The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 11, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1818
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KLLZ2 rd ALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION . t tK VASH. : ' "Ci THE foRowtns tracts of Lund, titaated i the - L District of Maine aod CoatmoowtslUi ol . Massachusetts, Will he told for Cash at public - Aucfjoa, Wednesday, theeeconddty ofSep - ,' tember next, at 1) o'clock at noon, at the Tontine Coffee - Uotue ia th city of New - York, vis: - A tract of Land beins Dart of certain town - 7 hip number three called Newry, lying ia that ?;reat tract caueo letter a. in yiecomnry w us ord (foraserly York) containing twelve thoe. - taud arm orer aad abore butt reervatioo ' and exception of certain lot. . Sundry tract in township anmber four, oo Schoodick or St. Croix wit : One tract denominated tbe C tract oa the plat, containing ten a hundred and eighteen acre.. Ooe otter tract ia tbe towoihip denominated B. (1m plat, containing two Ihouiand two . i.tiMfni intl ci'ntv.ixn aere. ncwu" " ' two hundred acres within Ilia iimiU thereof, be 4m otw tnw.t iaMJ tovnshio deoomioated Ciur thousand acres, etcluiive of we tot Iving withia the limit thereof, containing ninety eight acres, toM to Aaron rutni - " - . Sis !nS M.firf ia .mrf fovfnshirj. lltUated 10 ' tbeaaenndranseoftot in tiie oortberu half of , aaid towaship, to wit i numbers 17, 28, Z9, 3 - ), 91, and 3i, containing ia the saute five beadred - - - aod eighty five acres. Also, eight lots of land, in tbe third range of lot ia the slid Northern hall of the township to wit : numbers 33, 31, 35, 36, 37. 39, 46", and . 47, containing u tbe same sevea hundred and for'y - fiveacre. . . - . ' Ooe olber tract lying partly in Trenton and - partly ia number eighLin the coauty ol II ancock, in said townships, containing exclusive of set - , tier, fevea thousand acres (excepting and re - "" aervher. lots wbicli hire beea surveyed and laid out to settlers, Sic. and reserving every tuch - lot as Buy bave been in any manner conveyed to settlers; and reserving likewise tbe milrs,hou - . te and other improvement which appertain to or are erected thereon, including ia the said re rratiou the one undivided hail' of a ssw n - itl, with the Uod belonging to the lame.) Together with a double saw - mill, a grist - mill, two dwel - " ling houses and a store, all erected on lots number teventeeu and number one, in Treuton a - fnmaiii. " f'. - '' Tbe above apaV "et ale hm conveyed to tbe subscriber, as aUiobiut register of the court ot chancery of the state ofNew - York, io trust, by Oliver Kana aud Enliraim Bowen, Junior, Executors of the Inst will and teitameiit ol John Inne Clark, deceased by deed, bearine .' Unte the lit day of February, 1810. Deeds will be eiecnted to tbe purchaser by the subscript ' tin such Trustee, in pursuance of a decree of the Jour I or Chancery. For furtJior particulars at to boundaries, title, Ac. apply to tbe subscriber, at bis office, No. 4 Nassau - ttrert, where the same may be examin ed, and also will be made known at tbe time oi rale. Terms of sale, twenty per cent cash at the Urn of sale, and the reiJu of the money on - the delivery of tbe deed. ISAAC L. KIP, ' Jy 13 Ids 2w4wii3lwld3t GtORfiE BIllinOliT, .'BSCOBaTIVB AKCHITECT AUD rcRHISnr.R. Mortfawett curnrr rl Cbeiuitl and icveath - stretts, Pb ladelphis. a IDE public are rtp iuliy inforroed, that at , Uie aoore addrets. Ware - Room I have been , opened with an cxteofive assortment of Carpets, rpcr - Unjingf, Curtain Furniture, Lanips. ' Luatret, Looking - (rlas Plates, and Fancy Fur niture of every dt - cciiptioa ; and that the eieco , tion of all orders in tbe different branches of Up - ; ' bnltlery. Pnpr - Hinging, and Cabinet - Mabiug, , Will be under tlie immediate direction of G. Brid pnrf, whole profetsinnal pursuit for many yean Airing lieen tbe superintending ol the Interior de - cordlioDi of housof, and fri. - m hi possesiint; also an tatemive collec tion of design lor furniture of every kind, with drawings showing the entire tic - coraiion of rooms, and his constant iutercourjr With the best sfurte of taste in Europe, will, be - hopes, enable bins to meet the wiihei of those who may he pic Med to favour him with their commands ; aud he brgt to assure them that bit ' enMrt endeavour wid he to combine Taste, Nivelty and Utility, with fcconomy to enable y biia toeifert tin, he is provided with various : Ornament in Bmnsc, Metal. Composition, tic, elected when lie wat lait in Europe, for tbe de ' coraliofl of Cabintt Furniture, Cornice for Cur " turns, Looking U Us Frames, aud other decora live Furniture. The above advantagrs. combined with btinjt . i.riikiii .rnrMIHMiil' In.,.. cute hi orders, wiil enable him to offer the public, goods' of snperior quality and fashion, on the c moit moderate teims. Southern and Western Merchants purchasing . Fancy Goods, may Ond it to their advantage to VHit this establiunent, cither to com) lete their . selections, or should they wib to bave import - d . variwi fancy articli - , not io the uiual routine ol husineit; to such orders, every att uti(n will he t paiil.and front O B' arrangements in Europe,be I viu oe enaoiea ut roeei iiiein prompuy. I jeouemen residing in any part oi tne unue(iilam 8loion; Esqmre, solicitor for ihe complain Daii fce pro - confesso against him. And ,. ',K t.r ,.ll j, further nHered, that a copy of this nrlir be . , ."r i,r ..I., - ....'