The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 30, 1943 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1943
Page 2
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 1943 the RAF employed its biggcs four-motored · bomb-earners, cac capable o£ freighting eight or 1 tons of "block busters" or othe explosives. Informed sources here said tha Saturday's daylight attack ob viously was not on so large a seal , of destruction. Goering spoke for 90 minutes. Not since Hitler was appointc reichschancellor in 1933 had th Germans observed (he anniversar in such a somber and forebodin atmosphere. The flats which gave Berlin and all Germany a gala air on previous anniversaries were ordered furled by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. The /German radio, usually alive on Jan. 30 with bright music, happy tidings from the front and bombastic orations, was pourinr out details'of the new decree drafting all men from 16 to 65 and all women from 17 lo 45. A Moscow broadcast, quotin 0 Stockholm advices, said Heinric! Himmler, gestapo chieftain, ha been designated general commis sioner in charge of the new Ger man "total mobilization" program The melancholy tone of the Ger man press, which hart been pre paring the Germans for sorry new in recent days, was indicated ii Stockholm dispatches quoting an article in the Frankfurter Zeitung Appealing to all Germans to gc behind the war machine, the pape satd "some must offer blood other* ,sweat," and added that "defca .would, transform Germany into a museum such as Greece after th Roman conquest/' '· . * '* * Goerlne made a left hand admission that Germany had been deceived by Russia's strength on the basis of the red army's showing in the Finnish war, which he said was "the cleverest camouflage known in the history of the world." * * * · He harped repeatedly on thi need for German unity. · "Today we ate united and shal light to the very last for our way of life," Goering declared. "One o our enemies is also united and conditioned by way of life. Russia would long ago have collapsed had it not been for the strength thi gives her." Addressing himself (a the Gen man army, the corpulent reichs- mai-shal said, "many of you experienced the rigors of !he Russian winter and the weakness of certain German commanders -td t i,-- va j- th , en lhat t!le ' " e , wth his display of toughness, held the whole German front himscjf " After recounting the hardships encountered in the Russian campaign, Goering attempted to bolster the German spirit with the assertion "I am convinced that .Kussia JS now using her last reserves." Goering announced that Hitler had ordered the mobilization of an remaining resources of Germany. . . * * * njr to what he called deception fa the Finnish war, Goerinff said. "We . had seen a small but gallant ' nation (Finland) fight heroically for many months against this ^ ? mllTC and wft thousht . What danger can possibly come from that empire in the east?' . * * * der" conference of the allies at Casablanca, but perhaps alluded to it when he said that any German who thought that an agreement could be reached with the allies was a "fool." Instead, he said, the "destruction of the German people is at stake." * * * He credited the death struggle of the entrapped Gel-man forces at Stalingrad with having upset the Russian winter offensive. "If the German defenders in Stalingrad had failed to concentrate upon themselves, 0, 70 cloven 80 soviet divisions, then the soviet attempts at a breakthrough probably would have succeeded. Now'the Soviets are too late. German resistance is organized. New lines are consolidated. "I know that when the sun is higher in the sky German troops will again attack, just as they did last year. The German attack this year will not be weaker than last year. On the contrary we shall attack with new and better weapons and fresh, steeled divisions. We shall then make good for Stalin- Russian