The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 12, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1818
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fxtx BALTIMORE FLOUR. AKjXj bbtl new superfine, landing fnwi sleety HirMJ. Old slip. M b7 ' CAMBUXKNG k PEARSON, ecg If . . 01 oouin - sireet. "I h M. CAIRNS, No. IJU Weter - etreet, of - VV fers for sale, received iy im lalt arri TrJi from Uwipool ' f Flannels, assorted coluurt . ' Point ud London Duflil Blankets ' : . Hroeds, F earuoujjbtt aod Baixes, assorted Co - jours " Low priced acd fine Cloths, assorted Double milled drab do 4 t duller Blue and Pelisse do. Black Bombacettt 4.4 iwd 6 - 4 Cambric Muslini 0 - 4 Hair Cord and Figured do 4 - 4 aod 9 - U Bordered Cravat Hdkft ' 7 - 8 aod 4 - 4 Steam Loom Shirtings, Calicoes Kcd, blue, chocolate, plate and chintx furniture do 7 8 corded Ginghams, Cotton Hosiery, and a tariety rif nOier articles, any 18 lw l l ROMAN CEMENT JdJ casks Roman cemtat, just received and fur sale by ANDERSON ft SHEARER, tw 131 Water - street. aug 12 fnENEKIFFE WINE loOqr. casks L. P. J. Teneriffe wine, iroportHd in 1815 and 1816, of the faster, Power, and Colngan brands. A few pipes line Fort Wioe, resale by V . NATH. PAULDING, . aug I If 16V Frout - street OFFEE, ORANGES 4c UMES. 30.000 lbs. Coffee . . J5.000 ' 60 bbls. Limes, lutt received per ckr. Henry, from Cape - Henry, for sale by . - S.UUG. GRlS'.VOLD, BU 22 86 South - etreet. , TtlOHMOND TOBACCO A FLOUR.. 40 XI hhds prime Richmond Tobacco 15? kegs good common manufactured do 100 bbls. new Floor, Richmond Mills . 60 do do Wood berry, landiag this day from schrs. Catharine, and Duly Daughter, for sal? by BOOKMAN ft fOHSa i OS. aug!23t USCOVAOO SUGARS k RUM. - 43hhds prime Mnw.wndo Sugars A hhds West lodl num.' DOW on uie nmn iu Croat of the subscriber's store, and fur sale by G. C ft S. HOWLAND. Bug 12 67 Washington - it alCTLKK GLASS - - l? cnse Sttedisu Pic r ture Glass, from 27 1 - 2X24 t'j37 1 - 2 X 30 1 - 2, Just received aod for s!e hy J HUKD It SE WALL, RUg 12 C5 South strrct. IJOARD 'i'wogi'nllemeoi an be weliaccorn - XJ moduted as (wrinanvni Hoarders in a private French family, at So. 31 CourtUndUstreet. . auicli 2w WANTED, by a young Oeiitleinuii, permanent btNtrd, in a rcspecUhle private family, where there are no boarders, or not more than one or two. Address Z. at this office. auU It ORGAN FOR sALh. A FINE toned inter Oign, lately imported from London, t uilt ly Nicliolli, (successor to the late Mr. England). It runtisit of 5t"". the Principal, Viupaton, Hautboy, Fhtte and Vulciaiia, lias a general swell with two shifting aiovemeots, and is calculnted for a small church, or private use. Lauuiieat augHcodGt No. 13 Gold - street. TO LET. Thatelecnot and commodious House on the corner of trail - street, ami broadtvsy. recently occupied by Mrs. Moriison as a Boarding House. Posfetiioa may he had immediately. For terms enquire of RICHARDS k TAYLOR, aug 12 lw 145 Pearl - street TO LET, Until the first of next May, a store eligi bly i hinted, No. 1 17 William street, three doors loin John afreet. Eaquire - H6t . , No. 13 Gold street. - I.I 1ST. f$ Taesday evening, ia tbe neighhothood of Stanton and Kivmgioo - ai reels, a smnn ned Morocco Pocket Book. contaisriAK 35 dollars in ftnasrwoSaa, f4ia4 drawn hy Saody Lat - 1IU IU laTI'l VI IIHT BVUKVU(HII ltr, I VII HIBli at 60 days for ICO dollars, and sundry mils, receipts, ic. of no consequence to any ik - rroo but the owner. Tbe finder shall receive ten dollars reward by leavine Die hook and contents with, r;s:niifiK w. pit tmas. f - ni II.. ...KaMtua In., f . 1 Iff. ... m . Corner of RuiDgton, and Ejsex - streets. aug 12 If tiOKSlj. THE subscriber wishes to purchase three or four pair of matched Horses, and several single Hones for the saddle, and also for draught. R. LE.OX. u 12 101 TO THE rUBLIC. TT'ILLIAM HAMMOND, Hir Dresser and V v Perfumer, rrrorUii'ly i. forms that Indies and gentlemen of Xe Yo: k, true he has fitted f s shop, at No. Hi Pearl street, toe :hird door buss Broadway, ia a stvle of maeaificence, which. jleisbold to sfiirm, it not exee led, for beauty of eesip, taste or clegnee, by any similar estab fisamebtin or aay other city in the United lUMt.aii th. ,tw p.n..rmnv iwnen in rail upoa him at the above plate, he.e they will al ways find him at home to rrtciv i company, and ' arnioBS to serve intra in the best manner. But, as the most common method ot solmting public sttention, is, by lisping forth the invitation in am!crt, hit muse has kind y volunteered the foi - ianrinr" trtenport slanxa," nhick msv be eith er " mid or tuog," at best suits the reader or amateur : Will you come to tbe bow'r I have shaded fur y ou, A sweeter or fairer Dame Nature never drew ; Yout seat