Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 17, 1944 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1944
Page 3
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WAR BOND SALES AHEAD OF LIQUOR IN LAST MONTH Liquor Sales Here Show Sharp Drop to $25,523.22 War bond sales by the Mason City outlet of the Iowa liquor control commission exceeded the liquor sales during February, according to the monthly report released Friday by the commission. Bond sales totaled 542,338.75 while S25,523.22 was paid for liquor during the month. , The liquor sales also showed a sharp drop from the 533,398 volume registered in January, fol- lowine the trend for the state as a whole. The 177 Iowa stores crossed Sl.459,448 in February compared with $1,965,809 the preceding month. War bond sales were more than 1 times the liquor figure, amounting to SC,728,fl»5 last month. Sales for Ihe 2 months by North Iowa stores were reported as follows: TOWN FEB. Spencer $10,184 Algona 10,132 Decorah 6.773 Oelwein 8,901 New Hampton . 4,268 H T.« Do Srt Kccelvr Pap*r Before 5::» p. m. Oil iXt *r tia CLEAR LAKE GLOBE-GAZETTE DEADLINE*: II ». m. tat NewB mat Adi * p m. f«r Kdt« N'ewi Phone 239 or 25S AND KGLO OFFICE 207 West Main St. St. Sgt. Edwin B. Wessner Writes From Italian Front Service Man Sends "Invitation to Prayer" to Encourage Others Waverly Charles City EmmetsburR West Union . Eagle Grove Hampton .. . Forest City .. Iowa Falls .. Waukon Osage .. .. Estherville .. Eelmond ... Garner Manly ..... Clarion . . . . Clear Lake . Dows Lake Mills . Crcsco Northwood Sumner 5,000 11,625 9,028 3,083 7,735 7,735 4,293 7,777 3,494 4,207 7,952 3.245 3,602 3,313 4.705 -U03 . 2.324 . 3,223 . 6,363 . 3,421 3,2!!6 Britt 5.008 Ackley .. 2,925 Calmar Greene ... Lawler ... Bancroft .. Elma . . . . Livermore Clarksville 2,533 2.37IJ 1,304 6,490 2,063 5,429 2,146 JAN. $13,083 13.862 9,258 11.184 6.243 7,613 14,713 11,470 4,477 10,304 10.304 5,865 10,401 , 6.953 5,790 11,267 4,349 4,708 4,489 6.462 6,132 3,279 4.254 8,818 4.804 4.2G2 6,739 4,120 4,293 3,770 ·2,94S 9,358 ASSIGNED TO SQUADRON-- Flislit Officer William B. "Bill" Fankell is pilot instructor at the basic flyiiie training school at the army air forces basic training school at Minter Field. Bakersfield, Cal., his parents, Sir. and Mrs. Fred Fankell. 523 Carlton street. Clear Lake, learned Friday. Before beins assigned a squadron he attended an instructors' school for 2 weeks. Officer Fankell entered the service Feb. 2, 1943. going first to Jefferson Barracks, Mo., then Beloit, Wis., and Santa Ana, Cal., where he classified for pilot training, lie was at Hcmet, Cal., for primary training. Merced, Cal.. for basic and Williams Field, Chandler. Ariz., for advanced, graduating and receiving his silver wings last Feb. 8. Officer Fankell, a former Globe-Gazette carrier boy, reported at Minter Field Feb. 22. 7,428 2,950 Stunt Night Planned by Theta Rhos Clear Lake--Plans for a stunt night to be held at the next session, April 0, were made by members of Theta Rho Girls' club at I. O. O. F. hall Thursday evening. Blanche Irons and Patty Bouline Clear Lake--St. Sgt. Edwin B. Wessner, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wessner, live north f Ventura, writes' from Italy of he rainy weather and difficulties resented by rugged mountains gainst the progress of the allies. He says "I am sending an 'In- itation to Prayer' which 1 wrote n my spare time and hope it will be an inspiration to others. ·Through the hours of trial on he battlefield I am inspired to express my thoughts on the sub- ect of prayer. Though I feel incapable I hope to encourage others. A man does a lot of think- ng through periods like that and nen who never thought of God Before silently ask the Almighty :o save them. In these hours men sense the nearness of God. "I firmly