Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 12, 1895 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1895
Page 4
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L /. Progress-Review E. DUKE N if l.|l if; LAFORTE CITJf, T. Pub. IOWA HISTORY OF A WEEK. THE WORLD'S NEWS IN A NUT SHELL. Important KrentN. Domestic nnd rorrl --JlrJIfiJou*, I'olltlrHl, Comnn-rrl il fittortlnir, Obllanrr. Criminal nnd M Louis Galloway and wife, who Ihcd m-ar Elw ,'irds, ^iiss., i»ere murdered by u n h n o i i n thitvcs. Kidnapers of little Kuy 'VYiclcliKm ol Thorntuun, Ind., ^\ ho were surrounded JD the iixods, eluded ibcjr pursuer^. An agent of a gang of New York counterfeiters was cupuucd by a deputy L'nilcd States at Tor- rcot, Tenn, Omaha police have arrested three men v.'ho i re alleged to have- robbed b'andou and other hotel guests ut several thousand dollars in money and jewelry, Mrs. William Flint of Ulic,i, X Y., shot her husband and his mother because of the latter's interference iu her affairs. Cardinal Gibbons, in a sermon in defense of Christianity, mudc a distinct reference to Col. IngcriOll, though not by name. Rev. Xeivcll n Itillis, D, D., preached his inaugural sermon at Central church, Chicago. Lyuian J. Gage delivered the introductory address, Scientists- from nil parts of tlic country Here prosenln t thedc'dica- tiou of the "mother church"' in lioston. Kay liaudall, 7 years old, of Bccatur. Ill , and Charles Harries, aged 3, of I/a ilsrpr, i;;., J-.cJ from h.j ,-lrsp!-.sbia, E d u a r d J. T«iss, a law student at Ann Arbor u n u u r s i t y , coininitlcd tuicide because of nnrcf|iiitcd lot'c. Snou- slides bloclceiJ tra/Ilc on the Erie near Loch I l a i a n . I'.i. A freight tram unsMibmcrgul und the fast mail had a narroiv escajie. Mablu H u d and Alice Chccscborough, Etudcnls ut Jfount llolyolcc college, have disappeared. Tlie police arc searching for them Trinity's sexton icccucd Mrs As- tors remains on llieir a r i i v u l at Now Yorlc and x v i l l c a i c toi them until the f u n e r a l i^ arr.iuged. Mrs,, Clara IVnnell of Clinton, Town, Itidinipad when n child by hoi father, was reunited to hur inulhui 1 aL Koclt- lord, 111. A vcceivcr has been appointed for the JofTcrsor. i t w i n orlcs of Stciibori- ville, Ohio. Its iiidebcdncss is SIB'J,- O'JO. Secretary .McHrydo, made a final appeal to the Coal Opoi'.itois' association to arbitrate the troubles in the I'ittnburg distiiel. fn a lecluie in Ne\\ V o rk Felix Adlcr scored 'JVInily i-hiuch bceniisc of the D U h n n i t i u y hlalo of I Us tenement, holism. Mr.s. ?Iarj A, Livcrmorc, the. woman MilEiMgisl and teuipernnce udvocate, will shortly i ctiic from the lecture platform. The ciincncy bill will come to a vote In the house this week l'i»puels fur Its passage seem brighter. Kour lives were lost by the sinking of the pilot bout 1). ,!. \M\V\UC No. 1 by u fishing schooner iu the fog oil Jliii- otMight. Ti:u offlce of the Toronto Globe was 1 dc.slroycd. One fireman u n s killed and six injured by falling walls. i'ire near Baltimoic, which dc- Gtioj-cd a Standard Oil plant, ticid nnd fertili/.cr woilo, caused a loss of £200,0011. Fire originating in the Englc flour mills destroyed the business portion of Ilamlin, W. Va. Gen. 1'hilip Sidney Post, member of congress from Hit- Tenth lllinon district, died suddenly iu Washington, Gen. 11. U. De Bray, who commanded n brigade in the confederate anny, died at Austin, Texan. Mrs SiiMin Howe expired while attending eerviccs in Woodward Avenue JJaptist church ot Detroit. She v us T 1 years old. Frnnk. liierly, chimpion of Ireland. defeated Tommy Kelly, the "Harlem Spider," in Ore rounds at Boston. During a heated debate in the nn t.onal nsscmbly ut Ilophin,, Austria, levolvera were drawn by excited ministers. Mexican government 1m-) made a .