The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 12, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1818
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I i V 5 - siursge. aug 5 , . ' ' v itofaiff and Molnit. ' ' rftv ' (owe of l Una of packets,) T The well koawn, totalling schooner tVcTij8Kf, capU Waiks, bavin; two third. jitt freight engaged, will meet with all co - LgltOtditlMtcb. Forth remaiuJcr, or ja - Thitijs superior accommodations, apply 10 fiarm. - PKTERS il HERRICK. PETERS &HERRICK, 29 Conties - slip. r CHAKTER, fv .A British imiU.s burthen 218 ton Briiish, of 2100 barret ; now at Phi - will proceed to this, or isonthrrn mtL to load for England or the Writ l:idie, can be despatched whlil - t three 4,.y ib - S' Apply to KOUEKi fc HOST." ' 31 - ouli - lreet. 74 WA7 . "I " Pumheoui lugli pf. St. Viucant Run, lVr 6 da , tine flavoured Jamaica do. 8 Barral Jamaica c;io(;r, just rctived and for le by TUCKtR k LAL'RIKS, oi , 9 South - rt. "VUi TIC 10 ton Fustic. Undid and for r aaleby KII'IJ.V K r.uw, A ut I - 193 rron - t. "tio. "r ( - ak . rl U1E wiroh viniuiiy tm. ;'! J. tral aitortmefit of Ci loikwu. artif. which will be diocd of at moJurate Tea ol Art quhty Genuine oM Cogn ic Bra! Hollands Gin . Wuiet o( tiie vriou kitiJ Pioe Apple shruh . . - ieninu, Ume and Ortiige Juire tiiiiud Oil ia be tin aiiJ botllo L. Brown Stout Buidtd Ale and Cider Double Gloucestt r Hollnnd uud American Cbeete Cordial! Spice, tmeocei Sperm and Tallow Caodlei Po. Oil for Lamp CMffee, Rice. Itarlev and MMitard A few boiet bu ily (eiaoiM, in tint' order Kaiin, Alrnoods, Prune!, Kigi tiatket bait, Kc. rfMlel.y JAMES P. AIKE. Wanted to purcbasc, a quantity of lerood hnnd vine and porter b'lttlrs. J I KENiUCKi TOBACCO ri4 hl.d. prime Kentucky Tobacco, landiae this day Imin ship Graad Seignor, from New Orie im, for wihy . CHAS. L. OGOF.N, and Jfj ABRAHAM OGOKN. WKITE LEAD, BLUE VITRIOL, AC LUM, kc Received per Chauores and Columbia, from Bristol. (Kng ) and for idle by lae nibsr.riber, oa advantacvnui termi, vis. I'M ktt genuine ground white Lead in 2Hlb. 20 casks best dry White l td ia casks 5 to 8 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead in caiki from I to 3 cwt. each 12 do ripaiiHhBrownfron3t4cwt.eacb - 3J do Ivory Black Irom to cwt each iz no nomau riiri'ii iruin a iu o iwi em u . 15 do Veuetiau Red Imni "2 to j cwt each H tierces Allum fnu 7 to 10 cwt each 10 bhds. 5 tierce! an J 8 Mils Rotton stone French Green, Lamp Black, Purple Brown Cokothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring bricks Apply to . A. CKUKCH. J 15 184 Bowt rv. " GERMAN tOtHS. DECE1VF.D by the ship Tritoa and the hip K kMi. frnm llamhorr. andotlter late iuiiMrt - oa, an attortment of German Linens, such as f laiiiras, white aad brown - N BrttfOi,Crei, . - lnwuvs, brown CheCkl and Storting Linens . Iltnnpeo Osnahurfs and 'iVklenbuiji, Hi'Miani, Bjilaps, Brown Roll, Bag, Tairs, fupurfioe Broad Cloths Napkins, ifiik Gallons and Found Ribbons CobVe .Villi., Slate Pencils Looking; GUm i'lntes Fockct and Stalia Glasses , Lead Pen lis And an anortment ol" Cardwire. Also on hand, ' A few tons St rVtershurg Hemp First quality Holland Sil Cloth, and Sixty boxes Pategrass Cheese, entitled to debenture. ' For sale on reasonable terms, by GEO. Si THEO. MEYER, J 1i m 129 WashiiiKoa Mreet. to l t Jj HuuL. it .VACUlyECsiHOS. M - HOS. WH1 TTEMORE hns roaitanlly on J hand at his m;nnfa lory, No. . 50 Ferry - street, next to the corner of Pearl street, a large "adsenrral assortment of cards of every descrip - twe. ri : Cotton Cards of 7, 8, 9, 10 Wool do 5 and 0 Mwhine do Clnthiers" an I Hattcn' Raising Cards All ofsuperior quality, which he will (ell on tW lowest terms. J 24 Im WAJtTED, 1 Piicket Book Maker, oae who um!eritands i. his bntines xsill have good wijei and cwstnt employ, by applying at iSo. Is Wall a - t. nui? 3 Craoe - wharf, from iloopCntliartii'', an dfor sue 5 64&onth tn?e. TEAS, WINES .V(iROCERIES. Nfli. 7 fMrk flitlf e.nriirsi Aiirtisrut Hnnm TI1K mb - crilxT kerjH cru9(:iDtlf for al a g - MkerKl fttiiixtinint o( first rata Grocer ir fotLtiaail lit a ttmwtsit uhii h nr " ,r"j - i . Huivwur Imperial Hyson, Young Hyson ' Hyson Skin Snucbtttg ti ?of first quality and latest loipoiuuoa. Eoaf. I.umn. i Havana white and brown J fcu Atls - louble Gloucester, ( r - uct - cc ; Holland St American ) "fc': - 5" . Lemon Juice Sicily Lemons fn rood order ; 4th proof tognac Brandy (genuine) Holland Giu and Jamaica Spirits .Madeira, Port, ClaM, L. P. Tenerifle, Slierry and oth' - r Wines . - Sweet Oil io Butties and Bottles Ppices, W. 1. Pepper bibhert's Brown stout - f - L I . J 1 1 - - ' t L - A I awnriiu vru anu Bnuiee , wic1! many (finer bcles too numerous to specify, wliich will be - luuucraia navanrn, iv w3 JAMES P. .NDOF. AMERICAN CLOTIIa. TOSEPHTlTCOMBetCO No. I6i Teari - I Mm... I - . j . r . f o H ne last rereiveo iw pie ei rtinrri - JSuerfine Blue Cloths, which will, be sold fin. for r.K All " ioo band, an extensive assortment of Do - Mtic, Woollen, and Cotton Goodof every His - at low prices. , J29 JOSEPH TITCOM B k CO. 162 Pearl street, t v" j"' ""ceived 6 case, containing r s 7 8, aod 3 - 4 bleach'd JsbeeUngs aod suirins Brown Shirting! ; Ginghams ; Checks : Chaiubrayi. ?wTicking and Uas'imerca. "je on hand, an extensive assortment of ietic Woolien and Cot tea Goods - r.f 5. r" 5 "i Shoes Vt T,,ck,ail(j BnAtt tWrA 7 '"voire of straw Braid. Kc crtd lt b told at low prices for cash ooi, Cottoa or Utie Goods received for' sale ii - UJiJ IPdl II I i u n n y - .. . I C'LAKrn 40!oitet very aurisfcaurCUret.' J fur kide ax 18 tbe don, by , 1 JE01.GE JOH5rfTOS, '. 