believe this terrible* strife could be ended much sooner by more prayers from all of ous for it is in His hands that all destiny rides. We must repent and confess unto God and out of His great lova and mercy He will forgive and deliver us out of our troubles. We must remember to give praise and thnnks always, whether in peace or in trouble. It is in times of ease and comfort that we forget God and this causes His wrath to come upon us. "Some people who have life easy forget there is a God. I am proud of the community where 1 is reared, of the churches there and their memberships, for nothing can ever take the place of the Christian training 1 received as a youth. I find many important thing or · whi la L* have ck this pushed Real Estate Transfers Dafoe. Georgenna and Husband, To Ralph Lee and Wife §150 (WD) E'/2 of Lots 8 9 Hlk. 4 In Ventura. 10-21-43. Sondrol, Carrie P., To Edith S. Naylor SI (WD) One-half Int. in Lot 9 Blk. 23, College Add. to MC. 4-6-31. FIRST CHOICE OF MILLIONS None faster. Nona surer. None safer. St. Joseph Aspirin--world's largest Ecllcr atlOr. Save moit in larger sizes. 36 table ta.20f; 100 tablets, only 35p. Why ever pay more? Demand St. Joseph. Aspirin. will serve. The degree staff is to be reorganized and a dish towel shower for the club soon. Servin is in the program will be once each month unless there is a special occasion. Mrs. Neil Slocum, mother advisor, presented a prize to Al- make Rice for having obtained a new member in a contest which closed Thursday evening. Another contest opens immediately with a prize for each girl who obtains a new member before May 4. Arlene Prestholt sang "Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland" and with Patty Bouline gave a tap dance and sang a duet number. The entire group sang Irish and other songs and Marilyn Ott and Barbara Martin served. Shamrocks were used to decorate the tables. it into the background. Great things can be accomplished by the Word of God for those who faith- f u l l y believe in it. To others it brings comfort, guidance and hope. "A prayer for peace that I ask -Dcnr God. when I was a boy 1 used to pray like this And ask for every little joy 1 did nnt want to iniis: I used to pray each niRhl and day because I knew that You Could t.-ikc my troubles all away and make my dreams come true. Well God. I am much older now and I have srown in size. There arc sonic furrows in my brow. some lines around niv eyes. But I stilt have hands to fold, my lips lo move in prayer And every ti.-iy my eyes behold your blessings everywhere. Dear God. I offer you once more whatever I am worth And ask your help to win this war that peaee may reign on earth." St. Sgt. Edwin B. Wessner SOROSIS CLUB" ELECTS LEADER St. Patrick's Theme Marks Social Events Clear Lake-- Mrs. Willis Miller was elected president of- the Sorosis club at a session Thursday at the home of Mrs. R. C. Taylor, retiring president. Mrs. S. A. Watts was chosen vice president, Mrs. G. H. Garth secretary an(J Mrs"! R. D. Robbins treasurer. Tin- program committee i n c l u d e s Mmes Glen Franks. L. W. Sherman and Frank Daker. Mmes William Burkhardt and John A Smith presented a study of "Ireland's Opportunity" for the program and Mrs. L. E. Jacobsoi sang "I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen" and "Rose of Tra-Lce.' The program committee served Mrs. E. H. Rich entertains Marcl JO. . Other clubs also met Thursday.; Mmes. Lloyd and Fredericka Billman and Raymond McCoid were gviests of the Linger Longer club at the home of Mrs. August Bitker. March verses were used for roll call. Mrs. Ruben* Fryer read an article and Mmes. Henry VanZuuk, Paul Ratier, Fryer and Frank Clark won prizes in games olayed The March 30 at -amm Qualifies as harpsHooter With 74 Out of 210 Score Clear Lake--Pvt. Howard J. .imm, who is