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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, August 13, 1818
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'"'. imitation 1 Byron . A' few eveuings since, says the UuJj,i Whig, When Ule new poem . Boppo' was tli" topic of conversation, and which was attributed l iht prolific muse 01 Lord Byron, a gratis aii preeiit condemned it M uo - ' Worthy hi lorxLU'p, an d' declared, that auy one onitj write nrrses eualty good. 1 The poeai was ' opened at the following stanza, which the jeu - ' tlefflua challenged 1 ;:' .. - ;. . C'DU'steiier see a gondola . For ear. " - - YuiUoulJ not, I'll describe it you, exuc.ily : W e Iou?cover'd boat that's couunorl here, ' - Carv'd t Uie prow, built ligtoly but compactly ' . Kowed by two rowers each called Gondolier ' It glide Ion? the water looking blackly, j Just like a con dart U a canoe,' ' Where none caa m:.i;e out what you lay or do." ' The "imitation, which we subjoin, he produced almost immediately ; and if it ii not equal tothe , u original .uo,uid hues,' the fault certain ly is not . chargeable to ut, u Did'st ever tee a tteam - boat ?. If you've not, I will describe it to you exactly if I caa : , rU a tog sided vessel, with a bead T' r'antadicaliy carv'd, like tone great man, And curiously painted white and red ; - I 1. .... . I 1 !knnB an1 harlr. . 'Aud trheu you tee the smoke, 'tis al way black." A 111 1 111 1 1 UKUUll Billl UVIH l"l"u T reu T ' (. - " Acicnt mod' of mamifacturing glass It has been generally supposed, although the opiuioa is . ei - roue - ius, that tun manufacture 01 glass is a mo V (fern iuvtuiLiHi. - But there 11 a good reason to t ' Lehtve, that the aacicat were not only a well 4 acquaiuted a the moderns with the art of malt - loggias, hut even better. In Plmy, we hive a complete account of the "l.'.Veutioa of glass the materials of which it is - made, and Uie whole process of the art. Oee tuil ot glass was shaped vy Plowing - ; Tb e was another sort formed in the lather, and 'g - bliti made in Uiii maimer we. called cahces ?v addaces. It appears that theft glasses bore a low price. They resisted boi'iug water, and ,' "must of courso have been very strong. Lastly, there were embossed classes. Aaiilles I alms, speaking of Uia loves of Citophan nod Leucippe, '", fuys, ".lie took f.out the sideboard uuothcr cup ;";''uftlie tparklitij wine of 5io. The cup was oi r" wrought glass llu riiu oni'aunutcd with the vine, aud the branches tprea'liog over the bowl. r, .AV'ben the cup was empty, the pendant cluUers r - of grapes were pale, and uuripe ; butfillml with - . oy wine, they wcie red, and appeared fit lor i the wine press. Bacchus was placed among Uie clusters, at the cultivator ot the irrape.'' .' . . ' C t t o curious a piece cf workmanship must have " . ....... . . I The KirvDUaos were also ilfJltJin tneart olem - 1 bossing slass. It was from them the Romans . , - procured their most elegant vessels of this kind ; 1 11 n A t I..... . I I ' suinual tribate thesupply of thUcommoditv.with which Ceyptnaa voluntarily furnished the capi - 1 talol the world. It was not because the Romans 'were not perlcctly acquainted with maov branch - 1.. 4L. .r,n..n..r... 1 .1 L. , 1 uiscovereu, com an easier way ol making it and of old cal, tQT 1 , 1 how to apply colours to it. Besides the different vessels made of this substance, glass was employed in various other ' ways. If we may believe Papus of Alexandria, a wri - " . terof the fourth ceutury, Archimedes made a ( sphere of gla, which represented the motions, . instance ana proportions of the heavenly bodies Houses, according to Seneca, were finished , with squares of glass. Vopiicut tells us, that , iirmus, oneol the tyrants who revolted aji"i Caliienus, had hts whole house covered with pic , ces of glass, joined together by a cemcut. At the theatre of Mr. Scaur us the lower part of the building, called the stage, was of marble, wlulu the middle was oruamcuted with these plates ol glass, and the upiier part with gut cornices . - - Pliny says that Agrippa would uot have t'ui!c J . to have had the apartments of his baths orna - mealed with gtaa, if the cuttom had at that time he'll prevalent. or su Jmt hoJ ba tru - fefed (max the stage to other buildings. The Abbe Uuouaroti, in his observations on tiie me dais of cadinl Carpegno, merted an engraving of a square labie of glass, which was probably I one ot the plates called quaprataro vitro, with which the aucieuti covered thtir walls The following passage iu Herodotus leads us to suppose that the HUiiopians placed their dead in slats comas " uti us next cousider their se pulchres, which are said to be coiisti ucted ol . glass. ' , When dead, thry dry the body, cover it completely with plaster, and exhibit it orua - meutcd with pictures reBimbliug the deceased. . They Ihett 1 a grave, aud cover it with glis. - , through which U10 Lou is visible, neither emit - . ling a 4tagrcaiM snicii nor siiowitig auy . of corruption." . . ThucvUides speaking of the manner in which , tbo Klhiopians dispose of thtir dead, says, iu the - third book of bis hc - tory, "eiome throw them in . their houses after having euclosed thcui as it v were in a cotfia of glass." e Trebcllius l'olliou relates, that a lapidary ha - ' vlnssokl the eaii res some vlass stones Lr real jewels the detected the fraud, and as (be wihd . to be revenged, the emperor Galhenns ordered - the lapidary to be exposed to a lion, rut v . ed secretly that instead of a lion a capon should be put into the cage. The spectators being sur ' ptveJ at so singular a circumstance, the empe - - ror desired they iniht be told, that it was one imposter puuished by another. The ditlerence between the stones of g': and real tewrU save rue to a proverb, that was ap plied . 