Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 5, 1936 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAY 5 1936 LIVESTOCK RUNS CONTINUE LIBERAL SWINE MOSTLY 25 CENTS DOWN Top Declines to $1035 at Chicago, Lowest Since Last Feb. 25. CHICAGO, IffJ--Hog- and fat steer receipts continued Tuesday to be more liberal than market requirements dictated and as a result prices sank lower. Hog values lost mostly 25 cents although some buyers offered 35 cents less and the top declined to S10.35, lowest since Feb. 25. This was paid sparingly in early rounds when the market had declined 10 to 15 cents from Monday's level. The weakening fresh pork market was described as a reflection of the sluggish demand not only for pork but also for beef. Top loins at wholesale Tuesday were quoted at 21 cents a pound compared with 23 cents recently. The plentiful supply of good beef has brought little improvement in consumer demand for meat, packers report, while at the same time the increased supply of fat steers has materially affected the live beef market. A°-ain, as in recent market sessions, the steer trade was very dull and prices were weak to-15 cents lower than Monday's average. The steer run was very liberal and a few early sales were made at $7.50 to $865 with best weighty offerings selling up to $9.25. Steers are now sellin" the lowest since late in 1934 and the -range between common and choice kinds has become abnormally narrow. Sheep were steady to weak. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday HOGS Filteen to 20 cents !°TMJ r j 6() g ,.,_ g g,, rood IS 1 ' SbU 160-1SO S 9.25- 9^55 Si|{SS::|SyfS SS:S:KeS|| |^ Good med. wt. butchers 270-290 s 9.15- 9.4,, Good heavy, butchers.. 2.0-32.. Good heavy butchers.. 323-350 Good heavy butchers.. 350-400 Good packing sows ... 275-350 Good heavy sows .Srirn Good big heavy sows .. 425-SjO Good big hy. sows 550 and up S 8.95- 9.25 S S.S5- 9.15 f 8.55- S.85 S S.35- 8.65 S 8.15- 8.15 S 7.95- 8.25 S 9.75- S.05 (The above is a 10^30 truck hog market lor good and choice hogs. The difference in Trice is tor short and long haul hogs.) CATTLK. Steers, eootl to choice Steers, medium to good Eleera, fair to medium --..... Keif ere. sood to choice Heifers, medium to good --.. Heifers, common to medium .. Cows, good to chice Cows. lair to good _ Cows, cutters * Cows, eanoeri ..... -« ~-- · Bulk heavy Buns 'asbt ;;;";';,, Calces, med. to gooo 130-luu Calves, med. to good 130-190 Calves inler. to com. 130-laU LAMBS. iambs, good to choice . 70-90 $10.00-10.50 Lambs, medium to good - · - Liimbs, fair to medium Common to fair ..... . » 6.00- 7.50 J 4.50- 6.00 f 5.50- S.50 ( 4.75- .1.50 J 4.00- 4.75 J 4,25- 5.00 S 3.75- * 25 ..S 3.25- 3.75 S 3.00- 3.25 S 4.50- 5.25 S 1.00- 4 50 S 5.50- 6.50 5 4.50- 5.50 S 4.50 down . . S 8.00- 9.00 S 6.25- 7.25 5 6.25 do' Hog Markets M11MVKST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Tuesday: WATERLOO--Hogs ID cents lower. Good to choice 140-150 Ibs., 58.50 '.o 58.80; loO- 100 Ibs.. SS.75 to 59.05: 180-lSi) Ibs., *».M to $9.03; 180-250 Ibs.. $9.50 to $9.Sj; 250270 Ibs.. $9.30 to 59.60; 270-290 Ito-. $9-lJ to $9.15; 290-325 Ibs.'. 59 to S6.30; 323-350 ihs.. 58.83 to $9.13: packing sows. 275-350 Ibs., 58.35 to 58.65; 350-425 Ibs.. J8.15 to 56.45: 423-530 Ibs.. $8 to $8.30. CJEDAJt KAFIOS--Good hogs, 150-160 Ibs.. 58 75 to S9: 160-170 Ibs.. $9 to 59.25; 170-180 Ibs. $9.25 to $9.50; 180-30 Ibs.. 59.50 to 59.75- 230-250 Ibs.. $9.45 to 59.70; 250-270 Ibs S9.30 to 59.55: 270-290 Ibs., S9.15 to 5940; 29U-325 Ibs.. 59 to 59.25; 325-350 Ibs., SS 85 to 59.10: good packers. 275-350 Ibs.. 78 40 to 58.65: 350-425 lb».. 58.20 to $8.45; ·T5-500 Ibs.. $8 to 58.25: 500-550 Ibs.. 57.80 to $8.03. OTTOIWA--15c lower: 110 to 150 Ibs. SS.ft08i8.80: 150 to 160 lb«. SS.SOS9.10; 160 to ISO Ibr. S9.20fiv9.50: ISO lo 220 Ibs. 59.50 5I.9.SO: 220 to 230 Ib.-. S9.10(5.9.70; 250 to ·70 IPS. S9.20(-l9.50; 270 to 290 Ibs. S9.10'ifl 9.40; 290 to 325 Ibs. I8.904l9.20; 325 to 350 Ibs 5S.S01i9.10; .130 to 100 Ibs. S8.60M S.90; packers 275 to 350 Ibs. SS.3")'iS.6S; 350 to 425 Ibs. SS.15ST8.45; 425 to 450 Ibs. $7.95® jows 5-15c lower: butchers 15c lower; good to choice 180 to 220 Ibs. $9.50» 9.80- 220 to 250 Ibs. 59.45*9.75; 250 to 290 Ibs $9.t!OSi,9.50: 290 to 350 Ib.-. SS.906*9.20; packing sows, good. 275 to 550 Ibs. JS.lOii;) 8.70. a year ago. prices 15c COMBINED HOC RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, (JP)--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hoe; receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota ror the 24 hour period ended at S a. m. Tuesday were 16.800 compared with 17,500 a week ago and 13.500 to 25c, mostly ICc to 20c lower than Monday's average, the undertone slow but 'loading indicated somewhat heavier. ' Good and choice: Light lights, 140 to 160 Ibs SS.65ft 9.30; light weights. 