at the infantry re- lacement training center, Fort UcClellan, Ala., has been awarded sharpshooter's medal for skill in larksmanship, it was learned in Clear Lake Friday. P r i v a t e jamin's score was 174 out oi a possible 210. Private Lamm, son of Mr. ant Mrs. Charles Lamm, St. Ans attended high school at Mitchell iamiltoii's school of commerce Mason City, and Minneapolis busi ness college in Minneapolis. Befor entering the service last Dec. 15 he was employed by E. M. Dues enberg, Inc., in contracting an Highway grading work. The new sharpshooter will re ceive a thorough course in th care and use of infantry weapon for foot-soldiers. Fort McClella is near Anniston, Ala., and has complete layout ot ranges for fii ing rifles, machine guns, auto malic rifles and anti-tank wea] oils at ground and aircraft large' Mrs. Lamm, nee Netha CHIT, is making her home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Carr. at 204 W. Division street, for the du- LEND-LEASE RULES STUDIED Lawmakers Against Lifting Restrictions Washington, P)--Lawmakers in both houses of congress looked iskance Friday at current diplo- natie discussions pointed toward ·elaxing Great Britain's 3 year old commitment to refrain from ex- Jorting materials similar to those received under lend-lease from the terials and use the latter for commercial export purposes. The o,ucslion of relaxing the agreement arose after this country began receiving raw materials from Britain in reverse lend- lease. McCarran declared American roods should have the privilege of reachine world markets "without passing through British hands." Sen. Wheeler (D-MonO likewise expressed strong opposition to relaxing the pledge now. Friday. March 17, 19*4 3 . MASON CITV GLOBE-GA/ETTE "While manufacturers in this United States. Sen. McCurran claved it would be (D-Nev.) de- complete 3awden Advances to Star Scout Rank Clear Lake--Jim Bawden was dvanced to the r a n k of Star icout at a session of the Boy Scout board of review at junior ligh school Thursday evening. He also received ii public and a personal health award. Dan Rice was advanced to the rank of Boy Scout first class and Jack Roseland to Boy Scout 2nd class. Lcroy O l s o n received awards in farm home and planning and farm layout. Board members present were Roscoe Miller, the Rev. Thomas B. Collins, James H. Ransom, T. J. Furnan, Gerald Trcu, Ralph Ott, Verne Peterson, Syd Thompson, the Rev. Verne A. Spindell and M. E. Gilmore, chairman. The next board meeting is April 20. violation of the spirit of leml- leascs to abrogate the pledge tendered by Anthony Eden, Britain's foreign minister; and Chairman Bloom (D-N. Y.) of the house foreign affairs committee said: "I will not stand for relaxing that pledge and neither 'will the coneress." It became known Thursday that! preliminary negotiations are under way to modify the agreement in order to permit Great Britain to resume limited export of commercial goods she has been unable to furnish because of the war. Under the agreement, which is not part ot the lend-lease law. Britain promised not to export lend-lease materials received from the United States and not to substitute lond- leasc supplies for British ma- country arc being prevented from making civilian goods we should not permit countries which arc ·eceiving lend-lease goods to lake iway the markels of our own pco- )le," Wheeler said. Sen. Brewster (H-Me.) observed it would be difficult for the American people to understand allowing goods made of American material to be sold in competition with merchandise manufactured in this country. The house foreign affairs committee is slated to vote Tuesday on legislation extending Icnd-lease authority for another year. interceptors over (he r e i c h Thursday were deceived by twin- engined Messerschmitt 110s carrying 2 big rocket