Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 12, 1895 · Page 5
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 5

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1895
Page 5
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FOR 3M-E BY WARD COOPER. Kock Creek Herd FOL7SWD C H I N K S 8 A N B E R 9 CHIP. NO. 2T445 heads the lend HI* slre tool( 'irst lo bLs and swccpbiakea ai the World a Fair His service ^ID bo hid to H limited number or re^lR'-erei! I'oltinJ China sows, at 15 00, parable airlctly In advance Am ii}» booking orders for bred S/IUd Barred Plymouth Rock and Brown Leghorn iB lor sale. BEN. MANWELL, Prop. ra 3 mtle3 S E of I.j Porte. MACHINES etc., put ·D working order at Ward Cooper's, idl Main Street. iJanmater's for pies, 10 cents liaunisier'a for cakes. Baanister's for lunches. Ijanmsters for warm meals. Bannister's for oysters. Bannister's for bread. Bannister's for crackers JJannmter'a for fried cakes Bannister's for cream windy, fresh ever} day. Bannisters for A * 1 cigar, tlie best IITB cent smose in town. -- Xev York apples at Paige's. -- Pnfrjthj'mn nnH G2!O!i2 »t P.tlfc'u -- All kiwis of can goods at Paige's. -- Polar Star flour, tbe beat on earth at Paige's --Only S2 00 a dozen for cabinets at --We pay the highest market price [or butter and eggs at Paige's. ' -- Nenrcomb says: "Yes, I'll make pour picture as cheap as anybody in La Porte," --Don't forget that Hlanctraine McGaheran have an expert jeweler in charge of their jewelry department. -- Auti Bust tin ware is warranted DDL to rust If it does, you get your money back. Have n look nt it at B. S Staiiton's. --There will be fi dance at McChane's Opera House on Thursday evening, Jan. 17th. Music by the Vinton Or- chtotra. Admission 50 cents. All are invited -- Protracted meetings are now being bfcid in ihe German Evangehca cburcli. Pastor Knoll is being assisted in the work by the Bev. Zellhoever of Charles City --Headache is the direct resulb of indigestion and stomach disor ders Bsniedy lUrse by using be Witt's Little Early Risers and your headache dtattppeara. The favonte Little Pill «Tery where. -B. M. Ashley ofSprmg CreekTwp. I'M been elected chairman of the County Board of Supervisors. It IB a well merited honor aud one tbat "111 be appreciated by the people In tie south end of the county. --"There U a salve for every wound," H'e refer lo De Witt's Witch Hazel ^re, cures burns, bruises, cuts, indolent sores, as a local application in tlienoainis it cures catarrb, and al- »ays cures piles. Blanchaine Me' GaheraD. , --II. A. Lawyer, of Dyeart. has been '·aving another senous time with his health and is conflned to his room He has about concluded to take a trip to Alabama and ase wbat tbat climate "ill do for him. -- English Spavin Liniment removes *" hard, soft or calloused limps and bfetoianes from boraes, blood spavins, curbs, splints, a »eeney, ring-bone, itiflea, all swollen throats, coughs, etc Sftve 8oU by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful blemish sold byP.S Uoyn- --Many stubborn and aggnvatlng "·ssof theumatismthat were believed to be incurable and accepted aa life leg^'M, bHve yielded to Chamberlain's "In Balm, much to the surprise and n of the sufferers. One ap- will relieve the pain and suf- and its continued uae insures an cure. For aale by -Blan- ch »'ne McGaheran druggists. kidney and aladder dis- relieved In six hours by the IieirGreat South American Kidney Cure." Th|g new tesnedy ia a great ""Prise an account of its exceeding ***Ptnes3 in relieving pain in the TM*fcr, kidneys, back sod every part ° ~ * "inary passages in male or fe- ~~*- ItrcllSTea letcoliou of water ** P"ln in paselng it almost imrned- If yon want quick relief sod remedy. Sold by y. --Head Uavlm's ad iu this issue. --The place to buy shoes m at Paigt's. --Winter caps at Paige's, latest styles -Red Cross Motes, none belter, at B. 6. Slanton's --Peter 1'ros.c u now settled 'n his new store m the Syndicate block. --A complete grocery stock siways on hand -at Paige's Syndicate IJlocb store. --The babies! bless t h e m , you can eet their iv.n-t fxs sail 1 Vrcc at N'ewcomb's. --Wood mil be taken on subscription at the I'KOGKKs-UKYiKn cilice, bring it now. --Clocks, watches and jewelry repaired by an expert jeweler it liliu- chmae Mt-Gatier«iu'£. --Xo Griping, no Nausea, no pain, when De Witt's Little Early Risers are taken. Small [nil ^afe Pill. Uest Pill. --A. Y Moore was elected a director of the Blackhawk Farmers Insur- anre Co.. at UH annual meeting in WH terloo on .Saturday last --Competition is the life of trade .Newcomb reports troin liie lo twenty- h \ e negatives a day since Christuiiis, and they still lead. Ollice o\er Courtright's restaurant - Do not be deceived by the ten year old gap of Ivory finish on photos, but go lo ewcomb's and get genuine hard finish that will jjiand the test in comparison with anybody's work --Giod desirable residence piopeitj lor sale. Convenient fo business portion ot ihe Lily, enquire ol Kred B. Walls, or write Marvin Walk, IdOl, Illinois, St., Des Monies. loua. --The annual election of olhcers of the First Xatioual Bank was held l;iai Tuesday ana resulted in Mil the old olhcers sad members of the board ol f l l r H P l o r g beilig elected totuCCoi:" tiiciTi selves --Col Robert Cr. lugersoll, America's, loreruost orator, will deliver his newest ami best lecture, "The JJible," a... Greene's opera house, Cedar HapiJs. Thursday, January 17th. Usual prices Seats on gale Monday. --Don't tail to read Uavlm's ad in this isbiie. Mr. Kavlin writes such good ads that the Traer Stir Clipper copies them as reading notices. This is a high compl menl lo Air Havhn's ability as an ad. smiih. -- rt r D Storey, ihe well k n o w n proprietor of the Logan House at Waterloo, died at DuQuoin, Ills., on Wednesday night. He will be brought to Waterloo tor burial and the luueral will occur from the Logan House today at 2 o'clock. --There was quite * sprinkling ol young La Porlers at the jullivaa show las I night. Among them were ilierm Meara. Will McQuilhin, Gco. Danger, J r . and K. D u k e Naveri. the latter, however, waa present in his professional capacity as a newspaper man.-- Waterloo Utntrier. ---Carlton Cornwell. foremai. of the Gii/ette, Midclletown, N J , believes that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy should be in every home, lie used it for a cold and it efTectcda speed) cure. He says: "It is Indeed a grand remedy, I can recommend to all. 1 have also seen ituaed for whooping cough, with the best results." 25 and 50c buttles for sale by Blanchame , McGaheran. --There ib gocd reason for the pop ularity ot Cbamberiain'3 Cough Remedy. Davis Huzard, of Weat Monterey, Clarion Co , Pa , say: "It has cured people tuat our physicians could do nothing for, We persuaded them l'j try a I ottle of Chamberlain's C'yugh Remedy and they now recommend it with the rest of us." 25 and OOc bottles for sale by Blanchaine McUaheran --Thursday waa as balmy as a summer day and the editor abandoned the idea of 'A southern trip as he thought, from all reports tbat Iowa weatner was somewhat ahead of Florida this ' yenr. Hut yesterday a change came over the face of nature an 11 at 4:00 p. m. C'urnmios thermometer register* 1 ! 