losses had been so huge, Goering said, that "icy-cold shudders run down one's back if one sees these losses." * * * "I am convinced," he added, that the present. soviet attack is being made with the last available soviet reserves, put on their feet by the soviet command with the most extreme brutality. We nave beaten the Soviets so far and we shall continue to do so. * *· * "No other nation in Europe'but Germany is in position to destroy bolshevism. Germany -has become tlie guarantor of Europe's fate. It is madness to believe it possible to come to arrangements with bolshevism. The issue at stake 's whether the German people will be annihilated or whether the future will belong to it. "Every German soldier carries wUhm himself the law that he has to die when Germany's life makes his death necessary." , Threatening reprisals for Saturday's and other allied air attacks on Germany, the reichsmar- al said: "One day the battle in the east will come to an end, when the ast power of soviet resistance will have been broken. Then the lufl- waffe will be free to retaliate for what has been done to German women and children. I shall remember the facts and be sufficiently hard to return the blows" Concluding, he promised t h a t ilie fuehrer wiii lead lis to the reatcit of all German victories." * hitler Message Read by Goebbels LONDON. (U.PJ_p au I J osep h oebbels read a proclamation £- DEFEAT JAPS IN HUON GULF FIGHT Nipponese Make Attack on Allied Outposts . G E N E R A L M a c A R T H U R ' S HEADQUARTERS, AUSTRALIA, (U.R)--United States and Australian troops have heavily defeated a Japanese attack in the first battle m the Huon Gulf area ot New Guinea, next objective in the allied task of driving the Japanese out of the northeast Australian zone, it was' announced Saturday. As the victory was announced, Gen. Douglas MacArthur's headquarters confirmed that Lieut. Gen. Tomatori Horii, Commander- in-chief of the Japanese Papuan army now liquidated, had been killed--drowned while trying to escape when a rait in the turbulent Kumusi river overturned. The first Japanese attack in the Huon gulf area, where the two big enemy bases of Salamaua and Lac are situated, was made on allied outposts near Waii, 14 miles south ol the small enemy coastal base of Mubo. Strong Japanese · patrols attacked the allied outposts between Wandumi, 7'X; miles northeast ot Wau. and Kaisinek", 414 miles southeast of Wau. Wednesday afternoon. It was really a defensive move; designed to feel out allied strength in anticipation o£ an attack on Mubo, Salamaua and Lae. The allied outposts held fast to their positions against superior numbers throughout t h e - night while they wirelessed tor reinforcements. -The reinforcements arrived Thursday morning and by afternoon the Japanese were withdrawing in rtinging defeat. "The enemy forces are now withdrawing with our forces in pursuit," Gen. Douglas MacArthur's communique said. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE -~-- - «...01. i imciim was perhaps the cleverest, greatest eamou0age in world history" tioermg said. "While the Russians had few armies fighting Finland with partly equipped obsolete' arms they spent the last decade and a half building up the most powerful armaments which ever had been made by any nation." The observation came from the man who long and otten boasted Ocrmany had the world's best and most powerful war tools. 