Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 10, 1934 · Page 22
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1934
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO BREEDING POND PROJECT BEGUN Sportsmen Co-Operate for Better Fishing Over State of Iowa. Iowa sportsmen are co-operating in a project of the state fish and game commission to assure well stocked fishing waters in the state, the commission announced today. These sportsmen, anxious to develop a supply of game fish to test the angler's skill, are supervising the establishment of the breeding ponds and are watching the f»sh nests, food supply of the pond, and the stand of the water. The state's hatcheries are sup- Divine the brood fish to be placed in each pond, and tie fish reared in these ponds will be dumped this fall into state-owned waters. Included in the list is the Rock Falls pond on the Shell Rock river, 4 project of Mason City Izaak Wai- tons and Rock Falls sportsmen. Material is at hand for four dams, and water rights have been taken out for a two mile section of the river, but labor expected from CCC and CWA workers has not been sup- · P Bancroft and Clear Lake are other North Iowa centers which are included in the list of towns maintaining breeding ponds, while two are established at Oelwein. Panthers Crack Out '8-1 Victory at U. I. in Conference Tilt FATETTE, May 10.--Iowa State Teachers college battered down Upper Iowa with a barrage of runs in the late innings to win 8 to 1 in an Iowa conference game here Wednesday. Blanchard struck out 10 and allowed 6 hits on the Panther mound. The bos score: MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MAY 10 ·§ 193-J STATE TEACHERS--8 AD H PO A smuIUnir c 4 1H I kralR c f 4 2 3 0 Kclknan It 5 3 2 0 Rollins rt 4 Ofcla'd 2b '5' 2 Manc'p Ib 3 0 Cham'n 3b 3 X Bowen «s 4 0 1 0 3 0 2 8 P U 1 t 2 Btancb'd p 5 0 1 1 Tolats 31 10 27 4 0 1 0 4 1 1 0 I01VA--1 an ir PO A Ryan rf H'lthes cr S'cnllu 31) 4 1 2 3 Mullen lb 4 O H " And'mn c. 2 0 S C. H'hM If 4 0 1 Fubej 2b 1 0 0 Kan'nc 2b 3 3 1 Jt 2 P 3 Ofit'man p 0 Bellls If 1 Smltll « 0 2 fl 0 1 0 0 0 Total* 34 6 21 14 Score by Innings: State Teachers ............. 002 000 321-- S Summary-- Errors, Ctaroplln, Snngalla 2, van Hushes, Anderson; three base hit, aiming; two base hits, Kralg, Boncn; Bi double play '.'MM ana bits, off WllknberB 5 nnd 1 In : lnhlnp;ft; Oslermau 3 and 3 In 2; bit oy WUIeiHiere; to Smith to Mullen; ~Tl!4«ll«r-liy~BlaiH 1 lUinJ (Anderson) 2; bases on balls, off Wllleiibcrg 2, Overman !: pitcher. winrnben:. tmplre, Ball. In the Ring By Asuoclated Tress Brooklyn: Uep Van Klavfru, 143M, Holland and Joe Kolil, 147, New 1'urlt. drew, ( J O ) - Jw JIororaMJf, ]37'/i. Atlantic City. N. J., outDolnteil Joe D'Ararlo, 13B%, Brooklyn. (4). Cincinnati; Koilgli HOUM Glover. ISO, Jacksonville, J?la., outwilnled tne Al»tmm» Kill, ICOVi, Dover, OKIo, (12): Scolly .Scott*u, 128, JntllnnapollH, outpointed Bay Boree. 125. Jnek«onvllle, ( 6 ) : Cnarey Jlndnlc, 130, InlllanapoH, outpointed Al Schwartz, 138, Cincinnati, (0). Detroit: Mickey Barron. JM, Scranlou, Pa., outpointed Orvlle Droulllard, 134, , Oont., (10) : Georee VanDerhcyden, etroit, outpointed t'. S. Chocolate, 128, Det 120. Detroit, (6). WHEAT MARKET SOARS LIMIT OF 5 CENTS 1 Hampton Pumper Answers Call to Fire on Farm Here Returning home from the Mason City fire, where it gave assistance, the Hampton fire department answered a call at 7:45 o'clock Thursday morning to the Earl Dyre farm three miles south of Mason City, where a barn and machine shed burned to the ground. The house, which was close by, was saved. The Hampton department answered the call since the Mason City department is not equipped to fight farm fires. HOLDS MAXIMUM PEEK AT CLOSE Corn and Oats End Higher on Reports of Crop Damage. CHICAGO, May 10. (JP--For the first time since Oct. 17 last, the vheat market today soared .to the extreme permissible limit of 5 cents a bushel. Immense speculative purchasing accompanied the rise. Sensational crop damage advices, virtually unabated drought, and persistent widespread storms of lust furnished the incentive for the general rush to buy. Extreme maximum top prices for wheat were held as the day's trading ended, with the close strong, 4% @5 cents up, compared with yesterday's finish, May 90%, July 88%, corn 1%@2% up, May 48%, July 51%@%, oata 2,^i!f:2% advance, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 12 cents. Legion Junior Fire to Be Conducted on Wednesday Evenings American Legion supervised firing for juniors will be conducted on the T. M.- C. A. indoor range or Wednesday nights from 7 to 1C o'clock, and there will be no further supervised fire on Mondays, it was announced by Lowell L. Forbes, course director, Thursday. The new schedule will be in effect for the balance of the indoor season. Scores of the girls' high five were Jed by Alice Ann Moore this week, while the boys' scores were not posted. Saturday night at 7 o'clock a selected team of boys and girls will fire a postal match with a team of boys representing Bozeman, Mont. The girls' scores: Alice Ann Moore .. Virginia Lee Roberta Anderson Rosamond Webster ... 92x100 ... 92x100 89x100 88x100 Dorothy Curtis (sitting) .. 85x100 Total, high five 446x500 Corwith Takes Victory From Woden Ball Club CORWITH, . May 10.