Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 4, 1939 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1939
Page 14
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14 uiMi*.*W.-=;'»K^ i . TUESDAY, APRIt, 4, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Top on Hogs Falls to $7.25 in Chicago Trade IS LOWEST IN OVER 4 YEARS Cattle Market Strong to 25 Higher; Fat Lambs 25 Cents Higher CHICAGO, fP)--The hog top fell to $7.25 Tuesday, lowest in more than four years. The cattle market was strong to 25 cents higher on a starvation run and fat lambs cents up. were strong to 15 (United States Department ol Agriculture)--Salable hogs, 10,000; generally 10 to 20 lower than Monday's average; active at decline; top, $7.25; bulk, good and choice 160 to 220 pounds, $7.10 to $7.33; 240 to 280 pounds largely 56.90 to $7.15; 290 to 350 pound butchers, §6.65 to 6.90; good 400 to 500 pound packing sows, $6.00 to S6.25; lighter weights up to $6.40. Salable cattle, 5,000; salable calves, 2,000; starvation run all classes; general market strong to 25 higher; but not very active at advance which is forced affair due to smallest receipts of season; most steers and yearlings, 59.25 to 512.00; top, $13.15 with next highest price, $13.00; heifers, $10.50 but mostly $9.75 down to $8.50; stackers' and feeders very scarce; firm in response to higher killer market; weighty sausage bulls up to $7.40; vealers 50 to $1.00 lower than late last week with choice weighty vealers $10.25 down; and light vealers, $9.00 down. Salable sheep 6,000; late Monday fat lambs strong to 10 higher; spots 15 and more up; extreme top, $7.95 to small killers; shipper top, 59.65; bulk good to choice lambs, $9.50 to $9.60; 101 to 109 pound lambs, $9.00 to $9.35; 114 pounds load, $8.80; Tuesday's trade active; fat lambs strong to 15 higher; wooled lambs, $9.60 to $9.75; best held higher; clipped lambs, $8.25 to $8.75; light weight native string lambs, $10.00 to $12.00; sheep steady. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday. HOGS Ten cents lower. Good light lights 140-150 $5.50-5.60 Good light lights 150-160 S6.00-6.10 Good light'lights 160-170 S6.40-6.50 Good light lights 170-180 56.60-6.70 Good light butchers .. 1BO-200 $6.80-6,90 Good light butchers -. 200-220 S6.BO-6.90 Good me, wt. butchers 220-250 S6.65-6.75 Good me. xvt. butchers 250-210 S6.50-6.60 Good me. vrt. butchers 270-290 S6.30-6.40 Good me. wt. butchers 290-325 S5.15-6.25 Good me. wt. butchers 325-350 S6.00-6.10 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 S5.B5-5.95 Good packing sows ... 275-350 55.80-5.90 Good SOWS 350-425 $5.70-5.BO Good sows 425-500 55.60-5.10 Good sows 500-550 J5.60-S.70 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice lo prime steers, heavy 510,00-11.00 Good to choice steers, heavy S 8.50- 9,50 Medium to good steers $7.50- 8,50 Fair to medium steers $ 6.50-150 Plata to fair steers i 4.00- o.OO Choice to prime, yearlings s 9.00- 9.50 Good to choice yearlings ... $ 8.00- 9.00 fedium to good yearlings ... S 6.50- 7.50 Good to ctoico heifers $ 8.00- 9.00 Medium to good heifers $ 7.00- 8.00 Fair to medium heiiera f 6.00- 7.00 Plain to fair heifers J 4.00- 6.00 Good to choice cows, heavy .. S 530- 6.00 iVIediura to good cows - S 5.00- 5.50 Fair to medium cows S 4.50- 5.00 Cutters * 4.00- 4.50 Canncrs S 3.00- 3.75 Good to choice heavy bulls ,, $ 5.50- 6-25 Light bulls S 4.50- 5.00 Calves, good to choice 130-190 S 7.00- 8.00 Calves, med. to good 130-190 J 6.50- 7.00 Calves. Infer, to med. 130-190 J 3.50 d'wn SHEEP Genuine spring lambs, eood to choice 70-50 J 8.00- 8.SO Spring lambs, good to choice 70-90 $ 6.50- T.OO Spring lambs, medium to good 10-90 J 5.50- 6.00 Spring Iambs, common $ 4,50- 5.50 Native ewes, food to choice r 1.50- 3.25 Cull ewes SOctoSl-00 Old bucla iOctoJLOO SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market! SIOUX CITY. «v-U. S. department of agriculture. CATTLE, salable receipts 2,700; calves, salable receipts 75; beef steers and yearlings fairly active, strong to 15c higher; some sales 25c higher for two days; load choice 230 Ib. beeves $11; prime Quoted above S12.50; car lots good yearlings and medium weight steers, SI0.25 10.50; numerous sales $10.25^10.50; numerous sales SS810: 'at she stock firm; few eood light heifers, Sa.15'89.25; bulk medium to good cows, S5.75£6.75; lew S74? 