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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Thursday, August 13, 1818
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THE iiJBW - YOm EVENING POST. i iNUMUElt 5013 THURSDAV, ACGUST 13, 1818. NO. 49 WlLUAM STREET. . For SALE, if apptted fir intmetHattly,) Tl,..iiiui inr nurk rt ilnnn ROSTOV. , - - r mtit nd months old, burthen 8. ' f akmiiirlilutiiilt hnlted . ilnwi a larire and sail i emnrkubly fat ; has a full inflatory wd in complete order for a voyage VmjAo A. Hortn, on board, east ide Bur - Kp.orto ANSON G. PHELPS, TT 3 Front - street. or alr, Freight or Charter, The fine New - York, built ship HI RF.RXIA. H. Graham, mauler, built by ujbeeeman, of the bet material!, and in !; '. f.itl.ful manner. ha lately been con - uic Ufw ; , i ' i oered and put in complete order, and can be Joit on any voyage at little expense. For u;n...rri owM &gAM.LCBA1Ct ,u 11 . No. 84 FronUtreet. : htm rH.iKI.EtiTOtf. rr - i ' - 1 . f l.t Ti no. nrhrmnfir w I US .wv - - ft " . . - p n . riTTIinl n n 1 - 1 waiter; bavin - most of her cargo engageJ, will oil oa Thursday next. rorreinunuei . or passage, having good accommodations, apply alley, , m 93 fine - street fur M. thomiu ami A. BurthoLmt - JH, a rn.l KllKi. i)l 180 ions, bound to ril Writ ludiei. will tike fieiirhtfor either of tlie above places, it oliei eti immeuia tely. Several passenger also, can oe c so commodated. Apply to JAMESmVOLF.Jun. M 10 54 Siiuth - strect. tor S.irjSfX.iH, The fine tchr. AALLY - ANN, Wog - Llnm. master : harinr been detained by he fieather, can talrt oni more light freight. For which, or paange, apply oa boarJ, at Jones' bar or to FOTT& M'KINNE, 4U 0 66 South street. FREIGHT WAfrrU). The Oritish bri ST. UOMI.GO, Lcaptain Redmond, will take freight for ui vutt in Great - Britain or Ireland she is a good vessel, and may be despatched immediate - If. Apply on board at Piue - ttreet wharf, or to N. L. it G. GRlAWOLD, so 10 86 South - st. tor lit: UMUDA, jEiJi '"h" i'so". master, has three fourths of ber cargo ready to go on board, and will positively sail on or before the 16th frwt. For the remainder of freight or paaiae, appiy to LA1DLAW, GIltAUL 1' & CO. so 8 71 No. 90 Cotfer - llouse - slip. for t're jM or Charier, The slup !tri u k. men d r ieiu, matter, burthen tbimi J00Q barrels, is is complete order to receiv e a cargo, and may be despatched immediately lies at pier So. USoutu - strtet. Apply to , ' THOMAS S. WALSH, Xo. 1 18 Front - street. B VI L OAXf STOA'E. One I'undred and forty ton building stone, of gKid quality, fbrsile onboard, if kpplied f in few days. au lw for Llt'ERfOOL, veil known, regulai tof&lV we" known, rg"Iar trading coppered khip IMl'ORTER, Dinglry, muter, vui be dpuied soon, havintr tnc greater part of bercrgo en(jiged. For remain der of freight or pastage, having superior ac - cofflinoilationa, apply to capt. U. on board, at pier Wo. 13, E. R. Gouverneur's - wharf.) or to CHARI.K3 HALL, 1 Dvaver - street. For sale, no hoard the above ship, 4 chaldron CANAL COAL. "6 a For LIVERPOOL, The substantial ship ttOCKISGHAM, T.F. Williams, muter, is now loading ing considerable cargo engaged, m intended to sail on the 20tli inst For the remainder of freight or passage, having handsome and spacioua accommodations, apply on board, east side Fly - market, or to THOMAS C. BUTLER, Jun. au6 '74 South - street. for H EL A H f, and back to Aeie - York. lae sui 4 villi i;ivai.uviit wiuhm master, for Belfast, is fully loaded, and wui sail oa Saturday morning. a mm more passengers can be accommodated 'oadurttblr. in cabin or sterra;. Apply on board, vr to ABRAHAM BELL, . corner of Fuiton It Clin - tti. A. BELL has received bv the late arrivals, a Itize aih.rtnuot of wide and narrow diapers, 4 4 au7 - 8 Liorn, brown and black Linen, sheeting, Cc which will be sold ou fair terini. see, S lw far - VflUDfl.f'W O The fst sailing packet schr. FANNY ft HENRY, Tdford, master; is . laded, can take a few tons more light freight, if immediate application is made on warn, west side ot Burling slip - au 5 HI Hi IE LEAD. ULUC VITRIOL. Al. uninoia, irom Bristol, (hog ) and lor sale by tnDscriier, on aurantagejus terms, viz. ;su aegs genuine groond while Lead ia 3b!. krr 0 casks best dry White Lead Li casks 5 lot cwi. eacn 90 do Rvd Lead in casks from 1 to. 3 cwt. each It do Spanish Browo from 3 to 4cwt.cach 30 do Ivory Black from t to 3 cwt each It do Roman Vitriol from 5 to 8 cwt each tS do Venetian Red from ? to 3 cwt ench . It tierces A Hum from 7 to 10 cwt each 0 hhlLi. 