Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 10, 1934 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1934
Page 19
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t MAY 10 Hi 193 4 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE NINETEEN DIAMOND BROS. Where Thrift Begins 205 North Federal Ave. Salad Dressing, Sandwich Spread or 1000 Island,pt. jarlSc SUGAR, 4 Q 10-lb pkg Tt«/V LAUNDRY SOAP, 1 A in h-.i-c A U C BROWN SUGAR, or 5-lb. pkg. £3C RED SALMON, OT .2 tall cans «WC FIG BARS, ' 0-1 2 Ibs fcilC Fancv COCOANUT. t r t ^ 1-lb pk°- i«/C Reputation OLEO, *)Q_ °-lb pk? ts«/C NEW ASPARAGUS, £ BACON SQUARES, 0 1 per Ib 02C CREAM CHEESE, -1 r perlb IOC Pure PRESERVES, OQ- (Cherry) 2-lb. jar £«7C BAKING CHOCOLATE (Hershey's) "IO l/,-lh liar UL EGG NOODLES, 1 r 1-lb pkg IDC CHOICE RICE, 1A 4 Ibs · lc7C FRESH EGGS, O£ 2 cozen fc«OC CABBAGE, or S Ibs faiOC PURE LARD, OQ 4-lb pkg £t3\. Fancy TOMATOES, or 2 No 2'/i cans ftv\f Bartlett PEARS, OQ 2 No. 2»/ 2 cans...^ 1 *'*Hershey's COCOA, Tl '/ 2 -lb. can ' 2t PURE SORGHUM, or 5-lb. pail ^« Jt Grapefruit JUICE, or 3 tall cans JC QUEEN OLIVES, 1 C pint jar AJv. Florida ORANGES, Aft per peck *«/ v Sliced or Crushed Pineapple, 3 No. 1\ cans 49c For MOTHER'S DAY Fancv Chocolates 1-lb. box 29c BUTTERNUT COFFEE The Coffee Delicious 1-lb. can . . 31c LAVO KLEEN For cleaning closet bowls 2 -- lOc cans. . lie JAPAN TEA Diamond's Best '/z-lb. pkg -- 15c Corn, Carrots, Pumpkin or Kraut, 4 No. 2 cans . . 29c DRIED PEARS, per Ib 15c BAKING SODA, -I r 2-- lOc pkgs ..... i«5C SPLIT PEAS, 3 Ibs Pure Buckwheat, 1 Q 5-lb. bag 1»/C Yeast hidden in a delicious Cereal . . . Toasted wholewheat flakes blended with active yeast. A large packnfte equals 10 servings of whole wheat flakes and 10 portions of yeast* Yeasfles HOMINY GRITS, 3 Ibs lOc FANCY DATES, 2-lb. pkg GRASS SEED, 1-lb. box FANCY FIGS, 3 Ibs Fancy Cookies: "Sugar Wafers or Sandwich Whirls", per Ib... 15c TEA BAGS Finest Quality Tea Black or Green 12 bags lOc WESTINGHOUSE LIGHT BULBS (Not Japanese) 15 30 and 60 watt, each lOc SOUP Pea, Bean, Tomato or Vegetable 5 cans 25c Gooseberries, Apricots or Blackberries,No. 10 can..39c P. AND G. SOAP, 7 giant bars. . . . SALAD OIL, 20-oz. bottle. . . . LIMA BEANS, 9 Ihs; D. B. LYE, 3 lOc cans 25c I5c 19c 23c POST TOASTIES 2 Large Boxes 23c LA PRANCE (Whitens Clothes -- Saves Time and Labor) 2 packages 15c SATINA (Makes Ironing Easier) CHILI CON CARNE, 3 cans.. CANE SYRUP, 2 small cans BLUEBERRIES, 2 No. 2 cans White CHERRIES, No. 2'/ 2 can 22c 19c 31c 23c Oregon Prunes or Apple Sauce, No. 10 can 33c Fancy SMOKED HAMS (Small Sizes) Per Pound 15c POTATOES U. S. No. 1 Ohios or Triumphs Peck 28c; 100-lb. bag. . §1-65 RUSSETS Peck 28c; 100-lb. bag. . $1.65 Fancy Spiced HERRING (Heads off) packed in large glass jars S-lb. jar §1.10 Potatoes: U.S.No.l Cobblers,peck 25c; 100 Ib.bag $1.39 WHOLE WHEAT FLAKES, (Kellogg's) 3 -- lie boxes SUNKIST CAKE FLOUR, large pkg Chocolate Covered CHERRIES, 1-lb. box Plymouth Rock GELATINE, 2 pkgs CORNED BEEF HASH, (Hardinsfs) 2 -- 19c cans GOLDEN BARLEY MALT, large can PALMOLIVE SHAVING CREAM, 35c tube 25c 19c 19c 25c 29c 39c 27c IMPORTED SARDINES, (In olive oil) 4 cans VAN CAMP'S HOMINY, 4 large cans SODA or GRAHAM CRACKERS, 2-lb. box FINE or PEARL TAPIOCA, 3 nkgs GOLD DUST CLEANSER, 3 cans FANCY HOPS, nor pkg OIL-GLOW SHOE POLISH, (Barton's) 15c bottle 29c 29c 19c 25c 13c 