The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 11, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1818
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.1 NIAGARA BANK LILL3 RECEIVED at par for Tickets, at the Lot'y and Eitbange Office o U.IK. WAITE, lMirf - Laa. . ' .t. nag 11 at - : rr indigestion, - I ; OR, SOVU a 'i OAM C II,' " IS nckaewledged by Medical writer to U i . I complaint 61 stubborn kind, and at all time ' very dilfiealt of cure. This U sufficient!) fcluttra - ' ltd in the disappointment of those who uufsrtu - ' aiuelr suffer under it, at they, for the moit pfirt, Siud, Ihat after having tried buoy thing to little at ao purpose, they are at last obliged to uie, fur ncrhap the remainder of life, inch article a can Lett but palliate the disease. Under ucb eir - ' tumsUnees, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, mail urely be an article high ly deserving the attention ot all thoe who are slAicted with it t tuch a combination ito be net in Dr. MEAD'S AN 1 l - DYSEPTIC or STOMACH FILLS ; thetucctis of which ha never yet been equalled, for the cure of Dysnep - lia in u most compricste.1 form, such a loss of appetite, nausea, heartburn, flatulency, gnawing paw in ine siomacn, pain iu me shic, great tiveneas, Pblenen iu the countenance, languor. lownest of spirit, paiu iu the head, vertigo or giridmbit, and disturbed ileep. v boever applies these 1'ill in the above diseases, according to the directions, will never he disappointed, as they have never been once know a to foil in producing a radical and permanent cure. The use of a sin ' gle box will convince the ihom unbelieving of their efficacy. They will most effectually remove all tout - net ef the stomach, not merely by neutralising thn acid, but by oorrteliog that morbid state . of the accretion which give rise to it, and at the ' same time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion that tone and vig.iur which i absolutely iKcessary to the well being of the animal economy. ForvlebyJohn C. Morrison, 18$ Greenwich - street, Hull k Bowne, 148 Pearl street, Abraham , Brooke, 40J Pearl street, and Benj. Huaekin - bnsh, Druggist, corner Charles and Greenwich streets, near State Prison. N. B. None are genuine without the signature of the ole proprietor, . GEO. SMITH. ; OgH . iVlhl 111. DOCTOR ZERAH HAWLF.Y informi the public that hit office is at An. 01 Nassau street ; where he extraeli tteth, eleani tind tett t;rln,nd performs every operation in i:entiiry. ; Tub following certiacats of skill, he U.iuks a jumcjt'fai rtcou'inr'mjiition. WHO, IT MA t CONCER.f. Thi certiii'j!., that Lr. Zrrah ilawlcy ia a rrg ularhred physician, and in good stun lir.g with hit brcMutn ia liiis place ; that he has i.ul particular attention to tiie art of Denlittrii, has studied the best European works on u subject, and A il girt'ti very good satisl'act.on in Ibis brunch, Id lu customon, who are person of the tint re - ipectahility in this city. W Iheref iru, with entiie confidence recommend Dr. liawiey, to the citkeui of A'ctv - Vorit as a Dentut. Xneaa Munson,) Profeswsol Nw - H iven. Jun.,lb'lG. I afi)BU fciuiui, r the .ud k Kit Ives, f Institution Jona. Kutbt, Yale Cql. ang 1 1 In 'pt'' A VLL.' Hi.uuh scnie cam oi Utruidtiy, X Poland, Moldav.u, an.i TuTk", by Adaiu N'ea'., .VI. I), jiitt received ! y late lOip'otatioiif, bad It r tale by Pi.Ti rl A. MKSIKK, a'r; 1 1 211 VVallstrtet. VALUABLE LIHHAliY. ON Friday, August 21st, at 9 o'clock, will be aold' at Public Auction, i.t Hoston. the UPRAKY of the Ute Prof,.tor M Kr.A.N, coosuting - of a very urge Cullecttnii of Ho,,ks. ufwbicn many are elegant, - rare, curiou i and valuable cditiow!', bring the greatest iuirber, which fir snye;irs, l as beeu otiertJ in this town i the rxpctationa of the public, who know thr diligence anj aliection with which these treasure were acquired, will not be d.s - apjmiuteJ. Among' thnte acarce work, of which perhaps no othrr copy can he obtained ill America, are Eliot's In lian Bible ; tikou basilike Plato' Dialogue in Orcek, given iy hi College to Kdmund llurke Mather's Magiulia t Holiruhed'a Hintory of Kiiftland, tia v BortuS (folis) Arrmlowiy tf Nelanenoty ; tox't Act and Monutnenu of the Martyi's, - Owea fcltruni'a Kesolves ; the Oxford Gratu - satii Sotemii on Vie birth of the firt sod on weorge III. ' The classical student will find fine ejit'ons tfAnarrtfon Aristotle, Cicero, Era&mus, llo - xice, Humer, Quimiluii, ani others ; with the Jclps o; Hot , lloogeveen, and the invaluable 'hesaiirus of Stephens, ami Lexicon of (.'a.slel he collection of work's on American Hitory U veiy copious, cooiprlsiii morf volume of cisatlantic au'.hor tluu htve been foiiiKl in a - ny ssiiclepe' - aon's library. The .Majo - aclmseus L.egniii sermons fiom I6jl to 1510, com - 'pice, v.oull 1.1'ine prjve the p. - .tience of research wliicii obtained them. Many Tracts of in itr very old editions ; Lord Herbert's l& - iet U;i in on Truth ; Milton's Ikfl - nsio pro M'J.ulo Anglirai.o, original edition Spanlieim , j ; Medals of lxiuiXV; Uarlow't , (itirto) C'oturuhiiid, and other very curious or Ctt Uooks are also contained in this Li - bfjry. . CLAKC & CUNNINGHAM, Aitc'trs. i I" A t'atalogtte of the above my be seen at fame Eastbur n U. CoY Literary Rooms, ;B.iidray. au II St Ot.Lr.6Plt.'3 ii'iit: iit, Grand Mtdical Sci - euce Lottery So. 5. i Hi datsdra - vif.g. ."il.'lO, l.OOOdols. I I 315'J, 3973, 8593, 13S41, 100 each ' Tirt drawn number. I - v.s4gaui next Tnesdar at half pist C o - cldtiot'iR morni - if. 