--The Corwith high school baseball team de- 'eated Woden, 9-5. G. Evans hurled !or Corwith and Anderson for Woden. Clapsaddle got three hits in four bat. The victory was Corwith'3 fourteenth, in 16 games. Corwith is Hancock county champion. Produce MASON CITY, May 10.-Cash Quotation* by E. G. Morse Eggs (current receipts) lie Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over . .lOc Light hens ....6c Springs (heavy breeds) lOc Springs (Leghorn breeds) 6c Stags Gc Old cocks (heavy) 5c Merchants Quotations Eggs, cash 11 ' 1 ? c ! Eggs, In trade 13c* Butter, Plymouth Butter, Clear Lake Butter, State Brand .. Butter, Very Best 29c Butter, Dairy Maid 2Tc Butter, Brookfield 27c potatoes, pecK ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown grocery stores. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO. May 10. (/P)--Wheat, sample grade hard 85c. Corn. No. 2 mixed lake billing 49»c; No. 4 mixed 50%c: No. 2 yellow 49%:5 ; 50c; No. 2 yellow old 49%(iF51c: No. 2 yellow lake billing 4fl»4c; No. 3 yellow 495ic: No. 2 ·white 53 He; No. 2 white old lake billing 54 «c. Oats, No. 2 white 36;737tec: No. 2 white lake billing 35%c; No. 3 white 35S!'36c; No. 4 white 31034SC. Bye, none. Barley 42i?82c. Timothy seed J6.23JIC.50 cwt. Clover seed S9.7513.25 cwt. Lard--Tierces, 55.95; loose lard, bellies, J7.S7. CHICAGO I'OULTRY CHICAGO, May 10, LI')--Poultry, live, trucks: hens easy; chickens linn: hens over Ibs. 13CI 5 Ibs. and under IGc: Leghorn ens 12c; Bock fryers 26isc. colored 24',ic: ock springs 26%c. colored 24%c; Rock rollers 23lf825c, colored 23c: Leghorn 19«i 2c. barebacks 19c; roosters 7c; turkeys 11 n5c; spring ducks ll®13%c, old lOSpllc: ecse 6Hc. MasonCityCrain Barley MASON CITY, May 10.-- 30-45C No. 2 yellow old shelled corn.. .37o No. 3 yellow new shelled corn.. .36c No. 3 yellow ear corn 31c White oats, No. 3, 30 Ibs., or better 26c THCKSDAY GRAIN CLOSK CHICAGO. May 10. I.T5-- May July ept CORN-- ·fay ept. .'.'.'.','." OATS-- »y uly ept RYE-:ay uly ept BARLEY-May uly ept LARD-May 'uly High LOCAL BASEBALL NINES PLAY PAIR (Continued From Sport rage) ball man was disappointed by Irelan's reconsidering the deal. Irelan said 'that he had carried Ludsick for three seasons, and had planned to get rid -of all letthand- ers this year, but just realized the boys' value when he saw him work in Mason City . . . before that he'd been just another semipro portsid- er. I And More ot It. ] If the failure of that deal to click were not enough, these things were added during the last three days: A pair of pitchers and a Catcher were scheduled for transfer from the Des Moines flannels to the Cubs' roster. Clark Jones, a husky right- hander, headed the list and the transfer was to be made under the "proving ground" arrangement between Irelan and the local club, which was to provide Western league talent for Mason City. News of Thursday morning told of Jones, in company with Gordon Ford and Dancey, infielder and southpaw hurler, respectively, going from Des Moines to join Corwith, the enemy outfit for Sunday's contests! i Just for Contrast. j But in contrast: Coach Clayton Sutherland is happy over the fact that he has a batting order chock full of hitters over at the high school grounds. Here are the averages for the Mohawks, including players' who have been regulars at their positions through scheduled and tournament games: J. Mulcahy, 421- Hathaway, .411; Mott, 385; Snell, 366; Evers, 364; Suter, .291; Lane, 286: Hert, .269; Wolske, .222: Crabb, .200: Case, .182, and Captain Rose, .118. Lloyd Morris, reserve outfielder, leads the list by pure arithmetic. His average of - 1 000 was compiled on his lone hit in his one time at bat this spring. One more Mason City baseball fact, one which invades the domain of the society editor, has been unearthed. Al 'Bozich. fast stepping and hard throwing shortstop for the Cubs, has decided to step to the altar Saturday. He will marry a home town girl, from Madrid, but - even the baseball scribe didn't get her name. Iowa to Tackle Purple in Two Baseball Games IOWA CITY, May 10. tfF)-- Tied for fifth in the Big Ten race with Northwestern, the University of Iowa baseball team will seek higher levels tomorrow and Saturday when it meets the Wildcats in a two-game series. Although the Hawkeyes have won 12 out of 15 games, they have split even in four conference games and must trip Northwestern twice if they expect to figure at all '~ championship consideration. Fenton High Wins 2-1 on Lonerock Diamond FENTON, May 10.--The Fenton high baseball team defeated the Lonerock high team by a score of 2-1 Tuesday on the Lonerock diamond, Dale Weisbrod, Fenton, making both scores. Dickens High Wins Pair of Victories on Diamond DICKENS. May 10.--Two victories have been chatted up by the Dickens high school baseball squad Ruthven fell victim to the twirling of Leighter and H. Jones and. wen home at the short end of a 19 to 1! score. With Reeverts on the mounc for the Dickens squad, the Everlj high school was able to score onl; five runs off six hits, while Coaci Thayer's aggregation pounded ou 12 hits off Wilken and Ott, Everlj twirlers, to score nine runs. Oti Everly pitcher, had the biggest da' at bat when he got three hits four trips to the plate. .5014 .34'.i .33« .33 H CloBe ,90«i .88 '5 .89% ,35% .35 X .60'.! .61 .61% 6.07 lept 6.30 BELLIES-lay uly ......... 