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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
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Thursday, March 11, 1943
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IT READ 3.13? k at the date after your me at the top of your pa~ r. If it reads 3,43 your bscription expires this according to our ree- s. PROGRESS-REVIEW ^m ^E-Sla **r *. .KSi: L e* ""p*:^ ,W Cfe'vJi B^I teg* SJ eBfel ,EFT X) WRITE Opinions nxuresscd heroin are those of Lhe writer, and may or mny not conform to Ihc editorial views of the Progress-Review. By LOU GARDNER LA PQRTE CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, OFFICIAL Black Hawk County and La Porte City NEWSPAPER m owa's Governor Acts Governor Bourkc B. Hicken. goopcr has called a conference 01 nirl_west Governors to meet at es Moincs to discuss food production problems. He has also in_ ^ittd heads of war agencies ip Washington. His action is one of eadership as the head of a great fricultural state located cen. ally in a group which must produce a major quantity of the ood so necessary to maintain our ar pace. The rationing of food ndicatcs that thc production prob_ fern is vital. No matter what thc for rationing, it reflect? serious situation. Thc shortage bay be due to unusual sinkings jihich are sending to the bottom thc seven seas some of the jtal foods we ship. It may mean be drain of feeding allies who March 17th Draft List Announced Three La Porte Citj Youths Are Volunteers-1 Others From This Vicinity Are Listed Three La Porte City boys arc ·oluntcers in the March 17~ quota of the Cedar Falls draft board. Thc contingent will number 58 youths, most of them IS or 19 veara of age. The three volunteers are Randall R. Parker, JMelvin J. Thomas and Mark R, Williams. Also on thc list arc Marvin Dean Fliekinfrer and Wayne C. Lange of La Porte «. C l t - v ' Erwin W. Cavanaugh of be supported a°s they drive w ashburn, George H. Strayer of Hudson and Donald II. Wagner, . s e o w a Office Burns LETTERS I school out at Bruce Center, and | I believe my first teacher was MrS cream, soap, on, which were sold to the SFa'S 1 the common enemy. It may lean greater supplies for our own jrccs for whom we are willing to st. The situation all leads in thc ·me direction--to greater pro. |clion withless farm man-power, farm equipment, and more bwdcd means of transporting not fly thc crops, but other things nich go to help production. pPrsclical Approach JTlic conference of Ohio, Indi Ea, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois Tinnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Ne ska, South Dakota and Nortl Dakota Governors will bring to ether heads of states which have common interest in production nd a common interest in evcry. hing vital to that production "hese Governors have an under_ [tanding and knowledge of farm problems because they are down Is close to the soil as public of. licials can be. Their states are powerful in congress and out. fowa's Governor has taken action is a practical approach to a olution of problems that are worrying the nation and a large art of thc allied world. Thc necting should make history-- ·history tied in with the winning I of this war. [Balancing thc Record The legislative recess gives a thance to look over what prog_ ross has been made and speculate pn the grind for the Doming sev_ fcral weeks. When recess began the |ox score on bills stood as fol. Tjws: Recess Date: itroduccd in House ________ Itroduccd in Senate . ....... 1939 1941 1943 . , Gerald B. Wagner and P.oy W. Wagner of Gilbertvillc. Strayer, secretary of. Ihe American Soybean Growers association and editor of that organization's magazine, has appealed his classification to the state ap_ peal board, after being turned j down on an appeal to the regional board. Unless his case is settled in time, he may not go with the March 17 group. The Cedar Falls board has not yet started drafting of married men, except for those marrie since the president's declaration o a national emergency in June 1941, When the list of single men has been exhausted, next group to Sunday Afternoon March 7, 1943 Dear Editor, I have received the Progress- Review several times and hope it continues to come. I am stationed here in Miami Beach, Florida. The soldiers herc are stationed in hotels, they are supposed to be