160 to ISO Ibs. $925Si9.SO; 180 lo 200 Ibs. !9.60i10.05; medium weights. 200 to 220 Ibs. S9.60S10.05; 220 to 250 Ibs. S9.505flO.05; heavy weights. 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.20S9.75; 290 to 350 Ibs. SS.90SI9.50. Packing sows, good. 275 to 350 Ibs: SS.40W S.90: 350 to 423 Ibs. 58.2598.70; 425 to 550 Ibs. SSI.JS.50. to good wooled lambs S10®11; lew good clipped Iambs S9.25(ii9.50l fat woolld ewes tip to 55.75; shorn ewes mostly $4'i"i.5. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) OMAHA, U'i--U. S. department · or agriculture-- HOGS 6.500; 25-45c lower; 170 to 240 Ibs S9.40jJ9.65: top S9.S5; 210 to 260 Ibs. S9-15«i 9.55; 260 to 300 Ibs. SS.75ff9.30; 110 to 170 Ibs. Sg^a^.eO; sows 58.45^8.60. CATTLE-7,000; 300 calves; steady to Me lower:-steers and yearlings S7@S.30; heifers Se^offlS-lO: selects S9fi9.50. SHEEP S.OOO; lambs slow, steady to 25c or more lower; fed wooled lambs held above 511.50. i." 1 Q " ·-- ^ii an - 7 no il 00 good t» cholcs .0-90 j 7.00- S 00 Yearlings, med. to good ' vcarlinss. tair to medium ... Culls ... · · · Native ewes, good to choiea .. Cull ewes Eucks ·· Wethers, 2 years old -- WeUwM, poor to best ........ Buck lambs 51 lesn. to mark $ 5.00- 7.00 J 1.00- 5.0U $ 4.00 down S 2.75- 4.00 S 1.50- 2.SO $ 1.00- 2.50 S 6.00- 7.00 S 1.00- 7-00 KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. Tnnday .Market) KANSAS C1T1". (.pi--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 2.000; no directs; slow and uneven; mostly 25-3f*c lower than Monday's average; top 59-75 freely; desirable 170 to 260 Ibs. S9.i30rS9.73: lew 270 to 300 Ibs. S9.25Tr 9.50; better grade no to 160 Ibs. S9.50?e 9.75,- sow-5 15-25c lower; SS.40SS.75; stock pigs S9.50 down. CATTLE 4.500; calves 1.000; early sales fed steers and yearlings fully steady; some buying Interests, however, bidding lower; other killing classes o f ~ cattle generally steady: vealers steady to weak; stockers and feeders slow, steady to weak at Monday's decline; choice around 1025 Ib. yearling steers SS.75; bulk fed steers and'yearlings of quality to sell from S7.25££8.25; better kinds heifers and mixed yearling. 57.250S; butcher cows S5.25f/'6; low cutters and cutters S3.75 @5; selected vealers up to 59; choice light stockers SS. SHEEP 7.000; 900 through; fed Iambs and pringers wetk to 25c lower; sheep weak; top vool lambs to shippers 511; early top Arizona pring lambs S10.75; others S10.10ffilO.50: dd lots natives d/)wn from S10.75: some held ligher; shorn Arizona lambs S9.25. MAY DELIVERY OF WHEAT TUMBLES Market Closes Irregular at More Than Cent Lower to Fraction Higher. CHICAGO, (Kt--Liquidating sales of May wheat contracts largely dominated wheat values Tuesday, and in some cases tumbled the May delivery down 2% cents a bushel. May wheat narrowed its premium over July to around 9 cents as compared with 11 cents Monday. Profit- iaking on advances served also as something of a weight on new crop prices. Wheat closed irregular, 1% lower to ?s higher compared with Monday's finish, May 96%-',i, July 87 J ,i%, corn unchanged to ',.«, off. May 62, oats unchanged to % "P, and provisions unchanged to 25 cents decline. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (JP)--Cash wheat, no sales re- orled. Corn. No. 3 mixed 61Vj(?62'.;e; No. 4 mixed 60'^c; No. 2 yellow (yKgo'lttc; No. 3 yellow 62^;63V-c: No. 4 yellow fiO!~C-i 61-ilc: No. 5 yellow 57'-;li59c; No. 2 white 67c lake billing; No. 3 white 65Si66y,c; No. white 63c; sample grade 2S®. t 'Se. Oats No 2 white 30c; No. 3 v.nitc 26V:: 1111 !=ic; No. 4 white 23'.il"26c; sample grails 20 =i 9(23 -lie. No rye Soybeans. No. 2 yellow S5c: No. 4 yellow SOfSS2c: sample yellow 715l71 ] .:C, Barley, actual sales No. 2 Wisconsin S7c; feed 35fr:4Sc, malting r»3ft90c. Timothy seed S2.70ffi2.85 cwt. Clover seed JH.75S22.25 cwt. Lard tierces $13.95; loose 510.30: SH. Stock List SEW iOBK STOCKS. (Tuesds Air Reduction Al Chcm Dye Amer Can Amn Sm Ret Atnn Sugar A T T Amn Tob B Amn Wat WKs Anaconda Atchlson Auburn Aviat Corp B O Barnsdall Bend Aviat Beth Steel B'ordens Borg warn Can Dry Cape C . N W C G W C M st Paul Chrysler Col 0 t E Com Solv Comwlth Sou Cons Edison Cons Oil Contl Can Cont Oil -Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Deere pfd Du Pont Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Motors Gillette Goodyear 111 cent Int Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns M n n v Kennecott Kresce Lib 0 F CH (Tuend Dexter Heilmann Brew Katr. Drug Libby McNeil Natl Leather y Una oOIi 187 125% 7i',i y2-.i 13414 93 20 Vi 33"; 71',i 33 5i !