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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, August 11, 1818
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m ;V V I.' s ,. r i):. - rv .J . - y ' " '4, t If - 11 v 4 Fnmtitt Cw'iuUiei o Uurtaee, ty DUtmH. Dijfrrtttt tnodit itftalutalim ta. d - J'tftnt $ottn - trtwTtm tW mikxJ ha? AO poculutr Bodes W salutation ; they know do reverence or other ioptneolt, or they despite: and disdain them. tVb UroobUndm laugh, whM tby se aa E - . Kiwu uncover tut bead, ua mou b body o - : sue am; "Wheal h calls tut superior. , ' .The Ulan den, aear the Philippine, take the , bied or foot of bin Oiey salute, and with it (hay rtaUy rub their face. .Tb Laplander apply .their not strongly against that of lite person they . tilute. ' Dampier eays that at Naw - Guioea they are satisfied with placing oo their beads the leave , of trees, which hare aver patted for tymooi of - .eod4up and peace. This it at least a pmr esqpe saluto. Other salutations are very in - . - Commodiout and painful it require great prac - f tic la ha uolila in an island Situated in the lrairhtsof the sound. Hoiuman tell at they aiduled him in (hi odd we; : They rawed his left foot,' which they pesaed geoUy. over mt i?ht lrr - iMvl fron, throe over hi face. The iuiiahitmili ofth Pliilliuoities bend their body . wry low, to placing the ir hands oo their cheek and raising at Uife tame bote ou tuoi iu uw " with their kuee beat. '.: Aq &niepean take the robe of another, and tie' it about on own want, aomai mwo uu fneod hall aakud. Tbi ciutoo of undrewinj; oo tbcMt occiulouj take other Ibrajc 0Dieba they place theaftelve linked bfbre the penon whom ' they Mu:e ; it is to Xwn tiieir humility and that Iheyjjo uuwoiihy to .appear in bis presence AoojeiiaiM. they coly ondress partially. The - Jarmnera only txkit off a slipper tho people of rr.con,' thuranda'n in Uie' street, aud their stockings iu the hou. In a word Hicre is not a netiou, (observes the hantoroos Montaigne,) even to the people, who v.'h - i tht y sulute, turn their backs on their friends, bat that can be justified in their customs. It mxtt be observed of the at - pro - . - , 'hat they are food of the) ludicrous and thu.i r.'tko all tiieir cereuonie farciuL tintl - , r;r? five an tAA representation of the emtas - ry whu.h the king of Uaeomy sent to him. The cereaouies of salutatou counted in the most ridiculous contortioas. "A'hen tvo nrgro mo - oarrbs viit, they embrace in mapping three tiu'et th mi'JJie E.igers. ' . Barbarous nations f.eqnoily imprint on their saljtaLous Ujo disposiUont of iheir character. tvlKn t:ie lubabilanU of ia. - incna (,sajrs AUie. itieu) would tbow a peculiar mark of esteem. . they opened a vein, and presented for the beverage of their friend tho blood as it ifoaod. The Franks tore Im r Iroa their heau, and pretented it to the perron they saluted. Tb slave cot his hair an J offered it o hi muter. The Oinese art lisjuiarly affecud io their personal civilities. . They even calculate tho nuinbr of rtrereurei 1 hue are their most reJiarkabt iiocturt. The men mo6 tbeir hands a an aCetik aste manner, whuo they rue jrined together ou tho brtait. n,!huif hrJilitiU. Ii" thev rescecOa pera'P, they rain tbtir hands jouted, ami then r ; lower thorn to ue eann, in oenuiug mo oouy. If two cerson meet, after long wparalion, they both CJ1 on Cms knees, and bend the lace to the artli i. nod this ceremouy they repeat two or three time. , Their expressions mean a little as their If a Cniae'O t aaKed bow be find himself in health? answers, " Very well; thanl: i to your abundant feUcity." If they would tell a mi' he looks well, they say, I'ros - perity it painted oo your face ;" or " Your air announce your happiness." If you render them any sen ice, they say" My thanks .Ik.u1 J be Immorttl." !l you praise them, they answer, " How aliall I dare to persuade myself of what you say of me?" If you dfne with them, they tell you at parting, We have not - treated you with sufficient dtitinctioa." The various titles tbey 'iovint for each other, it would be impossible to trannlato. It It tb be observed, that all thevi aatweii are proeuribed by tho Chinese ri - . tail, or Academy of Complimcuts. There, arc dterwind the number uf bows the ezpres - sioos to be employed ; the genuflexions ; and the inclinations, which are to be raaJe to the right or left hand : the salutation of the master before ' the chair, where th Jtronger is to be seated, for he lulu'ti it most profouudly, and wipe thedast away with the skirt cfhii roh ; all th; aod ...... . .1.. 1M.. otner tiling are nouceo, even io uw ui 6 - - turas by which you are entreated to enter the """ Ulie - lu tile punctilios ; and ambassador pass sVrr days id practising them, before they are cua - bled to appear at court. A tribunal of ceream - ' Dies has baeu erected ; and every day yery odd - decrees are issoed, to which the Chinese most religiously submit. i LONDON', Jmie 17. Tho arrival of major Moodie on Saturday with dispatches tor Lord Iiathurt,fi ora Sir Hudson 1 Lowe, al St. Tlelena, bu excited some specula - ' tion in the city, coincident a it i with the ac - ' count uf the landing of a sailor at that Island, . a already mentioned in this prer. The sailor hail been one of the crew of the Northumberland man of war, which carried Bonaparte from Kurone to St. Helena, and m that sitna tion had formed an acquaintance with Bonaparte servant. This sailor afterwards be came one of the crew of an East Indiamun which being at 6L Helena, the sailor, in the niTht, contrived to wun from the vessel, : clumber tip the rocks, visit and past some iwurs eauy anionir Bonaparte s domestics. 