12 degrees below zero and it was blowing a gale all nay with no algn ol abatement. If there had been snow on tbe ground Iowa would have been treated ;o a (irat-clsss blizzard. --Mrs. Antonio JS'ago, wife of the Italian f r u i t dealer, V.SM found dead in their rooms last Sunday Morning, asphyxiated by ihe coal gas whicl: escaped from their stove during the night, The couple roomed over J. K. Joder's atore, comer of Weat Fourth and Jefferson streets. When no signs of life were detected about the rooms near noon Jjuoday, a friend of the family, assisted by others broke in the ioor. Mrs. T aso was dead and J-'aso was unconscious but still alive, aud was linallv brought to consciousness. He gave what particulars of the affa-.r tbat be knew. He said the rooms were excessively warm daring the night, and tbat he had opened one of the doors of the stove. The top waa also fonnd opea. Mrs. Jfaso's funeral wa§ held Monday afternoon, and the resaios were interred in the Catholic cemetery. The family have been m Waterloo only a few weeks, coming her* from Cadiz E»pM».-- Waturlaa Btport*. fc- -- Have jour ivaiches, clocks ana jewelry repaired at Blanchame Me Gaheran's Satisfaction guaranteed --The .V. H. McQuilkir. farm near Moorciille "«as sold this week lo Jyhi Kersletter lor 34(530 uer acre. Gus U l t t h a s been living on the farm tlie post nine years anil lias it leaded lor iievt year.--Dyiart Reporter. --The Catholic -Mission w iu progress in La Porte troni Mmd.iy to Wednesday "veniuif last n a j a \ e n successlul one and \vas. largely a t t e n d - coln and Eagle (Vnter attended. Father Xelimes the priest v;!io conducted the mission ivas a tori-eful and sincere talker, and doubtless succeeded in accomplishing m u c h good in La I'orte --F. M. Thompson W R. C. 1 ~i, at n regular mee'ing on Saturday, Ittnliar) 5lh. installed the ollicers rlect for the ensuing; vear. viz: Mr; Susan M Smith. President; Mr-.. Dm CD a JIanger h. V I'.. Mrs. Libbic H u m m e l , .1 V P; A, B. WaldrolT, secretary; Ml--b Tuna Treasurer; Mrs. Laviuia Younp;, Chaplain. Mrs. Jane iopnaon. Con , Jlrt E t h K n Mull Guard; Mr. Dell .siull, .vsst.Con . Mrs May Xarner. Asst. G u a r d ; \lrs.C. A. Rr«d, Installing Ollicer. A f t e r insl.ill- Piiou » gold jecoginlinii pin was presented lo Mis. Mary Ilurd. tin retiring President The presentation u a s m a d e b/ .Mrs. .Mary A. Young, in a ve'ry graceful and ivP r opria.tesij'i;i;li Then Mrs. Li'fj A ' uopi'i, u h . i i r m i n of t h e Heliel C, m i n i 1 ', Jja\e Ihe Icllomng report (if ti ,.Jl u'ork accomplished d u r u m IS'M. K i ' U P l in unripy. i].~i 00; Relief other than innne}. S-tl 00; ^ute among the sick, 130. -- Che Ueulon Counfv WHIM IMS, the I'lllowing- to say concerning Ihrf death oT Mrs. II. II. Wallace nlio is q u i l t well k n o w n in this v i c i n i t y . "Mrs. II II Wallace died at her home in Cednr township. Jan 2 1805. llei she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs W. C. Connell. of Yinlon Mie \\as married in f[. H. Wallace in 1K71. she w a s the niolhei of l u u i children, Ihrwe gruiMi and the Minnqi'st an i n . f i i n t o r t w o \ve"k":. UcfC.ised \MVbiin aifrclionate dauehtir, a k i n d and loving w i f e anil a demoted mother. HIT faruilj waa hei I lie, and llieir comfort and happiness her minion, .'seldom have we se n g r f i t i M alleclion BIIUVMI t l i n n that of Mrs Wallace lor her husband and children. \Vlieii up- parently needed mdst hhb was called. "Gd ino\es in a mysterious way." Deceased died of p n e u m o n i a super- induced by heart trouble Her f u n e r al was concluded at UIP Imruly resi- dlnce by Rev Holers, ol t l i e l i r s t Jjaptisl Chinch ol which deceased was n communicant. The burial was in Evergreen. A ^ u l l i l I H l l l u t l n n The original slock holderi in th« U n i o n Sute Bnk k a r i u f received back in dividend], with the one paid by the bank six months ago, :in amount equal lo llio full nmomit paid in by them as capital (iliey having received in dividend" 10 per cent each year for lOve.irs) concluded t h a i ihey did not w a n t "Llic ( d r t h " : a n d , llierc- fore, l.uit w e e k , « hen Ihe b a n k rigiun shontd Ha ability and readiness [ [jay them th · usual si'ini miMiial dividend of 52000. (3 per c»-nt)»ul uf tin- p n i f