7.50; stackers and feeders supply limited, little changed. HOGS salable receipts 3.500; slow. 15 to 20c lower: good and choice 180 to 230 Ib. butchers . S6.60fe6.75; lew $6.85 to shippers: extreme top S6.90 to traders; 250 to 300 Ib. weights. $6.4036.60; 300 lo 375 Ib. heavies S6.25?lG.40; good sows mostly S5.90}j6; stags S6.50 down; feeder Piss VW.7.15, SHEEP, salable receipts 1,800; /at lambs, active. 15 to 25c higher; top 59.75 loi load 89 Ib. fed wooled skins; most good and choice 59.50fc9.75; deck fed clipped $3.25; fat ewes, fully steady; small lots 15.50SJ5.75. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) SOOTH ST. PAUL, (I)--Federal state market service, CATTLE 2,500; slaughter steers steady few sales 5869.35; good steers S10 and above; she stock steady to strong; good yearling heifers up to $9; most beef cows S5.5066.50: low cutters and cutters $4; 5.25; sausage bulls strong; top S6.75 stockers steady, plain to medium steers 56.50^8. Calves 3.000; about steady, goot and choice 58519.50. HOGS, salable 6.000; fairly active; bar rows and gilts lac lower; sows 15fi20c lower; top $7 to all interests on gooc and choice 140 to 220 Ibs.; sows largely S6_: stags S3.50fi6; pigs 25c lower at ST-i? SlffiEP 2.000; less than 1.000 head on sa e early; undertone steady all classes asking higher on fat lambs; good and choice wooled Iambs Monday $9fi 9.40 good and choice wooled ewes $55.75. OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) OMAHA, (iP--U. S. department of agri culture, HOGS, salable 3.500; slow, not fullj established: early sales 10 to 23c lower weights 220 Ibs. down generally 20 t 2jc .Si f: s °"' s 13c ° {{ - *°P S6.75 for 180 to 230 Ibs.: ISO to 250 Ibs. S6.60ti6.75 260 to 300 Ibs. S6.35g6.60; 310 to 360 Ibs S6.2ojJ6.3o; sows largely 56, lightweight S6.IO; stacs S6.25fj6.50. - CATTLE, salable 4.500: steers, yearling strong; heifers strong; cows, bulls stron to Zoc higher: vealers steady lo strong stocKers. feeders nominally steady: fc IjfJ^.^S""? 88 * 9 - 7 ^S 11.35; fed heifer. S8.2j39.fiO; beef cows S6ft6.75: ctittc grades S*.50«?5.30; bulls S623fir- vealers S9.50fi 10.50. «··««!'· «SH?? y°l : slov *"- Generally askin ttrong to higher prices; early shlppo bids on fed wooled Iambs near stead at S9.40; 2 loads 78 Ib. fed clipped S3 5J nothing done on California fed west' ewes steady a t $=.90. K A N S A S CITY LIVESTOCK (Tntsday Market) KANSAS CITY, «--V. S. dcpartmen of agriculture. HOGS 2.000; closing active 10 to 15 lower: mostly I0c lower than Monday average; largely packer market: lop S6 3( 12^.'° cholce I7 ° l ° 2=0 Ibs. 86.55616.8 SCO to 300 Ibs. SS.WS6.85: cows SSftl lew , 56.10. CATTLE 3.300; calves 500; beef steer and yearlings steady to strong; dcman most broad for shortfeds selling undc 510: she stock uneven, mostly stcadi Bulls steady to sirens: vealers weak stockers and feeders steady: choice 132 good to choice vealers SSftlO; choi'c fleshy feeders SI0.10 SHEEP 7.000; early sales fed Iamb and springers 25-5350 higher; shee strong to loc hfgher; two and onc-ha SfJ 5 *, 88 Io ? "· Ariz °TM spins "srnb S10.60; scattered lots wooled lamb around S9; choice kinds held above Livestock prices at midwest markets uesday: ALBERT LEA, Minn.--Hogs 15 cents wer; 140 to 150 Ibs. 55.55S5.70; 150 to 60 Ibs. S5.90G6.05; 160 to 170 Ibs. 36.30@ 45; 170 to ISO Ibs. S6.60S6.75; 180 to 220 s. $5.70115.85; 220 to 230 Ibs. 56.55^6.70; 0 to 270 Ibs. S6.355i6.50; 270 to 290 Ibs. .15SJ6.30; 290 to 325 Ibs. SB.M@6.15; 325 3aO Ibs. J3.SJfi6.00; 350 to 400 Ibs. .70Q5.85; sows 275 to 350 Ibs. S5.10'(J 83: 350 to 425 Ibs. J5.S5g5.70; 425 lo 500 s. S5.40ci5,55; 500 to 550 Ibs. J5.25g5.40; lo ECO Ibs. So.10 85.25. AUSTIN. Minn.--Hogs 10 cents lower: 0 to 150 Ibs. S5.50SJ5.80; 150 to 160 Ibs. .95JJ6.25; 160 to 170 Ibs. SS.20S6.50; 110 180 Ibs. S6.45S6.15; 180 tn 220 Ibs. 58.60 6.00; 220 to 250 Ibs. S6.45(j6.75; 250 to 0 IbE. 56.30^6.60; 270 to 290 Ibs $6 10 6.40; 290 to 325 Ibs. S5.956.25; 325 to 0 Ibs. S5.8086.10; 350 to 400 Ibs. S5.709 00; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. S5.60^ 90; 350 to 425 Ibs. S5.50S5.80; 425 to 550 s. io.40g5.70; 550 Ibs. and up $5.406 70. WATEBLOO--Hogs I5c lower. 