Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 29, 1943 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1943
Page 10
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 194s MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE An A. W. LEE NEWSPAPCB Issued Every Week Oa.v by Ih* LOOK OUT 6ELOW MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Who Has the Jitters Now? .Entered M Kcond-clasj nucter Aoril 11, 1930. at the post- in Cily. Iowa, under the (let of March 3. 1813 LSSOCIATED PBESS -- TH« AK^IS.^ u/._ tnlerea » Kcond- ottice at Mason Cily, t entitled to the use for and local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ·Old ' ... P as ,s«i2 over nightly for raids on ueimany, the people of occupied western Europe could have an interesting time cc '-- · *· "~~" American family living CABKIEB DISTRICTS vi Per year by carrier.. 810.00 i Per week by carrier..* .JO ! Per year by mall .... $ e.oo OUTSIDE 1M HIZ.E __ Per yr. $10.00 g months 15 so 3 monUu it 00 «i- n ""u T that wars must always be because pessimistic 'viewTof' 6 TM' '? 'V?!TM m cx \ reme 'y By mall 3 montha. 81.75 Bv mall 1 month...* .60 1 month 11.00 "MY SON" WHEN the journalism of this war period is sifted and assayed, a place of high distinction is sure to be accorded this simple, impressive editorial from the pen of Rilie R. Morgan, editor ot the Walsh County Record of Gratton, N. Dak.: T ,' Tor . moi ' e tha » 30 years, as a newspaper man I have been writing about people--mostly people whom I knew. I have chronicled their successes lsE».,r iT r a i lur l s ' the!r joys and their sorrows. Naturally it has been easier and more pleasant to write .of their.successes and their joys It is not '^L r"?,. ab ° ut ho dar * shadows "h"ch * * t of f U v' °.alk 0£ habU de V el °P« d by three months June be ShUlfUng their wa ? ^nS untu well into * .* '» The "beginning of the end" may be described as that moment when the people of our enemy nations become convinced they can't win the war * » » · It shouldn't be held against the Rural pay-as- you-go tax plan that it wasn't spawned in a smoke-filled room of politicians. * =f *' Bill Jeffers seems to have been absent the day dfeloSatyTM 1181 ' 16 "* thC SUbJCCt Oi "" ItetieS ° f * * $' One of our cynical friends insists that the girl' izesit 3t a naughty stor y now memor. * * * T *oM n J h 4, firSt ^ orl( * war ' in line with my duty, l told of the passing of many fine young men who w« d tf ne 1 Ut fr ° m the U«lf comnJuiflty S Stark! *£*%«?£££?"* lived - to defeod d **- _ '-In the great conflict now raging the unpleasant duty of myself o i«,, VC war, as in past wars, the army pretty much the unsung " -- .. therefore, with the form of ..the message which the war departaent TMnds out on such occasions. It is a simple carefully 2^o^rM£ ^ay%nh ^ ^s^^^^^J^^ Mffij^K.s^Tsr^ fuH? 11 m the defense of his. country in the : SOU ^l c l^ ° n Nov - 22. Letter follows? ine great sorrow which we have tried so of ton t*» share when others have received the dread news ' bvlh CaS /' bU i We are sustai ««l and supported by the-words and messages of *-l "i*"" 1 TM and CONS Some Interesting Viewpoints Gleoned From Our Exchanges Depending Mare and More on Prayer ' ' Fairmont; Minn., Sentinel: We talked a bit «"* a man who 5s .the head o f - a big concern ? V i· war P roductior i responsibilities. He . _ had just came from a prayer service. "You wav W r S3ld ln a matter -°Ma* businessman's way, I am. coming to depend these days more f t £°£ , U ?° n P ra y er " w e think that is an at- · "tude that happily and helpfully is growing on all thoughtful men and women. Prayer alone can t win the war, but it can help mightily. Charles City Press: It is suggested that the president is not in favor of a fourth term. 'Just MAT ------ ----- ^winc j-iwiii inunas everywhere "Now that the effects of the first shock have passed, we naturally look back over the life of ' this young man who was so typicaUy American and who e"TM^"i:-«~ *«-- -.. ; ,,. ·'*" t -^*fj -maei-ican men .who . - - - -- ..-.. A .e will want a. fourth to win the world to peace. Of course there is . this country. Some of his politi- tnmk he is their only hope to continue STKATtYTAUCS 1940 £YE* OBSERVING REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files '«i.r* "" """ 6: a ? " Je sna11 endure. W? recall as if it were yesterday how croud 2^^^^$3?i* «.g£j!5er? ^ y-swS " Kewanee, 111., Star-Courier: The president has naa more misfortunes in picking men for re sponsible places in the war effort than any presil H^rv wTMv m °°j n ^° Wils ° n - No ' * mistake « iiarry Hopkins, lend-lease administrator Every week sees some new attack on the known Hop. £1"? S?