--The New Czar und tho f'taptror of Germany IVutcblue Each Other. isl A F T E R - Dulorca sat csido Llic broken f o n n t :L i n , :i n d wrought zealously :it liur tii-ilc. She ' wielded no fairy dihtufT, nor traced c u n n i n t r l y thu III in of InC-e inalcinp. Instead, licr nccillc new among tliu folds of a gown of soft, pink, woolen liiatciial, cut liy n moilcsL scrimslicss. und to be sewed liy the Dealer's own lingers. 'JJie little dog- Hoiio lay coiled up nt her feet The heap of rose-tinted draperies marked the boundary licbwcou childish nog-lccb und tho caica of coquettish inu.idin)"nooil. Sliu Imil coaxed her grandfather to five hur fresh altii-c for tho springtime, and tlio oUl innu hud a b r u p t l y refused llic request Indignant und rebellious, Doloies had taken ;i (;old cliuu, belonging to lier moUicr, to tho Mould di 1'icta, pawned tho trinket and returned liomc in triumph, with tho purchase in her arms u'hcn would shu wear it'.' On t/ic first occasion Jacob Dcaltry made no comment, it ho noticed it at all. Kow the girl w a s astanishod and amused l)y liur oivn recklessness iu the bold step taken. She glanced about her w h u r o all was unchanged, and only she sucmed to be undergoing 1 :,umo uiiiitlu modiliciition of grotvlh. Tho fountain, with tlio worn u r n , nnd ba.sin of wealiiiT-slaincd in.ivlilo filled with greenish water, wan one of tho earliest iccollct 1 lions' of her childhood. ^ clump of csincs grew on the brink and 11 htragg-ling aquatic spread broad leaves on the surface of thu f -water. Ncspcii and'olcnndcr, Judas, pcppci, pomegranate and flg trees formed a patch of flhaclo along the boundary. A castor-oil plant throve bcloiv n, broken wall, set with a border of bristling cacti Yellow sprny.s of euphorbia and .mimosa, mingled with Jessamine and nivrtlc. All about the girl bloomed roses, geraniums and pua blossoms, pink, white- nnd purple, star-like flowers of vivid color n m i d the green, A solitary cypicsa tree towered in n, slender shaft above tho'wall, und'a family at white pigcous now cii~ clcd in flight above tho pnmpct, and ngtiin alighted on tho shoulder of Dolores, or tlic gravel put~h, in. search of food, with tlio familiarity and confidence of houchold puU., The parent birds, plump, sedate, arid full of dignified importance, wero allowed to prucu their indited plumage in peace, but the gr.iadfather ruthlessly sacrificed their offspring from time to time by popping them into his soup-pot, which took tho place, in Ilia modest menage, of .the Iccttlo of a gipsy camp. Several bco-hivcs occupied a nook. Other live-stock there was ' none ou tic- premises, neither clucking f»wl, cow, pig- nor even a donkey. A lean and. wolfish watchdog- liad died of old age. nnd had never bceu replaced, cither from sorrow at his loss oa the part of his nttuohcd master, or because Jacob .Pealtry realized ho possessed nothing t o guard. . . . presence beneath his roof at tlie best. An old n c i g h h u r came at stated intervals Lu'swL'ep and the narioxv i n t e r i o r of the tower and spread tho household linen to dry in the sun, but Dolores wivs not, expected to assist hur in any way. Jacob Dcalti-y'.s pro- h i b i t i o n of .ill manifestations of femi- n i n e industry on the p a r t o t hisprand- ehild hcsmcd to arise fiom a distrust of her capacity. "J)o not touch a n y t h i n g , " lie would say; "you will only break and diop n:y gliiss," "1 h a v e never broken u, gloss, grand- papa," protested .Dolores with tears "f vexation rising to her u.irlc eyes. Then J-icob Dealtry Bhook his head Before lloiitin-f bits of sliaw on the basin of thu fountain--a tiny squadron .speedily wrecked .by a gold 11,lithe girl's recollections were \ajfuc, consisting of perpetual comings :md goings, in