00 ail occ4sions of comparison, whether batwecu true and false, or jtood and bad gems. Tertuliian, in the fourth chapter of bis houk ou Martyn, cites this proverb: "lanti, vitrenm .. qaaat margaritiqns tn aud St. Jerome o.'teu al lude to si m bis epiiuee, Salmasms tells ua, that Jerome mention glass Widows wncn were cmS m inm ria es, wiien in ht dictionary of la w hum, P'I llriraiMi, iu his dictionary of antiquity, say tho simie thing. But none of these writers have qKil! ihe uns - ra:e in which St. Jerome spaks of these win dows. . Mr. Buoaarotll. in his account of the medallions f cardinal Carpegna, has riven an CDgraTing of a vaso gtaxs, in wl.ich are repre - senteu three hoails, probsbly of one family Tbo drawing is very fine. Frcm Dr. W alckovte't Botanist, pngt iKO. Kiftht - bkicing Certvt "If the painter can rive but a fiiut i trture of the violet, or the pas sion Sower, orthechalrrdnnhn hlly, what would he say. if requested to express with his colors some of the hmily ot the iacti parurniariy me This stately flower is fc,Ln in dinVrent parts of Boa'.h America, sum! ia soma of the Wetl lu.lia Islands. It expands most beautiful lorrolla of early a fol m di.imetcr 1 it ba. twen'v stamina sorrouiMlinz one ' itilivm. The inside of the cayiix ss a sptendtd yellow, or bright sulphur Color; the pctahofUie purest white: butticw - in; k u irom, so a to WK into it deen bell, 1 1 .. . . ... . - 11" long, irr.mitung stamina, teiClcs I k uoM.Tipii'm ; 1, m or,, er an moro. I potiod.rg MUl are Cioscu, ina.nn;i coatsnuin; w raoolnri viewed in anther, ir rmmklM iKlworW1 the air becoaiea.charztj with the light i - blaae of bovaing nia - e 1 and a, the eye plays ovr n, uui we sec, ai luaes. a btirht red lirit parrle. r MWsay rearark renemly, Ibat the rvt jple ndid flowers re of shortest duration ; thus f iin grana u - twerpawJs its beMit.fol colors.aud 7ifTi west fi - rant tticmr for n few hoirrs iu thnlit,thencli?torxpHiilnomflre. Itmai. 1 manly o;tC about Tor i! o'clock ia the evening, mi' gmnu inwerpawjs its neMiUIol colors.aud onit'.iria its native ll.tre : bur later ejru3 ana in lass roumryj ry iwo in wnutsig h Besim b wilt, and soou aUcrto fadi', .AranatJ wither ami oeiore sen - rise 11 naop io atate o.'ir;covr'ol uillafst aaJ j I d: !. 1 nJ the nest dr tin JlK. - livia Wt& re. setubks a soaked half grown car of Indian corn I'lwi Brst time the botamst gaseu at ims inmuw ry beauty ia the gardtn of Fotbergill, and saw iU suddn change, il wa with sensation he - rer can fi - nret. . He confesses that in Uie vast a - cmblaxo of flower that adorn the earth, this flaunting beauty caught his eye, and excited strongly bis youtniui aumirauoo. but the Botaoist, sobered by age, cannot will not allow the flaunting 44 CVew," to rival in his ff - riinn. the Llu&inc Rose, "veiled in a cloud .j rnnnrj.n whose aaalities are often disre. ardcd becaate common. Quee of jtotctri, where it the poet that has not celebrated thy hMiities? wlicrethe painter that has not aimed to imitate the ; and who that has sense does not wih to take to hi bosom the fresh blown roses wash'd in dew f" .EIV - YOKK EVEJfWQ POST. THURSDAY, AUGUST 13. CinnirtinU. 1 be llar$vrd Couren!iun,n authorised by the Toleration party in Connecti cut, is to assemble at the oJ4 t - ontenifmrotm, oo the last Wednesday of this month, for the purpose of framing ft new" constitution of civil rovcroment. Connecticut, it ii well known, has kept " the even tenor of her way," and jogged on in her tteady habi'.t, ever eince the became a member of the Confederacy, under the old char ter, granted by King Charle a charter framed by the people themselves, and decidedly more dtmoeralie than the constitution of any State in the Ution. This charter, containing the funda - mental principles of the government, has hitherto answered the purpoe very well, and while ad ministered by federalists, the people were contented, prosperous and happy. But a revolution came the republicans, utycr the name 01 Jie - ralionistt, gained the ascedency after a struggle thirty years and now, nothing would do but hey miut have a kv constitution. The truth was the new republican rulers were no sooner seated snugly in power, than they found thai this relic of monarchy this odious, aristocrati - tjranuical charter, was too democratic .' Yes, reader, loo democratic even for deinotrats themselves ! Nothing, theu, as we said bo wouu answer, hut thv tnu,t have a con titlftiivnin.t fea I hjtn fiutill v hnnml u.litrh urmitil " ""J J ...... enable the pew rulers, to hold a tighter rem and secure to tliem their i.laces in iw.rnet.iit v ' r 1 j lie VeoV were u.ercupon commanaeu lonn. wiin to elect delegates to prepare the new ta bile (1f ivvirnm..iit Itnt uW h,ui kWi ! . , ... . . the s glit of man ! me suui 01 inan : now uncertain anu luiue are human calculations ! But yesterday, us it were, the heart of every democratic office - holder and expectant in Connecticut, was heating high with exultation. Joy and gUd - ness reigned with the party throughout the atate . and the eves of every ToleraUonut sparkled Lkc the icy gems cf a January morn ing. To - day, all their prospec'.s, their dreams of piwer and wealth, a: e 61asted. Tlie