'I hi he did two keveral nights without being' ducovered or noticed but in cnnversation on board of the ship he boasted of Lis adroit - nets, and told confidentially ta his messmate whit he had done. Knowledge of the transaction transpired ; he Wat arrested, and examined and conducted home to England in confinement ; but it has not appeared that he had any sinister intention or more in view than an innocent frolic. Il i not believed Bonaparte knew of hit being among his servants. However, the occurrence is supposed to have demonstrated the postihility of Bonaparte's escape on board of any English vessel, the captain of which Might be inclined for a bribe or otherwise to convey him to Europe or America. Indeed, it,m reported several such occurrences have taken place at St Helen, as have ' induced Sir Hudson Lowe, to declare to the Government at home, that if vessels are allowed to come to that island as at present he can not answer for the security of his prisoner. It is reported in the city that Mjor Moodie is cofiie borne to roaxe representation ou tnis subject, and it it supposed another place of re - fieslimeiit will oe assigned Mr our but uioia - Bten. H'et'ir.ins'tr Ltrlion.Wt have already noticed the fihhv barnuirue which Orator Hunt de Lvered in Patace - vitrd yesterday ; from thenct ho rroceeacd, followed by his clamorous gang, to Watcrloo - id.ife, where he re - commenced his insolent raillery tigainst Mini" tars. Sic. flavin stated that H,Pv had Li year draiued a millkio and a Wf fruu the ockeU of the people for we t imce Uegcnt, some penou tcld him the ftertiun aud the hopeful brawler, io reply, ca'.ltd lum a tcouodrcl, a. id said he was oiie oi the Priaf e Re;nfs .cullious. This was a npial to hi, crew ; thty lurrmndcd tho inJi - yidual ia tlit mon menacin; ainnncr, bul by the toterferenre of some pt - rsous present lio wa, cna - Ud to escape. The Orator and IiU h. - rile rb. l ie then repaired n Hunovcr - Kjuarr, and a - ruu r - ptaiea ua d'arnwi Havinc ehuitd his Hivoc'ivM, the horses r. lulrf. 1 oj th vehicle w ii' h - trve I him fa a,m a:td it was drar.i, I y a j.aHy f tUc uij'j to hu' to'!'inj in Norf ilfc - rt - etl. IU ,uru ii,arked thi sa fur Uie hojour of tbeir aUead iuc, and the ral bi dispersed. lit. Wooler's white Ci of puri'.y wu ditplar - ed from th windows of th Yorkshire Arms pub - hc - houf ia this Iowa on Saturday af.erooon and - trading an J attracted much popular attention. ' TW iolto wav. . ITooJsT caJ th Purity ei 7cfion.' Net havioj asade iu re appearance to day, it a said that it ba been found to ntaia rather too aavjch of tb fans white in it eompo - it'ipa, and that ia cooaesoeae the flag has boeo sent oot toMeecA. Never before, certainly, were thw ami of Sorluhk w degraded, as when floated over by tho ooloar UlL BUxk Dwarf ! The arranBVtit for th management of Drury - lane Tbatr for the neat aeason, are !t,W made. ' Mr, Cclmaa U to wield the Dramatic sceptre, and Mr. Winston b to have the control of the stae busioes. AccordiDf to an article in the Dutch Mail, a plan is to be attempted, which failed threO centuries since,, for liniUnS the German Qcean aad t)) Baltic by mean of the Elbe, of two small rivers, of a lake and of a canal, iiambottrt; would rrm one of tho ootraube to this cottuooniclion; VTivmar, in tho Duchy of Mecklenbourrh, the other. Its completion would probuWv be, w a slight dej.'ree, detrimenUl to EoandW it ha remained three centuries ia abeyhnce,' we may bo pretty sure, that some more material ob, ;tacie stand, in it war, than th want of three hundred thousand dollar, for which sum sua au venturer propose to effect it XEW - YOHK KV&JWtQ post: TUESDAY, AUGUST 11.. Etigliih t!tctiontringMr. Wooler and Mr, Cobbctt, are rival candidates from Coventry, for a seat in the British parliament. At one of the meetings held for the purpose of recommending the foruiergentletnan to the suffrage of th electors, the spotter said, it might bo tome satis faction to the friends of Mr. Wooler to know, that out of 400 Coventry - nun, more than one hHlf were willing to go, evea barefooted, to vote for him t aud it would really teem, from what followed, that ho not misrepresented their seal ; for before the meeting dipened,the friends of Mr. WooJej" tore down the poll of their opponents, and a battle royal endued, iu which there were, of course, wary broken heaJj. At length some of the' most active of the Wooler parly were seised aud lodgsd iti the watch house ; but those who remained outride immediately rallied, unroofed the prison, and set the frieoJs of freedom oace more at liberty. What followed d the next day' polliug we are yet to learn. Sta Strptnl It teem that Uie Yariken have finally dstermioed to como.euce hostilities in ear nest against Ua Royal Snakahip, who probably acts iu tlie capacity of pirtre ttj - tnt, during the absence of Old King Jftytunt from onr waters. An eastern paper received this morning mentions that threa expedition are cruising for the sea - terpent. The adventurers are bold, hardy, and capable. The canoe, harpoon, houk, grapudl, ride, mufkftt, swivel and seine will be used, together with some other means of kotilily which bar been contrived to entrap him. Should the belligerent power come in contact, wo antici pate a warm engagemnnt, as, iu point ot prow ess, we conceive the hoetile force to be about equal. This we infer from the circumMauce, that Uie warliko opvraons of both hwe hitherto been confined to the destruction of uhalet over whom, official accounts inform u, both die Snakt and the L'ope - Cod mtn have alwajs been victorious. A London paper otervei that the post chni - set which run between New - Tork and IViladel - phia, a distance of uourooe hundred mile, per form tho Journey dadyin teo hours an expedi tion, we believe, unexampled in any part of the wmU" tit stated iu tb Liverpool Mercury of the 19th June, tliat the la'eilinoliilioo of parliamcut was announced cii'a rce by the prince regent, io th cme and on the behalf of bis majesty. Tbie Lircumslance caused no little astonishment among both Officers and citizens ; as it is the first occurrence of the kind that lias taken place since the rcin of tho SUwarh ; aud even tlieo it was considered only as an act of anger of the king, when the parliameut had offended liiai. On Motichy loorcin at 9 o'clock, th corner stooe of the " A'erewfA Prtibttrinn Chunk in the city of f 'lib or," was placed in Sheriff - street, with the usual solemiliii. cou.vcaicATio.v. Dr. E. Tortcr, of Eastou, I'euu;ylvania, ha dutovcrcd a preparation capuble ef producing light without any sensible heat. This is one ol the grand iuidcraham fur which Franklin aud Newton sought in vain. Z. C0MMBK1CATIOS. Bap till Tluiilogical Stannary The Baptist Board of Foreign Missions have jmt concluded their session in New - York. The oljecl of their' deliberations bas teen the establishment of a theological seminary, on an txleuive scale Tbey are callng in the aid of their churches ge nerally thrdughout the uuioo, and have appoint ed several ministers to travel through th state and obtain subscriptions and collections. The institution will go into partial operatiou duriD? tha approaching fall and winter. In April next. it u expected that it will be fully organized. We gave yesterday, under the Boston head, some particular relative to the discovery of the robber of the Cumberland Bank. We publish the following article this evening, a containing a more full and aatlkfactory history of the whole transaction. From the SoM'tn lntelligtncer, Jlug 8. Particular! efthr laic Rtbbery of Cumberland, Sank The extensive and daring robbery of the Cumberland Bank in Portland, which ha been published since our hist paper, we are now happy to state is in a fair way to be detected in all it eirctunstances. This nefarious transaction it will be recollected, took place on last Saturday night and w hat is very for tunate a gentleman or Portland, whose intention wa to bring a sum of money to Boston oo Monday, went a itli the cashier ot the Uann on Sunday to receive theatjiount. Atthutuneit was found Uie UanK hU been roooeo. some blacksmith were immediately appreliended 1 and examined ; or - e of whom discloed tome circum - rtances relating to a JJsuiel Manly which lead to bis arrest oo MonrUv. The tes timony at Ibis time proving neither strong nor direct, Ii s was ordered to recognize in the eum or00 'dollars, for whii h he wal .hie to find Mireiiev tome boys who were afterwards playinp tinder a Fire Engine hoic, by accident jc4i overanKguI aollars which circumstance thry iinmeuutt!y trtaJe knon. A Manly beut tcu ou dunj.y to go into Utii bud J inr be wis train rretJ, tm we stand, utxm Iti second examination il - ms ker rieogniaed the aaU - clolb and the. twine of which the bag wa made, to oeior.g to a vessel of Mr. Manly', commanded by Capuin Bolf Itolf at tUa developeffleitt became evidently agiuted b waf taken wide, charged with being concerned in the theft and ifpoa being promised a reward of 10,000 dollars if he could find the moftcy and. notes lost, confessed hi crime nd made a disclosure; of the circumstance attending it Rolf observed that himself, Manly and his relation Dels, were the only persons concerned. The robbery was effected by false keys, which Manly bad contrived to get made - Delft wat on the watch and after tha aotta and money were taken, it waa thought proper immediately to bury them fur greater security, lkdf took the Directors into the country a few mile to the place where the Bank note bad been concealed, but tbey were no longer there. He then led them to the shore where hit proportion of (h specie wa buried which they found by dining. The conuuion upon wmcn ne was io receive ins re ward not being complied with and perhaps stung with remorse, mortihcM.on and disap pointment Kolf stole aside round a point of land and shot himself with a pistol. Maaly it wa supposed, between the first and second examination had taken the note from tbeir secret deposit and lie is no under Our ance, with his relation Del upon Uie charge of I urand larceny. Thi