n f r u i t l e s s foMuon; of glimpses of foreign towns, and of loug, wearisome dirty ships. voyages on board of There had been a young man, app a r e n t l y her father, who had caressed her and of leu curried her about on his shoulder. Sue remembered a pretty mother, with a black luce mantilla over her head, and tho fan, wln;h she f.till tieasuved in n, painted box. A nurse named 1'epiln, with a dark ;ind Biniliag fiicr, who wore b!g gold cav- rjugs that swung in the sunshine to attract baby fingers, was a fainter image. Tile mother had dwelt here at Jlalla for somo cars, and in dying had commended her child to the care of the n u n s , who had impai ted such instruction as she hail aver received. The father and tho nurse, I'epila, had altogether and never rc- vnnislicd turned Jacob Dcallry had tolerated the pichcnce of the mother and child with mi unsympathetic resignation Left alono, as an orphan, Dolores was mode to understand that the bread ot poverty would be her portion. Poverty nut liismuy her. Mio w a s not oppressed bylonclincs-i. because she was unused to companionship. She hnd all the lighthcartedness of tho Aiidnlu- hian, amounting to sheer giddiness at limes, and a heart lull of enthusiasm, as yet untainted by latent possibilities of cruelty and revenge. She loved tho gnarled trees of the garden nnd the pigeons. Slio wove her own fancies about the sea. visible In tlio distance, and whispered babbling secrets to the flowers, \intil licr grandfather gave her tho little dog- Florio, obtained by him in exchange for o mural tablet and a cinerary urn. "You must allow the dog to sleep in the hall, child," said the old^nan. "These small dogi awaken and bark at the slightest noise, florio will guard the house." "We nro too poor to tempt thieves." retorted Dolores, Jaupiling, and receiving tho pet in her arms. ' That is true," assented Jacob Dcaltry. "Still I would like to know if one of those loungers of the port were prowling about at night. They arc a rascally lot, and do not stick at trifles." Dolores, did riot love licr prand- fatbcr; Blioj even feared his irascible mood, although ho hod never treated her With positive cruelty, Sko-\yould The child bad lavished on this unresponsive fetish all the stores oi tenderness in her nature, until ihc fatal day when Dolly,temporarily neglected, fell from the window ledge and lay on tlic ground hopelessly diamcmborod in every liinb. Dolores wept, gathered up the fragments;,'and with the aid of a rusty knife, proceeded .o dig a grave under the clump of canes wherein to inter the dolL "What are you about there?" The voice, roujjrh and peremptory, shouted .his demand at the startled and as- oniilied little grave di^fffir. A t the same moment the cliild was ci?cd and pushed to a distance, the tnifc wrenched away from her,and the doll kicked i n t o a ditclu. Dolores lowered where she fell, while her T a o d f a t h c r poured forth a flood of hrcatH, reproofs,and invectives, which lie only half comprehended, jr.ithcr- n g d i m l y t h a t the was not' to injure he plants by digging graves in the ardcn for broken playthings. How n gry grandpapa was! Tlie flashing yes, the menacing brow, the bitter ords w r u n g from the trembling mouth by agitation, stupefied the mid. She crept away to lier own hamber, subdued and miserable, and obbud herself to sleep, with her face uried in the pillow to exclude the image of the old man Poor Dolores! The gentle and caressing mother, and the smiling nurse 1'epita, with their divine and f e m i n i n u warmth of consolation in heating- w o u n d e d feelings, were both gone, and shu was left alone o.,i6 TJOAL uay Jncub Dciiltry presented his grandchild with a new doll, bought in tlio town H i s m a n n e r was gentle, even