. j ' 11 i. lumber, platter of pans, He. States, by forwarduig the dimensions of llieir rooms, winnow or recee, io receive appro - 1 ptute lurniture, can lie lurnisnea wnn carpets ana rapcr rians;ings, wwun made up complete lor winoows ana neu - , pier - tables, book case recesses, with Chairs. Sofas. Pembroke and Dining do. Secretaries, ic. 6ic witb all possible expedition. . , . OIMIOOOIJVOOOOO Tbe following artkles are part of U. Bridpoii's late importations, and are lor sale at the ware . room as above : . UPHOLSTERY FUR5ITURE. . CARrKTUO. French Tapestry of various design and dimtn tion, i English, . Brussels, . . , Oupertine and second Ingrain S'netian passage and stair otch Square lor chamber Hearth aod Door Rug F.xtra. quality Blanket Creea and Blue Table Cover. ., CCRT4.IK FCRSITCRE. French embroidered Silk Merino I lauaaik Plain and watered Moreen Merino Cloth. 2 vard wide Rich London. Chiutz, Leuoes, for medium cur tain Silk Fringe and Binding - Ornamental Hell Pull Gill Cornice Ends and Curtain Pin PAPER HASGISG. Groupe of Figure and 0numeuti, in various colour and on cmiereai ground, lor Oitora tine Dannell. Sic. An extensive assortment of sttin It plain Papers Do do do ol AC. 1.O0KIBG CLAt PLAlfJ. For Pier and Mantles, to be got up ia frames to suit tbe purchaser pabct FcaaiTrRE. Drawing and Dining Room Lustre and Grecian Lamp Mantle and passage do Candclahri and Brackets for Lamp, &c. Ladie' Work - Tablts, and Pier dq Sfiect articles of rich Cut GlaSs Dinner, Desert - and Tea Porcelain Best Plated War, with silver edge Antique Butts anuCn. Vases, in plaster French Porcelain Vasei, for Chimney ornaments And a variety ofvoaller articles. (Kr G. t UH) PORT having been appointed gent for the Milford Marble Company, will re - cv o,l?y a,PO"iole. anumber of CHIM - f . ,v'c' uw executing in their g'er raa.nie, iroiu flrti - us furouhe by himself. This marble erjaals in beauty and durability, the Verd Antique, one of the uiarolei oi the higtiit price, Sinn ran.l ,n t.1 t.u... ... L 0 1 G. B. alaoexnectt to re, fir, h. u.. ...i:t - - - . - - ... in . iir - arnralsfom Havre, a nurulcr of Chimney Pit - cos now excrutinj in Pari., fr m desi - ns furnish ed by tiimseir. Many of Uie will Utlecorated Wliriormsln or eilt ornamer - t.. The drawiur and dimensions of these various aengns, iaay oe leea at tin wafe - roonu, in Cbe - dui tvreer. .1 20 2 ' ' TO POSTVEN TpOR SALFt a full blooded POINTER DOG. X' Be very rarr.iy fli?ht a bint, 11 ery staunch buo aureoiaKAiiv welt ..rjuirr I - - JAME3 F. CTONOVER. and iae - noaro, tc. to un a. variety or other liirni'ure, ns jt n,.ir,n.V. i.,Hi... Wr,rii r.i.l, I f of, I j w V.u,u":c m and bed', pier - auS71w UlPearlstrctt. IX CIIANCE.EV. - Sfi sAew yr,'. IX pursuance Vt aa order this honorable court., bearing data tbe t7ih day of June, 1 Bid, will be sold at public auction, at tbe Tontine Coffee House, in the city of Hew York, under tbe direction ol the isbscriber. as one of the Boas ter of tbi court, oa the S 1st day of July neat, at Ita'clock at noon, all those several bloeks, piece or parcel of ground, rituate, lying sad being ia the township of firooklya, in tbe county ol Kioes. and sUle of Mew - Vork, aforesaid, and bowaaKldisUsuihedoaaaiapiaadeby Jer - emiab Lott, tbe 19th day of March, I8ui, by tbe fotfo wing boandarie, to wit, aortherfy in front by Water - street, toatberly in the rear by Front - street, easterly oo tbe one side by Jackson - street, and westerly on the other tide by Oold - treet, containing foor squares or bloctt ' ground. Also all these certain water lots, lying immediately ia front of the before described blocks, bounded a follow to wit eaderly by Jacksoo - itreet, toatberly by "Water - etreet, and wetterly by Uold - etreet, containing in breadth on Water - street tbe distance between Gold - and Jackson - street, and running into the Kait River as Inr as the grant of the corporation - of the city of Mew - York ei tends, with the appurtenance. Dated J uoe 2,1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, , Master in Cham - ery. Note. The abore property will be sold in lots and parcels, according to a certain map to be made thereof, which wiil be eihiliibitrd in the Coiree - house one week before tbe day of sale. JtSJ lawxwdlw The sale of the above property it notponed to the Seventeenth day of August neit, at the lanif hour and I - lbCe. July Slut, 1818. JAMt.0 A. UAMIU I J 51 dtd Master in Chancery. Ala cuurl il Cliaucery lnd lor the suit of New York, at the City 1111 of the city of New - York, on the eventeenth day of J une, in tne year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred aud ri venteen, PaESEBT, the huoorable James Kent, Chancel lor. Stephen J unit!, 17. TheUrtuline Cocveutiothe city of New - York, and o - tlitn. IT appearing by affidavit to the satisfaction ol this court, that the bill in the ahote cause was filed and liw subpoena issued on the 5th day oi June inula ul, aiid that the eaid luhr tcna wui made returnable oo