'The Russians were able to build up a vast military, machine," Goering contended, "because their armaments were made not by a free people but by slaves . All Russians made notlwne else. They had nothine lo make life more beautiful." . Goering conceded, "It j s no t easy to fight Russia, Our enemy is hard, his leadership barbaric , .. , ,. f ««rbaric and disobedience means death " The reichsmarshal said it was Hitlers celebrated intuition that dictated the nazi attack on Russia. The strength of the Russians was known," he said apparently contradicting other parts of his speech, "but the fuehrer's intuition warned him we must attack all the same." Goering's voice sounded unusually subdued to listeners here and the "heiling" oC has audience' was at a minimum. He was particularly grim! as he said: "I send this message to everybody, from humblest private to highest marshal. No situation is ever so desperate for Gcrmany tnat we cannot master it." He did not once mention the recent "unconditional surrcn- ued by Hitler at his field ,,,,,,. uaiters. The proclamation was a TM"'*% tt S 3l 'J 8 documen t cohtain- IitlerTs. familiar tirades against ie treaty of Versailles^and the ews. Goebbels explained that TM5 I"" 5 , wanted t° address the crowd in the Berlin sports palace m person, but that he was pre-occupied with military affairs One central theme ran through TM a ** men '»*.»»««« ol the h " a ? is -HitIer, Goering and h , g a n Goebbels. It was that Russia was all of Europe with bol- shevtsm and. that Germany stood as the lone .bulwark between the red army and the western world. line fm th thrreadbare Propaganda line for the Germans, who started * C day they It was clear that the military fl'saster on the eastern front cd that Observers here beli e mosquito raiders were only nail force and that they e raid more to shake (h ale than to try to inflict extensive damage on Berlin. The chvS 0 ? w re des ' gned f o r swift Mi light raids and can make a round-trip o£ 1,200 miles. Normal- MARCH DRAFTEE QUOTA REDUCED Begin Inducting All lowans at Gamp Dodge DES MOINES, f.'Pj--The March call for Iowa selectees, which includes manpower for the' navy, marines and coast guard in addition lo the army, is sharply reduced from the average monthly quotas of last year. This was made known ... _ statement by Brig. Gen. Charles H. Grahl, state selective service director. Previously, General Grahl stated the February call was 50 per cent under the December quota. Starting Saturday, all draftees from Iowa boards will be inducted at Camp Dodge whether they are fo'ser^e' in the [army,"riavy, marines or coast guard, Lieut. Col. Orson B. Powers, commanding officer at the induction station announced. ' He said that the regular army physical examination has been "tightened up" so that the standards will be comparable to the navy's. The navy will get one man for every 4.4 who go to the army, the quota including also those for the marine corps and coast guard. Rites for Publisher at Traer to Be Sunday TRAER, (/P) -- Funeral services for Elmer E. Taylor,- 81, · widely known Iowa weekly newspaper publisher who died Thursday, were arranged for 3 p. m. Sunday at the Traer Congregational church. Taylor, one of the first three Iowa master editor-publishers chosen by the Iowa Press association, founded the Traer Star in 1878 and was identified with that paper and its successor, the Star-Clipper, until his retirement six months ago. Began Revels; Career Now May Be Near End By GLEN.V BAKU War News Interpreter ^_ - - -- - ,.*..,? X.U»K* jj »C*CJ Ten years ago Saturday night the brownshirted column surged in triumph through the streets of Berlin the thunde ' ° * « a * 1 '*«» «*'«* U their hymns of SESJ'S J^-f'^^ ^·p^S.'^SKnS » The world watched with a premoni *tion of sinister events .but ' it worst tears fell short of the ter rible visitations the nazi decad has brought. It seems longer than 10 years: it is hard to recall th relatively u n- worried spirit of t h e times when mankind ' was not living under Hitler's shadow. That night in 1933, as he w a t c h e d hib f o l l o w e r s march, he rev- elled in t h e first ot a series of t r i u m p h s BABB without a match for their balefu meaning for the world. In the shadows was the aged Hindenburg, the commanderf who hac lost the last war and, though he did not know it, was handing German leadership on to another FLYNN TRIAL TO BEGIN 4TH WEEK Astronomy, Locks and