Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 12, 1895 · Page 7
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 7

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1895
Page 7
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SPAIN A "DEAD BEAT ·.VILL NOT SETTLE A JUST A M E R I C A N C L A I M . JIl«torT °^ llie Cclcbmtpd "Mora Case" Jfrrr«sl to Jn President CIcrelunirK ,j t m.j-e--A K*cord of Urok^a Prom- ts itltu Cnclo Sam. X III3 LAST MES- sa«je to congress WiB President f.levc- "f oncprivnti-nami- and referred to the a n n u a l l. Kroiu done to one private individual in these "words: '·The Mora, case, referred lo in my message, remains unsel- the diplomatic forre- spoiulcnce on this subject, i.hieh ha-, teen laid before the scuatc, it will be ^ccn thai, this government has offered to conclude a convention ivith Spain for disposal by arbitration of. outstanding claims between the two countries, except the Mora claim, which, having liceii louf adjusted, nou- only a.uails pujrocnt as stipulated, and of course it could not be included in the proposed convention. It was hoped that this offer would remove parliamentary qbilaclcs encountered by the .Spanish jjoicrnmcnt in providing 1 payment, of the llura indemnity. I regret to say Iliat no definite reply to this offer has yet been made and all efforts to secure payment of this settled claim have icon unavailing-." This Mura cas-c has become famous in tlie annuls of modern diplomacy. Bcgiuninfj with Grant's last presidency, every succeeding 1 adminis- IraUon, every secretary of state, every foreign relations committee, bus bad rjiaml ill it. Nor has it been a bete noire in any sense to the state department, for, irrespective of party, each administration in turn has taken up Ihc ease i\ ith vijjor and clone its best locffe'ct a settlement. The history of. the case in brief is as iollou'v--Antonio ^Li-cimo Morn, referred to iu tlie President's message, is a native of Cuba, where he owned larfc and valuable sujjar plantations. In ISII ho came to New York and established a residence. In May, 160y. lie took out his final papers of natural- isation and became u eiti/.en of the United States. Cubawas at that time ID u stale of constant fidg-ct ami uniest lionlcrin;; on absolute rebellion. It i.s an open secret that President ('.rant was in sympathy «ith the revolutionary' propaganda, and his secretary of «jr. CJen. Jlawlings, was an avov.c.l sjDipatliizer with the Cuban ptitriots- It was under such encouragement that leading- Cubans like Mora, Aldama nnd Castillo might have been inclined to offer assistance to the revolutionary cause. Ucforc anything wa-s done or even thought of, a. court martial convened in Havana, passed sentence of death and confiscation of property against the gentlemen named aDd many others for alleged complicity in Ihc Cuban rebellion. Antonio Mora ami liii brother escaped to New Tori:, disguised as sailors. Young .ToseM.imiol 5Iora, now a well-known resident of Xcw York, remained to assist in his lather's escape, was captured and iKinsporti-d to a. penal colony in Africa. wTlnnce. after suffering 1 un- Lcard o," uTEei'ics., he finally escaped lo Europe. Majimo Mora no sooner arnvcd in Xew York than he laid his ^ascbefore Hamilton 1'ish, the tlicn KCrelary of stale, asserting- that he liail in no wise engaged in tlic rGbel- lion or given it aid or comfort. On NOT. r, of the same year--1870--Mr. I'iili instructed Ihe United States min- j Her at Miidrul to protest ag-ainst the sentence of the court martial and its enforcement against the lives and property of American citizens, on the STuuntl that it \\n.s a gross violation oi !hc