the best in the town, I do believe they are. I've been down here for over a month and it is really nice. The weather i? really hot, but I enjoy it. It rains quite a bit down here but not very long. Since I've been here I've had three days of K. P. and I am going on my fifth time of guard duty. Monday is the last day of my basic training and I'll sure be glad when it's over. In our drilling we do close order drill, mass formation and marching. We havc[ __ calisthenics every other day and,; l n j ""Hei'shey that isn't so hot, especially after raaUy swcl , .,,,,, wc get a shot in thc arm. On Sundays wo are off and wc sleep till wc get ready to get up Usually I go to the beach and go swimming in the afternoon. I live just two blocks from the Atlantic ocean and it's really a wonderful miles corner to the north at cost price. The extra foo.l sup I "i"' "" TM* P??"^" ' Plies were things whiel, the group!' T^nT' ,'h V" of men I am with were unable to .',,,,, eoiintrv "2-00°far" '"' t0 "'"' butter, coffee, 'powdered ''eggs, ^w,!"'"!;"!; 5 '' , · x, , ,, . . . ... t-o ' *\ e nave :i \x\\- n\ V^T-IK n n coffee. powdered canned milk, sugar, j a m , cocoji, flour, etc.. for hot cakes and so n. Well as you can probably imagine We all went to camp a" h a p p y , ovcnine. We all group of We have a law in North Dakota t h a t no man can have mor than two f o u r - y e a r terms a sheriff. My four years were up on January -1, 10-13, so now I must years before I can ·iad mail, and I Uiink I was about ivcrajrc w i t h around twenty let. '.ers, and one package from you-ho one with the heavy boot sox bsrs-t ' handy. Thanks a million. Getting back to Xma.s day, we were given another fine treat b v ' ·.r , . , -'hich included Kreger several times. Last night mashcd potatost He's re O IT °' " e " f c ur ^ ^J h turkev , , chocolate go be those married since June, 194], regardless of whether they have since had children. Harried men with children will ,hen be in line for induction. There, will be a new group of single men available in June, however--the group of 18 and 1!) year old high school boys who lave been deferred until the end jf the school year. Many of these lave already enlisted in army and lavy reserves, however, and it is iot known how much of a factor hey will be in the early summer raft lists. The draft board expects some ightening of regulations on de_ ermcnt of unmarried farm work- rs before sizable inroads are lade in the ranks of family men. point out that farm worker efermcnts are good only until eplacnmcnts can be found, and hat in many cases older men and ly looking fine. I've been in army I've gained fifteen pounds in a month and i time Well guess I'll close thanking nud " "" " "" and wc were a sort of chur continues to come. Pvt. Don Berryhill Flight 1.2 405 Training Group Miami Beach, Florida in the evening, The rest of the day i was spent at our regular duties ion thc airdrome an,] m a i n t c n a n c i | line. Due to restrictions by th P. S. I wish to say hello to ev_ ^J" ^ OMt tc " yon " luch of eryonc back home. Camp Ilond, Texas March C, 1943 Dear Mr. Smith, Well I have been receiving the Progress-Review for the past three weeks, I get it on Monday nights. So much for that. I try and tell you a little of what we've been doing. So far since I've happened from then , until now. However I will state i that we were "dive_bombed," and I strafed occasionally, and have been working "all planes all out" keep our for mv_ Damped wi h , SIVHIIUJLU n u n married men are now available 600 416 455 393 469 326 ( t o take farm jobs for which youths j h a v e received temporary defer_ 'ments. The farm d r a f t situation is still not settled, however, and the latest move has been to give county agricultural war boards a good deal of jurisdiction over the question of whether farm workers are essential and not replaceable. New legislation now before congress may aluo alter the picture in coming weeks. In the meantime, calls for the Cedar Falls board, which orgimal- ly had as many registrants as either of the two Waterloo boards, but which lost half of its eligibles through the blanket deferment of farm workers, have recently run you see I haven't had will -"'·" nova or my other man with me since shortly after I landed I am expecting to see soon now. you asked if I am rc_ In the four years as sheriff wc had varied