Weather Are Introduced By FREDERICK C. OTHMAN HOLLYWOOD, (U.R-- Trial o Errol Flynn on charges of slatu tory rape preferred by two teen aged girls goes into its fourth week Monday with the jury still ab sorbing testimony concernin g ' carry a 2.000-pound load, but it was believed Saturdays ,aiders new over with their bomb bays on i y pal , n , d . cd because they sacrificed cxplo . sue power to carry mo re fuel ,, /I,"' ^ val 'ned the home front inat .lie nazi party would destroy everybody who attempts to avoid his war obligations. *'t t :_ . ' n ' ' s to understand , tlie meaning of this war." Hitlers proclamation said, "and to con --T bnrbarism \ sians) would sweep over Eu Every s ,r,glc life i ost in Ws s| REVIVAL CAMPAIGN! Old Time Religion Christians: Come Help in the Battle! Sinners: "Get Right With God" Sunday Night 7:30 "When This World Is All on Fire" Z Peter 3:9-12 Evangelist Guy Little DCS Moincs THE^JOSPEL MISSION Corner Van Burcn and 6th St S. W. Sub Expert Is New Head of German Navy LONDON. (U.K)_DNB. German Adnff H^, nC ?' """"to* f r * m Adolf Hitler's headquarters Saturday an announcement that Admiral Erich Racdcr had been removed as commander of the Gcr- m ^ n , " avy ,? nd t h a t Rear Admiral i Ji P oenit2 ' a submarine expert. had been appointed to succeed Raeder, it was said, will continue m an advisory capacity. Another Berlin broadcast said he would become admiral inspector of the German navy. Doenitz has been cliiet of the submarine section. Indications were that Hitler w planned lo concentrate most REDUCE WILSON ASSESSMENT DES MOINES, (fPi--A S3,000 re- - auction in the assessed valuation' door. ' tronomy, door locks, weather'con ditions at sea, etc. Particularly etcetera. Old timers claim that not since the days of the late Attorney Earl Rogers, the original master of spectabular courtroom technic, has a trial ot this kind explored so many letal alleys, or given a jury so many weird angles to coeitate. * ¥ * In charge of Flynn's defense is the portly Jerry Giesler, onc-tim. cleric in Rogers' law office, ant now the west's best known crim- nal lawyer, who never becomes angry, never snarls, and almos nvariably manages to trip up thi prosecution's witnesses. Miss Peggy Satterlee, 16, charged Flynn with taking her yachting and attacking her twice, the second time on pretext of 'showing cr how beautiful the moon looked through a porthole. Flynn de- lied having had relations with icr; insisted he never took her be- ow deck to show her anythin; not even tile moon. Tho proscutors produced upon rebuttal a professional astronomer, C. H. Cleminshaw, who brought celestial records lo show that the moon on the night in question was almost full and not more than one- third way up from the horizon. Just right for porthole astronomy the state insisted. Geisler drew a map of the heavens on the blackboard. He explained it with a pointer. He engaged Cleminshaw in a learned discussion of the lunar situation on the night of Aug. 31, 1941, and got tbe astronomer to admit that the moon was dead astern of the yacht, Sirocco * * * This indica'ted that Miss Sattcr- ee couldn't have seen it without sticking her head out of the port- lole and twisting her neck at a )0-degree angle. Giesler already had produced evidence showing the porthole was .six inches in diameter and sealed tight. Another state's witness was a weather bureau official, called to testify about the breeze at sea which Flynn had' described as fresh. The weather bureau man said he had no way at disproving Flynn; his instruments were on land. Giesler got him into, a discussion of how far a boat heels over in a fresh wind--and thereby had written into the record the statement that the p o r t h o l e through which Miss Satterlee said she saw the moon probably was submerged at the time. * * * Then there was the case of 17 year old Betty Hansen, a. waitress who crashed a tennis party at the home of Fred McEvoy