eup of felicity, which they already held to their lips in expectancy, was suddenly dashed in pie ce '.Contrary to their most sanguine eipcc - taiions, the sovereign people, having recover cd from the temporary fi enzy and delirium of a contested election, returned to thrir " first love," and embraced their tteadj fcbiti. In - taiut tj ilntmr wild mini iriskniSrry de magogues the political empiricks and nuish - rooms who sought to demolish the most perfect political edifice in existence, they went so - bcrly to work, ami made choice of some of the wisest, most experienced and learned sages and statesmen la be found in the uuioa.' The fulerationists were appalled confounded. Reason, they found, had resumed hsrefipire; and thry well knew that before such a phalanx of enlightened and patriotic statesmen as will compose the federal puj of the convention the dogmas" and crudities of speculative smu'.tereis would shrink into nonentity." Such is the present s'tuatian of afl' - irs in Connecticut , and we have everv reason to be lieve, that reli.iion and Patriotism. will iide tlie slorru triumphantly. At all events an 1 strans as ii may appear, the result of the election fir delig ties to tlie con vention, was no sooner known, tli 111 the Tolera tion men themselves began seriously to doubt up on Uie subject. They ull at once began to thiok that they had reposed very comfortably for a century or two pat, and are cow niakir.g it a matter of speculation whether in fact a new' constitution o either expedient or uecestary unless thry cxclusittly can make . Tbc Cincinnati Inquisitor mentions that a num ber of our most dis'.riismslic J military cinceis desieo. during tbc next session ol causes, to re - iB ;roi the pullc ervice. Among the dim j,ckfcn ko! Mt, JieuL col. Armntead, major M'Ke ; major Graiiot and captain To'.Un, of the engineer corps ; capt. KichartLon, of the oruuance ; captain A. Cray, of the fit st regiment of infant' y, and captain I O'Fa'dau, oftiicriflo regiment Xcn - niidtnt lands We received Uiis morn ing an adverTisemeui in prim irsm transion, Kentucky, occupying nine pajes dioty size, of - (cring for sale, ou the first Mou - Jy of ?rem'jer urxt, at public auction, ell tiie non - re. - ideut lauds in that state upon which taxes are due Should any ef eur readers wish ta examine it, ihcy can J j so by calhi.g at tho effce. To the Editor Sf Uit Sat. InJtllijencir. Fruhtions in Ponder .ViVix. I have uolictd that tlie explosions which to Ircuueiitiy take plurc m powder Work, commence iu the poandiog! ouU, ana aim xi invartaviy i w mui - ji.i tae doors are opened on utn retumw uie wars - men Iroai ineir mcais. j uis ira u nn w 1 . . 1 11 ' . j j . ijecrures as to uie cause. nra uwi v. flimmabl perUcle of the oomporiuiott which thave tca.d trom Use tstonara. ao sooa as uie worVsnta enter. Ihev Utrow off their ottr ear - Imeots to go to work, Mdth electricity escaping fro bodies m all probability igstttw the whole. I . Tstis hint will rilfice it well MuMed, It Will . This hint will nilice if wed h its weight ; if unt, il can Query If lustwd ot wearing v a uoo ctaliK'.or, the men we il can 4 no harot. wonllru, whicH i - . rerc coatil!ed to talwear someUiuiy iKt wool, I in - JuJ carrv oil ihtllftr elncVtc fluid; of, if thry were compelled l tnrow on their tickets before Uict go into the i poooung mill, would imh the Irfjiency of In I irta J.'ul expta!:ai be irtreated It is w a not is ol eU Vnown that elertiidty will upWe pewder, and there are lew who can doubt that tlie electricity which frequenUy eJcapcsfrom the body ou Ukinj oU the clothes, is fully aulucfeulto ignite the in - flammalile aUnosphcra of a pounding mill. P . ? From the Alexandria Gaettt,'jg. 11. ' A ktdnapptr cauglU. - - Tb ruulIc will be pleased la hear that the scoundrels who were believed to have stolen a ngro boy on Thursday, have been apprehended, and the principal lodged in prison. The circumstances as far as we can collect them, are briefly these : On the day above meutioued, a man having purchased waler - mclou at one! the wharves, employed the boy to carry it to a boat at some distance, ho being in company. On his reaching the ilace, he was seized by him, and with the aid of another man, secured under one of the seals of the boat, whieh immediately putolf, and was rowed with speed to Washington. Ou arriviug, the boy was tuktn to the residence of one of the kidnappers, and luckcJ up. Being afterwards liberated, under a promise not to go away, he was seen and reoogniredou Saturday by Mr. Thomas W. Uruce, formerly of this town, to whose hu mane interference the owner of the boy is in debted fur his recovery, and the public lor the apprehension of the tui.i'reants. They were immediately lodge d in viil. One of them, how ever, naturally feeling restless from his unpleasant association, with Ibul air and cramped exercise, (very fit stimulants to mental invention !) conceived in a lucky moment that his liberation could be effected by a manoeuvre, not unfre - ducntly resorted to in these degeucrate times by Hum e rogues who disregard tho precept, " honor among thieves ;" and that simply was, to turu tiaie's evidence ! He was accordingly held to bail to appear at the next court, to confront (per haps affront) his accomplice. From the Goshen Patriot, A ug. 1 1 . It is stated in a New - York paper, that butter was selling iu Goahen for H 1 - 2 cents per lb, when it could not be bought in 'ew - ork lor less than 25 cents ; but for ourselves, we have bought a