Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 12, 1895 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1895
Page 3
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a d o r e d each · other, with the permission of Laura's mamma. "Leoncio!" she had said to me, "my daughter is an anjrel. You jjppc.., t. mu to be a person f f o o d s e n t i - ments, but you are rather too thin. Try to [jet a little stouter, and ECO, too. il yon cannot £et married before long-. These lonf: enjajcmentsare not good "Madam," I had replied, "this thinness is hereditary in my family. My papa--liesvcn r L -st his soul--had the figure of a bayonet, but be was perfectly healthy inside all the same, ' "H'ell, in any case I wish thc marriage t° come off as soon as possible " "oiv Laura was an exceptional bc- iay, nil love, all tenderness, all deli- cacj She detested codfish, she hated -neat, she despised oysters. Her food consisted of vegetables and fruit and occasionally a. little milk. -Do you love rac very much? 1 ' she asKcd me frequently. "More than thc zephyrs love tlic flowers, more than the bird loves the branch in w h i c h it builds its nest " I answered, inspired by tho deep'cst tenderness. For Laura was so poetical a creature! W h a t delicate sentiments were liers 1 What an Hmigiaation! - She adored beauty wherever it c.\istcd, and I, who lued only to obey her io alKhinjs, had even shaved the nape olpyncck, because the presence of anrrong-h little hairs there .atmojed I her exceedingly. J At times I found her sad, her cjcs eloquent of tears, her hands Jiang-inn- limply by her side. "Vi'hat aiis you, love 1 '" i wouUl ask. "All"' she would reply, hearing- tt ]"ofound sigh. Then Dona Eduvig-is, the mother of raj- heart's su-eet mistress, would call we aside to tell me: "Laura hjn pissed a miserable night" "But n l i j ? " "Alas! because she has discovci ed that you sleep in woolen stocking-s." "I cannot h e l p that, madam." '·Very well. My daughter cannot ;irclicr hand to a mj.u who allows himself to indulg-e in such prosaic proceedings." ' Hut it, is because ·' "Enough, Lconcio! Yon must cither leave off such vulg-ar practices, or at once renounce all hope of Laura's Lied.'' Hearcn only knows w h a t sacrifices I made to retain thc 'reg-ird of that I whom I loved like a madman. "Do not smoke, Leoneio'." ;,hc. told ma "Lconcio, you must endeavor no [oper^piro.or all is over bctv.ecn us. Sue desired my person to be as a Imncli of flowers, and more than _ taking me by the v/rist, she "Claimed, 'n a. tremulous voice and flushed with i n d i g n a t i o n . and o a t h , other hand, W0 u"ld FOR W03IAN AND HOME' C U R R E N T M 1 S C E L L A N E Y F I R E S I D E R E A D I N G . FOR !OWA NEWS ITEMS. "He is somewhat ordinary clever. offend his Some Bints Thl! ^.i PeltHojt-- .V Jludrs. About thn Fi-optr stvlci fur )n at the lent -A sUL-n Coirn-- Xorw of the n - n a o n Uoncio, if I , TC ,. 0 certain that you Tioolen undershirts--I have it hinted at--I should he capable of anythinp-even of crime." A t o n e time she found out that I ad rnbbcd tallow on ray nose to r e a cold im the head. Tlio next nished to break our casse- would have occurred to him' 1 Laura continued to fascinate m e more and more with her poetical con- "Leoncio." she whispered to me one dreamy ni s ht. "do ,-ou still P cr- spire?" " F "Jcvcr[" ·'Leoncio, Jo you suffer w i t h chil- "I would die first!" "Leoncio. can it be true that you use suspenders? 