·bnnal d'-maoj upon 'Guulomnln for Indemnity, the total amount of which FOREIGN. Turkish neiv-.papcr'sdcriy llio report- id assassination of Tahsin 1'a.slio, gov- ·rnorof Jlitlk, by an Anneann The Belgian government losdecided to propose- to parliament I h y anncAil- :ion of the Congo Free ulate, Mcviro is actively preparing f° r war with Guatemala. An imading :.rmy of over S.OOO is auaitinjf transportation at Acapulco. Turkey has requested the signatories of the Berlin treaty trj use llieir good nfljces w:th a ricw to inod rating the demands of Russia und Luglanu nii'u regard 10 Armenia. Tlie Jiinil lout Krnprovs was wrecked while entering Calais harbor. Her passengers n ere rescued by tlie life having crew. W A S H I N G T O N . Cold reserve of the treasury was reduced toS3l,0'Jl,03-' by withdranal of £2,350,000 foi shipment to Kurope. A resolution was adopted by the ficnnlc asking whether ex-Secretary Foster, who goes o China, has any official relations with the U n i t e d States. Austria - Hungary has protested ogainst t h e discriminating duty on bounty paid sugar, alleging it to be a. violation of Ihe existing treaty. Debate on the currency bill nas con- tinned in the liuuse Friday. Banker Ilcndrix of New Voik made a vigorous Gpccuh in opposition to the measure. The military academy appropriation bill was passed by the senate Friday and tho pension appropriation bill taken up. Mr. Lodge's resolution of inquiry as to w h y American war ships were with- CRIME, Dr. F. L. Uarrod of Ijarrode^urg. ITy., was killed by Sheriff Van Arsdall, 11 horn he is alleged to have realigned during the campaign. Vigilantes came up with a band of horse thieves near Cantonment, I. T., and capturing three of their number hanged them to a tree. Four of the alleged lynchers of ex- County Treasurer liarrctt Scott arc undc" arrest at O'Neill, Neb. Frank Sparlrs, assistant cashier of the Cincinnati postofliec, concoclci a rooncry siory to cover ilia B!IU!.»(;.. Murderer J^ambert, who was to have been hanged at Camdcn, N. J., has been granted a respite by Judge Shiras until March -I. (jcorgc Lampkip, a rrjcat seller, was killed on a struct in St. touis by J. H. Kcap, whose daughter Lj.ropkin had ivrongcd · Eugene It. an/1 Roma. /. Chandler «crc arrested at Frankfort, Mich., charged with cmbezzling funds deposited in their back by the township trustee. MISCELLANEOUS. A vicious tiger attacked a horse during an exhibition at Cincinnati and a panic was narrowly averted Fathei Stick," whose denunciation of Protestant organizations brought him into notoriety at I'aua, 111., has been assigned to another pastorate. In a speech at a farewell reception in New York John Burns, the English labor leader, said America hadugrand future. An investigation of the charges of ill treatment and illegal detention of laborers at Xavassa island is being made at Baltimore. BANKS AND BANKING. F I N A N C I A L D I S C U S S I O N STILL GOES ON. . eliatc Coin Warmer a* It Proce F urtbtr J/airjlLlD Corrptppndcuce I2ofore ConjjreM -- I*ro?cp*Jluc* o Laid the THE WAR OVER BLUEFIEUDS. J'rlnco CIrironco rind III* imff o/ Flm Orflcers Vim Arc Heine Uphold liy Great lirltuln. Irawn from Hawaii caused a warm de- nite in llic senate Fridtiy. A t u conference of senators of both mi-lius it was decided to make no al- ·cinpb to correct errors in Llic laviil lau. In ft report to congress Secretary liicslinin st.ties that Amciirans were properly pi elected at Bluclicldsi. Commissioner Alillcr, of the internal revenue liurcan, is mu'King active pic-paiutiou i to collect the income tux. It is bcjicved an client will ho in.idc to icpoal Hie tax of one tcntli of ;i cent per pound on sugar lit this session. I'lcstdunt. Cleveland ijiivc his animal slate dinner Tlimsday to members of his cabinet, Senator David 1!. Hill was among the quests The public dcht ineieased 831,120,775 during nccciniicr. IC.xpendi lines cv- eectled receipts during llie biiinc period lyS5,-llU,32l. In n letter to Chairman Springer, cx- Senntcr Vniwcll says the government should hind its flouting debs and retire f i o m the cuircncy business. New MC.MCO'H chances lor statehood l i m e been endangered by the split in the territorial legislature. During 'a 'dehpcrnte duel bct\vccn Italian ofllccre near the French frontier one was killed and the othtr mortally wounded. The steamer Sarnia, about finfety fears , were esprcBicd, .Tory Islimii In towof an Allan Tho queen regent of Spain has np- poittcd » cornmlasion to revise the Cuban and Porto Itican tariff. A letter received in 'Boston. Mas«., places tho number of Armenians BlaughtiTcd by the Kruds at 15,000. Tnnsin rathu, goTcxnof Jlillis, is re ported to havn been assassinated by an Armenian, .who then committed suicide. ·In TGrecfre for ,tho loss ot teven ·oldlcrj it JJcl^ian force razed a Conyo Tillaga and killed loOol Its Inhabl- Unt*. V _ .. . ' - POLITICAL. Gov. Nelson o[ Jlinncsotahnscrcatcd n sensation by announcing his cninli- dncy for the Deadlock in Llic Colorado senate Mas brolccn, the populists gaining enough republican und democratic recruits to orgauize. Henry II, Cleaves was innugurr-tod governor of Main': for the second time null niuAc a strong plea, for protection. Illinois senatorial apportionment lair of 1S9I), contested from Lcc county, is to be lusted by the Supreme court. CASUALTIES. A wing of tho state asylum for im- bccilcs at Columbus, Omo, was burned. The inmates were at Bupner in another part of tlic building and escaped. AD explosion of fircnorksin Dolorme A. QuenUn's store, at Milwaukee, origi- nalcd a fire which caused 5100,000 No lives were lost in the Tire at Anna, III., which destroyed the hospital for tlic insane, The Joss is nearly SSOO.OOO. llr-sidonco 61 1'. I*. Mast, thc-milHon- airC manufacturer of Springfield, Ohio, was partially destroyed by fire. Fire destroyed a four story building belonging to the Gun Light and Cake company nt Cleveland. I, nts 81 00,000. Seven three-story brick Iniildlngj, Including tlio new Masonic block, were destroyed at Coffosyvillu, KaO. Loss (102,000. Seven pvrgonft were injured in a railroad ivrcck at German town. ,1V, cuus : co 1 by n swItcbtendcr'B.carelessneiiS, ,. The New York JegUUtore met nnd organized and lintmnl to the reading at Gov. Morton's Iningunl addrcu. Three thousand miners at Dubois und Itcynoldsville, I'u., have struck on account of wholesale discharges. · The Massachusetts board of arbitration ib endeavoring to effect a settlement of tliu shoe strike nt Ilavcrhill. W, 1C. Vandcrbilt has been awarded $22I,S27 damages for the sinking- of his yncJit by a mclropolitiin steamship Comp-iny vessel. ·Iviilgc Parltur of the Kcw Yovlt Supreme touit decided the new constitution did not p i o h i b i t state officials Woing railroad passes. linnk clearings of the principal cities .show a decrease for the week in comparison with List year of 4.5 pec cent, wlnic the total for 1BU4 is 1J per cent less than in 19U3. No material improvement in trade is noted by Bradslroct's. Merchants nvo declared to be a« ailing settlement of the currency question. Failures in the United States duvinp 1891 wcis 13,835, with liabilities of SlTVJ'J-.BtiG, n, decrease of over 50 per cent. The Kempstcr investigating committee of MilvtauUeo council threatens to punish several newspaper men for contempt. General Muster Workman Sovereign, of the Knights of Labor declares the statement made by Secretary JIc- Ih'ydc of the rnincworkcrs to be false in every particular. LATEST MARKET REPORTS. ommon 10 prime I 1 61 fm 50 ·Fulr loi'hciiu i -ii i[t 3 4J WHEAT--.Vo. Lied cavn w^ COIIN--Na'J 4IV1 t\ OATH--No. -1 ® IS4 ItVK-- \ w JIUTTFii--Cbolcu crcamiry ... 14 ® 'JS 'crb-j 74 WniAT-- No. 5 ........ Conn-No. 1'yclloir OATH-- No. 1 while CATTI.K ............... IlObH ................ buusp ................. ' " 18 H» 60 5 Aly S! © 12 3 71 Up 5 -i SJ «. 4 7i * = 51 (J 51 f a . 3 wtolie J'- fn 43 OAIR--No. S wlilic IOJ4H ill bT. LO1II5. CATTLE 5 --, ff, 4 23 HOGS ._.,,, a ! B.1ttJ COUN--No. 2 ^ ^a ^ MILWAUKEE. WnB*i--fie. £, _ * TM ran COHS.-So.* S ,3, OATS--No. : wniio jo tj a) M UT » CITV. CATTL« 125 «»r. 2"i "008 n g j J{ J 45 in*" VOJ jnw NEW WHEIT--N'a = Rcr,..., COHIE--No. 2. 10LKDO. WDIAI-- No. IBM ......... __ route-No, e Mlicd ........... 