i i s ol its U3t yix inonths' tiuMiiran (ainountlnu Co S2COO . a.i Mhown Lir its statement in this iss'ie), the stockholders proposed to the hoard of directors tbat they place tlie ^»IO to the aur- phia f u n d , tins time, which lias been done, we understand, increasing Ihe bank's s u r p l u s to S'J r joo 00 Tina is a splendid record for the U n i o n htitc Hank, which has a l w a y s Li ten contid ered ooe of the sslf-a U^nki in the county, and went throujli the panic of 1893 with hardly a uill u p o n it from its depositors. uniccrn IiiHiallcd. The Order ol Bathbone Sist*rs n»el last Friday evening nud installed their officers for the ensuiiigyear M. K. (.'.. Misa Mildred Moore, L ft. Mrs. Pearl Scollttld; E. J., Miss Eva Moore; M. of T., Mm- Mae Abbott, it. of H. C., Mrs. Ida Lehman; M of F.. Mrs. I/yda F'.eher, P of T., Mrs. Kfhe Enher, G. of O. T., AIM. Margaret Banniflcer; PC. of T., Mlas Jessie Moore. The installing oditer i were Mrs. Ida. Cummins, Mi ' Lo. . jnpi-r and Mrs Ellen Connell. ],n 1'orli Knloonn TCnldcd. Constable W i l l i a m Hamilton and Marshall Gillen, ji;'.ing under inetruc- tiotis received from County Attorney Dawsoii, made a raid ou the ealjorio conducted by Frank Fritz and Riley JK Miller, on Wednesday last. They con- located all the available aicoholic liquids in sight, and had th u m condemned Uy squire Heed. It 19 u n d e r stood that this is the beginning or an effort that IB to be made in rid La Porte of saluoos. How successful u will prove time alone will tell. Xollcc. AJ1 knowing themselves indebted to as will please call and settle either by cfiJL or nut t OH or before Feb. 1st, 1695 All accounts not settled by that time will be left for collection. This meaoi everybody. tc, McO, Purely Personal --H. J. K.incliaine spent Sunday in Davannort. --Phil Pint of Waterloo \ \ a - i u t h e c i t j Tuesday --Adniu Keller \va^ lookvnc u f f r his uuereiis in L i I'orte Tnead:i. --W. II. Itoehl. of Clinton, the fctn- lal salesman, was in t o « n Thursday. --Mrs Mariah MePliaMlfii visited lor a fe« d a j " at ".Vnterloo this w e e k . --Miss Vera MoQuilkin. it Li l'ort», i^ viquinf* r /nt« Mtn**rr'i -- r t p f / r , * t ^_"n. glr. --John McQuilkin and David Alli- 011 were up N o r t h tins week, buying cattle. -Sherman r. Mears ol r,a I'orti', attended court I ist Tueiday'and --Little la I mid retun.itl to W hat Clicer \Vi-duoida; uxirnniK lo innme her stndii»N at that plan 1 . --.lames Gannon, of Kt-iwit k, la., is v i s i t i n g bis brother, John (; union. Mr (..-.1111011 is an old time Jj.i Porlite -- Mrs J. M llilem.u: and son Jay relnrned home Tlivirsilaj n i K l i t . alter n tlir-e il-ij'.s visit w i t h relatives at Waterloo. -- M r and Mrs \Vi|ii;un Rolph. of lluoiif, Lo\\a. ure iu the citj tu al'end the U i n e r a K i i t lln'ii sister. .Miss A l t a --Ji)in M i C l i . u i i ' M l e l t r..i Vniora. Ills Tue-d.n "seiiuiir. to look a l i e i a coiiCHinplated iradi'Di lii, Opera llonsi' jiroperty. -- Mrs J o h n V b b o t t it, keeping hoii'-p lor IIT l a t h e r af h i s home uem ^'llltoll. w h i l e Iu r iiiolnti is mi a \ n i i t o Taxton, Ills - Mu^ IMIa (jilli*) and .vf. nine Mc- fiiinglilin have l e l i i r i u - d io Diibiii|in lo rt-suiiH- then studii's at Mi. s| loirphb Acadeinj --I. I) liaj-piistiis, who had been N U n i K ln» l a t h e r loi sumu dav.. re t u r n e d to nis home in I'ovvi'sliiL'k (Jo , I'luirsday. HP made the t r i p oolh was E M liiirns, of Mason City, in- oinpiiiiied by Ins brother W A llurns lay. They were looking up A lo'catinu for a druif store --John R Ivinjt leil this ncek for n s l a r r n near sloeklon, C'd;ii Co., \hsiSOiin. l i e it. KCint; to ltd I h i n ^ H n ivadiniss lor slirin« « ork, and w i l l rrtiini here I.HtiT and lak* his f a m i l y o t h e i r n e w home in Mis-ioun. --Mis. Diner Hrucc, who has lieen ^ isiuiiR hui old home for i'i.