Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 12, 1895 · Page 6
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 6

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1895
Page 6
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\\ I i. H The Best and Cheapest and where yeu will get the moet for your money w a Problem thnt everybrxly ia trying to solve. AufeWKii -- CJo to HAHLIH, WAGCNER COMPANY S Don't waste your hard earned money on . «ome little tnfling present that IB piotty £oa a ebort time only. Why not Luy Home- thing that ia durable, raid nt the same time Cheap and Useful? You canaot find antyhing that ia more desirable for Christmas Presents than the goods we carry. OVERCOATS. TJLSTERS and FUR Ii .1. U iMUnger of Jubilee hi* betn lilml asl'!wiorrji : llieLuih'TantbTircli for jiiothir -.Il«v, Illl'lj Mumnw jud Ella Muunt sji-nc Tfiur»dAy wain!! wlih MUM Jennlo Kin*. JGd Geren of Buzzard Glory biwed wood (T Mr.i Kjul -ind Jghn Pump with hi* buti «« liut w***j4. The twnUei sociable lu iht? JJaptlat i p u r h IUL W«Jrenda}' wa*» liirjely aiitnilwl ."Hi Llle l,adle» Union claarud q u l u - j neni Uule »um Kd Geren hid ibe mlslonune u ha»r bLa ovMcoat b»lly tor* ' " '"In wall* Hawing wood DC ir htf last Friday. He waj* In ihe^ctof jl]u»Llnic a btlt whtn bin coal tuufht lj-» ten ibe r-vnlTlDt bell Jind tbc pull»y Uy ibe lime air. "^trrcu »rrcu unut^ii u««« ·/ o" ·"" LlolhfJi hid pAjiaed jronnU ibe · bwl d n d w f r e --One word de»cribea it---peifec rion." IVe refer to De Witt's Witch Hazel baUe. cures obstinate nore burns, akin diseases and is a well known cure lor piles. htUuchmtie Mctiahfian. JANUARY Clearing S Low Prices that vull astoniBh jou. Men's All Wool Suits for S5.0O and up. NECKWEMi maKes a very desirable present because it ia Unesul Pretty aud cheap. S CAPS, SHOES, HOLIDAY SUSJ'ESDEKS. CUFF 1'INS SHIRT bTUDS. GLOVES, MITTENS. UJN HANDKBROUJ ra ILK WMSTLET6. HOblJSIU. OVERSHOES. MUFFLEBb, BEAVEH WRIbTLBTS. A PAIJl OF PANTS. Any of theBO make a desirable Present aud will not Distress your Pockot-book. They are cheap and sure to pleoHe. We wiah to call your attention to our Boy's and Youth's Clothing. We have a large assortment and will make prices in keeping with the times. In fact we will make special prices on nil clothing, for our entire stock must be sold to make room for our Spring clothing. Remember we will make Pncen that will Please You. Hamlin, Wagoner Company. DEALERS III FIRST-CLASS HOODS ONLY, --Wood will be taken at tlie PiiOQ- HEas-lfKVlKW oflluj on subscription- Erin? It uow. Moorevllle llema Mr*. At M. Hill ind AJmi JJ«llirU were WK- lerloo visitor* I'uesdi)' T B. Perry did bunlnemi »t Ellwron Ilium. day. Sum Colllna wenL to vinton Iwii Kriu.ij TheY. I'. H S. will K' V °* llwrary onLtrt.iln- mental ino Moorovlllu ball Frldn nenlug, JKU IB. All urolanMKl Joba KahJ IJUH gono 10 Alnbaina on Iho vx- curilan. MJnn Kenivilou of Dysarl, bus been vlmllni her Dialer Mm r.uhyer John Kuhl uawod wood f ir D Moll Ibl* HwiloDuraE. or Cunusco, -.\na mitr'cJ '.-"t Thursday to Mr J. iilierrati, ot Triiur. --Small in size, great m results: I)e Wltt'a Little liarly Hibers Beat pill for constipation, beat for sick bead- ache, brat for aour Stomach Jilfin- cuuliie McGaheran. Eagle Center Hems. Tony Burger who baa Iwon traveling lu Lbe far went for nome lima Is homo ngnln A lirgo number [rom tbln vicinity aiuindod tho MlHalou In your clu £ jrlng tbo pisi woek 'Will Hfjrdou Hold a load of iiitilo 10 John McQullUn lai. woolt, 3.WI WIH tbo price ji Tbo marriage bellu will noon bo ringing In our xoldHt, but wo ivouL Loll you u