Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 12, 1895 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1895
Page 2
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PLUCTOACCO BJ ·wh?n a f (H I Y rl/LLI, EICBIOHD. ·baip rap gonnaea per- H n A T T V ^ ' tm , Viaf v u^vebexj . ... . iix whiteuftd slowly, and, a= ho fiuiidiiMl .-he dropped at bis feet! Ll a f.-~ur. llL 1 ? death. i She- war. man i r d in the dim twilight · Bnt when a-barp rap gonnaea per- L , rj . y uM-cJnirvli at home, -with just her iptcrlly tliroagU UxeTjotise the rtajS.**!] El0t |, er an (LhU-K-T!. u'-ar hw, aud her fa-, ' t i(.r w.ituhui:: her with softened eyes. Tli-i ifK-iu murmured in full, boft, l-nuri'-s, but r,he!C wtrc: nn yrraiJljers, n o ; ss-J-JK-l «u;.4" m Iti'lal .liciihy. As-In- htcpi-cd unr. inM 7-J*. ,r- J ^ T f ' ^ l g7 t i c svc ct .-nriu« evening the youn? | ',s.'. ' 4 "i " 1 '.i-^-: 0 --*. faint err /.wut of tho uio.)n met lit r t-ytr- "It s thu l^u ni'ip, " I'j-jnk whi'-j/tr | td t u f l l y , iH-iirtii,^ (lowii ilur -he alone I hci.r.--CKcrltuid Monthly. ' Consumers qfaiwiroj tooacco wno are wiisiog to psy a little more than . tlie price cliarjed for tlie ordinary trade tohccos, willpndtkis trand superior to all other?or EVERY DAY FOR 23 YEARS I J^ettcrs have come from all parts of the country telling of cures vrrojgnt by JOHNSON'S IND.AN I L.30H SYRUP ifi cases OP .-Scrofula, Chronic Blood 'Disorders, and especial'y Kheumatism; also, Chills and Fever dyspepsia and Dropsy. TWENTY MILLION Viist and Forurost it Is the FAMILY REMEDY. It saves D o c t o r ' s bilte. Should be In every household. Read v.hat one of its many thousands of grateful friends says about it: "Several Doctor? treated me for Rheumatism, but did me no good, I tr*cd various remedies, but obtained no rciief. I suffered tor year?. My neighbor (Mr. Zcllcr) told me o[ your Indian Blood Syrup, and I used It, I am thankful to say, with success; It cured me Entirely." AlFtiEt) BllOWN, Kirkivood, Appanoose Co., Icra'a, HV'AH Dnifjgis'ts have sold It for Che past 23 years. On. CLARK JOHNSON, TT VI. THIRD OTBECT. NEW YORK. W-U-DOUGLAS, BROCKTOM, /4A53. i-* » i 7 L u r c b u i l U K VVi IJP i f\tt,''i ,r, vc rue ISu- 1 irj -'.I innnuCnclureri of a H P i J TL i t.!iu". i i n I'm w o r l d , n n d i'u.\fnfi!ce lite ·,: ' ":by *,'x.Tii),ur ihc nn ne mu\ p r i c e on llic In. , f i n , i v h i t l i p i n i c c t r t - o n ay ii i i l h l f j h pricctj p nd l l i e iiM'Hlciuan n p r o l t t f i . . U i i r ^ h o e n ernml M I in work I D f i ' ^ l c . eii'.y li' ip and w-L-.iri,'-,' MI d l l l i r v We h ivc Ihc in n«- ! i everywhere 1 ii lowr prices for ilie \ . i l n p ^ i v r n L l i a n ':e. Take no K i i h i t i L u i e If your i n'jpply you, we cun. hold by · i i y u l .SOLD UY J J A N C J E H SOiV. Singer Sewing Machines WAKIJ o'oori:i:, IOWA. I fTrBfc-i\*FiMii, rynuiU(tte DIOCK J ·pHE G l i N ' U I N E S i N G K H is un ·*-yiieBlionahlv the best newmir inn chine In the iuii' kei to d«y. Ma:liine* ore sold on ensj Li-irns and at priw-u reoeotlnbU low." Cull mid i-pe them ;iu(] get prices, Kepalrinc machines and other light eenerul repanli'e done on Short notice. In i w o r k m a n l i k e m a n n e r Charfteslow. JCeecll/:! tor i l l k i n d s nl machines, rcpnlrs Tffi'al) k i n d s fur nlahed promptly. "WARD COOPER Si« started With crwrv Tienx. ·with every narva. Her voico wag steady ·nnagh, however, aa tho went curtained window. "Whoia it?" "Morsrin from over Point " "C iptaui Morgan! 