in Bel Air. stayed on to dinner, and accused Flynn of taking her upstairs, puttinf her in a bedroom and locking the who meant world again. to challenge the Histories of our limes doubtless will ring two dates in red the color of blood--Jan. 30, 1933, anc Sept. 18, 1931. The latter, which not many will recognize readilv was the day Japan fell upon Manchuria and launched the Asiatic phase of the axis adventure ii brigandage. * * * On those dates two bitter, venomous streams or revolt against the civilization of the Atlantic and Pacific nations, by the standards of lhat civilization (Supremely evil, rose to the surface of world events. Within a decade they were to be fused anil to draw the United States into the greatest war of all. There has been no human career quite as meteoric as Hitler's. The inevitable parallel is Napoleon's. But the resplendent Bonaparte rocket took 20 years for its flight. Many will say that the Hitlerian counterpart, with only 10 years marked off, is near the final blackout. Hitler has proclaimed that, he vas building his third reich to last a thousand years. It has survived one one-hundredth of that span and unless our own civilization is o be destroyed its end should come before the second decade is ar gone. It is interesting to specu- ate just where'history will say hat Hitler .reached his pinnacle. * * * Perhaps that June day in 1940 when he stood in the gallery of the invalides in Paris and looked down, half in admiration and half in pity, on the tomb of Na-. poleon, that other earth-shaker who conquered a continent hut could not hold it THE GOLDEN TEXT: "Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life.'V-John 6:35. * * * . . Perhaps the Napoleonic example ad something to do with the urge vhich drove the German fuehrer nto Russia; perhaps something mpelled him to try to show he ould win where the other had ailed. The parallel promises to un true as far as the Russian hapter goes. The wehrmacnt inows today what the road back teant to the grand army. oC Senator George A. Wilson's DCS! ordered Friday! ' ' :t - ' - ' iQlice locksmith to testify that omebody had tampered with the ock. He said he didn't know vhcn; all he knew was that somt:- iody had monkeyed with it. "Do you think," asked Giesler. that it might have been me? I .-as out at the McEvoy house last londay night and I whirled that lock around myself about 30 ^^^.?±.TM!-°^f^ -hiding by the chief of expert have ALLIANCE Christian and Missionary Tabernacle--Sunday school, 9:45 a. m Worship, 10:45 a. m. Topic, "Christ and The Home." Young People's service, 6:45 p. m. Music service. Evangelistic service, 7:45 p. m. "What Is Meant By Saving Faith'"? Thursday, 7:45 p. m. Service of Prayer and Bible Study. * BAPTIST First -- W h e r e Pennsylvania crosses State. 9:30 a. m. Church school. 10:45 a. m. Divine worship. Speaker: Dr. A. W. Caul, Iowa Falls. "Thy God Reigneth," by the choir. 7 p. m. Baptist youth fellowship. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting. Pot luck supper at the church. The Rev. Mr. Dugger and wife will be here. St. John's--713 Sixth street southwest. Church school 9:30. Morning service 11 o'clock. B T U 6:30. Sunday night, W. H. F. mission program. Prayer meeting Wednesday night, 7:30 o'clock.-J. M. Eaves, pastor. * CATHOLIC St. Joseph--Sunday masses as follows: 7 a. m., 9 a. m., and 10:30 a. m. TheRt. Rev. P. S. O'Connor, the Rev. Carl Kurt and the Rev. G. E. Steiert, assisting. Holy Family--Second s t r e e t northwest. Sunday services. 7 a. m., 8 a. m. 9 'a. m., 10 a. m. and II a. m. The Rev. R. P. Murphy, the Rev. Joseph Kleiner 'and the Rev. Wilmer Kiefter, officiating. *· CIiniSTIAN First--Adams avenue at Fourth street northwest. 8:30 Church school. 10:30 Worship. Sermon "Power--Divinely 1 Rationed." 6:30 C. Y. F. Worship. Discussion: "Qualities That Made Jesus a Great Leader," Mrs. Marsh, leader. Wednesday. 6:30, Third annual youth banquet and program.