6.00 6.17 C.05 6.30 T.TO 7.S5 THURSDAY GRAIN OPES CHICAGO, May 10. (.TV-- May luly iept, CORN-- ·lay July lept OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sspt BAM.ET-- May July Sept LARD-May July Sept. ..'..BELLIES-- May July Open Today .85% .83% .46% .«0*i .50". .33 y. ,33«» .33% ... 6.0" .... 6.37 Close yesterday .35% .83% .8454 .4911 .50% -36U .SIV, .53 U 5.97 6.20 Close Yr. Ago .74 .75 .75=1 .20 .26% 6.37 6.52 6.70 7.65 7.10 OMAHA GKAtN OMAHA, May 10. UP)--Wheat--Dark bard No. 4. 79'.i. Corn--Yellow, No. 2, 45*4 Oats--^No trading reported. League Leaders By Associated Press Including Wednesday's Games NATIONAL LEAGUE Batting--Cnyler, Cubs, .396. Huns--Vanjchan, Pirates* 25. Huns Hutted In--Medwlcfe, Cardinals. 23. Hits--Moore. Giants, 30. : Dowbes--Enplsh. Cubs, 9, Triples--Suhr, Pirates, C. Komemns--Kdn, Cabs, 7. Moen Bases--Stalnback, Cubs, Martin and ItoUirock, Cardinals, Met, Reds, and Frey, Dodgers. 3. Filching--Bush, Cubs, 5-0. AMERICAN LEAGUE ' Battinp--Keynolds, Red Sox, .467. Buns--Kuhel and Manush, Senators, and Morgan, Bed Sox, IS. Runs Batted In--Reynolds, Red Sox, 32 Hits--Reynolds, Red Sox, 35. Doubles--Werber, Red Sox. 10. Triples--Reynolds, Red Sox. fi. Homeruns--Ruth, Yankees, 7. Stolen Bases--Walker, Tigers. S. Pitching--Raff In R and Gomez, i'ankecs and Thomas, Senators, 4-0. MARKET INFORMATION By Jno. F. Claris and Co, 325 L O. F. Building Phone 845 KAXSAS CITY GRAIX KAKSAS CITT, May 10. UPi--Whea cars, 2 to H cents higher. No. 2 dark hard SO to SS¥. nom.: No. 3, 79% to 88 nom. No. 2 Bard, 84»i; No. 3, 81; No. 1 red SOVt to 85^ nom.; No. 3, SO to 85 tiora. Corn--9 cars; 1^ to 2 J ,± cents higher No. 2 white, 50V; to 51^s aora.; No. 3 50 to 51 horn.; No. 2 yellow, 4S to nom.; No, 3, 47 3 ,£ to 49 nom.: No. 2 mixed 47 to 4 Snominal; No. 3, 46% to 47^ nom Oats--3 cars; 2 cents higher; No. ivhite, 38 to 39 nom.: No. 3, 37S to 38V nom. SIDJJiTEAFOLIS GRAIN MINNEAPOLIS. May 10. I.T1--Wheat re celpts, 57 cars, compared with 225 a yea ago. Market 5 cents higher. Cash--No. 1 northern, 91% to 943s; N' 1 dark northern, 15 per cent protein, 91 r to 90H; 14 per cent protein, 91 Vs to 95% 13 per cent protein. 91H to 95%; 12 pe cent protein, 91% to 95%: No. 1 dark harr Montana. 14 per cent protein, 91% to 93% to arrive, 91S to 93S: No. 1 amber durum S1.19 1 - to SI.25V-; No. 2 amber durum SI.18% to SI.24%; No. 1 red durum, S64 to SSS: May, SSifc; July, 88SS; Sept., 88'.i. Corn--No .3 yellow. 40'£ to 46. Oats--No. 3 white, 33 "i to 34?,. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, May 10. Oil--Butter. 6,860. teady, prices unchanged. Eess, 26,095. unsettled; extra firsts cars G'.ic, local 16c; fresh graded firsts cars 6c, local ISttc; current receipts li^ic. HOGS STEADY TO 5 CENTS HIGHER Chicago Market Slow With Run of 19,000 Fewer Than Expected. CHICAGO, May 10. UP)--The hog market, although slow, was generally steady to 5 cents higher today, the better grade of 160 to 320 pound swine selling close to the top. Receipts' were fewer than had been expected and of the 19,000 run, packers had 9,000 direct. The demand for dressed pork was firm and packers were willing to enter in early bidding. The market for fed steera and yearlings increased in activity with prices holding strong. Weighty animals were comparatively scarce, but some part loads of strictly choice beeves sold at the ?9.50 top. Receipts of 5,000 head did not come up to anticipation and fell below the runs of a week and a year ago. The sheep market was weak, with the general price trend as much as 25 cents down. Receipts of 8,000 were equal to the anticipated run but fell below offerings of a week and a year ago. Hog Markets .MIDWEST «oas Hog prices at midwest markets Thurs- "wATEKLOO--Prime hoes 180 to 200 Ihs. 52 80S 3.10; 200 to 300 Ibs. S2.70S3; 300 to 325 Ibs. $2.00572.90: 320 to 350 Ills. $2.00 O2.80: good packers S2.202.40. OTTUMWA--Up 5 cents: 140 to 160 Ibs. 51 70' 100 to 180 Ibs. $2.70: 180 to 200 Ibs. J3.10: 200 to 240 Ibs. 53.10; 210 to 2(iU '.Us. 53 05- 260 to 280 Ibs. 52.90; 280 to 310 Ibs. S2.85: 310 to 350 Ibs. 52.70; over 350 Ibs. 5230JF2.GO: packers under 300 Ibs. S2.15-ii 2 4 5 - packers 350 to 450 IDE. S2.052.35: packers over 500 Ibs. 51.SO?! 2.15: thin packers and pins priced at killing values. CEDAll RAPIDS--Prime hogs 180 to 200 Ibs S3' 200 to 260 Ibs. $3.10: 2(10 to 280 Ibs' S3 05; 280 to 300 Ibs. S3: 3t'0 to 320 Ibs S2.95; 320 to 340 Ibs. S2.90: Rood packers' to 350 103. $2.25: to 400 IBS. 52.10: to 450 lbs.'S2.0S: to 500 Ibs. S1.95. Corn--Unchanged. DBS MOINES-- Unchanged. AUSTIN--Choice light lights 140 to 160 Ibs 52.40: choice lights 100 to ISO Ibs. 52.75; choice mediums ISO to 200 Ibs. S3.05. ·00 to 250 Ibs. S3.15; choice heavy butchers 250 to 290 Ibs. 53. 200 to 300 Ibs. S2.85. 300 Ibs. and up $2.60: choice packers 27o to 350 Ibs. S2.50. 350 to 425 Ibs. 42.45. 42 Ibs. and up S2.35. PRODUCE FUTURES CHICAGO, May 10. l.n--Egg futures, losedi Storage packed firsts, May 17TMc; stor- ge packed firsts, June 16Sc; refrigerator tandards, Oct. 18C. Butter futures: Storage standards, Nov. 24''»c: fresh stan- ards, May 22% c. No potato futures'. JiEW YORK POULTRY NEW YORK, May 10. (.T!