160 (o 80 Ibs. 55,65ge.85; 180 to 220 Ibs. S6.35 6.95; 220 to 250 Ibs. $6.7585.85; 250 to 0 Ibs. S5.60SG.70; 270 to 190 Ibs. 35.45 6.55; 290 to 325 Ibs. S6.30g6.40; 325 io ·0 Ibs, 56.I5tfl6.25; packing sows 275 to 0 Ibs. 15.8565.95; 350 to 415 Ibs. S5.70S? 80; 425 to 550 Ibs. S5.60fe5.75. Cattle: Tone steady. Prices unchanged. CEDAR RAPIDS--Good hogs 140 to 150 s. 56,4036.55; 150 to 1GO Ibs. S6.50?t6 65: ·0 to 170 Ibs. S6.60aO.75; 170 to 180 Ibs. i.705i6.85; 180 to 220 Ibs. S6.80SJ6.95; 220 3 250 Ibl. $6.65® 6.80; 250 to 270 Ibs. ,50?i6.65; 270 to 290 Ibs. 56.35g6.50; SO to 325 Ibs. 56.1586,30; 325 to 350 Ibs. 6t!.6.15. Good packers 275 to 350 Ibs. .75g5.90; 350 io 425 Ibs. S5.60ffl5.75; 425 1 500 Ibs. $5.45 lr 5.60; 500 to 550 Ibs. 55.30 5.45. Cattle steady. OTTUHWA--Hogs lOc lower. 140 to 150 s. $0.65?|5.93: 150 to 160 Ibs. S6Cri6.30; 60 to 170 Ibs. 56.20 3 G.50; 170 to 180 Ibs 5.50S6.SO; 180 to 220 Ibs. $6.60S6.9«; 225 250 Ibs. 56.15^6.75: 250 to 270 Ibs. SB.30 6,60; 270 to 290 Ibs. $6.15«6.45; 2SO to -5 Ibs. S65J6.30: 323 to 350 Ibs. S5.85SJ 15; 350 to 400 Ibs. S5.75?i 6. Packers 75 to 350 Ibs. 56.65'S5.95; 350 to 425 Ibs. 5.55^5.85; 425 to 500 Ibs. $5.45^15.73; 30 to 550 Ibs. S5.35fJ5.63; 550 lo 600 Ibs. ".20SI5.50. WHEAT PRICES TILT UPWARD Commercial Buyers Provide Trend But Dealings Are Light CHICAGO, (/f) -- Commercial buyers helped to give wheat prices an upward tilt Tuesday but trade remained light with most dealers observing caution. The unsettled European political situation, weakness in stocks and favorable domestic crop conditions kept buying in check. Wheat closed unchanged to % higher compared with Monday's finish, May 67%-%, July 67%-%; corn Vi-te up, May 47%, July 48'/s; oats unchanged to Ve lower. COMBINED I1OG RECEIPTS (Tuesday Market) DES MOK*ES. UP)--U. S. department of Sriculture, Combined hog receipts at I concentration yards and 10 packing ants located in interior Iowa and outhem Minnesota for the 21 hour period ndet at 8 a. m. Tuesday were 16.100 ompared with 18,900 a weak ago and 0.600 a year ago. Moderately active, 10 to 15c lower; oadinff some heavier than 17.100 week EO. Barrows and gilts, good and choice ISO o 180 Ibs. S6.-55S7; 180 to 220 Ins. $6.55 17.05; 220 to 250 Ibs. 56.45fi6.90; 250 to 90 Ibs. $6.20 56,75; 290 to 350 Ibs. SE® .45: packing sows, good 275 to 350 Ibs. 5.75WS.10: 330 to 425 Ibs. S5.60Sf6; 425 to SO Ibs. ?5.40^5.B5. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. --Official estimated livestock receipts for Wednesday: Cattle 7,00; hogs 8.000; sheep 5.000. Representative Sales (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, W-Representative sales: HOGS leavy-- i Medium-50 257 7.05; 73 21T 7i 2 282 6.93167 226 7 Oi \ 283 6.55:« 232 7.1 .ight-- ILight Lights-3 154 7.25129 156 7 DC 2 182 7.15'32 142 67 B 191 7.10] CATTLE itcers-- ! Heifers-0 1190 13.15 10 830 18 1402 13.00! 11 700 S 1470 12.0010 890 24 1060 10.50' SHEEP S!?«* Lambs -- 1 Clipped Lambs-220 96 9.90220 89 1 ·WO S7 9.85:240 97 I 200 102 9.65 ; 35S 107 1 348 114 D.OO; Slaughter Ewes-25 143 I 11 160 i 10.50 10.50 1000 Miscellaneous CHICAGO -POTATOES (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. WV--U. S. department o agriculture. Potatoes 105. on track 519 total U. S. shipments 663; old stock Idaho Russets barely steady; slightly weaker tendency, northern whites weak cr; other varieties all sections abou steady; supplies heavy, demand slow sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbank U. S. No. 1, S1.50B1.63; Colorado Rec McClures U. S. iN'o. 1, cotton sacks S2.15 burlap sacks few sales Sl.S5Ti2 : Wiscon 5in round whites few sales 17. S No \ SI.10; U. s. commercials S1.05- Michiaar P.usset Rurals U. s. No. 1. S1.25: North Dakota Bliss Triumphs 90 per cent U. S No. 1. and better, few- sales S1.50ii l.fio Cobblers 90 per cent U. S. No. I an better $1.10ftl.20: Minnesoita Red Rive Valley section Early Ohios U. s. No. ' S1.50; new. stock, steady: supplies rathe liberal, demand eood; Texas 50 Ib. sacks Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. burlap sackj S1.95S2, washed 52.03. NEW YORK S U G A R (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK. t«v-Domestic sugar tu lures were a point higher bv noon Tues day in a quiet trade. May "sold at SI 9 and January from St,96 t $1.97. World futures were unchanged to hicher under the lead of nearby Ma' position at $1.19?i. Rnw susar was quiet but firmly of fcrcd. Duty frees were held at $291 and duty paid Cubas at $2.95. Refiner still quoted 4.40 to 4.50. Don Heffner Takes Uniform for Drills SAN ANTONIO, Tex., (U.R--Bi. DeWitt's up and coming St. Loui Browns opened a two-game serie. with the Pittsburgh Pirates as Do Heffner, last