1 ' tw, I know, II you v, i l l flod yonr way in, I will join yon presently." Sho heard the tramp of feet malrirjR their way uncertainly into the unlinht"d rocm. She clid cot hasten; every Butt fold of laco alwut her throat was .settio'l carefully to it-, pi am, audflhowciic back to lidjost a hlippiug braid of luir aa if the most critic-ill and fa.=tidions of moni- iiiy callers awaited hor, Something of thn dramatio iuitinct must have been born in her. She stood in tho doorway prfuiliy, l^ildiny tho lamp far above her bead tJi.itw.he might Bee her visitors, a graceful, white clad shapo, with shining eyti and flnshed oheekn Tho men rose mrolmilniily. "I am Air*. Morie," she Baid quietly "My brother, Mr Tiyoii, is uot ut home." "Don't *" «1 jrmcd," Captain Morgan Baid rca.-.Knringly. "We ora the vigi- Isiice coBiinittec scarehiug for tho captain of the horsv thief gaug. Ho escaped ui a tow hours .igo and c.miu this way " She thought of thonhootiiigand hanging while thin tall voiced vigilant was making his explanation, feho moved forward and put her lamp down on a table before (-ho mi-wirtd. "Ho ^i^iu-d UH ^ojiio time HiucCp" with a hiilf huiila "You know wa lost all oar hortes." · I knew you were here alono nnd thought ho might take udvuutago of tho fact. NilHidy kuowfl how much information ho iia% " She hh'jol-' her head. "Caiittiiii Gordon haan't frightened me," she h.nd calmly. Thenshoglanced at tho men They wero nil spliwhedond travel torn. Could 1 oIRir you auy refreshment," uho haid h.ilf timidly, "for yourwjlf or your horhth? I luve heard my brother o£ jou Ircqucutly," with tho Illinois neutral K. \\. t" C'ji'iiecnoil H i t l i Uns XMithern I'a- cilJ-C'u , u i l J . ou :'nd i i l t e r th.- m^et. ot Xnyi-mber 1'Mi, r u n from Chu p ai?" ,1 U U I T K T EVERY XKJHT. , TV conner-t direct at.-VvondalP (suburb . of KJ»- Drx-an-i) w i t h i h e Southern l'iioil;c:'s now, vestihult t r a i n , t h e 'Kunsel Limited,' for Houston, ,sa . .\iiionion. Kl I'dho, Los Angels l''r.incist'O Phl.H t'.ir lor am ilJC mont powodul. uilf iirrf an pill of IM» Kind. in. Ilia dlarkit. effcctlfa remedy In BUMrcnscc! mctiatruatloa mrt ill female ironblci jirlsliiff from, It. DraeelHf Mil il. arirnr"0f IniltaUoni and tin that rtoH gut U* amiilna ninclitarr'* While ZHilf!lrtU o ratal frnnyrtnal O. IfhUaMlv ·"·'"':» 6 f fl ""- ?"' araontiilffiismn!, Wtnelwtor Olumlfa.! UTCSIT side. An* Tour Draif (fist. If lie M p I l he will gctltfoi 1 yoM. orwrllo direct M nd «» wl" winl t upon r«clpl of price, «H1, PoftfwJJ. S*nd eo. tor P.rtl*ntrii. (·. t h a t years uyo Piyno Morofl had foiuiil ho hi uitclnny. Shu looked so frail and alight, no entirely dill'ureut from tho BoutlrwBHtern fuiiiiniuu duvc.]o|jnieut, that Mor^uti, a (rrout, good natured gicint, foand him «olf ubutilied AH for Inn couip^iuone, they btood w i t h their gout) in the hollow of their uritfl, holding their hats awkwardly nnd nncnnily. Thoy were riders jiid htraight nhotb, but