The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 1, 1945 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1945
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

r? MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1»45 Howieiiiaker Gets Time * Saver in Luncheon. Dish Recipes TRIlt OF CIVIL ACTION OPENS IN £r' t %rs±S*ssc|TRY PORK AND BEANS, IE* BACON-CORN OMELET stroyed the building. Damage to the building was. claimed at $9,000 | and. damage to contents was'val- ued at H elpi omi ng the omemaker /Judge Graven and Retinue Here for Iowa'Falls Case Dishes for a winter meal which may help out the harried homemaker are the thought of Mrs. Reeves this week. Sometimes an old] time favorite like pork and beans gets overlooked; but Mrs: Reeves , brings it to mind again with a recipe. She also suggests oyster chowder, ami*- " ~v.~. Iowa Falls, vegetable cheese ring mold, bacon-corn omelet, corn, meal puffs, | Representing the defendant are French fried onions and cheese cookies. Parrish, Guthrie Colflesh and | By CHAKIX)TTE ADAMS minutes. Place it in the bottom of a custard cup. Pour in cream. Break an egg carefully into this. Season with salt and pepper and place a tiny piece of bacon on l top, if available. Place cup in a pan containing a little water ond cook in 375 degree oven until egg 1 O'Brien, of Des Moines. Present for the case were Lee j McNeely," clerk of court, Dubuo.ue; First testimony in the case of" Marcella E.Morite, chief deputy the Iowa Falls Golf club, plaintiff, clerk Dubyftue; Fred E ·versus the'Sinclair Refining com- Umted State, marshal, ^ ,pany;_defendant, was heard, in| CondiK. Meek,.^^^, Eggs for breakfast at least is set (about 10 minutes.) , iitu^u. «*~ .-- o-- -- - . . I a v( i r v nthpr [iav is a £ood rule. I Once in a while .on very special plaintiff are time favorite like pork and beans gets overlooked but Mrs: Reeves every otner aay· * a t alter _ occasions you m'ay have a little y _, , .TM I ^ . . _..-_. ,,,,,,.-,, ,,.,,,. ,, ,,,,,!,,., =,,,, ,,!,,, .,,.«**, nv^r rhnwder. I ?omet ^TM 11 ^f thw f ules j rarpe ^ 1 some meat for breakfast. Bacon is real- w«.iv both. Anyhow, don't forget ly a breakfast meat, of course, and that eggs needn't always be soft- sausage links perhaps the most cooked. (Never boil them -- you popular o£ all. With sausage links remember that!) Eggs are good sometime try apple fritters made poached, scrambled or fried. They like this: are also very special done in the 1 oven in custard cups or those LUC\^ KEE\/I= _ _ , . . . . These are busy days for moth-*- The^laintlff 'contends in this)Cedar Rapids; Albert J. Holbach, | ers . Red Cross, church work, lost' Daley, ert C. . , . , , Fort Dodge; Rob- mittens, sniffly colds, hungry chil- 1. CONTAINS LANOLIN 2. IT'S KINO TO YOUR HANDS 1 CLEANS AND RENEWS EVERYTHING 4. WONDERFUL FOR DISHES AND THE FAMILY WASH deputy marshal, dren and on and on--almost an [Sioux City; Charles F. Holly, endless list-^but with it all--3 United States probation officer, j meals 'a day! . . Sioux City; T. E. Diamond, United You certainly do need sympa- States attorney, Sioux City; I thy and help. Luncheon dishes are Franklin E. Gill, assistant United 1 hard to manage sometimes when States attorney, Sioux City and I a nourishing, hot, : simple meal George Story, secretary- I must be planned. 1 - -- There certainly is nothing new ; HELD FOE SPEEDING about pork and beans but if you Floyd Austin Johnson, route 4, haven't tried this combination I forfeited a $10 bond in police you wU1 admit it is different court Thursday morning on a 1 charge of - speeding on North T O D A Y 51 GROCERY · HOWE - D R U G , l f l ' E T ? 6 O E P T S T O R E S I Federal avenue. He was arrested at 2:15 a. m. at 25th and North | [Federal. - _ _ _ G. I. INJURED "Cresco--Pvt Harold E. Kaatz with the army air forces in Italy is in an army hospital with a frac- LAN-O SHEEN V, . is on sale at BOOMHOWER HARDWARE Fork and Beans 2 pounds fresh ham shank 1 tablespoon salt 2 cups navy beans (soak over night) 2 onions, minced . 