£S*. atta ; k f. whicl ? TM bound to re- e o charac- Salary tin,it «, u-"~ .1--; ever y°ne knew him. When we he was AGO The baseball fair association met last evenine to perfect plans for the coining fair and for the TM m '"V eaS £ n - ?' °- Winter, chairman of hi association, has mne men booked for the season! AiV n i e , Wl11 mana S R the team and will pitch Mr TM« bcars a 20Qd reputation and will no ·fe for the opening night · can have the same by GOOD HEALTH . By Logan Clendening, M. D. THE COMMON COLD * W*^r T , SHAL ^ * do tor my cold, Doctor?" anv m m.r»h th ? -?°S° r P robab 'y doesn't know any more about it than you do. In fact, when much from a c In the first that you are go comfortable by t. t"";- "j-- 1 may sti11 nave millions safe in the £M u js2 ^k? 1 ^^ in THIRTY YEARS AGO . s a consummation of "man's experiments since he sniffled around in the ' sun near the pyramids. So since we ...... *r*e came to uraxton - years old. He grew up whnni"w thro "fih the grades and the high high school if a more «» s _ rt , as a democrat-who has h . The members met at thn hnm. * --? a single rcveuuo producing TWENTY YEARS AGO ? are ° f chUdish trouble ' there w ° SS in his mawi P. H « ,., ; -- "-."*" ""mini and trustworthy univeVs'uy for°hvo" 8 ^'^ S ^°° 1 ' ** Went lo lhe he was able to get into the R. O T^"" ^wl joined Company C and left here in FebruarV. 1941 Off to a Good Start Thompson Courier: Governor Bourke B Hick IiS^? '$S^t!i±S55 ^^!iJ^^^^^^^^^ TEN YEARS AGO "No Vew Taxes" fc Slogan Clarion Monitor; One of the slogans of the new low! legislature seems to be that there'shall be no new taxes. A splendid slogan. We have attended a static., m eeu ng ot the divisicm o£ S^^sSo^ 'ssss-s, re ^k^^ne^i^e^^h 3 ? 5 ? couragmg early building contracts! - land try reasonably to find out I how much relief can be obtained I from them. I ' No matter what causes a cold I --What particular kind of a " I germ--the effect is an inflam- I mation of the mucous membrane of . the nose, the throat land later on of the bronchial I tubes. The mucous membrane I of the nose is very thick and I spongy and has the possibility | of swelling up to five or six times its normal thickness un- iiTV :--·---""·» der the inflammation. This cives that feeling of stuffiness in the head t he iH.i??^ 1 TM?'^ 0 !1 !? 6 muc .° u * membrane of rTS^2- " ' ^- M^r^ur! afternoonlror 5 , ^, Ue , %£^TM-*«l*V '. tightness and raw- f^h^= th f ly 1 ? 53101 ? 5 o£ a generalized infection- flashes of hot and cold, achy feelings in the muse es, joint pains, loss of appetite, mental de- raM y g o euneral C ° nClUSi0n that the ^ . s? boys l»er for President SiSSB5^^-^^ ABOUT BOOKS By John Selby - - - .*.^-"iv:inal remedies suggested ·m,!T»v, St ' asp . mn ' which is probably the favorite fn hplrfn^'? ,u £WSted remedy n °wadays. Aspir. i ; n belongs to the group ot the salicylates and according to the best modern pharmacology that I low-n" ' these ,. sci «*"ic authors ascribe the fol, 1O Win? nwirinf f-Toc- +A nnn :^: 5 i - .- . ^i. j - - - -- _ - » .^^.^wiij ^laiiyijtan DOVS he ^plnrttv* him, written'on Gu^dalcana^hlVadT'this P ni S^^eS^'^^££5 of that size. Sheffield Press: With thc shortage of cutlery bread 6 Sm, 0 " S ° me families wil ' be * orccd to cut oread with an axe or a pocket knife. A L EJ^?«SS ,ssrs ;. H ,r.£ sr ?*stt-s?s£ffr5s SSS?s*a«asAaB pnotographs. And there is a story behind it A n,TM mrn ^ Frederick Machetanz attracted """"»·-- in 1939 with a book Editori aloftheDay l^-aB:iS!SBs.*,-a --,--.- sti11 ihe Dest action pictures ^·o^x^f^: p s'':^i^i:s£ ' SwSSEs'iME'fiTSu: «S£ AS THE NAZIS DO IT CHff Russell in Mankato Free Press and iv ,, tii (-uiutiiu ciuraciivfi and unfortunately there will be some to suggest (hat Germany has now learned her lesson, and that-some ^ort of liv e IKarn ea me Such" ^ madC WUh he; f ° r thc ^t"rc mmSe ~ Iwefn Cn J^-T_--° V : erIOOk '^..difference be- ence is years cor bassy at _ ness With ,,.,,,,. 4mln rf £ s » «vc«dfag story about ^ of the- pr , esE " !t seems that Goebbels d by "insults offered to the fuehrer" in '""·"·""-^nd^broadBasBng. ·To^hw i em- in Ylasklhh^P i y ' a , nd he beca "ic interested on O tn iK^f 3 M a n Uncic wht wcnt fr ° m Kenton, p.. to thc gold country and stayed to become !!^J° r m .°!* wh l tc .