shall be plao'd among flow'rt in full bloom. And your tenses regMed with the best of perfume. Will you, will you, will you, will yon, come to me bow r. Woahl yon shsve in a style scientific and neat, Call oa HAMMOND, who eaa all your wishes complete i Your hsir be will dress and your whiskers hell traee, la a style all his own, of beauty and of grace. Will you, will you, he. . Would you make yourself LVd by the hard - hearted fair. - - Take adriee, dress vnur head, tnd never deTair : Far - bm'd HAMMOND can teach you to doit wan ease, a ia ureque, a ia I arqite a la Uevil, U you n please. WiU you, will yoo, fce. Bat, hard fortune alatk, have you no hair to ureas, jot may conquer the fair one nevertheless ; For, tho you'd no tsnlp to eever your brain, ' A t would tt once out an end to vour oaias. Wi you, will you, ke. Tkea come to the. bow'r be hit thaded for you, ' i - L"retr pr ao painter ever drew : jTis a a regien divine, by beauty often grat'd, Tht mirror of fashion ne pw ultra ul taste. sill you, will you, will you, will you, come to the . won r. auglKeodlw NEW BOOK?. For sale bv A. T. GOODRICH Si CO. No. 124 Broadway, oppo - rt.e tlie City - Hotel. . Uobhou'e's historical illutrationt of tlie th Canto of Childe Harold 8 vo. $2 50. Anecdote of the life of Bishop Watson, 8vo. Capt. Tuckey's expedition to the river Zaire, 8vo. 2 50. Marriage, a novel, 2vo. The Bachelor vnd Uie Mairied Man, or the MuiUhriutn of tbe" Balance of Comfort," iJvo 2uma. hv Mut.n,Ttl r:,t; ii. - t. i etriut, or the Hero of tle Don, a po 7 Alexis F.ii.iirhi... i r em The Queent wke, a poem by James Hog, ttalidw on Chejs, f 1 25. - , w 12 N I ?Orl tbe prelection aed care of BUkoi aod A' 1 fflaiignant fevers, u nromrneaded - UAHN3 ANTI BILIOUS Pll.I. Tht operation of these pills is perfectly mild, so s to be used by persons in every situation, They are excellently adapted to carry off superfluous bile, and prevrat iu morbid secretions ; to restore wid amend tbe appetite ; to produce a free penpiralion, and therehy prefect colds, wiutuaic oiien 01 laitu conteuuence A dose never tails to remove a cold, if taken on its first appearance. .Jhey are celebrated for removing habitual wiiunun,, icmien ai toe, and sever ueau nciie, nun uueiii 10 D taken IiV all nerinn oa a change of cliuiate. 1 bey bavo been found remarkablv efficacious in preveaiiiiK ana runner disorders attendant ou Iouk voyages, and should be procured and safelv preserved for use by every seaman. 1 ne anove medicine is prepared and sold at meotcine oiore, 40 Maiden Lane, and for sale by every respectable drneeist in tbe ci ty. Where may be had Hamilton's celebrated Wi ortn Lozeniei. aug 12 rl HE doctor hasgemus 1 vow, - a. 1 On bis skill aiay be plac'd some reliance i Ha once cured a ni, dJ he's now hi the practice of Medical Science. The doctor's ia more than one trade, ' I'm told thkt he deals iu per centum. 1 j ! uBuiu auu iiuiunuoe ne mail With the dollars and mediewn erUum, Many wonderful cures he performs, He can cure truly luo4rv uresumution. In all iti staas and forms, (Jut be gives all bis friends the coruvmufioru Last month L sold kumlrrds of blanks,' ' 1 sucn n;j doses are uways imphelic ; Uot hU pHtieots retum'd him n thanks, For they don't Uk Uie doctor's trneUc. U cries boldly, " A'o my, pa rtlitf," Which makes the fulks ruu away faster ; These sayings excite a belief That hs'iigive them Mut'iinjj plaster. u Read, try, judge, then peak as ve fluil," On his curious bills may be seen ; Hut bis physic's a spurious kiad. For it gives all his patients the spleen. It is hop'd he won't give them tlie vUlftttic. Tho' lis bawls at a wonUerful rate, 1 nnt lick tollci uiu - t to hitn ;o for physic, Cut for forlanet must all go to WAl I K. At No. 138 Broadway, may be had tickets and shares iu a variety of numbers, which may draw the following capital prites ia the Medical Sci ence Lottery, viz 1 of 4 100,000 1 1 44 cf tlGVOOO 5.000 1 50,01)0 1 1,00 R. WAITE, inn. soldaud paid more unzerio the lat Medical icituce Lottery th'tnauy other otRce iu this citv. au 12 IRISH LLNE.VS. DIAPERS. :c. THE subscribers have received by the late arrivals from Ireland a very handsome as sortment of 4 - 4 whites. Some in demi pieces. Also 7 - B do browns from 7 to ltfd. very superior goods, which Iney will sell on moderate terms. J. VV. Ja TERLI3U Si to. au; 7 Sw 41 S'luth - strcet. iRlsll LINENS. LAWNS, liEElTAGd, DIAFEH, Sic. ALARGK and hamltoue assortment of the following eoods, iust received per Hespe rus, acil other lute arrivals, and are offered for sale on reasonable terms : ' 3 4 Diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diapers aud Damask 3 - 4 White Linens 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linens, fine and low assortments 3 - 4 