1 tablespoon butter 2 carrots, diced:fine. Cover meat with boiling water Slue Declares State of-Emergency in Iowa Until Women Recruited »es Moines, (ff)--A "state of emergency" exists in Iowa until its quota has been reached in the drive to enlist 8,000 women in the nation in the newly-created women's army corp medical units, Gov. Robert D. Blue declared Thursday in a proclamation. Four platoons totaling approximately 200 women will be recruited in lo^va to serve in the Schick General hospital in Clinton. "The care of the increasing number of casualties arriving in the United States, together with an acute shortage in nurses and wonderful little oven-proof cups with screw tops to them. Here's) | how: Eggs In Cups 1 chicken liver 2 tablespoons light cream 1 egg Small piece of bacon (optional) Salt and pepper aute chicken liver gently for 5 I Bran-Apple Fritters 1 cup flour 2 teaspoons baking powder IVz teaspoons salt Vt. cup sugar 1 egg 2/3 cup milk 2 teaspoons melted shortening 2/3 cup bran 3-4 tart apples 2 teaspoons powdered sugar 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Core and pare apples and slice n half-inch slices. Combine powered sugar and elmon juice and jrinkle over apples. Sift ilour, taking powder, salt and sugar to- ether. Beat eggs slightly. Add nilk and shortening. Add to dry ngredients. Mix until smooth. Stir in bran. Dip apple rings in atter,v completely coating. Fry in leep fat (375 degrees) until jrown (4 to 6 minutes.) Drain on unglazed paper. FORFEITS ?10 BOND George Junior Brunner, route 1 forfeited a $10 bond in police court 'hursday morning on a charge of peeding on North Federal avenue. :e was arrested at 1:25 a. m. at 5th and North Federal. Hutchins--Mr. and Mrs. Norris Larson and 2 children and.Mrs. lelen Larson were guests of their elatives, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Spangler at Eagle Grove recently. COlDSp^ Relieve misery, as most mothers do. Rub the* atla0*aL throat, chest m MMt 1m and back with W A^**^ time-tested W VAPOKUB FRAMES MADE-TO-ORDER Any Size--Any Style Latest Mouldings RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Next J. C. Penney Co. Phone 2272 tured pelvic bone as the.result of an j simmer 1 hour. Add salt and an accident, according to word re r beans, and simmer another hour. ceived by his sister, Dolores Kaatz. Details of the accident were not given'. ' Coulter -- Mri and Mrs. I. C. Lackore of Charles City visited Mr. and.Mrs. M. A. Pendergast recently. Brown onions in hot butter, mix with the-.carrots. Simmer until beans are tender. For Quick Cough Relief, Mix This at Home Vnti Riff Dollars, and cough medicine,'ana gives you about Yon Big w ?". a ^ s » ***** four times as maclj for your money. I S So Easily Mixed. · it keeps perfectly, tastes fine, and Here's an old home 'mixture your lasts a family a long time. jnother probably «sed,tout,for real re- -'And you'll say It's really amazing-, sultst it is still one of the most ef- for quick action. You can feelit take fecUve and dependable, f or couslifl*« bold promptly. It loosens the phlegm. tocoldB. Oncetrfed.youTlswearbytt soothes too Irritated membranes, and It's no trouble. Make.a syrup *J helps clear the air passages. Tims it stlrrine Z cops granulated suear and makes breathing ear. »B°- lets you. 1 cup water a tew moments until dJB- Bet restful sleep, solved. No cooking needed-^ifs7so Ptoextea«P«cial«mpoundorwro- easy! Or you can use corn symp «tr v«n ingredientninconcentratedrorra. liquid boney,instead,ot.-sugar syrup; well-known for its prompt action on Now put IH otracesWBine^mtoa throat and broncaual membranes, stat bottle, and add your syrup; Mis Money refunded it It doesnt please- a foUrpint at truly-:^pleTMdjdlyou in every way. Oyster Chowder ' 2 cups boiled rice 1 cup chopped celery 1 quart oysters with liquid 2 egg yolks 1 cup milk 1 cup boiling water Butter Salt and pepper. Drain and chop the oysters. Put layer of celery in a kettle, add 'layer, of rice, then a layer of ysters. Season and repeat until rice, elery and oysters are all used 'our over this the oyster, liqulc and water and cook slowly 25 minutes. Beat the yolks of the ggs well, add the milk and very irefully stir this mixture into thi aowder. Add butter as desired Serve a t once. . . ' . . ! · For company, luncheon the fol owing ring moid is as satisfactory in looks and appetite appeal as anything you can serve. MODERN DESKS " TO AEH GRACE AND CHARM hospital personnel generally, necessitates urgent measures to recruit and rapidly train women for service in the army hospitals," Blue said. He said that casualties were be- ng returned from overseas to ospitals in this country at the ate of 20,000 a month arid, the medical department's load is greater than ever before in the army's history; . Work or Fight' Finally helped Him Into Army Fairmont, Minn., (iP)--Earl Fitz took 3 swings at enlistment in the armed forces and, after Striking out on each occasion, turned back to his job to wait out the war. When the "work or fight" order was announced, Fitz saw his chance. He quit his job and told his draft board to ."come and get me." It did. Thursday his name leads the list of Martin county men certified for pre-indiiction examinations next week. GENUINE WALNUT VENEERS Handsome desk streamlined for home or office. Genuine sliced walnut veneer top and drawer fronts. Graceful y?aterfall front style. Structural parts hardwood, finished in walnut to match. 