the tkrelllb day ol June, in staut: That the Lrsuline Convent in the city of iew - iork,is an incorporated hwty created by an act of the legislature, duly incorporating three individual under the name alortiaid : that the person coin posing Ihesnid incororalion are all anient from the slate of New Yorli.beiiigiu tomi part of Great Llritaia, to wit, in Ireland ; that diligent search and enquiry has been made ' r tbe laid individuals composing the said incorpo ration, and dcitodanti in tan cauie, inierniedi.ite the teste and return of the said subpoMia, to ap pear and answer, but that they could not lie found, and that they have left no person ia the capacity of preiideut, presidiog officer, rathier, secretary, or treasurer, nor any other person, to represent (he said incorporation, to act for them in their aVe - .ce, nor opon whom tiie said subpoena in tins caute can be served ; and that ow ing to sucb'cauie the said suho?na has not been served upon the said said defendants, the Urtu - line Couveiit io the city of New - York On mo tion of James Stoughton, Esq. solicitor for the complainant, it Is ordered, that the said ilefend - nntt. the Uursuline Convent in the city of New York, do, io their corporate capacity, rauie their appearance to be filtered and their aniuer to be eied in this cause, within nine monthi from the date of this ordrr, or in default thereof that the complainants bill of complaint be taken pro - confeiso against them : And it ii further ordered. thai a copy ol this order he puhluheu wiltim twenty day from the date hereof, in one or more of the public newipaper printed in this slate, lor eight week tucccishely, once at least in every week. A copy. isaau li. Kit', Assistant liegtuer. JClaw8w At a Court of Cham - eiy l Id for the state or New - York, ntllicritr of Albany, on the thirty first day of Julv, in the year ofonr Lord one thousand eilit hundred and eighteen : rUEtCJIT, , The Honorable Jamei Kent, Enquire, Chancellor. Samuel Fnrsons, Valentine Hirs - s, and Joseph War ren Bracket!, executors, c. of Mattliew Frank IT appearing by affidavit, to the satisfaction of thil cmirt, that the a - boveniroed defendant, Henry Frank - lin, deceased. ri. Henry Franklin. lin, is concealed in the TK - iiiity of the city of New York, either inane neighboring part ol the tale of New Jerey, or on Long Inland, in this I iti. nrd rnuld not.UDnn dilippnt search and en - qUiry be found, to be served with t.roccis of lub - poena, in the above caue un morion oi w it - an(1. ii ordered that the said defendant. Henry ranklin, do cause hn appearance to be enter - and his answer in this cause to be hied, with - ,BUt tnereof, that the complainant' bll olenm published within twenty dayi I in one or more of the public newipaper pri Tinted in tint state, for eight week lutceuive - ly, once at least in every week A copy. ISAAC U KIP, acg 3 lawflw Assistant Register. VALUABLE HEAL KaTATE MJR SALE, IN TUP. UTT OP BEW - Tona. b .''IVE lols of eround on the weit sideofGreen wich - rtreef, betweeo veiiry ami uesnros - es - street. 25 hy BO. ! our do in the rear ol the aoove, ironnng on tiie east side of Waibington - itreet, 25 iiy Hi). Eight do io the block below, between ivasu ingtoo and VVrst - itreets. .... r. t in ninnisnmerr souniv. 6030 acres of Land io Lawrence's purchase. near East Canada Creek, ou the north side oi Ihe Mohawk. In Frank in County. 15,16! acres of Laad, in the towns of Mount Tl orris and Dayton. In Lssex s. -, 7C3J acres of Land in the town of Barrymore In the County of Lewis. 150 acres of land in Caiierland, Chattanii Purchaie. In Saratoca County. 5000 acre in Palmer' purchase Enquire at the office of the subscriher, 34Ce - Jar - itreet. BEV. H031NSON. mh7tf ' 1 ANCHE9TEK EL r. I S, Assorted eo - iVJ lour and very superior quality, for sale low, by Sjt.u.1. .r.vv ur.iii, J31 133 Pearl street. SOAP ,IfL FRUMENTO has received a box oi iL the belt perfomed Naples Shavin - . Soap. which he warranU to be ol Use first quality, aoc which lie witl sell any gentltman wishing to make . ... . 7 in u . . tbe trial of it, at No. t Wall itreet. I n lm A IOIITA11 XV ssppiyoll i die BeaverHat. fresh from tbe ma nufactory, suita ble lor the south era market, am packed . at tin shortest notice. at J. W1LS0.V3. 100 Broadway 4 months iroro tbe date oi urn or.ier, or in a - taun tnereof, that the complainant'! bdl of com - pa a or A on ou c are is pai (OTt w a new caM! granted, iiv, i0 let bv the year atttlo Aiv, iet k ,. rear at slow VAlVAaiS TtOFlUTT AT J1UAICA, t. t. Q - : FOR ILiLE, ' That very czaeUent farm, (tbe 1st rwss - danee of Geo. Cad wise. Jr. deceased) tirasta at Jamaica, f L. I.) on the Koekaway Turnpike, within half a toil Wtbe village i eoataining about fyi acres of good lead, l eaeeileat fcaee ad a - ditioo. . Tbe ntnsioa Imum is well built a id very large . aud aomsnodious, nsiMing of a two story main building, with two wings, making together front of nearly 130 feet. Tbe ot - bonses are very convenient and ia eseellent repair the barn particularly, is nearly new, and s. pposed to be tbe largest and best arranged one on lb islsnd. On the premises are, also, a good orchard and bine garden, well stocked with a variety of frails. AL - .O, a good piece of salt