Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 4, 1943 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1943
Page 4
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Page Two TEE PROGRESS-RE\TEW, LA PORTE Ci fY. IQ5VA La Porte City Personals Mr. l!rs C!t-k Her: Jei^er frorr vh'TM Itsi Snnci,\. Tr.:^ i.- ther navt .letrc frtiTr Mr. anc of faibsr, H£±TJ Edsili. at ^ of Waterloo vishsc E. H. SieUt noiDi ! Mrs. ICE Be'Ss rercmec ^f DET MIES Lorrem-. Irjcianni o. Si ^ itm;- thii -weet afr^r speid;*i£ rwci ?ani is TiBVT'f: n. "iht G^QTpt mor^? vith MTE. JeFSt FCTL u n d Hull and ZTE P.osaair hcmes- dflcehier. Mrs- Knm Httz, tn? Mr. aac Mrs. Eau^r; 'Wsissr: ' -snaier K Got collet i 5 cT,;i.^-'jr f. v. eei: c ur for appendix:? Febmarj -5. or wr::- ner ^a^-jr.u -dr. ^i.; Mr. and Mrs. Lauren:* 3rrwr r. L C McG... E^«- tn- parents of a yoj named firs Forrtr. ilcC u- - .f tf "iTf-- 2si Ar.inorT. 3orr Ferjmtrr 25 v-t5 t v.t-ii. S^.L p-j=5t ir ins i.: ^TJ? Vintor. bospi^sl This of her Deri.-.-. X' L- L iVojj first child. Jin Ktv S---t-Ki.. Xrt VC. D. Basrron: of Lisuu- SpnnpE in. 17 i. v. 1-^1. ":.-_ rats: o' ' of P-ev Jisc Mr*. his SDr IT E C ? ' v_ p '-~ anc .i_s-_ treti., retum-nc: honit At tht It Uis- "R". H. iFm;. fund 260240- 220200- 160 Mr -s. TViJ Si." £'i r Jact Pari-er, son of Mr. 4L v i- · - Lrni- Xrt. Burreli Puter, had ia«- :.'_*-' y . - _ r I · --*'~furmne i-o cir; his knee *WI'L :-ic:i Z Mr. L - t _^-. n .:tr A ioy w a s tom "o M" ·^ ?a :»'. Leoi.i.'-d 3-rruv= :n Trse.- i on Tuesday, Man-h 2. i r,f- i,aby :-.: of is tht pniridchilc of Hr trie ^ GitOW YOUR OWN «*' Michael-Leonard SEEDS Moore Milling Co. i a j F K l N J J i S O N D 1942 Word Manor Tjr "£-- o. v ar Irifor.T.ation is this chart showinp S. i- ehows ihe expenditure in 1942 times the 513,895,000,000 - -'--.; _^-_-e duri-E the 310 days in 1942 on v i c 5 :C? C"~ r i.OOO as compared with ?-45.600 1^41 Mr. and Mrt. Alfred Jfe::t to-. Dcir.s-Jd IVi- .in : e r u s a n Can-ji PL ir -.'. ork, to Mr. a-id f ^ r m t h i ? c r n p l o y t d pov er .ART niTPICTLNG l\5. \VAR EXPENDITURES S'AR EXPENDITURES - Daily Rate C k S r- J f .PIT. 1S4P- DECEMBER 1942 j. r -- -- - -- f- ' ~~~~ ~~^~~ ~~~~ t , AOV r/^240 S-/ -- 220 . . / \ 20 ° ' ' ^ : i iftn 1 -/ · : ; i lso Jr- ' , ' , 160 ^r I ' 4 «M f "~ l~ : '-pl4O are depending on us to raise all the food and fiber we must have this year. That's why we speak of our 1943 farm plan as a contract be. tween fanners and our country -we might even call it a contract or pledge between farmers and the men who are on the ships, in the and tanks, and behind the guns on the front lines. We're de. pending on them to win this fight -- and they're depending on us to raise the food to make victory pos eral Bureau of Inveatiia, ceded the Pr«id el ,t ,,*? trip to Africa. He ^ s vance -work preparing /. dent Roosevelt's trip %J ed to the United Stat« President's party. PAID FOR L. B. Waldo of Eldora an anonymous letter a $12 recently. Some 27 n someone stole a tire 'j Waldo automobile ard it recently received was" in"!* sible. better we do our job of producing j The letter stated that"" food, the fewer boys it will take Waldo was not bring ft,"" I to win this war. should go to his heirs or · * 1 111 , j _ ._.:_ AT ^ i I r * J * When we do win, the food we I raise is going to bring the peace 1 irto the fanhest places of the earth, and lay the foundation for the building of peaceful, democratic people's governments all over this world. The food we raise will help make the foi_r freedoms a living reality for all men. Sam. ATLANTIC BOND LEND DIGNITY To YOUR BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE This Is the Time to v CHECK PRINTING REQUIREMENTS Check