1 ' J ""o, mv Laura, it is the basest calumny. I went one evening- to sec my beloved, and, as U 3 U al, DOU.I EduviTM received me at the door with a fron-a Viberc arc :ou ffo ; ng .?" she asked ne, crosblv. "Inside"' I answered, cndcaiorin" I :o speak n a t u i a l l i - . " ' "Xevcr" 1 she cried. i "Why not?" "Laura is at this m o m e n t a victim of a nervous attack. You a-o killin" her'." =· | "I?" ! "Yes; she has ] US t discovered t h a t you arc exceedingly f o n d of rrarhc soup," "Well, v r h a t of it Q " "My daughter cannot endure -any more of this pro,e. She wishes the enjag-omcnt to be broken off forever." 1 Great heavens!" "lEere arc your letters." I leaucd a^ambt a piece of f u r n i t u r e tu punc-iil rnyseif from failing against Dona fcduvig-is. My heart was torn with anguish as I left the house. A year afterward, I was w a n d e r i n g about the city m search of a f u o n d who would lend me the money with u h i c h to buy ,1 revolver. I bad determined to put n.n end to my existence. I had found it impossible to live w i t h o u t L a u r a "What had become of her?" t asked myself. Perhaps, findm- in this world nothing but prosu, she had sought m tho solitudp of the cloister Ihc stvcet poctiy lo w h i c h her dream- m j r s o n l had aspued. Or perchance she hnd retired to some balmy prove w l i c r c soothed by the song's of l i t t l e birds, she was able to forget all tlic iiil^ar details of existence. In any eaic she was lost to me, and I could l i v e no longer u n d e r the weig-lit of I h o s e memories. Why h a l T n 0 t been born more spiritual? \Vhv had I loved garlic ioup? "Let, us G n U h viith all these icpia- m^s," I cried robolutcly. "I will pa-.ia my cloak. I shail have n o , f u r t h e r need of it, and v. itli w h a t it I ".illbrinjr I can obtain a revolr c r IIE PETTICOAT of the -season is. one of the incongruities of fashion. A ikirt of cheviot or serg-c may hide be neath its plainness a. g-org-eous petti coat oi brooadcd silk frilled w i t h lace and caug-hl I . here and there w i t h ] ribbon rosettes The fashionable pet | ticoat is fit for a ball. It is, made very | full with orgnn pipe plaits at the back , and frequently a feather bone inserted I around the hem. 'ihis provides the skirt with the correct ilnre .-iml makes it unnecessary to line the dress skirt ·with hair cloth. One of the most jjor- -cous petticoats to he worn beneath a dancing cown is made of while silk brocaded in (-old feathers. 1'rom 'the knee to the- bottom of the s k i r t there is a succession of lace rulllos. Gold lace and ruffles of iimuit.iLiun diic-hev,c alternate. 1'etliio.its f,,r street wt-ai are mudc of cli.ui^cablc brocaded silks. lil.ick lac-c a n d ^ b l a c k .vitin rosettc-s are among thc f.ishiun- able t r i m m i n g Que of the mam- skirt-, belonging to a 1'ifth a v e n u e socic-U nomaji i.s of black Ml'.- h.-oeailed in pink closer blossoms. 