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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, August 12, 1818
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tit - 1 - - " ' WEDNESDAY, AUGUST'! ' Syuriotn .Eiii. W published too article m 'Monday, from X Pronideuc paper, ttaliug that tO proa (iad befit apprehended and examin ed m that town, npon apicioo of passing bill; W e fictUiou bank. - They hid ii their posse moo near (5000 ianew and handsome bill pur porting to be oC the - BAKKOF SANDUSKY BAY. BUomincviUe. state of Ohio The Ml art signed A. Ransom, president, and A. Young, cashier. The persons apprehended were dis charged. The trm if, there i no such Bank (s the one namad. The following particulars relative to the origin of the btU mentioned bote, wort ' politely coaiioauicated to us this morning, by a ,, gaotleman of this city, who ha Jott returned Jrwm tb vicinity of Bloonjiogville, and it ac - attainted with all the circumstance. A com pa sty wm organised at BloomingviHe more than a year ago, for the purpoee of obtaining a charter for a Bank, from the Legislature of Ohio ; and ovoaAdetit "ore they of snccec in their appli cation, that they actually dispatched a wan to thii part of the country, with instructions to pro cure the eagravinyr, and have the bills printed 'in anticipation. The plates were accordingly engraved, the bills printed, and taken to San dusky. But the Ugislaturo refused to charter the Bank, and the company told the bills to an ina - keepcr, who sold them to a second company, The persons named above were then elected offi cers oi the pretended bank ; the bills were signed, and disposed of to agents, who put them into cir cuhv.ion. The transaction, however, had no toon at become public, than the principal ab - . trended. Young, who igns himself as cashier, it is reported ha bean apprehended, and is now confined at Detroit It will be well for the public to keep a i harp look - out ht toe villains employed in this nefarious basinets ; and we hope ' If they again come within the grasp of the minis - ten of jutce, thttir liberation will not be so easily obtained. Literary InteUiftnte.Yft learn that the author of those excellent and popular essays which hare appeared in the Connecticut Courant for the last two or three rears, nndor the head of . 7e Britf Remarket is preparing to collect and publish the whohs aeries in a volume. They are from the pen of th Rev. Ezra. Sampbow, ' of Hndioo, author of the Historical Dictionary, ' and that highly n. ei'nl nnd valuable little work, tho Beauties of the Bible, Jlr. Sampson is a scuolar of the first order; and though far advanced in life, yet tike energies of his mind remain unimpaired. The style bf hi writings is always chaste and classical, and the sentiments pure. The public bare for several years been indebted to Mr. S.for the nnny valuable essays from his pen, and the most of which have received a very extensive circulation in our public papers. The essaye of which we are speaking, in particular, have attracted unusual a'.teution ; and we think it hacarding but little to remark, that bad they appeared in the got Jen age of British literature, thoy would at this day have been (bund in our libraries upon the same shelf with Asdmoiy and JoHirsojr. Mr. Jo Hie A. Paxtow, of Philadelphia, has : otiUd the public of his intent:oa soon to publish anew Catelteerof the United Statu ; or, Geographical Dvtionaryn work in which he ha? beta engaged - a consiJe. - abic time. Mr. P. requests the assistance ef gsnllemiu who may feel disputed to favor him with the geography ol different section of the country. One of our latest London paper mentions that a very lingular and amusing satirical novel, has lately made it appearance under the title of u Prodigious ! or Childa' Paddie in London." The work relates the introduction of a young Irishman into fashionable life, and avails itself of the opportunity of introducing many anecdotes of the follies and eccentricities of its votaries. Fine A rts With pleasure we give place to . the followiog extract from a letter which has just been put into our hands ; and we do so with the more satisfaction, as w have been informed that the American Academy of Fine 'Art in this city has recently adopted measure for the purpose of procuring cast of the celebrated Grecian marbles, brought to London by the distinguished amateur, lord Elgin. The moit fastidious have admitted that nothing can be more exquisitely true and striking than these invaluable remains f antiquity, taken from the Acropolis, at Athens ; and no one will bave the temerity to deny, that the arts will be most effectually promoted, by , our academic obtaining possession of accurate models of such renowned specimens of genius. Ezlrtel of a letter from a young American Physician, now in London, to hi friend in Ihis city, dated London, Mr. West received me very kindly freely offered me every ass'atauce asxed me to accom - . pany him to see. his pictures, Pall Mall, where hit