--Dressed poul- ry Irregular; prices unchanged. NEW YOKK PRODUCE NEW YORK, May 10. (m--Butter, 12.60; steady; prices unchanged; extra (92 ·ore) 24%c. Cheese, 282.238. quiet and unchanged. Eggs, 20,683, steady; mixed colors, spe- lal packs or selections from fresh receipts 3rrt20^c; standards and commercial stan- ards · ~18®181~c; firsts 17Uc; seconds 6ilc: storage packed firsts 17%c; other mixed colors unchanged. Market Notes By TICKER The Idea that the improvement in certain nes of business has been partly artificial pointedly supported in the Iron Ace's urrent review of the steel Industry. This rgan. which has for weeks reported enthu- astlcally the steady expansion of activity steel operations, is found stressing in Its ..test review weakness in the situation liat already has developed and the possl- llty of embryo threats having all adverse :tect in the future although Intcrmedi- results may be satisfactory. iUTOS ART. AST PEAK "Scrap prices continue to recede and auto- lobile production has apparently passed its eak," the steel publication says. Although ecent strikes in the automobile Industry ave been settled "there continues to be an neasy atmosphere in the industry and ast momentum has not been recovered.' ron Age says. Other explanations for re- eding car sales: Recent Increase in retail rices; suspension of CWA program. The rought now engaging serious concern of a irge part of the population also can have s effect upon automobile sales, the review ays. As to the steel Industry, Iron Age de- lares output has been gaining despite de- lining automobile demand, principally be- ause consumers have been taking advant- ge of opportunity to obtain' lower prices «afl that they have built up stocks. And If his influence hasn't been enough of a stimulus to advance ordering, then the possi- iliity of a steel strike--yet another artl- icial factor--"will probably supply the needed impetus," It Is declared. OT ENTIRELY NATURAL The conclusion many in the trade draw from comment of the steel publication Is .hat. although the industry is operating at ts highest rate since 1930, the rate of ac- -ivity has not been growing exclusively on natural causes. The stock market returned to its declining ways, slipping to within a fraction the Monday lows. The list was unable to make any more of the silver development, thus lending support to the theory that the rally of Tuesday was generated more on technical factors than the Inflationary Insinuations of a dollar that may be backed by 25 cents in sliver. Ma' letter-- ' 9. 1934.--The Closing market spot market was steady at unchanged quotations. The four markets Wednesday stored 27,763 pounds less than last year. Futures were firmer, November butter closing ·· cent higher. May butter closed ?i cent higher. Futures look higher. EGGS--The spot market was unchanged to '4 cent higher on top grades and ?* to % cent higher on undergrades. Yesterday the four markets stored 3.S1S cases less than last year. Futures were quiet with closing M cent Wfihfr to i cent lower. Any reactions loo konly temporary- POTATOES--Market quiet. No sales. Hays offered 143 with J ~ ' ferea 150 with 145 bid. If the government really wants to do something for the farmers they might make some arrangements whereby it is as easy to get out of debt as it is to get out of the peni- j tentiary.--Linn, Kans., Record. Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET CHICAGO. May 10. (.=p--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 87, on track 236: total U. S. shipments 697; old stock dull; supplies mod- crate, demand and trading slow: sacked per cwt,: Idaho russets U. S. No. 1. 51.45$? 1.50: combination grade J1.30: Wisconsin round whites U. S. No. 1, 51.25. New stock, slightly weaker, supplies mod- jrate, demand and trading slow; sacked per cwt: Louisiana triumphs U. S. No. 1, 52.25 ®2.50. MINNEAPOLIS FLOfB MINNEAPOLIS. May 10. l/Tt-,.Flour unchanged; shipments, 22,464. Pure bran S1S@18.50. Standard middlings $16.505:17. Captain Ouimet to Start Combination Used in Practices ST. ANDREWS, Scotland, May 10 UP)--Capt. Francis Ouimet has de cided upon the lineup of his Ameri can squad in the Scotch foursome, which open the two-day Walker cup golfing series with Great Britain here Friday. Satisfied with their performance in practice Ouimet has decided t enter the series with the same com binations he has used the last tw days. This means Johnny Goodma will team up with Lawson Little 1 Ouimet with George Dunlap, Mas Marston with Chandler Bgan, an Gus Moreland with Jack Westland This lineup leaves Johnn Fischer of Cincinnati, who drive the longest ball op the team an has displayed the most consisten scoring in practice, in tbe role of spectator on Friday although he : a certain starter in the singles Sa' urday. Marston probably will not b used in the singles. NEW \OBK SCGAR NEW YORK. May 10. I.T--Raw supar unchanged. Futures "4 to 5 points net lower. P.ellncd unchanged. 4 TOLKDO SEKDS TOLEDO. May 10. (.TT--Seeds unchanged. BaJdassare Longhena was the last of the great architects of the late Renaissance in Venice. Max Baer Draws Big Suspension Penalty as Solons Sit, Wa: NEW YORK, May 10. OB--Poss bly Max Baer will take his engage merits -with the New York Stat Athletic commission a trifle mor seriously in the future. He failed to appear on time fo a conference with the ruling powei yesterday and when he finally d arrive he found himself indefinite: suspended for his tardiness. Just i make sure, the commission pr sentcd Baer's manager, Ancil Hof man, with a similar penalty. Mason City Livestock 52.95 S2.80 $2.45 52.35 52.20 MASON CITY, May 10.-HOGS Hoga 5 cents higher. est sorted lighta .......... 