'i he Lrt orawo nn - aier wilbe rof'll. d to ldOOdol,Brs,auo, tec splendid doling prize of 20,000 DoX - r 10,001) Dollars 5,000 Dollar And 21 of 1, 0(0 Dollars ea li, lh m.tycome any day, '.d still benides (hr are he (innd tatiuu - i'' - i'l .1 ; of 100,ou0 dol - 4i), t dots, and many mnlk - r - nt. lli - . whole to be completed ia iel than two m - tths Tsose who wish for rbances ran be urrld ily utGILLF - SPlK'S. No. 114, at 531i)H iraUcket, tiH this tvenir at lOu'ctock T borrow the price will be 33 dollars. - II FOR PRIZK3, apply at ALLEN'S Truly Luck? Office, No. 1 il Broadway, faket No. 15.577 ra - Ibr lirt rlrawa nainbrr f norninr (2d dnj's drawing) in the Medical ce Lottery, anientitlod to a irire of one wxa - ind d'i'ia - a. Th fortunate ticket was sold AlLEN' - J Lucky (iftce to a pe. Neman in the "wry ; wuo has already lieea iuf irmed that Im. 0tcive at the tame i (Tire the t ild for hit . Who will not invest the ti iflmc sum of in - - tfiisdnT ! Tomorrow the price will he odlar. T,e joU, ry ,nmt mct a wef this a!L next month it will draw rapidly, and the r? will be completed sootier than any lotte - r orawn in tins state. aug 1 1 31 ( 4R. WAITE'3 List of Pr tcs in the Med - ' - 1 . , ..... r dj drawing, 3.. I5 - .77, IO.tO Dollars t tI34U9, 100 do i 1US41, . 100 do . 3l"2, 100 do ) 3973, UK) do 8593, 10U do 1 11st drawn number, "told at 'VAITE'S, J. 54 Maiden lane. lh.A L - v . . . .... . . fa '" ve oeta to d and paid in lormer iyt - C92 J&4 TTM4 (8o,noo 4',ooo Sa.ofli Ssooo 13091 i;9i 17IH9 41341 K31 $.ln, 000 tfS.ono Si,ooo 95,000 3ft, ono 8,rwv 10 of 20,000 iij i wiucn s.. K - WAli ttoid in sr? T - "1'1 nd K'fthtbs rery recently. I.H .. I ... ' . . . . . . xe bw V Vt1 f,rue t c4d ia this City in ""wliciwts. au; 11 ' AM.ES3 OFFlCE - AUGuVT l!ih OFF ICIAL LIST OF PRIZES, Sd day's drawing Medical Science Lottery (6tl No. 15,577, g 1,000; - 593, 13041, 3973, 3152, 1340!), $100 each. . - soia at ALi.fc.V3 Locky Office. ' The 1000 prize, they soldin a whole Tkket. The lottery draw again next Tuesday oiora - Hi aw uuuiuen eatn arawing. Tickets and Share (warranted undrawn) for uie bi Truly Lucky Office, No. 1 Broadway. Where was told and immediately paid, No. 3320, which drew last We w - Year's day the great prize of luO, - uhj doners, me uiguest prize ever sold ny any olTira in America, and where waa (old every giuud capital iu the former classes of this lottery, viz. No. 10353, 530,000 i 19500, 30.000, U129, 55,000; 19545, 2 i.O00; and everal of 20,000, 15,000, 10,000. 5000, Sic. an? 11 3t ALL PHIZLS UMTIL AFTfcK THK SLV - K.NTH DAY OF DRAWING. rpiCKET3 in the Splendid Medical Science ' I Lottery, now drawing once a week, will be advanced on Wednesday next, to 30 dul. Until winch day (bey may be obtained at WAITES Truly fortunate lottery exchange office. So. 54 Maiden lane, A sixteenth will gain 6250 doll. An eighth will gain 1250odoll - . A quarter will guin 35,000 doll. A half will eaia 60.000 dulls. And a whole ticket, for the small sum of 28 dol.s. will gain the independent fortune of poo,ooo Last weekG. A R.WA1TE sol.l arrl immediately paid, the highest prize, JrJO.fHi!) in the lial - timure Lottery, half of which was to a lady nho does not wish her hhuic made puhlic. The wcekheforlasta 10,0tH) priz was sokt at Waitc in two ball shares, aud iu.mudi atelv raid. And in the late National Lottery, they sold the highest prize, vi. Wj.Oim), im a half, quarts rand two f - clitli', htins the highest prize ever sold in thi t ity in share of Ticket. aug 1 1 R ACIE'S, 140 Uioa lway, Listol i rizes vJT ?dd' awing 5th Medical Science Lottery. 4o. '5SiS, lslUrawitig, siouo. No. trV?7, d drswins, JluOO. No. 131U9, 3973, U593, 13541, 2d drawing;, fl00acb Kemuinrd urifo'.J at Grade's, t i itfl drawn number. 2! drauirf. Sil drawing at half past C A. M. ou Tiwday next. lt number drhwn rnlitlrdto . 1 0UI). Warranted undruviu Tickets bnd Pli'rires, at i'Zlt each, mav be obtttined utitil lOnVhirk this cveuin;. To - inormw t'jey advance to f .10. I'nzei, at tar, aud foreijn bank no!e., recei ved in ltavtncut f.irtht'n valuable chanCt - s. Floating1 pn?e wliirh may b drawu on Tues day next 1 ot e - .ti.UW, 1 ol V,ihM, 1 of St'W, 24 of 1040. aug 1 1 3t TDENJAM1.V liUTLtH'i t rue ht of the .13 Medical Scir - ui e 2d day's draw - ijg": No. 15,577, $ 1000; Nos. 3102,3973, tciSM. 