Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 11, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1943
Page 3
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533-REVffiW, LA POfetE CITT. IOWA )lic News lews herein ar* or expressed ,l, e n ritcr. and may conform to Ihe editorial Die PrCBre33-Hi«'"W. FFLOYP AKPEBSOK " MISSIONS niver=al mission aid or_ of the Catholic church _iety for the Propagation fFaith, which each year collection for the mis- ·fields The United States group chose a leader to collect the alms. Ten such groups under another leader formed a century. Ten centuries under a commander formed a division. The alms thus could be collected easily and trans, mitted from one leader to the next in rank, enabling the whole group to realize a large sum for the missions. The plan of Pauline Jancot met the approval of the directors of the Seminary for the Foreign Missions. She tried it out in Lyons in 1820 and it was almost instantly successful. Later the plan was taken by other groups, who ex_ tended it outside of France, until benefited greatly fromjnow the Society for the Propaga. ety, and those organized] tion of the Faith is the universal nder different names. A "mission aid organization of the of the amount of money jito the United States by ry societies of France, fand Bavaria from 1822 to als almost eight million It is not difficult to realize |God-send such funds were growing rapidly, often sufficient funds for its , well-being. ca for the Society for the .jon of the Faith is said | from a. young French girl , name of Pauline Mane | The year was 1817. Her studying for the priest- ad become a missionary Churches S\CRED HEART CHURCH Sunday, Holy Mass and Ben- riiction. 0 00 a', m. . Friday, Rol\ 7:30 a. m. EMMANUEL WESLETAN METHODIST CHURCH Harold D. Seoggan, pastor Sunday School at 10 a. m. Mormr:g Message at 11 a. m. Young Peoples Service at , P- m. | Evening Message at 8:30 y_ ^ - - » I J j « C I I l l l I C ^ill:;3a(^^ H b v j - w v Ql 1 ,^-? e S5!. ol lf;': 30 ..S; l ?-«l The La Porte City Wesleyan ST. M \RY'S OF MT. CARMEL | will meet at the Emmanuel church STRAIGHT FROM HOME I '".A. J.JJurk: It is a remarkable coincidence' that Waldemar Below, a Hubbard, [ Iowa, soldier-youth stationed at Camp Elliott, in California, should have been issued a blanket ration from a shipment of blankets to the army from Hubbard unit of the Service Mothers club The local } unit mode 44 of such blankets for men in the armed forces. Eaclc Onrer. Ta. Fr. H F Daffy. Pastor MTSSP-; tin Sundays at 8.00 and 10 00 o'clock. Catholic church. In this country, on en appointed Sunday in October, collections are taken up in all Catholic churches for the Society for the Propaga- j ne! - Ja y- 8 P- tion of the Faith. These funds arc apportioned in this ratio: 51 per cent to foreign fields, 40 per cent to the home missions of this coun_ try, and 9 per cent to foster the apostolate in the Near East. The Church has a quarter of a million i * PORTF rirv rm T »PH WESLEYAN METHODIST Rd. A. Rnthfuss Pastor Sunday, Sermon, 10 a. m. Bible school lor all ages, 11 . m. Bible study for all, 7:30 p. m. Sermon, 8 p. m. Cottage prayer meeting Wed at, and he interested his the project, and she in ead that interest among jlds, |lan to help missions cen_ a group_of_ten idea. Ten j^grcej to contribute a pen_ "feek to the missions Each 1IG CREEK MARK etter Feeds and Minerals MOORE'S men and women working in the mission fields, among them 2,_ 693 American missionaries. In this way, Catholics of the United States are able to pay back to the other countries of the world, especially the European nations, the debt which it has accumulated since the early 1800s, when the European nations contributed toward the establishment of churches in this country. Today the reverse is true