Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 10, 1934 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1934
Page 17
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MAY 10 I 1934 MASON UITY GLOBE-GAZETTE That la, an unbreakable fountain pen can-stand anything: except letting: a Mend write with It--IJncoln Star. ····· . . . . SPECIAL! FLOUR, Jersey Cream $1.49 SWEET CORN, Yellow Bantam, lb. TANKAGE, KMT pounds... CERRO GORDO FARMERS CO, Phone.270 ADMINISTRATION FIGHTS STRIKES Action Brings Promise of Early Settlement of 2 Labor Dispute!. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The weight of President Roosevelt's administration has been thrown against the spread of strikes, bringing promise of settlements In two labor disputes. Secretary of the Interior Ickes, oil administrator, recommended a "fair and equitable method" of ending the strike of 2,000 Cleveland gasoline station operators. The major oil companies accepted the six point peace proposal, but the operators' union called for clari- fication. The "closed shop" question remained in dispute. An ultimatum by Secretary of the Navy Swanson brought a "turning point" In the strike at the Camden, N. J., plant of the New York Ship Building company, with a final conference called for Friday. Secretary Swanson ruled that unless work is resumed by Monday, the U. S. S. Tuscaloosa--a cruiser 95 per cent completed--will be removed to the Philadelphia navy yard. Conferences were called by President Roosevelt's mediation board in the strike of nearly 15,000 Pacific coast longshoremen, demanding higher wages and shorter hours. About 6,000 employes of the Remington Rand Typewriter company in Syracuse and Ilion, N. Y., Middleton, Conn., and Norwood, Ohio, walked out in a dispute over unionization. Sees Textile Strike. A general strike in the textile industry of the south was prophesied by William F. Kelly, vice president of the United Textile Workers of America, at the convention of the Pennsylvania Federation of Labor. National guardsmen patrolled the Alabama coal and iron fields, where two have been killed and many Injured in the strike of 8,000 miners. Employes of the Thomas Furnaces of the Republic Steel corporation held a temporary injunction, restraining strikers from interfering with them. Mrs. Glotfelty Rites ' Are Planned at Ackley ACKLEY, May 10.--Funeral services for Mrs. Joseph Glotfelty, 80, who died Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lillian Engebretson in Ackley, will be conducted at 1:30 p. m., Saturday at the Engebrstson home by the Rev. A. E. Coe, pastor of the M. E. church. Interment will be in the Memorial park cemetery, Waterloo, where a brief prayer service will ba held by Mr. Coe at 3:15 p. m. Songs Everybody Sin A GREAT Chinese Emperor once held that a lily was worth two empires--and a. song worth three! Here are 205 songs, every one of which has lifted some heart to ecstasy, raised some spirit bowed down by weight of woe. You long for a new Spring bonnet, or a shiny new automobile. But with an equal yearning you wait for old friends and the mellow old songs. Here are America's ageless favorites -- patriotic airs and religious hymns? college songs, spirituals, Christmas carols; cowboy songs, marching tunes, sea songs, and chanteys! You'll find your own old stand-by in the titles below: AUde With Mi Atale Titan All Ihroutd tkt Nlrhl jU.hl O« amsrici American'* Craed. Thr America, The Beaatifol Annie tasrie AnTll Chorus , At Fierrot's Dior Aald l4Bf Syno mills Crr it Freedom Jfattta HjTnn .1 tie KectbUc Var of Biscay Ike JBee and the Pup. Tie Beliere M«, If All Tho» 2eii Doth Ttll, i'h» Zen Bolt VlroV Return. The Blest Be the Tie that Binai Blind Man Stood on the War Blew the Mae. Down ' Scotlaaf, Tie Blue Bells of Scot Brahma' Ltiilaby Ban Dor. The Central Will Shis. Chfllr Water Columbia. Tie Gem Come Then Almlrttr Kinr One With Tfi.7 ttte Comlft' Thro' th* KTB Cenldn't Hear Ntboly tnr