pound iu Go. - hin lor lc?s than 3s. during the season ; and butter - makers would rather keep their butter till fall and send it to Sew - - York, for Is. 9d. or even Is. 6.1. :for it pro bably will not bring more next f.dl ) than to spare their ucighbnurs a little now, at two shillings. It not at all surprising, that persons who hoard up ! their produce lor an extravagant price, shrmu often have to mourn over its depreciated value. frei the Boston IntfUIgenter. Quarantine in the Xrdilerrnnenn3am F. Mau.ony, Ksq. Consul from the Grand Duke of Tuscany, for the New - England states, and residing iu Boston, deserves the highest approbation of the American merchants generally, and of thoie of this capital ia particular, for his successful exertions, iu persuadiug his government to reduce the quaiantine upon vessels which may arrive at the ports,uuder the Tuscan jurisdiction. The oicl chants of Leghorn, we understand, have made repeated representations upon this subject ; but their applications for a reduction of the quarantine have always proved fruitless. Mr. Wan - tony has fortunately convinced his government of the propriety ol tlie measure they have adopted ; and the quarantine upon all vessels, with a ccr - titicate cf health from the consul in Beton, in future, wdl continue ouly ten days. The value these :crvict will be fully realized by the merchant, aiiJ especially felt by those, who after a tedious passage to Leghorn, without a sick indi - ridu.d on boirJ their thip, have been detained 23, 30, aud even i0 days longer, without any communication with the shore thus adding the great expenre of delaying the voyage, tojhel, oilier miseries 01 procrastination. Frwn the K'Mut ky Reporter. Higti'jf important. The information contained in tlie following communication to the editor of the Pittsburgh Gazette is c f the deepest iuter - eet to our readers. The trade of the wet is still concentred at Fbdadeh - hii, but it mast tctronse it wtrtM a very short ttmo b ilttidtd principally between Oilcans and New - York ; a remuant of it ouly will continuo in its present channel Ore years loiger, and cf that remnant Baltimnre wiil have her full share. Mark the facts below, and note the LouuriUe chip news.' Besides the enormous expense, ne have lately beard of scandalous neglect if not rank ioii - tton, on the part of the " Plulndrlphus franr - portiug company " Look toit Harper & Co. Look to it ye shavers, money changers, and ragUlse whatever, is not correct; no such duty brokers! . 1 haviug been IftiJ. From a lonz residence at Ha To the fdilori nf llrt Pi!!'btrs; Ga:m:te. If you willt'ike the trouble to examiue tome correct map of the two ctutes, New York aud l'eonsylvaoia, von will tliea stop your preaching tothe Philadelphia:! a! out turnpike roads. 1 he trade of the western country mut unavoidably centre at New - York ; aud 1 think that I will prove this a - scrtiou to your satiet'acUoa. The New - York caual is in a slate of forwardness. Boats of 60 tons will traverse 60 miles ol it before auothcr wiuttr set in J Agreeable to a statement of the ccnittilss.onrrs ef that canal, the price of from Albany, on tbc llui - on, to Buffalo, on Lake Krir, wiil not exceed tweuiy - fi.e cents pet humlred; the price of transportation on the Hu!no from N. York to Albaitv, at this timet is ten cents per hundred, so that goods are carried from New - York to the shored Lake Erie, for tho tridiugiumcf liiirty - nve cents per hundred r rom Bulfalo to Dimkuik, or PortUnd, or to r,lc acr0f, tnn prljou. i the lake, freight cither case wid not exceed ten ccn's per hun dred, and frcm Dunkirk tn the head of Canada Lal:e, a portsige of seven mile?, from Portland to the head cf Chatatige Lake, a portage of nine miles, and from Erie to Waterfnrd at tho head of French creek, a portage of foorteea miles neither of which will ew ced twenty five cents per hundred. From the b i of the Casada and Cliittauge Lakes and from WaUrforJ, ou French crswk, the stavigatioa is tree stnd easy into the Alleghany river, and I Lave myself transported goods from one of these points 1st this city, for a ks sum than City cents per bnodred weight, which prot es that 00 the completion of the ftew - lortf canal, transportation Irom the city of New - Y'ork t Pittsburjjh, will not cost more than one dollar per huadreJ weight. Now, gentlemen, if you could persuade the Alleghany mount jiu to open for you a passage through its bowels, aud every other obstacle to a road should be removed, still l'hjladrlph - a could not b a rival ot" New - York in the trade of the west. Would not tb eople of the western part of Pennsylvania tit writ by turnisj their attention to Ut imrovemeiit of French Creek, and of the pottage betwreo WuVerford an j Erie ? The go vernor of thcsUteuf New York is at tliis time t.agcd, in connection with seme clir citizens of that slate, in the laiprovemsjtt of the harbor ol D n.kirli, in the erecUan of exlennve wharrs in tKe cmistructioo of a goo - l road from Duukirx la the head of the Casada. Lake, in the improvement of the out - lrt ef tbot lake, by which be muss to seeur to Ihe slat that he gtrerns, the profits of tho gTTt cooarnumctioa which it is now at so much expense ia openuig. French creek, however, is the rafet cbaonel to the AllrgtKiijy nver, nl mignt with pror improvements, hold cxne cnenpetitioo witk the one that a now opening ty the governor of the itaUof New - Tors. A TRAVELLER. r.RTTitoocn, (Vl.s Aug. 1). .Va"ric Eicepe lkl Tuesday Isst week. two daitgtiters