guns beside their motors. "1 shot down unc 0[ those ME- 110s myself Thursday," said curly-haired boyish-faced Lt. Ralph Hoter, 22. of Salem, Mo. '*lt had me fooled for a while. When 1 first saw it. I thought it was an American fortress until 1 spotted the twin tail. "Then when I dived down 1 saw what 1 fiisl had believed to be ·! engines was only our old friend, the ME-110, packing 2 hiigo rocket guns under its wings beside the motors." Report of New Type Nazi Fighter Believed in Reality Old Kind An American Fiffhtcr Base, England. (U,R) -- Mustang fighter pilots believed Friday t h a t airmen who reported sighting new German 4-cngined, twin-tailed Beware Coughs from common colt's That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender. Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Crcomulsion with the understanding you must like the way ty quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION f or Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis next meeting is the home of Mrs. cers. Mrs. R E N T OUR ELECTRIC FLOOR SANDERS Oirrie van Ness Phone 17 20-22 E. State FAST WAY to Clean Drains Connect * Carter Clean«r HJI shown, and let water pressure blast, out filth and corrosion. *y to m«--any woman run it. fi?t youni torfay--enjoy clean, free-running drlins. Clear Lake Churches ZION LUTHERAN Sunday school, 9:45 o'clock. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Sermon theme--"God and Daily Bread." Both choirs will sing. Luther League, 7 o'clock. Lenten service. Thursday, 8 o'clock.--Ruben Mostrom, pastor. CHURCH OF CHRIST B i b l e school, f l : 4 5 o'clock. Preaching service and Lord's Supper, 10:45 o'clock. Basket dinner al noon. Fellowship service, 2:3( o'clock. Evening service. 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. W. C. Cole wil speak at al| services.--C. W. Hicks pastor. CONGREGATIONAL Church school, 10 o'clock. Worship service, 11 o'clock. Sermon theme--"They Have Taken Awaj My Lord.'" Congo club, 6:3 o'clock. Tom Joslyn will lead de votions and Dr. K. R. Rogers wil speak.--Verne A. Spindell, pastot METHODIST Sunday school, 9:45 o'clock Pastor's membership class nt parsonage, 10 o'clock. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Sermon theme-"Life's Dependency." Youth Fellowship, 6:30 o'clock. Pastor's dis- group, parsonage, I CRRTER WATI* PMMURC DMm CLIANCR turrit Van Ness D? Phone 17 2« E. SUl , o'clock. Lenten fellowship service. Wednesday, 6:30 o'clock.--Thomas B. Collins, pastor. LAKESIDE Sunday school every Sunday, 10 o'clock--Mrs. Maurice Miles, superintendent. CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST North East street. Sunday school 10 o'clock- Church service. 11 o'clock. Wednesday evening service, 8 o'clock. ST. PATRICK'S CATHOLIC Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 o'clock. Confessions heard Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock.--J. J. Bu?.- ynski, pastor. GOSPEL TABERNACLE Sunday school 10 o'clock. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Eli Levang will speak. Young people's meeting, 6:45 o'clock. Evening service, 7:45 o'clock. Mid-week prayer service, Wednesday, 7:45 o'clock. BETHEL CHAPEL At Legion hall. Sunday school, 10 o'clock. Morning worship, tl o'clock. Evening service, 8 o'clock Bible study, Tuesday, 8 o'clock.