The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 6, 1936 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1936
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAY « 1936 groups which might be looking In the surrounding hills. Eritrean troops were stationed in four positions at the beginning of the imperial caravan highway. Outposts were thrown out with military skill around the outskirts of the city. , In High Spirits. The Italian troops were in high spirits. They cheered and sang as they rode in their trucks or marched afoot. The first truck detachment to enter the capital Tuesday contained mainly Eritreans, with the white troops following. With the special newspaper correspondents' unit which entered the city with the first troops, was Mrs. James Vinci Ricci, the wife of a New York doctor. She enlisted as a volunteer nurse in the Italian campaign and accompanied the troops into the interior after three months' work on a hospital ship. Marshal Badoglio's main force consisted of the mechanized units of the Sabauda division and other privileged units especially chosen to-represent the whole Italian army. 1,800 Tnfcks and Cars. These were headed by the second Eritrean brigade of Askaris and included the fourth and sixtieth infantry regiments called "Gotti," a group which contained mixed regiments of fascist blackshirts, Alpine units, grenadiers, bereaglieri, and frontiersmen. The column contained ahout 1,300 trucks and automobiles. Marshal Eadoglio entered the city at 4 p. m. (7:30 a. m., central standard time) Tuesday. Marshal Badoglio appointed Maj. Gieuseppe Eottai, former governor of Rome, civil governor of Addis Ababa. MUSSOIINI LETS ROMAN CBIJEBRATIONS CONTINUE ROME, (ffl--Premier Benito Mussolini, who proclaimed to his mobilized nation Tuesday night that the war is ended.and "Ethiopia is Italian," permitted Roman celebrations to continue but directed business, proceed to combat the league of nations sanctions siege. A tentative plan to transform Ethiopia into an Italian possession · already was formulated and rejoicing Rome students, celebrating before the Quirinal palace, hailed King Victor Emmanuel as "Emperor! Emperor!" Other capitals of Europe, after seeing the failure of league of nations sanctions to halt the adjudged fascist aggression, took the futures of both Ethiopia and the league under consideration. To Oppose Annexation. Fjench sources said their government would oppose outright annexation of Ethiopia as an Italian colony, preferring a treaty to give Ethiopia nominal sovereignty. They looked also for a movement to abandon sanctions at next Monday's session of the league council. The British cabinet likewise studied the league question, with one section of the ministry understood to favor a drastic reconstruction of the Geneva institution. Many Believed, however, that Britain, leader in the sanctions campaign, would step aside now to permit other powers to makp the next move. Offer of Friendship. Premier Mussolini, in an interview with Ward Price of the London Daily Mail, extended an offer of friendship to all, but frankly advocated reorganization at Geneva. Disavowing "any further colonial ambitions," il duce nevertheless declared, "the terms of peace must be marked with the Roman spirit." Emperor Haile Selassie, whose seven month fight against the undeclared fascist warfare ended in his own flight into exile and unsigned peace : was traveling to Palestine aboard a British cruiser, his capital now under the Italian tri-color. ITAUAN GUARD ABOUND IS. S. LEGATION WITHDRAWN WASHINGTON, UP)--Vice .Consul William M. Cramp notified the state department at 6 a. m. Addis Ababa time (10 o'clock Tuesday night CST), that the Italian guard around the American legation in Addis Ababa had been withdrawn after disarming a number of natives in the neighborhood during the night. SHOWERS ARE SEEN FOR IOWA Weather Expected to Cool Off; Mason City Has High of 83. DBS MOINES, (IB--The clouds which mantled much of the state, the weatherman said, probably would let go with thundershowers Wednesday night, bringing weather much cooler in comparison with Tuesday's high temperature of 94 at Inwood. The low temperature early Wednesday was 60 at Iowa Falls. Charles City reported .01 of an inch oi rain while Dubuque, Des Moines anc Omaha reported a trace. It rained a little Wednesday morning at Charles City and Dubuque. Mason City had a high of 7S Tuesday and the mercury