Brown Lawns and Linens 3 - 4 Black do 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 Sheetings 5 - 8 Lawns, 7 - 8 Dowlas, book and long fold Strong half bleached 7 - 8 aod 44 Linen 4 4 Hoggs, half bleached Irish colored Thread assorted. THO.VUS SUFFERN, aug 10 lw No. 6 Depeysteratreet. OUNfOWDEK, SHOT. LKAIK lie. VJ 1000 or. casks F.FF k FFF Bloomfield Powder 500 do do wosVet and Caimon Powder I'M) do do best Lngliph . do 50 do do Dtrtford Caoaister do St) do do single Seal do 4 tous tts.rtcd Patent Shot 3 do tlo moulded do 3 do bar Lead 10 milt Sheet Lead 500 feet patent Lead pipe 100 M. superior French and English gun and pirtol Flints Also, an assortment of inmkct and pistol balls, powder flasks and shot belts, for sale by SBHOONMAKER, VAN BEURKN A CO. aug 3 2w No. 91 Front - st. CO I TON u hide: Cotton - tC bales prime Upland 687 tpanith and Ox Hide. For sale hy UL'vnV Mil HENRY COWING. aue 66t 191 Front - corner of Fulton ttreet. IlKOCIORA; MATHERS. No. 71 Pwt - L ttreet, have received by the Impoitcr, Eu - Dhrates. and other Ut arrivals, the lo'.lowii goods which thty oficr for tale on liberal terms, vis : 40 balct Kendal Cottont 36 do While Plaint ' 5 do supertine Broadcloths 4 do middle priced do 2 do Pelisse Cloths 1 do Cassimerrs 2 trutset blue uv'd List Clotht 3 do Toilantttt 10 caset woollen Shawlt and Scarfs 2 do furniture Chintt of superior pattemt and atiftlilr 20 1 do superfine London Hats do containing boys Beaver and cloth caps, ladies and childreni Stuff Bonnet, tic. 11 attrrt Bo witrmgt and Trimmings Jewellery of various kiuds. do do iiau, j. diviiii 50 barrels Seneca Gin 3 do rectified Whiskey 2 pipes Coznnc Braodv t do L. P. Madeira AYiue of choice quali - 19 kegs Manufactured Tobacco 15 do Patent Yellow 6 casks Mustard 2 hods Sboe Brushe, ie, aag 1 1 2vr riOUACCO. 353 Krg landing from schn. X Usro and Only Daughter, and sloop Fair American, from Richmond, vis. 54 Kegs branded B. H. Brady, ft, no. 1 & 2 54 do. Geo. rieUker, 8, no, 1 & 3 40 do. T.M.Deaat&co.8's,nol&3 37 do. J. Gibb, 8's, no 1 & 2 68 l - 2Jo. JtP Labbv, 8't, Ladies1 tw'ut. IN STORE, 1500 Kegs, 8's, toS 1, 2, 3, half pound rollr, Ladies' Twist and Cavendish Tobacco of the following brauili, vis. Eoders, Rosy, Ege, Miller, Holts, Duttne, Slarr, J. Hare b co. R. Hughes & co. F. Daocy Si co. Anderson, Blair A M. Keage, Cautor, and Sheltoo & Williamson. For sale by CORNELIUS DU BOI3. augil Svr HAVANNA MOLASSES. 31 first quality Havaooa Molasses will be larded this day in front of the store of tbe subscriber, and foe sale by TUCKER ft LAUR1ES, . J 31 29 Smith street f CRANSTON GIN. JLmU PIPES and 12 barrels Cranston Gin, 3 casea of Essence of Lemons it received and for sale hy GEO. XT TALBOT, net 55 Pine - street ULSSIA HEMP, WINE, Ac 15 tons Uemf snperior qoality 60 pine Ctalonie Wine, ent to debeoL - 10 do O. L. P. Madeira Win 9 cr. cttkt Malaga Wine 1500 Empty lmijohna, 1500 Burr Stooes . ForsaU at fit Soutb - ttreet, by aug 2 WTTSM'KISK. - . , X V1)V' ffcppHeifgrimmdlaiehJ ' i 1. 1 ThesuperiorpucketsioonDOaTO - N, swo years ami tis month kl, burthen 6 30 - 95 torui, Uii oughly butt bolted ; stows a Urg cargo, and sails remarkably fast ; has a full inventory and lit complete order for a tovafre. Apply to A. Rogers, on board, east atde uu iing - snp, or w awsow . rarxra, au II .' - 18? Front - street t'aule, freighter Charter, The fine Mew - York built ship HI BERNIA. II. Graham, msster. built by Mr. Uieeseman. or the best materials, and 111 the most faithful inanner, has lately been coppered and put in complete order, and can be sent on any voyage at little expense. For terms, auply to VI M. k SAM'L CUAIG, - auU No. 84 Front - street tJK CHA RL&lsTUSf. The elegant fast sailing schooner CIIARLESTOS - PACKET.S. B. Vail, master; having must of her cai jo eozaged, will sail o Thursday next. For remainder of freight, or passage, having: Kt'od accommodations, amilv on buaid, at S to reus' whdif, ortn AAUL ALLEY, au 10 98 Pine - street. for St. J humut ami St. BarthoUtmenn, . A good URIG, of 180 tons, bound to the Vet Lidie. will Uke freizht for either of the above idaces. if otlcred immedia tely. Several passenirers aUo. can be well ac commodated. Apply to JAMES D'WOLF.Jun. au 10 ' 54 South - street. tor SAYjiXX.lH, Tk cm, chr. SALLY - ANN, Wog - t lom, master ; Uvi hi.Pn dellainaJ hv the weather, can take soiut re jreight For which,'or passage, apply ou U,.iat Jones' whurf - orto POTT & M'KLNNE, . an 10 56 South street.' FHklUUT WAtiTlD. The British brig ST. DOMINGO, captain Reilmond, will take freigtit for any port iu Great - Britain or Ireland sho is u iHd vessel, and may be despatched immediate ly. Ap;ly ou toard at rine - Mrett whivrf, or to N. L. U U. GUli'VVOLD, auglO t!6 South - st, Fr BEIiMUhA. 