Ust on (Death oa the Pale Hone) i exhibi ted, and ehewed me many interesting part of the city suc h as the residence of Sir Isaac New - toa, and where he made his observations, calculations, &c described the walk he usually took, the house in which Sir Jhua Reynolds lived, and the room in which he painted, where Dr. Johnson used lo frequent, &c He asked many questions about oar country the state of the rts how Academies were conducted : he gave me much information of the schools in Europe. ' Trom his paintings in PaJl Mall, he took me to Mr. Day1 exhibition of piotin and statue in the King's Mews, where be shewed me tome of what Us stated were the finest sp ecimens of an - tieot and modern Art, to wit, the works of Phi - - ua ana of Michael Aagilo. The Theseu is a t Ct (mm the original, amour, tbe Elgin Collection in the Bnluh ma, urn. Mr. West told me k look tithe first work h had overseen CTery thing eke is system this b n:.ture itlook not a if astute but vJled.n The Ilysusistillie sile . of it, and rank nxt to the Theseus; some thitk it equal if not superior. These were mereout - vsule ornament, from tbe pediment of the Par - , &enoa at A JieosJ They are much broken and UUV UJff UUNi MW iwHxrw perfect. Their defect bare been attempted to be supplied by the greatest English sculptor, but the least addition of their' made them look worse than the mutilated igure. In Mr. Day collection, is a cart from a colossal figure of, as some suppose, Alexander taming his horse Bucephalus; other thwk it an Ajax Mr. West think it either Castor or f ollnx, from the circumstance of the horse being grouped with it It is near 80 feet high, (if perfectly erect it would be that,) and done by Phidias In the ca talocue you will see it mentioned. There is also a cast of a hone head by Phidias, esteemed one of the finest of it kind ever seen. The original was brought with the Elgin marbles. ' Mr. West saw it when it was perfect, but by accident in its conveyance one tide of it lower jaw was (broken. Struck with the excellence of the statues of which I have been speaking, and convinced from the remark of tnch men as Mr. West of their superiority, I have obtained pretty correct in formation respecting the value of cast from them, and ascertained the amount for which they could be procured. Mr. West, whose advice i have again taken this day, tay he wishes that at least the Theseus, liysstu, aud the horse's head, (all works of Phidias,) should be introduced into our oo entry. I am certain that as far a your influence extend it will be exerted, to place ob ject which astonish (he world jo, the view of tuck of our countrymen at may with to see them, and yet cannot from many circumstance find it convenient ; besides, the fact, when known, will go far to place our cuuutry on much higher jround as regards its taste for,and progress iu,the fine arts." A few days since wo directed the attention of the proper authority ,to the gross violation of the law forbidding the sale of oysters in our streets ilaring the summer mouth. W are happy to learn, from the National Advocate ol this morn ing, that it has bad the desired effect. Upwards of twenty oyitermen, rays that paper, u have been taken up and fined for idling oyster contrary to law some have been imprisoned ; and wit rigorous enforcement of the laws, we tt list. will prevent other from violating them." Came paisenger in the ship Sachem, arrived this forenoon from Antwerp, Viscount De Qua - beck and suite, charge de affair from hi ma jesty the king of the Netherlands, to the United States. By the Sachem we have received a file of Dutch paper to the 25th of June. Want of lime prevents us from giving them a thorough exami - 1 nation to - day. Tbe following are a few article translated from them : Jliitirerv. Jinx SI Thev write from Cambrav. thai tiie opinion at (lie Kngl'ish head quarters is that the decision of the allien sovereigns with regard to tiie evacuation of the army ot occupation frill be in lavor of France, ami that all the prepa rations appear to anuauuee ine speedy departure of the foreign troop. It is again proposed to lorm a junction ol the North Sea with the Baltic, by means of a ranal. the e&pence of which is estimated at 300,0U0 crowns. St. PtUrtbicrr. Jrrril 27 There has already at rived 37 esels in the port of Riga, and 86 have rone out, but at Cmnatadt, the sea is covered with ice, although the navigation from hence to Ci oostaut is open. From Antverp mi Hurlocm fperi. Antwerp, June 21. Ar. ship Gen. Smith, Bevan, from Havana ; brig Merrimack, Francis, from Boston. 