1 ne ski-t in trimmed with a deep bpnuish flounc of blui-fc ] ace- fi-stooncd here ami ther spangles that give weight and bril- lauL-y. Indeed, aay effect that will tend to catch the light and add brilliancy seems to be no longer t a w d r y ' . but extremely select. Satin, of all ma- | A STO1: v that Walt llutlcr has been i terial* the one t h a t most'reflects all i Iou » a "^ Indiaua is given little cred- the brilliancy of liffht. is a favorite at | u n c J ll J'l"s relatives, who regard him thu moment, and eccentric effects in i ei llMd moire or in the watering of iilk nrc- J A. 1). profvs.vojial bill sou-ht after. Khin C4 .toncs are in do- I junior, was arrested at Independence, nand and flash everywhere, from tho v, an tod at Waterloo. Cedar l-alks. Win- her tfn TMho L ' A t " * "'° ** °' ^"^ -««"·«'« "d Independence. raTnTn-; l^euer^r^ir £ 1K ctaim ' to L "TM»T f - "«-"· m.ike sparks and g-lirnmers of bril- City nursery comnany. -loi-. Sunn abducti'd n t DK E B. KeokultforSlO.OOU sou .t Jackson, proprietor Kireraide sanitarium at Hamilto- liinjland used to conduct that insti , tion and nov. operates a larrjer one at Kcokufc. Plaintiffs charpo that he is taking- thtir business away from them by undue solicitation aud interference :md w r o n g f u l rcpresentalioTis. ·IfST before closing- the public library at Uubuqiie a few days ag-o, Miss Willard, Ihc librarian, tied up in a Lake [ handkerchief the day's receipts for the iieaiis of the beautiful clian-i-- J(.- silks. Tin. dinni-:- .Iress of Ihi.s nc-luic is m a d u inoix- ImuNn,,,,. b t h i s trick oi «c:uii.-. ji-, s m t |, cil ,;. .tripi-d niul ilotled. lu-siiles .showinr- hiiiifn-iiblr hues t h a t are't jiiou(th to ulmost .shame tlic rainliow. "I- s..ri-d sl.-ivt is 1,11,11, l.ut f,,,- u Jordcr of nl.u-l.- ^ v \^^·l f or ;, h L , i , .u,,l lie biidici' ],jis a small dceolletu u hos,. u n i t is t r i i i i n i f d v i t h folded blank -·l\el. J l a n d s o f lacu o i i i . i i n c i i t b u t h U i c h p y , ic-\ear-olil bister of" his wife, w h o is in much P rief. She claim-, they were mari-'ed, but refutes to talk. STMMII:V Inwis. aped T?. dicdalKeo- knk. He wa.s the hcaa of Ihc -wholesale dry (.'uod-i house of Irw iii-1'liillips Company, one of the largest in the wrst, am! the f a t h e r of cx-Gov. .lohu N. Irw in, Will jr. Ii-wm pud Mrs. I, A. Sawyer. I.v the l i v e b u d .shootiny match at O.skalooM bc-twi-c-H Dr. Carver, of K;in- i -sa.s City, and Thoiius Marshall, of Koith-sbnrj,'. lll.s.. f o r a p u r . s e of 5s-,oo, C a i t c r won. Mui-sliall icilli-a no out o f 1UD binLs and I'm i-cr !_'. The « father was cold and ilis,i^rueahle. b u t the ut- Ivudiinc-u i\as {food. Ai'iiir threatened l o b e a disastrous l i i u to the n-holc business pm-ijoii of t ' w . n , brolti- uut in tin- basemeiiL U U o l llros. shin- store ,,l I n d i ' r (ii-iicL-. I t w i i s ki-pt i:i c-hcck lt\ sUibl..nn lijfhi of foin hour-, TliL- tire slock of boots umi shoe.s was d: of £^!o of . moment lying on her desk. A wcll- dtcssod stranper «ho had been in nnd out several days taking- K r e a t interest in the library, stepped to the desk anil I f n i i n f T another handkerchief took the one containing the money. He v. as pone before the loss w n s discovered, and thu police are unable to find him. ItVitOLAiiUiNG in Keokuk is no long- a sinecure. Recently Gipt W n i u u r -sliot Peter Jackson, who was bnrfrlar- i/.imj his house. A fcu-dnysapo.lud ? e Currier, of the district court, sentenced U u r f f l a r James Kiup. with whom W. II. i.