provisions of the treaty between "ic United States and Spain, rclatin? to tin- manner in which e'itixens of one country could be tried or deprived of Ihdr property in the other. Tina, 'hen, wns the beginning of the famous Mora case, which is still unsettled. In - l;iy, Ib7^, ih(. secretary of stale, who TM'l had t,cvora\ interviews with the ·'·pani-.h minis-term Washington on the ANTONIO M, MOrtA. *»bject. w r o l c ' t o him inviting- his tial anil immediate attention to axjoi Antonio 7\Iora. with a viciv to and satisfactory adjustment, ish minibtcr thcin Mig-f;eslcd the claim for the restitution of 7 ? 1 P r °F! :rt y should bei.ubmitlcd Spanth- American claims com, -^hcn in session at Washing*J Mr. Fish objected that the claims -«orc the commission vycrc, for com- jj OI! »twn for past 'injuries, but that . "^icnsc of the Mora properly a, suh- J 2C . 1 'or diplomatic intervention, Efcht TM"nt!i 5 past i n that dipolamatic cor- rc '*Fcndoncftof which the tWilian is *(=«. waiter', until'Tn DQCcrnuer,-1872, f'rt Fish cablcd^to the United States '1 Madrid--··llrgfl.thcr.JromedlaW.^^e- ««·* and restoration of the embsi^ocd Prap«rty." Again the fine art of Span- «n U.plotnagyWas made manifest A · · " ' decree of restoration was issued In Madrid, but secret instructions wero forwarded to Cuba to disregard the decree. In S-ptember and Xovember, 1S73, in consequence of lunlicr protests from our government sent orders to the governor general of Cuba, , directing- him to release the property j oi Antonio before Xov. 30. ]je- fore this was done came the do^-nfall of the republic at Madiid, and all further consideration of the case had to be postponed for two lears. In .ovemVier, ISTJ, our secretary of state reopened the case in :i Ictier sent to ·?"r rr-is^U-i .il Miuirin, in wiiien, : amona other thing-, he said: "The I President feels that the time is at hand when it may be his duty to submit the subject, accompanied by an expression oi his liens, to the consideration of congress. This conclusion i« reached after every other expedient has been tried and proved a failure.' To these strong representations the Spanish go! eminent replied that the- king of Spain had decided to grant a pardon to Mora and restore his property, say- I "i£r at the same time t h a t a cable to ' that effect nad that day been sent to Cuba. Nothing was ever heard of this cable, nor was the least sign of rosti- I Ultion made by the Cuban government, ' On the contrary, the Cuban govern- I K.cnt sci np the plea that certain I creditors of Mora had stepped in nnd ' absorbed the profits of the estate, none ' of which had ever been paid over 1o ' the Spanish government. That this , was utterly false was proved at the time by thu ten custodians of the estates, who reported t h a t they , had paid over to the treasury fiom tho estates the largo sum of 92,317,000. From IBVO to ISsiJ succeeding- administrations tried persistently to induce the Spanish government lo and often broKcn promises of rcsilution. 1'inally, in .'uly. us;, Mr. Foster, the American minister a,t Madrid, addressed a. very plain and unvarnished statement of the case to the Spanish secretary o£ .state, but received no reply for si\ months. In the meantime the estates had gone to rack and ruin. The Cuban government had taken everything they could out of the plantations and put nothing in. The machinery was out of repair and useless, the buildings tumble down and the 1,000negroes employed on the estate h u d disappeared. Knowing tliis to be the c.ise, in .T.