200-2-10 $3.10 eat medium. weight butchers 240-260 53.10 est heavy butchers .... ---- 260-300 est prime heavy butchers . . 300-325 est packing sows, smooth . . 300-350 est heavy sows, smooth ____ 350-400 it big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 ght lighta, fair to good, (140, 1GO, ISO) ......... 52.00, $2.i3, $2,60 CATT14C lolce young ateere . . 800-1,000 edluai to goo^ yearling steers ____ flOO-1,000 boice corn fed steers 1.000-1.200 edium to good corn fed ateers ........ 1.000-1,200 $3.73-4.30 grade steert .. air belfem .......... 800-800 od helfera .......... 600-SOO olco to prima helfero 600-600 tochers cowa, fair to good 53.75-4.30 s4.SO-0.2s . S2.50-3.U J2.75-3.3U $3.50-4.00 $4.00-4.50 S2.00-y..*»0 . ..... $2.50-^.75 od t o choice .,.,... . . olce to prime cow* .. .......... J2.75-3.00 ferior canners ................. 73-1.00 air to good canners ........ ;.. .$1,25-1.50 od cutter cowa ................ $1.50-2,00 mmoa to fair bulls ............ $1.75-2.25 air to good heavy bulls ........ $2.00-2.25 od to choice bulls ........... S2.25-2.7ft od to choice calves, 130-190 ..$1.50-5.30 edium to good calves, 130-190 .,..$3.50-4,50 ferior and common calves ...53.00 down LAMBS Holce Iambs ...... , ..... 70-90 57.7S-a.25 idlum to good lambs ... 70-90 $5-76-7.75 uck lambs $1 under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. COMBIXEU HOC. RECLH'TS DES MOI.N'KS. May 10. Ll'J--(U. S. department of agriculture)-- Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 1 packing plants located fn Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota lor the 21 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 24,100 compared with 23,600 a week ago and 31,600 a year apo. Prices steady to 10 «nta higher, mostl strong to fl cents above early Wednesday; loading moderate. Quotations: Good and choice, light lights, 140-160 Ibs,, 52.40 to S3; light weights, 160-iaO lb."., $2.63 to 53-25; 180-200 Ibs. 52.95 to S3.35; medium weights, 200-220 Ibs., 52.95 to J3.35; 220-250 IbF.. 52.95 to S3.35- heavy weights. 200-290 Ibs., S2.8( to S3.35; 290-350 Ibs., 52.70 to 53.15; pood packing sows, 275-350. Ibs.. 52,40 to 52.70 330-425 Ibs.. $2.30 to 52.60; 425-550 I S2.15 to J2.50, STOCKS RECOVER IN LATE TRADING Heavy Selling Wave Sweeps Market Lower During Forenoon. NEW YORK, May 10. (/B-Stocks were lower in heavy selling ivaves in the forenoon today, but recovered substantially in late deal- ngs. U. S. Smeltig converted a 3 joint loss into an equivalent net rise. American Telephone also displayed late strength. Declines of 1 ;o 3 points were reduced to a point or less by U. S. Steel, Chrysler and New York Central. Transfers approximated 1,150.000 shares. The ticker tape fell several minutes in arrears during the downward rush and some sizable blocks on the more speculative shares changed hands. Commodities were not in agreement as wheat and other grains rallied. Bonds o£ the secondary variety were a little heavy. trucking indications weak to lower; asking around $10.50 for native sprinc lambs anr up to SS.75 lor od'l lota clippers. OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA. May 10. (.11--(U. S. ment of acriculture)--HOGS weights; 280-340 16s., S2.70 to. $3.10; ISO IDS., S2.50 to S3: plus scarce; - SUW3. 52.55 to $2.60: SUlKS. 52.25 Stock List SEW 1'OIIK STOCKS NEW YORK, May 10. LrD- (Flnal Quotutluns.) 13BU Air Redact Al Ch Bye Am can BSI.H Am For Pow 7vit Am Pow Lt 6v4 Am Sm Ref 38 Am Steel Fdrs 17 Am Sugar f2 A T T lll'i Am Tob B 69»i Am Water Wka 17 ii Anaconda 14 Atcliison 05H All Ret 24-li Auburn 35 '.i Aviation Corp G"N Baldwin Loco 10=1. 12 48 17 S 28,i 92 SOW 37 V Beth 8tl Bordens 22 ',i Curb Market depart » ..w~.- 9.500: fatrl a'ctTve."strong'to'l'o cents higher; some Ugh weights up more; better 130-280 Ibs., S3.1 to $325- top. S3.30 for choice 240 Ib .0; 1-10 packln ._,,. - · down average cost .Wednesday. SS.S7. weielit 250 CATTLE--0,000; calves, 300; fed steer and yearlings, slow, about steady with lat trade Wednesday; heifers steady; cov.weak: bulls and veaiers steady; stockcr and feeders scarce, steady; bulk fed steer and yearlings, $6.25 to $7.25: short fei light yearlings, $5 to 5.6; ran mostly light steers and yearlings; three loads 152S Ibs., S8.25; heifers, S4.75 to S5.75; few lots heavy heifers. 56 to $G.2S; beef cows, S2.00 to 5375: odd head. 54 to 54.70; cutter grades SI.00 to S2.25; few light low cutters 51.40; medium bulls, S2.75 to S3; beef bulls, $3.10 to S3.50: practical top veaiers, 36- odd head, S6.50. . SHEEP--8,000, including l.COO direct, and 657 head through; lambs slow, early bids fully 20 cents lower; aged sheep, -5 to oO cents lower; other classes scarce; early bids and sales native spring lambs. S^°,j: 0 $10 50- few wooled lambs hid up to 59.