«o] bwir h n d Mich a dosperale Cc-ht, and « l,o wii* .shot by an oniccr while uttcinptiiig to escape death, to lifteen ycarsi in the peuitcntiarv, while his ])iirtncr, John Skulk, {rot'clevcn years.. Alhert Ansehiiti j. G t two ycnrs for buj.ikin" and L-ntering liartroft's store; - «!!: Ccrnh.iulfi, More, and Al Itiown otii- year for lobbiuu farmer Willctt-; "[$2.000. These sentences : i ' o l l t e . Tin. two safe hitmen, who Horn a Chicago. Hock I s l a n d .V, , . ll; , Jll: passenger t i a i n I); 1 tin- aul uf ilyniimiti- .-iiiil ri-vtiUei-s, i v u e i i l l y , w e r e t'aken to H i s t Liberty and b u i i u t l (ivcr in ?l,-,oo eiieh and wnn-iied to j a i l at Must'iilinu hilL-r I ' h a i K e s of M i f c blowinj.-. atleiuplL'tl i n i i i d e r n m l i-csi.sliuy n l l i c v i s wore H i n d i T I I K .slori- of I I u i ^ c ' i 1 ,i llhss. ,,f l) u . -·, "as a I f \ \ n i g h t s The bmclar. who is :i y c j t ' n ^ mini iiuiiu-fl i;uwin n u b c r l , son ( r ic-- l.nuii|s, u-iis vniKrlit, i o n i i i i | r n t of the .sloru In ;i pulic-eman. Ui.iiled ·loivn w i l l i pliimlt.,-. |J 0 i l i ( s a l m i i l y se:-u-l a U-nii i n tlic- pi-nilc-iiliiii.v foi a n i u u i i l l i c j u s l v d u [ 11Mct i i l i . , % rla U I : | L lu ' ^-"tn A HO.VSTEP. or itvi" JM" she cried. a i- B a m o n s l c r , Lconcio" mother. "These things aughter's health in the ! |1C ° - a frcquc;; visitor o t h e r "c -\ Vas old anil sur ] yi an( i ° ua t h c ''cad clerk in a salt beef ' for solooj^ a time that l^'od""' ' m P° s siblo to rid himself of ^° r of lhat article. ''s-i a'' 0 ' 90 , 11 wasV6r y fon1 of J)3r * tr g « s ^. r 1Q every pie. Hc ivas al- k«hL * j 0lf m ° n o w l managed to , fc and why I didn't go to work. « i a w u , b c l f i n d enough to leave Jjj MMO?" I inquired of him one at me vrilh a- sneer, ellowsarc all idle, good- Look at me! I have 10 sweat of ny young men arc lc rogues." attend to your orvii af- ' i - not tcc P stilL " Tcs . 011,2 you knoir hoir lo do," that will be thc means of putting- an c n u to so much suffering-." I fo-.iud my way to a paw n shop and entered it w i t h d e t e r m i n a t i o n . \A ho M'aits on one h e r o ? ' I cried rapping 1 ou iiiu counter. Suddenly .1 man presented himself lo view; a man who looked more like beast than anything else, so hideous was hc, and with such an a b u n d a n c e of hair covering- his face. I pave a scream of surprise. In that horrible object I h a d recog-mzcd Doa Cipruno, tho f r i e n d of Dona Sduvig-is, 'Laura!" he j e l l e d paying- n o at- t e n t i o n lo rnn. '-Leave off .s-.-.'CL-ping- ;ind coma and attend to this customer!" A J i r t r , u n k e m p t woman anpeai-cd i behind the counter, hhe was attired in a fa'Jcd wrapper nnd her slippers, d o w n at the heel, disclosed her feet inc iscd in a pair of i agged stockings. "L.-oncio:" .she screamed, as she c a u g h t biglit of inc. "Laura!" I s h r i e k e d , b e l i e v i n g myself the v i c t i m of some horrible nightmare, Muffling myself in my cloak, I fled, convinced at lost of t h f f a c t that he who lulls himself for lova is but o driveling 1 idiot. iimvL- il t o l i n i l i n ^ L . m 11 is Ihoiij t i l l s t i n ; e \ | ) V I | V U l - U l l m i l n n d s i n i n A KBW vim of ST.10 is now being- offered bt M i h . AValt ISiitler and James "utler. w i f e and brother, respectively of the missing cx-congressmnn, f o r n n ' v mforiniuion ihut v. ill lead to the re- L-U i i-ry of M i 1 . llutlcr\ body. Cu eiiiars l«i thi.s eflout linvr been di.stribulcd Mrs. Ilutlei-say.sin this cireiilni- llmt M h c h i i s c i e r y ruiisou to believe t h a t h e r husband is dead The necuniu- lulc'd evidence apparently substantiates her belief. Thc circular suys that llullci- did no', go bevontl I'lurbaiik. J i n d diifiounuc-.s nil report-! to that of- foel as false. Of the reward Mrs. Sutler oIYern sr.OO and Jnmcfc llutler ?ar,a. 