thin? .iboul 11 A. niimtmr of our cl'(7i)nb nUcnaoil the double funeral ol futhtr and mother Doinn ni Lincoln hul Friday. Tho aged couple woro nuffocaud by cent ga» while Hlcoiilnk'. , Tho »nnun» meeting ol the qo-opernUvo orobmcry Co. WIIH held lasi Tucadny. T. J Humphry, P. C. McQixrvey, Wm. Lcni7 and Fblllp TroBt w«ro olected director* for thn coming your- T. J. Humphry «»· clecifd secretary. Brandon I terns. A;iolheri* added u, our sick Iht. Little eiriy Morlooii thin Umo lliu Ljceuni »i. Hio Lime Crook acbool hotse WUH iJrB^ly itivnilvil irrliMy o'/enlng In spite of ,lMlt rrosL neleci company of young people wer« Invited u Mr. Mcl.olvh'u Friday a upend the evening An enjoy.iblo tlmo won reported by Ibosn preflmil Quarterly inwtlnK will bo bold In tbo M. E church Silntliij mnrnlni,-, J m . ivia. Cli.iu. bnupiicr of vlnion, wan la onr city Spring Creek Gleinlngs. ^.. Account of the cbange lo the w«jilier Old Suddy lua bean obliged to Map wltbln (ho Ilmltn of the heating Utove. flic mumtHiru of the Cedar 13end aabb.ith ictux'l elected their omcerfl lor the coming quirLtr. aa follows: Mliy DAiny Carr S u p t , MUt IJcrin.i Carr, Sec., Midi Ida Miller, LI uruliui. Mr. Willie VrlMLiicB Irtmurer Mini P«.irl l^ylor Is su/furlng from lung fever. E. A. Cnrr IH werrlng ^ broid finite now a d^yM, all beL^iusu be h^u taken duulher girl fco Kce] until Hbe re.icbcs tbe j(:e of three times The MieHl itylc now when )ouu|f meu go U, one tliBlr beat 'Klrl," IH to MHH hl« "hitching ]OjL ^llh ' him " Tlioite who atteadad the oyalor uupper it Mr John Hoburt'a lifiiSacurilay orenlnc report i viry ple^jaot time. Hhe.-iiuo HcroKKlrw who hs.1 been very 111 for . Home timo, lu able to be up Again Mr Hot!«hlru o( your :lty,,sicni Sunday at K C Taylor'* Must be numethlag Attractive lu lluzztird, moal too many «li!ow« Hello friend Ajax' bow la your health 1 Hath- ercoW for nuth !ceble old guotUme- llko juu We nlll ercuie thr iuiny mlataktij jnd IUIUM jnu made and nvvrlooked week, lor we know very well you were built on the crooked, order aud It Is not ut all aurprlildt? that you gel things "mixed up" once In A whll . AM friends we advlfio you tu go latowlnt«r quartern, aa den W^hlnfion did al Vulley Forge, and !t ly there u n t i l the ^rround hog comog out of liln den tt'tiim itprlDg u]»m there will be mure stock Ib.U luoka like Lbe} had been wintered on a cclojie ih.uj tberu u,i9 beon here to-fore. W. M Ulpe has Illed bin offlcUl bond for the olTlu; o[ Justice of the Pe^cc of Spring Creek TowuHhlJi ,md In now it the Hervjee of any one v iBhlue any ad rice lu 110 line of law, Huch s inutrlmony divorce c.ises and the like A},ixl bid you good nlKbt, hoping that your peaceful ulumuerH be notoimurbed. feodrty A Soldier's Love Story Told with consummate skill is our new War Serial by Capt. F, A- Mitchel, entitled CHICKAMAUGA An intensely interesting story, full of thrilling adventures and dramatic situations Read the First Chapter Which will appear in this paper soon Our uexi leit«r will lull of a. Wlllln VcLelsh lutrnjfl Kolnit to tchool st Cue Colli gc In the noar future. D A. McLoluM cttllrd a mneilDK of tho farmers buiuTd^y evening. He IB lealroun of dlapoilngolliH ctc.imcry M thin pliica und ulnhrM ibe farmern to form u Block Co and purcbiiHo 11 lUrry Frlisl: who his beea vary low wliu ' u n g f o i e r ilnco our l.