reached 83 at noon Wednesday. Clouds that hovered overhead early Wednesday morning cleared away during the forenoon. Kramer Heads Bank Groups. MUSCATINE, (m--H. G. Kramer of Clinton was elected president of group eight of the Iowa Bankers association in session here. Returns in Primaries By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS C A L I F ORNIA -- Uninstructed slate of 44 delegates to the republican national convention topped a rival slate pledged to Gov. Alf M. Landon of Kansas as returns loured in from Tuesday's primary, the democratic race, President Roosevelt's slate obtained about five times as many votes as the 'EPIC" and "Townsend" slates combined. SOUTH DAKOTA--An uninstruc- ;ed slate claimed by supporters of Governor Landon held slight lead over Senator Borah of Idaho with returns incomplete in the contest for eight delegates to the republican convention. On the democratic side a slate of eight pledged to President Roosevelt had no opposition. ALABAMA --Senator John H. Bankhead and his brother, William B. Bankhead, house democratic leader, received majorities" in Tuesday's primary. President Roosevelt won the state's 22 convention votes without opposition.' MISSOURI -- Democratic state convention pledged Missouri's 30 votes at the national convention to President Roosevelt. TENNESSEE -- Republican state convention indorsed Landon and pledged the state's four delegates- at-large to him. CONNECTICUT--Republicans assembled in convention Wednesday to select delegates having 19 votes in the national convention. INDIANA--All of the state's 12 members of the national house of representatives appeared assured of renomination, although the count of Tuesday's primary votes was incomplete. UNINSTRUCTED DELEGATES LEADING LANDON GROUP SAN FRANCISCO, UP)--10,451 precincts of 11,708 in the California presidential primary give: For republicans: Landon, 239,556; Warren (uninstructed) 323,127. For democrats 10,452 precincts give: Roosevelt 739,005; McGroarty 56,676; Sinclair 96,053. BORAH SLIGHTLY BEHIND IN SOUTH DAKOTA VOTE SIOUX FALLS, S. Dak., (IP} 1,658 precincts out of 1,958 in South Dakota republican national delegate primary give: Uninstructed (Landon) delegates 3S,605. Borah delegates, 37,217. MISSCOPELAND GETS 3 YEARS Girl Who Ran Away With Her Sister's Husband Admits Grand Larceny. HARRISONVILLE, Mo.. (^) -Miss Madge Copeland, 21. of Creston, who ran away with her sister's husband, Perry E. Griffin, 24, former Adonis, Mo., preacher, pleaded guilty Wednesday to grand larceny and was sentenced to three years in prison. Griffin previously was sentenced to 10 years in prison on a similar charge. Miss Copeland, who had been held in jail at Kansas City after a jail break here with Griffin April 15 and recapture three days later, entered her plea after a conference with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cope- landzn, her sister, Mrs. Perry E. Griffin, and her attorney, Everett Frieze of Bolivar. The three small Griffin children also were present. Judge Criticizes Her. Circuit Judge Leslie A. Bruce severely criticized Miss Copeland's conduct in passing sentence. "In making this sentence," Judge Bruce said, "I am taking into consideration these facts. Your past record is good. You are a high school graduate. You have been properly raised and given opportunity by your parents. "You have been taught the difference between right. and wrong. You voluntarily took this life of crime. After your first offense ,and after several days of confinement and deliberation you again committed crime. Shows No Emotion. "People must be punished for two reasons, for their own wrongdoing and as an example to other people. People must be.taught to fear and respect laws. You are either good or bad according to your heart. I know you are capable of doing better and I hope you will." Miss Copeland made no statement and showed no emotion. Her attorney made no plea for clemency. Neither Miss Copeland nor her parents saw Griffin who was taken to Jefferson City Tuesday. Stole Motor Car. The crime of which Miss Cope- iand pleaded guilty was in connection with the abduction here of LeRoy Ullery, Missouri Valley college student, and theft of the motor car in which he was riding March 14, Griffin pleaded guilty to highway robbery. Jail breaking charges were dropped. Officers said the couple signed a statement admitting the abduction and car theft, also filling station robberies