5 lirroinnil H I, hi, Kiitl nit Si mi A French Green, Lamp Black, furple Brown - - umA v ls I VI avau ajVUWiliig vut Wlyto A.CIfURCll, Jo 184 Bowery. crkMisi i.iuum ECEIVEU by the stiip Triton and the ship Ubc. fltim Uamhiiw knilAlkr lit imiinrf n aitortineot of Germ ui LioeDi, tuchu . . . , wniie ana arown etsKnes,Crea, 2"lM Brown Checks and Shirting Linens JeiB - pm Osnaburgs and Ticklenburgs, tanv, Burlaps, Brown Rolls, fgv,. Tapes, Supeifine Broad Cloths Mpkios, Silk Galloons and Pound Kibtona "Oee Mills, Slate IWils Jkn.g Clan Plate. n.l Statu Glasses ad PeariU J aa assortment of Cardwire. , , ' Alston hand, ' tons St. Petersburg Hemp ''rtwality Holland Sail Cloth, and boaes Pategrass Cheese, eotiUed to d - . bestare. n ule on reasonable terms, by j... GEO. & THEO. METER, 129 Wnnhinrtnn strwt. BRJLR.3j '' - Mon. Bar Iron. i, iron w deica Frying Pans f - ateat Chaff and Drawing Koilfi iron and steel hor.. erniHO an.t cat steej mill, pit ft hand saws II II - imnff r mf tf vm Jr AXUERSOM is hLRER, At 131 Water street, MADEIRA tritfE. 6 " Hhdj. i Choic L p Mdira Winei 2 1 - 2 Or. Casks Malmsev da rt , of Scott, Loughnan, Penfold St Co'l. brand, and offered for sale by W. & 3. CRAIG, nugl la No. 34 Kront - st. JAMAICA RUiM. 3S0 puncheons will be landed this da? at the foot Of Rector - atreeL North River, from on board the ibip Pacific. For tale by aig 3 ROBERT LENOX. JEWELLERY, WATCHES, tie. CASE of ondry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, La. Silver Hunting and Wain Watche. Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. t casei Ladies Corset assorted. For sale by J LAMBERT, Je 84 3 Courtland itreet. TK AS. IVlNli'.S.u CHIU'IUIl No. 7 Park (late Ladies Auction Room.) rIHlE subscriber keeps constantly for sale J. general assortment of first rate Groceriti r. r :l - . ...l: t lur loiiiiijr uic, uuiuug nuicn are uuiitowaer Imperial My son, Young Hyson Hyson Skin Souchong & ' TEAS rnf first qti&liiy and latest soioruitoa. foutlious Loaf. Lump, 1 citn i d ? Havana white and brown) 3UU lK3' Double Gloui ester, ( rurrci' Holland & American K - til - 1 - - Lenion Juice Sicily Lemons in good order 4tb proot Cognac Brandy (genuine) Holland Gin and J&tnuica Spirits Madeira, Port, Clart, L. P. Teneriffe, Sherry and othi r Wine Swiet Oil in Hetties and Mottles Spici - s, W. I. Pepper Hiblif.rl's Brown btout 4 Virinrni f V I un.l f 1 1 ... H . xb t K mnw vII.a. - rvilM aim vallum. , ' . mniij vun.l ir(,i - l frwt niitnrnii. In mnt't ifv uhirh Ka wild at a moderate advanre, hy U?a JAMES r.ANUOE, AMERICAN CLOTHS. JOSEPH TH COMB 4c CO. No. 162 Tearl - tl street, have iust received 10 pieces Ameri can SuiierfiuK Clue Cloths, which will to sulri cheap, for cnh only. Alto on hand, au extensive assortment of Domestic, Woollen, anil Cotton Goodijof every dis cription, at low prices. 29 DOMESTIC aoons. JOSEPH TITCOMB Ic CO. 162 Pearl street, il havejunt received 6 case, containing 5 - 4, 4 4, 7 - 3, and S - 4 bleach'd Sheetings and Sbiriins Brown Shirtings ; Gingham Stripfs; Checks; Chan. brays Bed - Ticking and Cassinierc. AIo nn hand, an extensive assortment of Domestic Woollen and Cotton Gcds Wick Vam ; Boots and Shot Cut Tacks and Bradi, assorted An invoice of Straw Braid, Sc. All of which will he sold at low prices for cash or short credit. . . Wool, Cotton or Bale Goods received for sale or on storage. aug 5 C1HEMICALS, COLORS, c J Epsom Salts, in casks of "2c wt. Lump Magnetic, in caes Do da small square Calcined do in phials RocbellaSaltn, Acid Tartar Citn Acid, Blue Veiditerio firkins Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rcaulus of Antimouy GUAS, BUTTONS, &c. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do - do in wainscoat cases, finely finiehed with apparatus coiupietv . Duelling Pistols, incase Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Belt Gilt Coat and Vest Button Copiierplate for engravers Mathematical Instrument Rolling Puralel Rulers Mariners compact s, telescopes Opera glasses, microscope 3 sett splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddie Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For tale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 J (Jourtlandt - street. SHEFFIELD k BIRMINGHAM GOODS. 6CaiK neatly assorted table Knives Si Forks, 1 do. do. do. Small Cutlery, . , . . ( Tabla Knives it Forks, 4 do. do. do. K.ithimalUulli;ry. 1 do. do. do. Saws, 1 do. do. do. Files, 1 do. do. do. Eedge Tools, 1 do. do. do. Britannia Tea - pots, A few casks Candlesticks, Butt Hinges, Wood Screws, Commode Knobr, and 1 case Buttons, For sale, very low, by JNO. !l'CRALKA?f, july 23 Bj 1 - 2 Pearl - st. M. O Boies muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Irish linens 1 do. pink ginghams ' 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platilhs ft do Scotch osuaburgs 7 bales imitation sheeting 4 do. brown linen t iVa. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cot too bagging Twilled sacking ( ' . ' Seine t wide For sale by GEORGE JOHNi'TON. July 2 No. 1 Shut Uue. UUT fO. H t)OL il MA CHLVE CA HDS. 