15c lie Reputation Coffee, 1 lb.pkg.22c; 3 Ib.pkg. 63c PRUNES Large size, "}']{* (40x50) 3 Ibs... «· C Extra Large siz°. OO-, (20\30) 2 Ib* £«5C BOSTON BEAN POTS (Stoneware) Filled with 2 Ibs. Navy Beans 25c PEACHES In No. 10 Cans Roval Chef 39c Mariposa 45c Alamont (fancy -in svrup) 49c SELF-POLISHING FLOOR AVAX. PINT CAN, (75c VALUE) 39c MURPHY'S CHICK STARTER 100-lb. bag 52.10 Brooder Thermometer Free With Purchase of 3 Bags MURPHY'S CHICK GRAINS 100-lb. bag SI .95 FLOUR "Reputation" 49-lb. bag §1.45 "Diamond Brand" 49-lb. bag SI.65 "Pillsbury's Best" 49-lb. bag 51.85 REED SEEKS OLD SEAT IN SENATE Missourian Claims Someone Must Tell People What Is Happening. KANSAS CITY. May 10. Q'J-- Ake a. clap of thunder the report broke over Missouri today: "Jim Reed's gunning for his old seat in the senate." It crashed down upon a political battlefield already muddled by a threatened duel of power between Missouri's present democratic senator, Bennett Champ Clark, arid Thomas J. Pendergast, boss of Kansas City democrats. With an eye to patronage, both hope to name the democrat who will contest in November for the senate seat held by Republican Hoscoe Patterson. James A. Reed, white haired and 72, will make the race because "someone has got to tell the people of these United States what is happening to them," he informed the Chicago Herald-Examiner. His reference to the "bolsheviks at Washington" was reminiscent of the Reed who battled against Woodrow Wilson's league of nations proposal. Toad-skin shoes are seen in Paris. RITE-WAY FOOD STORES MASON CITV DIVISION NO. 2 CANS JACK SPRAT--DARK RED KIDNEY BEANS DICED CARROTS Jack Sprat No. 2 ^ r Cans Jar lor Special Values Effective Friday, May llth to Thursday, May 17th Evergreen CORN 2 19 c Mayflower No. 2 Cans S A U E R K R A U T Tomatoes Mayflower Hand Picked NO. 2 CANS Jack Sprat Small Cans 2 19 c 2 f o r 19 BAKING POWDER 'VSS" 1 19c EXTRACT """'"" Health Club Vanilla Jack Sprat BAKING CHOCOLATE £ 19c SEEDLESS RAISINS 2 oz. Bottle 2 it. in Package l «/*» Jack Sprat Mayflower SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY JACK SPRAT KKGl I.AR PACKAGE CAKE FLOUR 19c For Fine Cakes POWDERED SUGAR Jack Sprat Coloring Tablets in Each Package 2 Ib. Package Jack Sprat Pure Evaporated MILK MAGIC WASHER SANI-FLUSH Tall Cans 19c Cleans Closet Bowls Without Scouring Large Package Regular Can 19 PANCAKE FLOUR. 3 Ba ! g' Jack Sprat--Self Raising Jack Sprat 15 oz. BRAN FLAKES p ^of 19c MUFFETS Whole Wheat Biscuits SODA CRACKERS J£ 19c All Crisp PEANUT BUTTER 61 -, 02 -7 Jack Sprat--No Excess Oil FOK 1"C NAVY BEANS Fo ^ 19c Choice Hand Picked D A L 1 . . . B a g Jack Sprat--For Table Use CREAM CHEESE ~ Mild Big 4 White Naptha Regular LAUNDRY SOAP *TM R Large 40 Foot Rolls WAXED PAPER » TM 19c 19c R Grocer COFFEE 1 Ib. Bag 2-1 Ib. 47c WIN A NEW 1934 PONTIAC 2-DOOR SEDAN OTHER PRIZES General Electric Refrigerator Sparton All Wave Console Iladiu Philco All-Wave Table Radio Sunbeam Mix-Masters Silverware Sets and TOO Other Prizes CHOCOLATE CREAM SE Pound 33 Packed in the New Vacuum Glass Jar AMBASSADOR Toilet Tissue 4^1 Sterling Groceries and Meat Markets NO. 1 -- NO. 2 -- NO. 3 FRIDAY -- SATURDAY -- MONDAY We Deliver $1.00 Orders MEAT DEPARTMENT Decker's Beef Boil. Ib 7c Decker's Loin Back Ribs, Ib lOc Decker's Baked Loaf, !b 20c Decker's Roast Pork Loaf, Ib 20c Decker's Cerro Sliced Bacon, Ib 20c Deckers Special Sliced Bacon. 