audden discovery, will restore oonfi dence to the Bank and to the community the Danx; lias recovered itt specie and itt ttolen note can never cet into circulation whilst Uie public, feel additional security in the fact. that an extensive robbery however well con trivedcannot from the nature of villian be so cenceafed, that iU perpetrators will not be found out or betray Themselves. Bince wri ting the above we have received the fulluw - ng: , . j'oiHcript. i ne Directors of Cumberland Bank, have the satisfaction to announce to the public, that all the monies, specie as well as bills ol every description, stolen from the uank. on the night of tiie 1st mL hat this day tmn recovered. .lOStPH SWIFT, Cashier. Portland, Augu.t 6, 1818. J ju Tho frigate Congress, we hear, is .on to proceed to the lodiau Ocean, under the command of Capt. Elliot. The Ontario. Capt. hidJlc, we suppose may by this time have taken pos.c?sion uf iht mouth of Colombia river and the Macedonian, under capt. Downes. will de part for the Pacific ocean in a diort time. 1 he eyiteai which has of late been adopted bv government, of seudiag their ships of war upon distant expeditions, is admirable iu everv Doint of view. - Tpe exhibition of an active naval force secures the respect of foreign uatiooj ; who, inoun nicy may tie jeaiuu or our power, yet will tot readily violate our rights. Bv the ame plan, the increase of the iiscioliue and eS.ianrv uf our ships, and the instruction of voud officer seamen as to uie sit nation ol loi eigu countries aud Uie nature of distant service, are promoted J whilst the extended commerce of Ibe United States is every where protected from eu - croachmrot. An opportunity is afforded by occasiunal visit to the Pacific aid Iudian oceaua, to make discoveries either of new couuliiei, or of existing custoun and trade araou; natioo but partially known, whidi may be of imjiortanc to the science, (he knowledge, aud the commerce of the world. Tho lato accidental occurrence. in the cruise of tho British ihip of war Jilcate, which fell in with u garland of Islnud, bordering the Yellow lea, aud inhabited by a peaceful, iu - leresiing ana civuizcd race ol human beings, whose caistenre had never before beem dreamed of, leads Io tho lupposilion that other Loo Choo tsianiis and oilier natioui may fortunately be discovered, in the tame unexplored regions of the globe. We hope some rentleman of caracitv and general attainments may be authorised to go out in these vessels that all scientific, political. n J commercial advantages may be taken, bf any events or circumrtances which uiav occar during their absence from home. tihcrict. Of eigtit American fitbiog vessel, which have been sent into Halifax, by rear admiral Milne, Inr adjudication, ou account of their fithing upon the coast of Nova Scotia, ,fre have been released ; but with a full understanding that the same indulgence would uot again be granti d to them. 1 lie other three which were discovered fishing in English harbours to the eastward of Halifax, are iibrllcd and will be tried in Ibe court of Vice - admiralty. Tbi trial, and the decision of the court there - 1 ou, will bring the questions, relating (o the firhe - j riei, arising out of the treaty of peace of 17UJ, aoJ the subsequent treaty of Ghent, again into collision and controversy. How far (he diri - ioo of sovereignty made in th treaty of pence may have beeu affected by Uie treaty of Ghent, to al to deprive the cititcos of Ibe U. S. of Uicir former ri.'lit of fishing, upon enacts and in harbours, is the matter to be determined by the two cabinets of London aod Washington. From the Loslcn fja:r!fe. SrAmsH Fbek Pours. It now appear, that the Spanish Royal Order lor the rt tahlishnient of certain r rte ford in ppau;, was not rescinded ; hut owing to the want of some necessary preliminary arrnngrniM.t, was suspended for a short lime. This, unMic - stionablv, occasioned tome liappointment to the depositors of goods; bot it not un uncommon occunenre in other couutries at Ibe commenrtmnt of new arrangements. It is rtit !cil, that it it Uie intention of Uie Spanish govern or - i.t Io open a u reft coninjiii.ication between the t'omtBerttal Powert of Europe I not of.imtri - en . ) and the cf - loniu of Spain hi America. Five hundred la mi lies iroiu Wbles and the Norilien and W estern par's of Scotland arrived at tl.eittrt of Greenock and Glaow. outlie 1st of May. lor the purpose of eroigratinj to Amrri oi. Tliey wtrre compelled to foim nn encamu - ment upon the Hanks of the Clyde, where the novelty ul'ihe tic,l.t attracted a iieaiucroi" tpecta - ton. from llit Albmy Daily Adcerliur Avyttl 10. JVtQfara Hank. Wear happy to have it in our power t contradict the report of the Niagara Bank havin (toppcJ payment. Two letters have been thewn to at from giotlemeu belonging to that institution ; ooe of wbif h rays, " we are tolerably easy at present." The ether from a director now at CsioanJaigua, yays, " I metwith a gentleman direct from Uutfulo, who informed me that I he report respecting Uie stoppage ol Uie Niagara Bank was totally fW - e." And to.aii. - fy the public the report it incorrect, we have bul Io meutioo, that the bvik io this city conioue to take the biib of the Niagara Uauk as usual. From