ingratiating-, as i£ he wished to efface from her mind all recollection of the p a i n f u l i n c i d e n t of the garden. The new doll banished grief. Oa tho following .day he led her to the convent school, where K!IC icmamcd for several years, with brief intervals of holidays at the old Watch Tower. The nuns received her on the a. pupil of charity, and doubtless i m b u e d w i t h /cal to instruct a cli.ld aright, according to their lights, of a h e r e t i c stock. Jacob Dcaltry held aloof from much intercom se u i t h his own f e l l o w - c o u n t r y m e n , unless he chanced to meet a paity ot travelers disposed to buy his aichiuological wares lie cliiclly supported himself by such small Uafiic. lie had never attempted to conciliate those persons of the colony whose interest inig-ht proved an inestimable advantage to his grandchild. lie lived at Malta ob.scuic and u n k n o w n . Several years :igo, Dolores had again nunrrud her grandfather's i v i a t h , in a similar fashion. She liad returned rom the convent, and possibly objects which she had n e v e r before noticed in their dilapidated abode ac- juircd a fresh interest in her eyes, even after a temporary absence Certainly she liad never given Fpcciiil heed to thu Knight, and yet he Jind always been there. Tho sunshine hlantcd in tlie door, putting to Jliplit the shadoiva, and Dolores paused for the first 'imc before the picture. "Who is he?' 1 she demandr-d, wonderingly. "A Knight of Malta, child," replied her grandfather, hurriedly. Tlic portrait bore evidence of a"-c. Thu surface was craelccd, tho painting faded, and yet it was encased in a heavy f r a m e of carved wood. A knightly form wag dimly discernible through the clouding- obscurity of dust anil mildew, lie wore a black cloak, with a cowl attached. A w h i l e cross, w i t h the eight points corresponding with eight beatitudes, was visible on his left side. A second cross decorated his breast, from which depended the cords of black and white silk,^indicating his rank as Knight of the Great Cro^; having- lived for ton years sit Malta, and performed four- c a r a v a n s at c.i in tho galley oE the oidcr. On the frame the lines wero c.m-ed-- .jrc^t Mfu,t«r VL voruTi'iem l f Hospicel,~ From whence to Hhodes thlj bleat frntor- nlty Wasdrlran, ucl noiv anionK U» Maltose stands." A wooden chair, on n-l-ich Jacob Dcaltry usually sat, massive, angular, and with a high-wrought buck, was placed below tlio picture and fastened to the wall. Tho Knight attracted Dolores. sccmcu to .smile down upon her from his frame ns guardian of tho house. One day sho ivns actuated by housewifely zeal and neatness, acquired as a part of school discipline, or the sad need of a dusting showed by the poor Knight, to climb on tho chair and fleck lightly the frame and canvas with her apron, in lieu of a duster; then, slipping down, rubbed llic carvings of the chair in turn. She discovered that the chair was attached to tho wall by passing her flngor along ihe top. She marveled, with asontimentof childish curiosity,--,rV ucr grandfather" hud riveted his favorite scat to tho partition. 1'erhaps it 17,19 too heavy to stand alone. Possibly Dr. Uusatti might have attempted to carry it out into the garden soma time, nnd Jacob Dialtry have wished it to remain in oncspoL . ' - H E R E I T A V E been no wars or ^ HI rumors of wars in Europe of late, but the expenditures of tncnt und defense c o n t i n u e . T h e Press is enabled to publish to-day the first authentic pictures of Russia's three new and greatest war ships. That great armies, great guns and great ships mean peace as much as war is shown by the fact that with the description of these great ships comes news tnat Russia is on more friendly terms with Germany than she