this elimdtr woniim up.sot their iiervea Wo're ubnut played ont," Morgan §aid, "thu hoisf.9 at loaHt Ho won't ba likoly to get far tonight," with ft Big nlflcaiit glanco ut tho mmi riofirest him, "aud we couldn't do much anyhow. Ir Ii going to bo blacker than pitoh. If yon don't nund oar cnrnpiug oil the plucc--ygu don't look much liko work, Mm. Morho, but I'm not a bad hand at ft to-ing pan myself." "Certainly, RfcutlemeD," with sweet- eat oourteay. "Yon know the way to the oorucribfl, and," putting oat a pair of Blender, browned haiidn, "I'm not ah helplcuiH aa I look. " So she and Captain Morgan mndo coffee, fried bucou aud baked biBouit, whilo the meu fcci thou- horset* and arrauccd ·leaping plnroj for themselves. "Duu't mat beat anything yon ever ·MV in voar Ufa uj the way of a TV Dm uiT ' one 01 uiom euiu mwii n iuuy mu onnoif-sance through the kitohca window. ."And there's Morgan," with owe lu his voice, "talking iiway to her us chipper as a jaybird. " They rode iway In tho gray at tho morning. All day long Bho ininiatorcd to the m [in who had wrecked her life. Thora wnu little talk. Thoy could cot venture on that He slept like a -worn Out man who lunkc.s the most of hiti ohnaccs in safety. When night ciimo 5Lo^« ££d «r?a;u, uniii JUUD IL-I u iliu huuitr | alone Then, clad m Harry Tryou's garments and riding Bubccca, Payne Muroo iinuiu his wny to a signal station on the railwny lu nnlca away. "Ooodby,"'ho Baid. "You'll not BO likely to bee or honr of me again. For yonr sake it'n almost a pity thlt tUey didn't mako nn cud of mo. " "Don't »ay thnt, Pnyno, We'll live Out Onr liTCC. Yam's iinyht have such ohanccs if you rhoso to ute them." "Gooclby, my girl." He stooped nud kissed her cheek. "H 1 could go back I again--well, wo wonldn't get married." Harry Trjoa caiiu inuJc thrco or fonr days later. Ho knew nbont tho dispersing of tho gin i h' ind tho hnugiug of tivo or three of if luoiiibcn. "And Paynoi" Hcleu asked. "They told mo ho escaped, " not tncot- tag her oypR Tbcii sho told him. "By .love, Helen! They never (rtm- pcoted, tbnt'ii certain. Alter that I wonder if there's anything yoa can't j ttand. LUteu, Payne Mora iidead." Ho hud risen nnd woa holding both her hands an ah o flat before hlm.~ "1 know it's true," he said earnestly. "I naw him. Ho was takcu ont of the (rain ut tho junction where I waited. Died Of heart disease, they said, with' " word." a I, Clllcil(!O, Ht (l,i}h, h u e will be ncy ,it 'J:00 D. in. I'u".^- I ' U P O U I J I I U1-JJH- V A I I r ) . N S ' ' l i i C H f . lu ttit- Pduillu ("iM:ir. In .I'J'lHIon. on and i i f l e r i h e Novi'inbor M i l l , there w i l l be run ;i I'ullmait lien iv ii ID. \Vi'(ln(" i c.u' -lua. I'lirouifh »v i l h o u t uhanige, f i o m Chicago 10 !,'·, Aii'^i:l''S. via Avoni.'ale. by he sarnf runic-. 'J'hroiiE;lidnnble-lertli ia'i- but. AliXK). This enr will leave I'l-ritr:.! St-iLinn, Clneafro. at .'1:00 a. m. Tli'irh'lay's, b u t M i l l br open h»r ot 1 uji'inc) at O'OO p ni M'ednesd/iy in^i'ts. T h i s is Tie Only Trie Winter Roue To California, i m i n g to low alt'tndes. .luil t l i . absence of snow and severe cold w e a t h e r Ticke! as \M iis liv Any Other Route A s k foi Sn'-cial C;iliforniii Folder »t I. C. Jl. Ii Thi-y, ai n-ell as tickets .11 (I l u l l i n l o r m a i ion as to r.ilnb, oari hi- lui'l ii i' ,it;-ni.s i)l tlie C-ntral l l u u l e iiucl uonniMiiiifi lines, or by ndilrrjasiug J. II, II-VN'.