Cemln Jededltk Cradle Rene Cackeo, ID* t Ain't Gwlne 8l«a W»r 1 Beard the Bells III Rear the TnunMt Inteter Vlta« la the Gloamine In the Time of Roeei I Hide an Old Paint .Italian HrmR .It Came Upon the Midnicat 1 it Been Wnltin' On J'Te Got a Robe I Want to Be Heady I Will Silts i Lullaby Janoarr and February Jean5, IOTer of My Soul Jinrie. Bell* John Brown's Baiy Johnny Boker Joy to the World Juanita Jut Before the Billle. Mother Xatbleen MarourneeR Keller'a American H?om KlUarney Ihe Jilcfciiuale : Nellie Bray " le. The Dead Hone, Nearest Scot, Th* Deep il'er Jiip. Boys, Dip the Oar Drlak t» Me Only With Znmct'i LlUttr rairr Belle ramrell to SUIMW Tartuer. Tbe Farmer In lie Dell, Th« rareirell to Thee Farm;aro\ The Tint Noel. Tkd nar of the Free Flow Genllr. S««et Ation Tnm m D. The* Detail Mo FlElelli, FanletUa Gallr tb» Tnibaloir Gentl. Ai\ol» aial Chrlitmai BtHl Go" Bin* Our NatlTC Lul G« Down. Moses Goed Nlrht Good Nlrht, Lailm ,, G. to Sing team Parlter GraAoatloQ Sone Colnmblal 205 Favorite Songs with words and music at the rate of Ten for a Cent Xast Rose of Summer, The Lead Elndl; Llcht Hall' to the Chief . Rarp Tht Oaoe ..aul On the Bowlla' Hard Time* Come Arafn B ark! The Herald Anrttj gint earl Bowed Down, The HeeT'D. Hear'a Hello Speaker Holy Ghoftl With Licit Holy. Holy. Holy Rome On the Run g ome. Sweet Home op. Hop* Hop! Row Can I Lta« TQM Bow D'ye Da Lcree Son* LithUr Row Linden Iree, The tittle Brown Church Little lUTit. Little ttuslman, Th,» loch. Lomond Lonr. Lone Aro L»rd of Al! Bcinf Loreley. The Lorelr Nlcht Loire's Old sweet Sour Lather's Cradle Hnna MacDonald'e Farm Mftole I-eaf ForeTer, The Mtrch of the Men of Htrleth Marselllslie Hymn «an»*s In the C°li Ground Mensrerie Men of Harleeh Merrily, Merrily Merrr Life. A Hldshlpmlte. The Mine Eye* HSTB Seen the Glorj Moles Mammy Sonr. The Mr Hondo Mr Coontrr 'tis of Thee Mr Fftltli LOOK UP to Tbec Mr Last Cinr Mr Old Keatceky Homt nc Xktionzl Prayer. A Keircr My God to Thee Nobttdr Knows tbe Troiiblr Now Thank TPc AH Our God A T ow the Day Is Orer O Come All Te Faithful O Dear! What Can the Matter O God. Beneath Thr Oh, Wasn't That »TVideRltcr Oh, Wert Thou. Old Black Joe Old Doc Trar Old Folks at Home Old Hundredth Old Oaken Bucket. Th« O Little Town of Bethlehem O Mary, Don't You WMD O Me! O My! Onward Christian Soldier* PaddT Bojle's Boot* Tatrlots. The Tolly Wolly Doodle Fraiae /or Feace Praise God. From whom All Blcsslncs Flow £ei.ben aaxo Revolutionary Ttd Rim:. Rinr the Banjo Robin Adair Robin Redbreast Roched in the Cmdt« Roll. Jordan. Roll Row. Boir, Row Tour Boat Safely Throcth Another WetV Sailing Sally In Our Alley Santa Lncia Scotland's Barninp Seeing 1 Nellie Homo Silent Xisbt SinC-a-Hnr-a-llnr Slumber Sons Solomon Lev! Sound the Load Timbrel Spanish Cavalier. The Snewl Our Republic Sprint. The Stars of the Snnimer Nj^ht Star Soatiffied Banner, The Style AU the Vfhilo Swunco Hirer Sweet *,nit LOT Sweet Gencrleve Tent in r on the Old Camp There's Music In the Air They All Love Jack Those Evening Bells Three Blind Mica 'Tis SDr.nsilme Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! Tree in the Wood. The Two Roses. The Uncle Ned Tocant Chair, Te Walk In Jerusalera Warrior Bold. A Way Down Upon de Swante Wearing of the Green Welrome. Neighbor We're Tentinir Tonicbt We Three Kings of Orient When Johnny Come* MarcbJnr When tbe Swallows Homeward Wbrn Ton and I Were Tonne While Shepherds Watehsd Whoopee Tl Tl To, Git Alone Wide Missouri, The Woodman. Spare Thai Tree Work, for the Mtt Is Cotnlnr Yankee Doodle Tenri nt Feme* These songs are all of tried vintage. They were sung by our jathers and mothers. Most of them zvill be sung by our children. This 141-page booh is bound in a stout two-color paper cover. It compares with regular trade editions which, have sold for one dollar. A copy of Everybody's Song Book awaits you at our Washington Information Bureax.. Enclose 20 cents in coin to cover cost, postage, and