This List for Your Printing Needs Shipping Labels Window Cards Order Blanks Shipping Tags Business Cards Filing Cards Circulars Circular Letters Office Forms Programs Letterheads Envelopes Statements iiillheads Blotters Booklets Announcements Post Cards Tickets Handbills Don't wait until you need a rush job of printed supplies. Check your printing needs now. It is more than likely that you need letterheads, statements, envelopes, order blanks, sa'iesbooka, or one or more of the items listed above. Call or phone the Progress-Review today. A representative will be glad to show samples and otherwise help you with your order. Phor 2 46 THE ·REVIEW « xrt'^L M-. a-.i 02 February 3 H T . army. Mrs C V. K ir Beach, Ca'.if. son, lough now. Shc sisitr ai Salt-n, returning home. A boy w a s born TO Mrs. Sheloy Belli-iser or. Feb. 28 at Al'en .M'-moria! ho- pital in Waterloo. This is th_ ;hird boy in the f a m i l y . The baby has been named Theronne Dtan. Mrs. Clifford William=, ^ h o ha- been a patient at th? Pr'.-sbj tcrian hospital, suffering from r h t u m a tic fever, for the past elo. en weeks, was brought to her home on Sunday. She is slowly improv. ing. Melvin Henry Sheffler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sheffler, returned Wednesday from a 10_day furlough spent in La Porte City. A fireman first class in the navy, Sheffler is stationed at Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Tina Shrincr and granddaughter, Mona Lee Knight, of Mt. Ayr, Iowa, were here fiom Thursday until Saturday v M t m i r in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Poss and other relatives and friends. The Booiter club was entertained last week at the home of F. M. Elliott, with a dinner foi the families. Several guests were present. Mrs. David Vandcrhyden is the club president and was onu of the club hostesses. Marie Wanner, who has been been living for past year with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Krusc at Minneapolis, came home Sunday night to spend a week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mutt Wagner. The Ladies Catholic league \\ill sponsor a caul party on T h u i s d a y night in the Legion hall with » covcied dish supper, followed by an evening of cards to which Lhc public is invited. Mrs. Scvcrl Lassun and her committee arc the hostesses, A 6*'oup of friends wont to the home of Ted Richauls for a s u t . prise party on Wednesday night in honor of his birthday An oyster supper was served at 7 o'clock and the evening was spent playing cards. Mrs. GcorgU Orcn entertained a group of ladies at n bridge party on Monday night witli I awards going to Mra. Weldon Bctts, Mrs. J. R. Buscr mid Mis ".loid the animal aloft without o fur or body." The only ,-rv.r!- is -.hat the inventor has : _·' c:ec 10 figure a ·»a\ of get. ' K t n e animal -- in this case, i.;=.-c?--out of 'he trap after he = '" it. Everjbodj in town comes ir. \o give advice; Ulysses is the of the day, but it all pleasantly enough when Big f'hns, the strongest man in town -::d, also, a noble human being, ret only breaks the trap open, but pays Mr. Coiington the twenty, "oliar list price for the damage he has done. If you want to have the time of y o u r life, read Saroyan's "The Human Comedy." for ?i t-. Mr, ii'.d Mr- Oer rg; tv.o -.vrck^ They 1'ft Because oat germination is prox'ing spotty, Black Hawk county farmers are urged by County Extension Director Paul Barger to test their oat Feed at once. Reports received from the State Seed Laboratory at Iowa State college on samples sent from Ft-11, Black Hawk county Farm Bureau Wc-d. office, indicate that although a lie rjay frji . C h a - L i t r , Kar.=as,I large number of the samples VneiL .Tumor wil' take hi.