-mt letw le » IJtllo better .u ihlH wrlUcff. ,llm JuuHn of Mi Auburn vrsa In Bruadon HuniUy. llviuembor th« play lo be given at tli U. A R dull Slilurdny ivenlng. ible week, Qco ThompuoQ speai a low Jays at Vinton CONFEDERATE BRIGADIERS. Tb/ Are af from tb» Am* fell ,md hurt h l a l i l p n f e w d.iya n|i;o r and 10 qult« hclpleai. T h c W M. C. fttid Q A. It's K^e Mllpncrki their hull SutunUy. Rov. Jobnioa addrcaued iho I O. O F boys aud their frlendH Wednesday i-venlnR Supper vtaa nerved In tlu'lr ha'l and abou: IM ptrtlclpnl«d. Eil Kweel .mil wile unH oihcra werv down from Independence Ml. Auburn News. From the htur. --Henry Welton was a La Porte culler Wednesday. -- M r s . King of L» Porte la attending her daughter, Mrs. Andrew Wil son, in her sick ness, --Wm. Chappie, of La Porte, was a business caller at Alt. Auburn Tues- dny. --Geo. A. Mclntyre, Sec'y of the District Epworth League, will be at the M. E. chinch m Mt. Auburn Sunday evening, .Ian. 13th, --Clem Gingrich, one of Benton county's succesatu! teachers, was In town Monday. He nays he is Dot wleldiug the rod tlnn winter, bub IB liateDlGB to the lowing of the bovine and the grunting ot the swine. --Following la the sick Hat this week: L'ort DUVIB, Mrs, Andrew Wilson, Mrs. Phil Frank, Henry Oliver, Jno. Wea- cott's child nnd Mrs. C. Brown or GH- leapie. JOHrl BULL'S HUMOR. --Wood will be taken at the Pitoa- 11E8S-B.EYIEW ofllce on subscription Bring it now. Cedar Township. Jama QnklnB rcinrtrd homo from Indepiiiid- eoco Hi la week Jno, uOoK .iDU J°? McNaMgbloil are on n hunting tour la Mlnncnoix Jo« McllrlUo wnj onurinlDlng friends from Linn OS. ttUs w»k A. W. Hnbb.ird and family np*ni Suod y In Kaglo Twp. with Mm Hubbatdn alauir-wbo \H very Blck. Jacob Anioa !· the only authorized man In th* lower end ol Ccdir to carry concealed wtfapana. Lookout for the honored ufflccr D L. Unbbnrd WM n cullor .it Loulso Friday --"I know an old soldier wlio bad chronic dlacrhceu of long standing to have been permanently cured by ta- klugChambcrl'ilu'3 Colicdnd Dlaribcen llomtdy." aays Ed Shumplk, it prom- ln«ut druggist of Miiiueatjollu, Minu "1 baveaold the remedy In thin city for over eeven veurs and coiiHider it superior to any otber medicine now on the market for bowel compl.ilnta." 25 and 50c bottles of thii) remedy for snln by Blauctimne McGaheran drviggiflta. Or. Price's Cream Baking Powdar A Pun On» Cnwn tf T«tw Pwder Shady Grove New»lel». It. Cohn and nlrn of Waterloo nee vlalUruj .it E. II. "- Duan* Miller Is working tot Freft ScLuu* M Mr. Ennlgn of Eagla Twp. putchmcd tome timber ol I. O. Bovra ana la now turd lit work. Quo, UftldwlQ la making froqUBnt vlslti to jrour city. Wnal does ihla menu Oeorge 1 Amos Cowley aad laJy vldlod tho Wm Kline family laet w««V ^ Oonntiole Anton tr»n,inctcd bualneus nt the county Mat lui week. W« «« »°n7 to ·"J' th " 1 Wl W- S1 TM ottof Wasnbaru id DO( r«crtTorlne from his slcKncss l nplll M nls friends would wish. fnak Hnnwr of Jesup nponi Soadsy with IMM Pirrtn Down who hu boen quit* nick kMt*»ob«»roand'' p r o r u W. C Ivcnnoy bns purchAt«d a flno new driving hftrnCH.1. MTU. Dor.iuce Banco hat) bran on thuUiiltr ;hc nick. At the rnlHc tinre SaiurOiy ovcalng, H. Donovan draw the shot gun, Ktia j. A. HlUon beld ihi' lucky number for ihD violin. Z«kH JAzvT und wlfo of Je^up. rlsltcd at tlio hoinn of Ell Lilz»r »nd fjiinll} Naw Vture .1. L Month of Ln PuiU) \vtvs la lown a few il;iya Isut wvck noltlnR nursery guodfl W. C. KennoT traasacu^l business In Ind«- pcnlence one day Inat week. Wm. McGraw DHB lately purchased S acres of timber land of Robert Stewart for IIS7. Hev. j. c. Kepfora will preach here »t Ue usual hoar next Sunday forenoon. D. W. Miller and Fred Schmls wTU give a. thootinK mutch here next Friday Jan II; they h«VB a fine lot of tiirkeya which ttsy will dln- posflof. lh« Children In the family of JUTOM Rica