handling. Other Booklets Available Through This Service (.check your selections') Everybody** Song Book. . . .20c Natural Scenes of the V. 5.. IGc Official U. S. Road M a p . . . l 5 c Weight Control 1 Oc Everybody'a Coin B o o k . . . ,10c Map of North America.,... IQe Presidents of the U. S lOc Given Names lOe Map of the United States,.lOc Map of the W o r l d . . . . , - . .lOc America's Favorite Poemi. *10c Care of the Feet .,10c Annual Flowering Planti..lOc Famous Placet in the U. S..10c Recipes for Mixed Drmks. .lOc (Use Thin Coupon.) The Mason City Globe-Gazette information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D. C. Herewith enclosed is $ in coin (carefully wrapped), for which please send me the booklets checked on the above list. Name Street City .. State f,Vaif fo The Mason City Globe-Gazette HELPING THE HOMEMAKER By MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE SUNDAY IN MAY Breakfast Orange Juice Wattles and Syrup Coffee Dinner Pineapple Juice Cocktail Roast Beef and Browned Potatoes Gravy Creamed Carrots Bread Currant Jelly Radishes Celery Trifle, American Style Coffee Supper Ham Biscuits Tea Strawberries Angel Food Cake Trifle, American Style 6 slices sponge cake, 4 eggs, ,» cup sugar, 1 tablespoon flour, J ,s teaspoon salt, 3 cups milk, ,i teaspoon vanilla, V- teaspoon almond extract, 4. tablespoons raspberry jam, 2 egg whites. 5 tablespoons confectioner's sugar. Beat eggs, add sugar which has been mixed with flour. Add salt, milk. Cook in double boiler until mixture thickens a little. Stir constantly. Place sponge cake in shallow dish. Cover with custard mixture. Beat whites until stiff. Add confectioner's sugar, beat until creamy. Roughly spread on custard. Spread with jam. Bake 3 minutes in hot oven to brown top. Cool and chill. Ham Biscuits 2 cup flour, 4 teaspoons baking powder, % teaspoon salt, 4 tablespoons lard, % cup milk. Mix dry ingredients. Cut in lard with'knife. Mixing with knife add milk When soft dough forms, pat it out until 'i inch thick. Spread with ham mixture. Roll up like jelly roll. Cut off V" inch slices and arrange flat side up next to each other in a shallow greased pan. Bake 15 minutes. Ham Filling 1 cup chopped cooked ham, 1 tablespoon chopped pickle, 1 tea- soon chopped onion, 1 teaspoon chopped celery. 2 tablespoons cream. Mix ingredients and spread on dough. FARMS REPORT POOR CHIMNEYS Need for Improvements to Reduce Fire Hazards Pointed Out. AMES. May 10.--Seventy per cent of the fires in farm dwellings result from defective chimneys and sparks falling on combustible roofs, said Henry Giese, associate professor of agricultural engineering at Iowa State college, here yesterday. The CVVA rural housing survey conducted recently in 10 Iowa counties shows that only four-fifths of the chimneys in Iowa are in good condition, according to the report of occupants of the House. Professor Giese is of the opinion that even this figure is too high "because many people are unaware of bad condition in their chimney until fires occur.' Common Faults Listed. "Faulty chimneys have been built in many houses and others have become defective after years of use,' said Professor Giese. "A careful examination and necessary repairs, which often can be made by the owner, will go a long way toward I preventing fires which annually cost ! Iowa farmers more than 3 million i dollars." Among the most common faults found in chimneys, according to Professor Giese. are: Improper laying of brick and lack of mortar, especially in the perpendicular joints; support of chimney on timber construction rather than on good masonry foundation in the earth; building inflammable material into or against the chimney without proper insulation; failure to anchor the smoke pipe properly to the chimney; neglect of connections between smoke pipe and flue; neglect of the flue itself; lack of a tight flue. Cement Mortar Urged. "At least 4 inches of brick or other masonry should