'I'HOS. WIHTTEMOKE has constantly on I. hand at his manufactory. No. 50 Ferry, street, niit to the coruerof Kearl street, a large and general assortment of card of every description, ris : Cotton Cards of 7, 8, 9, 10 . ' Wool do 5 and 6 Machine do Clothiers' and Hatters' Raising Cards All of superior quality, which he will sell on the lowest terras. J 84 1m IRISH LINENS, 1.aW3, SHEETINGS, ui.m ru, aic. A LARGE and handsome assortment of the Ilesne - rus, and other late arrivals, and are olTtrtrd for sale on reasonable terms : 3 4 Diapers. 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diaper ana Damark 3 - 4 White Linen 4 - 4 and 7 8 Linens, fin and low assortments 3 - 4 Brown Lawns and Linen 3 - 4 Black do 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings 4 - 4 and 5 4 Slieeting 5 U Lawus, 7 - 8 Dowlas, book and long oM Strong half bbmhed 7 - 8 and 44 Linen 4 4 Hutus half bleached Irish cole red Thread niKirtrd. THOMAS SUFFERX, anslOtw No.6 Drpevstrr street. CO TTON it HIDLt. 3b bJs prim L piano Cottoo . , , 6E7 snaiush and Ol Hides. For sale hy V HENRY COWING, aug 6 6t 131 Front - corner of Fulton street. RICHMOND ELOUR ICO barrels made k K..f WIimI. laiirtinv froos the fchooaer Only Daughter, fro us Richmond, at " ROBERT'GILLESPIE, aug 11 11? Frost street GUNPOWDER, SHOT, LEAD, &c 1000 qr. casks F.FF ts FFF Blooafleld Powder 500 do do musket and Cannon Powder 100 do do best English lo 50 do do Dartlord Cannistcr do 20 do do Single Seal do , . 4 tons ataorted Patent Shot 3 uo do moulded do - i 3 do bar Lead 10 rolls Sheet Lead , . 500 fret patent Lead pipe ' 100 M. superior French and English gun and pistol Flint . Also, an assortment of musket arid cistol b:dls. powder flasks and shot belts, for sale by sBHOONMAKEIt, VAN BEUREN It CO. i augU 3w No. 91 Front - tt. . BLANKETS, CARPETING, c. Rose Blaokets 7 - 4 to 11 - 4 1'oiut do - 1 1 - 2 to 4 London Duffle do Striped do do Printed Table Covers, blue, green, scarlet and Waterloo. Brussels Carpeting Wilton Hearth Rugs , Imperial do. The above landing from the ship Paragon, from Livt rpool, and for sale hy EDWARD LYDE, au 8 lw No. 16 William - street. WO,ll ES TiC COTTOX GUUUS. N asaorlment of Domestic Goods, such as Dieacird s unoieach'd oturtiugs and sheet - HI'S White ie black MillinctU, (assorted numbers) floss, kiiitliiuf &z ,( - ivin" Cailnn. Far sale on reasonable terms by WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, aus6 197 Pearl street, (upstairs. TEXbRlft'E and MADEIRA f JV, &e. JOHN HEFFERNAN, No. 34 iouth - street, offers fur sale, 60 qr. casks L. P. Teneriffe wine ' 3 pipes and 6 hbds. do. Madeira do. Si ccroons Cumming seed 2 do. Carraway do. A few hones Havana segars. an 7 1 w N'ANKIA CRAPES. 4 cases elegantly i s - sorted Nankin Crupn. ii. - i rfc. ui d. and foraleby 1 P. REMSEN At CO. . a us 8 s.iuth - ttn et. JiElV MUSIC. J UST published by W. DUBOIS; at his Piano J Forte and Music Store, No. IM liioadwuy, WilJium Te.'l Her Smiling Eyes Funny Dearest Thine am I mv Faithful Fair The Solder's "Bride Evtleen's Bow'r, with variations hy Loi ier. Also, all the Songs, Sic. that are now sin - iutr at trie t :onccrt's by Mrs. Burke, rioiman, Rlesrs. lucl cici vid Phillips, Sic. with a erent vari - tj - ol ne v Music for the 1 r orte and the r lute Jy SO 1 f"K. I aVLOR, piano (orte inaiiulact urer Lv SLfroni P:oadwood's 4 Co. London, respect fully acjii onu the public of his arrival at New - York that he mtcuils remaining: a lew week', aud will lie happy to rectify all imperfections in - cideutal to pi'.iuoe, either gi aud, rqunre, uuiijue, o.irmooic, ubluue, &c. oic. Mr. I 's experience aud complete knowledge of all the raCent improvmnts wlucb nave brought the piano to its present stata of excellence, renders his servi ces particularly advantageous to those ladies and zentleinen wlio may be drsirous of any alterations or additions to their instruments, and he pledges bnnseirto restore any piano to its original ton and touch, however grei - t may be its delect Apply to Mr. T. at Mrs. Rosettert, 174 Broad' way. . aug 10 lw' PENTlisTRY. DOCTOR ZERAH HAWLEY inform the palilic that bisollice is at No. 91 Nassau street ; where he txlratti teeth, cleans and ttti leeti, and performs esery cpr.ration in dentistry. The following c'crtidcate of skill, he tiiiuk u sulucient rtcomiueudatiiin. WHOM ITMAV CONCKRW. This reitifies, that Dr. Zcruh Hawley is a reg ular bred physician, and in good standing with his brethren iu this place ; that he has paid particular attention to the ai t of DeniiHry, bas ' studied tl.e best European works on the subject, and has given very good satisfaction in this hr inch, to his customers, wbn are persons of the first respectability in this city. We therefore, with entire ccuGdenc recommend Dr. Hawlry, to the cititenioi New - York as a Dtntul. ( A.neas Munson.'i Professors of New Haven. J.Mathnn Smith, f tlie Med. Jan.2,1018. ) Eli lvcs, T Institution (Jon. Knight, ) Yale Col. aug 