'J'lic iJlVred is inLcrestingmany P'TSOIIS i l l t l l U SL'.'ll-cll, I lie .M, M ,, r l,i ock Imd ]1HS |lot 1)( _ I(Jn _ SB(!JI . sini-L-, anil it is feared thut hiiim hns lie-fillIfn him. He boarded -for years with .lolin Lori'iil/.,-)! 1 , wiis taken 6 iek llici-i. n u o i i L two wc-elfs iifo, and at iiin.-.s was Highly and ,,,,L ,,£ ],i. s ]lL ,. ul . Later he l e f t the LorcnUor place mill went to n room in the ilnjor bloclc. No one s.iw him leavi' his loom or the H i s bud showed evidence of h a v i n g been slept in. LoreiiUyr hu.s SL-arc-hinjr for ;,', m , nnd found --........ \van- u-d i n i o thu rive- while demented. Jv.-.Si.xm,i!.lAMi:iC:. KUJ:, of Culi / u n i i a , dic-,1 ,- t l Jiij, h o m e m ban fian- fru day.s ago II,- ] cav(;s a ioT . M i n i - i-stiiiiatcd at ^0,000,000, t] lu Lll]lc »f w l i H - l , u i l i b e h e l d i n t n i ' . L for two s ami ; n 'iin, m ) v.-illi-,-divided iiii"ii),' ll.i' c h i l d r e n of the duui'luers /l'-r their i n r j t b i - . s die. The Jowa, f the deceased arc remcin- ns lol|,jiv.s: To Vnir'fc sistsr, A i n l e r M j n , a,,,i husband and u l o t e r io]»rid riljbc.ns. All these ··laboiale ))uUico:it.s :in- used a.s a trim- mine c,ich has ils i u n t r r fon'ricd of n «eu u i c l i b t Imp. Otlx r petticoats Jim t h t licm i n t L i l i n c d w u l i a thin lan'i of fouon s p r i n k l t d with s lelict po'udcr. Xev.- Vorl; World IJi-nlpn for :i j l i l l (ioirn. The- li.ill jrown s l i K H n lien i . i l h is r u a d e uf cntj-.'ilk- pinl. .] ! a c c e n t u a t e d v.ith Unc'l; ie!vct j-ilflvjii slrn-. ,i ,,. j t j j small pinl; lloivcu.. T i i c bodicu is veiled "U!. pin!; chiilu,. It it cut, out I J I n n n r for Ttrix Mr. Xcn'ed'J--HOT' i s t h a t , mylovo? Xothing in thc huuso to c;vl? I gave yon monc-y this morning. .AJr». Xon-edd ' --Y'js, I know; but J lan across tho i most exquisitely charrainij Jyonflor. dinner gong -- aivfullv fasliionablt, you knovi---an! I c-ouldu'L resist the temptation to buy it. "Hut vhal shall we do for dinner?' 1 "We can listen to Ihc g-on"-." ---^C\Y Vo--k Wccklv. t l l C 1'IKl' . I h c v arc- held m pi-ice by -ic-lvct rosi tli-s Sinn- lai 1 i-o;cllc-s arc |)ii! .-it the- trjp, ,-inil Hit elbow slccich n:v tinish.-d w i t h i t - l i u t bands am! with n i , ( . t t i s n m c l u n g Ui.jsq Cll t i n - hrxlic-f .\ f o l ( | r | I e l l el 1/l'lt c o m p l u l u s t h e goii n. ^, I,,, 1, is especial ly h u i K l s u i . - H - a n d u d l s n i i c t l lo;i pluni]. r u n l i c l u c r n .mil 'oiuii.i] illujr-,. T h r . ,1;.. . I H I m i l e s .in,) Uu- mm- c o n - 'I'l-lii'lnifT s?v|.;i stops, v,;is 1'', - ' J h i is t h r fastest u,-i .TI.,- be.jiK-athed tu be divided equally HK them To the f a m i l y ,,t Win I ' i i i r , In-other of deceased, who also , u-sidc's at f,la ; rm -c, 550,000 it \ IJiMii.eallnj.l, The f a m i l y of L'tlwarJ j Tiiii 1 . i n i o l l i c i - b r o t h e r residing at Ida | M o v e . ,s w i l l e d si'O.nou. To Mury J. ;iuil Liindy, laii(jlitcr.s of Lcstator'a . di'm.sctl brother, Tliomas 1'air md _Ti(fhl-liltin;r