has been for many years, observes a writer in the Xcw York press. Ilebides her offensive and defensive alliance with France. Russia has recently inaugurated and soIidiGcd very favorable commercial relations w i t h Uurmany. lhi s commercial enU;ule corcli:i.Ie, particularly when taken in connection with the German alh'Ha- tkjiis of tbo present czar, would indicate a ncrtain possible weakening of Gorman's hostility to Russia or to a Rvisso-French alliance in case of war. Tlic interrelations of L'rance, Ilussia and England in tin- past century have been remarkable, to s-jy the least. In I79S the English, under Nctson, defeated the Trench fleet ill the bav of ISritain, Austria. Prussia. Iluisla. France and Turkey, ibii 1 rule of the closure of t h e .straits to war ships was solemnly sanctioned und ui;\..ii|iea part of the written law of Europe. The treaty of Paris, in ISiG. went a step f u r t h e r -- neutralized the Ulack sea, closing it to ships of w a r and opeuing ii to merchant ships. On the fall of the 1'rcnch empire in 1SJO the neutrcli/.atioa of the lilack sea was at an end. The czar declared himself no lonn-pr bound by the provisions of the treaty of Paris. Russia's contention on thi^ point received the sanction of the states of Europe at the treaty of Lcndon in 1671. Uut the warships were .still pre- «c*iU.u frui-j [vTLaain^ tiiruugli bin. ijb»r dandles by the follow iug substitution for articles 11, IS and 1! of the treaty of Paris: -'The principle of the closure of the straits uf the Dardanelles and of the liospliofus i-S maintained, with t h e right on the rart of his imperial majesty tne sultan, o£ opening tho straits in t i m e of peace to ships of friendly and allied powers in case the sublime portc should find it neccssarj-." Russia's lilack sea fleet is very .strong and contains some of the most formidable of the new ships. At tile beginning of It94 she had forty ships there, including ci^'ht fiisi-cljis battleships and fifteen, torpedo vciels. The first ships she built on the lilauk sea (and these were launched iu defiance of the stipulations of the treaty of 1'aris) were the Catherine II., the Tehcsnie and the feinope. This was in 1SS1-S7. They are of 10,130 pounds burden, 10 inch armor and cany four 13 inch fTUns. Later came the Dvcnnd/.at Apostolnff ( T w e l v e Apostles), S 100 tons 11 i n v h armor, lo.ii knots, w i t h four Ii inch g-uns; the Geoigie I'obic- donoscLi (Ucorg-ethe Victorious). 10,230 tons, 10 inch armor, ll.o knots and six 12 incli guns; the Tri Evi.-ittelid. (Three Eamts). This w as the first of the 12,000 Press i ' Aboukir. In 1812 Napoleon bivouacked ton battle-hips tv carry 3 Ij inch , in the deserted palaces of Moscow. In four 12 inch guns, a hca\y secondary «L.-.^£!jjKj'.-;ir^ :·:: *· "'t---|(?v *Jtt THE ADMIRAL OUSHAKOFF ^ITH THE NICHOLAS I. IN BACKGROUND. 1927 the combined English, French and Russian Qects annihilate!! the Tmkish squadron at ICaqarino. In 1833 Turkey made the treaty of Unkiar-Skclcssi as n protection ;igainst French ascendancy in her vassalage of Egj'pt- In 15ri4 France and England united their armies against Russia in the Crimea. 'Since ]S29, when jS'icholas I. nnd his IIU.OOU Ru.ssiims Weie stopped almost within sight of Constantinople, England's hereditary policy has been tho maintenance of the integrity of the Ottoman empire. The avowed object THE ArOSTOtOFF. of this has Ijccn that ogre--the balance of power in Kuropc. Sir Jlanry Elliott, in a letter from Stambonl to fiord I Derby, in 1870, ^ay3: l Wc have been | upholding what we know to be a semi- civilized nation, liable under certain circumstances to bo carried into fearful excesses; but tho fact of this having just now been strikingly brought home to all of us by the Bulgiiriau