- past three iiei'ks, lelt Monday for her home ul Combi-, Alberia'Tj, Canadii. I t 13 IJ.UIICH ol 2,000 miles, sind it w i l l .e u n t i l Thursday v e i l i n g l o r j l r s . Uruce to riMih h The La I'orte H u l h l i i i g ind LIMII Aabicutiun held their UT'i'tiri^ ast.'J'neadny e\en|ii(! and elected the following ollircra Toi the romingr ycur L lla\'/l''ll, Prra't.: A. Van V.d kenburg, Sec.y Directors. John Mc- J m l k i n , Kob'l M c Q u i l k i n , lto;i(t ·'irentoneiir.d L (JouilngliL \ o l l u The n gular ihc"tin[f ol L r t Chapter 12M, 0. L. s , w i l l occur on 'I UPS lily e v e n i n g , Jan 1'jlll, at w l u r h ti ic sin election to 1111 vai ancles u i l l ]·· held, l the InsUillaU'Mi of » i h i e i i mil occur. All me rniitra urc renuti'^'d j br jresenl In ibienui- ol Ihe Seen lary by order of th" Worth* Matron I l l H I I I I R - U ' I l l l ' l l O l l l t ' A t tin- nic-e'int,' ol Narcissii- No 192, 1C ul I' , held on e v e n i n g ol Idsl w-r-k thf lolhnving ollici ra weic n i s t i i l l c d . Gco \V -chuck, C. C.: .*·. T. \luara, V. C , F. \V Eilier, I',, I. l l . C ' X i u i i l l , M. of W.; M. M i ers, M. of A ; C I' Hoick. K. of K b.; A L. U i y , M. ul F ; George Lehman, M. id Kx , Kylj't Hrown, I. G , II. \I. Harmon. 0. G. I.ii I'orif J n i p i oM'iuvul C'uiiiimiiy A I, tlie mreling ol Llie La l j 'rie Improvement Cornpriny held on Monday p v c u m p laat the folloivlHir ollieers wcr- olccli-d: W. Vf Hamilton, Pres't : W P. Msiyes. V I'n-a't ; ». ftUnl"!!. Trens; A. Yan Valken- buig,-sec . Dircclora, VV. W. H a m i l ton, \ \ . I iMayes J C. Adams, II. Shnljc-rl, W. A Walker and Henry WeiHr. school Xoius BY PltOF 11. 11 L l / E K . MlS5 Gnice McQnilkiu enrolled in tli» Hiirh fcchool tin* week lo take work w u h the "review cluss " Mis Tear] Tavlor has been toleaveschoolouaccouni other health. I: is liopril that she may soon be able lo lesiune h*i work. T«o pupils entering the First Intermediate this ut-ek limits iiic en rollment of ihat depart men I nj, to 30 lllSt- WllO tlKMl^Ilt tllH siMling IMn»c i t j of our new school rooms to l-e limited. should visit a session of t h e First Intermediate unrl sec the w o i k i n g c o n ilitioi: of the rooms w i t h seauuc; foi SO pupils. A 10 inch gonj; lias been placed in the rotunda ol the lirsi llooi- nul is q i v i n p pood service. It can be heard distinctly in nil t h e rooms ami is r u n g for eeiii-rni d i ^ m i b S i l s and t n r tardy kindh Miss M v i t i Iviiun-li'-i ii; joan»il the I l i i f i i school a «ill prepur-'d niii-u-it'o; These -slides, « ere all prupai .slides. ! bv Miss w o r k in t u Mediual iiiierjit, our work Kliowles in liel Dep iriiiki-nt ot the Stalo and are directly ni hue \ \ K m I'hysiulutry. UMIi .· j i n p m i n d iiiicrobcopi- h a v m y a in 12111 ,1111; power ol "ito diHiuetcrd, 'ind llii-io moniiti'd spuciiumis, the p'i|)ils in the plivsiolog enisles h u d ih u-oik \ e i i inirresnng 1 I t i an ojipurt'lliity not o f t e n cnjo\ed and ihe pupils apprec mlt; it 'I In- M v k . Tuin Mi' i s c ] i n l e i l l ruii u i t h l u n g fuver, 1' W IMirr h:u, been sick I he week with u h a i d ullack o! ol neii- \\(.dd]iiic A i l l l l v c r M u r y Last Saturday e^enHig M i . ;iud Mrs. T. A. G i l l e n were honored with a visit from about Uiirty o! their frienda who called lo hf-lp i hem celeb nun Iheii lilteenlh w e d d i n g anniveruary. Che g t i ' l i p r u i K vvag H surprmi- to Mr. Gillen and his estimable wife, but ihey ncre equal to the occasion Mid entertained i he guests in a plc;ising manner. Thcj were the ol ninny tokens of eHleem among which was a b e a i i t i i u l set of China dishes. Light refreshments wen served. M a r v e l o u s UftuliH From a lelltr written by Kev. ,J. GnntlHnnan.ol Diinondale. Mich , we arc permitied to make tin s extract: L h a v