=«'«" of Unalakleet TTM harles A. Traeger, ap- by the way. on killing off germs of any : kind. xrh* » de H inl f te l£ r ? !i . ev ; s P ai ". especially of headache and nf the joints and of the muscles, by a --m on the nervous system, so it does - -- any difference what causes the pain or discomfort, it will be relieved just the same by aspirin. Ivow all of these things plainly indicate that aspirin deserves its reputation in the treat! ment of a cold. Checking the symptoms as given above and the effects of aspirin, it will be seen that, it relieves the symptoms but it certainly does not cure the cold, W. Spink's book published in drugs, such as sulfonamide, he -- of the diseases for which the ..,, · no good. At the head of the list is the common cold. I hope this will be a terrible lesson. These drugs are to the fore in everyone's imagination now, so the pressure on the doctor to give one for a cold is great. But remember, they all have d is agreeable side effects They make you feel like the dickens for days That is ilL 1 ?! 1 ! 1 ., ?°" ^ » '^°J a di . sease likc P"«=u- Swiss Watches |tvthought the most intcrest- yi- ing of the several interesting sidelights provided by Dr. Max Habicht, league of nations attache, during his visit here this week had to do with the present mode of life for the people of Switzerland. Although geared, perforce, into the German economy for the inescapable reason that there is nobody else with whom to deal, the Swiss have maintained an amazing independence of both thought and action. Nine out of ten are known to be against the nazi ideology and ambition. M o u n t a i n o u s Switzerland- shout one-fourth Iowa's area produces only about a third of its annual food requirements. And where do you think most of the remainder comes from? Not Germany, not France, not Italy. No. It comes from America. Switzerland maintains its own merchant fleet and every tew days ships sail out of New York loaded with American wheat and other foods. The ships are fully lighted, with a spotlight playing on large Swiss flags painted on the ship's sides. Not infrequently, according to Doctor Habicht, submarines, in position to empty their tubes, alter their plans and flick a lieht of greeting. Similarly the British blockade Is lifted for the Swiss ships. They make tneir way past Gibraltar up through the Mediterranean ani dock at Genoa, where the car"os are transferred to special trains and continue to Switzerland in sealed cars. On their return trips, these Swiss ships carry watches to the American market--a total of about 4,000,000 of them last year It is thus that Switzerland pays America .for the food which sustains her population of 4,500 000 lor eight months of the year. Piasma Saves Lives ^am both interested and 'gratified by the recent report by Rear Admiral John Downes, commanding officer at Great Lakes, that the lives of navy men who are battling our enemies on the seven seas are being saved every day by civilian blood donors L S W A P - R I M E S Jacl ana JiB went · To fctcH * pile For ttty wen swapping rite, ·«. u*; · When driving to tlewlators!- TIMS * WUJC afloat until picked up by a destroyer 20 minutes later. By all the'rules, Seaman Sullivan should have been dead according to Admiral Downes' Hia pulse and blood pressure could scarcely be detected. But navy doctors pumped pint after pint of the life-savins plasma contributed by a dozen donors here into his ve . ! ,n?' and signs of life returned, i- £ Searaan Sullivan is alive, thanks to the patriotic Americans who have kept up this flow of life's fluid so that fighting men may live," Admiral Downes said. "The need is great, and I am confident that our civilian population will heed the call," he concluded. --V---The -- lOAYS BOUQUE To THE MASON CITY CITIZENS VICTORY COMMITTEE-for bringing to our community another bang-up athletic attraction, a basketball game between our own undefeated Mohawks and another scrappy LindbloriV, Chicago, prep school team. The visiting group at Roosevelt fieldhouse Friday night will include at least «dcted DID YOU KNOW? By Frieder'ic J. Hoskin CI*ke-G«t(t« iDforniitlon B a r e a a. Frejtrle J. Uas.ln. DIreeUr, Waibinc^ Ion. D C . " PIea» ttnd 3 c«n(« poili« Do all birds walk? B. S. The hummingbird cannot place one foot before the other in walking. Row much does it cost to light a ball park for a night league eauie? M. T. The cost might run from $400 number of innings. Did Commodore Perry lake rifts to Japan when he went there in 1852 to establish trade relations? T. I. Commodore Perry brought gifts of plows, telegraphs, clocks