-iim- ary, ISr-G. in response to repeated applications made by Minister Cuiry, who had succeeded Mr. Foster, the Spanish g-oicrnmeut proposed "Lhu payment of a bum of money, which will represent an equitable i n d e m n i t y for the value of the .Mora *pronerty. sum to bn fixed by i n u t n . i l ngn-e- :ient, alter u h i c h the minisier of t h e Lolonirs can include in his bitdgcl the sum upon which we linvc agived.' WORLD'S FUNKY SIDE. CURRENT WIT AND HUMOR AND SATIRE. flow FolUira Entered Jnto a T ^ors Slatch--Birdie McGlnnlv Good tack-Good Job tor u Collp~o Graduato --Flotani nud Jetsam. FTi:a READESG TO Lcr ibe lie nid bc'J all crontioa T HE U. 5. Government Chemists have reported, after an examination of the different brands, that the ROYAL Baking Powder is absolutely pure, greatest in strength, and superior to all others. * RDVAL CAK1NC PO\VDEn CSV.'ANV st-V 1$SV/»M.L S~. NEW-YORK. PUBLlGflTIONS --OP TITE-- t GREAT NORTHERN RR1LWAY. ST. PflUL», MINNi Her little Imnil m Lia she Jn:'J, And whispered with sweet reflection. "I uuvo no use, dear, for free* trade, What I need is your protection." Lluln't Stay I-oiij;. Mrs. D'Avnoo--I advertised for a. Trench nurse. Applicant--Oi hov been in France, muni. "Xot very Jong-. I j^ucss." "No, m u m ; Oi only stayed long enough to get the accint."--Xcw York Weekly. Flrtj- Mile* TVIilc. Student--Mars is older t h a n the earth, isicnotV Professor--Very much older. "Then the people there must be further advanced than -uo aic '' "Most likely. 1 ' "In that case, I don't believe these so-called canals arc canals at all." '-Hum.' ^ hat are tlu-i'"" '·Wagon loads made iridu enough for women to drive in." Clilnn'il Failing DrnaslT. All era is opening in which Die Clu'uese emperor iuu^t see that !:is throne at K:ut i-^ seriously endangered. He dare not consent to abandon Mouk- dcn. the formei 1 c:ipit;il of thcdynasly. of which he may be the last ruler, a n d th" cc'.v.ion of which city is lelicveil to be one of the Japanese conditions of peace at this stage, and he can uol have much hope of checking- the victorious march of the Japanese on Pekin, where the appearance of nn in- vaiiinR army would s»und the death knell of Ihc M a n c h u reign. Tsai-Tein is bctMccn the "dc'il and the deep sea.'--New York Ilerald. Chun [;«·. Old Hoarder-- What's f ( ,i- breakfast? Hope not bam nnd cyprs t i g a i n . Waiter fiirl-- So, sii , not ham ami :£T;TS t h i s mnrniny. ··Thank the stai.s 1 W h a t is ii? "Only ham " ^Inn:iffliii- n 1'rlma Dopnn. Tricnd -- What's « o r i y i n ; r you? Mjinajfcr-- Tiic p r i m n donnu of iny :ompniiy refiivcs to r - i n j r n f t c n c r than tuicc a xieck. 1 n m n i a K i n ^ only h u n - -licd«i u h e r e I Olivia in make thcjii- ands. I'ricnd -- Iliih: ] (1 .settle t h a t . I! 1 were yon I'd marry IICT S:i:ne I'riend (a yrai l a t e r ) -- M\- (fiM- :ions r You look sctily. W liat's lisip- Dr. W. I". IMmonds of Gate City. Va., has in his" possession two pair.s of scissors, with M-hich Andrew Johnson worked as i tailorat Crce'iivillc, Tonn. Mayor A. K. Edmonds, the doctor's father, v \ h n dieu:ibout e-ighlyears ago. was in p a r t n e r s h i p with Johnson at (Jrecnville, and the litllc bhop in wliich they worked still slamls -with the sign, ''A. Johnson, Tailor.'' over the door. \Vhcu they dissolved the partnership .lohnson made KdinoiuK a present of the l.irgc scissors and they have boon carefully preserved. l l i u ~oxilll I.ll'lllKitor. \ licrev.'iih the No^all Incubator, invunlcil and manufactured by fl. V*'. M\u-- pliy A: Co., a ^veil-known Ini.sine.smlrm ot Qu-.nt-y. 111. The fo[[onmx testimonials sliow iho merits of tluj Xo.\all I r i v i i b a t o r beiler tuid mnrc foreib'iv l^au anylhini; \\e could say. 