-OX, U. I'. A. Chiuatfo For Sale By . . R. N. MYERS, ·j i · · · , ! . ' i / S Ubochatt, BEFORE YOU BUILD . . . . ^ Get Our Prices on Lumber, ___^___^____^_--------. \. - ^ i - -, Our facilities for buying lumber CHEAP, is as good as any in Iowa. And our disposition to SELL it CHEAP better than some. ESTIMATES, figures and information cheerfully given. H. C. BUREfl £ CO. Main Street Lumber Dealers. A WINTER'S ENTliRTAINMT' G R E A T V A L U E FOR LITTLE MOXEY. WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. no Poison. Reid's German PiSis cure Constipation and malaria. Sylvan Cum purifies th« torenth. O n l y SO (Kt to C.illr.irnl.i -- Cotninencinif Tuesday, Nov. 13th, and u:icb Tnmd .y thtjreatier d u n n e UK- u u i t i T si'ai.011. the U G R. N ; ];l'y w i l l r u n ;i 1'lnllips 'J'onriat rilceper TO Crilil'oriiiri and Western I J ointa I'liib ilceper w i l l he attached to train \u. 3, w l i i e l i li-iives Albert Lea at 3:00 p ni., fJiiily, except Sundriy, nnd will r u n v i , i Uii' iDiun liiii', stnjipine :it all [ j u i n i s hctwi-en Albert Ltn aiidColiini- bus .1 unction. Fiom Columbus Junction the route 19 vm tho 0. Jl. 1. 1" H'y to KanaaH City and Ft. Worth Texas. From this point thf Texae I'tfciliu K'y will t n k a tlie ciirto J!J l j aso, ivheru it w i l l be delivered lo the Soulli- ern racilu- lor Los Angleles and San Kiiiniiiiico, f i r n v u i K at Los Angeles at 7.00 ]). no the lollowiUK Saturday. 'J'lns id the best U'mtci Route, owing to the loiv altitude and d f l i g h t f t i l southern climate. No snow or severe cold The iiviev 1 v btrth on thia cnr to Los Anpeles or Sun Francisco la only SO.OO Iroiu points Albcu Lesv lo Uud;ir Hap- iiK. and ^5.50 n o i n points south ot nnd i n c l u d i n g Cedar Rapids. The sleeper is hilly c q u i p n M w i t h bedding, carpets, lubhs nc , nnd h,w upliolstered wita A coloiuil poner Hccompunies each car I or the pxtipwu o[ inuUlng up berths, kei pni(r the C.T clean, etc., rtnd a special mjnngCT };niH through with each car and hua prraunal charge at ihe par- ly Jiecond (Jims Tickets a^e accepted in t h i s CHI', H yon '»re contemplating a t i i | to C a l i f o r n i a address the under signed lor foldetn B l v i''B f "ll parUcn- I. us "I tins system ot travel whicli (:cinibii»;s Oheiipiiiss, Comtotl, Siitoty and bp'-eil. J. A I O H r o N . G . T . P. A.. Cediir Unpiils. Iowa. \ V l i i t K r 't'onrlMt l l a i o b ov«r Hit? o r l H \ V U H l r r i l l.lTlu The North- Western Lni' j is now ·-eJl- \\\K exuii'sioii tickets, at git-rilly re- du;eil r.ites, to the health and pleasure resorts ol California, riorii'a, Texas .Mexico, .New Mexico, LouiMtinii, Mits- i33i|c;. (J j orpia, ftoutli O.»i olin.i, Ten ue'-si e and Alabama. I'ur tickets ^nd f u l l i i i l u i n i ' i t i o n Apply l o a(tmts_ Cla- cago and NorUi-Western Il'y l-l-'i.'5. U n d u u u d U n t v H [o the South On J.inuiiry 15th, 18!l3, the 15, 0. It N, H'v will sell pxciiraion LicKfc s from all points nn Us Inv to the lol- lovvinu ternlory: All points in Cnlora- do, I t dian Terntorj, Kriiisils, Xebrns- k,i, O k h l i o m a ,ind A r k a n s a s , ,ind Lo pmiiis in Lonisian.i. New Mexico and Southweht. rn Missouri Tickets w i l l be Bold at i h e Kxtrernrlv Lou liriie ol One Fare, plus $2.00 1'cr HIH luiind trip. Good to r e t u r n 20 d.ivs Iroin date of sale. Hlop over will be allowed it pleasure For f u r t h e r p a r t i c u l a r s call on your u jrt'st station .'ia«nt or acj dress, J. MOKTOX, G. 