the Ultra Patriot, .lug. 4. .'0W tolUfri. Our at ton tion wa lately called to' Uie hardship imposed on this meritorious clas of cilizi - ns, by the late law of congress, and the requisitions made ncesary ly Uie secretary of war, to enliUe them to ireivc the promised bounty of tbeir country. The occasion was, a wi lier of the revolution, (upwards of 70 years old,) preMiled ot tome articles be had written on this tutject, for pohliratiuo. This was declined on account of ofr - nivr remaikt tbey contained, bot the cue they present i truly a hanl one. He bad terved several years as a soldier, daring th revolutionary war, endured all the privations and suffkriogt incident to the sereri - i ties of that service, received little or no comjen - stttioo ; lost a porti.10 of Uie little property be hod by the depreciation rf the psper curreocy of Uie day ; had been subjected to extreme toil liocc Uie war to gain th mean of suSitnce, ami had abandoned the hop of rewaid wha the law of the last tetnoa was made public LMlihUd with the nop of obtainia; a litUe 1 ... . - i - :.. t'T - t i.r. nnie.oelhuijlrom me gmierosiiy or jsiw, u. hiiidays, be had his paper autheoticatsd. and seat to lb secretary of war. Instead ot receiv - ipg the prMiised peosioo, the paper have been retornad fur some want of conformity to tome eondilibu not specified In thslaw, but prescribed by the secretary, and not known when the papers were made out. Thus, after incurring considerable expense (great for him) to secure to himself what tho haod of. tha government ss eared extended to reach him, the cup of expectancy was dished from his lip, beibrehe waj permitted to taste of it content. This case is not singular; ther are many aearly iimdar. Why is it io? Why tubject these poor men to trouble and expense in addition to all their former losses, services and sufferings? Why raise expectation and then disappoint them Why treat tbes valorous and i much abused men in a manner so tantalizing and unworthy i Why should Uie government add insincerity to their country' ingratitude I Why " palter with them io a double sense.1 Why "keep tb word of promise to the ear and break it to the hope.'" h it because, as the old soldier expressed, it. " they fiud there are more soldiers of the revolution alive than Uiey hoped there were 1 500 applications were exjiecltd ; it is said 50,000 have already bean made. Does that explain the mystery If so, what righteousness is that which makes a show of justice to the few and denies it to Uie manyf We menUoned lately the appointment of the boo. Ephraim Hart, to be one of th canal com - jnisfioncr. We should have (aid during the recess of the legislature, l'be canal law provides that the governor may fill vacancies that happen in the board, until the legislature act in the premises." The work upon the canal, we believe, is going on prosperously. About 3,000 men, it is tup - posed, are employed upon it. The season hitherto, has been unusually favorable to that work, as well a to agricultural pursuits. PLATTSBURGII, Aug. I. The soldiers of the 6th regiment, with the ex. ceplion of one company, are employed on the fortifications at Route's Point. The t loops were ordered in May last to resume their labors on the military road : but to comply with a re quisition of col. Totten, an order was afterwards issued for sending to Rouse's Point such number of men as the superintendent of the military works should require ; and for the residue to be employed oo the road. After teoJiug the requi site number to Rouse's Point, only one company remained, which it required as a guard for (Tie protection ol the public property at this place BALTIMORE, Aug. 8 The ward mattings Uut year excite much more interest and a'. e more fully alteuded than for several year past. The contest will, no doubt, be a warm one; w Hope, however, that federalist will not uaoecestarily involve them selves in a dL - pute which is likely to be so ucri - mouious. Forgery. - Yesterday morning a check, pur - poibng to be drawn by Messrs. I'ott& M'Kinnic on the U. S. Bank, tor 600 dollars, was present ed lor payment by two very obscure persons, who were delaiued in the bauk till the check was ascertained to be forged. They were then taken to the police office, and after a thorough ox - amiatlion, committed to prisou to await their trial. Ono of the men said he wat a scrjeaot belonging to the patriot ship Curiato, the other is a German. Mer. Adv. A person of respectable cherteter bas published in Brest paper a singular fact, which appears worthy the attention of practitioners. It is well known that the Urge bouse leek has been suo - eessfrlly used against corns. This gentleman as serUj uiat being one dy attacked with a violent pain ia one of bis toes, which seemed to threaten a fit of the gout, he applied the house leek i the relief he experienced encouraged him to continue the experiment ; he mentioned it to several of his friends who wer. - subject to th gouts the lueeess htt always answered hi expectation. It appear inoontettible to him, that bouse - leek etlms aad eases, he d - es not y cure, thi cruel oitoruer, witn which so many la men are sr - fl.cteri, and he iavite gentlemen of the faculty to 'Xtmine whether ehtnee ht not procured