1 je80 tf No. 1 aloat - Une CIllfciVHCAS, COLOKS,'c . fcpiom Solta, io caiki ol &cL , LumpMarneiiincawi r lo do aniitli iquarea ' ' Calcined do in pbial . Koclitlle Saltt, Acid Tartar Cttri Acid, Blua Verditerio Grkiof Patent yellow, King! Vellotr Keeulut of AbUmony , . GUKS, BUTTONS, &c. . Fowling Piece!, aatortcd, welliinnhed Do - do in waincoat caiet, tiueT tiiiiihed wilh apparatus cuiuplete Duelling Putol, incaspi Gold Epaulettes Aavat ttnd Military Sword Belt! , Gilt Coat and Vest Button '; Copiwrplatei fr engraver Muliieroatital Initruuenta Rollins Paralel Rulen Mariners cf)iust, telescopes Opera glasses, microscope - 3 setu splendid chessmen carr';V - .: j.o.y TiiHifco and tiirle shell tjc clin Patent coikyri.' ''Weri!cil emses. I n 1 3 i; ; ;r - t rtt 'A - i. " f Na, with a iftw4 si ppi miiic, ii.J vii.i KJ ran p r Vice tU(ttory tctioonials of curacier, iic. Ttieet v.ui tncoorajrement, uy ;; .'y iug at . M US. S Wi f.itS, J 10 'F No. 3ft lirWtwty. LKGIUtKN STRAWS. t ljlioro Finis ajut Crowns, principally fine, just received and for sulc ly HURD li SEWALL, atlf 4 ' 0 South street. LHLCU I I A I.OOIJS. A tew bales otGur - I tabs and Baftas, for sale by JOS. OSBORN, J 31 South - street. I Alt IRON, 4c 5 tons Bar Iron 13 5 tuns sheet Iron 20 dozen Frying Pans Patent Clihll anu Pruning Knives Iron and steel Shovels Germ - tn and cast itet l mill, pit C hand saws Coach l?pring t - el. - - For sale by J22 At 131 Water street. SilEt'HELU ic BIHMlJtOHAM UUODS. 6Ca - su neatly assorted table Knives 6c Forks, 1 do. - do. do. Small Cutlery, .,,,, Table Knives it Forks. 4 do. do. do. J wjUlfm(dlcuUMT. 1 do. do. do. haws, 1 do. do. do. Files, . I do. do. . do. F.edge Tools, I di. do. do. Britannia Te - pot, A A wca.lts Candlesticks, Bu't Hinire, Wood Screws, Comaioile Kuobs, and 1 ca.e Button., For sale, very low, by JNO. M'CRAtJKAN, juiy't H2 15 fenrl - st. ij JtHi uuooa, tit. 0 Boxes mti - llos 10 do. 4 - 4 k. 7 - ft Iri. - h linens 1 do. pink gingbaus 1 do. ahawls 4 do. brown platillas 6 do Scotch osoabnrcs 7 bales imitation thettiogs 4 do. brown linen 2 da. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton ekeefcs I do. Carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, ' Cotton; rMigsiutr - ' - Twilled sarkin; ' Seine twiue For sale br GEORGE JOHNSTON', Julv 2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. G 12 "llMs. Cho!ce L - P Madeira Wiuc - 2 1 - 2 Qr Ca. - ks Malmsey do do cf Scott, lxughnaa, Penfold L CoY brand, and offered tor sale by VV. Si 8. CRAIG, au; I Im .o. 04 r ront - L CI LOTUS & CAS&OIKRES. A few cases J extra fine London. Cloths and Cassimerei, just received, and for sale by HUttObt.WU, aug 4 65 South - street. w HITE Lr..0. oOOktsi ttjiflii - h White Lead, ground io oil, lately import ed irom Liverpool, anil for sale by 1 UCh.LU L.AUR1K3, augft 29 South street. L'EA, tic. 60 chests II sou Sain Tea 100 bbls first and 2d Quality Loaf Susar, in handsome shipping order. For sale by aug 6 7 H Wall - rtreet. .J AMAICA RUM. J20 rHachtuns will be bnuled this dav at the fcot of Rector - strett, North River, from on board the shin Pacific. - For s ile by aug 3 ROBERT LENOX. TO LE T, A part of a house and a front office in (Jr.erry - sfrctt, within a few rods ol Franklin Bunk. Inquire at No. 17 Cedar - strecL Jy?9 tf J. VV. FORBES, MAaurACTCRER or eu.vKR warf, No. 90 Broadway. INFORMS his friends and tbe public, that he continues to manufacture ol sterling silrerex - i hisively, aad of superior workmanship, silver 1 ea aud Table Lndlra, Urns Setts, I Waiters. Svpoons Church Plate, I Fish Knives spoons, horks, Cake Baskets, Cc. Sc. ?l the latest and most elegant patterns, and at Die lowest prices. . All order exrented in a masterly manner. N. B. FAMILIES wishing to be supplied with the first rate articles of fcilver, are invited to inspect his work, as all articles of bis niiUB - faclure are sold only by bimseif. J ju lis I REWERY. For sale, a bargain, a Brew 1 J ery Si Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson. Tbe buildings are stone, and par ticularly well calculated tr the business. It is sttuaUJ in the midst of a barley country, aod ha many other aJranlages. It is certainly an bject for thse wishing to engage in ths busi ness. It is the oniv brewery in tue coupiry. This property will be sold cheap. Terms libe ral ; title rood. For further particulars apply to M. MULDE. No. 78 Maiden - lane, New - York; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf f.nUCATMJt. YOUNG LADIES' SEL XT SCHOOL, No. 13 CfDAn - STRKIT. 