meadow, within 3 miles ol tbe la m, containing about 7 acres, and S piece tif eiecllent woodland, eontai ing, ill one about 7 and the other a ,out 10 acre. ALM), another farm on the main Jamaica turnpike road, about half a mile southerly from the Episcopal church in the said village, containing about 36 acres. ALifO, 26 valuable building lots, at the corner of Jamaica and Rockaway turnpikes, oppo - rile the residence of the Hmi. RufutKii'g. The above parceli of property will be sol J separately together, as raay be agreed upou, and can be viewed at all reasonable hours. Tbe stock and farming uteniiis may be had with tbe farm, at a fair valuation. Tbe title is indisputable. Apply to D. COBW ISK, 13 Xasisu st Or to the subscriber on the premise, aurtf MARY CODWISE. The hue new steam I rnnvTi - viP l "iui fsJtsiiiy 700 tons burthen, Jame LrtiH Kinzie. mailer, will commence running on tbeUrst day of May neit, nod will leave Kingston, fur York and Niagara, on the 1st, lllh and 21st day of each month, and Niagara, for York and Kingston, the 6lh, 16lt and St5th day of each month, during the season, where every attention ill be paid to the ease and comfort of the passengers. , Application! (urpniiage to be made to the cap tain on beard. Kinsston, 6th April, ISM. J "M&ctOrl UUM Uhhdt. new ruin, liuutiiii; irouiiloop fcasco, eatiide l'eck - s!ip, lor sale hy H. at C. W. DAVENPORT K CO. aug 7 . SPEAR'S CALCINED MAGNEMa, RemrAiftira Hour Alomath, Urari - hurn, and a Care for Inriwnlton. CtALClNLI J MAGNESIA has been some time in use both in Europe and America; but latterly it bas been more Irequently used than formerly, it was tint brought into use in Genua - rti, aud was highly eitulled by Hoffman, on whose authority it was introduced, but very confinedly, nil (lie knowledge ot it, and its excellence, wa more extensively diffused by the author of :i merinul jminphlet, entitled an " Essay upon the Nurriog and JVIanagement of Children," ic. 'J'bin author bus bestowed much tiiae and attention in the invesfuatiouof the virtues of the calcined inagnctia, and in most iiiitaoccs lias great Midgeuient and knowledge ol the subject which lie treated, and thereby has brought this medicine into high repute. We cannot, therefore, more properly etp'ain its reputed virtue, thun by quoting the passage in which he re - minendi its use. He says that " tbe tire and general cauie of most diseases to which infants liable, is the acidity which their food occa sion! in their stoinai. hi. 1 his acidity becomes very obvious from the griping and purging occa sioned thereby. It rmy not be improper to men tion an easy and generally a certain remedy, or rather prrventiro, it timely diuinistered, which Die magnesia alba, calcined. This medicine effectually cures all acidities, proves a mild and lenient putgaliie, and attrps tne Dooy genriy o - pen, without Icavii.g behind it that costive state whii h lays the foundation for many dangerous and troubli'ioiiie dieae." 'I he author ol the above mentioned eiay further observes, that " notwithstanding the peculiar excellence of this preparation in removing indigestion, vet still it iaixrs under a otfadvau - inpe fiitnrult to be obviated, a nncnemul bas as yet pursued a method calculated to divest it com pletely ot us crmimei, ami give u inai pre - emi nence which its merit (when properly prepared) would justly demand lor it i a well eitabliaht d fact, that indisreslion is the primary cause ol ma ny of the most alarming and dangerous diseases incif'ebt to tbe human system ; consequently tne magneiia nlbi. when properly calcined, would be the most idicacioiis remedy hitherto known." SorcPiffiil experiments bare fully demonstrated, (hat the unenrsialif re recommended has arrived to the ji rii ctirn at which the above author hints. to!u enly (by r rmmtme nl) y JUIIA C MORRISON, Drneeist, 1h8 tireeuwich sSreet, and HL LI.A. BOW NE, Druggists, 146 Pearl - street, New - York. J 31 Ira LOTS TO LEASE ATTIIE NORTH RIVEfJ CM I UATK. betweeu Br.rclay and Murray IO street, Chamber and Reed - it reels, Jay stud Harrison ttrce!, and North Moore aud reach street", at a price very considerably less than in - terctl on tlieu" value, ana al tne expiration ol the term the buildings to be fairly valued and rate, leveral calculated for Apply to PH. RIUNELANDER, 31 Tark, near the Theatre. . Several of Ibe above lots will he sold at a mo derate price aud oa a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June 11 tl . NEW - YORK SP F. RAT AC El 'I OIL K CAN DLE FACTORY No. ii BROAD - WAY 7 sale, wholesale and retail. vj ii . iwimer preeu ana summer .r:. .... . . : i j u'Vir'i.lraiiied Snernuutti it Dint Oil, at tiie above factory, or at the old stand, 138 Fly Market. Also, SPERMACETI, WAX, t TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. Together with a general as It sortment of Lamps, Lauip - lilanes. Lamp Wick ; and for the accommodation of customers. Tin Cani - ters, iom 1 to 15 gallons ; Keirs, tromoto i gallons; Jogs, from 1 to 3 Co : witb a variety of other articles. all nf hirh are warranted of tiie first onalitv. t,ri( at cheap ai can be purchased in New - York. I i,e above articles tent to any part or the city tree of expence, where the purchaser makes it