of the Browns' hold outs, was in uniform for practice Heffner had not signed a 193 contract, making him unavailabi for the lineup because of a clu rule. FIGHT RESULTS By The Associated Press - , SAN ANTONIO, Tex. ·*-- Paricho Vill *°p «0. bantaimvcfchi champion S f M « i c outpointed Red Hutchins, 121, Miami (io CHICAGO CASK GRAIN (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. HV Cash wheat No. 2 yel- hard 691«70c: No. 2 mixed tough Corn, No. 1 2 mixed OTVb48ttc; No. 2 How 47i-ai8^c; No. 1 white 53Vc. Oats. No, 2 mixed 3L3l r «c; No, 1 white sample grade white 28535129^:^Sarley. malting 52S60c nom.; feed 35 45c nom. Timothy seed J2.B55/3J5 nonru; red over 513616 nom.; red top S9.25ili9.75 m. ird tierces $6.12 Hies S8.87 nom. nom.; loose 55.50; vlason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday o. 3 white oats 22c o. 3 yellow corn 34c ew ear corn ,.30c arley '25-35c TUESDAl' CBAIK CLOSE CHICAGO. High Exports to Czecho-Slovakia 1937-1939 Last Peat in «pt»mb«r Jul? Beforo *{· ' ParrrKon I I 1_J Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS (Tuesday Final Quotations) By The Associated Press Air Reduction «?· Kresjje A! Ch *c Dye 160V. Allied Strs 7% Am Can 85 Am Si Fo Po 2Vi Am Loco 17?« 22»i iiy pt ORN-lay .17 li .A3 .30 ·pt. .. ATS-ay .29 Jy 27. pt. 0V BEANS-lay 88 ily 85 ct YE-lay uly .... ept. ... ABD-ay .... uly .... epr. ... .41 .42 .43? i 5.22 6.37 6.52 6.57 B.42 6.47 .88 .851i -74V4 .41 .42 6.15 6.30 6.45 6.50 Am Bad i Sts 1 Am Boll Mill 14 Am Sm 4: Ref 38*4 Am Stl Fdrs 23'i Am Sug Ref Am Tel T lS4ii Am Tob B 81 Am Wat Wks 9?1 Anaconda 23V« 111 4V. Vtch T 4: S F 27% \tl Beiin** 19!i luburn Auto 3alt Ohio 5Ws larnsdall Bendix Aviat Beth Stl 3oeing Airpl lorden lorg-Warner Iridgep Bras Budd MIg Can D G Ale Pac OMAHA CHAIN (Tuesday Market) OMAHA. I.Tf--Wheat, dark hard No. 1. ';-zc; No. 5. 67Hc; hard No. 3, 62',~ f ;i Jc; No. 4, 621i'jT6Sc; No. 5, 63c; durum o. 2. 59',ifi60!ic. Corn, yellow No. 3. 4I^ic. Oats, white No. 3, 271»c; sample while ^ic. Barlev No. 4. 34d Bye No. 3, 38e. KANSAS CITY GRAIN (Tuesday Xarket) KANSAS CITY. «")--Wheat 38 cars: jichanged to Vic higher. No. 2 dark ard 74!i(176»lc: No. 3. 12»iSj8iy»c; No. hard es^lr; No. 3. 64*i?6314c: No. 2 ed BG^SieSc; No. 3. 64}if£68c. Corn 11 cars; unchanged to =?ic higher; o. 2 white 46'/iR47y 4 c; No. 3 45 t Aff«' iVjc; No. 2 ytllow 45!tiGV'«c; No. 3. 44 43'.ic; No. 2 mixed 44ii(ii46'.'»c; No. 3 ®45'.4c. Oats 3 ears; unchanged to lie lower; o. 2 while MV«e30',!.c; No. .3 28*10 i'«:. Milo maize 14680cr :a!ir 74-80c. Rye 43ft44',ic. Barley MINNEAPOLIS GKAIJf (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. W,--Wheat receipts uesday 184 cars compared with 21 ear ago. Trading basis unchanged. Quo- ations ','4 cent hiRher. Cash: No. 1 heavy ark northern 72^4ft75^4C: dark northern ^ . 1. 72*4fe"4y4c; fancy No. l hard Mon- ana 14 per cent protein 73^ -3 79}4C; No. dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana wln- r 70};c?71^4C; hard amber durum No. 64^i5r79V B c; No. 1 red durum 58% r,c. Corn. No. 3 yellow 4.17»(v«2^ic. Trading asis unchanged. Quotations % cenl ilgher. Oats. No. 3 white 27lg2alic. Barley 30fi66c. U. S. GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YORK. W) -- P. S. government londs closed Tuesday: Treasury'S^is 40-43 June 104.23 "rcasury 3Vss 46-49 111.2 Treasury 4Vis 47-52 320.10 "ederal Farm Mtg 3'As 64 109.1 'cderal Farm Mtg 3s 49 103,17 Home Owners Loan 2%s 49 ...... 101.28 iome Owners Loan 3s 52 108.9 Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City Cent St El 6 pet pid '525 par) 7 Cent St El 7 pet pfd (323 par) 7^i Cent SI p I. 7 pet pfd ... 3'- Conlincntal Gas i El pfd .. 90 Creamery Package com IB Hearst Cons A 4*i Geo A Hormel A pfd 104 Geo A Hormel com 24^ Interstate Power 6 pet pfd.. y.j Interstate Power 7 pet pfd.. 4 Iowa Electric Co 6Hi pet pfd 25 Iowa Electric Co 1 pet pfd.. 28 la Elec Lt Pow 6 pet pfd. . 55 la Elee Lt Pow 6',^ pet pfd 57 la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd.. 66 la Power Light 6 pet pfd.. 102 la Power : Light 7 pet pfd.. 104 la Public Service B pet p f d . . 95 la Public Service S'.a pet pfd 9« la Public Service 7 pet p f d - . 93 la South Util 6 pet pfd .. - - 25 la South Util 6 l; * pet pfd 26 la South TJtll 7 pet pfd 29 Minnesota P L 6 pet p f d . . 78 Minnesota P Be L 7 pet pfd . 86 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 58 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 68 NW Portland Cement com . 