and even a miniature steam railroad. If an anti-aircraft shell doesn't hit its target, does it explode? S. A. These shells are designed to explode in the air whether they hit a target or not and the splinters do the damage. Defective ones fall back to earth. Did Russia or The names of the seven stars are, beginning at the handle: Al- Icaid, Mizar, Alioth, M e g r f z Phegda, Merak and Dubhe. Was there a real Cyrano de Ber- e«rac? J. N. Savinien Cyrano do Bergerac was a French author, bora in What did William DeMorgan do before he began writine novels? He was an inventor, artist and architect. Who is the highest rankine Negro officer in the United States army? J. C. Benjamin O. Davis, brigadier genera], is the highest ranking Negro officer at present, Has a prime minister of Enr- v land, other than Winston Chnrch- "1, ever addressed thc senate? R a m s a y MacDoiiald. when Prime Minister, addressed the * Where did Gen. Chiane" Kai-shek receive his military training? J. o He was trained in the Japanese Officers' academy at Tokio, where Japan began the war by attacking Port Arthur. Will you please give me thc origin of "thumbs up"? E. C. "Thumbs up" means approval, "thumbs down" disapproval. In the gladiatorial combats of ancient Rome the spectators were to decide whether or not · much money is spent in a year on postage stamps? C. S · nFo , rn t h c fiscal ' ear ending Juno 30, 1940, the sales of stamps and stamped paper totaled 5521 777 2(8.16. ' Pine trees stay green all reality explorer, his the text of his book, n, she being the wife 'orator in research, and «av»;rMd"bSSs; S"2fe S5f,?,S! have left u sC " S y ° U I0r thc Prcdous you * - "ji --«·«-·· viiujn they dislikpf! AC i ·Now/ said he, 'why can't we on the whv ~t"hev"rfn "-t-"" i^ e f ic l entSl what they dt ar.d wny they tjo it; what happens when thev net sick, what they like to cat; what they rake and how. To an Alaskan, the ice is safet^and water" why 8 " 6 "' IrS - Stcfansson «m»rl«. and explains She also explains such details as the con struclioh of those cellophane looking coats the Eskimos wear, and why the kayaks are sewn together with wet rawhide. Billy Mitchell once rc- that Alaska was thc most central place Lantern Light Lyrics By Roy Murray of Buffalo Center IF THE-s H your tfe»r wasn't n«»r drop » te.r "n N'tw Trar in jour «eer Tou can bet 1 w* What can be done with people like than = °TM y and sh ^vdly enough If · Tirk . l«mci t« tmlrk /M a clerk . i.omld she w»rV *n le Jerkr To« can kel the we.ld. U a i1»pe louts tiofc an« the r«p »at krtn »r..e will He mo«; T»« c*n kct k« will. "in" meant that he be spared; "thumbs down" or "out" that he be slain. If It is kept for a day or two in the refrigerator? C. S. Orange .juice may be stored for a day or two without appreciable change in vitamin C if kept in closely covered jars in the refrigerator at a temperature of 45 de- How large a bird is thc kiwi? It is about thc size of domestic fowl. Please advise which are the largest and smallest counties in Texas. J. R. Brewster county is the largest and Rockwal] is the smallest, How many acres of standing limber are there In the United States? J. t. There are 462,000,000 acres in the United States. I would like to know how many F. B. I. agents there are at the present time. A. K. There are approximately 2,800 F. B. I. agents at present. Do members of congress receive pensions? J. W. Some draw pensions because of army service. Whom did Capt. Miles SUndish marry? E. S. . The first wife of Miles Standish is usually referred to simply as Rose Standish. Barbara was the given name of his second wife. PROPHECIES! It is a curious and arresting fact that critical events of history often were prophesied long before they happened. Prophecies, f offering of our V" ' mation Bureau, ,.,,,,,.,,,,,, a CO u CC Hon of curious and intcrestine ^ ?} 1Cn V E . the risc ol Hitler and Mussolini, the falc of England' France, and the Urdtcd States, the present war and its outcome. Todays news is in ancient prophecy. Because of thc swift ana cataclysmic 1 of the past few years, have --'·- " ' Use This Coupon The Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau uazeue Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D. C. I inclose herewith 10 cents in com (carefully wrapped In pa- Name ........... Street or Rural Route .......... ' City ................ State ................. . . (Mail lo Washington, D. c.) ^--T^ya.«M^.Tng3:l.,t lI'-Ch'-L.^' M**aaCT.^T^p«p

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