'J liey are certain Iv very Mrcnp ones and C. IV. Murjiliy \: Uo sliouUl bo lii/hlr fri-aiified tbat tb'cir incubator «'m-, sucli golden opinions: ST. Loi f. Mo. Dm: Sn;s The Novall Jnru'uator is a (rrent success. I hate-lied I'S out ot in.'i 1111- icstcd c«-ps. .Toii.% I[I:I L I . The jrciod Mi'na}fcr -- I man led lie ·.'· on't tuia 1 at all. her, uiul iiou 1 . IX Cl.'ILN, A V l s . Gm 11". .Viirnbu A Co. My lirbt )ia'.cli wni lot) cliiclt^. N'oxnll luciib.itor and Drooilcr nrc niiiuhuii-'s, and icry c-wilv nninaircd. HI-MI-* I'm T]-siir, For calalo^'iie. etc 1 , mldress CJi.o. \\". MUI.I'/M .t ('n.. r.ox.'Jl. (Jiiinry, III 1'irsi H u l l ( l i i l -- \\ ml a d o u d y state, tlic At last this really looked like ^usi- ' []ial Miss ('·ii-ul, and Mr. Curry immcdinlcly ,-.L- I s cc onl j; o stoii oid-lri H hat « a v " ceptcd the proposition Mi. Mora, o,, I ril .. s t J !us i,,,, C h i he uses a p. 1 a very conservative basis, ,'igmed up ' · ·· his actual IOSE, including- that of !:is brother, tit 33,OOQ,00'i. 'I'his ineliulLd SCOO.OOO worth of sugar in bond, which was seized, and Hie chlalos, buildings, etc. 1'oor Mora, who was ruined and growing old in the prosecution of bis claim, gladly received e ^ e n this com- ··. and our .secretary of notified Mr. Currj that government would .'icccpL the sum named, Sl..°0f.00ii. "as a full discharge ot till demands against the government, of Spain gro't ing out I of the claim oi thi-, citizen of tlie , United Slates.' 1 Hut, alas! The Spanish g o t c v n i n c n l dissolved the Cortes before any action was taken on the Cuban budget Xor was the Mora claim included in the Cuban budget of the following- Cortes In the meantime, IVcMclcut C l e v e land had come into oflicc, and il v,as now Secretary liii.inrd's d u t y to lake up the cudgels in b e h a l f ,[ justice but no settlement, has y i l been rcnche-tl. i nunciation Hint \ \ m i L U I . L of fushion 1 u\ o seasons aifo. I A Rot l o t * J, i m p . T ) r ; i l r i -- l l e i c , m.|f[;i n j c , is a b:i(K|UC'l /amp "liicb \vill d e l i g h t vou if propi-r- 1 ly a t t e n d e d . M'u c::ll it tlic 'Aftci-- | Dinnci-Spcnlcei- Lamp j Lady--Why do you ;fiie it that q u e e r I name.' , TJi-alcr--Il'.s so when it' 1 , full. Traveler (angrilyi --11 liy clon'l you I railroad men . do snini-'.liiiig 10 p u t a | slop to train-robbing.' | Iliili'oad M a g n a t e - 'J lial i.s j u s t » h::! ' v.c aic n o t i c i n g :iL nrj\v. I "Glad lo hear il. J '·fes. v.c aic t h i n k i n g of r a i s i n g , laics so tl:e passengers u o u ' i l i a ; enough loft lo t e m p t tr. in-robbcrs." ·I l u j l i l i l u m Uonil /or S;irrd, The i c c c n l t n u l s on tin. Tlcmics "f ;i ·;maU lovpeilo Ijont, \ \ i U i sleel f r a m e u o i k and a l i i r n i n u m plates for the Lull, "h.ive shown im uniis\ial speed, which the m u U c i s slaLe is partly owin^ to t h e use of Ihu. li n 'h!, n i u l u l and partly lo the bettei b.ilancin^ of thu m.i- cluncry, :is ivcll :ts UK' TI^L: 01" I'.'ufcr tube boilers in the pluee of t h e usiiiil locomotive Ijjir. " BT/TK or On:n, ("ITV nr Toi.nno, t l^u is Coc.NTr, f afli FKA.VK J. Oij.Mrr m n k c s o n l l i ( h a t lie f? thu senior pnrtiicr of tho linn of V. ,1 Ciir:- ^ET K Co., dciiiif hiisinc-i.K In ih 0 City of Toledo, Conniy nnil Sinto nforchaid, und thnt hnhl flrm -vrl'l pny tin- nun ot OSK m;N))lU:i) Tf)U,MW ior cncli mid tverv ciuc oC C ' u l i r i h l l i u t n j i i i not hi cured by tho utcof lUu.'s C'ATMiiinCrnr \ ORIGIN OF THE W O R D C A N A D A . Two Derivations Arc C J S i c l i fro.n V l i i r h You 3l£iy C l i n d e . Tiicic a r c - m a n y;.ins g-iicn to Ihc word Canada, but tlio one given by Sir John Urown is 111'-'most cm ions and plausible. "Wht-n tho I'urtugue'M 1 . under