1 1 1 U AN'TEII in a very small family, a middle aged white woman, to do the cooking and srashing. Also, a white girl about fourteen or fif teen, to do chamber - woi k and wait on table, ate. None need sui ly who cannot be well recommend ed from their last places. Inquire between the hoors or 13 and o clock, at 47 Alnrrsy street. aug ll at - 'I TRAVELS through some parts of Germany, L Poland, Moldavia, and Turkey, by Adam Neale, M. D. just received by late importations, and for sale hy PETER A. MES1ER, aug il iw th wall - street. Q SPRING - HILL DISTILLERY. Foi sale, about z7 acres of land, adjoin ing rassaick River, in the township of Bloom - rjtlil, in trie county or uses, id Sew Jersey, whereon is a large and commodious distillery, with cider works, oat buildings, Sic that rcudcr the whole a very valuable property, Eequire of ELIAS VAN ARSDAI.K, Newark, or GEO. W. STRONG, few York, aug II 3ar ' LOW PRICED WATCHES. , A GENTLEMAN lately from France, wish - jL e lo disiiose of a larca assortment of Gold and Silver Watches. ch a plain, - repeating, L'Kpiur, hunting, ladies and stop watches, all warranted. Also, a number of composition told watches. snutf and ladies work boxes with esasio wd other fancy urticles. - Likewise, a general assortment of watch - maker tools, aod watch ami clock materials such ss tprings, hands oial pmt - s Classis, chains &c. c. Apply to No. UI Fulton stsret. near Broadway. aug 1 1 lw eWILL BE SOLD AT AWTlOJf, on Wednesday, the 2d of September next, the property ol Robert Gourlay, dtceated,mthe village of IMewburgh. vis ; 11 buinimg lots, fronting on coiovn street, 1 1 k do do do on High street, li do do do ' on Water street. t do do do on (he 8 - Uood - treet. Also, a water lot, containing 94 feet front - On tl.e aforesaid property Uiere is a dwellinc house tti by 30 Icet, also ooe sixteen bf twenty Bine eet,aod a store house tweaty six by thirty also, a carriage makers shop 16 by 18 feet, with a cellar ander the whole, and which sf a small expence may be converted int a cenifortahse dwelling. The Newliurgb and Cochectoa teApika, wdb other principal roads from the interior, runs through lb centre ol in above property, and it being exceeded by none in or about the v - :g lor oeauty of prospect and advasstages for trade, it is presumed that persons wishing lo obtain Wt for (tores or private dwellings, . will not le tms opportunity pass, of becoming possessed of those situated in me most pleasant part oi lot village. Terms to be made Knowa at use time ot sale For particulars, apply to MARGARET GOURLAY, Es.1i. , lewbarfb. . au; 10 tdi 134 Green wich - st. U Tozk. . IV THE PUBLICK. A GENTLEMAN from France would wish to draw th attention of the citizens of New - York to bis newly established Laboratory of Colours for walls, prepared lor Immediate use, aud accompanied with directions lot laying them on. The colours are of the brightest tints, and pre pared so that bo disappointment can take place. St. John's Hall, Fraukfurt - st. N. B. A very superior quality of Recording Ink manufactured by the same person. JulvW tf fll BROW.N, stoue seal eugravt r aud jewel JL . Ier, No. ICti Broadway. Coals of arms, crests, cyphers, eugraved on jtone. i Diamonds, amethysts, topazes, crystals, 1c. bou - 'ht or cut t(i any form. Ladies seals engraved with mottoe, devices or crests. Book oflteraUry kept with upwards of 60,000 uamas. A large assortment of fin cold seals, chains. anu otner jewellery. Jy ztt I in aSTl FOR S.iLh, uj A very profitable FARM, of 1 10 acres, two thirds under cultivation, the residue wood land, situate on the sea shore, a quarter of a wile below the narrows, on the Sluten Maud side and a short ride from the steam boat ferry landing It eives a very extensive view of the bay and eu' vironsof New - Tork, within the Narrows, and ol Sandy Hook and the ocean For prospect is equalled by enne. The title is unquestionable. Two third ol the purchase money uinv remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Foun tain on lua premises, or to W. A. SEELY, 113 Green wicb - ttreet, TO LET, a'conveident new t story house. adjoining theubove, with a garden and about an acre ol land. I or vtids apply aa above, wh eodtf J. W. F O R B K S, MAJUFACTCIltR P SILVKH ITAiC, No. 90 Crouds ay. INFORMS Ids fiiends and th public, that he I continues to manufacture of sterling silvern cluiivily, and of superior workmanship, silver T ea and Table I Ladles, Urns, Silts, I Waiters, Syphons Church Plate. Fish Knives Spoons, Forks, I Cuke Baskets, Sic. Sic. of the latest and most eiegant patterns, and at the lowest prices. All orders executed inn masterly manner. N. B. FAMiMES Hishui' to be supplied with the fiitt jate articles of Silver, nre invited to inspect his work, as ull articles ol his manu facture are sold only by snuistl. J M IfU REWE'RV. For sale, a bargain, a Ilrew 1. ery & Malt House rouutcted, in the citj of Hudson. The buildings are stone, and particularly well calculated for tlie business. It it situated in the midst of a bai ley country, and has many other advantages. It is certainly an object for those wishing to engage in th's busi - ntbs. it is the only brewery iu the coot. try. I'his pionerty will be told cheap. Terms lib. rul ; title good. For further particulars apply to VI. MULDEN, No. 78 Muideu - laue. New - Yoik ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 if FOR S.l LE, A FARM, containing 300 acres, on the bunks of the North River, a mil south frosu the tillage of Hyde Park, and eighty - tia from New. York.' Thailand UequvJ in quality lo the beat in Duchess county, aud is in high order and good feuce. On the premises is a good plaiu farm house, a goqd bam aud other appendage oeccs - sanr lo condisBlin,a large lamu - . Ako a building spot rostiaianrtlng ao extnrt and beautiful view of the North River. Wiihin hull a mile of the farm boue is an einiiicut Academy, and within two unlns an Episcopal and a rrcsbyiv - rian Church, in each of which there is regular service physicians two landings, one of which the Steam - boat advertises as a lauding place, stores, ic. ic. The whole will be sold together or divided lo suit purchasers. T he terms of payment wdl be made easy, and an indisputable title given by the subscriber. WILLIAM BAUD. Hyde Park, July 2 - 1 if TO LET, 1 A part of a house aud a front office in Italil v - strect, within a few rods ol Frauklin Bauk. Inquire at No. 17 Cedar - BtreeL Jy tf fl HALE, The HOUSE Si LOT, No. 339, Broad way. I no lot is ZH I eel iront aud rear, and IUU feet deep. 1 he house is 65 feet deep, finished iu the best mauner, and replete with convenien ces lor a large family. Ou the premises are bnck stable, two ruin - water citterns, (one of which is brick) and a well of exceueut water. The situation is considered equal to any in this city, ror particulars, apply to Eenjumtn G Mtnturn, ou the premises, nrto ROBERT UOWNE, JyS5 1m No. Sail, IWl - st. INDIGESTION, OR, SOUR H TOM A C II, & acknowledged by Medical writer In be i complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all times very difficult of cure. This is sufficiently Ulustra - ted in the disappointment of those stbounfortu nslely suffer under it, as they, for the most part, nun, ibat alter havine tried many thincs lo little or no purpose, they are at last obliged lo use, for perhaps tlie remainder al life, such articles us eau best but palliate the disease. Under suub circumstances, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are atftieted with it such a eombinstion is to be met with in Dr. MEAD'S AN 1 1 - DYSEPTIC or STOMACH TILLS i the success of which bas never yet been equalled, lor the cure of Dyspep sia in it most complicated form, such as loss of appetite, nausea, hi auburn, flatulency, gnawing pun in me sioniaon, pain in me uue, great cosureties, pkteness in the countenance, languor, lownes ol spirits, pain in the bead, vertigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. W hoever applies these pills ia the above diseases, according to the directions, will sever be disappointed, as they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical and permanent eure. The use of sin gle box will convince the most unbelieving of their emoacy. ineywui most enectuaiiy remove ail sourness of the stomach, aot merely bv neulrali - cing the aeid, but by correcting that morbid state t the secretions wlucb gives rise lo it, and at lb same time win restore to tne debilitated organ of digestion tbst tone and vigour which is also' luicly necessary to the well being of the animal economy. For sale by John C. Morrison, 1 81 Greenwich - street, Hull at Bowne, 146 Fcarl street, Abraham Brooke, 403 res rl street, and Ueni. Uuackin bush, Druggist, corner Charles and Greenwich treels, near etate fi isoo. N. B. None re genuine without the denature oi ine soie proprietor, ngll GEO. SMITH. r OK SALE, A HANDSOME Tast irolimg orrcl Poney, four years old, very kind uuder tiie saddle. old for no fault ; the present owner hviug pat his son to business is the cause of hi bcirg for si.1. Enquire at 13 Vaodam - street. N. B. A very light Snlkey lor sale cheap. Enquire as above. au 1 1 tf BOOK - KEEPER WANTED. A N experienced book - keeper msy hear of a fx. equation b addressing A. B. through tlie 1 posi - ooice. I lie Best references s to capacity ajvd respectability will be required. A rertna acqaaisttd wiir, .Vy g - .od ww!d 1 f e'""1 Bug 1 1 31 JVErV LAWBOOK STORE. BLAKE'S CHANCERY PRACTICE. Cootaininxall tlie Droteedinis of a suit, a well in the court of chancery a in the court lor the trial of impeachments, and correction of errors, for the state of New - i'ork. This book contain about 700 pages octavo, and is said by proiessionai gentlemen to Be all impuitani to in practitioner in this court, being the only Jine - ritan production on this subject : and to the student it is invaluable, as it ethibit in a very clear and lurid manner, step hy step, tlie pro gress oi a suit, au it minuiia, trom the commencement to th Anal termination of it Accompanied with aa appendix, containing precedents of the most approved forms, suitable to every case that can possibly occur in the course oi a sun. Just published aod for sale hy D. RANKS, Opposite City Hall. Cornlf of Nassau aod Spreca streets, aug 4 lea - I UE GRAMMATICAL BAH. lHE imtortanre of a correct knowledge of J. Gramukr. i too much acknowledeed to need comment. 