experiences, as w c had three cases of murder, three cases of manslaughter, 92 insane cases (some of these came from other counties as we have two big hos. pitnls here), 90_somc cases to the penitentiary, some .10 cases to thc boys' t r a i n i n g school and a few trips to the feeble-minded school. One bad murder case was a follov-'s. One Saturday evening las year n nice big: barn and all out buildings on a farm ten mill 1 from Minot were burned and Hi farmer's wife alone at home wa attacked and so badly burned tha lays later she died witho-j us much about it. So we-my three deputies and myself-went to work on this case. W found t h a t a neighbor, a widower had been paying- court to a daughter of the old lady, and the mothei in a small way had objected to Ihi: match. Wc brought this man ii on March 10 and the Slate and City worked on him most all n i g h t and most of thc next day. As this farmer was a good friend of mine, I took him i n t o my home for dinner. After d i n n e r I asked him to go on a drive with me to the c o u n t r y (up to this The paintings include pictures ·H larm scenes, country land scapes and rural studies defecting the country school house t h r c - h "iff crews and farm buildii: K s Mrs. Br, SKS , w h o as one of Iowa's fr,, of farm scenes, has r,, uno; , L p . li|UL . rs Spectacular Blaze Guts Office Portion of Ruild- Near the Bi ff Creek , . Kin ' "iseuvored just before mid «on several light Wednesday night «-»l.T color, ( |is. o f f i c c lim] (lilm5aKne ;j- ll , tl . the prizes for her played in the low-i ' 1( -l s .,i - the state fair in u^ Moi'v, i C ' r - v ro '"" r section of Ihe Richards It is the plan of tlie" -Ut^'dub h" L""-' 1 '."" 1 " ''"lament company of East Ili-i, to .n.rel'^-; one of ! b"i|,'!' K '"^ ^ ^ t h c Bi|? Crcck her p a i n t i n g s ,,,," e x h i b i t i o , "" L ' (1 - ncrmimcnt h a n g i n u High school hall. for | in the Kasl time, he had net confessed anything). We drove around for two one broke out with the measles to start with and about Ihe time our quarantine was over some, one else breaks out. Last Thursday wc went out on thc range and shot 45 rounds of * ammunition for practice and then ^ r , Friday we went out for record made three trips by air since I have been in Africa, but don't you where I am stationed, but I The weather here is warm in the daytime i u v b u t ' rounds--I qualified as a ., , " " marksman. We used the 1917 c ll the nights arc chilly W.e iill like t , m u c h !lnd T fine Total t)93 88-1 781 *ss bills have been introducoi Ps far than were before eithe 1930 or 1941 sessions at th. 6ess ma.-k--103 less than in '41 212 less than in '38. This in. ates a drop in the number which legislature will have to handle one way or another. fill Be Fewer Bills |In 1939 after recess 177 bills |re introduced; in 1941 there re 237. If this session follows 1039 record the total will be Ider 000. If it follows thc 1941 |ttem the number will be pund 1000. The total in 1939 Is 1170; in 1941 it was 1121. All introduced from now on will |ve to get in through thc corn_ Ittecs, and will go to sifting nmittees after these have been [pointed. The Senate has already nblished its sifting committee, Union AlCCting al id dumped all of its bills to that! rrelical Church at 2 p. m mittee. It will only be a mat. I jj'-s.i-ir Of a short time after the leg- r naay ture again convenes until the luso will take similar action. £s is necessary if the assembly get down to necessary Icgis- [ion and shorten the session. Too New Dcalish Senate debated at length Wat powers bill legalizing ' an defense activities and pro_ model rifles, boy and they really, _' pack a little kick behind them. If it hadn't been for the r:ght use of rifle sling a lot of the fellows would have had black eyes and 1 health. We have been getting mail , only about half as large as Ihc demands on the Waterloo boards. World Prayer Day Planned sore shoulders, I happened to come through unscathed. Oh, yes, the weather here has been terrible. Wednesday night wc had our first rain and ever since that it has been awfully cold here. Wc pile on all the clothes wc can, but we still can't keep (Continued on page three) Minot, N. D. March 'i, 1943 Editor Smith: Get the "old" Progress. Review every Saturday or on Monday. To you, Mr. Smith, I am a stranger. I was born southwest of La Porte City in