nun the aoaor and hippiaess of making a discovery which will prove useful to the world, l'be house - leek is pounded after ktving the thin out - sntc laxen on. journal at Lummerce. MOM OUR CORRESPOjrDEXT. ": - t sir l . . t August 2 ooou s Extract of a letter from a pasentroo board the sloop Almyra, to a geutlemau in this city, ditcd " Havana Prison. July23J, 1CI1! " I take this opiortuiiity to inform you, of my unfortunate situation, bciiur in this di:mal place. Ou our vnyag from Chai lesion to St. Thomas, in the sloop Almyra, capt. Peterson, we met with a schooner ofl the Berry Inlands, having oo board 73 negroes, (all Virginia born,) smuggled from V irguna, hound to Aew - Urlcao. Lapt. Peter on, knowiug il to be contrary to Uie laws of the V. Slates, took them oo board the sloop, with the intention ol carrying them Into savannah ; but shortly after, the tame dav, fell in with the Siia nish man of war bri St. 1'ernando, which captured us under the American flag. There were on board, the captain, six passengers, and four seamen, who were all dragxed on board the brig. janJ put in irous, hands and feet. This was oo the 9th lost, and we were kept so until we arri vtd here, which wat the 17th, when we were put inlo this prison, ntnongt thieve., robbers. and murderers, of all colors. Thry stripped us ot money aud clothing ; I got an old shirt from the mate, and an old p - ur of trowsen Iroui the cook, or I should have been entirely naked. Our allowance for tX hours is one ounce of bread Mid one and a half gills of molasses and water, (which they cad tonc,; in the nnroio ; at 12 o'clock, one M.iice fresh beef and half a pint of rice. Our lodging is the bare floor. The nejroet were to have been told on Sunday, but the Uont were afraid, they being American property." FROM OUR COftRESP0.VDZ.yT. Oibce of the Boston Patriot, J August 8 noon. J Arrived, brig Piie:iix, Low, 50 daj - s from Liverpool. Sailed June 19, in co. with brier Fam - , Davis, for Newburyport, and brig Pedlar, of Boston fur Havana. Passed in tie river, ship Alexander, Mansfield, Ann, and Scipics idl beating up, and at the X. W. Buoy ship Falcon. Lewis, for Boston. Spoke, July 7, lat 45, long 3G, brig Ventrosa, AtweU, of Motion, ,7 days trom Havana for Europe 4th inst lat 43, long 65, sch Betsey, from the Gut of Canto for B - verlv, with 27,000 fish, 17th, Isle of Holt N N W 45 miles brig Mary Ann, from Csitine for Trinidad. Left at Liverpool, nil p Strafford, Kogers, fur Boston in 2 days , - brig Columbia, Williams, N Orleans, do ; Aim - well, for Boston, in 2 day, and ship Triton, for do. July 1. Passenger, Mr. J P lligjjinson. August 9. Arrived, sch Return, Atkins, 55 day from Laguira. I.efibrig Ruby, Graves, Newburyport Spoke 1 1th July, lat 41, long 43 1 - 2, brig Hannah, Snow, 50 days from New - Orleans for Havre ; Sd inst. Cape Stable N. N .W. 30 lea. brig Alert, 7 days from St. Johns, N. B. for Liverpool. Sailed ship Bristol Trader, for Bristol. FROM OUR CORRFSPO.YDF - YT. Jt!S:e of Uie Freeman's Jotirnal, ? Philsdirlp'ita, Aur;. 19 noon. J ArriretL sch Decatur, Gushing, 15 dap fixim St. Andrew. ich Tbomat and Sarah, Cook, 23 dayt from St Andrews. Sloop Picket, Libby, 4 dy froa 3 Tort Sell. Lucretia, KeiuLie, 12 diyt rom St. Andrew. : ( Sen Catherine, Cobb, 8 day from Boston. FROM OUR CORRESPOXDEji - r . . Otfke oi the Baltimore latriot, I Aeeutt 10 - 1 o'clock P. M. I Arrived, sch Three bitters, Lovell from Dot - ton. Ship Atalanta, Rose, 50 days from Belfast, with 02 steerage passengers. Cabin passen ger, E. Elliot, esq. Left there June 15th, ship Emma Matilda, Ansdale, for Philadelphia ; NorUi Star, Phelps, for do j Atlas, Jennison, for Baltimore, all to tail on or about the 2Jth June with passenger.. The brig Cere, Quan - drill, bad just urrired from Philadelphia. June 7, lat 45 30. Ion 36, poke ship tien Porter, 22 day from Charleston for Liverpool. July 11, bit 43 30, ton 43, ship Juno, 15 day from Savannah for Liverpool. 12th, lat 43, Ion 45, brijf Triton, from Charleston for Liverpool. 1 4th, lat 42, Ion 48, ship JEa, Grant, 10 days from Baltimore for Bordeaux. 15th, lat 41 SO, Ion 49, British brig Win. & Ann, 5 day from St. Johns, N. F. for Barbadoes, lost her maintop - matt 3 day before in a squall. 17th, lat 42, Ion 53, ship Iris, 6 day from New York for Bremen. 18th, lat 42 30 Ion 66, brig Brutus, 45 day from Liverpool for PortsmouUi, N. H. 20th, Ion 57, British brigs Uayingion, 0 days from St. Johns, N. B for Dublin, and William Tell, 8 dayi from do. for Greenock Same day, ship Rosseati, 43 days from Amsterdam for Philadelphia. 