134,9, 135 - H, 100 each. Pirt drawn liuml'er. . t Sold on iSaturdav at tliii office. J ? The tub - cribtr's office will b open this evening uutil 9 o'clock. Tickets rie to - morrow, previous to which tliev may be had at f 28 ; parts inrrop - rtion. BENJAMIN BUTLER, aug II 27Wall - t. Correct list of priz - s drawn in 5th Jledical Science Lottery, 24 dav'a drawing. No. 15.677, first drawn, i 1,000 ; 3,152, 3,973, ,.!., ri,HW, ami ij, - .4I, tiuu each. Tickrtt and - hares warranted undrawn as a bote. Will draw aaiu on TocsJay nest. an? 11 It klSK OK TICKKI S TO MORROW Tickets in the Medical Science Letter - No. 5, will be advanced to 30 Dollars. PRESENT PRICE, Whole tickets 28 Dollars. Half 14 Dollar Qiia - frr 7 Dollars LieMh 3 Dollars 50 1 J. Sixteenth 1 Dollar 75 ct. CAPITAL FRIZES. 1 prize of l00,t0O DOLLARS' 1 do of 5M.IKH1 do 1 d.i ol l,0H) do I rft . of lO.tKH) do 1 do of 5,000 do 2 do of 2,000 ' do 41 do of 1,000 do 40 do of 100 do Ticket! and Share in a vsriety of numbers, for sale at the honk sir re and Lottery Oilice of J. A. BUKI lSfiLU. No. 19 Peck - slip, corner of Water - it. aug II It NEXT WEDNESDAY. rpiCKETS in the Medical Science Lottery X. will oe ndrnncen 10 tnirtv dollar. STATE OF THE WHEEL. 100,000 Jin, 000 I $2,000 Sn'o j 2,ojo lo,ooo I 44 of 1,000 5.000 51 of Lin Prieet of Tickels and Shares Whole Tirke ts, 2'J dolt ; hrtlvet 14 ;iua.ter 7 ; Eighths J 50 For sale by li. WAI I K. Junr. Ltti Broadway. WlM?rccash to any amount, will be advanced for prize! m men nt drawn xml whrre more pnit'i werv s - hi in the lust class than at any other clIW in thi - city, aus: II 2t AUVA.WE OF TICKETS. fTWCKKTS in the .Medical Science Lottery, JL in which the capital prize is One Hun dred 1 hoiisand Unlart. will advance to mor row morning to 30 dollars. They may be bad this div at tl rate of ; dollars, at the lucky lottery office of J I'D AH & LAZARUS, 74 Maiden - Lane, Where have been sold in former lotteries, pri to the amount of One Million and Half Dollars. Prizes in former lotteries, foreign bank notes, and abtmred tromimv nelei, will be ta ken in payment for tickets. A correct check book is kept. aug 1 1 li STORA SE. CONVENIENT Storage for Dye Woods, or Vy other articles of a slmnar description, may be had by applying at No. 99 South - street an 3 i kW IS TRINITY CHLiKCH. FOR SALE, a pew in the tooth side Aisle or Trinity Church, or would be exebaaged for one in M. George's Chapel, toqnire at tvo. zi Maiden - lane. ang 8 Iw TrS'KRtfFE mnd MAUKlHA H IKE, &e. JOHN HEFFEONAN, No. 34 &utli - treet, offsrs ior tale, 50 qr. caks L. P. TeoerifCt wine 3 pipe aad 6 bhdt. do. Madeira do. 32 crroons Camming seed 2 do. Carraway do. A taw boxes Havana segars. au7lw MUSCOVADO SUGARS 100 hhrla Havana Mnacovado tintrar landiet: this day in fmot of the tabtcfiber's store, aad kt tale at 67 ate I L 1 Vj W athinrtoo - tlrect. - J mm a - mt rat rORCIURLESTOX.i - The lrrant fast fading hornet iiCHARLJTOS - PACKET.S. B.Vail, taster; having most of her cargo engaged, will tail oa Thursday next. . For rumaindur of freight, or passage, having good accommodations, apply oa boards at Stevens' wharf, or to AUL ALLEY, 10 98 Piae - street. for tit. i homat and Ait. Hay thuLuttvt, i A iroed BH1G, of 18U tons, bound to Line West Indies, w ill tike freight for either of the above places, if offered immediately. Several passengers alo. can be well ac commodated. Apply to r JAMES D'WOLF.Jun. an 10 54 South - street. t or S - IVASXAH, Tht fine thr. 6ALLT - ANX, Wog - lom, master : haviuz been ditaiued bv the weather, ran take soma more light freight. Far which, or nana?, apiil v on board, at Jones1 wharf, or to POTT & M'KINNE, au 10 50 South street. The BritUh brL - ST. DOMINGO, icaplaiu Kediuond, will take frciebt for any port in Great Britaui or IrelanJ she it a good vessel, and may be despatched immediately. Apply on board at Pine - street wharf, or to N. L. 4i G. GRISWOLD, n 10 86 South - ft.. itr liEHMUDJi, The fine fast tailing - aloop HOPE, John Wilson, master, has three fourths ot her cariro ready to era on board, and will P'sitively tail on or before the 16th inst For the remVwdcr of freight or passage?, applv to LAIDLAW, GlttAULT & CO. an 8 Tt No. 9J CofTee - HousB - tlip. far fvfrrht nt V.htirtr. ' The ship NEPTUNE. Itich'tl Field, inr.nler, burthen about 3000 barrels, is in coiiplete order to receive a cargo, and may ne uekpktclied immediately lies at pier Ho. U soutu - sti cct. Apt Iv to THOMAS S. WALSH, No. 1 18 Front - street. BUILDIXG SVOXU. One hundred and forty tons building: stone of ood quality, for kale onboard, if npphed in a tew uavs. au 8 Iw Full HAVANA. The elegant fust sailing coppered ship IMHONAL, v,Y luting:, master! will coinuience loading on Monday next, and sail on the loiicmin'' Sunday with whut Irci - lil miv olfer. For winch or passe, aply ou board, .11 pier 9, .1. 