3-ply ends. Reeded base, decorative wood drawer pulls. Top size 42x20% inches; height, 30 inches. Seven drawers, two extra deep (10 inches) for filing.' Shipped from Minneapolis. '' Shipping charges extra. 29 .95 Cosh MATCHING MODERN CHAIR 4 .69 Comfortably padded back and slip seat upholstered in. oyster white artificial leather that is easy to keep clean. Fine quality hand - tailoring and smart nailhead trim. Rich-toned walnut finish is hand-rubbed to a soft natural luster. Shipped f r o m Minneapolis. Shipping charges extra. . Be Modern, Take Advantage of All Services at Sears Catalog Order Desk. A trained competent staff is there to help you obtain many hard to find articles, from Sears big catalog and catalog supplements. Fabric sample books of clothing and yard goods are maintained to help you in selecting materials wanted. An availability list is maintained to eliminate ordering of out of stock items in the catalog. Shop at Sears Catalog Order Desk. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Tour Money Back S E A R S R O E B U C K A N D C O , 23 E. STATE PH. 803 Vegetable Cheese Ring Mold 1-.cup,uncobked riceir :: ; % cup vegetable oil : 1 cup grated cheese % cup parsley 3 green onions 1 egg ' a Salt and pepper Cook and drain rice. Chop parsley and onions, tops included, and add with the rest of the ingredients to the rice. Pour into well-oiled ring mold and let stand half- an hour. Bake 35 minutes at 325 degrees. -Turn out on a hot dish. Fill center with creamed peas, carrots or a combination of the 2. If you prefer, eggs or fish" may be Used instead o£ the vegetables. Bacon-Corn Omelet (If arid when you can get bacon, otherwise use sausage or other ground-meat.) Chop 6 slices of bacon and fry until crisp. Pour off excess fat and add 1 can whole kernel corn with liquor. Bring to a boil. Beat 4 eggs and stir into corn and bacon mixture. Cook, stirring slowly until the eggs are set - If you can get tomatoes, broil seasoned slices and serve around omelet, on-a hot platter. Tomato sauce may be used; instead, if liked. ' · . ' , - . ' . . ' Corn Meal Pnffs (Moist light muffins delicious with apple butter.) 2 cups boiling water 1 teaspoon salt . 1 cup. yellow corn meal 1 teaspoon^sugar , 1 tablespoon butter . _2.eggs,'separated . » Add salt'to water and bring to a boil. Gradually pour in the corn meal and stir until a stiff .mush is formed. Remove from fire arid add sugar and butter. · (Drippings from meat may be used.) Let cool slightly, then beat In the egg yolks 1 at a time. Cool until barely warm and fold'in the stiffly beaten whites. Drop by tablespoons- into warm, buttered muffin 'tins, (small if possible), filling about 2/3 full, do not smooth tops. Bake at 425 degrees, 25 to 30 minutes. Makes about 1% dozen small muffins. Here-is another kind of puff. A new-old method. Slice large onions into V* Inch slices and push out into separate rings. Soak over night in sweet milk. In the morning drain and dredge with salted flour, dip in milk and dredge again: Deep-fry in hot fat until pale brown. Drain well on unglazed paper. Just before serving^ deep-fry again rings will puff up and have the appearance of small doughnuts (Well worth .the trouble.) Cheese Cooties (Real? Different) Blend the following until smootl and creamy. Vt- pound butter, pound American cheese, (soft, no dry), 1% cups sifted flour, % tea spoon Worcestershire sauce. Shap into rolls about 1% inches in di ameter. Wrap in wax paper an chill thoroughly. Cut in ft-inch slices and bake at 375 degrees 10 t 12 minutes. Dust with paprika Serve with salad. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR 4-PURPOSE OMAR WONDER HOUR 1. Brad and Koib 2. Cikes and Cookie* 3. Pw and Panics 4. Mufim and BMOUB -Hughes Spring ;, .V.,«"«»jr ~« . NSTANTLY Kill* cooking, tobacco,, poor ventilation adore in 30 ucond For Every Occasion! 10.95 P R I N T E D J E R S E Y S PASTEL BUTCHER LINENS BLACK OR NAVY CREPES 29.95 OdteFrrahAiTM abo available in to conveaaienc Auto, matic Vaporiier, for continuous doodor- fconi. KSla odort * they araie. Attention Dealers: Distributed by G. 1. TEHMEEMAK CO. Ill WesUrn AT*. Dirtnport. !a. O D A C Fresh Air Spray on sale at Boomhower Hdw. SMART TAILORED OR SOFT DRESSMAKER STYLES FASHIONED FROM DURABLE ALL-WOOL FABRICS SOUTH FEDERAL AYE.

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