of idnmd l.irernvire, Esq. this town, in alte.T.pting to crtms the east branch of DeeiTickl river upon a f tot bridge, fell in. - The rapidity of the current was such, that it carried them Twill atout thirty rots when the ! oldest, a girl U aaotu UurUca m c - j i . i - ... W.J ol' T,erbroaer,aIaiofaboutnf,en,vear.oraSe., at the risk of hi own lite, ami brougni w snore. The. other girl, five years ofage, was given upijierr, uieir aiiac on oum;uH., j fur some time a lot 1 hut by tlie exertion of I two yotmg men, she was taken out ot tuei stream after she had been carried down one hundred and twenty seven rod. In about two or three minutes aigns of life appearing, he was taken to a neighbouring house, put into warm flannel and in about three hours carried to her father's house apparently welL The next day she attended school as usual. BALTIMORE. Aa:uit 11. Fire!Tl alrui of fire last night between C and 10 o'clock, was found to proceed from the cotiiingruiion of several wooden building' in tte meadow, between South and Holliday - streets, nd near the Gas Factory. These tuildings were occupied bv the Gas Company, by a carpenter, and also by a blacksmith. Tie whole were consumed in a few minutes. ZaUeSVILLE, July S3 - OAo Copperas. AVe are happy to state, that Doctor C j.iant and his associates have advantageously coituitnced the manufacturing of Copperas, aheut 5 miles below this town ; we have examined the CorDeras. and find it inferior to none in the world. He has now on band at bis Druggist Store in Putnam, as we'd a at most of Uie itorr in Zanesville, 6: that place, an abundance of that article, and it is to be hoped thai Country Merchants anu Clothier will encourage the establishment, a we me assured it will lie sold at a lower prie'e than it will test if brought over the mountains. PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 12. Hurzlary. About 1 o'clock yesterday morning, Alderman Badger heard a noise ntllie hack window of his dwelling, which he at first supposed was caused by his cat ; the noise however increasioe;, he threw up the sash of the back window of the second story, but could see nothing, lie went to bed and again heard the noise, got up and passed into the front room, threw up the rash, and called to the watchman, who at that time was passing along Siith street, directed bim to go to the hack part of the house, and he would meet him there ; the watchman proceeded tothe place, and fouud that the shutter of the back wiudow had been bored with a large auger in three different places, ifuaring a person in the adjoining yard, the watchman pursued hira ;the fellow jumped over the fence from jard to yard, until he came 1 one iu me rear ri the house occupied by Mrs. l'liysick, where lina - iner himself so closely pursued by the watchman, thut he could proceed 00 lurther in this way, l.e changed his course, and ran witli such violence against the kitchen door that it burst open and he entered tiie house. Alderman Badger went round to the front door of Mrs. I'liysick's house, alarmed the family ;the door Wbs opened, the magistrate admitted, " and on proceeding into the back room, perceived the tl.irl running hastily into the front parlour, pursued him, and by this time the watchman had made his way up stairs. The thief finding his retreut cut off iroui tiie door, ran with great lorte against one of the front u iudows, broke three lights of glass, hciit the bolt and bursted the shutters nearly open. He was at length with great uitiiculty apprehended by the alderman and watchman.and discovered to be a tery stout black lellow, whom alderman Badger had in the course of his oRicial duties olfcooed, and who it is supposed was breaking into the house for the purpose ol taking his revenge of the magistrate. In the course of yesterday morning, he was brought up before the mayor, and committed to answer for his olftnrei at the next cuurl of oyer and terminer. NORFOLK, Aug. 10. S'liptrmk The CritUh brig Joan, captain Urittian, from Aimutlo Bay, (Jam.) bound to this port, with a full caro of coffee, suyar, and rum, wascaH away on the .N. K. end 01 the t ollorc - do, ou the morningof the 4th of July, being thru 10 days out : crew and a small part ol the cargo saved. Mr. r rcJenck Myers ollhis town, who was supercargo of the Joan, arrived here on Saturday n'ghl. lie took passage from Havana, in the sclir George Vahingtuti, capt. Brehtoff, hound to New - York, but left her off the Capes and came up in a Bay pilot - boat. From Havana K gentleman who left Havana on the Sjth of last muu'.h hrthesUi Geo! AVa - h - inzton, and who bavin: left that vessel off Uie Capes (Jie being bound to New - York,) arrived hersi on Saturday night iu a Baltimore pilot boat, has authorised the keeper of the Reading Room Books to say, that the report received at Balti more from capt. Webb, of the ship Benjamin, re specting a no w duty of (our dollars being exacted fom eyery vesssl arriving at Havana, lor the ii)nnrt itf tb innnitit Inn. nr for ftnv ritner iiur. vana, Us commercial pursuit - , aud sources of ia iormjtion, be presumes that if'ich had been the case, he mnst have kaown it. The tonuage duty of f i M a all vessels, to take effect from the first of Ju!f4 is correct, l i.ii gentleman further stats., that several private letters had been received aWH,avana from Cadiz, staling that the Florida had been ceded tothe LTuited tla'.e;,liut that little tt no credit wa attached to thern ; and tl; public attention was directed to the