11. or 10 U. G. & S. IIOWLAND, u; 8 C7 Wa - hingtnn street H'aiUtd In jittrchate. A small lo priced essel, of from G. U. & S. IIOWLAND, tir Wk - ihin"oii - street. fur (itiiU.iLIAH, 1 - The brij - II Ell O, cai.t. Mao;on ; will sad in a ft w days, for passage only, &tP'y on board, at Murray's wharf, or to . i D. I ALLOT T, au d Ci South street. for llVEUfOOL, The well known, regular trading' copnered ahip l.MPORTKH, Dingley, master will he diatclieil s.ion, liavincr tlie Sreaterpartof hercai'go engaged. Forrcmuin er of freight orpasap;e, having superior accommodations, apply to rapt. D. on board, at pier No. 13, E. R. (Gotivemeur's - wharf,) or to tJll.l.K - 5 II ALL, 1 Iti - avcr - street. For tale, on hoard tlie above shin. 4 chaldron tvtHAiitUAIi. ang o For LIVEIlPOttU The substantial ship ROCKINGHAM, T. P. - Williams, master, is now loadinjr and hiving cnsidti nbie carj - ti engaged, is in. tended to tail on the 20th inst For the remainder of freight or passage, having handsome and spacious accominoda'ions, apply 011 board, east side Fly - mat ket, or tn THOMAS C. BUTLER, Jun. au 6 74 South - street. For ULLt.iiii'.ond back to Aeu. 1 trk The ihip JOHN DiCKINiON, BanJi, ma.ter, for Bf llatt, is fully loaded, aud wul shiIoo Saturday morning. A few more passengers can be accommodated comfortably, iu cabin or steerage. Apply on board, or to ABRAHAM BELL, corner of Fulton ic ClifT - rs. A. BELL list receivsd bv the late arrivals, a large assortment of wide anj narrow diapers, 4 4 and 7 - 8 Liucii, brown and black Linen, sheeting, Sic. which will be told on fair terms. aug 6 Iw For H'atkut&ton, A. C. The srlir EAGLE, Russell ; will rail 00 Wediiesdjr next. For frtight or passage, apply ou board, at Peck slip, or to auS R. A' C. W.DAVENPORT U Co. HAjYTED, A British Vessel, of from 200 to 300 tons, to load for Liverpool. Apply tu ARCHT) GRACIE & SONS. au S f or MAy.URLEAX. - i, Jbi The fast tailing packet schr. FAN - Xlfc&siNY & HENRY, Tilford, master; is nearly loaded, can take a few tons more light freight, if immediate application is made on board, vvrsi tide of Hurling slip au 5 Freight for Limrltilun. 300 tons heavy freight for Charleston, Jiai apply to ANoON It. PULL PS, ' Ht3 Front - ttrect. aug 4 Foil 1'ENEKIFFE, The goo J fast railing brig NYMPH, N. Hunt, ma'ter, will receive immedi itiiati h. For pastage ou.r, haviug good accommodations, apply to . N. L.&G. RI5WOLD, an 4 St South - street "tO 1 J ON At UlDEs. JO bales prime Upland W Cotton 637 tpanish and Ox Hides. ' For sole by HE.NRY COWING, aug 6 Ct 191 Front - corner of Fulton street. 'lHE tuoaenbenhave received by recent ar - X rivals, 4 4 aad 7 fi Irish linens, varioas assortments 5 - 4 Sheetings ; 7 - 8 Dowlas 7 - 8 Long Lawn ;9 - 4 Diapers Table Diaperand Damask, 5 to 10 qr. FJegant Damask Tables Cloths, with napkins Brown and black Limns, urogtieda Lioeo Bed Ticks, Checks, .Vc. tic. ALSO. 3 bales Bomhatetts, asorted colorsand blacks I cases London sup. Cloths and Lattioicrc X do Furniture and balloon dimity 1 do Cambric DimitV do Cambric Gingham 2 do Look Cloth Shirting. Which, are offered for talc on accommodating term. u. J. mjiuam, ang 6 4t 61 Maiden lme, ClOTTOM !AM bales iirime Upland, ; by POTT it M'KIN lor taie NE. 56 Soulh - ttreeL N DlttO. cases superior quality Beugal In - dico,iut received, and for tale by TETER REM SEN fi CO. asjg 10 ?6 South street. TOBACCO. xVnhot. Kentucky lobaccii, laadmc rrotn schr. (JoJauoted, trout new - Orleans, for sale by IM r.c xvx..nsrv iu. ang 10 t6 Uoath - street, frosa the Oian: Works manufactory, for to fn a for it for lin 11 a fng tix bv Mr. ter, le by JA3. D'WOLF, Jan. J t $4 Soath - ttrett. aogs u.u.tss.uutvi'A.w. sag 3 BLATCtfeTB, CARnnTX'G,. L:MkeU7 - 4t lt - 4 ro4 do st 1 - J to4 1 Londoa DuC Jo Hrid do do)' - - , - Printed Tabic Cover, blue, green, scarlet and . Watr - rtoo. Rrustels Carpeting t ' W iltoa Hearth Rugs ; Imperial do. The aiKv landint from the shiD Pararon. firow Liverpool, and for tale by EDWARD LY4JE, - "IV No. 16 Williaro - etrcet. A N assortment of Domestic Goo, ocb a j. js. oieacira a unoiiaurd Muriiu s aud ?heet - IligS White I black Millinetts, (wsorte rl hinnW rs) r iuh, uniiiing iv sewing votton. r or sale on reatoaaMe terms hy WM. CA.MPBKLU Manufacturer, ug6 197 Pearl tre , (up t..irt. 1 1 ICK 30 tierces prime Mi., lor sale at 104 JLt Front strict, by aog8 3t PALMER 4SAIDLF.R. IRISH .UNENd, DIAPERS, Aic. rl",HE subscribers have received by the late X arrivals from Ireland a verv handsome, ui - tortment of 4.4 whites, some in derai pincos. Also 7 - 8 do browns from 7 to 18d. very suw:rioi goods, which tliev will sell on moderate terms. J. 4 W. STERLING i CO. 41 South - street. iJ ILLLNLT IS. A unantity of while Miili - lil netis, hand - oinely ouislied and of the first quality, lor sale on reasonable terms, by ' WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer. t 197 Pearl - street, up stairs. .Also 100 piece black do. new stilTcmd and UMidied. aug 6 JAMAICA IVJS. tjrkhhds. will be landed to - morrow morning, we;t stJc Coflee - hoase slip, and Sir sale by TITUS AS VAN ZANDT, an 10 3t 1G5 Front - strwt. 