Catholics in the European countries are unable to contribute to foreign missions, and in fact need help themselves. Truly the United States is, as the Holy Father has said, the hope of the missions throughout the world. BABY BONDS Add the name of Kenneth A. Walton of Anamosa to the list of infants who have purchased war bonds. Kenneth is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walton who believe he is the youngest boy in bought a bond. Iowa to have Friday evening of this week at 8 o'clock for the World Day of| Prayer sen-ice. Everyone welcome Come and bring someone to this service Bead the want adal REMOTE CONTOL Chairman J. L. Rendahl of the COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Fcb 22, 19-13 Council met in regular session Present. Mayor Hawkins, City Atty Robertson, Councilmen Brust. Brown, Gates, Wagner. Absent tit 11 i- 'i, ;"uii-veu mj DOCK one Iowa lor a ** c ' Eht " '" Cedar Falls ^S B «-rC^s M^carrVd" 11 '^ 110 ' 1 °' »» .n-Tz^p^f^rr % Bwk awws s» r^^^^'srj SH^-Ss^T? yir bc B , BninB ^iT^"^^: 10 be opined March 15 1943 at tTM o'clock (10.00) · m. Motion canted. Mo\ed b Tjlor seconded by Schlmt lhat in? county auditor b« au- I ihorlv^d and direct«i TO assign Block Hawk ccuntj 9 rleht. title and Inler- i fat In 1939 Ta^ Sale c.nirica« No. HE ^35 l o ^ r m K lot u\ IS) and s*^«n (7) in block i lie (1) In v"clloge Heights 111 Coilnr Fall; Io»n to C L, STar- beck for a considira'ion of $33 Bl Moiion r a r n i j Minim-* \nn ri aJ nnd approved afl riv"! On motion and \ o U the mwtlng adjourned n M lid i^ M ire l Sin. 1*13. 11 Hint a clock (9 on) i n- 1,'AILFY BARNES C unl Auditor C V K L I N E Chjim 1:1 l.o .re! of ?ui..r\3or9 IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CHURCH Gilbertville, Iowa Rev. Wot. 1. Cremer, Pastor Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. Winnebago County Red Cross re. I Miller. cently concluded meeting of hisl Minutes of regu'ar meeting- Jan. unit without the committee being 25th \\ere read and approved actually present. He did this bv I Monthly report of the City means of the telephone with all'Tress, was read and on motion ^as members of the committee con. | received and placed on file, necttd at one time The chairman'Monthly report of Supt of Utilu outlmed the program, ga\e in I ties on operation of electric and Ktructions and received the com. water plants for January ard col ments and advice of his commit-' lection of sewer rentals were road tee in one telephone meeting o f ' a n d on motion were received and ST. JOSEPH'S CHUBCH Raymond, Ion a Rev. L Putz, Pastor Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Frederick R. Pussier. Pastor ' Sunday school at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 a. m. The theme for the morning message will be "The Saviour of the Cross." Let us remember the House of the Lord on His day. May wr worship Him in spirit and truth. the committee. TV.O of the com_ I mittee reside in Forest City, one I in Buffalo Center and one in Lake Mills EMMANUEL EVANGELICAL CHURCH G. L. Bergemann, Pastor Sunday church school at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Evening service at 7 30 o'clock. RUBBER SHORTAGE A Chanton family believes that their dog also knows about the rubber shortage. The dog has recently brought home a man's rubber, a child's white galosh and a woman's brown boot type galosh The family did not know the placed on file. The following claims were allowed for payment: John McChanc, crushed rock $ 1200 Gates Chevrolet Co, gas and oil 7.11 Htnry Kniso, salary, etc.. 110.00J Ln Porte City Utilities lights, water, sewer H. W. Johannsen, int of waterworks bonds 10.22 John Dudgeon, labor at owners and left them at the local | dump 1500 newspaper office to be claimed. I Henry C. Peters, labor 2500 ' R H. Stella, fxtro police.. 