23 Hath Packing 5 pet pfd . .102 Sioux CHy Gas El 7 pet pfd 92 United Lt Ac Power Class A. Ui United Lt Power Class B.. l',i United Lt Power pfd .. 24 United U t Hys 6 pet pfd . 78 United Lt 4; Rys 6.35 pel pfd 79 United Lt ,t Rys 7 pet pfd . 85 Western Grower pfd 75 Western Grocer com 3',$ 13'. 201', 59V. 21 17V. 10 14 4 TO'.i 42V, 32!. Caterp Tract Ches Ohio N W C C W : M st p i c a i t P Chrysler Coca Cola Col G E Coml Solv Comwlth _ Edison Con oil 'on Can Con Oil D«l Corn Prod Curtiss-Wright 5!* Oeere Co 171V D're Co pfd ... icuglas Air BO^i iu Pont astman I Pow I, airb-Morse 'irestone Jen Elec 3 en Foods Gen Mills Gen Mot Illette Goodrich Goodyear Gt N Ry pfd [omescake {udson 2upp Mot II Cent nt Harvest nt Nick Can 46\ nt Tel St Tel 654 ohns-Manv 72 Kennecott 31^i G5Va 121 6Vt 10H So 1% 301V ITi 35 24'.i 151 t 7V. 29 20*4' 12Vi Lambert Lib O F Gl Loews Marsh Field Maytag Midcont Pet Mont Ward Morrell Ac Co Nash-Kelv Nail Bisc Nati C Reg Nat Dairy Pr fat Distill Nat Lead rvat Po Lt N Y Cent No Am Aviat North Amer Nor Pac Oliver Farm Otis Elevator Otis Steel Owens 111 Gl Packard Farm Pict Penick Ford Penney Penn Ry Phillips Pet Proc Gamb 53 Pullman 26' Pure Oil Radio Hem Hand Repub Stl Hey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N 1 Stew-Warner Studebaker Swift t Co Te*as- Corp Tex Gulf Sul 28 Tim Holl B 37 Transamerica 6'A Un Carbide 73 Union Pac .93 Unit Air Lines 9!4 Unit At re Cp 35 Unit Corp 2V, Unit Drug 6 U S Gypsum 80 U S Indus Ale 15Vi U S Rubber 3714 U S Steel 50 Walgreen 17»i Warner Pfct 4^i West Un Tel 18te West El Mf giv, Wilson t Co 3% IVoolivorth W, Wrigley Jr !"'« Yel Tr 4- C 1451 You Sh Tb 35'.i 39 11 l V.' 25 18?4 14 20V. 20H 18V* 6-. 16'A 37? i ll'.i 2214 6V. 26V, 25S 45% 18 38» STOCKS DROP 1 TO 4 POINTS European War Fears Revived; Business Improvement Doubted NEW YORK, (vP)--A revival of European war fears, combined with doubts -of nearby business improvement, loosened the foundation of the stock market Monday and leading issues toppled 1 to more than 5 points to new lows for the past year. Offerings were only moderate in the forenoon, but a heavy selling wave hit the list around midday and, for a brief interval, the ticker tape was behind floor dealings. Liquidation soon dried up and the late support enabled the principal losers to close well above the worst. Transfers approximated 1,600,000 shares. Bond Market Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday (Quotations by Swift Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds .14c Heavy hens over 4 pounds, including 5 pounds 13e Light and Leghorns lOc Eggs, Specials 17c Eggs, No. 1 13c ' Eggs, Under Grades lOc Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 12-14c" Eggs, cash 12-140 Butter, Iowa State Brand 30c Butter, Corn Country ... Butter, Plymouth ...... Butter, Very Best Butter, Clear Lake . Butter, Brookfield 28c Russet Potatoes, peck .34c Early Ohio Potatoes, peck 32c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 DOW JONES AVEEAGES Inds. Rail Utils. Close 129.80 26.73 21.93 Total sales 1,530 000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 1 Marsh Field II Cord Corp 21k Walgreen IT/. Cities Serv 6"i NEW YORK CURB Am Gas El 331 b Fora Mo Eng 4V Am Cyanamld 20V« Lockheed 25!i Am Su Pow }i King Hud Pow 6}i Ark Nat Gas A 21i Pennroad Hi Asoc G k El A *\ S O Ky 18 El Bd Sh 8V« Un Gas Co 211 Fora Mo Can lO'.i Un Li i Pow IT. NEW YORK STOCKS .28c .30c .28c ,28c Charles City News OFFICE AT 603 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, PHONE 1052 DCJN K. SANDELL, Mgr., Residence, Phone 937-J News Correspondent, Phone 318 Patrol Chief Gives Address C. A. KNEE KNEE SPEAKER FORROTARIANS Highway Patrolmen's Chief in Speech on Patrol Situation CHARLES CITY--C. A. Knee of Des Moines, chief of the highway patrol, was the speaker at the egular meeting ot the Rotary CONVICT'S DAUGHTER Continued From Comic Page NEW YORK PRODUCE TursUr .1f»rket) NEW YOHK. ?;P)--Butter 1.327.4S7. 'eak. Creamery, higher than extra 23^ 24c; extra 192 score! 23c; (irsts (B8-91J si2M 4 c; seconds (B4-B7) 21St2r?ic. Cheese 333.383. steady; prices unchanged. Eggs 43.981. weak. Mixed colors, extra fancy selection iaftjj21'.ic; standards l«c: firsts ICTiffnc; mediums 15*i1il6c: dirties No. 1. I5V4c: average checks loc. Storage packed firsts 17340. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, l^t-- Butter B32.737. weaker- creamery 93 score 22?-4c: 92. 22'xc- SI =2c: 90. 22c; 89. 2I»4C: 88. 2Uic: SO centralized carlots 22y.ic. Eggs 37,057. weaker; current receipts 15c; storage packed firsts lT/,c; other prices unchanged. C H I C A G O POULTRY (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. Vft--Poultry live. 28 trucks, all hens easy-; balance steady: hens 5 Ibs. and under 16^.c: Leghorn hens 14!ac- roosters 1214c; Leghorn roosters lliic: other prices unchanged. CHICAGO PRODUCE FUTURES (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. W--Closed, butter futures, storage standards Nov. 22V'*c; fresh standards May 21 J ,4C. Efcg futures, refri. stds. Oct. 18V4C* storage packed firsts April 17=ic; May Ionia Man Is Fined on Driving Charge CHARLES CITY -- G e o r g e Brown of Ionia pleaded guilty to reckless driving before Justice John McGeeney who- fined him $100 and costs which were paid by Brown. A charge of driving while intoxicated had been filed against Brown but this was dismissed by the county attorney. . 5 6 25 30 59 61) 63 104 105 97 S3 100 27 28 31 GO 83 GO 70 25 104 94 2 26 80 81 £8 80 Am C Fy Am Pow L 41i As Dry Gds 6}i Baldwin Loco ll^a Briegs Mfg 20V« Byers A M 71i Cerro de Pas 38 Ches t Ohio 321V C M S P P ?H Congoleum 201^ Cudahy Pack 12", Curtiss-Wri 22 Dist Cor Sea 17 V 4 Elec Auto LI 2S'/t Erie H H Hi Foster -Wheel Fr«cport Tex Gen Am Tr Glidden Co Gobel Houston Oil Inspiration Indus Rayon Kroger ZZ J « Lehigh Port C isvv Lorillard 2lv« rogram Com Seal P: in Floyd Is Closed CHARLES CITY -- The corn sealing program which covered 671 loans in Floyd county to 450 farmers has been closed. Loans totaling $277,030.83 on 486,019 bushels of corn makes the largest corn sealing program in the history of Floyd county. 13 16'.'., 3". 20 Mack Truck 22H Math Alk 23Vi McLellan Strs 7?-« Minn Moline 4 1 ,'s Motor Prod 12 Ohio Oil 7'A Packard Mot 3?i Park Utah Cop IMi -Plymouth 18i Pub Ser N J 33 Pullman 26'.i Purity Bakery 1314 R K O Hi Reo Motors 1 St Jo Lead 30!i Simmons Co 22!i So Cal Edison 24'.i Sperry Corp 37'.3 St G i E 2?i Tidewater 12H U S Smelter 51% Vanadium 19 7 ' B Union Oil Cal 17'/i Un Gas Imp llli White Motors 8!4 Worth Pump 14»i Hides QooUtlons FarnUbrd b7 Wolf Broi* 30! Fifth Street Soatlraeit HORSEHIDE3 Horschides ·GREEN BEEF BIDES From 15 Ibs. up From 15 Ibs. down Bull hides Fred Perry Wins in Don Budge's Home OAKLAND, Cal., (X) -- Fred Perry whipped Donald Budge in his home town professional tennis appearance Monday night, just club Monday noon in the Saint Charles hotel Mr. Knee endeavored to explain the duties and responsibilities of the patrol and also referred to the present unsettled conditions in which the patrol was involved due to the reorganization plan proposed by the legislature. B. F. Atherton, sheriff, Henry DeBoest, chief o£ police and Weston Jones, county attorney, were guests at the meeting. The chairman of the program was R. M. Martin. most insistant. Time after time he heard Mrs. Morriss refuse to all her to the phone and knew that it was a reporter. "Will you please stop calling lere," Mrs. Morriss exclaimed at ast, a little sharpness creeping into ven her steady tones. "I've told ou Mrs. Bennett has fiothing to ay. Of course she knows the news. Yes, Mrs. Bennett is here! But she an't come to the phone. . . . No, he's not ill. She doesn't care to alfc to you and that's final. . . . ow listen, Ellis, I tell you the ;irl can't be annoyed. She's almost distracted as it is--I don't care If our special edition is corning out n five minutes! You'll print what you please, anyhow. . . . Positive- .y no! And don't ring back!" "The paper is insistent," the motherly voice was,almost apologetic as she returned to Lona, who still pacing the living room. "It £ems they're getting out an evtra. The regular Saturday edition had already gone to print. The extra will be out in half an hour. Theres' nothing you especially want printed, I suppose?" "Nothing." Lena's voice was low with despair. Extras! Front page news again! . . . a convict's wife, this time! She wished suddenly that she were dead. If they took Jim away she would die, she MEYERSPEAKS TO BOY SCOUTS Conservation Officer of Allison on Court of Honor Program C H A R L E S CITY--Conservation Officer John Meyer of Allison spoke to the Boy Scouts of the - East District at their Court of Honor held in