'fllNGLISH CHEKsE 25 hampers of Berk - JCi ley, douhle & single Gloucester Cheese. ALSO. Engliih Hams, Racon and Lard of superior quality, iust received by thip Phocion, from Unstol. Tor s'tie, whlesale Si retail ; with a gene. r;d at'ortnient of Bristol Ware & tinx - erii - s, by E. BLACKFORD, 157 Greenwich - street. Likewise, a few qr. boxes bet Havana Se - g - ir, tali snare - , Capers and Olive, aug 10 Iw " C" IN, COT'JON, a:c. I J 2 proof Holland Gin I5li pipes sup. lal aud 3 (0 oales ;V Orlcatm Cotton 150 pieces Mentality Holland Duck 1IM) kr - gs Kentucky Manof. Tobacco 50 do Harris' do di lOiiO Gtrronn B.:g, of 4 each 29 in. Jamaica Mahouanr Dearhnrii's liulaiirts, of u'l siies, from 300 to i'ihiu int. lor sale nv mi - ; 10 N A D. TALCOTT, I HI FLOL'll. Lbla. Richmond superfine Flour lli do. do. fine add middling do. Landing and for tale by GOODHUE & CO. au 10 44 South - street Q l. CROIX HUM 40 puncheons Bt. Croix lO Ruin, lauding from Hannah, for sale P. KEM3EN 4: CO. Ml 10 26 South - street. 2 JV. - t.VA'7;V I At A 1' &S. cases assorted Naukin crapes, for sale by 11 ARC II li LOW, aif? 10 jlO Ilr. adwav WAN 1 El), by a young Gentleman, pertnu - nent hoiird, in a respectable private family, where Xherc are no boarders. Addresa X. Y. Z at this office. au 10 3l A WET JVUHSE. A YOUNG Woman, with a good breast of XL milk, withe a situation a Wet Nurse, in a respectable family. She can give the nioit satisfactory references its to character and ability. Enquire at. 13 Gardea - tUect, or 33 Water - tr. . " ag 10 Iw UJ AN TED ioimeduitely, a middle aged resectable woman to attend upon a yojng Lady to England ; on who has been accustom ed to the tea and is not linl.le - tf sea - sirbness would he prelerrcd Good rurotuinendations required. Apply at thisollice. nu: 10 tf a VA.NIED, a youtg man in an ExcoMiige t tiincc me most uiirxceimonaltle recom - meiid.itions will bi reqtijred. A line addressed A. B. (.. at this oflice will meet attention. aug 10 It HORSES. TANTED two handsome saddle horses, T f one bay and one gray, for shipping. Apply to UOUERT GILLESPIE, au 10 112 Front - s'reet. WILL UH SOL ft AT AUCTIOX, on Wednedav, the 3d of September next. the property of Robert Gourlay, deceased, in the viunge 01 oewourgn. vix : 1 1 building lot, iror.tmg ont - olden street, 11 do do do on High street, 12 do do do on Wnter street, do do do on the 8 - Rood - strtel Alto, a water lot, containing 94 feet front. On the aforesaid property there is a dwell ine house by 30 feet, alio one sixteen hy twenty nine feet, and a ttore house twenty six by thirty alio, a carriage makers shop 16 by 38 feet, with cellar unaer ine wnoie, and winch at a small expencemay be converted into a comfortable dwelling. The Newbnrgh and Cochecton turnpike, with other principal roads from the interior, run? through the centre of the above property, and it being exceeded by none in or about tlio village beauty ol prospect and advantage for trade, is presumed that persona withing to obtain lots stores or private dwellings, will not let this opportunity pass, of becoming possessed ef those iluatrd in the most pleasant part of the village. Terms tn be made known at the time of tale. For particulars, apply to MARGAl.ET GOURLAY, Ex'tx. Newburgh. ANDREW GIFFORP, tx'tor, aie 10 Ids 134 Greenwich t. NYork. Far SALI., A PAIR of dapple gray Keniucky HORSF.S. well matched, spirited, and warranted sound, will stand a few days, at Bourn's livery stable, at the top of Anthony - street. For further paiticulars, e .quixe at No. 43 Frank - - itreet. au 10 3t A NURSE WANTED. A MIDDLE aged woman, who is qualified to take care of thi dren, and it diipnsed te travel. Respectable references will be required, none other need apply. Apply to SPENSER a LSI s.u, fcsq. tliaabeUitown, Aew - Jcrsey aug a CAUTION TO PRIN1ERS. PRINTERS are cautioned againM emploring, on penalty of the law, WiLLIS T. SAGE, runaway apprentice trom the tuhsrn'icri. hnid W1II11 was bound to us as anDtentice to the Driut - huinest, it about 19 veart cf nee. 5 feet 5r iiicbet high, hut brown hair, and ef a lair of of a In in itt ces or and A complexion. . liLiMS & rllKLrc, jreenncld, (Mal.) Aug. 8, 1818 aug 10 3t FOR SALE. fTt The two four story Fire - Proof STORES ki2;fJNo. IK5 aad 187 Front - ttrect, occupied Mott U Redmond, and Isaac Frott. The ttore are 60 feet deep and 20 feet froot the Lot't are 85 lect deep. Apoiy to ilUDl', II. HOWiVL, aiax 10 - 1m 91 Pine - ttreet. k OKLPHI SCHOOL it vacataJ tiU the lat 11' Monday in August inst anL ItT Th poMk - ts rtspectfilly infcrmed, that Joh R. frmith is ennsed as drawing mas and Mr. SchifTnly as thenar of the French, Spanish and German ia:i;ua;rt. I t!MAg rent agreed on. 1h tdbicrmW orsiCbnrt ialIc:patVn tray. oa properly coasigDed to his trieuUs at Uibral' tar. Ucia also agvtt ibr Messrs. Iieact, Wecki & Co. of Malaga, wlil have it ia bit power to give useful ioformaUon to persona sending v ca se m ia me laiicr port. HRNRT OODEN, an 8 1 w corner of toae and Whitehall - its. lt - 'l'l lM. Bl.jl U. WV.U Ht.. how I'.n i)mmuuI arxA ,l.n Ih.l r.f ft.rn. uiHioiier, win d conunuea at mi laie ooce, ILl i .fc . ........ ixo. ox i x ntu street, nr aus 8 Xw r K. TILLtiU. MnujtxAur xorcE. (Tj - A stated meelin - r of the Jtem Yvk EvaiirtUcal Miitianarv Society tf Tawiz Mien,' will beheld in the Lecture - room of the brick church, 011 Monday evening, the 10th inst. at o tiock. It. J. HUTCHINSON, Clerk, au 8 3t CORNELIUS BOGEKT, ArrORXKY. COUJVSkLIXH AT LAW, AND NOTARY PUBLIC. COMMISSIONER, authorised to take AfJl - W davits and Special Bail in any Court of ciom 01 mis ciaie, f ne pnvd and ackoowiddgs - mont of Deeds, and di. - charga of Mortgages Also Affidavits, Special Bail and tlie dcttotition of witnesses oV ftenc ri, in the District and Circuit Courts of the Uuitcd States, contiuues his office at No. 1 i Cedar - street. i v 22 1 ro IRIoH LINENS, LA IV Ms, btiLEIJAUS. DIAPER, &c. A LARtiB and handsome assortment of the X J. following goods, j'ut received per Hesperus, and other late arrivals, and are offered for ale on reasonable terms : 3 4 Diaptr, 6 - 4 to iO - 4 Table Diaper and Damask 3 - 4 White Linens 4 4 and 7 - 8 Linen, fin ant) low assortments 3 - 4 Brown La wtis and Lifxnt 3 - 4 Black do . 4 - 4 Cotton Shirting 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 Sheeting 5 - 8 Lawns, 7 - U Dowlas, book and Ions fold Strong half bleached 7 - 8 and 44 Linen 4 4 liuggs, half bleached Irish colored Thread at - torted. THOMAS SUFFF.RN, ang 10 Iw No. 6 Depeysler street. '11 IE subscriber having permanently hseil his .L residence in the town of St. Louis. Mittou - u territory, offer hi scrvirti as tiet. either in the purchaie or tale of food in the Missouri or Illinois territories ; he will alio act in the rapacity oi asentgenerally, and execute such com - misrinn as may be entrusted to him. Pi rio:. having landed property in the Atlantic states, may wak favorable exi - hange m land in the ferriloriet nbore - iiirntioned, by ap - plicaiion to ti subscriber, and furi.ishiiir a par - ticu!jrde. rililioo of the nronerti - ofiered for t. - li wiiii an csumnieoi iu real vniue. To the ei C'liries of such as are desirous ol eraigrHtiug tv either of (he territories, he will cneerlully make promnt answers, wiflmut any charge ; pottage ot letters t jhim being paid. 1. VV. BVIIIH. St. Louis, MiccMiri Tprritorv. IA June, liilfl Messrs. Irving, Smith & Holly, , tiiee - enonu - - ii t'atterson, Iteleren - RHtbhone A" Downer, crs in John, IN. York. Ogden Edwards, Etq. J J 15 d&c2w1m A HA IMA IX FOR LUMBER SPECULATORS. WANTED to exchange, for a farm, on the bordert of the Hudson or Eatt R within 20 miles range of the city ol New York, 4283 acres prime out lands, 341 of whit hare contiguous and situated io the town of Chatham, in the state ol New - Hampshire. Chatham lies in the state line adjoioing rryeburar, in the district 01' Maine, where there it an arademv of the first standing. These 3451 acres are nearly all the good bvnd remaining unsettled in the town, and principally covered with the lst of ttmher : they are laid in lots of 100 and 200 a cres : Saco river runs through both towns, and nuurina oirer.i anai neap opportunity ol conveying the timber to a verv profitable market. Tlie to Saco and Portland, a distance of 50 miles, are rematiracjly nocL - - . The remain Jt r 832 acre are situated it towns of Eliworlh and Orange, (also in the state 01 new nampiiiire; aon are susceptible ol making the hrt farm. The furapike road that leads from Haverill to Concord run near and through 61HJ nrrcs of the land in Eis worth. For further particulars apply to No. 3 South ttrett, New - York. nug3 rawlm C2awlm IN CHANCERY. Emma Millen, rs. f IN pursuance of nde Charles Debevoite. cretnlorderof thecourt 1 of Chancery, made in the above cr.nse, will he aold un.ler the direction the tuhscrilier, at puhlic auction, at the Tontine CrflVe llouie, in the city of New York, on Tuesday, the 1st day of September next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all that reitaio lot, piece or parcel of ground, tilaate, lying aud being in the fifth vvnra 01 uie city 01 ftew lors. Known ana ait - tinguished, in a certain nap or chart thereof made, ny lot Jo. uu, oouniied in irnnt by Leonard street i southeasterly by lt No. 37 1 in the rear by lot No. 43, and northwesterly by lot No. 39 ; containing in breadth in front and rear 25 feet, and in length, on each side, 100 feet, be the same more or less ; nv the same was conveyed to the said Charles Debevoite, by Effingham Em - hree and Mary fait wifx. in and by a certain deed, dated 1st day of February, 1801 : together with the hereditaments and apntirtenancet, fic. UaiedNew York, Aug. 6th, iIR. J. L. FELL, aug 6 2aw2wdlw Master ia Chnnrery. THE HEMPSTEAD ACADEMY. UNDER the direction of the subscriber, with an assistant is now oiien for the rei:tption Students. The price of Board and Tuitioo iVi, per term of half year or at that rate for a less period. Tuition only, from 3 to $1. per half term, Recording to tne studies ierueil. 