0*T8-No. t MUCH ............. Rri-No.J... .................. IUKUT...,. .................. a f »', Jan. S,--At the opcn ! ng of the session of the . house yesterday a f t e r some u n i m p o r t a n t business debate on thy curreucy t/«! »»a* resumed, and Mr. Ilcndrix of New York, a banker, tc.'k tne floor." The situation that confronted the treasury nnd the* country, he said, had notcornc suddenly upon us, nor without ample naming. A finance minister of Franee had once remarked wrc'islienlly that God good to drunken people, little children and the people of the United States, Was the United States to go out of the business of furnish::)? currency for the country as a bar.k of issue? If not, what uas it gping to do in order to avoid the financial bad lands? Wcru the people of the country to keep on transgressing ei cry law of finance, defying the woild, and continue to do what every ei^r nation 1'ad failed to do" To illustrate the result of the present system, Mr. IIen-;rix pointed to the large accessions of gold wade by the Bank of France and the Bank of England ut our expense. The former yesterday held 2,flOO,000 gold francs, the latter £33,000,0110 in gold. The capital and the gold bullion of the world was resting in these great pools waiting to sec what this country Mr. Teller (rep.. Colo,) charged that it had been the purpose of the administration to restore Liliuokalani and said special agencies had b^en put to ·work for that purpose, Messrs. Teller, Cray. Hutler anL Lodge continued ihe debate utitil ' o'clock, when Senator Morgan too!, the lioor to continue his speech on ths 2Jica*ajruii canal bill, the Hawaiian resolution going to the calendar. Mr. Morgan read at come Itugth from a report made by Major Ihitton of the army to show the construction of the canal was entirely practicable, and presented c.xlracts from reports of the bureau of American republics to show the climate of Nicaragua was agreeable and anything but unhealthy. The military academy appropriation bill was then passed. The senate went into CMJCUtivc session, and al m adjourned until Monday. would do; whether it would become a bankrupt unable to meet its obligations. "Docs the action of the Bank of France in icf using to pa}' more than j per cent in gold," asked Mi. Hepburn (rep., Iowa), "impair the credit of that bank; 1 ' "Then would the credit of the United WILL OT 1'AY THE CLAIM- ccQEumriitlnllfm That CCJ tJTFMR C.^t* er,!A.UOO Qt In Tin or Jan S.--The appropriation bills are likely to be completed w i t h o u t the item of S4L'5,t00 lor Great Britain's Hcring sea claims. In his annual raes^age President Cleveland recommended the settlement of the claims by paying a lump sura. This v.-as in accordance with the desires of Secretary Gresham, who has considered a compromise settlement belter than a long controversy. The executive branches of the government have not requested the appropriations committee to insert the 5-^33,000 item in an appropriation bill. Jt would be a part of the sundry civil bill. The law provides that estimates shall be transmitted by the secretary of tlie fcrcasur}' of all needed expenditures. This particular estimate has not yet been submitted, nor is the general recommendation of the I'rcsidcnt regarded as sufficient to dispense \ \ i t h the estimate. If it is hereafter submitted and the committee incrts the amount in the sundry rinL bill, it w i l l be stoutly opposed on the iloor of the ,,. . . _ house bv members who do not approve States be impaired if the United Mates of Sccr e tar y Gresham's plan of settling should exercise its discretion and re- ,(,,, ,,],,,, deem the Sherman notes in sili-crv "Yes, I believe it would at this time,"' replied Mr. Ilcndri.v. "Because of the general distrust of the government's ability to pay gold. One hundred and fifty-nine million of Sherman gold promises to pay can not be met without gold, 1 ' Mr. Sperry (dcm , Conn.) presented his substitute to fund the greenbacks with 3 per cent gold bonds for the information of the house. Mr. Carnth (dcm , Ky.) indorsed the pending measure. Mr. Ilepburn declared himself fully convinced that if the secretary of thu ticasury were now to exercise his discretion and pay gold when legitimate redemptions were asked and refuse it, to sharks and speculators tkc evils from which wo suffer would cease to be. Mr. Dingley (rep., Maine) placed the necessity for remedying the defects in the currency system above the ncccs- iity of relieving the treasury. He as- ·ertcd tlic pending bill would not relieve the treasury, Tlic house then took a recess until S o'clock. Tlic night session was dc- lolcd to private pcnsion.bills. J1ICWE LETTERS FEOW HAWAII. Further Correnriondcnce If Lalll Before WASIIINOTOV, Jan. r,.