12th, ar. ship China, Putnam, Cautou, with 600qr.chetsboheatea ; 900chrsrssnuchon: 5tt half do. ; 400 campny, 600 cougo, 6f0 hvsun skin, 550 young hyson, 136 halt' do. 319 do. hyson ten ; 71 bales )ellow and 55 blue nankeens, bundles cassia, and 100 boxes merchamlir.e. Jinutet - duin, June 15 Ar. in the lexel, Mars, I Inll, from Savanna!) ; Albion, Conway, N. York. Sailed, , Blake, for N. America. lt!tli,ar ship N. America, l.rwin, from Batnvia ; Vigilant, ( (udick.trom M. Orleans and Gibraltar ; Clarissa, Kin;, from Biitavia. At Helvoct, , Oilman, from .N. Orlrans. At Copenhagen, , Alevel, from Pi. Orleans. Sailed, ltfih, , VVaruer, for Boston. At llelvoet, Marcelias, Oxnard, from BatMvin. Prietsat Anlirtrp,Juite 19 Com, Mart. 15 tt ; Havana, 14 ; Bom lion and Jtve. 15 Cotton, N. OrlcHns,4.)qr. ; Upland 15a46; PepperD a lJst. Am. Put Akhcs, 3 0. ; Rice, Am. 194 fl ; Brngal, 14 Stiirar, Havana white, 33 a 41 fl ; EeugHl, 30 a 33. Tobacco, Virsr. 14 a Ust.; Maryland 12 a HiTen, lmerial, 80 a 90st ; Hyion, Kn8i; Il.nonSkiu,.tCa40; Souchong, ilia 40; liohua, 18 a 50 Gin, 55 a 60 fi. Amsterdam, Juut 17. American Slocks, IttfS a 109 Exchange on London, 3C, 3 ; On Paris, 512 a 55. The sloop Eagle, capt Parker, from this port for Sag - Harbor, discovered on Sunday the 1st of A ugustjtjff Sandy's Point, a ichoooer lying on her beam - ends ; run alongside and spoke her, she proved to be the Charles - Sidney, capt Cald well, of Newbury port, bouud from New - York to Oporto, with 4,500 bushels of corn. The wind being light, the ichoooer was carried on the rocks off the point, and cap'ixed her fore yard lying in the water, and her hold fulL Capt. Parker, with the assistance of the schooner's crew, got purchase to the head of both masts, and en deavored to right her ; but finding it Impossi ble, capt Caldwell procured scows, and wa to take out her cargo at low water, when it was supposed she would be got off without much difficulty. ' A letter received in town this morning from Richmond, mentions that Gallego's mills, in the vicinity of that place, have just been coueumed by fire, together with 1000 bbl. of flour an 14U00 bushel of wheal. Los estimated at abort $50,000. Late from Cape Uenry.Vfm learn by the sch Henry, capt. Williams, 13 day from Cape Henry, that all wa tranquil at that Island wheu he ailed. The following exhibit the state of the market at that place : Coffee, ; 20 per cwt. cash ; Sugar, from 7 to $8 do. ; Cocoa, from $9 to 9 l - t do. ; superfine Flour $14 per bbl. j Pork, met, $t5 per bbl. ; Beef, do. $15 per bbl. ; Herrings, good, $5 SO ; Codfish, do 45 ; Butter, do 20 ct. per lb. i Lard, da. 2i cts. ; Hams do. S cts. J Sweet Oil $8 per do. ( While Pine Hoards, $15 per M. ; Do. Scantling", $35. COMMUNICATION. Leak out thorp. I observed in one of the papers nf this city that the baker were shortening the weight of their bread. This led me to the experiment of ascertaining the point J and the result was. after weighing a 6d. loaf, I foond it to fr.ll snort t - 5 '. that is, 1 - 5 less than the standard at Philadelphia or Boston. Consequently, 1 Who can UD whatthn bread ebenVd weigh t We have een bo assise published, that wtrecol - Uct, for the last three meoUis. ; ' Mr. Editor, I frequently jam through i Nas - san - treet. Nearly at the corner made by Beek - man - street on the south - west are several small frame bouses inhabited by peopl of colour, from which sometimes the stench w imupporiauiei - fact, I have known penon refme to pass that way. My business again led ms this morning to tha iama onarter. when lo ! I av an enormous sow and one large pi driven out of the door by a child almost naked ! I do not y that hog ar keot there, f which 1 formerlv stated to you to oe a nuisance at common law,) but I do cay, that tbe attention of the health couimitteeought to b immediately and leriously turned lo that place - Means ought to be taken to ascertain the fact, which no doubt every neirtbour know, and an indictment ought to be preferred against those who disgrace our city, outrage decency, and en danger health. . BEDE. Extract of a letter from a sentleam of tbe first lespectability, to the Editor of the Georgia Journal, dated . " Savannah, July 4th, 1818. " A letter received at the oBsov - f the district attorney,' anuonnce the intention V the presi dent to issue a special commission to Use trial of oapL. Wright for murder. In reply, it ha been recommended, that the trial be postponed to the regular me lting of tbe Circuit Loert in December at this place. Of the circumnjaace of this unfortunate affair, I really knowTiothing but if captain Wright's crime consist merely in a misapprehension of the point of attack, I tret tbe t ate will take care, that he is not overwhelmed by the imposing formality of this protecutlon." From the Savannah Republican, jivg. 1. Health tif Sarannah.'TtM bill of Uicrtalirv which we publish to day, give tneaggregate of deaths is this citv riurios the last two weeks end ing yesterday. Eleven persons have died of thoie, lie have descended to the narrow nouse, Jl UtUIJ I 1 1 J UIIUMUJf, Wt'l VU,, HMU WVU - bU . A medical gentleman ha furnished u with remark on the use of cold liquor when the system is over - heated. We trust that persons will read it, and bear in mind the advice eiven. One moment' prudence and reflection may save hie. Last year, from the 1st to the 31st of July, the death which occurred in this city, amounted to sixty