1 hit - tituiinn comprehends two d.ttinct de part - menu, the one f.ryoun geutleoien, who will be filled for tlie Counting - houc, or the College, the other, for younc ladies', who will he instructed all the branches of Literature, proper for their tel. The subscriber hat made arrangement for hoarding the yonng gentlemen who resort to this Institution; yonrtg ladie may be furnished with board 00 reasonable termi, io the village. TIMOTHY CLOWES, Hempstead, Long - lshtnd. For further particular refer to Metsrs. Kirk at Merrien' Book Store, 22 Wall - ttreet,N. 1. J 3 1 Tawtf M R. 'I aVLOR, piano fcrtc nvinuiacturer from Broad wood's le Co. London, respect - filly acquaints the public of his arrival at New - York that be intends remaining a few weeks, and will be happy to rectify all imperfection in cidental to pianos, either grand, square, unique, harmonic, oMique, ic. etc. Mr. Tt experi ence and complete knowledge of all tbe recent improvements which have brought the piano to present ttate of excellence, render bit tervi particularly advantageous to those ladies and gentlemen who may re uvsirous 01 any sueranrai addition to their instruments, and he pledges hinsclf to restore any piano to its original tone touch, however grei t may be it dtfect only to Mr. T. at Mrs. Resetters, 174 Broad - aug 10 VALXH4LL FOR SALE. ''IUE proprietor of Fauxfiatl Garden. X est - X York, within? to retire from public business " in tola," ofler the eitablisbment For Sole. There are yet 6 years of the Irate unexpired; every utewl and ecetary obiect for a continuation of the batioess. and for the pleasure ot visitors, are on the spot, and will make a part of the tale. The celebrity of the place, the known encouragement and reciitt In contequtacc, are too well known to rtuuire particoiar. Ti nut modi - rate. If the lease it not sold before January neit. the proprietor will transfer hi title to any capable t) of to a of (as or and the be tad of els person, who will give tn tun cut security ior the aug & 3taw3m3p A tNCHOKS, weigtmg aboat I60O It,, each, iv ior tare or JOS. OSBORJa. ang 10 hi Eiib - Uot. agl 1 - rJBLiG SALES. B) MILLf, XWTOr it C: " Thamlay, ; A large and general aavM - taent of drr good. MAHH1.K tJH tiCiLiJj.XJ, irt. . Filll E propi'Mtor of the southern marble qua ' M. ribs, siear KiajV Bridge, give notice, that they have oa hand, aud are receiving, at the - Ktng't - Bndxe Mttrklt and Lhne - iard, foot of Beach - ctreet, on the f iodsoo river, an extensrv stock of marble lor bwikuLg, of the toilowicf d to iptwiu, via 1 Ashlar Coping ' FoundatioB 6lon Cbimoey - Ficcct Facing Colttdlat' WaUrtabla sup Iltttiorms Jills, Lintels Arches Alto Lima of the bet qotl - ty. fT7 A coostJiut supply of the above materials tnay becfclcolateJ upoui and Oie dt - iiout cf purtliasicg, or making engagements, will apply to LZM LUDLOW. Fehll AttiieYa. - ;!. FRANKLIN BAK. ftr - Tlie Franklin Bank, wi!! N . wred for the transacting of business 00 Wt'dfii' - Juy, U12lhinst. Thednvsfurdiscountirii.(ief are Tce - ' - 'avS: Saturday. Notes cITer'd for discount, r:ijl L' hjf:l im the day preceding. Uf order sue Hoard ni uirc tor, aug 10 H. POST, r. Ca - hkr. "t The member cf the Nw - YwW s.ue so ciety of U10 Cil( imis.ti art requested. o w r Uie itHitl ba,; or mourQuij tor o0 da)t os"tef . timony of (heir rewptet for the mmry of tLe.c deceased nssociate, capt. Afesl Iloldn. ity order, au 10 4t D. E. T'UNSCOMS, Secry. .WOAA1 TO AO.fA - . 67 Oni fcL)0,'LAKi - toan.'nsumsto l,VvU suit applicants; cn bond with ntortg - ge upon approved property. ALSO, 40,000 dollar on approved paper, guaranteed, by bank tocl. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - rtrcct. Where application tuay be generally made through the year, aiid mortgage disputed of. Je? id tf to loaa: irClff COLLARS to loan oa 'Jt J vi VJr bond and mortrtge upon property iu the city of Ntw - York. Apply to J. O. BOGEKT, Jy S3 133 Water - tt. A ( Cf( DOLLARS to be loaned, lU.UUU on real estate in this city, in tuuit not bit limn $ 3(100. Apply to ROBINSON, TOWN, k BENSON, Stork and Exchange Brokers, 44 Wall - st. aug 5 Iw SALT WATER BATHS. The public, are informed that the Salt Water Uoatins Baths continue open from Ave o'clock in tlie morning until 10 at night, at Ar - den't wharf, mar the Battery, and at the foot of Murray street, North River. FOR SALE, a handsome Pleasure Sloop, in complete order, with new tail 1 a verv safe bout. nennt nntu vtim cora. ALSO, a pair of largo Patent Chain Puropt, made by Mr. Daniel. Atto,one large vat or cistern. Apply, at uie Baths, or to JACOB RAB1NEAU, 315 Broadway. 