anoo.iec. j oi f til. COX, No. 4 J Courtlandt - street near Broadway, im - porter? of die ,' POOL PA TEST LAMPS, have the pleasure to inform the pjblic and thtir friends that they bave jnt received an (xtrnsiva as sortment of tbe abore Lamps, of Ihe most re cent improvements, Likeieist A gen eral assortment of ?taDd Lamp, for chimney pieces, sid boardf, tables,&c. tr, f new and elegant psttenw, which, (or or nament and ntdity. are unnvaned witn ireat variety of other Lamps, men as nave oever been introduced before : all of which are warranted perfect, and il otherwue, may be re Have also received a great assortment of I.amn Glasses and Lamp Wicki, suitable for oil frimii nflamrM. JC. R. All ordsrt in Uiir line exernieu wiui ra;ihfiilnp and mnctualily. A kberal deduc tion to wholes! denlers. arrS tf rL'3 ITC 10 ton Fustic, land in it and fwr 2 il l m v hur - r - - . ' 4 in ei . ale by 'IS I 1MPLKY it WELD, 192 Front - xtrtet. P03T COACH An STEAM - BOAT USE, - FOH PHILADELPHIA, i v tT WAX or KLtSABBTUTOWM fOIXT. - v (Through ia On Day.) , , - ANEW Line of Post Coacliee with every convenience for passengers aud baggage, on Snrinei. starts from the Coach ouVe.' No. 1 Courtland - street, near Broadway, New - York, every morning, (Sunday excepted) at 5 o'clock. in me Meam noal Atalaota, via tjizaiieiiiiowu, Briimwick. Princeton, Treotuo and Bristol, and arrive nt Philadelphia the mine afternoon, ai o'clock. A ircond Line of new Poit Coache t will start from New - York every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the team BoatAtalan - ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Coat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fsre 5 dollars. P. S. Paiungers are rt queried to call and take their Seati at the office No. 1 Courtland - st. N. Y. United State Mai) Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for pasienscrs and baggage, ou spring. The U. S. mail coach will start from (lie coach odice. No, 1 Courtlandt - at. New - York, every day at 4 o'clock, P. M. aud arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only passengers admitted. for seats in the above named Lines, appty io THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old eitmdnhed Coach, and Steam Boat office, No. 1 Court - landt - stieet, near the corner of Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, and at No. 53 Whitehall - street, New - York. CtC? All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. JOStfll I.iO.v, bO.xs U - " N. B Expresses sent to any pari of the Cot THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je 24 SWIFi' - fcUKE MAIL COACHES, roH rniLAHKi.rm, y Ctrif ill.', iiiti (.iiiifinj i a ceptfd) at Hn'ckca,nml ai - nve iu riiiiaiieipiiia next uuv to dinner. The puldick hbue are good, aod rr asonaKe their charge. Thedriiers, horses aud li - are not inferior" to any others now running be - .i . ... it 'I - i i : . i twf?tu ineie iwo Liuri. i uc iretiumui unim'jt and the excellence of the roads on this rout, connected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expences, are beleived to be strong inducements to traveller in giving this line a decided prefer encr. The strictest attention will be observed by the proprietor in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at the riik of the owuer uules insured and receipted fur by the clerk of aaid office. Stage fare only $5, with a generous allowance of baggage. 1 Parties wishing to travel at their Iciiure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by appl vine one day previous to starting. For seats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - street, New - York. LYUA, SO. - VS, ic l:rj. np 2 Proprietors. UNION UNE. FOR flllLADEI. PHI A. Twenty - live mile land carriage, via New - Brunswick Mid Trenton. In new po.t coaches $ 5 Do good stagrt 4 50 Do lorecaitle ur deck passergers, 3 5i) Connected by the stenui boats iiLivs. br ask n and r HI.AliK.l.rillA. Ttie steam - bout Olive Branch will leave New York every day, Suu - dav's excepted, from the notth side of the Bat tery, t 1 1 o'clock, A. Al. 1 assengers will lodge at Trenton, and take the stenm boat Philadel - ol, ia. so as to arrive in I'hiUdeluliia at lOVi lock die next morning, in time to take the Union Liue Baltimore steam bouts. This line bus a connection w ith the test boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk si alto those of the North River and Sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause lit t.'e. if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the mori conve nient route, us me passilif.rii win rmcncr York after the banks cm ri, and arrive iuPbila delphia beloe the hours ol business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, tiie land car nage bring much less than hy any other route be tween the Iwo cities. For seat in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES. At the Union Line Steam Boat Oui e, in Mar kelficld street, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington streets or to The CAP I AIN on hoard. (Jf - All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. aps NO I ILK For the further accommo dation ol tbe public, the de 'tiarture of the rirvny Iroro (New - York and Newburgh will he in lutuie on the