two. This year, in the same month, only eighteen have taken place. A difleftnce of forty four, we may with trulo say that savannah never was more healthy in any preceding year, at thi season, as at the present time. Not a case of bilious fever ha yet made it appearance a - monit n ; althaugn it is believed that we have a third more non - resident with u now than we bad at this time, last year. Mad Dog$ ax ain. During tl.i week, three or four mad dog have made their appearance in tbe street nf our city and we record, with no small emotion of regret, that two sndivideah) have been bitten by their, anunals within tbe last ten day. The police, it will be seen in thi day' paper have issued order to kill all dog that may be found m the street with or without collar. Thi is as it should be. From the JVorfolk Herall, Aug. 5. We rejoice to hear from the neighboring coun ties that the crops of Indian corn bid fair to ex - erl any former example. In tbo counties of Norfolk and Prince; s Anne, this is more particularly the case. The large fertile plantations in Holland Swamp, Princes Ann, where the hopes of the husbandman were marred by the excessive rains during the last two summer, exhibit assuranc es of the most abundant crop. On one plantation alone, m this neighborhood, it is computed that at least 1000 barrels of corn will be made. The growth is now sufficiently forward to defy the effect either of drowth or wet i nothing but severe hurricane can injure it. We are always pleased to hear of prephedea of good, particularly when we find them in a tram or fuluimeot. There ba Men much eon vtrsatioo in Germany (a we find by the ht accounts from Europe) about the prophecies of M. Dittmar, a physician, who published in March last his predictions of the weather - during tbe anoroachinF summer. " Ann! f ha savsl will be fine, but in the first half month of May tbs melt ing of the polar ice will cause a abort cold, which toward the end of the jionth will be suc ceeded by great heats." This is precisely what has happened in that country. M. Dittmar assures us that during June, July, Augnttaudj September, the heat will go ou increasing. The harvest of grain will be immense in humid situations. The vintage will be abundant, and the wine of an excellent quality, The froitj will be so abundant, that it will scarcely be known what to do with them. From the Augusta Herald, July 38. I HORRIBLE .' - On the night of Wednesday, the 21st July, a shocking murder wes committed ou the bodies of Mr. Boca,, aud a woman, whose namo we have not yet becu able to learn. The dreadful deed must have been commited with aa axe, as their skulls were literally split open. The deceased persons, we understand, kept a public bouse on the l'iney Woods &oad, Edge field District, 5.C. Who the perpetrators were, (lor ttiere must nave been two or morel has not yet been discovered; but, from the strong sen - sation which has been excited, there is every reason to believe that they cannot long rest in security from the vengeanc of the law.. Crimes of this nature, as jet occur but seldom in the southern parts of the U.Stat the reason of it is plain enough; and we, therefore, cannot be too active in eudcavouriag to detect and bnng to pummment. all those who are so completely lost a to perpetrate them. . Hardly have we had time to recover Pom the shock of the above intelligence, before we are called upon to record the cooioiittica of a crime, which, perhaps, has never had a parallel : In the dead of tbe night, a few days previous to the above mentioned transaction, the bouse ol a respectable old lady wa entered by two. villains, who immediately demanded her muexy. It was impossible to comply with their denuod, because she had that day loaned what monev she had to a neighbour. T'his statement the fiend would not behave, and immediately proceeded to commit on her person lb most diabolical and brutal outrage that can be conceived. Tin lady, who i nearly 80 year of age, had live! a life of so - clusion and vraa completely unprotected. We understand that two Aegroes hav been taken up and tried, but there was not tuficieot proof adduced for their condeuinatioa. strong impres sion are, nuwtver, tulertamed of Ine guilt ol one of them. ' AUBURX,(N.T.)Aug. 5. Horrid trantaelion. We lam from Junius, that torn day in ih latter part of last week, a stranger was murdered in that town, by two men who bave been apprehended and umitted to gaol. Tbecircumitaocp, a far a (re can learn, arc as follow : Tb deceased, hoeroa twre - back, called at a tavern, and ordarod somctiaine for hi horse and something le driot; ; and be! jg about to py hi bill, banded a pfece ef gold, which the woman attending coukt not cbause ; be then took out a half dollar, which, as our informant slates had tome particular mark on it, but it being difficult to - make the change, it wa agreed to leave the bill cmpziii, while he should go to a place (for which be had previously inquired) about a mile distant from tie Uvefo, a - cros the