«'!» 17 \; 27 r ;i 50 26":, 70 a i 11 "i 154 ".« 3'.; i'-j 1 -Vs 95 17 = i 17'Ii 2,a 29 ·« 12 ',1 72 32 74?; 615 29 ?i 139% 3SU 3S'.i fi3=i 16 25 =i 19';i S2 45 T; 13!i 98 36 21 ',1 51 ICAGO ay Fin 14 12 r -t 3S ',; 7-"i 1'A I juot«t!on Loewa Maytag McKesa Rob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Murray Corp Nash Nati Bis Natl Cash Txs Natl Dairy Nail Dlst Natl Pow t Lt N y central Nor Pac Oliver Farm J c Penney Penn R ft Phillips Pet P. C A Rep Steel Rcy Tob B Sears Roc Shell Union Soc Vac So Pac Stand Brands S 0 Cal S O Ind s 0 N J Stew warn Stone Ic Web Studebaker Swift Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim P.oll Bear Un Carb Union Pac Unit Air Unit Corp Unit Drug U S Gypsum U S P.ubbcr U S Steel Warner Pis West El Hie Woolworth Wrlglcy STOCKS. 11 Quotation") Cities service Quaker Oats Swift A Co Swift Int! U t i l i t y Ind Zenith 47 li 10 ',i IMi 20 »i 39% 15 VI .17!', 33 ii 23 ',i 23% 29 U 10'i 33% 27 K 53 U 73 a 30 li 42 ;ii 10'.;: ISSi 52 65% IG'A 13 i.i 30 % 15?s 3811 35 59 18=; IS'.l 11% 21S 3t 35 59 SO'.': 12« 22 7 ,5 6 12'i S:IT; :iou 10 1117 47-1 70 4':1 125'i 21'i 29 1 17 H Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 3 yellow corn 46c No. 4 yellow corn 45c Ear corn 40c White oats. No. 3 ISc Feeding parley 25-4Uc TfJiSDAl" GRAIA" CLOSE. CHICAGO, (.Ti- Low Northwest Bane 10 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS ANT) CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 STOCKS ADVANCE ON BROAD FRONT Price Recoveries Range From Fractions to 3 Points or More. NEW YORK, (ffi--Stocks pushed forward over a broad front Tuesday, recoveries ranging from 'fractions to 3 points generally and 5 to 9 in a few instances. Relative dullness marked to upturn which was attributed partly to an oversold condition of the list resulting in some short covering. Gainers Conspicuous. Conspicuous gainers, near the start of the final hour, included Allied Chemical, U. S. Smelting, Yellow Truck common and preferred, Douglas Aircraft, du Pont, Westinghouse Columbian Carbon, J. I. Case, U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, General Motors, Anaconda, American Smelting, American Telephone, Consolidated Edison, Santa Fe, Union pacific and N. Y. Central. The late tone was firm. Transfers approximated 1,400,000 shares. Fajardo sugar was a contrary performer, dropping 3 points when an initial dividend of 50 cents a share was declared on the new split-up stock. Some stockholders, it was said, had hoped for a larger disbursement. The former dividend was equivalent to 30 cents on the present stock. Bonds Take Cue. Bonds took their cue from stocks and moved ahead substantially. Commodities were mixed. The dollar was lower in terms of all leading- foreign monies except the French franc, which was a bit easier. So far as stocks are concerned, analysts held to the belief that the market has been passing through an important corrective movement. There were few guesses as to when this adjustment would be completed; although intermittent rallies wi expected. fluctuate. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ( Tuesday Market) r-mr*rO 1*1 -- (U S- department of ag- ruSSe)-' HOGS -16.000; including 5,500 £ ret" mostly 25 cents lower tnan Mondcy's 1 eraief some interests talking 35 cams ot£; lc,v early sales. 10 to 15 cents lower; top, no 35, sparingly; bulk good ana cttoice 150- · M Ibs S10 to S10.25; 250-300 Ibs.. S9.50 to S10: 300-350 IDE.. S9.25 to S9.55; BOTM mostly 25 cents lower at S8.65 to 58.90; lew U? rt'Fl:i.E-- 7.500; calves, 2.500; fat steer trade again very dull, weak to 15 cents lower than Monday's average market, tne L\tremc close Monday being weak to 2 rents iower tnan last wees; steers again pre dominating in crop; few early sales , 5 to 5S.65 with bset weighty steers. S9.25; all grades Usht steers and yearlings, kinds scaling 1,000 Ibs. downward, in broader demand than excessive supply weightier kinds; price range very narrow between common irrad'e and choice grade killers; all she stock =teady 'carcc; best heifers, SS.50; bulls. SJ0.15. lower at 56.35 down, mostly SC.2S dov n: veaiers steady. SHEEP -- 6,000; slow, steady to weak: seme interests bidding lower on fat lambs; shipping demand narrow; early bulk- choice wooled offerings. SU.73 to 512; several loads grading medium to good. 511.50;^ciip- . pers very scarce, few small lots 59.75 .flO; most wooled ewes, S5.50 to $6. SIOLX C1TV LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) SIOUX CITY, .!