Bruce towiiihip, Benton county. Enjoy your l e t t e r s from the men warm, wc even wear ovcrcoata| j n service. I don't know thcx. and some of the fellows have thcirl young men but do remember mos woolen clothing or uniform o n j o f their folks. In last week - ,. under their fatigue outfits x Pa per was a letter from Wm. Ball will law s governing blackouts. giving the Governor ar_ : of Powers to suit a was too New The World Day of Prayer be observed in a union meutinf; at thc Evangelical church next Friday at 2 o'clock. Mrs. C. W. Bard of the Methodist church, Mrs. P. W. O'Brien of the Evangelical church and Mi We were supposed to get outl hoim of Long Beach. Yc.s, th of quarantine Sunday or tomor. | " o ld" paper is not as newsy a., row night, but someone broke o u t i j n the years past, yet each week with the measles so we are quar_| we look for that "letter from antined until thc 17th of t h i s i home" eren though many ycart month. | may have passed. It's still home. We arc supposed to move from Mr. S m i t h , you must be somt this part of the camp to North | what of a hustler, as I get a bang Camp Hood the first of April and | out of some of your editorials. I we will live in bivouac area--that, believe you would be a good pnli_ is we'll live in pup tents. ' tician. Ha! I got a letter from George j \VelJ, old L;, Porte as I remcm Young today, he is still at Camp bcr it ( and memory's about a] Dodge, Iowa. I sure wish they we have left). Our old home v byterian church will be th with others taking part. The theme is "Father, I Pray that they may all be one" and the would send him here, I am sure he would like this branch of service even though he wouldn't like the location, not many people do. Well I had better sign off for now and write to Bill P., Bob T. and some more of thc fellows. I paper and I wi if you keep ; rolling my way. Pvt. James D. Brennan program prepared 'by cl the ~ Dr. North Africa January ]7, 1943 a out and the bill passed 42 Theological Institute in Evanston, c tk ^ enat ^ killed a bil1 to 111., and Mrs. Benjamin E. Mays *"~»*= 'J 16 Primary date from June O f ' tnc Morehousc college, Atlanta, Ptember, and had a spirited Georgia. Each church will furnish ^ over proposal to add the a 'special number and a collection 'inttive ;,, ^ a « e municipal utilities. 3 fcill was opposed on grounds /' '.t centered too much of con. r 1 in^ Well here it is hnlf way thru January, and a 'lot of water has cone under the bridge since I wrote you last. I realize that it has in-one a long time since I I you, and I am hoping you ! worry too much over the long EIGHTH GRADE NEWS | break. "No news is good news," The honor roll for thc first sixj v o u ]; now . Now that I stop to fig- .., some five miles southwest. On the road to La Porte wc passed th3 farm of Wm. Rupprich, then the Lowis farm with the old stone house, This house was supposed to be haunted. Then the Sn. Baker farm (Mr. Buckmire owns it now) then thc Kirk McQuilkin farm (the only one of thc old farmsteads that still remain in the same name) then the Cood_ (Continucd on page two) Elect Three To Jthe Board Fifty-One Votes Cast a School Election Hen Monday Afternoon Three candidatcsi for the L: Porte City school hoard were elected w i t h o u t opposition Monday at balloting which brought out only 51 voters. K. E. Konglin led the ticket with 51 votes. Howard Van Fleet had 50, and Mrs. Mabel Brown 4G. There were no write-ins. Ttonfflin and Van Fleet w i l l serve full thrce.ycar terms. Mrs. Brown will serve a single year. Annual organization meeting of thc board wil] be held next Mon_ day evening, at which time a new board president will be elected and plans for the new year discussed. Zoe Ann to Enter Second National Will Compote for Junior National Lo\v Hoard Diving- Crown at Cedar Fulls March 27 £ Zoe An local Ols cn, 12.ycar_old swimming and d i v i n g star, time junior will compete for the second Ihis w i n t e r in a n a t i o n a l diving mei-t, it was a n n o u n c e d to. day. The meet will be a national competition in low-board diving lield in connection w i t h the stale T h e blaze threatened for a time to get out of control in thc ram. Ming group »f connected sheds and buildings, and J.