21st, lat 42 20. Ion 59, brig Morris, 7 day from NYork for Bristol Same day, sch Ceres, 59 days from Gibraltar for Boston Same day, ship Wilmington, 4 days from Salem for the ikmth Seas. 27ili, lat 41, Ion 67, ship Herald, 3 days from Brazil and the South Seat. 31st, lat 39 tt'J, Ion 70, brig Helen, 2 days from li York lor dibraltar. Au gust 3, lat 39, Ion 73 50, brig Illiss, 2 day from Amboy for New - Orleans, had sprung tt bead of his mainmast an hour before. The brig Castor, 7 days from Alexandria fur Liver pool, was spoke by the lirutus the lath July in lat 42 30, Ion 56. The brig Nymph, fioin Belfast for Philadelphia, and ship Uclvtdcrn, arrived from Liverpool for Baltimore, were npulce by Uie Kosseau, 12lh July, to the east ward of the Grand Bank. The Atalanta expe rienced almost constant head winds on the passage. Sch Harriot, Lewis, 12 days from Boston. The City Inspector reports the rle&tli of 90 per son from the 1st day ol'Auga!, Io the t(h day ol August, loin, ol the following diseases. AooiiUxv 1 : casualty 2: cholera morbus C consumption 6 ; convulsions 4 ; dropsy 4; drop sy in tne cunt l ; diopsy in the liend V ; dysea tery 9j dyspepsia l ferer?; fever, bilious I : fe ver, typhus 6 ; Ihix, infantile 6 ; inllammafioo of the Dowels 1 ; iruuiiinmiou oi the oraiu I ; inflammation of the rhest i : iull .mivatioo ol the liver 1 1 intempcriMKe 1 ; old aire 3, pleurisy I sprue 2 ; still born ; tabes luetenterica 3 ; tct li iimx; ulrer j ; uiiuiiowuz; whoopiug couho wormi2. GEORGE CUMING, City Inspector. HIKD, Last night, of a bngeriug disease, Jonathan Audcrson Ludlord, M. V. of Kuigston, (Jam. aged 4U years. Hit frieadi and acquaintances, as also tho faculty in general, are particularly invited to attend hit funeral to - morrow morning (JVcdncsday,) from No. 4i Broad - street, pre nseiy al iu o'cioclt. WA'.YG POST M.UiLVi. LliU. CLtARlIU, Ship Elbe, Patterson, Hamburg Si V. lioiton Sjihr Supt - rior, Van Pelt, Peleraburg lirauls youctrn, Btocking, Mary Ann?Brvea, E. Dutch. St. Johns, N. B J KRltFU THIS t'OKt..UV.y. Pchr Diana, Bird, 18 days from Aux - Cayes, with logwood, mahogany and ccuee, to Beek man, Bray & Co. J U G W Lynch and W Mc Hindi. Lefl sloop Pirt - Attempt, Hale, for Galtimore in 10 days. A prize ship was captur ed by tho Buenos Ayrtan brig St. Martins, capt. Manord. Markrtt for American produce good Flour selling for sji'O per barrel. l1ST KFEKIfG, Sch Union, Swain, from N Orleans, and 21 dayt fioin Balize, sugar, tobacco, and cotton, to Pott k M Kinne, Steven ti Mtctier, Bogert V Knceland, T II Tbomas, and Laidlaw, Girault tlCo. Sch Hebe, 7 days from Lubcc, with plaster, to the captain. Sch Only Daughter, Ellis, 8 davs from Rit li mond.witu flour, tobacco, aud wine, toll lie - tliiine f f. and others, bailed in co. tchr. Catliariue, Wood, for N York. Sch Hazard, Higgins, 12 di)S from Ft. Andrews, with plaster, to the captain. Tho tloop Olive, Drinkwatcr 7 dayl froni Portland. Sloop Orbit, Taber, 3 days from New Bedford BROAD WAY CIRCU S oiioonVovooa THIS E E.MNG, AUG. II, The periortn.ince will commence with the Grand olilitary Entry, usier i nouns win on one hnrse perform ma - ay wonderful lent ol b'irfeiiianthip. Drunken Soldier, by Mr. Tatnell The elegar.t horse Othello will perform Uie part of a doiuettic, he will at romniand, hrini; a whip, ht, bakct, handkerchief : also walking. trotting, eic. aad conclude with bringing a flag, ("irtccu ai toe i op oi a nnaro i i leci nign. Great Viiilting by Mr. Garcia. Master M'Carn, the wonder ol the aerc, will. on one horse, perform many wonderful teat fot aynjith, only uine yean old, loapover Sgartrrt, and coi.cludij by riding on his head, hit horse in full tpeed. Strength of Herrulet by Mr.Caussin. He will on his let t and hinds support eiht persons and form tn - clve ditlercut groups, and roiictml.: I.y 'iipporting the whole troop on his bauds aud fuel, tormiag a oeauuiui proup. .vioos. taussin win go uirougn mnny surpri sing Icats witb a stick, but recently uilrodureu if.lo this country. siacx Kopr, oy ivir..ii!tvie. Mrt. Williams will, among otber extraordina ry Icats, go through a - e six divuiont of the broad tword. Mr, Bullea will on on bone perform many torprisiri; featt, leap over 4 illuminated ghlleyt wiUi liit haadi aad leettied, end conclude by a wonderful leap through two teparat'! hogtliedHs. Koman ryramitls, oy live pcrtout on two hor ses. Still Vaultinz by the comnanv Clown Mr. Campbell. The whoie to conclude with the Grand Ascension, by Mr. Bullen. Tickets may be had at the circu, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 Io 5. A place is provided lor people ! colour. Doors will tie oncnut ? cYIm . tuid the ect - formance commence precisely at ii. , No aruoaking allowed. Checks not transferable. GeiiUeinen are Hquosted not toc - nter the rin. copaki'ni:k.hip. ir? EnF.NtZKIt Sl tVFNS hivinz stlruit - ted into enpartuership his sons, Ufam K. Ste - runt and John A . SUvetit, their business will in future be transacted uuder the firm of Lbentscr Sleeent k Suru. F.bentter Slereni, Jiytm K . StevtM Juhn - i Stettnt. ang 11 3w LfcCTURK AMD KLCI 1 A I IOS. VR.. - DWYtR respectfully informs his e.Vl lriendod the puhlic tht he will'urt & recite at Washington Hall, tomorrow evening, (weoiietasyj Augutt 13th, ISlb". Perlormnoce tecom.neoce at 8 o'clock. Tick et, at 75 cU. each, tj be bad at the bar of the Wiuhinetoo HsII, bitk Coffee Hjuse. and City Hotel. aur 11 a il i - rr - ' ,or ' v f ' The wperwr packet sloop raA two yean and t months old, burthi M 0 - S5 ton, throughly huttboltecl stow al 1 ctrgo, and suils'rem.vksblv fast ; list a ful veutory and in complete order for a voyage Apply to A. Rogers, onboard, ea,t aide iTuT lii,cr.tilir nr In ArVwWeU T im.,. 