ccs of f u r ;irc Anil tho Profllmaker Fainted. "Mornin". mum. I'm a thiol. an'--'' "Oh, help! Fire.' Murder"' "What jc sijucalin' fur? I doV fanttcr siripc nothin' 'crc.' ! "Wh--wh--what do you wish then?" "VTe\l, it's dis ivay, s^a? I won't er take a course o' lessons in dross- makin 1 . so't I ) voman's dress ,911 IP a p o i n t lie-low Ihr bust on the left side and filled in w i t h lace A band of thc velvet ribbon crosses the left shoulder, is tied in a bov. knot over the bust, extends diagonally across tho J Ixnlice. i* caught up at the belt with a I l»w. and extends a In do to the ri|jlit i of thc center of the front straight I down the skirt, ending in a Inrffi; bow i at thc hem. The plaits in Lht- back j form ripples on both hid- s ThcMcevcs. . nrc jungle- puffs Hounccd i-ilh ]nce,-- Chicago Times. sc-en B e l i e f o r ^ i t i n . 'J'hei-t is !ilv^:i\s ti'ic- suspicion D i a l's fur liiis t h u s bc-i-n luailc f » e r , b u t . c-'uisidi rin^- il K . cost, vi In sh,, M Mii't it be n i n c l e oil-! a- as t h e n - is :, hair of it l e f t to s'.-.uar by''--Into- OK-JUI, l r « nl I I , , - Ilivie^. T!ic- h a l f lar/c ].,,.,. h h o u h l c r (; ,| 1S l i k t - t h o s t - s - t - r i 1:1 t J n . pni-|i-:,jts nf t h e hapli-s f|iit-en I l i - M i i e l t a M a n n , t ,it htc.idily un.Hln-f i n f a v , , , - . ,,,,,[ ,),,.,. c o m p l f l i l v nn Inniurphosc. :i pla.'n tumc- In skirts, thi- 1 .lr,in pcrfcc-t ml l a i l o r o/Ti-cls :,r worn f,, r most occ.-.s.ons. I ivj,e!, Aim j;nj.'!is!i HICMISIS- ajfj-cc- in this, thoiijrli ti, t . furmer allow- dranvr- it's in ilr.'svL y n w n s . TJivjHii Mi pl,il«-au.v iip,, I i parnllol r o \ \ s t.l b] JC k silk a'nontr tin- iidvelties shuw millinery. j u l . bi-nt into .shapes .mil trimmi-d with Ihi-ci blackbirds, tl,,,. aivvcrv stvlirK. The nrniy of Ii:iw|i 1( .s and waists it so varied. nm\ dcsiffns for .skirtj,. r;ni"-- nif.' from cvtrcin.-1o the inosl const-rva- "' ^ f ul I iioss, 'i i ·* *^ ( nn n i (.* ro u (4 tlm t n n t* one luaj c-,-:i:iv lluil ity] L ., tovuit'],c r n;-l Hi ' ill [r, l . t . - s , , ] ' n . ' n i i f . H - l n r i ' i s i n tlv '""I t i n s ti.,1,. .... Ir.iin v 'ii'-hi',! t i n i s u i .it tin- l i m n s - m.uli- up I |'u l l i r r ' l - I ; M , | . SJO.oOfuS In J ' . i n . of Ida l ( aUl( , (L Another , j,., nt , s "ho is a hoii U. of , .v p t h e f:mn of Anton Sicvertlinir ,r I funi- and :, l,,,lf miles u . t , t/L u[ ^ .1 i l»oUelu Joseph hievc-.d,,,^ l n u ( . ^ a few days a K o in a. tni(fi c man- 1 'pJi, w i l h liir, father and w a , c-njf.ujmi jj, N1B .j nc , u'j.I w i t h a S.-IT- 11 · ^ |(ui.i,i .sa^., J L | S n o ^ l u w n e x E i c t l v how the in it 1 s:,s!i and ij r , v i i- c-itifs. l i i - l d r,,lll||..| w i l h ,, -;,|,l(;,| of .?IIM)(KI. H i s t - . i l U i l l l i i - u-lil,:il I ' j e i l l l I'oiiipun-.- ' I l . c n.;,ii, obju-l , . f t i n association 'is t h u M , l | , c i i o i i ,,f i-,],.il,|,, i n foi mini,,,, . ,,, f, ; l. W s Al . I,. |-,, ad ,. M n v . , f u r l u n n l c m a n cither became diwy or ].ivs,d l .,,l:.l. \Wc,iH,, l l l |, M i , , . ; t . i p p C , l and fell u p o n the ww U U s ^L,.,:,-e,id,.,,t; Fra,,k \,Ia,Ns. | l e f t h n r u l and wr ist were fnVhtfullv ', sec-rdarv: V,. A. i; ;) ,Hc, |) H . J ». Df lc.l His ,,,,,,,, too, ca^e'n con"-"' " i ^l/vitb th C « w r,. a r lilc Jcft f l id C of i:i:.ini.josilici1 sinlilciily I U l t Jaw ' "aslnnsr through the bone ' *i i. Inch :ire i .i:N. arc in iifw i . r / i v c to them Of »«"···«» that °/ icavcn's sake, Don Cip- Tlio Traa kod tli» -nlto. 