who BBTS bafluqniic ilck the pM* *«w day* It If of Ihn Fat Wilted Kind--Wlimt IcaaiTliInk of It. Hu\vthorue, obgcrviog Englinhmen in England, tponku of cbcm OB "heavy wittcd." Kiuereon nlludefl to their "raving stupidity " Howclls baa Inrro- dncrd to ns HODIO typical specimens ol English respectability cvud rank baffled In their chibo uftvr Amorlaan humor, but on tbo scene and arriving at the point of appreciation after considerable ellviit thought, sometimes lasting into tho next day, mid here Is tho testimony of Lowell from bin rcoently published "Letters." lu a letter \mtton In 1889 from England to Profngaor Norton he thus explains the warm reoeption given to BnfTalo Bill by London society: "Bn» I think tho trno key to tbi sageraess for lions--even of the poodle sort--Is the dullness of the average English mind. I never oome back here without being struck ·with It, Henry James snid it always stupefied him at flrvt \\hcu he came buck from the continent. What it CTtivefl beyond everything is a Ecnbation, ,mything that yfill serve as a Worccstenhire sonco to lt» ilcggiah palat*. 'We, ot finer and more touchy fiber, get our scueations cheaper ·nd do not DLnd Wordnworth's emotion over a common flower so very wonder- fal. People ue dull tnongh on our sida of thu occnn streum also, God wot, but hero unlcFB I know my people I never doru to let my niiud g iinbol. Most of them, if 1 ever do, look on like the fa- moon deaf man at tho dancers, wondering to what music I am capering. They call na superficial. Let ns thank God, floar Charles, that our nerves are nearer the surface, not so deeply embedded ia fat or miuule that wit mtut take · pitch, fork to m."--Outlook, Tho DI«D who eujnyod prominence ia the military and eml B«rvic« of the confederacy are mindly pissing from the arena of politics. Below i a record of snch aa aru still in nctiv lifo in 'Washington: The Kuniur United Stated senator fiom Altttuma, John T. Morgan, was a brigadier general in the Confederate army, and her other senator, James L. Pugh, was a member of the Confederate congress Hon. Joseph Whcoler, who attained the rank of lieutenant general in the Confederate service, has for 12 jean been there preeentative in congress from the Eighth Alabama district The senior senator from Georgia, John B. Gordon, was likewise a lieutenant general in the nnoy of the confederacy. Tho Hon. Edward C.WalthaU of Mis- ·isippi, a major general in the Confederate bervioe, and of lata the jtmlor United States senator froja his native state, -nliile not in active politics, nar ing resigned for the balance of his pre»- ent terra in the upper honae, has been elected lor and IB confidently expected a take bib seat in that honorable body In March, 1895. Tha senior United States senator from .Missouri, Fiaiicis M (Jockrell, was · brigadier general in the Confederate army, aud tho other bcnntor from that oalth., Georg" Q Vest, held in both boobos of the Coufed- t« OOLI^,'rO^^, Tho present senior United States senators from both North uud South. Carolina, Mutt W. Ransom and AL C. Butler, were major generals in the Confederate service. The representatives from Tennenea ID the upper house of cougrcbs nrelsham Q. Harria, the staler, and William R Batu, who is the junior senator from that commonwealth. The first mentioned was n war governor of hia native state, and tho last named wra a major general in the Confederate army. And, lastly, Eppa Hnnton, who saw ·ervice aa brigadier general In the Confederate army, at present oocmplei the position of junior senator from Vii- ginia in the congress of the United Itntea. Thus do