lot, where he bad some business le attend to, and in the mean time, leave hi horse to feed. Two men, abo strangers, ware preieat, and had witnessed all that had patten and about the same lime left tbe house. Alter the decea sed bad been abuliom.e liUle lime, oa of the two mB before mentioned, returned, calltd for oeaethiog to drink, and offered a half dollar, which tho woman recognized a being tbe same u.i K I mlnniea before ben tffertd by the deceased. Thi cireumttanc excited tus - picioa, and be wa apprenenaea, aou taxeo awug toward the plac for which the deceased had started, and they toon met his companion, bearing the portmanteaB tho deceaaed bad carried .it, I,;,., irnm tha hnnaa. Thev then immedi ately eonUsed what they bad done, and pointed out the place where they had concealed the body, nnder Mme leaves and other mbbiib by the side of a brook. Our informant did not give us tho name of any of the parties. RicaftoiTD, Aug. 8. ' InctiuEary.Lut night, a few minute before 1 o'clock, a roost dastardly attempt was made to burn the building, known by the name of tbe Old Globe Tavern. The fire was com - manicated to the west end : and is supposed to have been done by (ticking a piece of can dle airainst the weather - boardrntr. , fortunate. ly, it wa discovered in so short a time, as to enable its almost immediate extinguishment. CHARLESTON, Aug. 4. Extract of a letter received in this city from Capt. Strong, or tbe tirigWionaa, bound from Norfolk to this port, dated " Heii Reef, Georgtittm, S.C.Aug. I. " Tlie brie now ashore on the Bar, but not hurt a yet ; am in hope to get her off with little damage. Tb. cargo, which contisted of brick and corn,' was nearly all thrown over board to save the vessel. Nothing remain on hoard, except 10,000 bricks and Hi casks claret. A toon a I get on, shall proceed to Charleston. Te vessel i now on her beam ends. - BALTIMORE, Aug. 8. Yesterday evening, a number of ladies and gentlemen attended by invitation at lb scat of Henry Scbrweder, Im. in this city, and witnes - sd the opening of the flower of tbe plant C'ac - tut Toiangularii ; or, Jfight bloonnng Ctitu. The flower of this curious plant blooms only for a single night m the year ; and a the plant is very rare in this country, being a native of the W. Indies, the company assembled were highly gra tified by this novel and bcautiinl exhibition. 1 he (lower began to open between seven and eight o'clock, was in full bloom about eleven, closed early this morning, and has sine faded into irrecoverable decay. Interesting lottery incident On day (his week, an old man, from the country, dressed in coarse but decent homespun, called at tbe olfice of Messrs. G. & R. Waite, in thi city, aud presented for examination a quarter of a ticket, in the Medical College Lottery, which he had purchased tome weeks before at the same office. It was the number which had drawn the prize of $30,000 ! The money was immediately ad vanced to bim for hi share of tbe prize. Hi rapture and gratitude on receiving it, can be better imagined than described. He stated thai he had at home a wife aud six children, hitherto supported by great industry, who would uow, by this gift of a kind Providence, be made rich to the full extent of hi humble wishes. BALTIMORE, Aug. 10. We hare received information from Virginia, that the crops generally throughout the state ould be uncommonly abundant affordiu ex - hdirating and cheering prospects to the cultiva tor ot the earth. On one plantation alone, in the neighborhood of Princess - Anne, it is compu ted that one thousand barrels of corn would be raised. It was in such a state of prosressive im provement, a to bid defiance to either drought or rain. Mo a ilk. July 14. By a passenger in the schooner Victorv. from Pensacola, we have been informed that the Indians had collected in force on Kscam bia River, and that col. King had dispatched a command of 150 men in search of them. YORK, flenn.) Au. 6. The Q real flood. N otl Sunday will be the 9th of August it is one year from this day since w witnaaied on of the greatest calamities that could annct human nature the mild and gentle Codoru rose " mountains high," andwet every thing away within it reach. The aouual return of thi day will be long remembered by the inhabitant of thi place. We understand that Mr. Frederick ftraroli's Mill, in tbe vicinity cf Abbottstown, A.C. was burned down a few days tinro. The fire was caused by a boy who was in the habit of going aloft every day lo smoke a Scgar, aud on tin occasion neglected to put it out. . The gentleman who left with us a com - mcnication signed by some two or three hundred of the seamen belonging to the Wash ington 74, can have tbe manuscript again by calling at the office. We cannot lend the pa per to any controversy of the kind. If they are agrieved they must apply to the proper au thrift ty for relief. MAHKILU, On Thursday evening, July 23d, by the Rev. Mr. Boric, Mr. William Lloyd Benisou, to Mis Haunah Douglas Ta ylor. D1LD, Yesterday