1R. MEADrespectfally gives notice, that . V I bis School will be agaia open on Tsvesday tbe 1st ol September. loiug Ladies' wiil he ins tree Tea asnsuai, in a coarse of Ediiraiosi ; embracing ai the important brandies, from Reading and Penmanship, to Rhetoric and Natural Ph'Insophy. French t one of the most anrroved Instructors Eooairera snav sarisfv themselves respecting the ebarecter of this Scb - ml, by calling upon any of tbe following gentletnea, most of whom are a Richard Vanck. , Thotxas ?. Clarkson, Anthony Dey, Amui Jackson, Jaoet Beast ick, Eiqrtj. ; Catch S. Ris, ' George GrirTu, John Hrydais, and j , I J lm WEDNESDAY ' FF?B ZA?fDTCvf? - aCl&, 1717 F. VLL & CO. tiit tcU to - uon V rroot ff tbeir ttcve 23 ii&aJr bmmliof 0ne .''". Currentt jort importod udwor thy the attention vf (rocers and (niitcra. FOH SAL.L, i Ujl Th HOUSE U LOT, ,No. 339, Broad, way. Tbe lot is 28 feet front and rear, and - 1 80 fett deep. 1'he bouse is 65 feet deep, finished m the. best Banner, and replete with coOTenicO - t tor a largo family. On the premises are a brick stable, two rain - water citterns, (one of which is brick) and a well of excellent water. The situation is considered equal to any io this city. For particulars, apply to Benjamin G. Vtnturn, on the premises, or to ROBERT BOWNE, J?8S 1m No. 256, Pearl - it. . OR SALE, A LOT of ground on Broadway," - between Walker ttreet nod Canal - strict, S0 fi - el 10 inches wide and 175 feet lone. Inqnite of V. A. JAV, J 1 f No. 37 Pine - ittreel. , Q) ? FOli SALE OR 7XJ LEASE, LoUin Uw 5, 6, 8, and 10 Wards; many N hkk tre on regulated aod paved streets. No mooej - CI be required noder tea years, if sold, interest Mcepttd, . '.'J. - I flOUSES. Be Tt'r two and thfie storv houses, oh which a jreat pi of the mouer remain oa mortgage. An ei" llent stand fur tiaA. with tun ri of land, i eaiantly sitnated, with a whart, store - CPTTl. i and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near Vrw - Haveo, with 40 acres of land, and a ne vet i. streaoi, upoo which 1W nilts may be erefctedk ;"ju a surlicifiH y of waterforeach. ApplJ ', - t No. SG'reenwich - atrect. . jan l ( . . ., VJt SALE, EVDV J...,,. :.... .1.. v viNitaiiiuit. uw dues, uii mi; banks ( e North River, ft mile south from the valine v'Hyde I'ark, aod eighty - six from New V - .L. 1 KmJ I I : I - .. . . . t., York, iheismd Is e.iui.1 io oualitv to the beat ia county, and is In high order and food to.Uv4.lhe premises is a food plain iaroi tf - Jtt, e) - jrod baru aud other appenilaeuO nfcre - "y lowruauclmr a large lurru. AUo, a tuild - UNI ER tlw direcirofcf ftbeiqVrlUr,viAit spoimraaDOiug au exu nsive ana Deaul.lul no fMUir. ij turn - j Mt - tta rwotiodieXiioVh Aorth River. Wilbio half a mile - . - 1 t.':.t.4liTSIV. lun.. . n.i . A ... .1 I JrW - - , per terni r' hall year or at that rate lof a li .i jvrlott. .TBi'..i only, from 3 to $6, per half ..... . . f - i - .1 I pl!. t iriiii, c.'.ruruni mm iiw Piaiiies m - mufM,, j nw lostitulion ccc.4retu.nds two d.stiact departments, the one fcr vi.'uns eenOiwm. who wi3 be fitted for the Coentia - rHHise, or the Cidlege, tli in jilt lli branciies of Literature, proper for their isi. The suliscribf r has made arrangements fir hoailii.i; t!ie nw giitl'nicn whe resort to this Institution ; yonntf liiilies may be furnished with boaiuon reusouable irrtus, in itie village. TIMOTHY CLOW KS. Hempstead, lionet - Island. Forturthcr pnrticnlars refer to Messrs. Kirk Is Mernen's itok Store, Tt tvalt - slreet,ii. X. i 31 2awf MIR. TAVLUH, piano forte manufacturer lfa - frosa Broadwood's Co. liondon, respect fully acquaints the public of his arrival at Nw. York that he intends n m:iinin a few weeks, and will be happy to rectuy all imperfections incidental to phnos, either grand, square, unique, harmonic, oblique, kc. Acc. Mr. T's exp - ri - eoce and complete kiiowle.Ie e of all the recent improvements which hare brought (he piauo to Us present state of excellence, renders lus servi ce particularly aJrantageous to those ladies and gentlemen who may he desirous ofauy alterations or additions to their instruments, add he pledges himself to re - tore any piano to its original toot and touch, bowevur rc; t may be its defect . Apply to Mr. J . at Mrs. Roselters, 174 Broadway, atig 10 lw VAUXHALL FOR SALE. HE proprieiwr of Vaitrhall Gurdem. Jt eu - L Work, wisluiic to retire iroov public busi ness "in (ola,n ofWa the establishmtnt or Salt. Th rc are jet (J of the lease anexpi - rMl: etcrv ut:ifil and necessary object for u con - tiuiittion of the business, and for the pleasure ol visitors, are on tbe spot, and will mnue a pnrtol the sale. The