e no h"itation in ri-commend- ing I^r King's N e w Discovery, an the results were marvelous ;n ttin cioe of my wife. While 1 was pastor of the B»n- t f Bt, cburch at Hives Junction alia was bruudht IOWD ·with poeumocla BUC- ceediog la grippe. Terrible paroxy- 1DQ3 of coughing would last for hours with little interruption and It seemed aa if sbe could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; It was quick In It* work kud highly satisfactory m rwmlta." .las F. C'iinp is tonlincd to Ins liome aulleriug Irom suMire pains in Ins back. Jialiy L'aul McGalicnin who wa-. mrcutnneu men HIUJ; lever, I? now quite well again. Fr'in], Mahnke who lives west of lown i. reported very low w i t h a se- vi i t I-?EU uf typhoid, lever. I'', 'i doctors become sick these dan, 01 Or A. U. Gv.irts has been to the hunae all vcek. J u s t -_s we (jo to press we l u n r n t h n t John fi.illiigpr has been taken suddenly hi mid t h a t his life H almost -Icapiiired Mlurncy Mears was on thu aick list e i i n j in tin- week It was old I r i " 1 thoCirippe, tlnit lie Wiia wrest- l n f .Mth - ,.lrs I) K. llauilin was takun i l l \Vc nesday u i ^ h l with n severe :it- liii ! in niiirulgu or the heart. At L h i s u n t i n g she n rcstinj; eahier and unfavorable resulUs sire not antlcipn- led James Waileraon, vvho has been v- rj "I w i t h typhoid fever nt t l i e h o m e ol his sister In Tloyd Co in reported very much improved, u'llh every probability ol a complete recovery, w i l l be pleasant reading lor hlu I' llio i - d l i r Kill 11 llnsvlla. ttvv.n. Ji JCooira d e l i v e r e d a auimon at Ihu PiLSbylerian Cliuich .Sunday night, in w h n h he look ocmsilon lo HpeiiK iigainst tin; "nickle in the slot" machine, which have been in use in La 1'orle fur some tiiue, dice llirowlng md other gambling devices winch the ipcnker said were deiuontli/ing the youuif ol La Poric. AH ii lusiill, ot llnu Heriuon, atatu ciin- llainlllon n'uliud upon the uwn- erH ui these olijc,liouablj d'ivictj Mon- dny iiiuniiii'f mid notified them lhal Iliey must d i s c o n t i n u e t h e i r use, as they were u n l a w f u l . -- We occ-isionally hear t h u cl.urgc inadu that the churches ure not duing their duty \iiLh reference to the evils that are OrniKing r u i n to BO many who might become nselul and -papectfj inemijura ol society U u i u IH also, the Churche.s ?H a body are not especially rtspoujible lo/ tlie sup- preBSion of all badness, The ollicors-- tlioae wlio draw nalaries shui id have a conscience that will make u.m a'ert Lo tliuit; evila; but it is tin. uty of all chnrcli uieiubera to see Clint Hie ilghl men are placed in our m u n i c i p a l us well us other ollices, and it is a good time now for the churches to begin to awaken to these mutters BO important to the best interests of clirlaii.iu people an well aa the oihers. If men alioulJ be. chosen who seldom see vUe inside of a church, u is hmd to expect that church members can da much more loan tu ait down and blame somebody. The uinu lo get awake Is before the thief enters. Awarded . Highest Honors--World'* Fair. ·OIL- PERFECT MADE. A pure Crn^e Cr: mi ol Tartar Powder. Free ",om A m m o n i a , Alum or any olheryJulterant. Y f - A R S T H K : S l t U l l l l O I L L ' l l l l o i l l l ) . Mrs. Charles l l u r r n i K , who Ima been a K'« l l t snfferor lor the past three car, hn- been linallv Teleiucd from liniulage to p h y s i c a l p.nn, for on XVeilnestluy morninc alionc live o'clock, leath came to her. Her linnbHiid, atlier and motliL-r, stood helplessly by ind vv.tti.hed. w h i l e the salile angel vitli the noi^eles-5 wtn^s. entered the loiiseholtl and b a breath forever :ln^ed tho uyes ol one wno hart been lieir all. Mis. Herring died of m a l i g n a n t aar- coin itous tumor irom which aim had been n snllcrei lor iii.iny je.ns. so t h a t learh was not .iltoi;echtr unlooki'd lor. liunlon \\.is tlie diiui;htHr of Mr iind Mrs Thoni is liiintou. aud iv4a born at Aaluabnln Ohio, Febru- irj a't. ISTi; with her pnients slm camo o La Poite in ISIil, where she has ever nice resided On October 7th she was named to Mr Charles Herring, to .she has been u f u i t h l u l and demoted svilc, and who is uow left, with lier father and mother, to mourn uer Mra. Ilfrrinp wns a member ot tbe adics Handing Circle of La Portu, md was k n o w n ami esteemed for Uer uany cxc'llenl qualities of mind und iu,irt by a large circle ot friends who n her death will fuel n personal loss. Tlie funeral occured. yosterday trom. iin 1'ite residence on Commurcliil St. nd was conducted by thu Rev S. E. Crjoiis. .Many beautiful floral pieces, T altectlon from Tricinda ndornod the uiki't; nolibly n liandsnme sturlrom )r. md Mra. C ri Shepsrd of Omilha, i b e a u t i f u l bunch oC rosca f r o m the Circle, and a head-piece with "At Heat," from Mia A. L, ;". iTounB. Those from a distance who were iresent were Mr. and Mra. James .iiverty of U u r h n g t o n , a u j WTr. Mack Vorhm o[ Mnrlon. The interment uok pluco in West View Cpinetery. Thai bottiw free M UUn. A M«0'i]S»*yerythiM. Up. Postmaster Ravlm informa ua that he has made no application as yet to the P. O. Dcji't. for an exchange of m-il pouches at La Porte He 1st wii- ling to iziake auch an application If it iipcr'-- , to him that the businessmen ol our ;ity desire It. As yet, however, they h-ii e expressed to him no deaire for BI..H a iseiTlce. We know and erer; nusinew man in.La Porte knows tbat such a service would be^^retK value 1 1 all of us. And w« cannot can revain to Came gentlemen TT.tku up, one or two men uanaot J - a l l l ol M l K M AHil Hulpli Mivyor Wm. Holpli receivud word by telegraph lust Monday of the serious llncas of his diiughlur, Mlas Alta Ilolpli, at Goneva. Ill's., and he and J I B son. Edward Ilolpli, left Immed- ately for that point. The fiitbor and brother nrrlved just in time to witness the fatal termination of the .sickness rorn which »he died. The body win brought to La Porte 'or burial, 'arriving 'lure yesterday morning, and the funeral will take place Una afternoon ut 2 o'clock from lie residence of Maror Rolph. In their lirreiivcrnrnt Mayor Kolph and 'annly have the .sincere sympathy of: all our people. Moyiv I^xplotled 0 (' Gaskins in h a v i n g more bad nek than anyone. This morning v.!ieu lie went to his barber ·jhop he found that the (ire had gone out, or BO he thought. He put In some Kindling iUKl gave it a kerosene shower bath, and went ior a mutch, T u a t ae ho went to open the door an explosion occurred blowing the door open, throwing the top of the etove almost to the ceiling, and dlntributlng aibes in a very artistic manner all over the shop. He was not hurt beyond a ittle scare. Had he been in front of the door the result would probably liave beau more serious.-Record. uoderaland how they inactive, in the matter. Four KlK SUCCCHHCH. Having the needed merit to more than make good all tbe advertising claimed for them the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal sale. Dr. King's New Discovery, for consumption, coughs and colds, each bottle guaranteed-- Ulectnc Bitters, the great remedy for liver, stomach and kidneys. Ducklen's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. King's Xew Life Pills, which are a perfect pill. All these remedies are guaranteed to do just what IB claimed for them and the deale: whose- name la attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold at Blan. McG's. To Enjoy L1I». Tbe physical machine mart be in good running order. A. little care-the use of jtipaun Tabulea will give you every morning tbe feeling tbat you are "glad to be alive". Dr. Pttce't Cmm i K W S P A P F R f

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