afternoon, alter a long illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, Mrs. Mary Cassady, wife of Dennis Cauady, aged 51 year Herrisnds aud acquaintances and those of her husband, ar respectfully invited to attend her funeral to - morrow afternoon at 5 o'clock, from the corner of William and Cedar - streets. On the 25th uit. in Prince William's' Parish, (S. C.) Dr. Ezra Ives, a native of the state of Connecticut. iied, in Savannah, on the 59th ult. Mr. John 5. Ally, merchant tailor, in the 5 lit year of his age, a native of New - Haven, (Conn.) but for many years past a resident of thi place.. The deceased wa ou the eve cf giicg to New. York, to spend the residue of th summer with hi lady, who left here only a few weeks since for that city ; but owing lo th exceseive warmth of the waather and n too great exertion and exposure, in making the oecesfary preparations, the burning lira took effect npro him, and occasioned a violent head - ache and fit of apoplexy, when he fell and alas ! never recovered ! On Wednesday evening last, suddenly, Mr. Thomas MaJcom, a native of Rhode - Island, aged 24 year. erExvfQ post ma r we list. CLEARED, Ship Glenthorn, Stillinan, Belfast liver, Dretntier Co. tirig Pocahotita, Clark, Canary bland A - Mnp - adore Mount Pleasant, Eddy, . Turks K'amt J D'Woli; Jr. Schr Eagle, Russell, Washington, N. C. Sloop Brave, Sears, Itoston ARRlVKli THIS FORF.XOO.Y. Ship Sachem, Lovett,46 days from Antwerp, and 43 from Flushing, with gin, oil, dry good and muskets, to James Lovett, ownrr, C D Lopprl, P Remsen & Co. J P Duraiid, Kirtba - u - ,, Keinicke A Co. t Bernard, 11 Perobry, J Caldwell A: Co. at Richards, Tavlor K Wilder. Left at Antwerp June 25lh, shins tl.iv. Gris - would, Latimer, for N York lOih July ; China, Putman.of 3alem, taking in ballast, to sail in 4 days for Batavia ; Francis - Henrietta, Alien, dischargine, for do. uncertain ; Min'rva, Rate. of Boston, foe do. in CO, - brig Merrimack, of flew bury port, aa; ship tie Smith, Hev en, ot Baltimore, discharging brr IVdph'h, Wil liams, or boston, jtist arriVM. Spoke, June jj, ctfSeachy HcJ. ship Minem - Smyth, Al I en, from hnnccm for N" York. July 4, 1st 49 14, N. Ion 6 52, W. ship Washington, Foreman, from Lnmlon for N York, 14 davs out. 25th, lat 43, N. Ion 41 30, W. chip Victoria, of Glas - gow.'from Charleston, for Greenock, 13 day Sch Henry Williams, 13 days from Cape Henry, withcoffee, molasses aha fruit, to N L t G Gnswotd, V Care, wm Arrott, rancl a Wharton, Jas Scott, and Smith ft HabbelL Left, schr Success, Adams, from and for New. buryport, in 20 day ; Hunter, Perley, from Newbury, Mas, for Baltimore, uncertain; Martha. Hubbard, from and for Charleston, do : English brig Laurel, Jones, from N York for London in 3 day i America, Hill, from and for Boston, uncertain : sch Mary - Jane, from and for Philadelphia, tame dsy i brig Abeona, Carpenter, from Providence, R. I. for Turk Isl and and Providence in 10 day schr General Hampton, from Baltimore ; George, Butler, from and fur ffortolk in IV days - BELOW. t chooner. ARRIVED LAST F.VEIWfG, Bri; George, Babcocx. 6 days from Savan nah, with tobacco, and merchandise, to Bogert Si Kneeland, Pott b M'Kinne, II Cary ft Co. I) Uaiie, II Thomas. E Hurton & Co. T Webster Is Co. J Porter, Murray & Bryee G Johnston, and Cotes k Morris." Passenger, Messrs. J. Wood, J Brystrou, DT Hall, 11 T Hail, Moty. Stover, S Carr.C Howard and family, slid S Howard and family who return their thanks to capt. a. tor bin polite and gentiemainy attentions, during the passage. Sell Milo, Beetle, tor N Vork, sailed in co i britf Amelia, fur do was to sail in 3 day. Ship CoUon - Plant, had not arrived. Brig Arethuaa, Holmes, 8 day from Charleston, with merchandize, to Fitch, Goodwin & Co. D L Dodge, S Brewster, FSehwarch, Imp. ries, R Bach, P Ixinger, and Mulford & LeiTing - well. Spoke 4th insU off Cape Look Out, brig General Maoomb, Wright, from Baltimore for Charleston, passengers, Mr. and Mrs. G. Y. Davis, Mis Chiaholin, Mrs. Freeman, Col. Cleary, Messrs. G Ctmholm, J Tyler, S Bulk - ley, J M Cuisholm, S II Skinner, Weyman, M'Kinsie, Wallace, and W Harth who return their thanks to capt. II. fur his attention and politeness, durinjj Uie passage Brig Condor, (.oodricli, 20 days from Saint Croix, West End, with rum and sugar, to Alsop & Cluncey, owners, II & G Lewis, and P Si H Cruger. Left brig Elizabeth, Bell, for Philadelphia ; sch Alert, Hillard, and Lycurgus, fur New - York. At Bass End, britf s lUmmond, Fowler; Commerce. Little; Edward, Hunt ; Oriiimbo, Ward ; ltapid, Smith ; Margaret and Sarah, Riley, and sch Henry, Davis. Pas - engcr, Mr. Henry Chauncey. Sch Vigilant, Baker, 53 days from Dublin, with coal and dry goods, to P M'Laughlin, owner, Page ft Triplett, Divie Bethune & Co. R M'Clintock, J M'Bridr, and Kelly ft M'Bride. Passenger. Messrs - P Griff th, I M'Mahon.J Sinnett, wife and two children, Dorothea Shea and child, and 14 in the steerage. Sailed June 13, in co. with ship Sampson, for Phila delphia. Left ship Martha, Joy, for N York, in 10 days ship John, for Philadelphia, in 4. Spoke, June 26, lat 43, long 15 45, ship John Barry, from Jamaica for London. July 5, lat 45 12, long 27 15, brig Alexander, of N York. 20 days from Matanzas, for Cowes and a market. 