1 he fine fast suihtig sloop HOPE, loan Wilson, master, lias three fourths ot her cargo ready to go 011 board, and will positively sail on or before the loth inst For the remainder of freight nr pusnage, apply to LAIULA W, t.lKAULT & CO. au 8 7t .'. 90 Coflee - House - slip. i or J - 're::;tt or Charter, The ship :.EPTUNE,'Rich'd Field, r?r Jjtf,m.i.i. 'xiMlien about 3000 barrels, is in ci". pleie ' .j' - r i, , xeivea car., and mav be despatched iaunedi. tely lies at pier No. U Ooutli - strcet. Apptvto THOMAS S. WALSH, No. 118 Front - street. BUILDIXU STO.XK. One hundred and forty tons building stone, of good quality, fur sale on board, if applied for in a few davs. au 8 lw for LIVEIU'OOL, v(r$ The v. ell known, regular trading iatcoppered snip IMPORTER, Dinglcy, mo'tr, will be dispalched soon, having the STi eater part of her cargo enjuKed. For remain dcr of fseight or pas&agu, having superior ac commodation, apply to capt. 1. on board, al pier No. 13, E. R. (Gouverneur's - wharf,) or to CHARLES HALL, 1 U - . - aver - street. For tale, rn hoard the above ship, 4 chaldron CANAL COAL. aue; 6 for lAVEHl'OOL. Ji The suhstantial ship ROCKINGHAM, VaSUaT . v. Williams, master, is now loading and ! tvme - cnniulerable cartro engaged, u ui tended to sail (hi the ivth mat - tAe lvrt' inainder of freight or passage, having handsome and spacious accommodations, apply on board, cusl aide Fly - market, or to 1 nOMAS C. BUTLER, Jun. au 6 74 South - street. r or BKLtA ST, and b.ick to A"ew - l'r TheihipJOHN DICKINSON, Baush, mater, for Belfast, is fully loaded, and will suil on Saturday morning. A few more passenger cau be accommodated comfortably, in cabin or steerage. Apply on board, or to ABRAHAM BELL, corner of Fulton A ClifJT - sts. A. BELL hat received by the late arrivals, a large assortment of wide and narrow diapers, 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Liuen, brown and black Linen, sheeting, Sic. which wiil be told on fair terms. aug 6 lw er AEH.OHLKWS, The fast sailing packet schr. FANNY k HENRY, Tilford, master; is nearly loaded, oan take few tons more light freight, if immediate application is made on board, west side of Burling - shp au 5 AMERICAN BRANDY iO Pipes, ol good quality and high proof, for sale hy aug 11 lw CORNL'SDU BOI3. IjVNGLISH CHEESE. So hampers ol Berk - J ley, double & tingle Gloucester Cheese. ALSO. English Hams, Bacon aod Lard of tuperior quality, iutt received by ship I'hocion, from Bristol, for sale, wholesale & retail ; with a general assortment of Bristol Ware it Groceries, by E. BLACKFORD, 157 Greenwich - ttreet. Likewise, a Tew qr. boxes best Havana Se - gars, Fith taucet, Capert and Olivet, aug 10 lw FOR SAL.E, The two four story Fire - Proof STORES No. 185 and 187 Froot - ttreet, occupied by Mott ft Redmond, and Isaac Frost. 1 he stores are CO feet deep and 20 feet front the Loft are 85 feet deep. Apply te ROBT. H. BOWNE, eg '0 1m 91 Pine - street. A WET .YUKSE. A YOUNG Woman, with a good breast of milk, withes a situation as Wet Nurse, in a respectable family. She can give tbe most satisfactory references at to character and ability. Enquire at 1 3 Garden - street or 33 Water - sL auglO lw RICHMOND ELOUR 500 - barrel, made from the belt new Wheat landing from tbe schooner Only Daughter, from Richmond, at Coflce llouse - sh'p hirt&le by ROBERT GILLESPIE, aug 11 1 15 Front - ttrwt. JAMAICA KU.V. Oikhhdt. will ha landed to - morrow morning, Sd J west side CofTee - house slip, and for sale by TITUS ft VAN 2ANDT, a 10 3t 165 Front - street. PORTER BOTTLES, SHEATHIAQ COPPER, Ae. BRISTOL porter bottler, in hampers cf one groceeach Sheathing capper, from 1 4 to 28 oz Shot, assorted for the season Spnni'h brown White lead, ground in oil Crown wutdow glass 8 by 6 to 18 by 12 Tbe above goods are jnst received by the ship Pruxjoo from Bristol, and are recommended as beiug of tho beet quality and in the best order For sale by aagll lw WM. NEILS05 k SON. NIAGARA' BANK BILLS RECEIVED at par for Tickets, at the Loty and Kxcaaage Office of G. A R. WAITE. Maidjja - Laot). aagll - STORAGE. fi OTVSXIENT St age for Dyt Woods, or V otQcr articles of a similar detorrpuon, may Dv applying al Nfi. 29 South - street. rr.w m trim i s; cut Hca. 7 F OH SALE, a pew ia tbe south side Aisle of Tnafly Cburch, or would be exchanged for one io St. George's Chapel Enquire at No. 21 Maideo - laae. - ' aug8 lw TKJVmyf'E. and JiADKliiA WISE, Uc. JOHN HEFFERNAN, No. 34 South - streM, o&rslorsale, 50 (jr. catks L. P. Teneriffs witie 3 pipes and 0Jihdr. do. Madeira do. 32 ceroons Cummiug seed 2 do. Carraway do. A f boxes llttana segars. u 7 1 w Cm ... " 1 HLANKETS, iJARPC'llNG, a.c. Rose Blajikets 7 - 4 ta 12 - 4 ,. Point do 2 1 - 2 to 4 ' ' London Durae do ' ' Striifi1 do do Printed Tat.le Covert, blue, green, scarlet and Waterloo, Brussels Carpeting WilUo Dearth Rugs 1 Imperial do. The above landing from the ship Paragon, fiom Liverpool, aod for sale by EDWARD LYDE, an 8 lw No. 16 William - itreet. tfO.MAVi tC CUTTOJf GOODS. A K 'assortmrut of Doute'tic Goods, such as Ueach'd & unbleach'd Shirtings and Sheet - mgs White A black Millinetts, (assorted numbers) Flotu, kaitiine ii kwiui Cotton. For sale on raasopsle terms by tvn. vAiror - .Llj, Manufacturer, au6 197 Pearl - Street, (up stairs. n ,1 ll.LI.SK l"i'S. A ouantilv of white M1II1 LVX jsjetts, hRiidsomelv Doished and of the first quality tor sale 00 reasonable terms, ty vtf'. iADirnr.Li manuiacturer. 