··--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 3,500; scattered sales light yearlings steady; other yearlings and matured steers dull; few bids 25c or more lower; other classes little changed; numerous loads fed steers and yearlings salable around 57 f f S 2 5 - few loads heid above SS.50; scattered lots choice light heifers 57.756S: bulk bee cows S5ti6: cutter grades S4@4.75; common and medium stackers $6.75 down; few good salable above 57. JHOGS, 4.000; plow. 15c to mostly 25c low er; shipping demand narrow; early top 30c off at 59.70: early bulk 160 to 260 Ib. butch ers S9.-10'a9.65: 260 to 310 Ib. heavies $9S 9.40: 310~to 375 Ib. weights SS.75SS; sow mostly 5S-50§8.60; feeder pigs up to $10 steady. . **HEKP. 2.500, including 300 billed through and 270 direct: no early slaughter lamb ac tion; buyers talking 25c or more lower o around $11 for best fed wocled iambs an' springers: few sale? fat ewes ·.ttady; woricd ·kins 56.25 down; clips S5@-5.50. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (.TV--U. S. denartmen of agriculture-- 4TTLE 2,500- better grade steers stead plainer kinds slow; few good fed k'.nds s7.' (56.25; some held higher; med'.um gra-Je around S6.50S7.50; she stock fairly active strong; most butcher cows S5®6: low cutter S3.75@4.75; medium heirers 56^7; goo- kinds up to $7.50 or more; bulls steady, btili 5015.50: best bolognas around S3.75; 'stock ers little changed. GAIA'ES 2.700; sicady; strictly wa cboic vralcrr S7.50^S..50; mostly $S 3own: lowe grades around S4.50B6.50. HOGS 7,000; fairly active: lights am butchers 155i20c lower than Monday; jow: fully lOc lower: top $9.90 for choice 190 ibs down: belter 110 to 220 lt«. $9.7509.90 520 tn 230 Its. S9.503 9.70; 2."o tn 300 Ibs JP.15J79.50; 300 to 400 Ibs. ?8.S5i9 15: sow; mostly $8.50^3.70; big w£l;;r-,:s down t( $S.4fl; pips scarce, a few lols : J O , r ! ^ 2 r . - a_v rra^f rr.«t M o n d a y iP.. r ,7 a n d 2 l r Ittfi. j^iicrr ;,(in ; 2r.K d i r r e t ; .::;^i,:f Mii-i'i; n-.eagcr; all classes around atcily; medmi. J u l y Sept CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July Sept HYE-May I J u l y Sept BARLEY-- tfay July . B'ARLEY-- May July LABD-- May July Sept Oct BELLIES-- M»y July .01 .59«i LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, i.r. 1 --Official estimated receipts Wednesday: cattle 9.000; hogs 12.000; sheep Representative Sales (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, \3)--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- Lights-38 3J6 9.25 25 1GS 10.10 45 312 9.50 31 174 10.20 28-1 9.65 19 1SB 10.25 32 252 10.00 32 198 10.33 Mediums-- Lifeht Lighis-- 44 2(6 9.95 10 H2 9.90 61 231 10.10 16 157 10.00 45 218 10.25 12 158 10.15 29 206 10.35 CATTLE. Heifers-- .10.92 .10.70 .10.80 ..10.60 1II.S7 10.65 10. B5 10.50 .82 .so--; .59 .."iO^B .50?', .50}; .36% .50 T, 10.S7 10.65 1U.65 10.50 13.75 13.73 Humble Oil Co 6 S O Ky Co 1 Un Gas Co Un Li Pow Co · Util P Li Co Hupp Motors Indust Kayon Kelvinator Co Lambert Co Lehigh Port Cft 14 =» 11s 29-% 20 20 IS 3-t-l .rmour Co 5 .rmour Co pf 72 14 MBiSEAl'OLIS CRAIS (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. l.M-- Wheat-- 82 cars; «i to 1^ cents lower: No. 1 heavy dark northern spring. 60 IDS.. S1.12!i to S1.25U; No. 1 dark northern. 59 Ibs.. Sl.10'1 to $1.24U; 53 Ibs.. S1.0Si,i to 51.23U : fancy No. 1 hard Montana. 14 per cent protein, S1.12U to S1.14 1 ,!: to arrive, Sl.llU to S1.13U: grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter, 96U to S1.02U; to arrive. SSVj to Sl.OlVi : No. 1 bard amber durum, . 51.09: No. 1 red dururr.. 7S: Kay, 'i; July. 96',i; September, S7'.i. Cora -- No. 3 vellow. 55^ to 56'/K. Oats. No. 3 white 23i to 25=',. Steers-40 1. 1(1.3r 1270 IOS6 136* ' 130ri 120Ii 1110 1123 921 Old Crop \vy.iled 9.10 15 9.25 21 9.15 28 S.65 20 8.50 IS 8.25 Cowa-7.65 3 7.40 5 7.25 B 4 6 SHEEP. Wooled SOI «77 5SS 791 £60 12S2 1230 1171 1(136 617 443 225 2.15 230 2H I-ajnns-- 56 12.00 SI 9 25 334 11.75 10 151 11.50 Shorn Ewes-11.25 16 135 31.00 7 140 10.75 20 . 17'.} S.SO S.2.1 7.85 7.50 7.25 5.65 5.25 4 5 0 6.25 5.75 5.50 | 4.75 4.50 KANSAS CITY GRAIN' KANSAS CITY, vpl--Wheat--34 cars: unchanged to 2Vi cents lower: No. 2 dark hard, 96 to S1.02: No. 3. sl.OO'J ; No. 2 hard. 95V, to SI.01-; : No. 3. M = i lo 97 : No. 2 red nom.. 95V- to 9S^: No. 3 nom.. 9 to 97«. Corn--42 cars: '.i rent. lower to VI- cent higher- No. 2 white nom.. eD^-L to 71; N' :i rjorn'.. 67 ! .i to f;9!ij; No. 2 yellow. ri2 : to 63; No, 3. 60Vi to 62!i: No. 2 mixed, 5S = ;.: No. 3. 57. Oats--9 cars; unchanged to U cent up No. 2 while noro.. 26=,; to 2S; No. 3. 26-.,. DOW JONES AVERAGES Ind«. Jtnils L'lils. Close 14S.56 43.S7 29-45 otal Sales 1,170,000 CHICAGO STOCKS lutler Bros S'.i Marshall Fields 15 \' K ord Corp 5'i Walgreen Co 30'jj NEW YORK CURB m Gas Elec 31;; Ford Mo of Eng 7 - j m Cyanamid B 3.1'li Hud B M 4 S m Su pow Co 2 Vt rk Natl Gas A . 