19th, lat 43 40, long 51, ship Armada, 41 days from Liverpool for Baltimore, w ith 52 passangers. 29th, lat 40 20, long 61, brig Lo renzo, from N Orleans for Cowes. Sell Catharine, Wood, 9 davs from Rich mond, with flour and tobacco, to Boorman and Johnston, T Irvin, Trokes, Davidson ft Co. A rreeland, jr. Walsh ft Callagher, J Brownand ?on, W Gallagher, T Buckley ft Son, W ft S Craig, and C Dubois. Sch John Stanley, Westcott, 9 day from Edeiiton, with new wheat, to Blount ft Jackson Sch Hiram, Cliadwick, 6 days from Charleston, with hide, to order. 8 passengers. Sch Hal, Davis, 1 1 days from Savannah, with crates, hardware and cotton, toT C Butler, jr. bpanuh sch VaUos, Kodus, 22 days from et. l.. . j. r - ..k. : i 1 1 . u. m .1 i. ,kM tm..i 1 ...II V. . I.UIM, III INIIMta ' III. W.. of Africa, mit in here in diatress. with loss of tlie head of foremast. Sch Milo, Beetle, 10 days from Charleston, in ballast, to Bogert ft Kneeland. Passengers, Messr. N Powers, T Williams, L Gill, W Cher ry, Williams, and Wolcott. British sch Jame, Crunk, 22 davs from Bar - badoe, with molasses and sugar, to D S Kennedy. 17 passenirers. Spoke nothing. Sch Monroe, Borton, 5 day from Richmond, with flour, to Byrnes, Trimble 2c Co and others. Sloop Com. Patterson, Bennett, from N. Or leans, 22 day from the Balize, with tobacco and nuts, to Laidlaw, Girault ft Co - and Mr. Brown, on board. Spoke in the River, ship Missouri, fur Gibraltar brigs Barilla, and Chauncey, N York ; Ann, from Boston t Mary, Shaw, 29 days from N York i ship Pallas, 38 days from Baltimore ship Charlotte, Lano - lun, 67 day from Gibraltar; Ohio, 27 days from Philad j and hip S. Carolina, Wyer, from Marseilles. Outside the bar, passed ship Berkley, from Liverpool bound in. Spoke, July 22, lat 25 16, Ion 83 27, sch Mount Vernon, from N Orleans for Port - au - Prince. Aug. 3, lal 33 36, Ion 77, ship Telegraph, Fanning, 23 days from N York for Charleston. 9th, schr Cordelia, 14 days from St. John, N. B. for Norfolk. Sloop Hiram, Evans, 6 days from Baltimore, with merchandize, to W W ft J ft Todd, T Buckley ft Son, Smith ft Nicoll, Cambrelcntr ft Pearson, Clapp ft Hicks, and others. Sloop B. II. Jones, Cahoone, 2 day from Newport, with rum, to Biirrill ft Cahoone. FtVM OUR CORRESPONDENT. OiBoe cf the Baltimore American, ) August 11. S Arrived, schr Serpent, Andrews. 12 day lioro Cnpe Henry, Hayti. Left there 28th ult. schr. William, for New Vork. next day ; Success, Adams, Newburyport, 4:5 days; brig America, Hill, for Boston one. ; Abeona, Cornenter. for Provi dence 15 days ; schr George, Butler, Norfolk, lu day ; 3iary Jane, Amazeen, rlulad. z day , General Hamilton, Baltimore. 5 day ; Martha, Kilter, Charleston, unc. in lat 31, m, long 7, 10,pokechr Sally, Fisher, of Philadelphia, It day from Bnrbadort, for Charleston, short ol provisions, supplyed her. AiarKeu at wape nenry, nayti riouran; Beef No. 1 I0i. Pork 18 a 20; Butter 80 cent; Soap f3 per box of 25 lb; Herring 5 1 - f ; Cod - hsh 4 1 - a 5; white Pint Bobrds 25 a 30 ; Is land produce, Coifee 19 a 20. At tlie sales S - gar8 1 - 4; molae7 I t bitts per velt. Oflice of the Boston Patriot, August 10 noon. 5 Arrived, sloop Visscbcr, Ingraham, 4 days from ft. York. Sloop Juliana, Sturdcrant, 4 days from New York. Arrived at Salem on Sunday, shin Friend ship, Pine!!, 1S4 days from Calcutta. Left ships Eliza Aith, Parks, for Boston in 5 days ; ffancy, , or and lor f rovidence in 7 ; hngs R' - amin, Bachelder, for Boston in 7 ; Iscar, Knowles, do 25 ; chip Courier, Stanley, fir do. uncert Wallace, Lee, Salem, do. Spoke in tbe river March 23. bound up, ship Mentor, of N York, Tor Batavia i Bengal, Monanty, of Sa lem, last fmi Bourbon. April 16, lat 1 30, N long 86 15, E ship Sachem, Bancroft, of Boston, 114 dav from Marseilles for talcutta ; Jnly 27, lat 31, long 61 40, brig Criterion, Jenks, 25 days from Oporto for Baltimore. Also arrived at Salem, sch Charles, 12 day from ltalthr.are. Dr Wm. Eiutis, left town this evening for tlie Eastward. Mobil, July 14 Arrived, ch'r Borer, Chapman, from S York. Sohr. All ea Jones, Slickney, from , Br'ur Cora, Smith, from Boston.' ' 0 , Cleared, ecu Butfaloe, Lee, N York . .1 Mary, Sydleman, It York. - , . ' - t ' SavaanaB, Aug! Arrived, "bri Am.i - Peming, N York 17 day. ' Brig Hunter, Nitlurson, Providence ft i SS day. . . ' Sch Eagle, Blye, Philadelphia 18 day Cleared, schr Young Spartan, Clumberlab, Havana Milo, Pease, I York. . BIIOADWAT C I R C U S. oooooOooooo THIS EVENING, AUG. If. in iicnuininiii, wm commence with it I Master Coty, th celebrated American hen win distinguish himself with many brilliant fciu Slack Kope, by Mr. Mavhe. Master M'Caro, the woudtr of th . on one horse, perform many wonderful lest fo ayoutii, only nine year