-5; fresh shorn lambs bid $8 to SS.25; shown ewes down from 53.85; shearing lambs, 59; no new crop feeding lambs included. NEW YORK. May 10. {jTl--The curb market continued its downward price trend today led by industrials, alcohols and metals, the majority of which lost one to two points, trading was again in small volume and some o£ the popular specialties failed to appear on the tape within the first two hours of trading. Newmont Mining declined around 3 points. Pioneer Gold and Lake Shore Mines were around a point lower and small fractional losses occurred in other mining issues. Aluminum company slumped more than 3 points. National Bond and Share yielded more than one, Pittsburgh Plate Glass, Sherwin-Williams and Wilson Jones were around a point lower. Factional losses occurred in American Gas, Cities Service, In- trenational Petroleum, Pan American Airways, -Swift and company, and American Cyanamid "B." Hiram Walker and Distillers corporation Seagrams lost more than a point apiece. Standard Oil of Indiana, selling ex-dlvi- dend of 20 cents, advanced V* In early trading to 2S*». Canada Dry Can Pac Case Cerro de Pasco Chcs i O Ches Corp Chi E 111 C N W U W G W pfd C M S P P CMSP P pfd C R I P Chrysler Col G 4 E Cmwith Sou Cons Gas Cons Oil Contl Can ontl Ins Contl Mot lorn Prod Curtlss Wr Deere pfd : Pont stman El Pow Si Lt Fox Film A 14% Frecport Tex 39 Gen] Am Trans 36^ Gen KI 19^ Gen Foods Bond Market CHICAGO MVESTOCK CHICAGO, May 10. (/P)--U. S. department including 9,000 direct; agriculture-HOGS, 19,000, arket slow; generally steady to 5 cents gher; better grade 160 to 320 Ibs. S3.50^f' T5; top 53.75; most pigs 52.50 down: .cfcfng sows $2.8003.10; light light good jd choice 140 to 160 Ibs. $3.15©3.70; light eight 160 to 200 Ibs. S3.15®3.75; medium eight 200 to 250 Ibs. S3.l5'S3.75; heavy eight 250 to 350 Ibs. S3.40S-3.70; packing ws medium and good 275 to 550 Ibs. 52.60 3.25; pigs good and choice 100 to 130 Ibs. @3.15, CATTLE, 5,000; calves, 2,800; fed steers nd yearlings slightly more active, strong: eighty steers comparatively scarce; part ads strictly choice offerings $9.50; but .tie here of value to sell above $8.25; bulk jing at 55.50^/7.50; all heifers firm; cows ow and steady; bulls firm; slaughter cattle nd heifers, steers good arid choice 550 to 30 Ibs. $6®7.75; 900 to 1,100 Ibs. S6@ 50; 1,100 to 1,300 ibs. 57@9.50; 1,300 to 500 Iba. $7.5Q®9.50; common and medium 30 to 1,300 Ibs. 54.50^7-25; heifers good nd choice 550 to 750 Ibs. S5.25©6.50; com- on and medium S3.50@5.25; cows good 4@5.25; common and medium $2,65 ([M; w cutter and cutter $1.50® 2.65; bulte yearlings excluded) good (beef) 53.25© 75; cutter common and medium 52.50SS 25; veaiers good and choice 55.50@7; med- um S4t?5,50; cull and common S3@4; .ocker and feeder cattle, stoers good and loice 500 to 1,050 Ibs. $4.75®6; common nd medium S3.50@5. SHEEP, S,000; general trade weak to 25 ents lower; indications mostly 25 cents off a spring lambs and clippers; talking $8.25 o S8.50 on clipped lambs; best held around 8.75; few native springers S10.50@10.75 nd above; California as yet unsold; top wes 54; spring lambs good and choice medium 5S.50(Ji0.75; Jambs 90 down good and choice 58-25(2)9.75; cotn- icn and medium S6@8.25; 90 to 9S Ibs. ood and choice SS.15£'8.60; ewes 90 to 150 good and choice S2.753M; all weights ommon and medium Sl-50@3.25. KANSAS CM* LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY. May 10. (.T')-- (U. S. partment of agriculture) -- HOGS -320 direct; fairly active, mostly 5 cents higher than Wednesday's average; top, 53-10 on choice 190-240 Ibs.; good and choice 140-160 Ibs, 52-65 to 53.20; 160-180 bs. iOO; to 10 S3 to S3.35. 150-200 . 53.15 to 53.40; 200- o . . - ., . . 220 IbsT. 53.30 to S3.40; 220-250 Ibs 5330 to 53.40; 250-290 Ibs., 53-25 to $3.35; ^90- 350 Ibs., 53.20- to 53.33; packing sows, _ 550 Ibs., 52.35 to 52.75. C \TTLE-- 2,000; calves. GOO; fed slow and steady to easier; O tb steady: good 1381 lb. steers, $?.£; some steers classc: held lusher; steers, goocI ami cl COO IDS 55.83 to S7.35; 900-1100 Ibs.. ;7.85: 1100-1300 Ibs., S6 to $S.70; :holce. 550- sorra ST. PACL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL. May 10. (.I 1 !--(U. S. epartment of agriculture) -- CATTLE--2.- jOO; slaughter steers and yearlings opening orm compared with Wednesday's, weak to :5 cents lower close; early supply light; ew medium to good yearlings, M-75 to J5.75: desirable weighty scarce, held above J7: heifers weak; good Jots, S5 to $5.50; medium Krade light weights down to 54; cows dragging at week's 25 cents or more ower prices: low cutter and cutter. S1.2. r i to 52.25; beef cows, S2.50 to S3.50; bulls ;y, mostly 52.75 down; stockers scarce. unchanged: common to medium kinds, S2.75 down; stackers scarce, unchanged; common :o medium kinds. 52.75 to $4; Montana steers sold late Wednesday 1390 Ibs., 56,75: 1175 Ibs.. S6.25: 1076 Ibs., 56; calves. 2.200; about steady; early bulk better grades 54.50 to 55.50. HOGS--4,500: very slow, steady to 3 cents higher; better"170-250 Ibs.. J3.15 to 53.35; top J3.35 paid by shippers for a few loads sorted medium weights; considerable number medium grade lots. 52.90 to 53.15; heavy butchers down to 52.90 or below: desirable light lights salable mostly S2.75 to 53.15; pigs scarce, mostly 52.50 down; b-^Ik packing sows. 52.45 to $2.70; average cost Wednesday, S3; weight, 221 Ibs. SHEEP--500: 247 direct; only few odds and ends on sale early; opening sales and bids. 2f» cents lower on slaughter classes; few 60 lb. sprinc lambs. 510.50; good wooied lambs up to 59.25: talking around SS.25 on better clipped Iambs: common clipped lambs down to 56; odd head shorn slaughter ewes, $2.30 to 53.50. to 510: medium, S8 to and chlice (x). 90 Ibs. down. SS I common and medium. 90 Ibs down. SS 10: good and choice (s). S7.S5 to 53.50: yearling to choice, 90-110 Ibs.. 90-96 wethers, _ medium to 57.3o: , good and choice. " .. 