celebrity of the place, the kuown encouragement and receipt! In consequence, are too well known to require particulars, lerois moderate. It the lease is net sold before January next, the proprietor will trauair his title to any cnpable jverson, who wilt five sufficient security for the rent agreed en. " ang 5 3taw3m3p A NURSE WANTED. , A MIDDLE aged won an, who is qualified to Uke eare of ehl dren. and is (Imposed to !, KcspefUhle sssiBSwuiaejs Till be ssssissnaJ none otner neru uuhj. npjnj tv r unwi HALSTEU, Esq. Elizabethtown, few - Jersey, aug 5 Ftr 6ALE, A PAIR of dapple gray Kentucky HORSES, well matched, spirited, and warranted sound, will stand a few days, at Rowen's livery stable, at the top of Anthony - street. For further particulars, ei.quire at S'o. 48 Frank - lin - treet. an iu Jt liuhtl'Tt tatn.t from thr Vmkii St CULLEX'S LIQUID MAGNESIA Statu. Approved of, and recommended by several of the most eminent physicians of Philadelphia. THE Transparent Solution of Magnesia is presented to the publio with the sanction and particular recommendation of many of the most respee'able ph.sieisnsof diiseity, as the most eligible mode of exhibiting magnesia. Tbie'.lu - tio.i possesses the virtues of at medicine in an eminent degree acta more speed ly ; with greater eertaintr nd is not liable to form concretions in the bowels, as Messrs. Brande and Monroe have dise vered are sometimes produced t J solid magnesia. It combines with itsanti - ss d and aperient pri ciples the very desirable property ef allaying the most excessive vomiting, and carry ii g off bt t and offensive matter. Hence may be inferred its treat efficacy in the summer camp aintsof females, cbi dnra, etc. he. To persons of bdious babit, it is recommended asao eieellent corrector of bile jnd acidity communicates tone to the stomach - ( Derates as a gentle taxation, and su' lishes a permanent ai d regular state of tbe bowels. A discretionary use of this sg eeable beverage ena .les persousnf evr ag , sea and iouuutin Ink ep iheir bowels moderate, without the nse of sails or drasiic purges, (hitherto used) which never f.i; to confirm the costive haeiukhey were inle - ded to remove, and to disoider lor life tl.e organs of digestion In we'V stomachs urie and other acids are evolved, causing gout, gravel, stiffness, nd 'eon eretion oi the j inls the solution will palliate, aud often itmnte these alflictins eomplain'.!. Indi.estion and many diso.ders of tbe sys - t m, frinently proceed from an seidious state of the stomach I child, en are psrliou arly subject to this duprated condition of that organ, inconsequence of their existing almost entirely on milk and vegeuble diet, A small quantity ot the solution ( hich children drink with audit , and in gene al prefer to every other beverage) will in a a short time neutralise the existing acid, and, if sontioued, will prevent the formntijo of aoy new ackh Independent or the other advantages the sola - lion possesses aver crude magnesia, or assy other medicine, Intended to nro 'uce a simlrar effect, the superior purity of the magnesia enutaiaed in the solution (the iaeute having discovered a proress by which ne deprives the magnesia be makes use of, of the numerous impuriti - s it is always ooutamiuated wiltO must give it a decided preference ovtrevery other preparation : to avoid the appearance of empiricism, the certificates of the p ysicians, and other approbatory testimony, are not'pubhshed, but may be seen at the store of the oateutee. The solution rosy cither be drank at tbe fountJ (as mineral waters; at li 1 - 2 een s per bail pun. or may be hstl in bottles of an oTil shaie, luark ed, in raised letters, M Cullen's Liquid Magnesia" and la belled Cullins solution of Msgnesra. Observe, none is genuiue except what answers the above description, and is signed by the patentee. JOHN CULLEN. Price fS SO per docen. To cents of ahich will be re urned on rcecivingshe empty bottle. Sold in Philadelphia ealy, at CuUno's Chemical and Drug store, 00, east coratr at" Chesstot and Second strecUk. I'Htlaitlplxa. ti Apri!, 1818. : (rf The Patentee, eaoonraged by (he tneeess oi the Patent Liquid Magnesia a Philadelphia atd els - where, reapcctfalty sorurii S tbe iababitanUef New lork and IU vmuiuij, trial h kss lorosou aa estaljhsbmentforitasaleet No. Hit Br aad way. within tea doars - f I'ark Place, where he also manufactare! Soda Water of a superior quality JeTlf AUGtsT 12, iic wdrx . p miles an f.piscopal and a l'resryie. y fCharcb, in each of which there is regular nr, jinj - ii iu iwg laiiuiiiipi, one oi wnicn ihr i,.xji - loat advertises as a landing place, storcv .'):. &c. The whole will be sold together or di 'd to suit purchasers. Tbe terms of paynsv t Will be made easy, and an indisputable nyr - itfJi by tn subscriber. WILLIAM BARD KyuV.?ark, July 24 tf ?'jWKLLERV. WA - CHEe.oic. 4 C.iEof sandry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, il f ernuniiugauiriain Watcbes, I saing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 else! Ladiei Corsets assorted. Forsavby J LAMBERT, Je 44 . 