Ihiited Slates far a tonfli - matlon of the report. Havana was not more sickly than usual at this season of the year. ,' Persons who were compelled tn un dergo great fatigue, thereby overheating themselves, and tbpu by imprudent exposure to the flight airreoorally f II victims to the fever which soon carried them nil. Maimon was rather dull, and the prices had varied but little since last juotatifHij. ' K so xvi lis. (Tei ) July 23 .If'tr mmierfri'crt Two men of the names nf Dixon, alias Moore and S.'iirlv, have been committed tothe jail of Pulaski for counter - fcitinc. Krr.m the confession of one of these swindlers, they nau counteneited upwards ol 60,000 un Ihe itale Bank of North Curolina, the Pankof New - York, and the Potomac Bank. The r. '.Crated Alien Twjtty, was concerned in this Misjmfactnrv, and hadmadeofl with the princifU'Jtart of the booty. They kept their Bitleii cave, in Franklin county, A. Tern - tr, which Was searched and a box found in it fciniainirig jjj aoiiars on tne oaitK mention - edeomeof which were neither signed nor trim - me. ,U is said that these note are well exe - cutid. anl require a minute elimination to delict ine imposition, n.e .0rU1 uroiin bills are vo dollars; the New - Yuik 10, and 'CtO.lM 5'J doilal - S. I CENEVA, (V. Y.) Aug. 5. Miter a! spring We art inftrmed that a va luable mineral spring has been discovered at Maiw"' rathe shore of Lake Ontario, in the town at Soil us, about two miles west of Sodus Pointer Troupville. It was fooud under some logs m clearing up the east bank of Dr. Lummu' said creak, and Hear the doctor's dwelling. A bata was lormed for it, and a few days after the grotsod otvr which tlie vter pai - ed to the creek wa etieert ed to be of a rddth cast. On throwing icio tae bvia of water a small quantity ol powdereS galls I" whole insrautly exhibited a f ae putyje culor. lite powdrr added to water ia a vs produced a Cue iuky purple, with beads round Ihe sides of the glass which re mained A long time. 1 he water being left stand tug ia U glass tor some time, a purple oily flake cove re; we surface. TVrse experiments indicate the water to he cha) jlate ; the medicinal qualiUrs of a - hkh are well . sluheiihc l. About three gallons of water am discrti d from the spring in a minute: it ') cotd ao lnot unpleasant to Ihe taste. l Xmbk nwtrrg in fie banks of tht Seneca La.': Wsrttnderslacd a quarry of clcgaut oi3rle, boaiWohy variegated, of an excellent quality, Ud prool agtmst fire, has lately been tliscoverel tw Uie banks of the Seneca Lake. Il is owned Vr esuel S. Seeley. Esq. of Hector, Samples' br inspectioa will be iWwardrd to Dr. HoslseE, in tuis tiila; X - . v "'""v t - - j - " of Volunteers from that town, New - London, and GrotonV was celebrated ia Sstooiugtou borough. W learn the company was very immoroas and that the business of the day weut olf wilh great eclat," - - " . ' The hon. Samuel W. Dana, has been unanimously cboseu president of the U. S. Branch bank at Middlctown., ....... , . . . From the Xcwburyport Herald. Waterloo. A gentleman of this town, lately returned from Europe, took an opportunity, last sprinp, of visiting the spot where thea - mous battle of Waterloo was fought in June 1S15, which .terminated the great European conflict, and was succeeded by the final extinction of Bonaparte's military career. The person who conducted him to the spot, was the same who attended Bonaparte and his staff, as topographical guide, on the memorable 18thof June. He informed that on the bat - lie field (an extensive plain) was raised, the last year, an uncommonly luxurant crop) of wheat and well it might, lor it was fertilized by the blood of 80,000 soldiers, who fell in the sanguinary battle - The gentleman picked up an Kaglc,such as are worn by the French infantry, and two musket halls, which are now in his possession. ' The surface of the ground over the pit in which were thrown many thousands of the slain, both men and beastssn one undistinguished mass, is suck considerably lower than thesiirrouiiding earth, and distinctly marks the extent ol tin vast cemetery. The Ralci;;h Register gives a gratifying ar - count of the progress of civilisation among the Cherokee Indians, making it probable that some oUier method might be adopted with that race, than " cutting them np in stylo - " 1 he Lancas - terian Schools are established among them, in which are taught succesri.tly, the common branches of education, togcUier with the agricultural arts to the boys by systematic labour, aud needle work, &c. to the girls, among which are some genteel young women. 'I hit is the benevolent work of the Moravians continued for y ears past. To the Editors of .ewspapert all orer the aorld About four year ago, two destitute Orphan boys, Wm. Donovan, and James Donovan, the former about 31, and the latter about Hi years of age, sons of William Donovan, then of I nmty - piace, 10 the city ol Uubiin, 10 Ireland, (iolilsuntt , quit their fathers residence, and went beyond seas. It is imagined tlie lormer Depart ed to the Uuitsd States of North America, and the latter to the East Indies. 1 hey took no property whatever with them, and if alive, it is apprehended that they u.y he enduring great hardships and privations 10 foreign lands. 1 nese boys, together witn tiieir sisters, r.tary Ani.e and Margaret Donovan, have been lately bequeathed a considerable personal property, amounting, as at present ascertained, to about fourteen or filttea hundred pounds each, by the will af their late uncle, Kingsnull Davan, Esq This money is at present in Ue httod; of these young ladies, and this public notice is now giv - pu, in the espectution, that the humanity of Editors of Newspapers. 