90-150 Ibs., S2.,u to o an . ., ("--Quotations based on ewes and LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. M^ 1»- ( - V mated receipts tomorrow: hogs, 18,000: sheep, 11,000- ;al estl- Cattle, 2.000] Representative Sales mei Heavy-07 336 42 304 6S 2" 39 204 Medium-- BEFRESENTATIVK SA^S Mav 10. Of--UJ. S. depart- agriculture)--Representative sales HOGS Light 38 76 49 LightS- 194 191 176 62 Steers 246 229 Lights-155 151 12S5 1129 1293 1383 10T4 891 T26 SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK SIOUX CITY. May 10. Otv-(U. S. department of agriculture)--CATTLE--2.200; slaughter Fleers and yearlings active, strong; fat she stock little changed: stockers ana feeders largely plain; dull, good 1293 !b. beeves, S7.50: choice offerings practically absent: bulk grain feds S7 down; load lots 725-750 lb. heifers, 50.40: most beef cows S2.75 to $4; bulk low cutter sand cutters. 51.50 to S2.25; few plain stockers. 54 down. HOGS--5.000: mostly steady to 10 cents higher* early top, 53.25; better grade 190260 lb. butchers, 5340 to 53.20: 260-325 Ib heavies, S2.S5 to S3.10: big weights down to 52.65: good 110-170 lb. averages, 52.50 to 52.90: sows. SZ.bO to S5.60; feeder pigs mostly 51.70 to $2.20: few up to S2.00. SHEEP--2.500, Including 1.100 direct and 460 billed through; run includes 2S5 shorn Inmbs, SS.70; Shorn 144 ,50 194 125 93 79 81 \Vooled Lambs -77 9.25 150 57 9.50 Cal. Sprinp Lambs 750 76 10.35 250 76 10.25 $3.50 3.60 3.70 3.70 Light 3.70 3G 3.75 2S 3.75 3.65 CATTLE Heifers-10 103G 67 .737 32 709 22 619 Cows-2 1310 2 11S5 - 988 2 790 S1JEEI- Nstive Spring S.7; S 70 5.00 64 62 8.00 11 62 31 Shorn 9 50 S.35 8.35 8.00 7 15 650 6 0 0 S.OO 14 6 .16 Ewcs- 123 170 200 6.3.i 6.2 4.5 4.7 11.0 10..= 10.r. 10.5 3.5 92 Ibs., bought to arrive . supl'ly around 200 head | Webster City Club Will See Three Brother Act WEBSTER CITY, Hay 10.--Thre sets of brothers will feature th Webster City Cubs, semipro base ball team, this season, Pat Stein bauer, manager, announced Tuesda; The brothers are John and Orvill Eckstein, George and Keith Va Winkle, and Harold and Ray Barne The team opens the home seaso Sunday meeting the fast Madri nine. The locarbattery will be Fo rest Misenheimer and "Socks'" Gor don. NEW YORK. May 10. (.PlDemaml for condary bonds, and JilRhtir grade issues ·well, was held in restraint today by n ntinued downtrenrl In stocks. U- S. governments displayed an early ten- ncy to firmness. Hovering about the year's treasury issues attached moderate in- stment Interest at levels up l-32d to 32ds from the previous finals. In the corporate sector selling did most ainage to the loans of Bethlehem Steel, exas corporation, international Telephone, ilwaukee railway, Alteghany corporation, rle, Nickel Plate, Postal TeleRraph, and oungstown Sheet end Tube. Losses iese and other mixed loans ranged from ructions to 2 points. Blinds which iEprovd, constituting mall part of the list. , did so in a limited ay only. Armour and company 4 1 ,i's, nlon Pacific 4's end a few more were ansferred at minor fractional pains. Great orthern 4%'^, recently under pressure, imbed a. point. U. S. BOND QUOTATIONS NEW YORK. Mcy 10. '.#·--United States overnment bonds closed: Liberty 3V;'s, 103.29. Liberty First 4Vi's, 104.6. Liberty Fourth 4U'K. 101.S. Treasury 4-i's. 47-52, 112. Treasury 4's. 44-5-1. 103.5. Treasury 3-Vs. 40-43, June. 104-8. Treasury 3's. 51-53, 100.25. 5 7*i 3 : ';l 40-74 12 2^ 32 -}i 10 . 131.1 S4Va 90 Gen Motors Gillette Cobel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Graham Paige Gt Nor pl'd Gt West Sug Hudson Mtrs 111 Cent Int Harv [nt Nick Can 32 "jji 32 ii 10 » 7 as 13'4 1 T T Johns Manv Kennecott Kresee Kroger LIB My B Loews Loose Wiles Lorlllard Maytag McKess Rob Mid Cont Pet M K T Mo Pac Mont- Ward Worrell Nash Nat Blsc Nat! Cash B A ISM: Natl Dairy I5ii N.-itl Distill 24^ Nat] Pow Lt 10 N Y Cent 2S NY NH H 14 iv No Amcr 15 ; ,v N.) Pac 20 % Oliver Frm 3 : !» Oliver Fnn pfd 16 Packard 4i; Fenick Ford Penney Penn Phillips Pet Proc . Gam Pullman 'P. C A R K O Rcm Rund Rep Stl Rcy Tob B Roy Dutch Sears Roeb Shell U Skelly Socony Vac So Pac St Brands St G t E St Oil Cal St Oil N J Stew Warn Stone t Web studebaker Tex Corp Tex Gulf Eul Tim Roll Beas Un Carb Un Pac Unit Air 19^ United Corp 4"s U S Gypsum 33 n i U S Indus Alch 42'.i U S Rubber ISVj U S Steel 43 U Wabash 314 Warner Hct 6 West El llfg 32V; Woolwortb. 48 U Wrigley 62 Tel Tr 4V; 5C 30 34 00% IG'i 42 S 34'i 15 21% 19V, 32 3 23 !i 32 K 29 ti 38»L 122 MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS MINNEAPOLIS. May 10. l.-V)--Stocks, closed: First Bank stock 7"s, Northwest Banco 4. Cities service Dexter Co Gt Lakes Air Llbby-McNell M W Utilities M W Ut 6 pfd CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO. May 10. Ll'J-- Natl Leather Quaker Oats Rath Packing Swiff Co Swift Intl Zenith IVi 111 26 : i (By The Associated Press) llld Jlnd Asked May JO. Corporate Tr. Sh. . . . . . . . . 1.95 Corporate Tr. Sh. AA Mod. 2.17 Corporate Tr. Sh. Ac. Ser. 1.88 Corp. Tr. Ac. Ser. Mod. ... 2.17 Dividend Shares 1.16 Nationwide Sec 3.21 Nationwide Sec. vtc 1.19 North Amer. Tr. Sh 1.75 Nor. Amer. Tr. Sh. 1955 ... 2.24 Quarterly Inc. Sh 1.25 Selected Am. Sh 2.43 Selected Cum. Sh. 2.43 Selected Cum. Sh 0.30 Selected Income Sh 3.26 Super Corp. Am. Tr. A ... 2.72 2.31) 1.1S 3.31 1.29 -,. No No El. L. Pow. B B vtc . 