-George O. Marsh, pastor. * CHRISTIAN SCIENCE First--Washington avenue and Third street northwest. Sunday service, 11 a. m., subject, "Love." Sunday school, 9:45 o'clock, for oupils under 20 years of age. Wednesday evening testimony meeting at 8 o'clock. Reading room, east wing of church, week days, 11 a. m. to 5 p. m. CONGREGATIONAL First--Delaware avenue at First treet northeast. Doctor Roy C Jelfenstein, pastor. Sunday school Two by Two" and "Delta Alpha" t 9:30 a. m. Public worship ser- ·ice at 10:45 a. m. "Youth Sun- ay" 'observance. Pastor's subject The Challenge of Age to Youth." ^ive members of Pilgrim fellow- hip will assist in worship service Pilgrim fellowship at 6:15 will ob- erve Parents' Night. EPISCOPAL St. John's--First street northeast at Pennsylvania avenue. The Rev. c. Burnett Whitehead, rec- lor. Holy communion 8 a. m. Church school and confirmation Our Most Costly Army -rTTt-in c A " ' Wells l A / r - t l L b America concentrates on the armies we are T T pouring out upon the world, we need to take a look at one army we are pouring out upon ourselves. An army of boys and girls are being as sadly victimized by the war as the children of stricken France or Norway. For even in those countries, when family life and loving discipline are-still maintained, the child- will .come nearer emerging into a balanced . life, In spite of material shortages than the American child whose parents have let the demand of these feverish days destroy normal home life Trje increase m juvenile delinquency throughout America is alarming and ( todays delinquency is tomorrow's crime This army · wan t be dissolved with the ease of mustering out troops this army will be upon us wiih an increasing weight of shame and social burden unless the spiritual forces of America quickly rise to establish a second front on America s moral battlefield. Indifferent and inadeauate parents '' can only be brought to a full sense of their 'responsibility by the religious forces of our country. - instruction 9:45 Morning . . . , . I ~.«.T » J ! I * 1 J I 1 £ UJ lilt.' C. S"id he d never gone up- ] the defense counsel, the TM .* i , , - , - - - I admittc iJ. might very well t a t i o n . o r thei asse-ssmenVnhus c^U^TJT brita, ! "^ ^ ""^ ° f " le authorizing the reduction from ~ 512,570 to §9,570. 01 Ins naval strength on marine campaign against nations supply linos.. sub- united The state hauled the beciroo prayer 11 a. m. Sermon, "Out of the Common Things of Life." Soloist, Mrs. Kiesselbach. Anthem "O Saviour of the World," Goff. Bible study Wednesday morning at 10 * EVANGELICAL Grace -- Fourteenth street and Adams avenue northwest. G. H. Bamford, pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Worship at 11 a. m. Sermon: "A Call to the Heroic." E. L C. E. at 7 p. m. * LUTHERAN Bethlehem--Between F o u r t h and Fifth streets on North Delaware avenue. 9 a. m., Sunday school. 10 a. m.. Divine service. Anthem by junior choir: "From Greenland's Icy Mountains." Pastors sermon topic: "Making Our Life a Blessing to Others." At 12:30 and at 3 p. m.. the Lutheran | hour. Monday evening the Men's club--C. A. Hinz. pastor. 'Calvary C h a p e l -- I G 1 5 North Delaware. Sunday school. 8:45 a. m. Morning worship, 9:30 a. m. "The Hope ,of Man."--Alvin N. Rogness. pastor. Central--329 East State street. 9:45 a. m.. church school. 11 a. m.. worship. Sermon, "Kyrie Elcison." Anthem, "O Shepherd o£ Israel." Morrison. 6:30 p. m., Luther league.--Marvin O. Lee, pastor. Immanuel -- Corner Fifth and Jersey southeast. Sunday school at 9:30.,Worship at 10:30. "Sermon school; 9:30, youth fellowiship; 10:45 worship service. Sermon: "Trustees on Trial," Doctor Kober Anthem: "Souls o£ the Righteous, 1 ' Noble. 6, youth fellowship. Free--146 Sixth street Southwest. Sunday school, 10 a. m. Worship, 11 a. m. Song and Praise, V:30 p. m. Sermon, 8 p. m. Evangelist Sco^t B. Pyle will preach at both services, also every night next week during the revival meetings which continue. Good Will Mission Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.