--The President has sent 1o congress nnolhcr batch of Ha'.iaiian correspondence, supplc- ·-ncntiiry to the Walker report. It deals with the differences of opinion between Admiral Walker and United States Minister Willis and the effort being made by the British government, with the consent of the Hawaiian authorities, to .secure the lease of an island of the Hawaiin group tobcusedns a cable station. The projected lease of the island as a cable station is explained by Minister Willis in several letters, beginning Oct. 1,1. In t h e first letter Mr. Willis s.ijs Unit negotiations had been pending batman the Hawaiian government and representatives of Great Britain in regard to an ocean cable between Canada nnd Australia, touching at Nicker island or Honolulu. He did not think that an agreement would be renelicd at present, owing to the clause in our treaty with Hawaii prohibiting the cession of any of the islands to any foreign government without our consent. Dee. .1 the cable propoiition seems to have taken full stiape, for on that date Mr. Willis stales that the Hawaiian government is of "the opinion that it is prevented from considering 1 the proposition by the British commissioners by article I of the reciprocity trc.ity hc- tuccn Hawaii and the United Stutcs government, lie udds: "This, matter is nowvthcroi'orc. at the request of this government submitted to the consideration of our gov- cranlcnt upon tlic question of its wlll- !ngTips toimllify the treaty of reciprocity by exempting Neck?^ island, French Frigate, shoals or Niho.l (Uard island) from tho operation of article 4 of the t r e a t y . " ' ^ VTA mi DEB AT u ON PoHcV *· Shnfrpiy Crlil- by Senator Lodge. «Tan". 5.--Iri the senolc ycstcrdaj- Senator Lodge' took up the time of the session o n - t h e Hawaiian question. Ho wants a currier sent to Honolulu at once to block the designs of England, and scored the administration strongly for lis foreign policy generally and, Hawaiian policy particularly. At the. conclusion of Mr. Lodge's remarks Air. Butler (dem., S-' C.) moved tho Deferencei of the resolution to tho committee on foreign relations. - Mr. Morgan (dem., AJn.) declared himself in favor of annexation and a good friend to the people of Hrsrail the claim. FOK A JIIG ISSUE OF 2JONDS. Spcrry or Connecticut Has u substitute for tne Carlisle Flan. WASIIIN-GTOX, Jan. 5.--Representative fcperry of Connecticut, a democratic colleague of M. Springer on the banking and currency committee, hns proposed another substitute to the Carlisle currency bill. It strikes- out all after the enacting- clause, and provides for an issue of bonds builicicnt to retire outstanding greenbacks and trcasury notes under the Sherman net. The bonds are to bear 3 per cent internet, arc to be redeemed in gold, and .ire to be of denominations from SJO to £10,- 000, They arc-to run for thirty years, with the right to redeem them after ten years. The secretary of the treasury is empowered to keen the gold reserve up to a minimum of S10G,000,000 by selling these bonds. Provision is made for the steady retirement of the greenbacks, both from the proceeds of the bonds and from the surplus in the treasury. Mr. Sperry's substitute is understood to have executive approval in case the Carlisle bill can not pass Austria f^utorfl Its Sn^nr Proteit. WASHINGTON-, Jan.".