we perceive that of the mnlti- tnde of those who distinguished tuom- ·elvee in the military and civil annals of the confederacy only 12 remain In national halls upholding in the present, aa they strove to do in the pint, tha rights and interest of the section ol which they are the honored ropresenU- tivoa. -- Augusta Chroniole. MeD's Heavy Underwear, 25c.; loruier price 50c. Men's heavy overshirts, 50c., former price 85c. Men's heavy pants, 75c., former price $1.50. Men's Good Overshoes, $1.15, former price §1.40 Men's Good Overcoat*, $7.50, former price $10.00. AND ALL OTHER WINTER GOODS IN . PROPORTION. . , DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT:--10 dozen Ladies' French Kid Gloves, 5 and 7 hook; 5 doz. Swede Gloves, 7 hook. We will sell these gloves at the remarkably low price of 90c for one week only, beginning with this issue. These goods are worth from $1.25 to $2.00. M80DS AFD FAS6IN/ITORS AT 25 PER GENT DIS8OUNT. Yours for Bargains, ED. B. SCHUCK I buy my shoes at, W. It. SGHUTZ ^ GO'S. WHY? Because I can get better Shoes and Gent's Furnishings at that reliable store than anywhere else in La Porte City. Lot fl) B pairs Ladles V^lt Plum too i'1.00 i ( I il U) to " (2) H paira Laidies Welt Tip 3 00 :ind 4.OJ clown to w « (3) B paira Ladies Tip £lif?h Gut S3 50 dowo to 2.50 Helping tt» B»rb*». "8o=e men think that if they draw down their upper Hpa it helps M in ·having the lip, but it doesn't," oaid a down town torSorial artist the other day- '' On the contrary, it really makes matters worse, M It !· then almost impossible lo get at the corners of the month properly. I always hate to say anything about it, for some people are Mdly offended, you know, and than they are doing their best, as they think, to help oa along."--Philadelphia CalL The mca who walks through life OB · · carpet of velvet and has a nice dme of It Is the one who thinks twice before be spcnVs once, and then doeen't MT unco. " (4) 9 " - (5) 24 " ·· (0) 33 " ·· (7) 6 " » (8) 3 " " (9) 33 ',,' " (10) 16 " i. (1 ^ 9 " " (12) 7 " " (13) 8 " " (14) 13 " "(15)9 " " (16) 7 " " (17) 12 " " (IS) 12 " t.» .2.00 Wile--How i*op]e ga» « m» n«w _»Ml I prwiwne they wonder If I'TW teen BhoppiDg In Pari* t Htaibaod--Btoe litortj they ww*r WlhaviUeorobbing*baat ·-'- Accordions were Invented 'in by Mr. Damlan of Vienna, aad · linglej Gvman firm now mannfacinnB ovavi »1,005 · year. Soap tablet* are the latert (ORB o* wmprraaed merohandlse. They com* tacked in pretty nonwi, each tablet ·boat the §iw of · loienge. Narorall* they an ohiofly valuable in travahng, bat the ·Uppery cake ot the homo dilh ·nay oonT«fiienUy live vr«y to " Plain toe, bigti top *'· ^ (l " (It 9250 and BOO doivn to 1 75 '· Turn Solea 33.00 and 4.00 down to 2.00 ·' Lace tops, $2.90 down to »200 Cloth top »350 down to 260 Op. toe kid S31« and 400 down to.... '50 C g. kid MOO and 3.00 down to I.SO Hand turn kul VA 75 down to 25 ° « (it. Mutton 92.85 down to ! * Miss High top button »2.30 down w 1 - 7j Kid Heel 82.00 and 2 50 down to l w Kid Sp. Heel Si 7. 1 . down to ' K Heel and Sp. 42.00 down to ' K Gt. Sp. Heel W.OO down to '· 50 Welt b n t t t l p 9205 down to 1 ' 50 ispairsof Youths boots, U to 13, Woo d-iwn to 1 25 H pairs of GhildB boots. 8 to 10. ?l 30 d o w n to w 20 pairs of Cbllds Lace Calf slices, size 5 to 9, SI/jO down to # ITpairaof Chlldn Kid butt 5 to fij^, Sl.OO. down to rx) 13 Hoys Caps, 1'lush. tl .00 and 7r. eta., down to 50 Yours for Business, W. L. SCHUTZ Co. The Cash Shoe Mart. Succeiwor to OEO. BANGER SON. Done by a First- C NEWSPAPER!

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