197 fe&ri - btreet, up stairs Also 100 cieces black do. new stiffened and niiiatiea. . aug a LECTURE AiND RECI 1 ATIO.NS. " DWYEK respectfully inlorms hit 1 V 1 friend and the public that he will Lecture A: rtrjie at Wwhington Hall, tomorrow eteniug, weuueiilfiy) Aujtuit ttth, 18ia. Perloriwuice te commence at 8 o'clock. Tick ets. at 75 cts. each, to he had at the bait of tbe Washjngtou Hall, BankCotke House, and City iimci. aug 1 1 SPRING - HILL DISTILLERY. Pot talc,' about 27 acres of loud, adjoin n.g I'aiimt H Kiver, in tbe township ol fiiemn - held, in the county ol cstex, in New Jersey, wherenn is a larue and couiuiixliout distillerv. withcijoe works, oat building!, &c. that render the whole a very valuable property. Enquire of r.ciAO vAiv Aiesujti.r., Jewara, or . GEti. W. STRONG, New York aug II LOW 1'IUCED WATCHES. A GENTLEMAN lately from France, wish L tt to ditpote of a large attortmeut of Gold and silver Watuiet. such as plain, repeating, L'Epiue, tiuutiug, ladies and stop walchet, all warranted. Also, a number of composition eold watches. snuu'aad Indies work boxes with music and other laicy articles. Likewise, a eeneral attortmeut of watch - ma - ken tools, and watch and clock materials, such us springs, I'Hi.ds. dial lati - s, vatses, chains, Vc. A'c. Apply to No. 141 Fuliua street, near Broadway. angll lw rOKISALK, A HANDsOME fust trotting sorrel Poney, X. four years old, verV kind nuder the saddle. told for no lault ; the present owner havinz put his sou to busiuesa is the cause ol hit being for iklew r.nqiure at l.i vanitam - ttreei. N. B. A very light Sulkey for tale cheap. Encpiire at above. aug 11 if i ANTED in a very small family, a middle V V seed white woman, to do the eookine and wasuing. Alto, a wmie eiri bdoui lourieeu ni' ui - teea, to do chamber - work and wait on table, ke. None need ant ry wbo eanaot be well recommend' ed from tlieir last plaees. Inquire between the boura ot IV and a o clock, at 47 Murray ttreet eio u t" J300K - KF.EPER WANTED. N experieoced book - keeper aiur hear of a tlx. rituution uy addressiutr A. B. through the post office The bett references nt to rapacity and respectability will he required. A person acquainted with dry goods w ould be preierred huc 1 1 3t 'f'ltAvELS through some parts ol Germany, L Poland, Moldavia, aud Turkey, by Adam Ni - ate, M. D. juit received hy late importations, aad for tale hv PETER A. M ES1ER, aug II lw 28 Wall - street. INDIGESTION, OR, SOUR STOMACH, IS acknowledged by Medical writers to be a complaint cfstuboom kind, and at all times very diMioult of cure. This is sufficiently illustrated in the disappointment of those ho unfortunately suffer uuder it, as they, for the most p.irt, find, that after having tried many things to little or ne purpose, they are at last obliged io use, for perhaps the remainder of life, such articles as can best hut palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, must surely be an article high ly deterring the attention ot all those wbo are afflicted with it l tuch a combination it to br met with in Dr. MEAD'S AN i I - DYSEPTIC or STOMACH PILLS I ike success of width has never yet been equalled, lor the. eure of Dyspep sia in its most complicated form, such as loss of tppetite, nausea, h - artbora, naluleney, gnawing pain Iq the stomach, pain in the side, great eoa - tiveness, paleness in the countenance, languor, lowness of spirits, pain in the head, vertigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pills in the above disease!, according to the direction., will never he disappointed, as they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical and permanent cure. Tbe use of a tingle box will convince the most unbelieving of their effiotcy. They will most effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralizing the acid, but by correcting that morbid state ef the secretions which gives rise to it, and at tbe same time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion thtt tone and vigour which it absolutely neectsary to the well beiug of the animal economy. r r side by John U. Mormon, issoreeuwien - street, Hullk Bowne, 146 Pearl ttreet, Abraham Brooke. 