151 Marconi 2 isler Elec 3S 1 Bd Share 1SU ord AIo of Can 24 U NEW 1'OBK STOCKS [aska Juneau 14~s Hudson Motor llegheny 2|Xt m Bank Note 4r",it m For Pow 7 m Cry Sug Co 22'i m Pow Li 10 m Roll's Mills 27% Liquid Carb Cp m Ea t S Co 20 Loriilard 22ii mer Tob Co 93 Mack Truck 30i-j Mathicson Alk 29',1 McLellan Stores 12'/, Mex Seab'd Oil 35 Minn. Moline Im 9 ] ,s Motor Products 30 J .i No Amer 25 No Amer Avi s',i Otis steel Co Owen 111 Glass Packard Molor Park Utah Cop Plymouth Proc Gam Pub Ser of N J Pullman Pure Oil Co R K O P.em Rand Reo Motors St Joseph Lead 2 Simmons Co 2: So Calif Edison 2 Spefrv Corp 1 St G E Tide Wa As Oil 1 U S Ind Alch 4 U S Smelter 7 Util P Li A Vanadium 3 Union Oil Calif Un Gas Imp warren Bros Western Union Worth'n Pump Yellow Truck 46^ 15',1 26% s Dry Goods .11 Rc'f Baldwin Loco 'risgs MIS Co endix Sudd Mfg Co ·urr Add iycrs A M Co 17-i Caterpillar Trac 71 1 .-: Cerro de Pasco 54=,; Ches Ohio 55 ",i Chi Gt W pfd 5»j C M S P t P pfd 3% Coca Cola Co 86^ Com Credit · l l ^ j Solvents 17 r ;s Cont Motor 2% Cudahy Packing SSvi lurt-wri Co A 15 Dist Corp Seag 19 Ts Douglas Airc 54-'i Sastman 161 Eaton Mfg Co 32',i Elec Auto Lite 34= Elec POW LI 14 Erie R R Co 13?; Fire'ne Ti Ru 29 Foster-Wheeler 28 Freeport Tex 30^ [en Am Trans 41 1 /i Glidden Co Gold Dust Gt North'n ore Graham Paige Gt Nor pfri Houston Oil O M A H A GRAFX. (Tuesday Market) OMAHA, f.P' 1 --Wheat. No. 2 hard 931.;c; No. 3 hard 90c; No. 4 hard 87K 88*1 c; No. 5 northern spring SOc. Corn, No. 3 white 64 ] .sc; sample -white 46c- No. 2 yellow 59c; No. 3 yellow 56@59c No. 4 yellow fl3ffi57Hc; No. 5 yellow 49c sample yellow 47c. Oats, No. 4 white 23'^fi 24',ic. Hides and Wool Miscellaneous POTATO .MARKET. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, LT)--U. S. department of agriculture-- Potatoes 81; on track 298; total U. S. ship- meats 52S: old stock, steady, supplies moderate, demand slow: sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, 52.05^2.20: 15 Ib. sacks S2.45 cwt.: Colorado McClures U. S. No. 1, 52.15; Michigan Green Moun- Isiins U. S. No. 1, S1.70; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1. SI.63: commercial Jl.-IO fal.50: Minnesota Early Ohios partly graded 51.40S1.50: Round Whites U. S. No. 1 and partly graded $1.3531.40; Russet Burbanks partly graded 51.60: North Dakota Red river section Cobblers U. S. NNo. 1. $1,55: Early Ohios U. S. No. 1. 51.60^.1.72%: new stock firm for best slock, supplies moderate, trading slow: sacked per cwt. Alabama Bliss Triumphs U. S. NO. 1. $2,SO®2.90; U. S. No. 2. Sl^O^l.SO: Louisiana Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. $2.5083; U. S. No. 2. J1.40: Texas Bliss Triumphs U. S, No. 1, $3.05; California 50 Ib. sacks While Rose U, S. No. 1, $3.25 cwt. GOVERXMENT BONDS. (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK. .*V-U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4 Us 47-52 117,20. Treasury 4s 44-54 112.23. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June IDS IS. Treasury 3'/sS 46-49 30S.23. Treasury 3s 53-55 101.13. PRODUCE FUTURES, (Tuesday M a r k e t ) C H I C A G O , i.r -- But'cr future* Siorn?:^ standards. November 27 ^c s t a n d a r d . «, M f t y S.V'-jc; ,ltin- 2;" 7 ,r. Kcp f u t u r e s : RofriCTHUT s t a n d a r d s , Oo tfibcr 23 ',4 c; storage packed firsts. May 22c. Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifib Street Southwest WOOL Clean bright 26( Rejects and western 22 Pulled wool and No. 2 rejects .....18i HOKSEHIDES Horsehtdes ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Up W 23 Ibs - -.«« 25 to 45 Ibs - - · Mor« than 60 Ibs. ...._ '· Bull aides ..- -- ' ·Cured aides half cent more a pound, (On above prices a cent higher to wboli sale dealers In wholesale lots.) .$3 00 medium srade bright fleece of combing and clothinp WOOL MARKET. (Tuesday Market) BOSTON. (.!·--U. S. department ot agri culture-Very little business was Iransacled on in the Boston market. A few small lots o wools consislin and !i bloo grades packed together were sold at 34-3 cent* in the grease, delivered east. Noroina quotations on fine territory wools were un changed from last week. Graded Frcnc combing fine territory wools were changed from last week. Graded Frenc combing fine territory wools were quoted a mostly 82-85 cents scoured basis, and strict! combing "i blood territory wools al most] S2-S4 cents. fresh N E W YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK, (.p)--Eggs--40,907, stead to firm; mixed colors, special packs or se lections from fresh receipts, 23^ to 2f standards and commercial standards. 22 to 23- firsts. 22; mediums. 