1.90 .70 Lamson Brothers Market Letter WHEAT---^ continuation of the sensa- :onal reports of recent sessions regarding he new crop situation over wide areas. with r.o hope of relief held out by the weath- bureau, brought in heavy buying of vheat almost from the opening today and espite much profit taking as the rise progressed, the market advanced the lull 5 ents permitted for one day's fluctuation. Tnere v.-ere buying onlers aH around the pit at the limits near the close, but nothing ould be purchased. The market ignored omplctely the weakness in stocks. There was a material expansion In trade- Dust itorms were reported today from a wide area in the west and northwest which fined he air with soil blown from the fields. Oils prevailed as far east aa West Virginia, " a condition perhaps never before witnessed. Records at Washington show precipi talon in the Dakotas during April the smallest since 1802. while rainfall in Minn-. HI.. fid., Iowa and Mont, was the lightest since 1900. Local crop experts who are covering Kansas and Nebraska have discovered heavy damage as a result of the recent heat and dryness and their reports oday had considerable to do with helping ilonc the advance. -Mr. Cromwell reported conditions considerably poorer than fn his ast visit to sections of Kansas and Ne- hraska · which he inspected yesterday, and that abandonment would be heavy. Advices from Saskatchewan and Manitoba said the dry area there was larger than that of liwt year when the official report suggested a decrease of ground 2.000,000 acres of wheat to bo seeded this year in the three provinces as compared with 2,i.000,uou seeded in 1933. ... CORN was somewhat, slow in getting started but prices advanced sharply after -wheat moved up around the limits and the close revealed advances of around 2 cents. Cash sales took a spurt and were 2;0.000 bushels while boofclnps were only 3.000. OATS sold at Ilie highest pincve the middle oJ March and that market was within fraction of the prescribed 3 cent limit. Continued dry weather was the chief influence. Prices look hipher on the weather outlook with the undertone strong but inclined to Rive some consideration tc the fact that the market i? up around 3? cents of late, which discounts at leas good part of the damage already done. HIDES, WOOL Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES Horsebides Cured beef bides Green beef hides WOOL No. 1 clean bright 21c lb Semibright Me lb Rejects 15c lb WOOL MARKET BOSTON. May 10. (.·r.-- (U. S. depart ment of agqrlculturc)--The wool marke hire remained generally very dull. Aver: French combing 64's n-id finer territorj wool in original bags brought SO cents Fconred brisis. A little greasy averug combing fall T«fts will sold at 71 tn 7. cents scoured basis, while eight months Texs wool hud a further call at 7S cent: for a very moderate volum* Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BKOTHEI'S AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 7 lix Corp j'org-Warner Butler Bros Cities Service Cord Corp Gt Lakes Er valamazoo St iCey St W CHICAGO STOCKS 18 23'1 18 Vi Yibby Me S: L SS Marshall Field 14!4 Quaker Oats Swift Co Swift Intl U S Gypsum Walgreen Co Zenith 111 30 35-H 17*s 2% 1!' 3 mer G £1 Vmer Cyan E ,er Sup Pow Ark Nail Gas G t El A "i Can Ind Alk H?s Can ilarc 2» Dist Corp Seag 16 Eisler Elec Tit Elec Ed Sh 13^ Ford ol Can 21 Mi XEW YORK CURB t-:i 23 1 A Ford of Eng 9U Hecla Mining OU Hiram Walker 32=)i lluds B M . S W Humble Oil 42 ] i Pennroad Corp '-·'. Std Oil Ind 26 Std Oil Ky 15 is United Gas 2T S Un L P A 3 Util Pow L 1 Ni:\V VOBK STOCKS ·Vaska Juneau Araer Bk Note Am Beet Sug .m Car .4 Fdy ..m Rol Mills vm Metal Co AM Rad S Am Tob Co ·vrm Co A -V As Drv Goods 12' B'eld Hem H 1 ;est Co 24! iriggs Mfg Co 16 : Budd Mfg Co 6 Byers A M C021 Caterpillar Trac 28 Coca-Cola 116 Credit 27 Com Solv 21 Cont Oil Cr of Wueat Cu'-lahy pack Curt-Wrigbt IS 18 ·» 10 20 695 3 H Int! Carriers Jewel Tea-Kelv Co Lambert Co Liq Carb Cor Mack Tr Math Ate McLelland Sto Mex Seab Oil Minn Mo'.tne Imp 3 Motor Prod -24U No Amer Avt 4 7 i Otis Steel 4 J £ Owen 1H Glass 77 Park Utah Cop I 40 28 K 25 29 3* 31 3 i 30 11 34 U Douglas Airc 15% 16 V, 14 43' = 3-.. 18 S 16 Eaton Mfg Elcc Auto Lite 20'. 3 Erie R R Co IS Flrest T R 1911 First Nat! St 62 14 : ;s Foster-Wheeler Glidden Co 221» Gt North Ore 12 JUhn Dept St 5'i Houston OH 19-= Houst Oil (new) 4 Hupp Motors 3-"; Indian Kef Co 3 Indust Rayon 73^ Peo Gas L Plymouth Oil Pub Ser N J Pure Oil Co Pur Bakery Reading Co Eeo Motors St Jos Lead Simmon? Co So Ca! Edison !(·=. Sperry Corp S 1 , Tide Wat As O 12 i t U S Smelter 113H- Util P L A 3 Vanadium 20 U Union Oil Cal 10 : :(. United Gas 1 15 warren Bros 9 West Myld U*. West Union 42 ! ; Worth Pump 21 Young S i T 20 Mrs. Caudill of Alta Vista Composes Song Honoring Father's Day ALTA VISTA, May 10.--Mrs. Ethel Reinhart Caudill's musical composition, "Oh Father Mine" has just been released with all international copyrights reserved and has been placed on sale. Mrs. Candill is a member of the Reinhart Sisters, a musical organization well known in this section. She is an accomplished musician. Her Father's Day song- is a pleasing ballad with two verses and a chorus. As far as is known here, Mrs. Caudill's song is the first Father's day song of its kind. She dedicated it to her father. L. L. Reinhart, of this place.

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