403 Pearl ttreet and Bern. UuaUia - bush, Druggist, corner Charles and Greenwich streets, near State Prison. N. B. None are genuine without the signature of the sole proprietor, GEO. SMITH, aagll CAU I ION TO frU.N l ERi. PRINTERS are cautioned tgiinst employing on proaltyof the law. WlLLlS 1. SAGE, arwnawav apprentice from the subscribers. Said Widis was bound to us as apprentice to the print ing batmess, it about 19 years Of age, 5 feet 5 or sia incite high, baa lrown hair, and or a lair 1 . rii - vm 1. vuri ra Greeotield, (Mats.) Aug. 8, 1818 aug 10 3t DENTISTRY. DOCTOR ZERAH HAWLET informt the pstilic (list hit office it at No. 91 Nassau tict ; where he extract! teeth, tltant and ntt (rc7t,ead (lerforint every operation in dentistry. The following teitiScate of skill, he thiukt a sufheitnt recommendation. whom it mav f OUCIBIT. Thit certine, that Dr. Zirah Hawlcy it a reg ulsr bred physician, and iu good standing with his brethren ia lliit place ; tliat he has paid particular attention to Uie art of Deniutrri, bat studied tie bett European workt on tbe subject, and hat given very good tatitluction in thit branch, to his customers, wbo are perxai of the first re - tpectabiktv in this city. - We therefore, with entire confidence recommend Dr. Hawley, to tbe citiaent of New - York t aeat Muntoo,) Profetsortof New - Msven. JNathan eoutn, v me rneu. J an. 12,1818.) Eli Ivet, f histitutioq (Jona. KMt, J Ya!a Col Mflliw The nbscriber offers libera! antirnntwn on property consigned to bat IntuUs at oiwai - tar. Being alto agent tor Messrs. Isaacs, Weekr ft Co. of Malaga, will have it in bit power to give useful information to persona tendiug vet - sell to the UlUr port. H til III UtiUi..t, ao 6 lw corner of Sterne and Whitehall - tit. (rr - Tbe law ajid Notarial Reiibest ol'Wsn. Bieecker, Esq. deceased, and alto that of com - mtssioner, will oe continues nt uis iai uuh.c, No. 62 1 - 2 Wall ttreet, by aug 8 2w titans - tt. iiciau. MISsIOJYAHr MOTIVE. erf A stated mectinir of the " Mev - York EvunctHealMummarv Societ f Towe.Ven.' will beheld in the Lecture - room of the brick church, on Monday evening, the lOlli inst. at 8 o'clock. It. J. HUTCHINSON, ClerK. au 8 3t . CORMELIUS BOGEUT, ATTORNEY, COVjYSELLOR AT LAW, AUD NOTARY PUBLIC. COMMISSIONER, authorised io take Am - V davits and Special Bail iu any Court oi Record of this Stale, the proof and acknowledge' ment of Deeds, and discharges of Mortgages AUo Affidavits, Special bail and the deposition of witnesses debate ease, in the District and Cir cuit Courts of the Uuiled States, continues his office at No. 1 4 Cedar - street. jy 22 I in ALLEN'S OFFICE AUGUST lltb OFFICIAL UoT OF PRIZE3, 2d day's drawing Medical Science Lottery f5lh dust.) . Nos. '15,577, fl,C00; B593, "13541, 3152, 13409, $100 each. 'bold at ALLbn'3 Lucfcy Uffice. The S1000 prizh, they told in a whole Ticket The Lottery drawt an sin next Tuesday morn ins 500 Lumbers each drawine. Tickets and Shares (warranted undrawn) for tale at Tiulv Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway. Where wat told and immediately pMd, No. itO, which drew lust Ne w - ear's d ty tlio great pnre ol 100, 000 dollars, the highest prize ever sold uy aiiy ofh c in America, and where was told every graud capital in the former classes of tins lot terv. vir. No. 10320, J30,0(i0; 19506, 30,000, 121 - 29, 25.000; 19 )45, 2.S.0D0; nod several of 20.000, 15,000, 10,000, 5000, Ac. eng 1 1 3t ALL PRIZES UNTIL AFTER THE SET - EN Til DAY OF DRAWING. TICKETS iu the Splendid Medic.O Science Lottery, now drawing once a week, will be udvanced on Wednesday next, to 30 dolt. Until which day they may be obtained at WAI IBS' Truly fortunate lottery le exchange office, No. 34 Maiden - lane, A sixteenth will gain 6250 dolls. An eighth will gain 12500dolls - A qunrter will gain 25,000 dolls. A half will coin 50,000 dolls. And a whole ticket, for the small sum of 28 dolls, will gain the independent fortune of $100,000 Lett week G. A R. WAl TE told and immedi atcly paid, the highest prize, 10,000 in the Bal timore Lottery, half of which was to a lady who does not wish her name made puiilic. The week before lust a 10,000 dollar prise was sold at Waite't in two half shares, and immedi ately raid. And in the late National Lottery, they sold the highest pritc, vis. (.15,000, in a half, quarter rmd two eighths, Deing me highest prize ever tola iu thit city in shares of Tickets. aug 1 1 Ci RACIE'S, 14 Broadway, Listot Prues - C 2ddiawing 5th Medical Science Lottery. No. 5373, 1st drawing, JiOOO. No. tl5577, 2d drawing, $1000. l.inik OftTl ocni toei tax .1 l.f. U1U7, Udtf) 1JI) itJk UIAWIIIg) $100 each. Remained unsold at Gracie't. t First drawn number, Sd dresring. 