'Then ,vou aro anothoKs, 1 ' hc uaed. She Bat silent, as one bo- umbed. ··Co^Tcss:" hc thur.dorcd. You arc another's." She shiverctl. "Partially."' sho faltered. "This hair--" .^ho pressed her hand to her brow. "And tho upper teeth I -irear arc borrov,-e,il. The rc^t is. voura.- - I, .''--Detroit Tribune. ·Abonc hpanprlif. Spang-lcs nrc allowed lo sparkle more than ever. Figures in brocade Silk are outlined with them, making, in trains, a trulj- , ^ n - - ccnt changeable effect VcrV dclicntc Wack net is thickly strewn with spangles and then laid over silk or satin, a ranch tetter way t h a n to fasten thcru directly on thc heavier tnatcrit I Ilich lace, 1oo, is enriched by ' The latest porkrlbooks :···/· of green buf are said t.i be the nijrc. Small sivdc porsos w i t h silver clasp, arc itnicli used. Th,-y are v u n v c n i c n l for (.liiingr. Jlan.v of them nrc .-ulomed xutli a silver inoiiiv-niin and lined with bright kill. _SiIk pcHicorils fjr .street ivc.irarc triramctl with an o|R. n work cmbroiil- t-rotl mMe of 8 ilk like the skirt over nn'-.tlier n-fBc of Iklnner si.'k ; ft a bright color, which is a -vast imp ttcnt over lace. On evening s ». lls where Jocc !· n-cd it is fnllci] over -,ilk noimccs anil headrd by a twist wf nb- bon -with bovr.s nfinccrvaU all around thc .skiri. ··"·."ii.ius intd siiiiiicnly I - - . - j » " , ^.-.iiinDff Liirougn thc bone · ' 1 ' » - I I O I I K - i n C'l-ntcrvillc on tin- L'tlh I'''' J1VO(I i ( l i "-''v m-arly to thc- ba-k of o/!in K i;ui jx-c-toris. He-ua.s .sit-k only ! " JC n t c k i nearly .severing thc "head a b o u t liM-nli-four-hours. a n ,, hi-,,!,...,!), ! fTM'" the body, but mussing thc carotid w a s ; ; i T ,-: l t surprise ,,,,,! cni]M . s11 , |ir( . r . J artery and jiu/uhir vc i n . Wth lhfc sal i-f«rct. ('apt. Vermilion was one of I bIlxMl fcireamin/j-fron-j his wounds he · ·" p r o . n i n a n l i i m v o i s o r the stale. ! l rt ""'"lcl « trtii.slly appe arauoc vv , lich has j a '" loli | Paralyxtrt his , a ther and broth- 1-1- ! l'^:.,"°.""'. k = d l ° tllc h ° D * ^ittOTt was slate Ncnttt.iV -ti mon- or )r«a identified anil w ith i t i c s f,,r Iliirty-flrc years. J l c served in (hi: n a r . if the rebellion a n d vius captnin .r Company F. Thiny-.sixtli Io«a infantry. i"K 'his notice and fifty roots, uii'lyou w i l l rrcoivc the Twicc-a-Wcc-l! TUB tine residence of Capt Thomas Trench. ..f llurlington. was destroyed by fire. Ixiss 8T,0)0, insured for !jf,,(K)0. i A |,VS..N Cm- dispatch says: A m.i coiiDl.r.sttin-ar f i on in ·fviancbafw conntr. The old court house at Forest City is to 1« condemned find IaVe -M''l!s i, .-, vanilirintc for \bo honor, Her citizens hare alrcnny taOMerOxA S.10.WJ to build n now court honjttf Joix'sl Cilj v .-m try and hott 'it. Irtit u.s" 'for . . -..*. ^huu~*v wnnout ashistancc, took n pen and papcr an( , wrote his last wi-!hcn concerning his wife and children, for he was unable to articulate a nord. Medic*! assistance W a s called, but a few hours later lie (l:ed. J--IITT cenLs a ,- C8 ,. Thc U,, Moines, Twicc-a-lVcek Xcw«. Trj-it. 5if003}'ciU-9| g uliJ ' * .l»rJdffl oeftr f INFWSFAPF.Rf NFWSFAPF.R!

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