at Vinita, Okla., and Little Rock, Ark., before their arrest at Springfield, Mo., March 29. Congress Turns Attention Back to Taxes and Relief Status of Engert as Envoy to Ethiopia Not Defined. CORNELIUS VAN H. ENGEKS Lawyers Accused of Attempt to Put Over Salary Steal Racket DES MOINES, CSV-The state board of control has made public a letter in which an unannounced writer charges Fort Madison attorneys are attempting to put over a "salary steal" racket in guards at the state penitentiary and reformatory at Anamosa. The board withheld both the name of the writer and comment on the charges. The letter accused the attorneys of attempting to have guards at the two state institutions sign agreements to pay them 50 per cent of their back pay if the lawyers collect it from the state. The "back pay" is that lost by all state employes under the state legislature's salary reduction act. WASHINGTON, (.#)--The capital's anxiety for Americans in Addis Ababa gave way to some extent Wednesday to interest in the conflicts at home over taxes and relief. Reassuring word from the Ethiopian capital left state department officials free also to sign a new trade agreement with France. It was the thirteenth pact worked out under the Roosevelt tariff-bargaining program. Lines were forming for the debate which · will begin in the house Thursday over President Roosevelt's $1,500,000,000 relief request, last major item on his legislative program for this year. Discuss Relief Stand. Republican representatives were called together to decide their stand. A house bloc which wants $400,000,000 earmarked for PWA instead of work relief was silent after a presidential turndown. The house tax bill was subjected to further public hearings on its way to the senate floor. Fred Sargent, president of the Chicago and North Western railroad, told the *senate finance committee it would aim a "disastrous blow" at railroads working out of receivership. Other developments: Aproval of government supervision of unlisted trading in securities and registration of brokers and over-the-counter trading was expressed by the New York curb exchange at a house committee hearing. Agrees on Wages. Representatives of railway management and labor reached virtua agreement on a scale of wages for employes dismissed in consolida. tions. The weather bureau reported i favorable week for agriculture. Neither President Roosevelt nor Secretary Hull would comment on the future diplomatic status of Minister Cornelius Van H. Engert, who Ticking Package Sent to Governor Cur ley Declared Fake Bomb BOSTON, JP -- Investigation of he second ominously ticking package delivered to Gov. James M. Curey in the last five years led officials to the conclusion Wednesday hat, like its predecessor, it was a fake bomb. State Chemist Joseph Walker analyzed water in which the package lad been soaked as well as its mechanism and found "no residue of any explosive matter." The "bomb" consisted of two flashlight batteries, a clock mechanism and a hollow tube five inches ong and one inch in diameter. Land Owner's Kites Held. . RED OAK, ()--Funeral services were held for Emme Charlota Younggren, 81 year old southwestern Iowa land owner who had lived in the home she owned for 65 years. Hanson Homestead Head. GRANGER, #--Fred B. Hansen of Logan, former county agent, was named manager of the Granger Homesteads, effective May 15. Seeks More WFA Funds. DES MOINES, (/!--Announcing that works progress administration funds would be exhausted by May 20 Iowa Administrator L. S. Hill said he would make .another trip to Washington to obtain more money. There goes another million! Another million bottles of Budweiser--and the day not yet half spent. after day! What made it the biggest-selling bottled beer in history? Taste and talk! People taste it.... and talk about it to other people. They tell you that only Budweiser tastes like Budweiser.... that its utterly distinctive, dry flavor will continue to please you long after you've forgotten less distinguished brews. How about another bottle? Largest bottling plant on Earth. The demand for Budweiser made it necessary. Capacity: 2,799,300 bottles per day. Fifty-five freight cars can be loaded simultaneously on its basement tracks... forty-four more at outside platforms. Visitors are cordially invited to inspect our plant. Beer osed as money? Yes--for hundreds of years. German monks in the Ninth Century were first to accept beer