separate any | wood from the inside of the flue," said Professor Giese. "Widely varying climatic conditions between the attic space and the outdoors cause unequal expansion and frequent cracking at the roof line. Acids formed when the flue gases become moist deteriorate lime mortar rapidly. For this reason only cement mortar should be used." If any mortar joints in the attic or at the roof line are defective, the bricks should be removed down to that point and then relaid in fresh, mortar, Professor Biese advised. Lining the chimney with a clay flue liner is the safest practice. A screen or spark arrester fitted over the top of the chimney has demonstrated itself to be effective in keeping sparks of dangerous size from es caping to the roof. Cantor and Fields Head Donkey Polo Teams in Hollywood ' HOLLYWOOD. May 10. /P--Hollywood is going in for a new sport- donkey polo. Teams sponsored and coached by Eddie Cantor and W. C. Fields, screen comedians, are to compete Sunday at Santa Monica. The" teams will be composed of actresses, and they will be called the "blonds" and "brunets." 64 Minnesota Bridges Built by CCC Workers MINNEAPOLIS, May 10. CIV-- The Civilian Conservation Corp." has constructed 64 bridges in Minnesota a survey completed by the United States forest service shows. "The bridges," says E. W. Tinker, regional forester, "will assist materially in making the national forests more accessible for fire protection and general administration and were included in the forest improvement plans." · From a national standpoint, the corps has built 21,907 bridges of all types since the army of men went into the forests and fields last April and 2,678 more are under construction. In Wisconsin, 99 bridges were Don't worry about the interest | on bonds. Mr." Brisbane. Those who ' jet it will fork up the tuxes to pay it.--Davenport Times. WHAT FOOD these morsels be Kellogg's Rice Krispies have a delightful taste-appeal. A treat for the whole family. So crisp, they crackle and pop in milk or cream. All the nourishment of wholesome rice. Light and easy to digest. Ideal for hreakfast or lunch. Fine for the children's supper. Always oven-fresh in the patented inner WAXTITE bag. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Listen!-- built and 358 others were erected n Michigan. 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Are you looking for Meats to cook with delicious greens? May We Suggest Corned Beef Smoked Eilbs Ham Shanks Corned Beef Hash Decker's Famous Pot Roast, -i$ic lean, lb A.M 2 Ham Loaf, "1 Qc fresh ground, lb. J.O those Grupp's BonclessK Famous 'I'. Barlicquc Style lb. Cut from loxvana's Armour's 111. C! Pork Roast, loin end, lb Ground Beef and Pork, lb. Strawberries, quart ·. Tea Dplicious Iced Brown Label Black '"' Green Label Japan ,J J C AMERICA'S LARGEST SELLER Be sure to read the "R" Grocer IDc stile advertisement In tbis paper. Our Free Deliver}- and Credit Department nre at vour service SEVENTEEN Cut Rate Grocery SAVES YOU MOIS'EY Let l~s Have Your Grocery anil Meat Orders--We Kiuv.v We Can Save You Money. (OUR PRICES ARE IS'EVER HIGH) 30 E. State St.--rhono J12-113 008 1st. St. S. W.--Phone 114 SUGAR, 10 pounds 50c BLACKBERRIES. No. 10 cans 37c BUTTER, NORA SPRINGS, (None Better), pound BLISS COFFEE. 1-lb. c=n 25c BUTTERNUT or HILLS COFFEE, O *) f. per lb. ciin .......... 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BROOMS, GOOD ONES 39c 49c 59c 25c LIMA BEANS, 3 pounds * · TRIUMl'H FLOUR (None Better) J1 ·7Q 49-lb. sack « j ) I « i J ORANGES, Sweet and Juicy D()7 ,, n 19c23c29c 25c FANCY 1 Q COOKIES, per Hi * _ _ _ . S\LAI) DRESSING OR SANDWICH SPREAD, quart jnr 25c l! OYSTER SHELLS, /r Klfl-lb. sacks U J C Kc KKLLO(JG'S WHOLE WHEAT BISCUITS, 3 packages I'KICES ABOVE GOOD FOR FRIDAY. SATURDAY AND MONDAY C. E. BUSH, Mgr. 80 East State Street .. EARL BUSH, Mi;r. « ! 308 First Street S. W. Cut Rate Grocery

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