11 3 Froiu - s - jeV, The fine New. York, built .vL ... DERMA. II. Graham, master. kuit. J Mr. Cheeseman. of Uie but materal n.i V. i. m.. r.;,i.r..i . . . , . . . " n .v ...... u. uwmcr, nas lately Deen eon - pered and put. in complete order, and c&n - ""sw v inuc expense, tj Wl IKS, IV WM. L SAM'L CRAIG, " H No. G4 Front - street v. WAillLUb, No. 71 pT treet, have received by the Importer v. - ain.uir, lull lOliUWlfk good wlucli they offer for tale on liberal ten? U, ik ; "i 40 bale Kendal Cottons 38 do White Plain 5 do auperbne Broadcloth 4 do middle priced do 2 do I'elitte Cloths 1 do C&itiineres 2 truttet blue sav'd Lilt Clothi 3 - do Toi anetts 4 10 catet woollen Shawls and Srnrf. do furniture Chintz of tuperwr MUerr, unit . hlB SO 1 do fupeottnti London Hats do louimning Doys reaver and doft - ""ii Btuii Boa - Haltrs Bowstrings and Trinuain, Jewc.lery of vatiuus kindt. 1 2 60 3 do do , W LSO, Iff STOKE. harrelt Snnet - a (iin flo tvclified Whiskev 2 pipet Cop nac Brandy 2 uo L.P. Madeira Wire of choice quaTi - 1 9 k?t .vfanufactured Tobacco IS do Patent Yeiiow 6 casks Miitard , S LhdtSlie Bru.hes, to. ausrll . .4. ';a?? c.nlruifa So" Unjins oti viuiui'iiii, ana iur tale by J.OSBORN, 5U South - lrt, fUlLd. - 5M,5W Mutkrat ekuit, witae quub l1 ty, jutt reccited and fir sale by . HU11DA: SEWALL, pug H 65 South - tlr. ct. LfcGHOltN Sl KAVvs. x esses Ladm Leghoru Sttaw Hals. Flits 4: Crcwot, Nc 36 to 65 - . 2 cast Men' Leghorn Hots, wntitled to debenture, for sale by UURDAi StWAI.L, g 1 1 fii South - ttrH.t. t turtLK. LOGWOOD. 1U bag St. l. W rningo Cotl - M;, nnd 10 ten Logwood, laul ii'g from brig Gratitude, and for tule by osb5rn, ? II 8 South - ttreet. STEAM bUA 1 liUlLKK IKON. IUST received, uiui for tule L ABEL ,1 DUNSCOMU, - ten tons Steam Boat boiler Iron, C feet long, from 1 to 14 inchet wide, and men eu'lllw 111CIIMOM) KLOliJl mi barrels niadt It from tlie btitnt'W Wheat, laiiduie from the schooner Only DnueMeft I rom Kichmond. at t - cn - .t liouifc - slip lor sale by ik.utt.ui uiL.L,r.ric., aug 11 113 Frout - slrest rObACCO. - - 3;3 kegs landing fn m teiirt. A. Hero and Only Daughter, aud tioon Fair American, Ironi Kichmond, viz. 54 Kegs branded B. II. Brady, 8's, no. 1 il 4 do. Cicn. r U lclier, S't, no. 1 3 40 do... T. M. Deane,Vco. ll'.DolS3 37 do. J. f - iibb, i.o I ir 2 C8 l - 2do, JkV Labl.v. B't. Ladies' tw'ut. IN SPORE. 1500 Kgs. 8't, no's 1. 2. 3. baifnound rolhv Lftdins' Twist aud r.aveodt - Tobwo of M foUowinf brands, via. I.aders, Ross, Ege, Miller, Holtz, Duttra, Starr, J. flare k co. R. Hughes ft ro. F. Dancy Si co. Anderson, Blair k M. Keage, Cantor, and Shcltoo fc Williamson. For salo by CORNELIUS DU B013. au? 1 . sw MKR!CA. b K A N D V 'JO Pipes, o good quality and high proof, for sale by ' au? 1 1 iw CORNL'S DU BOI3. POIi fliK LOT1LLS, SUEA THUiQ COPPER, AVf. KRISTOL rlorur bottles, in hamper of one croce each Sheathing copper, from 14 to 23 ot SSot, assorted tor the season Spanith brown White lead, ground in oil Crown window glait, 8 by 6 to 13 by 12 The above coed are just received bv the ship rtiocion frrra Bristol, and are reconuncaded at being of the bent quality and in the best order for calefy aug II lw . WM. NFIhSOJT SOW. J.OAUO.V MCyi.lRD. A f bote freth London mustard, containing A J tii dozen each For tale by TL'CKFJl - LAURIES, au? 1 1 '29 Snuth - tt. SfKI.NG llll.L DIS11LLLKY. Foi tale, about 27 acres of land, adjoin. ing rattidck Rivet, in the township ofBleom be Id, in the county of Mies, in new Jersey, wheieon it a large and coinmodioas distillery, wilh cider workt, out buildinxs, fic. that reader the wholf a very valuable property, F.oquir of LL1AS VAN ARSDAI.C, Newark, or GEO. W. Sl'RO.NG,rew tork. auz 1 1 3w LOS i", HIS morning, in or near the Bear - Market, l.rttvc - en the hours of 7 and 8. a parcel ef Liilt on various banks, amounting to 21 doliarl ; (.re of tlicm nn tiie MnFira Bank, (or five dot his, and endorsed by Gabriel Jolinftn. Whoever may have found th above shall receive suitable reward, on bringing them to tb Saas - Souci Colli e House, Park Place. n Itt ; - ' LOW rtUCKU WATCHES. GF..M I.EMAN lately from France, wiitV . e to di'pose of a lare assortmeot ofGolal and silver V atehes. uch as plain, repetufrj L'Lpine - , hunting, ladle anJ .top watchrt, U wan anted. AUo, a nnmbrr of composition gold walcne mint aud iadie work hoxw't with mttlc W ether lancjr article!. Likewise, a general assortment of wa!cb - ina - r aers tools, and watch and ciock maienjv at springs, hand", dial p!atf, glasses, cbaioi, Uc. t:c. Apply to Mo. 141 Fulton street, teal j ' f I la Dmsawar. auc - FtUUSAI.K, ' A HANDSOME fust trotting orrel PoWTs IX. four yean old, very kind under the wi sold for no luult; the present owaer baviegP" histoti to busineit the cause of bit beiBg talc. F.nquire at 13 VanHam - ttreet. N. B. A . ry light Sulkey for tale LncrJire a above. Bug t ' i l. . . k. - ,ii eonneau' rd from t eir Ltt place. Inqnlr betweea uie hours of la nd t o'clock, at 47 Murray street. Hug 1 1 at - BOOK KEENER WANTED. ' . ' AN eiperieucwd book - keeper may hear iitMtioi by addretting A. B. throogh povUeice. The belt rakrcocei a to ar and respectability will be required. A P"r acquainted with dry gueds would b pretert aug 11 Qt 1 1 7 ANTED in a very roll family, a V aged white wom.n. to do the eookint" wd.irg. Also, a white girl about fourteea e " ircn. i '.J uo tuimucrvui. .ii -

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