horrors, cannot be a fufficicnt reason for abandoning a policy which is the only one that can be followed w i t h due regard lo our own interests." The opening ot the Dardanelles will bring the Russian fleets of the Black Kr.i and of the Mediterranean into close communion. The rule closing these straits to hostile men-of-war had its origin in a manifesto ol the wiltan when the 2J!3ck sen was a Turkish lake. liy tho treaty of London, in 1941, by rsp;asc3tativcs ci Great battery, steaming ) a knots. Tho Trl Sviaietclia. is to be followed by tho 1'ctropadlosk, the Scbasti^ol and the Sissni Vcliky, the last, named being well under way. These will be in time succeeded by the I'aris of 12,000 tons, to steam 17 3 knots and to carry 12 inch guns, and a sister ship. The rains Admiral Oushakoff and Admiral Scvia- tlin, built as coast vessels, arc, ill fact, armored cruisers having a speed of 10 knots John Uoyjo O'ltcllty'n KlniJmesa. Stories of John liojlc O'Ecilly's good- fellowship and generosity arc still current in Uoston. A .stranger, mistaking- him for a. fricntt, approached him from behind, slapped him on tho shoulder and greeted him as Jnck with all tho warmth of a lifcJUmg friendship. O'ltcilly turned to face a very embarrassed man and said, holding Out his hand: "I'm not Jack, but I'm glad to 7fnow and be the fricJil or any man that is as placl to sec his friend as you seem to be.' 1 ^Yllilc O'Heilly was reading one of his poems after a semi-public dinner, and, as. usual, was deeply absorbed in the task, a nngro vvailcr walked across the floor with creaking shoes, O'Reilly much annoyed, stopped and addressed half a dozen bitter words to the chairman. Tho waiter was thoroughly unhappy at the inc'i dont, and a guest who left tho table after the poem was finished found O'Reilly in the hall humbly apologizing to the negro and thrusting a into his hand. A Good Law. According- to the Medical Pr Germany, a, man who loses bauds in an accident ' can c l aim ,v whole of his life insurance mone- ft he be insured, on the ground that' ho has lost the means of maintaining him self. Alosof the rig-ht hand ri'ilvic,.; tho claim from 70 to 80 per cent o f t n e total. _ Colic to California? The Burlington route is the onlr railway running "personally ^ ducted ' excursions Tia. Denver to fnl rado Springs. Salt Lake, Ogder,, S J£ tncnto, Sfen Francisco, Stockton M e r ced, Fresno, Bakersfield and "UM Angeles at the lowest rates. tonrist.Gle.epui? car throno-Ji change. " T,eav e Chicago every Wcdncsdav TVrite or call on t A. Grady, excursion manager. 311 Clarh street. Chicago. PREVESTHO CHICKKS CHOI.EJU --This is the great scourge that annually devastates the flocks and renders pdullr- raising almost an impossibility in some parts of the country. It is contagious, but is fostered and encouraged br filth. The symptoms are greenish droppings, great and intense thirst, a nervous, anxious expression aad geE- eral depression.. Burn all tho bodies, thoroughly deaa up and disinfect the premises. As a preventive of cholera, feed twice a -week corn raeal dough, the water for mixing tho dough beinj prepared by adding a 1 teaspoonful of" carbolic acid to eaob. quart of water. Keep tho drinking water cleaa and change it frequently. -- Ex. The great hearth firo in the hall of Roby castle, England is said never to have been permitted to go out for ccn- turiet,. That ia Warwick castle will burn :i quarter of a cord of wood ai once. Intense Headaches " For lour years I te»To been .1 conslant snl- ferer. My heed ocLcd from morning till nlglit. After irj'Iag everything I could think of, the only tbinglhat gave me any rclicl iris to keep m y l i c a d bound with, a clolh to Keep tbc air from Btnkingit. Ilicilisal passages oC raj 1 licid and my throat