1 be unsettled and desultory mauner, ia vvtd h it is toueht in common schools, is highly eiceptiuuabte. To have arbitrary rules and definitions parrotlike committed to memory, learned and conned by rote without comment or Hucidntioo, i found lo be generally void of utili ty ; for ao long as tlie principles of rules art not understood, they can never be applied to actual use. Under such impressions and influenced by a ilei ire to promote so useful a branch of education, the subscribers propose a remedial system. In the undertaking, they are conscious of no other motive, than the promotion of a branch of knowl edge, which is an Indispensible pre - requuite in every other. 'Vvf subscriber anticipa'a many ubieciioiiS to so complete a deviation frero the Antiquated track, which custom ba long since snnciicrjed as the most eligible: but, to obviate them, ttiey ask a thorough and candid investiga tion of it principles. It is a dictum, that with' out a knowledge of the reason on which law are made, no one can know tlie law. A conviction mils truth formed the most powerful incentivelo the invention ol the uraminaucal oar, whichcoa veys to the mind through the medium of th eve the reasons, the whvs, and tlie wherefores. To be ihort, it employs the perceptive faculties, the learner acquires a nat it pi attention, his judgement is exercised, and he advances with ease and delight. The subscribers have taken a conven ient room iu Fulton - s'reet, No. 139, where children, young ludies and gentlemen may acquire a correct knowledge oi English grammar in sixty hours. A coirct t knowledge of parsing wilt be given to new beginners i if not, no pay will be re quired. A new cuss to begin on Wednesday. J. BROWN, Jun. E. D. CROSSFIELD. N. B. Young gentlemen, who have been in structed in the short term of sixty hours, will be ''resented for exuiMiiation each day at 5 o'clock, r. M. Scholars received and instructed at any hour from ti o'chx k A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M Terms oi tuition made known at the above men tioned room. J id I us HACKNEY COACHES. . i: OR Select t'nrties, from Elizabeth Town V Point, foi Philadelphia, nnd the Steam Boats at Trenton ami Bustol, ami the Mineral Springs nt y's ftioiintdirs. ivolice sent to o. sj white - 1 1 all street, iew Yoik, or HALEY t STILES, Elisabeth Town, hy mail, or by the Steam - Boat Atalanta, will be imnu nintrly attended lo. J I I By ttltrrt I'nteiii futrn the Uiiitrd Htutet. (jticir.N's i4viu niAuncsiA. Approved of, aud reeomesended by several of th most eminent physicians of Philadelphis. ri IIK Transuarenl Si4ution of Marnesi is ore - .L sented to the pobli with Ibe sanction aad particular rt commendation of many of the most respeo'able physicians of this city, ss the roasted - tin.i possesses Ibe virtersof medkiou in as eminent det e - - acts more speed ly : with (Tester eertaiiiiy nd is not liable lo form conereuons in the bowels, as Messrs. Brand and .Monroe have discovered are sometimes produced t r solid mag' nesia. It combines with ilsanti - ac.d and aperient prixiples the very desirable property el allsying the must excessive vomiting, and carrying off bi and offensive matter. Ilenee may be infer. red its great efficacy ia the summer cump aintsof females, c lis drea, etc. arc. To persons of b, lions habits, it is recommended asaa eicelleut corrector ol bile and acidity - - com' uvunicates tone to the stomach operates a eentle taxation, and estaf lishes a permaaeot aud regular date ol the bowel. A discretionary nse ol this ag cranio Beverage enables persons of every age, ses and constitution to keep their bowels moderate, without to use of salts or drastic purges, (hitherto used) which never f.iit to confirm the eosiive hat its tliey were intended tn remove, and lodisoider lor lifeltie orcan of digestion. T . . . a - . in we. a stomach an anu otner acms are evolved, causing gout, gravel, stiffness. Bad eon relion ol the ji hits the solution will palliate, and often i emote these atnioung complain . Indisestinn and many diso.ders ol tne sys tm, Irequenlly proceed from aa aewlious stale of the stomach t cbildien are psrtieu arly subject to this depraved condition