17 GO FRIENDLY GATHERING For ten years Mayor George A Banker of Dccorah has celebrated Fire Co., Stoner fire Stella, fxtro police.. Hawley Rexall Store, light bulbs _,, -------------- 181! 33.00 his birthday on St. Valentine's Day I CliM Stroheckor, repairs, by inviting in townsfolk for a ' Comm. bldp. by inviting in ... special treat This year about 250' Lehmnn Hardware, roof ce- -- ,, -- -- . -- friends of the mayor responded merit Mid-week service and Bible to his invitation to meet m his i Standard Oil Co, asphalt_ study at 7-30 o'clock on Thursday lumber yard office and partake Milt Hunter, hauling snow 1310 705 1.22 887 evening. The band invitation is extended to all children of the will meet next Mission Sunday morning at the close of the Sun. day school. of refreshments Besides passing [John Hunter, shoveling out cigars, his honor served 240 cups of coffee, 10 dozen doughnuts, 21 dozen buns, 27 pounds of wemers and four pounds of chcesa. Edgar Miller, shoveling snow Mast Implt. Co., repairs-- 3.60 4 2 0 .30 FRESH FROZEN ···^··^^···i" ^^^---- -We Have Gone to a Great Deal of Trouble to Get These Fish, Scarce As They Are! [Genuine Blue Fin Lake Superior Herring, Ib. 15c fullabees--White Fish- fresh caught, Ib.. Jilting, known as Ocean Pike; Cat, H G, Ib. I2c 19c Round Pickerel, fresh frozen, Ib Walleyed Pike, rest of the 9 fi /» Canadians, round, Ib... £UC Walleyed Pike, these are all there are, dressed, Ib. . [ Pollock Fillet, pre-war quality, Ib. -! Salmon Steak, frozen with the wiggle in the tail, Ib, ^Cod Fillet, fresh pack, Ib. 35c 36c 37c Dressed Pickerel, winter kill, Ib. 27c Sable Steak, really fresh, Ib. 34c Haddock Fillet, new shipment, Ib. 37c Rose Fish, known as Ocean Perch, Ib. 40c Lake Trout Steaks, new pack, Ib. Oysters--these are "extra standards" from the ocean, not from the bay where they feed on sewage, pint Shrimp, fresh jumbos, the kind you dream about, Ib. . . Pike Cheeks--try 'em, you'll discover a delicacy--all meat, Ib rou have a choice of fish not listed nere, as* us-** c » ^ ~ -a Porte City Food Locker Co. _ _ ,. * In Fosse Produce Building Ra y Trunnell, prop. US HOW TO COOK FISH-WE KNOW! Hare You Heard About "Golden Dip"? Hargrave Const. Co, apply on contract - --- 80000 The report from the Iowa Depl of Health on the periodical inspection Of the sewage treatment plant was read. On motion said report was referred to the Utilities Trustees. M. L. HAVEN, clerk PROCEEDINGS OF COUNTY BOARD by Berk Hiiwhlna Waterloo. Iowa March 1st. 19-13 The board of H u p T v l n o n j o/ IHO county of Blick Hawk In lh» ^l tic of Iowa, met in tidJfuirneU meeting nt the o u r t home In Witter- loo c o u n t y Teat of said counly it nine o'clock (900) a in p u r a u i n t to law to iho rules of naM bo ml and to idjournrmnt Thr mt' tlriL r wa'i called to order nnd on l o l l calf tliero were present Chairman C V K l i n r Frank W Beck. John P Bllkr G i o B Miller. Val Schjnlt Jnd Stanley Taylor ' Absent Edw KcfshauKc Moved by Blller ecconded by Schmli that the resolution filed by Ihe LrplH- latlvc Committee- of Locnf Union No 16. CIO relative to purchase or *ot- Ine machlnej), be rccH\cd and pl-icxd on flic Motion carried Moved by Miller sccondyj by T.iy- lor that Ihe 1942 moneys nnd credlH assessment of $240000 of Kalhryn ^ Bromcn9chcnkel be cnnccllpd nn account of It being an Illegal B-iSUsmcnt "Motion carried Moved by Beck seconded by Schmli that Iho claim of W C Bchm nt $961 36 for (iQrnnfjd to hou^r* loLnt^i] on ihf west half o/ Jol forty-nine (43) In Mtadowrlale be nnl thr «iamc IH hereby declined Motion curried Movcj by BHlcr flocondui that Ihe report of Roy F maynr of La Porlc CUy /or 1^*2. . rcc'-lvcd arid placed on flic Motion | carried. ; Moved by Beck seconded by M i l l e r | that a leave of absence be p r n