- tcc_ tested thx.s far show satisfactory crds-ry ir,-,tiuc'.IT t u i n i n g course Dicker^ in i l i m - n i n n chool h'jf fl\ ing ·lirpoit in C h a n u t c . lie f i n i s h e d his germination, fully 15 percent are ge-rminating only 25 to 75 percent in a m u n i c i p a l and many samples are completely l i n k in-tiutr.tnt t r a m i r g at Den_ .ci, C o l o , before coming home. Reading and Writing . . . The DI.O"!^ of n Ne\ I n l i n e recently c;ill to the e d i t o r to =cc ou." she man is hu "IIu av-, lie'-, the vnild's, p-icat. C"~l authoi." The publisher didn't s . l a l e "Shnw Puvatc- in," ho f-,i'id dead. Mr. Barger says the reason for this uneven germination probably is that many oat fields were combined last fall following a heavy rain. As a result, the oats have heated in the bin to such a degree ! t h a t the visability has been com_ j plclely or partially destroyed. Seed oats should germinate at least 85 percent to produce a sat_ isfactory stand. If germination falis below this point, the far. mer will do well to feed them and obtain more seed of the new re_ g a l o v . -,,' ·'·''"tant vaiieties elsewhere. Because testing facilities in seed average {? York put "A aid. Willuim Saroynn, v.ho is still in n.s ( r i r ' y Unities, i? aheady a I c p e r d a i y f i K u i e in the l i t c i a r v laboratories always are overtaxed, farmers ale advised to make their " Ecimination tests. If the oats "-h*- 1 "·" ^ a i K L J i u iii LHC i i n ' i a r v i T- ----. w o i l d . A f t e r his f,r 5 t short story! ^. 'u * ° Ty S ermlnati °n _«t was acccpldl by Story :i f( w ago, be SLT m a n t i s t i i p t a d a j to that map'ix.iiK.' u n t i l the pile- of them M a s p i o o i u i o u s in size. Ho s.iv Ins f i i I B i o a d ' ^ a y pluv in I!)']! and, tin inns to his comp a n i o n , c o m m e n t e d . " U h y , f o r the 1 love of M i k e , I could writs a bit- tor p l a y than lint in t w e n t y foui hours 1 " And exactly within the specified time, he produced Heart's in (he Highlands," v.lmli turned out to bv :\ B i o a d w a v hit. His next p l a j , "The Time of Your Lifr-," won both the Pulitzei True and tlic New York D i n m a C u l i c . ' Award, the f u s t play evci to re. ceive both honors. S a i o j u n created a const-lo comst uproai when he calmly icfuscd to accept the Pulit/er Prize. In ID 10. 11 collection of hisi the seed can be sent in for! official test in case the farmer] u a n t s to sell part of his seed. The only equipment needed to malce a g»rmination test at home consists, of some screened sand and any kind of container. The container should be partially filled w i t h sand, the oats placed on seed bed and another additomal j j i I'ich of sand spread on top. During- the test, the container should be kept in a place of room temperature. The sand should not be I permitted to become too dry, but over-watering also should be avoided. In about a week or 10 days the test can he read. | Germination is n "rag doll' tester or the use of moist blotters docs not give best results for oats, Mr. Baiger says. iem of pr °- A chef who knew lols, a! c Jl dough Said, "So Tar, wc'\c rai'scj it loo slow-We'll beat Hitler when One dollar in ten Is put into War Bonds-Let's go!" We'll ccok line A*!it* goo^r _,_ w|irn nmlonly vlirn '·vcrv- K£ hcnly tlofa Inn pnrl. Ion't J lot I lie U. S. down. P n t n ten id of your pay Into W«r Dondfl ur blnrnpn-- POC/I icevk. U. S. Trraiury DrpanmfrJ . .,nd now "The IITM an for c an be movie ,er,pt «h,eh "The H u m a n ten fiom tin Saroyan had already sold to Mcti o_Gold« y n . M a j er. "The Human Comedy" is about a Postal Tcli'jtraph boy named Homer M u c a u l c y , «ho lives in a small town in California, (S.iioyan was a m.