3 fourtland street. jvn iv Jiu sia 1 CST published by W. Ul' his Piano ,f rent - anit viujic store, .o. lib BruaJwsy, niim i cts , Hft ili:ig Eye 'i'uity Oeaiest ;'rmn jitn I my Faithful Fair The etildiei's Bride Evrlem'i Bow'r, w ith variation! by Lozier. Also. lt tle Sonps, tir. that arc now singini: at the,, ssKert's oy Mrs. Burke, llolaian, Mtsrs" i.i. ...I Pi ni;M i . .... . ty of or'' Music for the i'i.iDO Forte and the Flutr XtrV PATENT PIANO FORTES. EO. 1 NEWBERY respeotfi'lly and coiifi - S S Atillv injiwt hi, r - iiiila Ann lli .itkli j - - ....... - - " t that at bis office, I3K Pearl street, may be purchased die above instrument', lower than any o - ther plsee in the city i here may also be had .Meef.els patent Metronomes. J SI O.VE HUMMED DOLLAUS KEI1 Altl). RUNAWAY from the Uritibli brig Francis, ospt. Tcnnant, lyinir at the quaratitine pround, on tbe 30th int. a negro boy named ISAAC, about 16 years of age, very dik, hat a scar on his breast occasioned by gunpowder ; he landed at or near Bergen." Whoever will deliver said Isaac to capt. Tennant, on board brig Francis, at .quarantine ground, or at No 44 Soutjb - street, hu11 receive tbe above re ward, r - J W . ?. yvry Wgesti's tut, Actc - iwrk. '" - LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. VfTfAJ'ED, quantity ot locust tunber and l.T , tauevftails., Ap&r to - Uwa Navy Agent, sX 81 WRshmgUm - su'eet. fty - ' The publishers of (he New - Brunswick Times, Newark tcnlmcl, - Islaml Mar, New - Haven Journal, and New - Loudon Gazette, will pleaee publish this advertisement oue month, and send their bills to the Navy Ageut's Office. Jy 18 im; ST. JOHN'S HALL ORDINARY 1 The contiguity of this building to the seat of bu siness, induces the subscriber to open, tor trie accommodation of geutlemen connected with public business at the City Hall aud others, a public Ordinary. Dinner will be served up pre cisely at half past two o'clock, and turtle soups, relishes, with the most suitable refresbmuntj ol the season, at all hours of the day. An elecaut call - Room, decorated in a per fectly national style, is also at the service of par - !iei lor dancing, society meetings, or lor purpo ses of our justly deserving and admirable milita ry volunteer corps, for their various exercises. I he lubscribor has spared no pains to render the building as pleasant as its situation would per mil, and, by assiduity and th strictest attention, will endeavour to deserve that patronage which an culighteued and discerning public are at all times ready to bestow. au3 lot JAMES L. IIEDr.NBERG. A KEYED HARP. " A. GUTTWALDT respectfully invites ' . the amateurs of music to insnert al his Piauo - Forte M mufactory. No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical instrument that net.'ectlv eaual tbe Harp in sound and far surpasses il in point of easy treatru nt, as it is played like the piano by ueans oi Keys, aud consequently has all the ad vantages of brilliant modulation ; the only cneii, the United Slates. Also, an elegant Piuno Forte if fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, withanaswitment of different kinds, whose good qoalities have been testified by the undersigned eminent professors : ' w e the subscribers, professors or music, do certi.y, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. a. wiuwaini's piano - iortes, wnirn, tor ingenuity and excellence of workmanship aod ariiform nriniancy oi lone, we reservedly recommend to public patriaaage. Messrs. tiilb s, F.tienae, Rd. Meets, C.lbioaull, Charles Gilfert." j i JO TUE FUHLtCK. 4 GENTLEMAN from France wouhl wish 11 to draw the attention of the citizens of New - York to bis newly established Laboratory of Co lours for walls, preiared (or immediate nse, and accompanied with directions for laying them ouA 1 ne coisars are 01 trie brightest tints, and pre pared tn that no disappointment can take place. . Joint's tf an, rraonjort - st. . N. B. A very superior Quality of RecorJins ma oianuiaciiired by me same person. jnivn 11 r1 BROWN, I'oueseal engraver and jewel JL . ler, No. 1G6 Broadway. Coats of anus, crests, cyphers, engraved on none. biamouix, amethysts, topazes, crystals, Ac bought or tut to any form. Ladie! stais engraved with mottos, device or Tests, Books of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 name. A large assortment of fin gold seals, chains, and other jswelleiy. Jy 28 lm TO BUILDERS. Or those who may wish to erect three elegant nuiMings or factor irs. LOTS, 77 feet by 80, (store or less, with the buiidinss thereon, ia tbe centre of Veacy - st. can be purchased separate or together. . Ad elegaat LOT, with the Buildings thereon, II Bowery, 42 by 125. more c less, near Chat ham - street the wtole on aceoenmodatim; terms AntVr at 33 Chatham Row. near bcekmao - st - . I'b advertiser