5-lb. box.. 35c Sterling Home-Made Bologna, Ib I5c Sterling Smoked Country Sausage. 2 Ibs. 25c Sterling Fancy Ccrvelal, 2 Ibs 2nc Sterling Minced Ham. Ib 15c Sterling Veal Steak, Ib 13c Sterling Fancy Slab Bacon. Ib 1 Sc EGGS. STRICTLY FRESH -- CHICKENS FRUIT DEPARTMENT Peppy Limes, Dozen Carton 29c Pineapples, large size, 2 for 35c Strawberries, quarts ? Grapefruit, Arizona, 5 for 29c LEMONS. SUNKIST, Large. Fancy, doz. 2!k Oranges, large, dozen 29c Oranges, medium, dozen 25c Oranges, good size, 2 dozen 35c New Potatoes, large size, 6 Ibs 25c .Winesap Apples, dozen lic Tomatoes, New Peas, Asparagus, Radishes, Carrots, Green Peppers, Green Onions, Cucumbers, Cantaloupes, Sweet Potatoes, Head Lettuce. Leaf lettuce. N. B. C. Chocolate Twirl Cookies, Ib. 19c ^ Cheese, Longhorn Cream, Ib 15c Van Camps Pork Beans, 5 cans 25c Roberts Milk, tall cans, 4 for 25c Sardines, 7 cans 25c Banner Oats, Ige. pkg. 15c Monarch Breakfast Coffee, Ib l!k Folgers Coffee, Ib. can 32c Folgers Coffee, 2 Ib. can 62c Bliss Coffee, Ib. can 25c Fink Salmon, tall cans, 2 for 25c Olives, large jar 25c Dill Pickles, quarts 17c Pineapple, Ige. 2'/ 2 can 19c Pure Cider Vinegar, gallon 21c Mother's Day -- Mother Mother! The greatest and truest friend that you will ever have. Others may forsake you and berate yon, but Mother will always stand by you. A lot of us do not write our Mothers often enough. Let everyone sit right down tonight and write your Mother a nice long: letter--that Is the spirit of Mother's day. On the hattle-torn fields of Europe during the great war, the voices of the dying soldiers could be heard calling for their mothers. All you ever have or expect to have you owe to your Mother. Show me a hoy or girl, man or woman that is good to their mother and I will show you a good citizen. Sterling Coal Feed Co. Mother Can Forget the Coal For Awhile LUKE B. MILLER JACK McCOLE, Mgr. Bethlehem Lutheran Church S-Act Play, Thursday, May 10, at 8 1*. M. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET ..^v Imnianuel Lutheran Church, 5th and Jersey "^^y Friday, May 11, 6:30 P. M.--Imnianuel Brotherhood E««ry Sundiy Evmmj - »iOO «o 9:10 P. M. "RITE -WAY MUSICAL REVERIES" y I Tharxky - FriUy - Setadij - 7i« to »tOO A. M. Jersey Cream Flour, 49 Ib. bag $1.49 Occident Flour, 49 Ib. bag §2.12 P. G. Soap, 10 bars 25c Oxydol, large size pkg 19c Oxydol, giant size pkg. 49c Crys. White Soap Chips, giant pkg. 29c Climax Cleaner, 3 cans 25c Garden City Cleaner Camay, Kirks, Palmolive, bar 5c Brooms, extra good 39c Monarch Peanut Butter, Ige. jar 29c Clear Lake Butter, Ib ?? Mason Maid Butter, Ib - - - ?? Crackers, 2 Ib. caddy - 19c Monarch Gelatine, 5 pkgs. 25c Monarch Cake Flour, pkg 25c Monarch Grape Juice, pints , 19c Gingerale, large bottle 15c SOFTBALL Sterling W. W. C. A. is. Whcelenvood AT WHEELEKWOOD, SUNDAY, 3 I'. M. Castle Tea (for iced tea) pkg 17.1 Toilet Paper, 6 rolls Sot- Red Pitted Cherries, Ige. No. 10 can 43c Blackberries, large No. 10 can 39c Powdered Sugar, 4 Ibs. 25c Brown Sugar, 5 Ibs 25c Monarch Marshmallows, Ige. can 20c Stock Salt, block 40c Stock Salt, 100 Ibs 69c Standard Oyster Shells, 100 Ibs 69c Chick Feed, all kinds Seeds. Onion Sets, Seed Potatoes Grass Seed--not the exploding kind but the growing kind Mil. FARMER:--HKlN(i t : S VOUIl KCGS--CASH OR THADB--ANV OF THE S STOKES

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