--The tariff n a r between the United States and Europe readied an acute phase yesterday. Mr. Ilcnglcmuller, the new Austrian minister, has lodged a protest aTMa:nst that of tV: sugar schedule wbii-h 23 tn additi^.ial duty of one of 1 per cont on sugar corainj to the United States from co'Jntrl.i which pay tin export bounlj on it. So far no threat of retaliation accompanied the protest, but it will follow, and it seems certain that if congress fails to come to the relief of t!ie executive by the removal of the duty which is supposed to cause the trouble, then resort must be had to retaliation, which will other opan European countries to our exports or close our o»u ports to all European products. Tlic Arbitrntlon 11111. WASHINGTON', Jan. 3.--An oppor- t u n i t y will b u j f i r c n by the house committee on labor to parties interested in the new arbitration bill revised by Commissioner of Labor Wright to present their views on the plan. Invitations h.ive been sent by the chairman of the committee to all the principal railroad managers of the country nnd to the leaders of railroad corporations and labor organizations in general to appear before tlie committee -next week. None JM* yet sipnificd an intention to accept the invitation, but '.I is expected several well-known men will speak. A C O M B I N E ACAJN5T M E X I C O Diaz BeUctM Central American Slnlei IViiiri to Defeat Him. CITV OF MESiro, Jan. r,.--Tlic ex peeled arrival of in misters from lion, duras and Salvador and the possible nomination of ministers from Xicni-o. gun and Costarica" lighl on the Guatemalan-Mexican boundaiy negotiations. Tue evident object is to support Guatemala nn-1 to bring force to inalcc Mexico baclc down from its attitude. AH appearances arc thai (Juate- rtiala is making efforts to form a Central American league against Mexico foi the settlement of old Bcorci. tJunte- mala's minister is alleged to have telegraphed after his official reception thiit the response of Din/, wns applauded, contrary to diplomatic precedent, thai he used threatening language and prejudiced a. qncMiou of high importance to nil Central Arncric.-i. The policy of the minister is evidently nol p'easlng to the chief, for it is alleged that Barrios replied requesting that he pur-sun more conciliatory policv, The policy of Maripcsl and Diaz 'is noted af forbearing 1 , but unless tho en- J»6y takes a different tack attain may become so strained that hia recalj follow. ' r ~" HOOD'S ON TOP. A Mammoth Edition or ttenntirni CM eodan for 1893. IFrom ihq Lowell. Masa., Morning Mai].] Hood's calendar for 1S95 may nowb» obtained at the drugstores and cver^ one who gets one secures '-a thing o; beauty." Indeed, in the novelty of thr' desigu and the exquisitencss'of the coloring, the calendar surpasses a!( previous issues, just as Hood's calendars have for many years surpassed all others. The calendar is formed i a the shape of a heart and is ornamented 1 have always, becii charrnin«"'fel" i iures of Hood's calendars! Oi" the right is, a representation of "U inter," 1 the sweet little face | with light bron-n eyes peeping out | from a dainty cap, while the saoiv I flakes are falling all about The fact- I on the left is a picture of ''Summer.'' I and is lighted with blue eyes and th e I ead covered with bright llou ere. The ! shades are perfectly blended, and the I whole picture is surrounded by a tasty ! border. The design was made by MisL Maud Humphrey, one of the inost gifted and celebrated water colo- artiits in the country. The calendar | gives the usual information concerning the lunar changes, and upon the back is printed a. table of astronomical events especially calculated for C I Hood Co. The calendar is issued to advertise Hood's Sarsaparilla,Hood's Pills andthc other preparations of the firm,and is re- gardcd as most difficult to manufacture, its novel shape being such as no other concern has ever undertaken to produce in large quantities. It uns necessary to purchase several addi. tional machines especially for this job, so thut there was a very large amount of machinery and a whole regiment of people employed in this branch of the extensive business at the hip laboratory in Lowell. During the five months when the calcif- dars were being made there were actually employed cwT3" dav in this part of the work at the laboratory Six printing presses, one bronzing run- chine, four ,eje letting machines, seven wire stitchers, cijht large paper cutters and 102 persons. At the beginning of the work this large force was able to produce about 100,000 calendars a day and for several weeks toward ihe close the uaiij production amounted to 340,000 calendars. The edition of Hood's calendars for J69I5 was 10,30^,000, or about J,iOO,- 000 more than last year. This, of course, is an immense number, but the general reader has only a faint conception of its magnitude until he is reminded that the little r,oo,00o added to the ten millions is considered an enormous edition by many of tlic largest advertisers in ihe world. If the calendars were laid down in a single line, they would reach almost one thousand miles, and if the different pieces in the calendar pads weru laid iu this way they would extend almost tlnee thousand miles, or from Xew York to Liverpool. For the past eight years, Hood's calendars have e'v- cecclcd in number every similar publication, but it was hardly dreamed that they would ever come up to the mammoth edition which was demanded tins j ear. Lowell haslong been proud of thii great industry which has given her almost a uorld wide reputation, a u d i t is a matter of no small iroportancctlut so many of her people find ple-asant and profitab'e employment in the work of making and "advertising the great blood purifying medicine, Hood's Sir- saparilla, whose actual cures in every part of the country have been the wonder of the medical profession and have caused many hearts to overflow witli gratitude. Those who are unable to obt.i.n Hood's Sarsaparilla, Calendars at the drug stores should send six cents in Stamps for one, or J O cents for two to C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass. ' H I LOOK Our Fof. BoilBKS.--Now is the time to make a search for the borers and eject them from the trees. There are other pests that may be looked after at the same time, as the tent caterpillar, whose eggs may be found on the twyrs ready for hatching in the spring. These are to be looked for on those trees «here nests were made in the last spring, and when found should be cut off tvith the pruning shear! and burned. The borers, newly hatched, will not have penetrated far into the stem and may be found near tho bottom, where the dust made by the charp teeth of the larvaj will be found. A little digging with a small, sharp gouge will briiig the grubs to light and thus prevent a \vhole winter's damage by the insects in boring 1 further into the trees.--American Farmer, _ In a recent article on coffee and cocoa, the eminent licnnat. chemiit, Prof. Stut/cr, speaking of the Uutcli process oi preparing 1 cocoa by the ail- dition of potash, and of the process common in Germany in which ammonia is added, says: "The onIj result of these processes is to make the liquid appear turbid to the eye of the consumer, without effecting a real solution of the cocoa substances. This artificial manipulation for the purpose .of sn called solubility is, therefore, more or less inspired by deception, and always lakes place at thccost of purity, pleasant taste, useful action, anu aromatic flavor. The treatment of cocoa by such chemical means is entirely objectionable. . . . CocoJ treated with potash or ammonia vt oaU be entirely-unsalable but for the supplementary addition of nrtificialllavor* by which_ a poor substitute for lb« aroma driven out into the air is offered to^tho consumer." The deiicio"- brcakfasl cocoa made by Walter JJa!«r Co. f of Dorchester, Mass., is absolutely pure and Eolunlc. No chemicals. "' dyes, or artificial flavors arc used in i u DccUnB D| Cmnlry. The Hambnrg Fremdechlati. thinks that the new magazine rifles will d° away with cavalry in general cnga? 0 ' mcnts. because every saddle conlii W emptied in two minutes in a charge of leas than, a mile. It «a ys that 75 P* r cent of the cavalry Trill be con«rlc,l .into infantry, mod the majority of the rest trill become bleyclUU. Variety done ^ vet j oj . lllo SWC ct- ert meit* the toonest cloy.--Rior.

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