of that organ, in con sequence of their existing almost entirely nn milk and vegetable diet. A small quautity ot the solu tion f which children drink with avidity, and in eeueral prefer to every other beverage) will in a short lime neutralise the existing acid, aod, if continued, will prevent the formation ot any new acid. Independent of the other advantages the solu tion possesses over crude magnesia, or nay other medicine, intended lo proeuce a similar encet, the superior purity of the magnesia contained ia the solution (the patentee having discovered a process by hich he deprives the' magnesia he makes use of. of the nusnurous imnuritiae it is al was contaminated wilhituUsl give it a decided preference ov r everr other preparation to avoid the,appearar.ce of empiricism, the eertificsiei of the nsiysiciana, and oiuer spnronauvry icaumouy. are not published, but mar be seen at the store of lht nalentee. , 1 he soluUou may either oe orsna ai nte soum. fas mineral waters) at IS 1 - 2 cent per half pint, or may be had in bottle of an oval shape, mark ed, in raised letters, " Cullen's Liquid Magnesia' aad la belled Cullias solnlioa of Magnesia, Observe, none is genuine except what answers the above d esc rip nor, and is signed by tne pa tentee. JOHN CUI.LF.N. Price it 50 per dt.ien, 75 cents of which will be re:urned on reeeivinr tne cnintv BOtlies. Sold io Philadelphia only, at Calico's Chemical and Drug store, 68, east comer af Cbcaoat aad Second streets. Philadelphia, 5A April, ISIS. (r The Patentee, eneouraged by the sneeess of the Patent Linuid Magnesia in Philadelphia sad elaswhere. respectfully inforv.s the inbabiunlsef New York and iu vicinity, that he has forme.! an establishment fer its sale at No. 3i Broadway, wiihin two doers ef Park Place, where he also manufacture Soda Water of a auperior quality. J 31 tf - QtOR SALE, A farfrf'of between sixty and eventj acres, situate on pie west bank of Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperstowa. On it are anew stoue house 54 feet square ; a new farm house, barn, Sc. It form oesirabit s lablisbment for a gentleman wishing to retire into the coantrr. as situation, as ia prospect. coavenieaeve to market, tic is no I tkri - aseed by any mine iniersor oi uie siase. si win toe cui low for cash, bu a credit, or exchanged for pro perty in Uiiscity, goorn, vc. Apotyto - . 1. U SS, XV. GUIUWItX, mv7tf - Law Bai'dmgs, FOR BALE. A LOT of ground on Bioadwsy, 11 ween WalaeMtreet and Caoa - Ueet, d feet io ril r 10 locLe wide and 1.5 fcr t foftg - . Inqtureof F. A. JA t, Jy 1 tf . No. 37 Pint - strest. TO ALABAMA MEntHAMTS. PETERS 4c STEBBINS, v CoMMMtie Mebcsjabtn ' BLAKELEV. Mttule - Bav. HAVE extensive store hoastsaad receive t,4 ' forward good, cotton, fee. tree of callage and wharfage. Vessel aad bartts lav alone side of their store. Shipper will please ai Ply to CALVIN SPEAR, Boslut. PKIEKS& HERRICK, N.York. EMLEN k HOWELL, Philadelphia. Jf IS tf ay JAMES U. STOUT, Engraver and beat Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, aear tireenwieb - atreet. Jy 8 3m rjj - JOHN PROCTOR, Jon. 106 Libertv - at. offers liberal anticipations on property consign ed to nil friend in the Mediterranean. cr further particular, apply a above, or to AD K A HAM UKL1, Je fttf corner of Cl.ff Si Fulton - t. LANDS. Vr STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 156 Pearl - sttei t, New - Vork, purchase Lands in the Illin ois Territory, which ha been set apart fcr tlie late Army. Letter from the country gWirg description of the patent and the price asked tier eacn tor, win ne attended to, u rod r aid, my li if BOARDING. ' . EIG IIT or ten gentle ,e, who are dealross of obtainipg board la pleasant and rati red past of the city, can be accoashodatad la ft pri vate lamiiv, ai io. au wim street, l ne iiupras - ments whKffhavr lately been made io this street and it retired situation, it is presumed will lender it a desirable retreat from the ooise sad kt lie of business. ana 3 lOt " ON T - A LT A For SALE or to LET, aod immediate possession given, the beautiful place called Moot - Alta, seveo mile frooi too City - Hall, en th North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay's. Il contains JO acres of land under improvement, with a large garden well stocked with vegetable a variety of (tail, with avery convenience frr a iamiiy. For terms, which are very reasonable, and if told a long credit ti - eo if wanted, npply to N. : U. TALCOIT. A4 honth - street. . Je It "" INTELLIGENCE OfFlCU. " JOSEPH D. 