bas three small mortcace! to diireoLereol tt,uuu, m OIIIUUU, one ol 11200, all iu this ci'y. J9 vj Va Law ftgMlaluig the Ouaging j - wh wii. vaisw .fiarvu y, iu"'k. A.' 1 ... . i i . i . ijinir tty Bt it enacted to the vecpkty Vittubtf; New - Work, rtprtttnted in tenat d ititmbi, That the person admlQuteriiie; the rroviruaieut of Uus state, by aud withjthe advice and uinsent of the couuiil of appoinlmeut, aball from time to ume apjiotiit one person for tbe city of .New - lork, whose powers shall extend to, and include the i village of Brooklyn; oue persou tor Ui city of Albauy; and one person for the city of Troy, I whose powers shall extend to, aod include Lan - siiighurgH aud Wateriord, to be guagers and iu - spectorsof fish oil. JiniheU enacted. That it shall be the duty of each person appointed ty virtue of this act, to provide himself with proper instruments lor guagiog and inspecting oil, aud whenever cal led on to guage and inspect any parcel of fish oil. wiuiin the place lor wiucri he wad appcinttd. it shall also be his duty to inquire diligently and seek out any parcels of A h ml within his district, ana guagt and insiect the sam,and brand U gird y on the head ol rach catk he may to guage aud inspect, lis own name and the name of the place lor which he was appointed ; also tbe what number ol gallons tho same shall gnage, and separately from each other the quantity ef w ater, tbe quantity of sediment, as well as the quautity of pore oil he shall Mud therein, aud shall make, subscribe and deliver to tbe owut - r or holder of such parcel ot oil so guagtd and in spected, a ccrliliiato, is mint me in miiarale co lumns the quaiili'y cf rarh of the alorcnid rnu - uieralcu ingredient" the whole parcel shall con tain; for all of which guaging, inspecting, brand ing and certifying alora - saiJ, he shall receive Irom (he owner or bolder of the oil so gunned and in jper - ted, twenty cents lor each ca - k, I the sunie small or large, tho one half of which shall alwuyi thereafter be chargeable upon ,Lhe piucha.ei - ot inc same. .1nd be it further enactrd. That It shall be the duty ol all persons owuing or holding fich oil, to put the same in a convruient pofiiion for gustgini; anu inspcctiug whenever thereto reqtured by an auinonsea guager and inspector, Jiui bt it further enaettd, That any person or persons who shall counterfeit, alter or change any ot the brands or maiks aforesaid, on any cack of oil so biauded or marked, or whosha'l mix or in any mauuer adulterate any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall hoy, sell or barter any oil within the di - lricts or places a fore - tal, except the tame thall have boeu guaged, inspected and branded according to law, or who sliMI ship, ex port, or otherwise rpnvey or catlrn to be conveyed any oil out of, or from the dis tricts or places aforesaid, except the snme shall have been guagd, inspected and branded ac cording to law, fui h persou or persons sooKend ing, shall forfeit and pay the sum of iwinty - fiv dollars (or ea - h catk, ihcihiauds or iuaikJ oi which shall be so couulrrlede d, altered or ( han ged, or which thall be so bought, sold or bartered, or winch shall be so ihipped, exported or otherwise conveyed coutraVy to the tiue ii tint and meaning of this act : Prmidtd, nettrththis. ibal uolhing herein contained shall be construed tn prevent any person or, persons from buj ing or selling oil by measures legally scaled. ', And bt it furtlur tnnttet, I liaj. it shall be the duty of any person ot persons who shall u, oi otherwise empty Hub eoutents of any task of fish oil, immediately to etrace, the ruagars and in spector's marks or braurts iroqi the same, oudcr the peaaltv of twenW'firs dollars. And brxl further atWfcd, That any forfeitures arisiog by virtue of jlis act, may be sued for and rsoovtrrd by acliorlbf debt, with costs of suit, ia any court bavaarftagi.i sauce of the same, to the sole use and behoof ol any person whs) shall sue therefor. NOTICE is hereby given, that the suhsrrMAs rTieSiinsrrMaJiiraciiee TO ALABAMA MEti.HI.1ATS. . PETERS 4 S'l r.bbl.NS, . Cosianetios Mxri basis, BLAKELEY. M,.bile.flav. HAVE extensive store houses and icceive nwJ forward goods, cotton, dr.. tree of cartage and whanage. Vessels und baiors lay aim ft side oi (heir stores. Shipir Mill please apply to t'ALV IN SPEAK, Boston. PETERS Ai HER RICK, N. York. F.MLEN it II u WELL, Philadelphia. Jy 15 tf ' . ' (D - JA.;Ei D STOUT, Engraver and tel Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwich - street. Jy8 3m ur Kvftund, iia Upltjux, JS'. H. iVt EET'lERS lorliis Britannic Mawtfy'l Packet Huceiitherry, will be received jj - t the Tost Odite till Wedceaday afternoon, the 6th day ol August. j xt i . w. wuuni, Agent. Qlr Wauled, a 2d otiiccr for a alnl. to In - lia. Apr IT to J. ti. li(X,F.ltT, Esq. . Jy 23 No. 138 Wter - srret. MECI1 siNK S' BANK. ft7 - l'be btockholdeis are ialortned that a dividend ol fouiper