were very sore aod gave fnu iutcnsc pam, expectorating m u c h corrupt mutter. I noa told (bit tho ·weight of my hair iris ILc cause of ay trouble, and I liad It cut off; but this give me no relief. Rending nboat a lady similarly afflicted wlio ivas curea Lj Hood's SiLTsapuriUa, I began to take it. Before I iiad toLen one bottle I felt grc.illr 1m- Hood's 5 ^ 1 Cures proved, and at tlie cod of three bottles ivu entirety ncll, I npyr weigh 2JO nouuds, nhirli is a gain of 10 jionnds in tlireo monlbs' 1 JIns. MARY A. TVniTE, Franklin, lodiana. Hood's Pills do not weaken, but aid tlonand tnno tbc sfcomnch. Try them. 2jO. DIRECTIONS fur wing CJEE.-frOr SAUL-- Apjilu a yarticlt of Oa Balm uci, up into Wio Tioslrils. AfUi a moment draw ft tlrtnvj breath Ihnugh the, nose UIIG Uircr, timca a dny, af- tar incala preform, mil licforft retiring ELY'S C R E A M B A L M ojicni 'i id rlr.-iniw II," Nutil f-K'vap.^.AlU^'.i'.Llrj ami In II iinm ilion.llt lU tliu Suro^. ni-ot^LLH th« MumlinLii f i o n i Lali' 1 .. I' r aLuri-s Uii» Senses nC Ta^ ' quii;l{] ^bwrbc-a and fiu f i o n i Lali :LHI| Sm"'l. Thu a ri.'lli:[ at wice. A particle li nppllcu Intocfrnno^rrll ^n«l Isasrcc- =blu. 1'rlte M c-'n'-' 'iMtnf.Ti-'li i.r l-y m.ill. ELT B30T3EES, 68 Warren St., New York. WE WILL TAKE YOU TO CALIFORNIA Cheaply, Quickly and Comforinbly on iho PhUllps-KocI: mlnra Touriii Etcurslans CH2IAP, t) the rate fn Slccplnt: Car b bill fjc.00 QT/1CK, because vou ira\cl on tbo friatost tralDE that run COIUTORZ?, becausa you navo a IUTDUKU Sleeper Fourteen years' retard. Orcr im.CM nlready carried and nil lic ibe flcrvlec. Cnr leaves Cblcaco cvcrj TutlaT, via tho tirauiitul In- dlun Torrltory und the Scjiuy Bonth X,lnc. and every Thursday through Colorado o^cr the famoun scedc Eontc. A Bpcclal manager goca each triptocaro for LIio mauy ivanlo of palroni en routo. ^Y* can't tell V"U ball Iho fc-ciiulll-i in thin ad, but for jQur CullromU trip Ton should post joursulr. Address, JNO. SEBASTIAN. O P. X, C . R. I. ft p. UT. Chicago. I Given Away! · I K-IJ ElTO 10 Uld IKinilQ ' me the i MiKlJoff me the I BEST BUSHEL QF CORN I I IN THE EAR, · T rrawa HOTT until north t, 1SWJ, '. ft $500 Span oJjrtatched Roadsters, i Send mm ID bushel box ne»Uj pcked and pi*- ff fortnight. Mark jour iulih«iu oil box. f CIIAJH. JLO-R, Albln, IOTT*. | J'lmong' the Esquimaux a novel use has been found for woman's jaw. Says Mrs. Peary in her new book, "My Arctic Journey:" "The native method of treating the skins of nil animals intended for eJotl'inp is first to rid them of as much of '-ho fat ns can-bo got o/T by scraping w ! th a knife; then they arc stretched tight nt possible and allowed to become perfectly dry. After this Uisy are taken by the women and chen'ud and sucked all over in order to (fct as much of the grease out as possible; then they arc again dried and scraped with a dull as to break the fibers, waking- ths skins pli- nblc. Chew-ing the skin Is very hard on the women, and all of it is done by them. They can not chew-more than two deer skins per day, and are obliged tss rest their jaws avcry other -day/ 1 _ _ The ··LINKMfT 1 lire tl lc "lk-.t anil Mo«Kconomi- calCollanrand Cuffs irorn: Uity uro mcdc of/lno ilut doth. bol)l oldcs BnWiKi allko, »nd, bolnc rcterxl- ».:n ''"'· ono co'w L« equal to two or any other kind. DU1 Thtjflltntll,vi«rvtltondlnakr,ttl. Alo*p' Ten CoUanor rivornlraorc'ufl's forTwcnlj--FiTM Cents. A Soinplo Collar mid Pnlr of Cuff* by mall ior Six CenliuHaiiie BtirlB and size. Addicw iHKVKBHIBtE COLLAl! COMI'ASV. 77 fruDcllq St. Ee« ;Yorlc. n Kllbr EL, Button. . DEMAN qulaw«»u/(« of Bnrbaofc't SOHIIlUn -iicwCT(iulon.i." STARK C U R E F O R " C - P 1 ^ SUMPTION · · « - / EWSPAPER SiFWSPAPFRI

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