00 - Wanted, an active, intelligent BOY, to attend a Drug fc tore one acquainted with the bniinett. Apply a ahovo. ? NOTICE. 07" Ilavieg understood from some of my friends, that it hat been diligently circulated (eer - lainty not with tht intent to itnrjit me) that 1 have ivtn up my brokerage buiineu on account of any being appointed oil inspector the report it) fade 1 continue to buy and sell all.kiada.jtf country produce at n ual. All the oil thatcomea into thi market would not, in my opinion, occupy one quarter of my time. JAMES MAURICE. New - Tork, Aug. 7 aig 7 lw Hy Irttert I'ntrnl from the United Stale. LVLLLi O UI4UIU MSUHL3 A. Approved of, and recommended by several of (ha inott eminent iibvticians of Philadelphia. THK Transparent Solution of Mtgaotia is pre tented to the public with the aanntioa and particular recommendation of many of the most retpeo'ahle pbysieiini of (hit city, at the meet eligible mode ef exhibiting magneii. Thit tulu - Uon possesses the virtues of t.iat medicine in an eminent degree act more speed. ly 1 with greater certainty nd is not liable to form concretions in the bowels, at Messrs. Braode and Monroe have discovered are sometimes produced ly solid snag netia. it combines witn its anti - ss a ana aperteet pri.iciples the very desirable property ef allaying the most excessive veniiling, and carrying off ore and offensive mstler. Hence may be infer red its great efficacy ia the summer om alntl of temaiss, cluiarea, ace, ais. lonersooa of b llout habits It reeomsaended at an excellent corrector of bile and acidity com municates tone to toe stomach operates ss a gentle taxation, and establishes a psrmaaent and regular ttate ef the bowels. A discretionary use of this agreeable beverage enables persons of every age, sex and sonctitulioa to k'ep their bowelsjnoderate, without the e of salts or drastic purees, ( hitherto used) which never fail to confirm th costive hakit Lber were inter ded to remove, and to disorder ibr Ufa the rgant of digestion. In weak stomschs uric and other acids are volved, causing coat, travel, stiffness, end sen. crction of the jointsthe solution will palliate. sod often remove these afflicting eompfiHO's. Indigestion and many disorder ol toe sys - m, frequently proceed from an seidions, stata the stomach 1 children are partita arly subject thit depraved condition if that organ, io sh sequence of their existing si most entirely on milk and vegetable diet. A tmall quantity 01 tbe sola Uon (which ehildrea drink w ith avidity, and in general prefer to every other beverage wlH ia a tnon lime neutralise me cxitung auu, uu, 11 continued, will prevent lb formation of any 6ew acid. Independent of tbe other advantages the solo tkm possesses over erode tnsgncsia. or any other medicine, intended to produce a similar effect, the saperior purity of the magnesia contained in the solution (the patentee haviag discovered a proceti by which he deprive the mtgnetia he makes ate of, of the nimerooi imporitiit it ia always eoatamioated withl mutt give it a decided preference ovc r every other preparation: to a void the annearcnee of emuirieitm, the eertifleatcs of iha n .TueJana. and other snorobatory testimony. are oot'pubhshcd, bat may be seen at the store the patentee The solution may either be drank at the fount, mineral waters.) st III 1 - 2 cen s per half pint, may be had in bottlct of an oval thape, marked, in raited letters, - Cullen's Uquid Max.aetii.' labelled Collin solution of Magnesia. Ohaerve, none w genuine except wbst answer above description, aad is tigaed by the Pa ' lentre. . JOHN CULLEW. - Price S3 50 per down, 75 ecatsof which will re'araed on receiving the empty tottle. Sold ia muadciphia only, at Cullen'sChetaieat Drag store, 68, east earner of Cbcsnat axitl Second streets. PhUadttpkxa, S5tA April, It la. , . tTT The Patentee, eneoaraced hy the tneeetc the Patent liquid Mtjgnetsa in Phihulclpbta attd where,' lexpeetfally ioforout the ishsbilanu W . New Yurk r d its vicmiir. that he has formed an etUblitmner t VtHsalcat No. aU5 Broadway within twM Park Place, where b - o - cssnafaetorea Sodtv ihipt af a superior Quality - ; PaiMK TOKACCO. - 87 bbot. the chot - - .H at Kew Orleans, try a - eOBopeteet jndge, and crwired fit for ibe Brj - ; tiarket, jwst nce C. U. t u ;t . ' t' - r r .! ; Si,'' 1 L' I ... I . ; J : I I (I " ?: u m 1: "'1 1 I II 1 I J ,11'' l! j li ; 1 il'l ' v " r." i. s '' ' f I I i t - .1 r 5 ,A t - 1

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