Caspar Coite-real, in Jj(M. lirf,: ascended t h e p r c a t river SI. Lanrenci'. the/ believed it was the strait of « hich they were in .search, and through which a passage iiii;r'it be discovered into the Indian se.i. Hut on arriving at the point whence they could clearly ascertain it was no! a strait. Ijlit ,1 rive;-. *!..,._. *.;;n. ^11 mQT^liiisU of i l U i i n n i i i n t n l hopes, exclaimed ropcnlcdly, ·Ciiiiado:' ('Hero DOtliing'). words ivhicli w e r e remembered and repLiiUvl by the natives on seeing Hie Kjropcans arrive j jr. JiW, who natnr.illy conjectured j that the word Ihey heard employed so 1 often mu^l denote Ihe name of the ! countrv." The now generally accepted j derivation, liowcvui. v.liicli is sup- , ported by the analogy of "the-r nainc.s. | is cither t h a t given by Cb i r l f i - o i n . f r o m j tha Irot^iois Kaunala. a collection of | h u t s , or irom t-.vo I n d i a n vfords, Kan j or Can, a. mouth, and Ada -i coiuilry. | aiguifjiug the month of I lie country, i and presumably originsilly applied to j the llivcr St. Jloir Shr J'.( l i i i - l i i b l T C f l . JJinki,--I iion'L - i ^ lnr.v y o u c a n | un'in'buf liiu bir'Jiii.iy.s al a'.l l i i e i ililren. :ii,. Ilinl.-'.--It's i cry c:isy. Tli" ; first "iV.'is bcirn on .\ ber id because on 1 rn(: :· pearl n e i K l . i ' nntl tiifi d.'ilc "ii Ihe \\as Lorn J u l y .'''. p-:ne mr a "iii-cr n l l,n il; and the dat" on t i n - !h \ born "lay ';. ' j i ' at a m i l i i n e n l u l l been sent in and it i-.. l i il day you £::ve r u i t l i mv n.i nn 1 I.ISP. 'I'he f-ccoiHi l : i t h a t day \o-.i v. it'i my nain.- leaf. Tlic t h i n l i.'il day ;.on t!'i\. v. liicli iiiul j i ' s t i .lid yet. to before nm inirl MI|»IT|| od In my ·proi-eiicc, Ihli Clti duy vt December, A. U ISSU A. W. GLEASOX, Notarj- Fulillc. H.'iHV Cutnrrlj C«-o Is l a k n n inli-riinllv nnd ncii directly on tho Mood nnrl mucoim Bur- faces of the s-yMcm. Solid for tulltuou- 'nls, free. 1". J. L'Hi;VCY CO , Tpledo, O. """ 73c. 'B Family 1'ills, 'J.'ic. The use oi tlic tulcphouo on Aii'itial- ian hJiccprnnehos is becoininTMcommon. lls e m p l o \ j i i e i i t is mentioned on the Clar); rLineh in M o u l a n u , w h e r e all the: s'lci-p and slioplir-i'ds are « al'.-hrd.' and liiii.llcd t e l c p h o r i i e u l l y by m e a n s of si\ stations, .ill eoiiiivn:viii".iLiiig \ \ i t h a c e n t r a l point, from w i n c h come wc.illic; 1 ' Igmil.s. orders, f-!j. A C l i i n | Trip Sontli. | Ticket's w i l l be ·-oh! at one fire round trip to p o i u t l in Ti'nnessee, Krntuclcy. i A l a b a m a , Mis.ii'-sippi. L o u i s i a n a and j Florida, on the l i n e of Die l/oui'.ville it J N a s h v i l l e , and Xashvilh', rh:itt!inoO|;:i 1 f,: Si. l.onis rai! nn .Ian. s. l-'ch. r,, .'March '., A p r i l 'J and ''.0. ]S!i."., Ask your liel:et agent abcniL U. jir.d if be can nol hull yjucxcin-fion ticltnls write to C. I'. Atmorc, Ucncral PassonjfOr A"ent. f x n i i s v i lo Ivy., or CIco. U. Ilorncr, I). V. A., St. j'.ouis. Mo. First Tramp-- Hov." did e r inai;agc lo get such ,-. lot o' vitlles from that soa" old maid? Second Tramp--I lolc her 1 used tcr work in a lookin' glass factory, and I'd clean her lookin" (rlasses if .shu'd (five mc.i bite afterward. ·Huh: You workaJ!" "J."o. I didn't »V'cn sli"" showed me the /rln-wcs, I lold "er they ivas M crooked they wasn't worth cle'aning-. She was mighty ticklca ty Snd ihal her lookin' ghu^cs lied." Small HomrolniE Blrili. A humminR 1 ton; Indtei IKtlo largce than - I Cu.sClamv.lioopcT-- So you a r c h a p p ' - j I 1 .- married to Miss I^.-die McOinnis. i j'clc A i n M l e r u a i n -- I suppose .so, M,o K Jiappy at'.tl I :i:n married.