'I' I*, A . Uedur llnuids. Iiiw t i. JjQiv to Ihr s o i i l l SOUHERN HOME-SEEKERS' a or nurthiirn (unlllcd are now lu CM 11 -d ;it I'Dlnls on the lltitiortM IltlnolnOn .uid Ynzoo i Mississippi v.iiley Knllro.uls In I In* alines or 'I QUIIL-SHCC MlUBfadlppI and J.uul-'l.iim, nnil ihouau.-ids rjjolccra vho con- IrmplALu 11 cliiiniic or '.ocailon to a milder ell- mnir i\lien* 1 md ami building material N i IHMJI. lire tt.ililup for the Illinois Central i-ouineni lloinoSwks" i:*(_ur»lon3 Lhni will leivu Slsnix Oty uts.lX) p m.. Mlom l-'itila ut E;!0)j i» . Gillian iu .. lup. in ( Hnpldi NovrinlK-r ism. IJwi'niber lUih. January Tib Ki'bru.irj- Illi, MibriMth. April 1st nuil J9ih: .iu»l from :ill point-* r:it of KurL Urxl^u on lUe in \ln Iliu- mi- ilat \ ujr. Tnu nun «"111 boonly iiiU'fAiL for the round irJ'j from :ill llllaol* rciiirul pnlnlK iiorih uf the Oliln i-lvcr. to all In I ho nlntcs i.f Te'ini-Bste MlaslsslppI ana I,onHl:in i (evcepL Now Orleans nail M'.-mphH) and win twKtKK] w return M will wltUliiSoday .mil (or ttoii-rircra lalioih illrcelloiu south of Cairn. r.\cTf ono Inlcreitrd In the MIL ill, or ulioexpecLa to chingo ihclr location should nildrrss* Lhe iimiorsli^nfO at Manchester. Iowa »n« rccelri; ft rrceeo|j-orsonlhtrn Home-Sec- grr ne^arinicntot tbp I. c. K. R., which in tnll ot inierebtluff, reliable and vnianblelDrorma- Uon. J. P, Merry, A. O. P. A..' Illinois Central llallroad. Dr. Price'* Cream V Powder » The Ijiirlli.gton, lt:ipi(ls iV Nnrllicrn Railway \ v i l l r u n h o i a e seeker's excursions to point 1 ) in Trie neasee, Mi3-.iS3-.upi, I," iisutn.i and A l - :ibiiui:i. on tin' [ullo · m t ; diites: , I , n i u - arj 7lh, Feliivrv I h, .Vl.ircli 41' 1 , April 1st ,Uid 2!) h. IW.j. l-'riMii st:i- liona S'i'.ivh n| iM.d iiii'lu(lin r ' lo*!i Kalla A l b e r t L i u ami l ) i e n r o l l "Me, Uaj lalT limn Hit- tiinive dalvb. Tic-ltels m i l b? suld dl Hi'.- extrenicl Io\\ nitf ol line furi" I n r U u - j n u i u l trip, and will be good Lu return thirty diiys fro.i the tl.ite of sale. Stopover will be ;illo\vi:d in Tennessee, Louisiana M'ssissippi and A l a h a i n u . For mtcs and t i m e of trains c.ill on station iigi'iits or addiess J. MOI'.TON,. G.'I. r. A, Ced;ir H»pids, [a. I t M n y do at* M u c h Ar You Mr. Fre«MlIl«r, Ot trvlng III,, vsrites he hat) a severe kidney trouble 1'or miiny years, v.'iih p, n .in3 tu !:is luck tiud uladder :ifTeeted. IIo tiled many 30 called kidiiuy cures imt no ' «ooil results. About a iigo he began use of Electric Hitters and lundd reliel .it nncu. Bleciric Hittcw is especially adapted to oiiru of all k i d n e y :ud liver lilas and otten giv«'» almost in- Mtanl reliel One trial will prove our statement. Price only oOo. for large liottle. Av lilnnc.halne McJ»hfaus XotSIck