--E. H. Landrey. Union Memorial--608 Fourth Tunis. "Nunc DimiUis." Anthem choir.--B. T. Erholm. pastor. by Our Saviour's -- Twenty-fifth and South Jefferson--9:45 a m Church school. 7:45 p. m. Worship services. Note change in time. Sermon by Pastor A. N. Koaness. Sermon theme. "The Wrath of. God." "Beautiful Savior" by the senior choir.--Almon j. pastor. Brakkc. St. James -- 5Q2 Sixth street southeast--First service at 9 a m Sunday school at 10 a. m. Second tu , Jfilt , sa service at 11 a. m. Theme: "True t--*_ fc Love Toward Our Neighbor." Choir, "Most Fervent Thanks 1 Render," by T. Matthews.--Oswald E. G. Mall, pastor. Trinity--508 South Pennsylvania avenue--Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Morning worship at the Palace theater, 10:45 a. m. Sermon, "Threatening Winds." Vocal duct, "The King of Love My Shepherd Is." (Shelley) Mrs Hussell Thompson and Willis L Thompson.--Alvin N. Rogness pastor. West Haven--2:20 p. m. Sunday school at the home ot Alton Paulson.--Almon J. B'rokkc. pastor * METHODIST Firs!--Washington avenue at Second street northwest. Marvin B. Kobcr, minister.', (1:30. church street northeast. Henry C. Moore, minister. Church school at D:30 a. m. Worship service at 11. Sermon by the minister. Subject: ·'A Full Grown Christian." At the evening service the W. S. C S will have a thank offering service and the Rev. Henry C. Moore will install the officers -of the W S C. S. for 1943. W e s l e y --Pennsylvania a n d Fourteenth street southeast. Paul Arnold Peterson, minister. 9:30 a- m."; church school. 10:45 a. m., morning worship. Anthem. "Open Our Eyes," Macfarline. Sermon. "A Bark-Bound Tree," Doctor Peterson. 6 p. m., Junior Youth Fellowship and Junior choir rehearsal. 7 o'clock. Evening worship. Special music. Sermon. "The Harm One Man Did," Doctor Peterson. 7. Senior Youth Fellowship- Wednesday, 7:30 p. m., men's club. .*- NAZAKEXE Church of the Nazarenc -- 331 West State at Madison. Sunday- school, 9.--J5. Morning worship, 10:45. -'A Cure for the Discouraged." Evangelistic service. 7:30, "The Forgotten Man."--Merle S. Dimbath, pastor. * OPEN BIBLE STANDARD first--Sunday school, 10 a. m. Worship. 11 a. m. Sermon topic. "The Little Foxes Spoil the Vines.'' Young people's service, 7. p. m. Evangelistic service, 8 p. m. Sermon, "God Working in You " Wednesday, 8 p. m., prayer and praise service. Friday, 8 p. m worship service.--Russell E. Pope' p;«;tor. PRESBYTERIAN First--Washington avenue at Ninth street northwest. Wilbur Frank DierUing. minister. Chinch school 0:45 a. m. Morning worship 11 a. m. Sermon. "The World of Very Nearlies." Anthem. "A Life in God"--Christiansen. East Side congregation, Maple drive. Church school P- m. 10:45 a. m. Worship 7-30 INTERDENOMINATIONAL Gospel Mission--Van Buren and Sixth street southwest. The Rev. John Presley Grigss. pastor. Sunday school. 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 a. m. Sermon, "Out of Egypt Into Canaan." Evenin" evangelistic service at 7:30 p rrT Evangelist Guy Little, DCS Moines' , will preach at both services. Revival meetings each evening at 7:30. Radio Chapel--Carl J. SeiUman ifr\ 0 Z S ,?' m " Biblc broadcast.' KGLO. 10, Bible school. 11. Christ, the Branch." Pastor Seut- nan. 7 p. m.. Young people's meeting. 8 p. m.. Pastor Sentman speaks on "The Ark ol the Covenant." Tuesday. 8; Y. P. Fellowship. Thursday, 8. Prayer mcel- ns. CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH calls upon tire nation to return to Ood. Sundays, 4 to 4:30, K. M. A. 960 kilocycles S O N G · M E O I T A T I O N I N S P I R A T I O N TRINITY Lutheran Church Morning Service Every Sunday at 10:45 at the Palace Theater The Rev. Alvin N. Rogncss Minister WELCOME TO RADIO CHAPEL

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