in place of coin. The practice lasted for centuries and spread to England. Think what purchasing power a bottle of cold Budweiser would have had in those days! Order a carton for your home--; NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED-Be prepared fo entertain your guests. A N H E U S E R - B U S C H - S T ; L O U I S T A S T E S L I K E B U D W E I S E R was accredited to an Ethiopian government which has now fled in th person of Emperor Haile Selassie. No Changes Seen. Some members of the senate finance committee discussed Wednesday the possibility of mak changes in the house tax bill, bu: Chairman Harrison (D-Miss.) predicted that the philosophy of the program would remain intact. Tuesday Senator Hastings (R- Del.) told the committee the house bill would mean that after certain corporations had laid aside 30 per cent of their income for surplus they would have to pay a "100 per cent" tax on any further portion they decided to withhold from dividend distribution. Benjamin C. Marsh of the peo pie's lobby said that the tax plan should be given a tryout. Would Spend Bulk. As for relief, developments lai Tuesday indicated that barring- i successful "coup" by the PWA bto in the house, Harry L. Hopkins WPA would spend the bulk of th Hi,500,000,000 requested by the pres dent for the works program fo: ·,ext year. President Roosevelt expressed op josition to the idea of earmarking 1400,000,000 of the money for Sec ·etary Ickes' heavier PWA projects Such earmarking has been advocat d by some house members. Anthracite Miners and Operators Find Contract Agreement NEW YORK, Ca--The threat of a suspension of operations in the Pennsylvania anthracite fields was removed Wednesday when operators and miners, deadlocked for several days, agreed ou the major points of a new contract. Aided by Edward F. McGrady, assistant secretary of labor, who joined the conferees last Thursday when a deadlock developed, the weary negotiators announced at midnight they had agreed in principle on virtually all matters and had entrusted details to a sub committee. WIN $500 CASH Or ?250--Or $100 What well-known Georgia town does RAYSCOWS spell when the letters are properly arranged? Rush your answer on a POSTCARD to Co'ntest Manager of American Life, Dawson, Ga., and you will get an opportunity to win one of 20 cash prizes to be awarded in the Georgia Cities Game. Officers Confer About Karpis and $30,000 South St. Paul Job ST. PAUL, Off)--Harold E. Stassen, Dakota county attorney, conferred Wednesday with federal agents holding Alvin Karpis, the outlaw, concerning the §30,000 South St. Paul payroll holdup in which one policeman was killed and another wounded on Aug. 30, 1933. Stassen has named Karpis, indicted as leader of the mob that abducted William Hamm, Jr., in 1933 and Edward G. Bremer in 1934 as an accomplice of Charles Fitzgerald and the Barker brothers--Arthur and Fred--in the daring robbery. U. S. and France in Agreement on Pact to Encourage Trade WASHINGTON, (S)--The state department 'announced an agreement with France on a reciprocal trade pact which was signed in Washington late Wednesday afternoon. Although no details of the agreement were available immediately, great importance was attached in both countries to the commercial accord which is intended to lower certain restrictions now applied by the French against American products. Hindenburg Starts Flight to Lakehurst FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany, (/B--Motors of the Hindenburg were put through final tests Wednesday and pronounced ready for the giant airship's first North American cruise which began Wednesday night with 50 passengers and a huge cargo of mail aboard. The zeppelin's scheduled time of departure was 8 p. m. (1 p. m. C. S. T.) and it is due to.arrive at Lakehurst, N. J., sometime Saturday afternoon. 19 Divorces Granted- DES MOINES, (.T)--Nineteen divorce decrees were granted in district court here. For Mother on Her Day Sunday May 1Qth Shadow Panel Fine Alencon Lace Trim and Tailored Style Perfect Fitting Wide Shadow Panel Adjustable Shoulder Straps. White and Tea Rose SIZES 32 to 42 101 NORTH FEDERAL Sunday, May is Her Day She Will Ap- predate Something Personal Give Her "Crepetwist HOS 5/ieer Stockings With Strength 10th, For the Modern Mother ^ · Ringfree Clear and Flawless · Crepetwist Resistent to Snags Colors: Cinamon Willow ·Sunny

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