^-sciigor boy in Fresno, California, himself, not so many | years ago.) Homer is bound and | determined to be the best messcn. i cer boy there evei was. He lo\cs I cvcrTrlhinu about his job, except i delivering tho=e mcsFages which begin: "The V, av Department re_ [grots to i n f o i m you . ." I The a u t h o i bap a romantic a n d j unbounded lo\e for the common people. He has an equal dislike: for phonies and hypocrites, whom I he satirizes mcrcilcss'ly--such as Mr. Byfield, the athletic coach of Homer's high pchool, who doesn't w a n t Homer to win the T\vo_ Twenty Low Huullc Race because Homer is a poor boy, and there. f o i e can't a m o u n t to much Hubert Acklcy, the Third, on the other hand, comes of a wealthy family, is a perfect little gentleman, and, automatically, in Mr. Byfield's opinion, should be the winner of the rncc. High point in humor in the book is the tune that Ulysses, Homer's four-ycai.old brother, gets caught in the .bear trap in Mr. Covington's Spottings Goods Store. It's a remarkably fine tr«p, guaranteed going to make our hay, harvest our small grai corn, and do the other ___ Teaming up with our neighbors on some 01 these jobs will solve the problem in many cases. The military nnd political significance of our success in meet. and meat production, and our soil and vegetable crops are going to be one of the best weapons we fight within 1943. Men can't fight or uork without food. Our boys in uniform, our fighting allies, and our \va r workers on the home front HOLY BIBLE Wilh ComnIeK Conumanct Eitrtordlnirr Vlluc-- Bound IT, Gtnulni MOROCCO GRAINED i KRAFT LEATHER FREE ACT NOW -- MM ordar lodkr to married. The rural school system is 2a ried teachers compaiKi r|j unmarried. EAGLE SCOUT Marion county's f^j ; A. C. Peterson of West'Scout is Tommy St«»art 0 ;' how a member of the Fed- 360 in Knoxville. F. D. R.'s Assistant Burrill Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. NO "SINGLES" All of the teachers in township, Bremer Meat Builds Health Meat Is 96 to 98 pet. Digestable Buifd Your Meal Around The MEAT Pork Roast Pork Chops Pork Liver Slab Bacon Beef Liver Beef Steak Beef Tounges Smoked Ham 5 Lb. Bacon Ends Bacon Squares Weinerg Bologna Liver Sausagt Mullberrr UKTM Pickled Pigs Fig PORK NECK BONES, Ib. Oft We Have a Good Supply of All Kinds of Chas Be Sure and Visit Our Modern Fruit and Veg. Sj. Refrigerated Day and Night, Serve Yourself j Cobbler Polaloa Sweet Potatoes Rutabagas Green Top Cunt Parsnips Tomatoes Oranges Grapefruit Bananas Cranberries Celery Apples Lemons Lettuce Cabbage Spinach Green Onions Cauliflower Beets THESE ITEMS ARE NOT RATIONED All Kinds of Soaps and Washing Powders Foods K r a f t Dinner Macaroni Sorghum Cookies Breakfast Pickles Canned Milk Pancake Flour Cake Flour White Float Sun.Kich Soda I Pickles Take your pay in War Stamps for yonr Waste Fi Save Grease and Fats to Scrap the Axis Complete Stock of Bakery Goods at All Times A L RADIO SPECIAL CAKE . 3i Smiling Service at SNYDER'S Where Your Dollars Have More Cents Let Your Druggist Keep You Wt Phg. 100 Puretest BSD TABLETS 5000 UniU of A 500 Units of D Pkg. 100 Halibut Oil CAPSULES $1.25 Size 50c Size 75c Pkg. 100 BAYER Aspirin S! 1943 SPRING · Large Selection · Low Prices · Free Trimming · Immediate Delivery · R«tarn Pmile?e on unused roTJs SINGLE ROLLS 5c to 35c Vicks Z 65c Pinex 5 75c Cherrosote » 72 Plenamins 52-j 50c Listerine * 50c Z. B. T. P«wd. 50c Hind's Lotion 35c Sloan's IJB. 50c Menncns Bsfa" CK1 .. A 50cJJBabyT-a l c ? tiDcPertossin $125 SSS. Tonic 5lfc Burma Shave NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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