Kilouich t'or tho Doclor. but a little out of sorts, liipno^ Tubules notild s'TVe m your case.. I t h well to have them Oil h:nid lor j n H l such occasions. --Wood will be taken at the I'noo- iiESS-ftEviEW ofllce on lion. Bring it now. --B. S. Stnnton Bells the Peoria stoves, Hoilnil OaK and (1 --A aatislieil customer Is 'a permanent one. TlMt'a W h y we recommund De Witt's Little Early Uisera., They cure cnnatipauon. inUlgoaliou am) bil- lotiaueas. Bl»acUaiue McGaherau a tweuty-page journal, is the liMdiu^ HepublicKn family paper of the United Stales. H is a NATIONAL F A M I L Y 1'APER, and gives all the general news of tlic United-Stales. U uivea the events of foreign lands in a uutshell. Its "AGUICJU.LTUU./M," cle|idrtment has no superior in the c o u n i r y . Its "MARKET REP TS"' are recoemzed authoiitr. bnparate departments tor " L'flK FAM LY CIKCLE." "Our Young Folka," and "SCIENCE AND MECHANICS." 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For sale by Blanchalaa --ll»ve you seen the Improve* Rocker WiwherP It's » djindy. For sale by JB, KEI'OHT OF THIi CONDITIOX OF The J'lrit Xatloiml Bank o f L a P o r t o C i t y , J u ilio ^jtutc of Town, at ilio Clone of I J U H l n c H M Dec IB, 1 B 9 4 , KESOUKCE3. : -UHl discount* ----- ...... -- ...... -- S 13(1 M3.W Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.. II. H. Ilouds to secure circulation -..-_ Ciinkln^-liuiisr. rnrnltiirc nnd llxtniea. j;ue from .v-it'l li-iuks (not Hca. A p t ? ) Due Troiu ^(ULtJ I' nil: 1 - iu(l U:inki-rs Due rroin .Lppri'M-I risi rv't agents,..,-Checks ;iuil u i h n (,;t-.h items..--^-- /- NoiCf- of other Niiiluii.jl h.inks -- Kraeiionul pnpcr currency, nickels and cents · -- · Lawful Money Itcicrn- In bilnll. 4V2SS1 160UIIO 2 9S7 .',0 1 1.14 OU :m-ta .M 00 ,^_.,.-.jn rimil will-r S T-.LSIIII.I (5pDi coil or circulation; .. ·"£;*.' ToW - - - IC9905K5 MAIJJI.IT1ES. sioi-l: ixilil In...- -.- sajooow bnrpliis fund..- -- icouoou Uiidli!di:d iirolit-., le^s i-xpennes ana __ r taxeb paid - - ,'T* J ' Nallori.ilJ'.iinK nol-;» oiitt:iiiiHnn II 'iaiuii IntUvIdual .leijnslts iiibject td clicrk...... *M 7C9 3» . ofdepc^t 47.11205 io»,9ul»5 STA'l i: OK IOWA, I g , Coiinlj at Jilack Hawk ( . . I , F. K. Wettsteln, Casnler of the above nameil uank, ilo solemnly swear that the above statement is tme to tlic ucqt o;my Knowledge anil lit- Uer F. K. Wm STEIN. Chiller. Subscribed niid sworn to before inethi ^"'n davor Dec. IBM. THOMAS D MOOHK, - Coiut*'T-- Altcst- ' JJOiarr I-UDIK H. A Perkins 1 W. Ii. (iiirdiier, l)lrecton K. N A I I 8 K I 1 . 1 Agents Wanted, A G11EA.T CHASCK To VITAL QUESTIONS OFTHEDAY.SvS ·M Uatilo for llrcart. Coserslm. Strikes. th» Uncni|j:oy«]. Oreiit Lr«bur iHsnes of ine prev einana Iiiturc. Tarm Lcglslaltoa . J / c f"' ver Question. Wbat Piowcilon dnes for tno American iVirkman. What Tree Trade flow forblm. A i»K)k Tor the hour, hvrryboflv want II. I'rlcf only H 50. Sells at night. liberal terms lo a«TMts. S«nil '»«*':«or siiud 130 cents for apenn ouintsii once. ±". W. Zleglnr Co.. SZ3 Market Ht., Si SrVJELSER BRO^HEriS., THE CITY LIVERY\ BARH. First class rigs at teasonabH rates, Calls answered «UK or H INEWSPAPERif SFAPERl

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