--Tr-\u , 'Sifflu (,'.--, J^in-'ii Vonnz Orr»ii^ O]tl Gcutleinan--Ulia!" .Marry llii't yonnf* paopcr! \Vhy. he can't even I afford to buy coal. ', Dauftl.ter--lint lie -A on't have lo buy j coal, im. We're jroin^ to board. Dac^htcr-- Is it really bad form 3-0 shopping without a chaperon? Sirs. Do Style -- Excessively. "Voiinir ladie-4 who nhop without a chaperon arc almost sure tf forg-ct thcmaclrci ~"- " A f l r r careful cunsideralion of the question, tlic cmpcroi of G e r / n a n y and t h e licrlin oflicc liavc now decided that arli/ii ial teeth are to be provide 1 free of charge to the soldiers, on the ground that the troops arc belter able to render good service willi bound grinders lh:m ···.-[Hi teeth which oillicr i ache or are inadequate to tho performance of t l i f i r wnrk of mastification. A revival was sLnrtcd in the lirocns- boro. X. (.'., j.iil iwo or three weeks a^o and :ilmoit the e n j i t e jail pumiln- tiou lins boeu converted. Of tile I'.'iOiUece.ssl'ul candidates for the dejrrcc of 11. .\. from the Loudou univcrsil, recently eighty-one were \VODK-U. year Uie.-e were only tliirly-two women graduates. II tho Itaby la Cutting Tiotli. Ha rin? nndu^ thnt oM wij «TI1 trlctl FTinedr. Mu3. SfJ Svi-.Lr for UMldrVn lULllLne- FartR catuc from tlic cast during the crusades, boinfj brought b.ick by re- lurnint' knijrhts as presents for theii- friends. A l'"rench nobleman brought the first ostrich fan to PurLs a b o u t 1100. l'i'!0'' Cure fpr Consuaiptiun has saved me ninnj :i doctor's bill.-- h. K II \niiv, llojikius' Place, flnltiniorc Md , Dec. 2, ';r4. Military shoos in tho thii'lecnth ccn- Urry ivure tipped willi steel pike. which the luii^lits used as un o f f e n s i v e u capon. More than ono man was killed by ;v kick from these iron elnd boots. Ill O l i l c i l T l l n n . Foqplo overlooked thp Inutortnnre of pcr- m n n e n t l y liunullclnl olTeeix nnil wero s m l j (ieil vritli Irnrislout n.-llou, Imt uju- r l m t It fs Rouernlly known ihnt Syrup g[ ]'i K3 ivlll pbrronucutly f u r o biihltunl coil'JUim- tlou, Avell-iiiruriiicil pcojilo will not buy othi-r IniaLlvdi, ivbirh ncL (or n tliuo, but Hcully Injure lljo ny.Htoui, pnpu- Tho General Passcn-er Ofllc* o( the Great N o r t h e r n Kull-i:iy will be ikasca to forn-jnl to apvlliMnis juy or all o[ the ^uM:i.:i[iaaa na:neit belo\T. en rvceipt of thu ^nmunc of IIOVL^T ii.iiucd .itii'r c.icii. It ,si»oulj i ii uiider- i*ro prepjircU «t lOnsiclerjblo gosc anil aro «orth In ea^-li cwc m^av IIIDI^ ihr POSIIVL-. T b o y w i l l pro^c of muck intircst 10 persona who ccnlciuplju' *\ trip to nii,v pan of iho N u r : l i U L s [ or unotlL'siro cbo ir.fonnalicin all :vst, rvsoiiroorui, Itnporiuiu :\i\d Kronias part or the Unlinl bliued ot thrso lub- Jua:lons in.r.-j UfL'ti supplied in Qumitiiics to liiiitl'ii sil-oo's ;u l!i^ reiiuet of biiiicr.liKMm- euisii-.ti'. leathers, on au^ouiit or iho ius*uuciho aud useful ro'oriuu'.lon tliey coutaiu. j HOOK roui:ii.-- Send 2 'CCQ« ' taw M.vr :.-- sent free. ATLAS OF TJIE XO1ST1IWEST. -- Send 1C crntn In po'ta^p. Coiitalli«i cotnploto m ipg of Iho Tjnltcd Slates. .MJmiL'sau. lliu i w o Dftkolaj, Moa- innj, Idaho niirt WOsUliiston, HlioivlnK post- onuc's in J u n o i,, with c«ry linpotiint BC'CKr.ltihloj 1 . ami lopofralillKal TcjtiirtibrgughL d o w n lo iJate, u u J prlutcif 1:1 i t o hJtrne.«t siyie of Ibe map makers aru Inl^ccstllli; tlcscrlp- ihc. historical uad staustlcal InformnUoa up- pcors wlla cacli map. LARGE WALL MAP. -- Send 25 touts In jioiLugi. Tl'lu'u wrltlujj slvo neur- cat cxpraati oOlca. VALLEY, PLAIN A'I TDAH. From MlUlnnil Lul(cs to IVcBtcra Ocean.