the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium in Charles City Monday night. Mr. Meyer explained to the Scouts how to identify the various species of fish which are common in Iowa. Ke also displayed specimens of various types of fish and fur bearing animals in the state. Preceding Mr. Meyer's talk,' awards were presented to Scouts. H. W, Grossman, chairman of the Court o£ Honuor, presided. He was assisted in the presentation by George Veigel, R. L. Malmsten, Carl F. Hauser, Norman Harvey, Dr. L. E. VonBerg, Dr. A. L. Miller and William Blumensteil. H. R. Bloeser, president of the Floyd County Fish and Game Commission, introduced Mr. Meyer. A large number of scouts and their parents were in attendance at the meeting. Awards were made as follows: Second Class Galen Larson--60, Charles City. Vernon Kluwe--72, Charles City. Harold Koenig--72, C h a r l e s City. Second Class Merit Badges Dean Laun--71, Charles City, carpentry. Jack Thompson--71, Charles City, carpentry. HOBERT COUPLE WED 50 YEARS Celebrates Golden Wedding Anniversary at Home in Country CHARLES CITY--Mr. and Mrs. 'red Robert were celebrating heir golden wedding anniversary Tuesday at their home five miles northeast of Charles City. A dinner for the immediate family was erved at noon and open house was planned in the afternoon and evening. Mr. and Mrs. Hobert were married April 4, 1889 at the home ot her parents ten miles northeast of Charles City and have lived lere all the time. Mrs. Hobert was Miss Emma Lubs and came here from Hipon, Wis., with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lubs ivhen she was a small girL ' Mr. Hobert, who was born in Germany, came here when he was :wo yeais old. His parents settled n Floyd county and had six sons and one daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Hobert have four daughters and four sons: Mrs. rlenry Ho eft, Mrs. Frank H. Hoeft, Mrs. Earl Regel, Mrs. Harry Voelker, Clarence, Melvin, Harold and Fred, Jr., all Uvinj near here. Carl Buer--72, Charles leathercraft and bugling. City, Basket Social Will Be Held at Ledyard LEDYARD--The Purple and Gold Activity association of Ledyard is sponsoring a basket socia which is to be held April 11 at the school auditorium at 8 o'clock There will also be a program. Solitary Play Wins Checkers Approbation WAUKEGAN, 111., U,R)--Wil liam J. Wood has played checkers nearly every night for 30 years but lost all his competition long ago and began trying to beat himself. He played the champions at various fire stations until all his opponents decided to look for easier competition. Then he began playing imaginary opponents, who gave him the toughest problems he could: conceive. After he created a situation, Wood studied it until he found a solution. He kept a record of tbe problems and their answers. Last fall he sent them to the National Checkers association and asKed if the officers didn't think he was pretty good as a problem composer. They wrestled with his contributions and agreed. Wood received a certificate from the association announcing he was the national checkers problem composer champion. like Ellsworth weeks ago. Vines did a few It was Budge's fourth defeat in 16 matches in his tour with the British star, who won 6-0, 4-6, 6-3. The dictators have one great advantage. When they make a plan to help the country, they needn't waste time convincing people who don't understand. -- Davenport Times. Parents of Girl KANAWHA--Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jordanger are the parents of an eight pound girl born Friday. Returns From Visit · CHESTER--Miss Eva Bagan returned Friday from a visit with her sister, Mrs. John Miller at Hampshire, 111. Can't we at least postpone saving the democracies until they make up their minds they wish to be saved?