40 Ibs.. !0'.i 20=;:' dirties. No, 1, 42 Ibs.. 20% to 21 average checks. 19%i to 20; storage packe firsts. 22',i to 22',;. Butler -- 16.345. firmer; creamery hlghe than extra. 2SVi to 29; extra (92 score) 2S: firsts (S9-91). 27'~ to 28: centralize Cheese--oSS.003. I r r e g u l a r ; prices chancrd. L i v e potii'ry. s t r a d i r r ; no f r e i g h t quola tlons. NKW YORK, t.n--A. moderate demand lushed shares forward tractions lo a point so in the curb market Tuesday, with a few raining more. Equities up fractions lo around a point at he end -of the lirst hour included Electric 5ond and share, Gulf Oil ot Pennsylvania, L r isk Rubber preferred, Montgomery Ward 'A." Red B'ank Oil and Imperial Oil of Canada. Aluminum company of America ran around 1 poinls on small volume, while gains 2 or more were scored by Consolidated ;as and Electric of Baltimore and Sherwin- Williams. General Outdoor Advertising preferred ·slumped well over 2 points. New Jersey Zinc was off about a point. 14 '/ 142 1-1 =fs 42=ii 40% 41-": 191, «V 21-':- Curb Market Bond Market NEW YORK, tiPi--Gains of a point or so were scored by many industrial issues in the bond market Tuesday. Loans up this much included Allis Chalm s -Is, Chesapeake corporation 5s, · Studebaker Convertible 6s, Paramount Pictures 6s and General Theaters Equipment 6s. Bidding in the latter issue followed the report tha the receiver for this unit will ofCcr vanou: assets ot the corporation for sale on May 18 The U. S. government list was quiet. Medium and low priced rail liens enjoyec a more evenly distributed demand followin] Monday's irregularity, The foreign division was steady at fraction al advances, French 7s edged ahead. Italian., were taken at slightly hijrner prices, pre sumably on reports of Italian military victor ies in Ethiopia. Produce IS 17 "fi'I Voufigs S T 1875 52 lamson Brothers Market Letter MASON CITY--For Tuesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Sggs, current recipts 17 3eavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over . ..15' tinder 4 Ibs 13 Cocks 9 Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade .: 17-18c Sggs, fresh 16-17c Butter, Iowa State Brand 34 Butter, Corn Country 33 Gutter, Kenyon's 33 Butter, Very Best 34 Butter, Brookfield 33c Potatoes, peck .. _ .. .40c and 52c MA11KEI REVIEW. CHICAGO--Tuesday Wheat--The e f f e c t of the bullish crop estimates was partly offset by the weakness in the May delivery and the forecast for showers over parts of the southwest. The inferred months, although not holding all gains, closed net fractionally higher. May was undsr considerable pressure a good part oC ths session, declining 2Uc. Part of the soiling was regarded as -for the account of a local operator and there was probably sfrae transferring into later months. A moderate rally wss witnessed in the old crop month :n lat; dealings, on buying against bin.- n,i-l on purchases credited to shorts. Export business i estimated from SOO.OOO to 1.000.000 bushels but there was no confirmation cf the figures. We expect nervous price swings ithin a moderate range for the present with the weather still the dominating factor. Corn--Tradin? in corn was relatively licht. the range being narrnw w i f h the close showing only minor fractional losses. There was a sood Demand for cash corn Tuesday, both industries and several shippers being in the market. There were 33 cars of Iowa corn sold on consignment. ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. INVESTMENT TRI'STS (By The Associated 1*rr« Rid and A*ked Tuesday. Corporate Tr. Sh Corporate Tr. Sh. A A Kofi. Corp. Tr. Sh. Ac. Ser. .... Corp. Tr. Ac. Ser. Mod Dividend Sh. Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec. vtc Nor. Amer. Tr. Sh Nor. Amer. Tr. Sh. 1955 ... Quarterly- Inc. Sh Selected Am. Sh. Inc. Super Corp Am Tr A U. S. El. L. *. P. A ........ V. S. El. L. 4 P. B U. S. El. L. P. vtc 3. '16 3.9S 1.6S 2.40 2.15 MS 1.47 334 17.375 2.:.t 1.00 No N'j No No 1.6S 19.39 4.08 1. No No 1.63 1.ES NO 17.S75 2.64 l.OS NEW YORK SUGAR. (Tuesday Market) NEW YOKK. i.i','--Raw sugar unchanged. Futures advanced 2 points. Refined changed. un- MIXNEAPOLIS (Tuesday Markcll MINNEAPOLIS. C.I','--Flour tinchsnsed Carload Ints family patents «f.:.nfiB.7a ' barrel in JS IK rotlon »«e):f. Shipment,* 2i,."i99, run- hran Jin'i 1B.SO. Standard middlings ?1S.'0,9 15. AUNTHET By Robert Quillen "Ella wanted my recipe for that stew we had, but I couldn't tell her. I just take whatever is left in the refrigerator and mix it." LEGAL NOTICE City. Iowa, this 30th day of April, 1930. J M. ROBERTSON. S h c r l f t ot Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa. Bv ELSIE RAMSEY. Deputy Sheriff. BLYTHE. MARKLEY. RULE, DIBBLE * CERNEY. Attorneys. NOTICE Of INCORPORATION Public notice is hereby given of the or- anlzation of a corporation for pecuniary rofit under the name ot Farm Equipment jc Supply, with its principal place of business n Mason City, Cerro Cordo County. Iowa. Business and Powers. Section. (U The general nature of the auslness of this corporation shall be the /holesaling and retailing of all types and kinds of farm implements, farm equipment nd supplies of ail kinds, together with any nd all general automotive farm equipmint. upplics and repairs incident thereto, useful ,r used in servicing farm implements or quipment. section (2) Tills, corporation snail have he power to acquire by purchase, grant, ease or otherwise, or to own. hold, buy ell convey. lease, mortgage and encumber tvery kind" of property, real estate, personal jr mixed franchises, casements. letters patent patent rights, processes, devices, invcn- ions~ trade marks, formulas, good-will and other tangible and intangible property and ' B Sectl(in CO manufacture, It shall have the buy. sell, trade power to deal in ·very kind o't material or product manufac- ured or unmanufactured incident to the Business. -Section (4) It shall have the power to ssue hold and deal in notes, bonds, certificates debentures and all other forms and evidences of indebtedness, shares of capital lock aud bonds issued by this or other corporations and lo borrow or loan money. Section'(5) It shall have all the'powers and rights necessary for or incidental to the ·onvr-nient transaction or Ihe business lor vhich it has been organized, or necessary. :uitablc nr proper for the accomplishment of anv of the purposes or objects herein enum- ·ratcd or which shall at any time appear ·oniucive or expedient for the protection or jencfit of this corporation. Section (Kl It shall have the power to es- ablish branch offices or agencies in other parts of the united states, at time"! and at ilaces as the Board of Directors may deem necessary or of advantage in the conduct f the business of the corporation. Section (7) All transfers, conveyances and ·lortgages of any interest whatsoever of the assets of this corporation shall be executed. acknowledged and (or) performed by the of- icers or officer definitely assigned to carry ut such transaction by the Board of Di- ectors oC the corporation. All transfers, con- eyances and mortgages of real or personal property must be executed and acknowledged by two or more officers of the corporo-toiu. The foregoing clauses shall be construed loth as objects and powers, it being hereby expressly provided that the foregoing enumeration of specific powers shall not be held to limit or restrict in any manner the towers of the corporation. The authorized amount of capital stock s One Hundred shares ot common stock without nominal or par value, which may be ssued for such considcralion and upon such erms as 1 may be fixed from time to time iy the Board of Directors by direction of the stockholders. The time of commencement Is April 2.1. 1936,' being the date of issuance of its certificate and termination at the close of twenty years, namely April 23, 1956. The affairs of the corporation are to be in the hands of the Board of Directors of not less than two (2) members nor more than five (5) to be elected by majority vote o.' the stockholders at the annual meeting of the stockholders or at a special meeting called for that purpose. The annual meeting is to b- held the second Tuesday in December. 1936. and thereafter for the election of officers and directors. The private property of the incorporators. ctockholders. officers and directors to be exempt from liability for corporate debts obligations and(or) liabilities. F-\RM EQUIPMENT . SUPPLY, By F M. HUMPHREY, A. L. WISTEY. D. L. P2NN, Incorporated NOTICE 01' SHEI«iri"S S A I . K STATE OK IOWA. Ccrru Gordu Counly. HS. In Clinrliitlc .Mile Buriiieintrr m liwralrls (if Ihe Estate al Ella Jane J'lllshum, deceased, ana In it-Horn H iii».v concern: You arc hereby notified that by virtue ot a spoclal execution, lo me directed, and issued out of the uflicc of the Clcrlt of the District Court of the Stale of Iowa, within and for Ccrro Gordo County, upon a judgment rendered In said Court in favor ol Amelia Kaynird and against Charlotte Mae Eurmelstcr as Executrix ot the Estate of Ella Jane Pulghum. deceased, for the sum ot Seventein hundred twenty and 88-100 Dollars, debt, and Twenty-one and 83-100 Dollars, costs, and Fifty-seven and 21-100 Dollars, attorney's fees, I have Kvlcd upon the following described real estate to wit: Lot Three (3) In Block Two (2) In K. S. Young's Subdivision of Lots 3. 