- -- · Erntl 1O crntN In puatiiEo, Tbh nltTaclhn punllcullou rontalr.9 nearly loo Nurtliwi-sii-rn views, slniMy nntl In uroupg, ololiucl Jroui pltolo^rnpbd, oniamciilally cm- bclllauccl, mill nrxumrranlrd by desiirlptLio mnt- icr und rb.iRicioriailu limhil.s l i-'iuilriilly prlllli',1 In Lolori. jlto^fiibvr fonnln.-; tinu oi Iho ino^t elcK'iuii look.s ul Hie U l n J cvc-r l^uoil ic 1-1 1'uuul lo an Laoka ivntch sun lor a dollar or morn and TO'italn iury mucli k'dS ycnunil In- lurinullon and Luuiy. Koo in In Tix:iH. Delaware is nol a densely Inlcd al:t!c, b u t ii-ri a- ly peo]»lod her population ivould be ' about. 2",0(0,000, Were, Texas ;i,s 7111111- ' crouslf p r n g i l u d iis M.iss.iclu;.scUs her popnlution u o n l d e\eeed by 10,OU().ODo thu toUil ]io)nilaliiin of l l i u I'niicd Elates according in the CI-IIMIS of IS'.io M o r e impressive Mill, if TCMIS \ v o i o as densely peopled as K l n j d e Island lief population would be more t h a n sn.ouo.i'ioo. fnrinlr.e n n i l ^ I m k rnNIni; In J« liriulin A p a m p h l e t con t a i n in^r \;ilu;ililu in- foi inatiou a b o u t XebiasUa, n u r t h u r s t Cru K'aiis.i^i :uul easlrrn Coloiado, u i t l i a buctional map of llial c c i i i t i t r y , v. i l l be sent free on i i p p l i c u l i o n to I'. ,S. K u M i s , (ienci'.il I'lis^i'iiifcr A g e n t , (J. 11. ity. 1'.. U., Cliic:i;;f), 111. The H e r m a n .stal U l i c i a n licrnard Omsluiii h:is computed t h a t (;ruico slaniK in t h e /ir.-L iMnlt iiinun^' K u r o - peati c o u n t i e s iji I h c number of cen- tciiaij'es. lie a t t i i L i i i t c s tin's to il.s climate. Tlie I r n c s f c holds us Lou Jtulivcr. n u i t u for Dial u-liieli applause,-Dr. PIERCE'S Golden Medical DISCOVERY Cares Ninety-eight per cent, of all cases of Consumption, in all Us Earlier Stages. Allhnn^h Ijj- m a n y b i l i c v r f l !o be i n c t i r n - ble, lilL-rt n l l i c L v i / l L - u r e of h u n d r e d s r.f l u n i i r luiiK-sM, 1 ! lo !hc T.ici that, 1,1 all i'.-, enrbcr sliguii, c(jii'.innpti"ii r, :i eMii.Oile dis'-'isr. NfjL every C.I'IL-, b u t if lti}^r fjfi'- eriifagf o/ cases, and we b e l i e v e , Jnllv $3 fft ( f n t . .in L - u i c t l I j j I t r J'l'jrce'^ Golden Oistoi-cly t v c i i nTtcr tlic Oiscnsc Ii;i^ pro^rf-sul so ,',ir r t. (c induce r?ri 'itt-d b k c d i n ^ s ficiin t l i o linl;;s, j c v j i c liii^o:in^ c'j'ij:li u'itli c o p i o u , r x i i e f i o i a l K i i i ( i i i ' l n d - inf! luii' i n . i i t t r ; , g.'cat lus v! flcsli Do you doubt Llinl i n i r i i r c d . rjf - ncn casts rcjHjl Led l o l l s n 1 , c u t c d by " G o l d e n Mc;l- UM'-OVI y " i.c re g'. n n i nc ca c c'j of L i n t c!re,"d nil'! i".ii;i] disf.-m-j t Von need nc/L n t c o n r ^ v o r d for i[. 'J'lu-y h.tvc, in iK.'uly every iiislaiicf, Ixi'ii '·o pioiioanccd by the best and ino^L c ^|'-ri'Liircd h o m e j i l . y H i c i a n s , v.-ho li tvf no mleiest wh.itevcr in inib. rcjjr^'.r'iiliiiff ' i l i c ' U , n n d w j j o v . r i c ofL'jji filron^'.y ln j i i d i r t il ami a d \ i v r ] against br.t \ \ l i o J L I ^ C been folcc'i lo confcst lint it snrjjasses m cnr.ilivc I.O^VCT- over lliii f;il;il rmil.idy, all olhrr i n c d i c i n e i w i t h n-liich Lhr-y rile arqii l i n t u d N i s L y cod- l i v e r oi! iind ill f i l t l i y "cuiirKioii«i'" and m i x t u r e s , ]nd Lrcu Hied in ne.'irly ;dl case* ,uid had villit-r i i l t e r l j f.iiled lo benefit, or Ji.'id only beemeil lo benefit a hlilt for a sliriil lime. H x t r . " t o f u n i t v.liiikcy, and -..-iriom r.rdiiar.ilior.s of t'ne liypoplins- jihiii".liadafiouecii f.