111 the E. Indies, America, and other parts of the world, may, transcribing tiie same, give notice to loose poor destitute hovsol tlie competency that awaits them upon inetr return to tl.tir native laud. Any inlorma lion rfSectiiig them w ill be thankful y received ny their solicitors. MB,. WILLIAM HOPE, No. 5'l Daw - iim - slreet, Dublin. N. B. Thoe two boys were born iu the city of Philadelphia. It is calculated in tho Washington City fla - eette, that two thousand persons pass from the southern states to the eastern for ihe benefit of the air, iu the summer season, and that each of these persons expends on tho journey 500 dol lars, making in tho whole a million of dollars, in a single season. If this be correct, it will be considered by those who reap the benefit of this expenditure, a tortuitnte'CirrtmisUuce, as far a their profit is conrrrned, that the southern season are hot, and the inhabitants of that part of our country are wealthy. A million of dollars a year is no trifling ma ter for Ihe boarding - l.ou - set, stages, tteam - boat, hackney coaches mer chants, merchant - tailors shoe - makers, &c. Duily. ide. It is but little known, but it is nevertheless a fact, that a httle tar rubbed on the uetks ol young lambs, or geese, will prevent Ihe depre dations ot fxes upon them, tuote animals having au unconquerable a version to the smell ol tar. f,Veesirfc Advertiser. Crotrn of Scotland. The following is an im portant, ancient and traditional account of the Crown of Scotland, how and where it was first procured and imported into this country : About the tenth or eleventh century, when all the now ers in Europe were ut waragainst the Turks, the famous King AI1111 went to Constantinople, at the head of the Scottish army, where by strata ?em he obtained the countersign, or pass word, ol the sentinels, by which mears he Inund his way into the Sttncttr - t sanctorum ol the urann 1 nrk, where he boldly cut off hit head, carried away Ihe Crown, and imported it into Scotland, whore he wore it limine the rest of his life and famous n ign, and resigned it to his successors ia nliire. For the rest nl Kin Al pin's life, I refer to Bu - ch'iminn's Hitory of Scotland - Thecont of arms of the Macgrrgors v.'lio are the reul des - emhuits of King A!pm, bear a clear allusion to this tradition. 17 The Steam - Boat from Albany, duo this moruiog, had not arrived - .hen this paper was put to press. ffT3 A GENTLEMAN, who has been engaged several years in the business, wishes to connect himself with sonic newspaper establishment, either daily or scmi - weeUy, as joiat proprietor and editor, or elitor solely. . Il the paper be a political one, it must be ftdejat - II, would ac cept an advantageous situation either at Boston, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. Ample recommen dations will be produced if required Letters upon the subject, addressed to Uie office of the New - Y'ork Evening Post, wiihia 12 or 14 days, siill receive due attention. au 8 4t DIED. This morning, after a short illness, Mr. Wil liam H. Burr, aged 38 years.' His friends and acquaintance, tho those of his brothers - in - law Lbcneier J. White and John Jt Klemniine, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this af ternoon, at half past five o'clock, from his late residence, 94 John - street. At Bloommgdnle on Sunday, ?i! iost. at the seat of iier father, Sarah Matilda Reek man D Peysfcr, youngest daughter of Frederick De Pesyter, Esquire, egd 6 years and 8 months. . At Cincinnati, ol a consumption, Mr. Thomas Tilton, BooksHler, formerly of New - York. rAVVlO POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Brig Cannon, Storer, ' Madeira Smith 11 ol.bMl Schr Bdshaw, M'Foy, W Indies O. Mnuran Schr. Sally - Ann, Woglom, SuvannAh PottSt M'Kinne Sloop Bridgeport, Woo - lward, Baltimore JKRItEU THIS rVREimo.Y. Brig Agne, GrifTith, 17 dtys from Havana, witli sugar and niolascs to N L & G Griswold, Brig Berrilla, Tubbs, NOrhan?, and Si days from the Baliza, with cotton and tobacco, to Rip ley, Center, Co. Bognrt K. Kucchnd, D Be llniH.lfr. ....t r 1 : - - . 1 1 . c i : il. : . uiuu. w vv. uu nztituwdii. e - wk iu uie 1 1 I ver. sh n Marv. from NYorlr. ttai I' - .IIji from fialtlnvw. raj?J bilsr Chaunrr . York, and about 20 sad more bound up. Brbr Amelia, .Demount. 5 dars fn,m c nah, wilh tobacco and dry goods, to T PhelfcT owner. Bill k King, and M'Urreor h it,i:7 Left, schr Oarotint, Sanders, for N crk to skd next day, putt in the Kiter ship Cotton p;n una up. un ijDee.spoKesciitien. A Jack. son, lrom N 1 ork tor Savannah San.e time was boarded by the U. S. briir Prnmethw..' from Charleston, on a cruise. Sailed in co! with brig1 Hunter, for Providence, and schr Eagle, Ulye, for. Fhiladelphia. Passengers Messrs. J Lathrop, S VY Denton, B S Hubbard' S J Bourgaux. - - ' bchr ueu. Washington, Bretholr. 