-Manfred and Hope Askew, pastors Clear Lake Briefs Mrs. Grace Jackson has returned to her cottage on the camp grounds fter spending the winter with her laughter in New York and her ister at Lincoln, Nebr. C. W. Butts. Sr.. well drilling nd pump repairs. Phone 107. Airs. Frank Howes, Waukon. irrived Thursday to visit her laughter. Mrs. A. Dwight Anderon. and family. Wanted: Girl or woman to care Bawden was or children days. Inquire at Plain- ·icw Cottage, Camp Grounds. Robert Haydcn gave his life his- orv for the program of the Rotary club at I. O. O. F. hall Thursday noon. Want to Rent--Small home in Clear Lake. Refs. Ph. collect 12D3, Mason City. Richard Ashland, Z, who has been ill with scarlet fever, is recovering nicely at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ashland. The family expects to be out of quarantine next week. Wanted--Will take up lo 3 riders. Leave 104 E. State, Clear Lake, at 6:15 each morning, 6 days a week. Plans to make a chart on which to keep records of the work done toward badges were made by Girl Scouts ot troop 1 at junior high Thursday. Plans are also being made for outdoor sports and hikes for summer. Petty Officer Herman R. Underkofler aviation metalsmith I/c, arrived Thursday from the west coast to visit Mrs. Underkofler, nee Genevieve Brose, and daugh- 7:30 ' er ' Susan, until next week Saturday. VanZuuk with Mmes. Everett Enabnit and Bitker arranging the program. Mrs. Ellen Nielsen, assisted by Mrs Arnold Rasmussen. entertained the Royal club with Mmes Arthur Larson and Peter Peterson as guests. Mrs. Ray French arranged a program ot games and prizes were given. Mrs. Will Paul will entertain April 6 when there will be a 1 o'clock potluck luncheon followed by election of olfi- R. R. Rogers was re. elected president of the Cresceiv club at a luncheon session at tlii- E. W. Winnie home. Mrs. Lee M retained as vice 4 War Correspondents Slightly Hurt by Bombs on Rome Beachhead With 5th Army Beachhead Forces, March 1G--(Delayed)-- IP)--Four American war correspondents were slightly injured ursday morning when bombs j the "Villa Virtue," 5th army public relations headquarters and the home of the beachhead correspondents. The injured were William Strand of the Chicago Tribune who suffered cuts and bruises on the arm and shoulder irom falling plaster: Wick Fowler of the Dallas News, who was injured slightly on the neck and shoulder: Sgt. George Aarons, Yank magazine photographer, whose hand and face were slightly lacerated; and George Tucker of the Associated Press, suffered a D. U. V. meets at Legion hall londay evening with Mmcs. Rusell Roberts, G. E. Curphy and Villis Miller serving. Delegates from the 2nd ward ttencling the republican county onvcntion at Mason City Friday vere M. A. Arneson, R. Schumacher. Will Schcrf and Mrs. H. E. recman. John Cole is ward com- mittceman. Lloyd Queens 4-II club which vas !o meet Saturday at the home 3! Mclva Cannon has been postponed a week and will meet March '.a. Paul VanLoan arrived Thursday from Rock Springs. Wyo., where ic had a defense job, and will be at home indefinitely. Mrs. Bert Chappcll, who was icre from Stoughton, \Vis-, for the William Leonard golden wedding celebration al Ventura Sunday, is a sister of Mr. Leonard, not a daughter as was stated in Thursday's paper. S/sgt. Nobel S. Gividen re- Clear Lake Calendar Saturday--Boy Scout paper col lection. Double Dozen club, Ernest Car home, 6:30 o'clock. president, Mis. R. ·'. Aurdnl a secretary and Mrs. W. A. Ames a: treasurer. Mrs. Ira W. Jones pie sented a lesson on "Canada and the War." Mrs. Winnie was assisted by Mmes. Harold Thompson. Arnold Moeller, W. J. McGowan, Edward Nelson and J. C. Davenport. Mmes. Frank Palmer and Allan B. Phillips were guests. Mrs. Moeller entertains April C. Mmcs C. A. Knutson, Homer Grimm and R. W. Peterson were named the program committee for the Twentieth Century club which held a luncheon at the Guy Wis- gerhof home with Mrs. John Roseland assisting. Mmes. F. P. Walker and George Newman entertain April 6 at the closing session of the year. Mrs. Roseland will have the lesson on "China.'' Mrs. Merle Davis entertained Know Your Neighbor club with Mrs. Lester Severson. Clear Lake as guest. The time was spent in working on the club quilt. Mrs. S Djuren will be hostess April 20 The Rev. and Mrs. Ruben Mostrom