-.iUifullv H i e d m v.uii. The ^liolog-r.i]ihs of a laigc uiiinbcr of iho-i? cured of cfiti'-nni\,\.io;i, broiiclmii. J i i i K e i i " ^ couglis, a,iliiu-i. chronic nasal calirrll .i«! kindred inalatlics lime been i: I'ASIl'IILKTS OH I1UL- I.ET1.VS.--ScMiU !J ueuta ]ior.tnu-o for euch. HUNTING AND ITSIIINO UULI.i:TIXS. --hoiiU 1 coivu iiunluKu for tho tno. VIEWS or aiouNT I.-SDE.V AND KOOT K N A I . CASyoN.--M-iul r,O tiri\tt each. Trained, ^vlth ^, H^.UO oucli. THU UVJ:I:OKEKX STATE,-- smui a cvnlit f u r ])drtt:i£i-, TACTS AIIOLT A O I I U V T COfXTlCY.-- Si-ill /rev. A -IDUIS 01" ."OUK COCNTKV."--Scud Tilt) ( Xortlicrn his rsjiaclalh- nrrnn^-cd w l l l i .1 Unic. |)iil)llslili! K - lioliau [xr na edition of suiclilanl » JMri.'ollo or ^muilcan Vk»-a. : i [ . ] W i r l n « hi Hi |,.irtH narl ioiu;il:ili · in V . C H H mill rci.illn.i; .it luciiiui. nc ?t ai (or tlio IU liana, hlntli' pi,uln,;i.iiiliii of iln'io \Ic«a I . . I I H O L l,r liml for miii'li IOH tliim SJ.W c ich. l i i i t l n lids ponruiia ?i/i inatrnliiti'iii ruprinluc- ilmis nl H l n k l i u : phuioKr i|)hH of n,iinr,it ami u i U A l f d h».9ii'".ln n i l p.iris of AmiTlrn uru to lju llutl for il nnTO n n i n h i il MUD .L'll'h linrt w i l l c-onl,i|n HKUI'T und 111.. i l r n l l o i i H Hp»i;f:i|)y nddcil l o u n u l i H T r i . i L ' d \ n l u o 10 n u r l l i u f-l^-rn nuljlcrlliorl or HIOKI InliTCMfd 111 thu N u r l h - wcbl. Tlli'|),irlLi -vvlll be r u m l a l i r i l . or In wlinlc nuiiibur uy u/uinii of thu l o i n n i i i y at any p r i n t . J Tor nnj' of uio nhoi-u publkMlloni or In- rurmalinn al'out i;ii,'s or rouica to mo XortU. x^L'bt gr 1'uclllt; yo.i-il, utliJruH.i r. i. WIHTJ:V, ;. P. ft T. A., st. iM'ii, iif/nii, (Mcntloa ililn pajx.r), W.L. DOUGLAS I 3 T H E B E S T . FIT FOB A KINO. . COKDOVATsT, FRCNCH 4. CNAMCLtED C/VLF, . Over One AHIIIon People v/car the W, L, Douglas $3 $4 Shoes All oursliocsare equally satisfactory They %\VQ the best vnluc for the money. Th-y equal custom chocs In style and fit. Th^Ir \vcarjnir qualEtlccrc unsurpaiBtd. The prlccg arc u n i f o r m , *«"*stnmpi:d on uoJe. .-U-JI 5i to f. IJ t cri'cJ ovn.f otf-cr mckcz. v.cin, WALTER BAKER 00. Thu Llr^r'Stjranuratiincra 0 £ P U R E , H I G H GRADE CHOCOLATES 1 Clirn]icr I!ullclln?0 Comlnt;. ! According to Invcnlion, ,1 b u i ' d i n p r Jia.s recently been erected by Ilorr 1 ^Vdyncr, an architect of I/imbiirg-, I solely of materials formed of ashcv. 1 without any admixture of band. It is claimed that liard stones of :it- I most every variety have been successfully imitated with this very ?hrap i material. ccipt of addrc^s :IIIQ .is ctnls m .stamps. .Vidic»s for Una!:, \Viul(l's Dispensary M ' d i e n l Associalirni, Tillffalo. N". V. BRUISES $ SPRAiHS. BOTTLES NOW DOUBLE SIZE, Price, 25 and BO Cents. W. N. U. CHICAGO.VOL. X. TJO. 2. When Answerinj AdyerWscmont*, Kindly Mention this Paper. HIGHEST AWARDS (nm the pm hiai and EXPOSITIONS e and America. Unlllcp Ih' Dulrh 1'rorrM. nn Alkft- IUi or nllirr CNrfnlcnli or IJjti »ri Thflr pnie Bail Hlu^le, boi i-nl fri or,T nT [hrlr JtrrnanJIInnl. I | | f K A K » A 9 T COCOA Is *lMiluL«J/ mn angtvntatiff. EVEHYWHEBE. WALTER BAKER CODORCHESTER. MflSR FOR ALL THE ILLS TflflT PftlN CflN BRING p "COLCHESTER". SPADING BOOT. - B=OT i:i MARKET. Tr, s r IN- FIT. l' IN" A V K A K I K G QUA LIT 1'. · Thcmil^ ' J tfrilM OltJ ivlji'lu ]ijl)£t i 0'iwn to thu hpcl. iiro- t r - l l n : l l M Unit In cllu- liiu' Jl: I la other hard « «i k. ASK YOKIS 7)r,AtEK fj 1-OKTHfcM Waml iloli't. Im ]nit oj Inleilor courts. CO. ' X, u c. rofjrcut^s Oioinia. t:\fiiiincr i;. a. Ten-ton KurrMi. -- ---- .. a ^onsc fly is commw in the tast/~"--* iy tl)In ^_ A " CW York Weekly. Jndfe* - '; ,'-. : V , ^ -. ·-. - - ·IWSPAPERf

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