tent, nut of the profits for the last six months, v, ill be paid on the 1st of August next By order of the President and Director!. J Ii Im W. FISH, Cashier. CO The new ERitY tiOA'Ta iromlbe loot ot tv nlnul stitrt. iVw York, to tbe font ol Kit tle street, Brooklyn, ntnr the Navy Yard, will commence running cn Sundny, the 17Uiiutt. i ersuni, to Brooklyn from the appr pail of the city , will uud the distance much shoru mil ty iitina - tLi b rrv - ' my 14 NO I ICE. Qrr - The Rising Sun Sail Boats, Nonpariel, aini ll dii'lrj , iroui the Elizabeth town t'oint, fof ew - rk, s:uis In ni Murketl.eld street, (w I ire the Steam - boat Atalnnta loru.erly ime to,) al 10 o'cio k, oi encfc dy. Passage 12 i t cents. Empiiio ul tLe Steam bout Jloieil. ol VANDERTOOL& PHILLIPS. my 21 tf ti. JOHN PKOC IOK. Jm loo Liberty - sU oflers liberal anticipat'ionsun property consigns ed to his fr.trds in the Mediterranean. For further particulars, apply as above, or to AUR A HAM HELL, Je 6 tf corner of CLfl k Fulton - sts. I AiM', I i STEPHEN B. ML NN.Ao. i'?6 Pearl - stie I, Ni.v. - i ork, pnrcl.a.ts Lands in the ll.'in - ms Territory, wl.lcti has beib set 14 art for the lute Army. Letters firm 0,r council rivifa a uYscriLiii'ti of the pi'fent uiid the pike askud lor each lot, v, ill be uUtMl - d to, il I osi paid, my Ij II BOAKOI0. L'lGHT or teu gentjnuien, who are dc - irons of lid o) tainii a bohrd ill a pleto.'nt and reuied pu - lof the city, can i.s ncos,maiociated in a pn - valt - lauiily, at ISo. - UCbn slrcrtt. 1 he tmpruve - iiicnts whit ii bave lauly beeu tunde in this street and ils retired situation, it is presumed will ten der it a desirable retreat from the noise and bus - tie of business. aug 3 lot . I U.VT - Al.'l A Fur S - Al.t. i,r ti l.l'. Hnd 1VA imniedihte possession Ktvcn, the Ik aulilul pliue called Mnnt - Alta, seven miles lutn the City - Hall, 00 the North River, adjoining Lord iwijimrnay's. Il contains xu acres ot land under improvenient, with ainrge garden well stocked wiiii vegetables a vunely 01 fruit, with every convenience for a laniily. For terms, which are very reasonable, and if sold a long credit gi - - vrn if wanted. Hpply to NJai JJ. TALCO'lT, 64 South - street, Je I DE AfTk'CiS . formerlv practitioner of Medicine in the Mihtarv - Hosoilals of Na - plos, and adiuiifeda metaxserof the Medical Bo ciety of New York, where he has resided Jnea the year 179(1, and hi, reputation and succtatiof jwiu r.i.l.i;.k..i ;.. l. 1.. ... 1 1 has been apiwinted by the honourabb? tho CoiinVntic public onn ei sxt,rfcur on - cil of Appointment, Onager and Inspector of all Full Oils in the City of New - loikand Brooklyn, aud bas opened hu othce at io. Si, Watrr - st. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, Sundays eicepted. JAMES MAURICE. N. B, Dealers iu Fith Oil are hereby notified, that any infriogament of the above law will be prosecuted. Julv 20 Im jh.lV L.1t BOOK S JVlit. BLAKE'S CHANCERY PRACTICE. Coritaiiiiiic all the proceedings of a suit, ns well in the court of chancery as in tbe conrt (or the trial ol imiieachmects, and correction ol er rors, (or the state of New - York. This book contain! about 700 page! octavo, and is said by professional gentlemen to be all important t the pracnuoner tn una court, ncing me oniy .1 me rican productir n on this subject : and to (he student it is invaluable, as it exhibit! in a very clear and lucid manner, step by step, the progress ol a suit, in all it! minulia, from the commencement to the final termination of it Ac compauied with au appendix, containing prece dent! ol the most approved loims, miinhlt - in every case that can possibly occur in the course of a suit. Just published and for sale hy D. BANKS, Opposite City Hall. Comer ol Nassau aod Spruce streets, aug 4 lm IHEUiiAMMAilCAL BAR. cpiIE importance of a correct knowledge of 1 Graiijuinr, is too much acknowledged to need comment. The unsettled and desultory maimer, in whl h it it taught in common schools, is highly exceptionable. To bave arbitrary rules and definitions parrotlike committed to aaeuiory, learued and conned by rote without comment or elucidation, is found to be generally void of utiii ty ; for so long as the principles of rule! are Dot understood, tney can never be applied to actual use. - Under sc b impressions and influenced by a dosire to promote so useful a branch 01 education, the subscriber propose a remedial system. In the undertaking, they are conscious of no other motive, than thr promotion of a branch of knowledge, which is au indispeusihle pre - requisite in every other. 'The subscriber! anticipate many ob lections to so complete a devtanusi irom the antiquated track, which custom has long since sanctioned as the most eligible : but, to obviate them, they ask a thorough and candid investica - tiun of it principle!. It is a dictum, that with out a knowledge of the reasons on which laws are made, no oue can know lb law, A conviction of its truth formed the most powerful iuceuliveto the Invention 01 the Grammatical Bar, whichcon - veys to the muvd throegb the medium of the eye the reasons, the whvs, and the wherefores. To he short, it employs the perceptive faculties, the learner acquire a habit of attention, bis judgement is exercised, asd he advances wilb ease aod delight. 