30 day Havana, with sugars, &c. to Goodhue & Co. Sell William, Drinkwater, 31 days f - uni Vt Croix, Tenerift'e, with wine, to P Harmony, and to order. Left brig William Henry, d';scj, . the only American vessel in port. Spoke n! thing. Ach Milo, Pease, 11 days from Savinr.ii. wilh cotton, deer skins and sassaparilla, to' Itaadolph & Savage, owners, Willrt i Lw. rence, T M Huntington, and J Duffie. Py. sengers, Miss Hawes, and Mr. Brown. I .ft brij; Amelia, to sail next day. Spoke in He Uiver. poing up, sloop Hector, Whittlesey 40 davs from Hartford, via Charleston. Sell Resolution, Ellis, 8 davs from Air.. dria. wilh flour, to Walsh & Gallagher, H y Field, and Beers St Woodhull. The brig 1. garct, from N York, arrived at Hampton Roids 011 Saturday. Sch Emeline, Mersereau, 3 days from NV - folk, with water meltons lo the captain. blotp Abeona, Allen, 6 days Irom JWr..iL. wilh flour, corn, aud water - melons bound ij New - London. BELOW, Ship George Washineton. Havanna, and two bngt. - A RRlr El LAST EFEJWfG. e - l. i - i . nr: . c , . scu tiiaiiies, inaiu, inim,mcnmond,trid4 1 days from the Capes, with coal, to the capuin 8 nassenn - ers. ' 1 n sch t.en. A. Jackson, TiUett. fi davs fmm i Etlenton, with staves, to P' - nt Si Jac'kon Sloop ELza, Wiiscn. 5 davs from Nnrfin 1 w.ui water inciuiis. FROM OUR C0RRESP0XDEJ1 Office of the Freeman's Journal, ) PhilaJelnhia. Ainr. 12 niton. C Arrived, sch Cadmus, Kice. i davs fros ror:smoutn. Sch Baltimore, Ho.brook, 46 days from 5 Ui leans. Sch Reaper, Drinkwater, 13 davs from S Andrews. Sch Four Sisters, Sparling, 13 days from S.I Andrews. Sloop Superior, Storer, 3 days from N Yorl j Sch Two Brothers Foster, 2 days from I York. FltOM OUR CORRESPO,VDET. Oitiie ol tlie UaKiinorc Patriot, 1 Aul'uU 11 I P.M. i Arrived, s hr Serpebt, An rews, 12 days Irca I uape Urnry, iiayti. ien mere sum uit. e. ti. I Henry, Williams, lor IV ew Y ork next day ; Su cets, Adams, Newburyport, 25 days ; bng Ao nca, till), lor boston, unc ; Abrona, Carpentn for Providence. Ii days ; schr George, Sutkl Norfolk 10 ; Mary Jane, Amneen, Philadelptul 7; senr uen. Hamilton, D.tnimore o , niartiil Killer, Charleston, unr. Iu latJI, 3at loo; "t 10. sicke schr Sally., ol Philad. 72 dai I Irom Bordeaux lor Charleston, short of proritictl supplied her. - I BUS 1 Ui, August tu. Arrived, sloop Aatinf Uipley, from new - lone. I Cleared, schr Quaker, Jernegan, Buliia ail Kin Jnueira; briir Orson, Thompson, Havana. NORFOLK, August 7. Arrived, Brig Bail artl, Watkins oo days irom KotitMam. l.e l Cthof June, bris Juliana, Ancuer, for Nets - Yorl. in 7 davs. June V.9U). lat M. 20, lone. 70,toak schr. Edward, of Hartford, from lsbou boatJ to New - York, nut 4U days. Sloop J.ty, Tlioni)i"n, 5days fromKYork Sloop Fidelia, Kisley, 6 days from ftew - Dj aim. 1 NORFOLK, Aug. lO.Arrive, ! - . .Vj' lhau Suninrton. 4 days from NYotk.' Cnt. ! states. Uiat a schr. under a heavy press of sat was standing up the bay on baiurday monni:; which was overhauled ami boarded ny a v, schooner, and immediately after pnl abtut so stood dowu lac oay again, api. r.uiu not ut derstand Ihe mauueuvre. 6'loop CoojUtu'.ioii, Laforge, 4 days from St York. Schr Rsagrr, Richards, 5 days fromN. Ysil Brig Margaret, Harn, 6H davs from Avttrt dam. Spoke on Thursday last, in lat. 37, lod 7J, 30. British schr iancy, Bordmi;liam,sau! froat Halifax, N. S. bound to Baltimore, with. passengers, and ealirely out of provisions. J Capt. Harris supplied their wants 8nJ dBft lo take on board as many of the passenger) 4 chose to come; but as they expected to get the next day, and as there would bav bccaoH sidcrable difficulty in removing their fcjjjr. only two accepted the invitation, viz. Messri.' Hombronk, and J. D. Carter, who state Ina. passengers in the Nancy were a part of 330 had arrived at Halifax from Great - Brilaia, of whom ha l re - embarked for the states. pHiLADFLruiA. Autrtist 1'J Arrived, Knsseau, JeH'erson, 68 days from Amstenii'J UritMh brip Telegraph, Lathgow, 21' from St. Marlins. Itrirf Hero, tireely, 16 davs from F.asV Soli Hero. Daecett. 8 davs from BostH ?poke off the Capes, sell Zero, Smith, r East port; and the William Peim, Foster, Jtoston, going out ol the I!ay. Cleared, sch Nancy. Kelly.iNew - York. Ik - low. schrs. Zeno. from Portland a Pc' from Newburn ; sloop Superior, storer, m ' - . a New - York. Ntw - Loisnosr. Auenist 12 Arrived, ifr M'Donald. Coil, from N York. Sell Edward, Kilburn, 54 days from Lista hound to Hartford. July 30th. lat 36 17, w 66 53; spoke a brij 60 days from Rotterh lor Norfulk. fniled. sloon Eliza. Davidson, for S : Sailed, sloop Montgomery, Coil, for Vti York. Touched in, bng El.zabeth, Hu'5 from A Btdtord Itir5ew - iiirk. Sunday, 9tli - Sailed, sloop Swill, Uawi Monday, 10th Arrifed, iloop Halcyon, fn limn fir W Vt - irlf . l.lAr.d SooH scbr Hero, Jeremiah Holnes, fia day uw" M verpool bound lo Richmond : she stoppeo'" - me capiKir. wr.o is vert rica. i ne n - u - - - proceeded to her pott of dettination. 37 - Consignees of goods per Rubicon, M Havre, are reauested lo seuu uicir pei hi.ard. fit Jnn. wharf... Those roods for wtu no pei mils are received will be sent to the P': . - . .1 t 1?h'.nc au Ij liw r i. ii i vu imniMnj - - . i , . ... - ..I tli - SOtl icy - i lie iu,iu ui mt.ii"h - . . . for lher,reition"''ouberum, 'II meet ' altcrnoon, at 5 o'clock, at the Aew if ' ScliOOl, iMO. 1, COmmiuee room. nugl3 , J. CURTIS, SecryP2J a'., it a b nit. - The ship RUB ICON, Haldridge, g3.1Ztcr. for Havre, will sail about ih. proa. For freight or passage, apply o at Jones' wharf, or lo TOTT & M'KIE au 13 5 South - stre tor .. lV, fT.t. Am the staunch and well found aft. possible despatch. For Ireiaht ' attply cn Doaiu al t iy - jiar. r:.7 A. L. GO.YUA, aus 13 8t " 16 Front strej; r lORN MEAb. 14 nhrts. and 116 ' 1 i Iriln rfpipH Ciirn Meal. 01 quality, lor sale byTL.cKeR&f AURlEj BU. 13 S9 South stree II u ' - " 't nf

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