--Lincoln Star, told herself with a finality that was almost reassuring. She wouldn't live--couldn't live. "There's no news from him?" she asked, for what seemed like the thousandth time, and Mrs. Morriss shook her head. "We should be hearing soon." She tried to be reassuring as she went back into the hall to answer once more the shrilling telephone. * t * "I've got to go to Jim," Lona announced finally, when another half hour had dragged by with no news. Repeated calls to the police station had given them no information. Mr. Rankin was still held, was all a bored sergeant would give out. "I've got to find out what's happening to him!" "But, my dear, if he wanted you to stay here . . . " Mrs. Morriss protested, quietly. "He was only thinking of me. I never should have left him. I've ;ot to go! Don't you see! He may needing me." Her voice broke as Dinah called excitedly from the hall- "Ellis Langforth is out here. Lona. He says he's got to see you. It's important. He says there's news." News! For a moment Lona brightened. Then she remembered that Ellis Langforth was, after all, a newspaper man. "Can't I slip out the back door?" she begged Mrs. Morriss. "I can't see any of these reporters. I've got to get to Jim! Please!" She was so obviously on the verge of desperation that Mrs. Morriss ceased trying to dissuade her. "I'm going with you," she said, instead. "Dinah can keep Ellis busy while we slip out." "There's two more with Ellis," Dinah said, her face glowing excitement. "They say they have big news for you. They wouldn't tell me what it is. One of them is a photographer--" "Please, Mrs. Morriss, let's hurry." Lona was already at the kitchen door, waiting. "I don't want to see anybody--but Jim," she added to herself, almost in a mutter, as Mrs. Morriss paused before the mirror to adjust her hat. "Hurry!" she urged again, and her voice was so pleading that the older woman took her hand and held it in hers as they went swiftly through the kitchen and peered cautiously out the back door. (To Be Continued) Harold Koenig--72, C h a r l e s City, carpentry. Franklin Queel--72, Charles City, carpentry. Bobby Thompson--72, Charles City, carpentry. First Class Dean Laun--71, Charles City. Carl Malmsten--71. C h a r l e s City. Jack Thompson--71, C h a r 1 e s City. First Class Merit Badges Ivan Bnnvn--60, Charles City fingerprinting, machinery, path- finding and safety. Jay Ferguson--60, Charles City scholarship. Jim Springer--60, Charles City public health. Wayne Ames--71, Charles City firemanship. Walter Freitag--71, Charle City, carpentry, handicraft, wood work and public health. Dean Laun--71, Charles City woodwork, public health and han dicraft. Don Senelhack--71, Charles City, angling and firemanship. Jack Thompson--71, Charle April Term Court f s Opened; Judge Graven to Preside CHARLES CITY--Judge Henry Graven opened the April term of court here Monday and took care of the usual first day orders. Tuesday defaults will be entered and the grand jury will meet. Weston Jones, county attorney, stated many of the criminal cases on the calendar had been disposed of at the sessions held here on Saturdays when Judge T. A. Beardmore is home. He doubted if there would be any criminal cases tried before a jury this term but some pleas of guilty will be heard. City, handicraft, public health and woodwork. Dean Butterfield--72, Charles City, pathfinding. James Butterfield--12, Charles City, first aid and public health. Willis Butterfield--72, Charles City, reading. Billie Fuller--72, Charles City, fingerprinting, personal health, first aid and reading. Kay Henderson--72, Charles City, reading, metal work, fingerprinting and marksmanship. Clifford H i n d e b r a n d--72, Charles City, painting, poultry keeping and swimming. Dewain Hildebrand--72, Charles City, metal work, pathfinding, fingerprinting and firemanship. Merlyn Hildebrand--72, Charles City, pathfinding. John Mitchell--72, Charles City, cement work, masonry and scholarship. Walter Ortman--72, Charles City, metal work, personal health, first aid and wood carving. Miles Sullivan--72, Charles City, fingerprinting, reading, first aid and wood carving. Dick Bloeser--36S, Charles City, firemanship and first aid. Star Dewain Hildebrand--72, Charles City. C. Fay Maurer--72, Charles City. Life Kenner Thompson--3G6, Charles City. Bronze Eagle Palm John Mitchell--72, Charles City. Stocker Cattle SALE Chicago Rock Island Stockyards IOWA FALLS, IOWA Monday, April 10, 1939 COMMENCING AT 12 O'CLOCK 600 Head of Hereford Cattle CONSISTING OF 400 head of well bred, good quality Hereford steer calves, weiith- in? from 375 to 500 Ibs, These calves will be sold in lots to suU purchaser. 200 Head of Extra Good HEREFORD CATTLE These cattle will arrive at Iowa Falls, Iowa, on Thursday and Friday, April 6 and 7. The public is invited to inspect these cattle before the sale. Terms will be given to responsible purchasers. IOWA FALLS LIVESTOCK CO. OWNERS W. J. Murphy of Nashua, Iowa, Auctioneer

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