and Mmes. Irvin, Erick Glen and H. L. Erickson and ,1. A Osnes and Miss Alpha Jnsperson were guests of Priscilla circle o the Zion Lutheran aid at th home of Mrs. Raymond Erickson slight i n j u r y to the right foot. All received the purple heart. Ernie Pylc, United Features Syndicate columnist, escaped with a slight scratch'on his face. He had switched beds only a few hours before and the bed he left was buried under tons of debris. Mrs. Clifford Rice led devotion and the Rev. Mr. Mostrom the Brtl« lesson. Mrs. John Ashland i April 20. )ies Subpenas All Scripts Used Last 2 Years by Winchell Washington. (iP) -- Ordering an nvestigation of radio comment by Walter Winchell, the Dies com- nittee Friday issued a subpena on .he Blue network to produce all scripts and recordings of the Winchell broadcasts for the last 2 years. Robert E. Stripling, chief investigator for the committee, said the subpena was issued lo Mark Wood, New York, president ot the ncl- wovk. Chairman Dies, (D-Tcx.), of the committee set up by the house to investigate un-American activities currently is engaged in a contro- ^ versy with Winchell over the lat- i tcr's Sunday night broadcasts. Dies recently charged in the house the newspaper columnist and radio commentator was engaged in a campaign to "smear" congress, and cited the commentator's frequent references to Dies and other house members, notably Representatives H o f f m a n ( R Mich.) and R n n k i n (D-Miss.). turned lo his base at Chanute Field, 111., Thursday after visiting his uncle and aunt. Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Chappell, since Sunday. He has been inslructor in meteorology in the cadet department at the airfield for more than a year. Mrs. M. S. Grow. 512 Bcnton street, with Mrs. Fred Shclp as co-hostess, will entertain Newcomers' Card club al a luncheon Wednesday at 1 o'clock. Church of Christ Will Honor New Members Clear Lake -- Nineteen n e w members of the Church of Christ will be honored at a special fellowship service at the church Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Evangelistic service conducted the past 2 weeks by the Rev. W. C. Cole, Des Moines, will close Sunday evening with the 7:30 o'clock service. Homecoming day will be observed with the Rev. Mr. Cole speaking ot 10:45, 2:30 and 7:30. A basket dinner is planned at noon. Pantomimes will be presented under the direction of Mrs. Cole al the services both Saturday and Sunday evenings. Mr. Cole is KGLO, Mason morning at 7:30 o'clock. lo speak ovci City. S u n d a y IOWAN IS MISSING Maqnoketa, dTl--A Boy Scou searching party Thursday failed to find Matscy Edwards, 63, whi has been missing since Monday from the home here ot a daughter Mrs. Ben Smallcy. Dr. William Morion in- »eated"Eth«r" PAL RAZOR BLADES end Shoving Supplies BOOMHOWER HARDWARE NEW FASHIONS FOR THE YOUNG SET OVERALL SETS for little boys in corduroy, cotton, gabardine and sanforized materials. Bib and suspender style in blue, wine, rose and brown. Sizes 3 to 6x. 1.69 TOTS' DRESSES Cunning little dresses for infants and toddlers. Many styles in batiste, broadcloth and dimity. White and pastels. Sizes 1 to 4. 1.29 and up HIGH CHAIR PADS Plain a n d p r i n t e d chintz pads. Easy to clean w i t h a damp cloth. 1.39 up GIRLS SUITS Smart suits for the young girl with "growing-up" ideas. Wool and part wool in plaids and plain colors. Tweeds and shetlands. All colors. Sizes 3 to 14. 12.95 and up BOYS' EATON SUITS Two piece navy shetlands and cheviots with button-on white shirt. 2 to 6x. 8.95 GIRLS' COATS Smart little'double and single breasted coats of all wool and part wool. Styled just like Big Sister's coat in Tweeds and Shetlands. All the new spring colors. Sizes 3 to 6x, 7 to 16. 7.95 to 16.95 GIVE TO THE RED CROSS

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