-OIHP fears were felt for the safety of the muni, cipal p l a n t across Ihc alley to the northeast, b u t strenuous efforts of firemen w i t h t h r e e lines of hose succeeded a f t e r about a half hour in confining tin- blaze to a small portion of thc b u i l d i n g s and finally in bringing it, under control. Had the northeast wing of the building buriuil, La Porte City wnuld u n q u e s t i o n a b l y been with'. out light and power for some time, even Ihougli ilie power plant it_ | elf had not cnuirht fire, since thc ! main power leads from the station pass within a couple of yards of the b u i l d i n g in the alley. Severing of main wires would have cut o f f power t h r o u g h o u t the city u n t i l si.eb time as new lines could be strung. The fire was discovered by Estel Anderson, who works part time in the implement repair shop, and the rest of the lime at thc city " M , M T m " K TV" C'dar power plant. Anderson w,, 9 at the alls March i(, and 2,. puw( . r , n n l ,_ L , L j d /oo Ann placed f o u r t h in the'tie,,] ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, f [fc lational junior high board meet at, Chicago a short t i m e ago. Slate midwest chjinipion on the owboard, she is considered to have a good chance of placing in the irst three, and nossibly even of taking the national junior low_ board title, at the Cedar Falls meet, since her low board work Itichard.s building. There were no visible flames when the alarm was turned in, hut when firemen broke down the office door, letting fresh ilir reach the smouldering interior, tiu- t whole office shot into flame, and w . t h i n moments a great sheet fire was pouring skyward from the roof. Special Programs at Methodist Church A men's chorus of fifteen voices ^vill sing "Bow Down Thii;." Ear" by Paul Bliss as. a special number at the service of worship .Sunday morning at J l a. m. at the Methodist church, is considered superior to her per Th( . f ,.,,,,,,, L n o n ,,.,,, sC , uLh formance on UK; high board. !,,.,,,.,] ., lon( , Lll( . r;iru ,,. s ovcr thc J h « La I'oHc City g,,-| will also j machinery rcpni,- section, and new compete f,,r Ihe firsl nmi.- in th,' flames b u r s t through the root at slate highboaril tvi-nl al tin- Cc_ dai 1 nieel. The present champion is 1'eUy Colirn of Wa_ terloo, :t senior at the .stale u n i _ versity. Competition for the state high beard title bus not been held the pnst four years. A special feature of the Cedar Falls meet will be team competition for the first time, in synchron^ izcd swimming, in which wat«'i stars go through d r i l l routines to music. .Mrs, Art 01."en, Xoe Ann's mother, is state AAU chairman for synchronizer] s w i m m i n g . She is widely separated points. A t h i n sheet of snow on the rouf k e p t the shingles wet enough to ril . cl , ltn Lhc . ir serving a: the Cellar executive director Kail.- meet, whieh of being sponsored by Lhe chamber jf commerce of that city. -f-ff H l V P ··"···IJ- C They wire also helper! by the fact that there was no ceiling in most of t h e building, antl tlicy were able In drench the in.sidc oC the roof w i t h steam from their hose lim-.i once they got inside the bui]dii:g. Principal damage was (lone in the company o f f i c e , which was a roaring mass of flinnes for more than a h a l f hour. Much office e q u i p m e n t ami many p e r s o n a l be_ longings were di-slrnynd, and the beam of the t-o;U scale was badly warped. All records were in u large safe, however, and came through undamaged, Thr j c tractors in the repair .section didn't even have their p a i n t burner!, and there was little | damage to repair parts in the stockroom. /Mllirn gh the three tractors all liii'l tanks f u l l of f,'aso_ Mrs. Grace Fischels Sel i n t . ""· lh( ' re were numerous cured to Teach Fourth. bam-Is ° ; /uo1 "" in L h u hn "' ni " K Grade Rest Of Year floor level was nnl great enough to ignite the dangerou.