'The subscribers have taken a convenient room in Fulton - street, No. 139, where children, young ladies and gentlemen may acqttire a correct knowledge of English grammar io sixty hours. A correct knowledge of parsing will be given to new beginners 1 if not, no pay will be required. A new das to begin oa Wednesday. - M J bROWN, Jun. . I). CROSSFIELO. N. B. Young gentlemen, who have been instructed 10 the snort trm of siity noun, will be presented for examination each day at 5 o'clock, P. M. Scholar received and inalrocted at any hour from 6 o'clot k A. M. to W o'clock P. M. Terms of tuitioa made known at the above mentioned room. J ft? lux HACKNEY COACHES."' IC. OR Select farlies. from Flixaheth Tovrn V Point, for Philadelphia, and tbe Steam Boat at Treaton and Bristol, and tb Mineral Springs at ScbocJey's Moonlair. ' . - i . Notice neat to No. 53 White - Hall ttreet, New York, or HALEY St STILES, Eiitabetb Town, by mail, or by the Steam Bst Atalai.U. will be immedi ate! y attended to. J 1 4 4 9 WILLIAM STREET. iipuca 10 ie conauiierr at bis otfieeKs TtiU V a - teVfi - cct. opposite Crane wharf. In'Rheumatic and' Venereal cases. Dr. De An. gelis has been wonderfully successful; and the roost terrible effects of those disorders have fre quently beeo cured by him in a short space of time without iuoonvenit nee to the patient - . Obstructions, ulcer in the throat and palate, stiffness in the joints, pains iu the limbs, eruption of the skin, together with a numerous train of e - vils arising from neglect or improperly treating of the most insidious of maladies, hive given way to bis mode of treatment In almost an incredible manner. His extraordinary success is, in a great measure attributable to hi Well known Anli. rbeumatW aud An't - svphili Syrups, which whilst uiey eradicate every lorm of disease, restore the, cmaoiaied patient 10 vigor and kallh M. ti. All letters from tbe country (host naidl will be auended to, audth netessary advice and medicine will be given and tent to say part of tbe union. J 23 Jo Mtrilmiiit, Jiure krifi rs, X.C. WANTS a Situation as Clerk, a Young Mart whose character cuo undergo the strictest investigation, and who bas no objection to go to any part of the United States. Employment being his chief object, will engago for a ahcrt period, on moderate terms, to any merchant or store - keeper. A line addreased to J. B. aud left at this nrfioe, shall nicel immediate attention. Jy 30 2w lOR t.Vl.E, ul 114 iVlniiitu - lane, cpposiln I1 Gold - sUeet, a span 01 srey carrife HOR SES, well matched at gentle in harness. W ill be sold low, the owner bating no use for theco. ang a INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. OSErH D. 'OGRADY respeaful y inforsr the public, that he bas opened an Intelli J gence office at his house, 131 Fly - Market, be tween rcan anu w ater - sueets. famines war be accommodated with servants, bouse - ktepeis. ate. tic. Servants, &c. with satisfactory recoia - iiiendntioos, sul plied with eood si nsfions. Or ders from the country promptly attended to. aug4im" Gill) A pleasant back room,' at no. 0 Wall. street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Posseisioa mmediately. Apply in the front oihce. , Je 4 n JO J.ET, Ws.ni2 The first and second door in store No. 8 t Utcher - strcal. The rooms are large, being; ti fee wide, 70 feet deep, well calculated tor a wholesale crockery store, for storage, or for other business requiring much room. To be let tore. ther or separate. Enquire on th prsmUe. or at 143 Pearl street, op stairs. Jy 34. tVH &.1LK, A rnrm of b(wMM sintw aiut u. acies, situate on the west bask of Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperslowa. On it are a ne w stooe bouse 54 feet square ; a ne w tarm house, barn, kc. 11 1 or ass a desirable; e tablishmeot for a gentleman, wishing to retire into tbe country, a iu sitaatioo, a to pros pt, convenience to market, &c. isnot sariassed bv any in the interior ot the slate. It will br said low for cash, on a credit, or xchaoged for property in tuiicitj, goods, etc. Apply to U. V fc K. fcUJiiVMCK, any7tf i Law Belldicgv. LODGINGS wanted in tbe covntry.for a gen tlemaa, with hii wife, earsw and child, ia piesxcnt, healthy srtBiUuts oa (hu island. As - ply at 61 South street. ac? 4 . CAUTION. ALL persons are forbid liarboring or treating an iodeetrd aiTrrtc tbe syb nber. by ibeHanse of Aogastus IAlar, a frcch bw. : aaed aboat 20 years, ander peantty of tbe lay aug 7 lw G. MORG ' .' j .' 1 1 .. - f t' I I V: - - :?; 1 t . !... 1 . 1 i I i '

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