following days : Leave New York on Monday, Wednesday nd Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave N'ewhurgh on Tuesday. Fiiday aod Sundny at C A. M. The above arrangement will commence by the Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24th May. I he Western Stae leave Newhurgh imme diately after the arrival ol the I ireny mv TZ KASTOB ABU BKTHLRrlKM BBW L.1HK, VIA BKW - BRnNSWICk. (j - Fassengers will leave New - York every Monday and rriduy, at II o'clock A. M. in the steam boat Olive Braucb ; lodze at New Brunswick : leave there early next morning, and arrive at raston at 4 o'clock io the afternoon. Returning, leave Lastoo every Monday and r riday, at it o'clock A. M , lodge at New Brunswick ; arrive at New York at 10 o'clock next morning, in the steam boat Olive Branch. The stage connected with this line is a good four - horse stage. rassage from N. KronswicK to rasion, j uv ; from Eftstoa to Bethlehem, 75 cents. I or seals n the above line.apply to WM. B. J AtiUES, at the Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Boat OlSte, north side ol the battery. KOBbKi LLitui.rropnetor. Je 13tf fVH PHII.A iJkLfHIA, Via. ELIZABETII - 1VH X POI.VT. sS?S5 l - Ool - COACH I.INE, 77irotrjfli in a dny and ly daytightt EAVEi' New - York io Uie iteam - boat Ata - I lanta, from the f.wt of Whitehail - strect, near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandt - street and No. 53 bite - hall - street, at which pl tcel seats may be taken. JeZO tf AAlbOY ON bUNDAY. , The etetm Boat OLIVE I - BRANCH will sail for Am ?yi mfttor oo Sunday next, and f'mJtfiTii ? 4""rT succeeding t - uuday.nt II o'clock reCis.IT. She wid leave ll al4t. M. to arrive at 7 o'clock. Fa'seneers may vilher dine on board or at any of tbe taverns. Passage 50 ci ids going, the same price for returning; dinner ou board o rents. F. S. In mukUil the tnuslainill sail round siaten Island. a .tu BOARDING S - CHOOC. THE .MIS5 BENNETTi have opened a boarding schvl for young ladies, on tbe south siile of Pnwsri Hock, in a situation very healthy, an - 1 although convenient to the cily, nuite retired. The uual Enli4i brnvi Ires and Needlework, French, Music, lancin and Draw - iag, are (auyht, hy themserves or by approved masters, lor terms cc. apply to Mr. U. 1 GREENE, SI Wail - jtreet, or at U - .e school. J I4tf 'i T i git Tilt SOUAV STK.1M U0.1 T - LA E. Tba, proprietor, wih view of accommodating the public, by extending tbe line to Norwich, intend making the experiineut with the Fulton, Cipt. lAw,and tldi route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season, . , 1 he line will iu future be from New. York to' Norwich, as follows : 'I he Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - Vork every tfenrf.iy. W'diiuday and uf( ut 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor New - llaveu. The Fulton, (.'apt. Law, will brave Avrv trh at 6 o'clock ia the morning of the same days, touch at ffnv - l.m, V,m and depart from thence fvr few - Harm at 8 o'chck. Tbe boats will meet nt JVtw Harm, and depart from thence every Monday, U tdiifi - rfny and ' 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for JVetii - Ytrk, aud the Fulton for J'eir - lmdon and A'mvirh, mh 17 Nkwbvhi.m aini utsiustiivs ssail, - i sue TRRkK 1IMCI A HKKK. J FA VF.b Newbwrgli eve - J ry Sunday, Tuesday, and 'J hunday mornings, at three o'clock, runs through Montgomery, lllnomingburgh, Monticello. by White Lake, Coshecton, Mouut Pleaiant, Great Bend,Chenaiigol'ijnt,Owegat Ithica, aiid .Geneva, toCanandaigua. Returning leaves Canaiulaigui every Monday, Wednesday and t'ri lay mornings at three o'clock, and strives at Ncburj;li, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following morning. OO it may be trj'tcled that at all times u litn Iht ttram - boats alter their day$ of running, that this line vill alter so as to meet thtm. The whole route will be perfumed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of .November and Irom the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in f ur (lavs and from the 15th Ih comber, tin - til the fifteenth of March the same line will br continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cauandaigua in four days. Passengers travelling1 from New - York to CanarKlaigila, Niagara or lUiflalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Cmuriilaigtia in three days a distance of three l.imi'.red mihs. The line is well furnished u ith pmil, new carringta ; good horses, and careful and experienced driver Every uMen - tion will be paid to render the passageof the traveller nafe, easy and expeditious ; and it is believed that the accommodations oil this line are equal to any line in the slate. OCj FAKE from Newburgh toCanatulaigiia FOUR1T.EN DOLLARS. N. II. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from llliacato Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga I'uinti thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, He. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at tiie risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh,') E. C Ht. Juliu. Mouut i'leasanl. I L. U K. Mauning, Chenango, U'roprip. - l.utlier uere, llim , i tors. Samuel Greeoliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelpi, Latuing, mb 14 dCm nit: HrrAM - iiuAT a tai - iaja rUH. fc.ilSAUt.iU TOWN i'OI.VT, LEAVES N York each day, Sundays except - r:ed, friiin the foot of bite - iiaii - Miett near the Battery, ut S o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves Elita - bcthtowu Point at H o'clock A. M. aud half past i o'clock and hailp'ail 4 o'clock 1. Jl. Je i0 if lar nii aTKAM - bOArs, Or - On the 1 Ith ol May, mk luuiiiieitceu running inur itistunet a v.eek. A Boat ri 11 .si1 - - '' - '"" New - Yoik oa Tues - dity, at Hn'cluck, A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M; r nnay, at 'J A. M. and satuiday, at it r. AI. ol each week nod n bout leityi t Albany r.a ivion - day, Wednetday, Thuisdayl and fcaUrday, at 9 A. M. Tbe Fire - Fly leave New - York on Tuesday, Thursday end Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New burgh, and returns oo Alonoey, Wednesday and HA.AI. Je 2C WtlOOfiNG COUGH. DOCTOR SCOTT!" Pectoral Mixture, which is a safe and effectuid remedy lor the whooping rough. It is only ten ears since it was orlured to the public, nnd some thousand! ol children, both in England and Scotland, have been cured hy it, alter every other medicine had been used without effect. It ii held in the lowli est estimation for ill excellent nnd silubiious virtues. It promotes gentle perspiration, r moves viscid uhb em by an eusy and safe expec toration, and is hitrlilv salutary to the bines ; it itreiigtliens anddelendtthe stomach, give great er liberty oi nreatlnng, nnd produces me inosi safe, salutary and happy cilivts, by pri tent ing those distressing nnd convulsive coughs, to which thousands of individuals, in come - quence of neglect, prematurely fall a sacrifice. It is not by exciting a temporary atimulus ot relief in those violent paroxvsmi that its niial ties are manifested, but by erl'ectually remov ing those distressing symptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened 'frame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by It. Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 llroadwav, and J. C. Arori son, Drtiggest, No. IR8 Greenwich - street, N York. Druggests throughout the United Mates, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the lowest wholesale price. J,y 7 2m MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TBE CIT1 OP KKlV - TORK. (The, oldtit Institution for fimirnnre against Jin in rru cuu,) TNSURE aeainst Los or Dxtnace by Fire, - a Dwelling Houses, Ware Houses, Buildings in eeneral, iviercnaniiize, cmrs in port ana uieir Careoes. Household t urm.ure, and every de' senpuooot perioral propeny, on lenns as tavo - rable as similar institutions in this city. Thi CoiuDanyis inconioratcd oleiy for the rnrrvic0 nf in.urm? riruinst lofeses bv tire, and has circumscribed its operations cbienj witian this city aod immediate proximity. In addition to the Capital Stock. XoUU.UOO. whkb is locnred by bond aod muitg.ige oo real estate and public stocks, tbis Company possesses a handsome surplus nino, inves'eu io uaenuan ner : nanus assured may mere lore repose tne lul jrst confidence in the solidity of its capital, and that any losses or damage will be settled with Dromniitude and liberality. I he different R.tes of premium and condition of Insurant e are uniform with those of the other Fire Insurance Oihcei in thiicity. The public are referred for particular to the pnuted proposals io circulation, and whicn may be bad oo application at ivo. oz wait ttreei. GABRIEL FURMAN, President, JOHN PINTARD, Secretary. may 98 JOHN IU.V 1 1 t' still rcniies at No. k4i W titer itrret, win re he has a very handsome and lasbionahie assorlmi - ot ol Cabinet Furniture on hand, which l.c Ki'l warrant to be of Ibe hr si cunlity. He solicits his New York and southern friendito give hiru a call, as be rlnticn himself they will not be diiappntutt J. Ordett executed at the thcrUit notice, Jelitf 1 AUUili I A aUMtrxiig piblit kxaw Acs ta AiaMui.h'L DOtrORHORNE.fe,,, ofthj city of lxdoorait niiiiiberofttie faculty u PUv.i, aed turgery tt.ere, deems it wVd" f y to repeat lotuftOrMiervtuja. L li abuse of MEKCURy a rash, imliscriminahr, wij unoiriu tied use tawof, bas been prodat". tive of infinite ttaiwhipr i - v.T' laui.j rre Minually mercurialued out of tsi nte. The diseate we bave in view owe its f. tal results chu - tly to this source. What a fbat a younft idkb, tiie hopes of hit country the darbng of bis parenti, should le soxtcbJ 4 jvuy horn a'l the protjictts and enjoyments ofhiT by tlM!onsvqucw.f.for.e unguarded moment! iml by a dea'.e not in its own nature fatal lanii wbahuply prove no from cegWt i,t imprsri. trcatmeDl.'' A getlemae, (lute Dr. lietd) now perfw'tiy hear and well, had hum under pliysaiani of geueidl practice, aix 7, ti.d repeatedly ealivil.d ; when reeomBnSd L Dr. H. (by a goLlleua. of lt t,tyi nu bwisl were cauouj, and bit flesh dropping from tiWi bis friend declared be could not possibly surnri t wo months longer. Thousands exrserinvenUii. know with whnt ease aud smaty Di H. erTi'" cates the severe it cai. aid confirm the ceustL tutiod. - Tbe Doctor' plan (advertnioe) hit cesary to guard the public ingui vt the aim. Tf mercury, end other fatal delusions, held fbrt "I Person, therefore, having