'OGRADY respeotlqlly infom the public, that he bas ond an lutein - gtnee ocire at hi house, 131 fly - Market, be ivrten Pearl and Water - strtets. Famihe nay be accommodated with servants, bonce - keeper. Sic. tie. servant, ftc. with satisfactory recom - ineudatioos, supphed with eood situatioiis. Or ders from tl.e country promptly attended to. aug 4 us" CAUTION.' ALL person are forbid harboring or trusting au mdentcd apprentice to tin ubcriber. by the name of Augustus Declare, trench boy, uea about years, under penalty oi the law. aug 7 lw . UMORGAN. Law legutatitig tlie Uvagmg and Inmietlmg of - fuA Uiis. raeul Match SI, IblU. XT' Bo if tnactcd h the ptople of thtttatt of Xtuhi'ork, ttprtttnted tn senate and etstmblg. I hat th person admiuMtering Ibe gov ens meat of this stale, by aud with Ik advice aod consent ol lb couuctl ol appouiLsnent, snail from tirna to It' a appoint ooe person lor the city of Nw - York, who powers shall extend to, aod Include Uia vd'.age ot Brooklyn I one persoss for tha city of Albauy aud one oerton for the city of Troy, wnoee powers shall extend to, aad include Lao - singborgh and Waterfurd, lo be guager and inspector of fib oil. JtndbtU further tnatttd, That it shall Vm the July of each person appointed by virtu af this act, to provide himself with proper instrument Car go'(iinc,anil MaiTsng eil, sum! whenever called on to guage aod iuspect any parcel of firh oil, sviihiu Ui place for wsuck ho was arDoinltd. it shall also be hi duty to inquire dilirentJv tTuiii seek out any pares I of thboil within hi dwtricf, anJ (,'iiie4 and inspect the ame,aod braod lesri - oi y on the bead of each cask he may so ruere and inspect, lis own name and the cam of Uio place for which he was appointed also th wbolts u umber of gallon the same shall gunge, ami separately from each other lb qnantiiy of water, the quautity) of sediment, as well as' th quantity of pure oil ha shall find therein, and hall make, subscribe aad deliver to the owner or holder of such parcel ef od ao guaged and in - epeuied, a certificate, exhibiting in separate columns the quantity of each of the a for tea id ena - mtrattJ ingretbents th whole parcel shall contain ; for all of which guag'rog, inspecting, branding and certifying uloresaiJ, h shall receive from th owner or holder of th oil to goaged and inspected, twenty rent for each cask, be the same small or large, ih on half of which shall always inereaiier cc cnarjeabie upon the purchaser or the same. And be il further tnaclrd. That it shall be the duty of all persons owning or holding fiJ) oil, to put the same in a convenient position for ruagins and inspecting whenever thereto required by au authorised guager aud inspector. And be U further tnatttd, 1 bat any person er persons who shall counterfeit, alter or change) any of the brand or mark aforesaid, on aey cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate auy cask of od so branded or niai ked, or who shall buy, sell or barter any ml within the districts or place afore said, except Ui tame (hall hav been goaged, inspected aud branded according to law, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise convey or came to be conveyed apy oil out of, or from th districts or places aforesaid, excrpt the cam shall have been guaged, inspected and branded ac - ' cording lo law, such person or persons so oScad - ug, shall forfeit and pay to sum of Iwenly - Avo dollars for each ta. - k, the brand or marks of winch thai! be so counterfeited, altered or chan ged, or which shall be so bought, sold or bartered, or which vhall be so shipped, cxiwrted or otherwise conveyed contrary lo the true sclent aad meaning of tbi net: FrvttOet, nnerlhelrst, that nothing herein contained shall be ceoitrweJ to prevent any person or persons from buying or selling oil by measures legally sealed. Andbett furmr enacted, 1 bat it shall be Use duty of any perron or perrons who shall use or otherwise empty the content of any caik offish) oil, immediately to efface the guager' and bv Hector's marks or brands from the same, nntler the penalty of twenty - five dollar. ' And beit further tnatttd. That any forfeiture arising by virtue of this act, may be tned for and recovered by action of debt, with coats of suit, any court having cognizance of th eamc. te the sole nee and behoof of any person who shail sue therefor. NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber bas been appointed by the IwmonrabU th Coon - of Appointment, Onager and. Inspector of all tali Uii in tne city of A cw - York aad Prooklyo, and has opened hi office at No. 37, Water - et. ' where ba win receive order tress 7 A. AI. to ti P. M. every day, Sunday excepted. JAMES MAURICE. 17.6. Dealers la TfehOd are hereby noiljled. - thai any inlHuftsoetit of ta above law will bw - A NURSkV WANTED - A MIDDLE aged wecaa, who n aliM to take acre ofehidrew, and is disposed travel. UesecUbl references i will ""''?'L' none other seed p!y. Apply t 1 KSSER HALSTED, Esq. i.libethiw, New Jersey. aag CLARET Vidoien very superiosirClatfY. for sale at 413 the dozen, by ' r.CORGF. JOHNSTON, je so if Mo. 1 float - !; o - V ' v. 0' 'lV, 4 . !

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