old, leap over Sgarttn and conclude by riding on hi bead, hi horsTi.' fullipeed. " Strength of Herciile by Mr. Caassin. He will oo hi feet and hand support eight persons sarf ' - - " u.uc.tu. fj.uun, uuu conclude bf supporting the whole troop oa his baud and ft (nrminr . Iu?iiitiflil mun ' The elegant Spamsh horse Romeo win, afVt leapine over board and bar of a nrodliriw heihthv conclude by leaping over one thorR with master M'Cara as bis rider.' Mons. Cnassin will eo through maav :. ing feat with a stick, but recently mtrodtcej into thi country. urouua and loity tumnung ny the whole troop Mr. Bulfen will on one horse perform lurpruinsh feats, and conclude by wonderi ic uTrr tour ouariia ui iignu. . Still Vaulting by the company Clow Mr Campbell. Ticket may be had at the circus, from 10 o ciijlh, ex. in. w i r. ri. ana irom J to 5. A lilac i provided for mod e of Doors will he open at 7 o'clock, and the nr. Inimanr, rnminnKi'. m.i...!.. - .) - - frmif Ul Q No imoakini: allowed. Check not ..r.. able. Gentiemeo are requested uot to enter uJ UK. Literary and l lnloanphual Society. Or A stated Uieetiua - of this Sex - iffy will h lurid io the New - Vork Institution ou fhurdai cveuiur, oeai, uie utn instunt, nt ball past o'ciik a. J. w. MVAWC13. Rec. Sec'rv. au IS 1 ..... 1 A. J PACKAGE AALL. ftr On Tuesdur. the 18th inst, at 10 o'clock at tbe auction store, Mo. 144 Pjarl street. uackasrs fiesh ireiMvrWd DKY - GOODS. viz : - ei geueraj assonmtut oi v ioiiis, stuns, assoiU Hosiery. Dimities, Brown Liuens. Imitatm shei tines, I lute Calicoes, Fancy Muslin. Cot ton Shirtings, liul. Linens, Cotton Threads. L skeins and balls, Shawls, Cambric Muilins, tot, rnnis, rianneis, veilings, ihub ana bssoiuj I lajns, r uruiture t. autoes, Uleached and lis hit ached Sheetings, Braver Hats iVeedlea,Pai ftc. Catalogue will be reudr on Mooday mon - uine previous to the tale, and th eoods may U examined till the boar ol sate oo i uesuay. - Terms. antiroved endorsed note at 6 month - A great proportion of these goods ate entitled k aeuemure. DAVID DUNHAM ft CO, aujl125tt Auctioneer. pot rinvFur t'lTU'l'l f. try A fine tat Green Turtle, will be dresee on Friday next, at 3 o'clock, in a superior tvlt at Mount Social, comer of Broadway GxaU street. i I'he subscriber respectfully invites his fnenJ to favor him with their company. JOHN F. BATra, Families supplied by sending their servant!. an 12 at ft - " NOTICE is hereby ewen, that th part nership formerly subsisting between J.C, Lyacn and John Burnett, as win merchant, ftc. isoVl solved this day by mutual consent. New - York August 1 1K13. an IX lw For J'Jiif'OttAKJtWSL The brig MARYAN, Capt Scbl lor. wdl t ueiaincu or aKTrementun til 16th inst. when she will positively sail, so , . . ttw mott P'. bouti0 ton of freight, application to be made on board at pier No. 9, E. K or to J. H. LAURENCE ft CO. au 12 4t 55 Pine - street MtiitlNO SIUWLS. t Ji elrzant assortment of Merino Shawksjirt . opened and for tale at ISO Broadway, fcd 12 Iw PHlLBKOOKftPKTERS, TVTEW RICHMOND FLOUR, Ac. Cif J.1 bhl. aupeione r lour, llaxall and lunant ham's brands, lauding from schr. Catharine, a for sale by W. ft S.CRAIG, 84 Frout - Uett LY STORE, 70 hhds. prime Richmond Tobacco 100 kes Manufactured do boxes 4 - 4 Irish Linen 12 hhds. 6 pines choice L. P. Madeira Vf X 1 2 qr. cask do. do. Malmsey Wine, aug 12 1 PRINTING PAl'fcR - OSO reams fine 6 urn Printin; Paper, fortale by G. G. ft S. HOWL AND, aug 1 67 Washington - stied AMBRELKNG ft PEARSON, No. f South - street, offer for tale 670 bolt Russia Duck, various mark fill da Fjialish Patent Sail cloth 10000 pieces lotg Compajy yellow aa4 W Nankins, entitled to debenture. 40 case Canton Silk, consisting o Black Florentines, black 4 - 4 Hdkfl Crots barred 7 - 8 Hdks. Col'd Sewing Colored and changeable Siocbew 8 - 4 Crape Shawls, white Concan Pongee for bat lining 4 Twilled Sarsnets Dove - col'd Silk Shawls 7 - 4 and 8 - 4, pn of which are entitled to debenture 70 ton English Bolt Iron. 5 8 to 1 M 10 do old sable, 1 1 - 8 to 3 inch square 4 do Swedish, 3 inch wide 20 do Yorkshire Pig Lead ' lt 65 bales Upland Cotton , .. 580 ounres Oil of Rose "' 30 d' Oil Cinnamon 3 case Turkey Opium 5 bale Coats' Wool or Camel' Hatr 35 pipe Holland Brandy 30 bbl No. 3 cargo Beef 25 bundles Deer Skin 2 bale Turkey Ruj 3 case Dutch Slate ' . ' . lo boxes Chocolate 70 do Herring . . . A constant supply of white Lead, fromi Nw Vnrb l Wnrki. nf a suoerior aatlitf' A general assortment of Anooic.riej r uQnture, and Window Uia, irom manuiactory. ' nirrv r.nnrw CMFTY bale Calcutta Piot Goods, cno V ing of Aleahad Bafla Aleabad, 1 . Kirabad aodCUOWDAGARI , Forzabad Commnze Aleabad, J rorzanaa, V EMERTY . bllUU, ft Lowerpore, j Aleabad, Forzabad MAMOODY Joicingpore ) I ine Mow eanna Furntckabad Joidngpjre Mowdaber Muddoo Chandelly k Com J.SAWS Lolchee and 1 rintrrS ' Madras. Patten) UU"r Flag Hdkfs. Just received and fcr tale by GOODHUE ft CO. tug It 44 South

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