3d drawing at half past 6 A. M. on Tuesday next, ist numoer drawn entitled 10 loco. Warranted undrawn Tickets aad Shares, at $20 each, may be obtained until 10 o'r lock this evening. To - morrow they advance to gJO. Prizes, at par, and foreign bank notes, recei ved in payment for these valuabhv chances. Floating prizes which may be drawn on Tues day next I of $20,000, 1 of 10,000, 1 of 5000, 24 of 1000. aug 1 1 31 BENJAMIN BUTLER'3 prize list of the Medical Science Lottery, 2d day's draw ing: NO. - 15,577, f lOOO; IVot. 3152, 3U73, TU593. 134C9, 13541, 100 each. r irst drawn number. t Sold on Saturday at thit office. rt7 The subscriber's office will be open thit evening until 9 o'clock. Ticket rite to - morrow, previeus to which they may be ban at f 28 ; parts in proportion. BENJAMIN BUTLER, aug 1 1 27 Wall - it. NEXT WEDNESDAY. rplCKF.TS in the Medical Science Lottery JL will he advanced to thirty dollars. STATE OF THE WHEEL. 100,000 $.1n,ono 2o,ooo 5,ooo 2,ooo 2,ooo 44 of l,ooo 51 of loo Priret of Tickets and Shares - Whole Ticked, 20 dolt : hnlvrt 14 ; eruarters 7 : Eighths 3 50 For tale by R. WAITE, Juor. 130 Broadway. Where cath to any amount, will he advanced for prizes at toon at drawn end wliere more priset were t.ld in the last crass than at any oth er office in thit city. aug 1 1 2t I OR PRIZES, apply at ALLEN' Truly ? Lucky Office. No. 122 Broadway. Ticket No. 15,577 wat the first drawn number thit mornin? (2d day't drawing) io the Medical Science Lottery, and entitled to a prize of one thousand dollars. Tbe fortunate ticket wat told at ALLEN'S Lucky Office to a eentiemna in the country ; who hat already been informed that he can receive at me tame emce uie gold lor nit prize. Who wiil not invest tbe u ifling sum of SH dollars this da ? Tomorrow the price will he 3') dollars. T he lotterv drawt ooct a week thit month, next month it will draw rapidly, and the lottery will be completed sooner than any lotte ry ever drawo in thit ttate. aug 1 1 3t A DELPHI SCHOOL it vacated till tbe last Xm. Monday in August instant. fJ7 The public is respectfully iuformed, that Mr. John R. Smith is engaged as drawing master, and Mr. bchiffely as teacher of tbe French, Spanish aud German languages. aag3 tlMAng ff FOR SALE, i,J A country House and Farm., on tbe eat bank of Unison's River, in the Highlands, about 54 miles from New - Vork, lying between tbe country sent of William Denning, Esquire, and capt. fbilhps and nearly opposite West Point. The f.rm contains 12 1 arres. The hooe (which was built in 1305) has 12 rooms, exclusive of the ki(cheo,and itossexes e very convcaiepce necessary for a family. There is also a farm house, b'nrn, stable and oiner out - houes, in good order, a garden sod a great variety of fruit tree, of the best kinds. A further description it not given, rfrane Dersins inclined tu rmrchaia - will A doubt view the premise, ; ftr which ymrpose application maybe made to Mr. Jjimee Thompson, on tbe farm. For the ferme of fcite.wnqutreof : WM. HENDERSON, , : 55 WaUtreet, New York. J 8 WAS 3dpa2m , . . . t?LOua. 5tx bbit. Phil&itelrjMft innMlM j. - i mur, sr pme, wit ree'd and for tale hi aui.i BWRJ4AJ1 S JOtiNSIfJN, PUBLIC SALES , By MILLS, MlNTOJf it CV To - morrow, Half past IX o'clock, at their norfJonroom, No. 143 Pearl - ttreet, a handsome assortment vf Dry Goods Ac. among which are 1 4 - 4 to 3 - 4 black and white English lace, shawls aad veils ; 7 hales supf. blue, black aotf assorted cloths t 2 do do supf. rastimere i 1 do pelisM cloths ; I do flaaocls ; 1 do heavy a team loom theeting ; 1 dosupf. Iinea bed tick; I do black uamask shawlt ; I do damask table clotht ; t do black fljrence silks and double chain levar.tiues; 1 do rich figured taffeta ribbons, w carnuturet; 2 do lignt and black tewing silks; 1 do bluegilla hdkfs; 1 do assorted pelout; tttltint, for hat linings i I do thread hose end haif bote ; 1 do fiot) thread Incet t 1 do Irish linens, aud a number of other articlet. The cloths, caisimert and tever al other packages, will be sold at 4 mouths cred it. BY M. DITM1S. r Hit j f At half past 9 o'clock, at his store, No. 363 Pearl - street, a general assortment of European dry goedt. MA RULE t)K BLILULSU, c. ITM HE proprietors of Die southern marble qua JL net, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at tlie Kuig'i - UnUge Marble ana l.une - 1 ura, loot oi Beach - street, on tbe Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following; de - tcriptions, viz : Athlar CopuJg Foundation Stone Chimney - Fiecetj Facings Columns WaterUbla Slept Platformi gills, Liutcll Arches ALo Lime of the beitoualitv. fty3 A couslant supply of tlie above materials may be calculated upon ; and Uiote desirous t4 purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. FRANKLIN BANK. (7 - The Franklin Bank, will he opened for the transacting ol busmen oa Wednesday next, the ICtii inst. The days for discounting notes are Tuesday St Saturday. Notes offer'd for discount, mutt be lodged on (he day preceding. Ky order the Board of Directors, aug 10 II POST, Jr. Cashier. CINCJN.VA i I. fX" The members of the New - York state society of the Cincinnati are requested to went the usual badge of mourning for 30 dayt in testimony of their respect for the memory of their deceased associate, capt. Abel lloldea. By order, au 10 4t P. E. DUN3COMB, Prc'ry. AlOJSEY JO LOAN. fi7 fin A DOLLARS to loan, in sums to " ,vfvrvf tuit applicants, on bond with mortgage upon approved property. ALSO, 40,000 dollars on approved paper. Guaranteed, by bank slock. Enquire of WW. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - ttreet. Where application mav be eenerallv made through the year, aod suortgaget ditpoaed of. je ?o ii 'iO LOAN. jnOnO DOLLARS to loan on A J .J .J bond and mortgage upon property iu the city of New - York. A pply to J. G. BOGERT," Jy28 138Water - st. SALT WATER BATHS. The public are iutormed that tbe Salt Water Floating Batht continue open Irom five o'clock in the morning until 10 at eight, at Ar - den't wharf, near the Battery, and at the foot of Murray ttreet, North River. FOR BALE, a handsome Pleasure Sloop, ia complete order, with new tails ; a very safe boat, being lined with cork. ALSO, pair of large Patent Chain Pumps, made by Mr. Danielt. Alter, one large Vat or Cistern. Apply at tJla Baths, or to JACOB KABINEAU, 315 Broadway. fcr Wanted, an active. intelJiarMf HO v. to attend a Drug store one acquainted with th business. ae above. e7 NOTICE. fLJ" flavins: understood from some of mw Oieudi, thatithai been dilieentlv circulated (etr. taintji not with the intent la benefit me) that I have given up my brokerage business oa account of my being appointed oil inspector - tbe report is tulse 1 continue to buy and tell all kinds of country produce as usual. All the oi) that cornea into this market would not, in my opinion, occupy one quarter of my time. JAMES MAURICE. New. York, Aug. 7 aug 7 lw COPARTNERSHIP. (rr EBENEZER STEVENS having admit. ted into copartnership bit sons, ft .vows K. See. rei and John A. Stetent, their business will ia future be transacted under the firm of EbtAeicr bteitru tt oonr. F.beneter Steven, JJynmK. Steven John A. Sleceru. aug 11 Sw HORSES. WANTED two handsome aaddle horses, one bay and one gray, for shipping Apply to ROBERT GILLESPIE, au 10 112 Front - street. OrtlLL BE SOLD AT AUCTION, on Wednctday. the 2d of September next. the property of Robert Gourlay, deceased, in the village of Newhargb, vii : 17 banding lots, fronting on uoiaen street, 11 do do do on High ttreet, 12 do do do oa Water street, do do do en the 8 - Rood - ttreet. Alto, a water lot. containing 94 feet front Oa the aforeiaid property there it a dwelling boat 26 by 30 feet, alto one sixteen by twenty nine r . . . 1 . . . ' i . I . ieet,anu store nouse iwenry six ov lniny also, a carriage makers shop 16 by 9 feet, with a cellar under the whole, aod which at a small x pence may be converted into a comfortable dwelling. The Newburgh and Cochectoo turnpike, with other principal roads from the interior, runs through tbe centre of tbe above property, and it being esaeeded by nose in or about the village for beauty of prospect and advantage! for trade, it it pretumed that pertoot wishing to obtain lots for stores or private dwellings, will not lit this opportunity pass, ef becoming possessed of those) ituatcd in the most pleasant part oi the village. rerun to oe maae anown nt we time of sals. for particular, apply to MAIUjAtUut UUlzUaAY, CXlZ.' Newwurgh. ANDREW GIFFORP, Eter, nug 10 tds 134 Greenwich t. NYeek. r OK SALE. . Ifinnn acres or land, iy - VJ.VJ KJ Vinrlathe towaofFlorence. county of Oneida Aad ttate of New - York. Tho ttate roadt from Room to Backets Harbor and Salmon river pest through tbe tow a. The coun try adjoining the land oCcred roroeJe te well settled ; tbe toil is good for greet or grain, aod tha situation it convenient to tend produce either to tne Bionsreai or uuen market, being only 35 miles from tlie latter place. For further information, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN WRIGHT, at tvorae, or to wair iie.Nurtiw, - J 10 eod 1m 3dp No. 55 Wall ssv!t. JUST rtTeivwel, and for tale by ASEET tt DUNSCOMB, tea tons Steans Boot Bojlrr Iron, 0 lect long, Irom XI to x tocrwa l - 47och thick? " "t"'w arv as itt.BB.e . , , it 1HEATHINC COPPFC 1 cases V2 aM! U 3 ex. Lcadot 5beatw Cor5r, f sale by w.buwwiw miiii Asrwu.K HUAU & fEWALE. au: 3 ""5 "Halt, tt - ttt.

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