-t material. Had the oil barrels ignited, it speaker, whose subject wil "Thc New Earth." Whole -jj c ^(JP.I- KUIIK,/ i,jii_-n nit ^juou_ uarcn lo, in tl win farm, then to La Porte City. I the church. As ' Burr will sing "The Man of Galilee'' as an offertory .solo. S. A. Cohogan, prominent in church work, Waterloo, will be thc be service has been arranged by thc men of the church to observe Laymen's Sunday. Carl II. Conlcy, ouUstanding industrial educator and engineer 'rom Asia, w i l l give an illustrated ccturc on "Can These be Un. ouchable" nl a covered dish ·hurch,night supper Thursday March 18, ir. the social room of Mrs. Grace I' ischcr h a s been . , , , . , , . , ,,..,, , . , , , , i i i i i , L · is probrililu tl:a t h e e n t i r e spraw. Clifford hired bv lh- school board to teach ' , , , , ' 1 · ing .structure wuu d have gone the f o u r t h grade here during the L r i e H J U I L i l I T I i i ' - i u i r - i u U U I I M I L v i i v . e . f . . . . , , ,, , , 3i- : up in flames, - f i r e m e n said, balance of the school year. s h e . ' ,. ,' . -^ , M^i ^i^-l i m'l (in- nr f h r i nvu The bill went: weeks includes David Hild, Teddy Runyan, Shirley Ashley, Ardeth Haberichter, Wanda Weatherly. deposits to "an "amount! Th ose making the reserve honor f()r a m0mentp i believe it was just before Xmas that I wrote last wasn't it? In La Porte the first business man I remember was Bruce Kline, who used to drive a grocery wagon out to our farm. Thc first doctor I remember was Dr. Graham. As I remember it, there was always a Lehman hardware store. Skinner and Husman were at the rrain elevator, and John McQuiL | kin and John Tripp were the stock buyers. Oh yes, and I remember the old Heath mill over on the west side of thc creek. The old blacksmith shop and store at Mooreville are still a part of my memory of thc past, and civil engineer he has been using his talents t relieve the poverty of the outcas people of India. We invite thi public. takes thc place o! Mrs. Robert 1 Glime, who had been substituting . estimates of the IOSH in thc fire were available Thursday, but Kva Boylcs obtained u, it was said that insurance will tirite I'lrs*. j v a i?'jn.a UIMMIIIUU ". . ,, i /· *u i «. . . , . . . . i probably cover most of the dam. leave of absence to try out in a ' __ social welfare job al Waterloo. Mrs. Fisthcr, whose husband is in thc armed services, has beer. Fal! college." She had previously f,ve year, teaching experience. ·^ «· B i SIXTH GRADE NEWS Those having n B grade or, hove for thc last six weeks are to P rovide TM° m i\gc. Mr. Kichard;: luis not yet decided on the question of rebuilding- the damaged p a r t of the building. The fire, however, had revived some talk about town today of purchase of thc property from Mr. Hicharda by the city, to lessen fire at thc power p l u n t and FOURTH GRADE NEWS We have been studying Ihc use of apostrophes in contractions and words showing possession in Language. The following- received 100 in spelling Friday: Carmen Abbott, Marlys Bible, Carol Froning, Vclda 'CUTS, Zoe Ann Olren, Maralyn Olson, Betty Reimer, Grace Smith, Bertha Sommerfclt, A. J. Froning, Ralph Kocher and Billy Teeter. Harry Sorcnscn moved to Cedar Falls on Tuesday. Wc arc studying thc Crusaders n history. They show how the people of thc Middle Ages were willing- to sacrifice for freedom. FIFTH GRADE NEWS The following' pupib were on sometime in the future. than 20 times their naid nn roll are Alvin Fosse, Joanne ing a very --. I-_:_L P I T h o m s o n Vema Person Herbert un celebrate on page lEWSPAPERI Bermecc Anderson, Beverly Bag. he honor roll for thc past su, enatos, Rayona Bagcnstc-s, La Nita weeks' period: Walter Elliott Bolineer, Shirley Foster, Marie Daryl Stienbeck, Ann Pcndlebury Hcincn, Mac Hitt, Shirley K u h n , | a n d Virginia Williams At that time we were anticipat. j the squirrel hunting on the hill, Beverly Sides, Donald Coller, Twcnty.acven pupils from our Daia un -- -- --~. -.,,...-. ^ practically .northwest of Mooreville, ako some) Thomas toll, Ronald Kocher, Dean room enjoyed thc matinee program _l__ll p i Thompson Velma Person, Herbert un celebrated Xma.s However w«ihills south of Mooreville. iXrusc, Billy Milne, Jimmy-Novak, given. by the SpoUight club on six) Bageiwtof and Ray Gross. (received · vary pleasant aurpruel I remember the old day* «t|Lcg «einh«rdt and Dick Warner.|Towday ·ftomoon in the (7*. i Mrs. Garrett's Mother Is Dead Word was received herc Wednesday of the death of Mrs. G. W. Allsup, mother of Mrs. F. M. Gar_ rett, wife of thc former Methodist minister here, last Sunday mor. ning. Funeral services were held at thc Delta, Iowa, Methodist church Tuesday, with burial in Tioga cemetery. Mrs. Allsup, who had been an invalid for many years, lived at the Methodist parsonage' here while the Garretts were at thc local church. She died luddenly Sunday while her daughter

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