n i f U (o Gf-orRe C Heath, a.nnlflt:int county nl- torncy, for ouch period ax \a n^ccn- nary on account of George C Hanib brlnp called Into aervlcf of the United Slates Navy und that the nppolnt- mcnl and bond of Blair G Wood im acting uslntant county attorney diir- Inp auth leave of absence of Gcor|f«* C H^ath be nnd the aomt la htre^y approved Motion carried Moved by 3chmlt necondrd by Bll- l^r lhat the claim of Mrs Ray L Friedlcy for four (4) lurkcya killed by dowi, bo allowed In Lhf amount or 516 00 and that the counly auditor be authorized and directed to lanut warrant for nuch claim aa allowed Avcfi. Blll^r and Schmlt Nftya BecV, Miller. Taylor, and Kline A b a p n t Re r nhaUKe Motion lost- Movfd by *'lllpr T-cond^d bv !ck lhat the d o m ^ l l c a n i m a l clnlm of Mm R«y L Fried *y for four (4) lurkeye hlll"d by do f b*« and th» jmrnc If I hereby allow d In lh* amount of II200 and th l lh* county auditor lr , authorized ant directed lo lafluo warrant for HUG! claim rw allowed I Aypfl Etck Miller, Schmll. Taylor. . and Kline Nays Bllle. Abaenl Re shiuce, Motion Moved by I *ck nrcoiyJcd by that I hi* COUP y auditor bp nulhorlz^^l and dlrcctco to (ugliai Black H.'iwh county a rler . lltlc r.nd I n f r n t Iho followln Tax 3alc Crrtlflcalca DAIPT PROFITS Plenty milk at low feed cost is the way to make your cows pay Big: Gain 32% Spring Pasture Dairy Concentrate is feed made with high quality ingredients selected for their nutritional value. It is ^cientificaUy mixed and blended to assure you ration that will do a profitable job of supplying what the cow needs for body maintenance and milk-making. Try Big Cam for thirty days and se« for yo how it helps you get tor production at to* Start feeding thi* way to bigsrer with your dealer Biff Gain Wwt ^·^^^^·^·····^^·^^^·v^^^-- Diamond Bros. 12 07. ,I\H 1.A1HH- Queen Olives 2Sc 4 CA'NS SU Ml KITE Cleanser 19c IjUlGh BOX DUTCH Tea Rusk 15c E OX. JAIl Pimentoes 25c * roiNTs 32 W. I10TTI.1-. VVKMTUItF. Furniture 2Sc 4J 1 H «U. HI V I T\T1(1\ Flour 1.85 NO I'i I A N I A I . i r O I l M \ Spinach n POINTS NO. 2 C'\N ItM'liTATION Co rn 16c POINTS 12c 14 VOlTS 5 LI) BAO AETNA PEACHES 1m\ Clicfpn In lfo«ij Sirup No. 2'/ 2 can--IDc 21 roixTs Graham Flour 19c ) J L \ N H I D NEEDMOHE WHOLE APRICOTS IN sinii- No. 2'/. C;m 15k- 24 Total* IB O7. CAN tALUMM Baking Powder 17c SPARK Nen 1'rortfii GrnnulAteU Bopp Giant Box 65c Large Box 23c J.AIICK I1OX CAKE FLUVIl Softasl 27c 5 Ml 1IAG Green Beans 15c 14 I'OINTS CA.VS U D Milk 27c 3 I D CAN D 11. Shortening 64c 1 UOM-S KNOX Gelatine 39c I'1\T IlUTll.h ItLUllINO Alcohol 19c .so :y. CAN. UAUDRN WhoIeWheat ISc 4H-OLNCI. I1OX Jk . | -i f| Oatmeal 18c m i. n sui.riitiH Block Salt 59c 43 I I I IM DIAMOMJS Ut*r Flour $1.99 Peaches 18c 2L I-OINTS NO 2 CAN III 1) 1'ITTLB Cherries 17c ·OINTS 14c I'OINTS Juice 28c 1)111 hi) Peaches u, 16c NO 2'/i CAN Grapes 12c la J'OJ.sxs 16-OU.XCL CANH FI1UIT Cocktail 40-O/.. tAV 1 Juice 16c II POINTS 35c W POINTS Apples PAN'CV JONATUAHS 3 Ibs. 2oc; bu. $3.2.1 WILLOW TWJOS OS. 8TAUKH Good hullD( »nil bOQ4 CooU'C 4 Ibs. 29c; bu. $2.95 TKXA.S SWEET JUICY Oranges Cabbage . 7c TEXAS MAESH SEEPLES9 Grapefruit 112 Size, 7 for 21c 96 Size, 6 for 24c WIT OiioB$,5Ik Cwrote H 1'OINTS CAN r/VSCY a TOINTS 23 POINTS Baked Beans 15c a TOI.NTS 10 I'ULM) AN Smoked Salt 75c ID 1JAI14 FtU VAI'THA Soap 49c NO Z'/i CA OHOlCt Tomatoes 17c U POINTS NO J LANb OILMAN'S Carrot Chips 9c CAN!. J.LWIS Lye U POINTS 25c OB.IJI BAG 1C 1'CT PBOTMN Dairy Ration 52.46 Bran 52.17 2 CAN UVB JVax Beans 15c 11 ?OIM* 18-OZ JAR GRANDMA'S Molasses 25c 4 CANS STOKLEl'S Baby Food 25c 9 LB BAG COLD MEDAL Flour $2.35 Z BOTTLK IMITATION Vanilla 10c ·» HEADS \STE FATS tUl to tfco fnimt .. wUeli mkM «- * tt ^«j£-V -, '·SFAFLRI WSPAPLRl

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