contracted a rjrt. vate disorder, or tuspecting launt poison, are admonished not to tamper w ith their coShta. ' tion, or corn eal the disorder, till past n,ov" ry ; other having the remain of an old cats or other impuritut of tie bpjod, a well a tl er complaints of a deiii ate nidure, in tiiu) sex. should remember posterity, and do juitir,' to their consciences, by making appircxlioZ to Dr. II. at his old and respectable estaiZ lishment, No. C4 Water - street, four houses tol of Old - tlip, to viMain that prompt aisiitaoa lone clulated to prevent disclosure. And Ten let ore claim your serious attention Remeiili a superficial cure is no cure at all ; unless lisbs tinessit radu:ally done, you will certainly kavs Ihe duorder break out egain with redoubled mt li?nity, at some future period ; perhoiis then wi' he too late for remedy. Don't you often mast i tbe strrets miserable, mutilated beingi. withoii eyeu a bit ol noseop their face Take warEu. ln'ieerh you. Dr. H's, character for .kill and slubborn ints - eri'.y be irg universally known in this cify, note I304,6uaraotee to patienli that delicacy and m - csecy hitherto unknown, and having confined hi practice foryear past, excliiMvely to the cure e diseae of the blond system, they may safelvca! - culate on the mot decided advantage iu cot - suiting Dr. II. Gleets eradicated intw cr three weeki. Stricture removed withool tmusies er instrument ; and all debilities; likewise all old ulceration!, fistula's i.c. A plurality of omre art provided, and soiiti - ted that patients are not et nosed toearh nfhf olnervftlion. Open till half past 9 in the evenine. mt Ti!uipvunifnirj nre miuea io ce nee IB ailing, and speaking with Dr. H. which it in o( cntt. And here tbe Doctor taruut avoid tie txpression of gratitude fi.r innuD;erab!e mrnn.. mrndntions, and lor ti e decided preference (it i presunieu wunjuvi cause; long given mm by a 'Ui'icious public. A. d. All letters mmt lie poit paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 U A OR JMtUSJ. 7OA. EVANS' supers. I 'jnethod ufcurineacai niu wisease, isnow snivel, tally acknowledged inur city j hfl mode ot treatiu.i.1 it perfectly mild, safe, ei oeuiuous. anil tits ctiarj. a reaionablc. la every ii stance be warrant a curs. and will return the pay if le dors not perform agreeab'ai to contract. , I I.. .fr If St ll'frprt IhllVAWB AllUtflJ. lliere are many persons in this city aud its si - cinity, laboring under various chieW discaeesv' such si cancers, oid inveterate ulcers, scrcfalai or kings evil, fistulas, disease Of h laretkra. bladder and kidnies, ufd cenplicalee oaaaplaiBfr of a certain aature, bilious pad other ebttrxo tioni, rheumatism, Ar. whkb they consider iacs - rahlc, they can ttrtninly be cured fingeneBil) by si 'ply inr t Dr. EVANS'S Medical btore, I a. 9, Peck - slip, having practised in exteWe hoipituh io l oVope li years, under lome ol the first Surgeon tad Phyiician in tbe world, Bstt mude those obstinate uiseaset ins constant tttty fArtlvesrs. I'd 11 A FRUMENTO. No. 1 Wall tfreet. etle. men's dressing room, has for sale a fewRa - tors of Damnsk Steel, mnde hy the celebssted vinrguin, ot raris. tie has also received ar assortment of the best English Raxors, whicl he warrants good. If proved to the contraryno - oey refundtd. ! AIo, cuts and dresset hair in the latest rtyle aod in a manner so as to adapt it to the phyiog - nomy. Is Mr. t nUMiiA l u returns tm sincere tntnii to hit customers, and the public in genera, for their very liberal patronage, and solicit! a ton tinuance of tneir lavours. J - He has like itc proeuredavery fine honeasfl engages to restore raxors to a very keen cxe, and snoutd tney not cut wen ne win rcceiv ov. reenmpence. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, wi I have tlieir apparatus kept exclusively for ttroi elves. run ti aoove t rnul'itf tnnii' and rttl complaint, Hamilton's Elixir is offered, wit a confidence inspired by twenty years snccessiui experiment. A single tnal will prove tnaiuau - lodgtt and evacuates the tough viscid l1n,ii" :"' mucus, strengthens the weakened vessell Of the lungs, sheathes the acrimonious humour M irritate them, and finally discbarge it. TJJ"1 itiikingat ihe ro - it oftlie disorder, tbe ynil tomiare of course effectually and rrmassatil conquered i the reverse of common .ruedtoe, which weaken the constitution, and give ilsjntpa to the disorder, for the sake of mode rami g ar pn sent some of its painful effect. ' lUrnllEJI l B, Who Have cnnur ""ZJj with ibMdrcad'ul malady, thi i a ducovery tbe trst magnitude, a il afford im media lief, check tiie progress, and in a hovt ?v tirely remove the wort cruel disorder to mwa cnnurenare uaoie. i ne sum - w r - - , , , - ' m t greeuble, and t.e dose ao (wall, that vt "s7 ariie iu taking it. . Be pellicular to k for Hamiltf' itatiob ol which are oflercd lott Pb,,c,,w: none hie genuine without Uie signature Lee. ' w ' i Maiden Lane, and by every respectable vrn nst in New York. tOU SALL. Y'OUNG black - woman. Fop term, A artnlv to Mr. IL ANUP.ksuh, J 29 2w No. 10 SUte - rireet sirvvvvnmt PRINTED AND PUBLtSBID MICHAEL BUKIOIAM k C(V No. 49 Willi A?J - s)TRitBv opi - oiiTR . bus Coprt - HowR. l8k

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