6, 9 and 10 and all that part of i^tits 1 and 2 lying west and south of the center if Lime Crccli. nil In the subdivision if the Northwest Quarter OnV'/i) of Section Eleven ( I I ) . Towlislllr .Nlnctj- slx ! « . ItaiiM Twenty ( 2 " . «'wt "' the M l l l i Principal Meridian, term Gordo Cmu'ly, lown. and that on the 29th day ot May. W». at 2 o'clock P. M.. at the front door of t h e Court House In Mason City. Cfrro Gordo | County. Iowa. I will proceed In sell Ihe same in saiisfaclion of said execution, together with all legal costs accruing. Dated at Sheriff's office In Mason Utt. Iowa, this 30th day of April. 1936. J M. ROBERTSON. Sheriff of Cerro Cordo County. Iowa. By ELSIE RAMSEY. Deputy Sheriff. W. SCHILLING. Attorny. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE TATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County. M. whom It may concern: ' . You arc hereby notified that by virtue a special execution, to me directed, and ued out of the office of the Clerk or the strict Court of the State of Iowa, within d for Cerro Gordo County, upon a judg- ent in rcm rendered in said Court in favor The Independent Order of Foresters and ainst the real estate hereinafter dcscnocn the case of The Independent Order of For- crs vs C L Nichols. Alice Kay Nichols. W 'Shaffer, ct al. tor the sum of phty-onc hundred eighty-tour and 51-100 ollars. debt, and Twenty-nine and So-lOO ollars costs, and one hundred twenty-one d 79-100 Dollars, attorney's fees, I have vied upon the following described real tatc. to wit: Tlip west fractional Italt of the tutrth- i-cst iiuarter of section seven, lownslilp lincty-tivp. no rill (if range twenty-line, lso nil that nan of the west fractional halt of the southwest quarter of section ill. township iflMly-flvr. north of range twenfy-oni*. lying south (If the ccnfL-r T iiuhllc hlchwny as now laid liut and platted across the south end "f saifi land, all In Ccrrn Gorilo County, Iowa, d that on the 29th day of May, 193G. at o'clock p m.. at the front door or the ourt House in Mason City. Cerro Gordo lunty. Iowa. I will proceed to sell the me in satisfaction or said execution, to- Ihcr with all legal costs accruing. Dated at the Shcritr's office in Mason .'. Iowa, this 30ih day of April. 1936. J. M'. ROBERTSON. S h e r i f f of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. By ELSIE RAMSEY, Deputy Sheriff. F, CLOUGH, Attorney. Observes 8»th Birthday. POPEJOY--Mrs. Sophia Folkers passed her eighty-ninth birthday Tuesday and in her honor a 6 o'clock dinner was served at her home. Tim · two daughters, Mrs. Frank Allen and family, of Iowa Falls and Miss Carrie H. Folkers, only memfaer« of her family, were present. Mrs. Folkers' health is failing considerably. Autos for Sale 79 SEE GEORGE TATUM --at-Fairgrounds Market WAGNER MOTOR and XOTltE OF SHERIFF'S SAI.K STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss To whnm It may concern: You are hereby notified that by virtue _ a special execution, to me directed, and is sued out of the office of the Clerk of th District Court of the State of Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a judg ment in rem rendered in said Court in favo of M C. Miller and against the mortgagee real estate hereinafter described in the cas of M C. Miller vs. Clarence 3£. Conn CHICAGO PRODUCE (Tuesday Murkot) CHICAGO, i.TJ-- Butter, 32,^30. steady; prices ·jnch.aned. Eggs-- 32,331. firm: extra first?, local. 21. curs, 21%: fresh craded firsts, local, 20^. cars, 21 : current receipts, 20 : storage packed extras. 22 'A; storage packed firsts. 22. Poult i-y--Livp, unchanged. trucks, steady: prices Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schnnlie and Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Eld and Asked Tuesday. Cent .St El fi pet pf {S2H par) 12 U Cent St Kl 7 pet pf (525 par) t:t 1.1 Cent St p * L 7 pet pf ... 12 14 Cliamplin Tlcf Iowa 7 pet pf 75 Creamery Package com ~fi -rt 1 : Hearst Cons A 23 23 1 /- Gcorse A Hormcl A pf SS 100 George A Hormcl B pf 96 98. George A Horroel common .. IS I S v Interstate power 6 pet pf .. IS 2U Interstate Power 7 pet pt ... 23 25 Imva Electric Co 6!i- pet pf r6 R9 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pf 57 60 Ta Elec l.t Pow 6 pet pf 67 69 3a Elec Lt Pow 6^ pet pf 69 71 la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pf 70 72 la Power fc LiCht 6 pet Pf .. 97 99 la Power Light 7 pet pt .. 102 11)4 Ja Public Sen- 6 pet pf .. 91 93 la Public Scrv SVi pet pf .. 02 94 la Public Scrv 7 pet pf .. SS SS la South Util 7 pet pf ... M *3 la South Util 6,i pet pf HS 37 la South Util 7 pet pf ... 6(1 62 Minnesota P L 5 pet pf .. 79 SI Minnesota P L 7 pet pf .... SS 90 Northern St Power 6 pet pt .3 7-lVj Northern St Power 7 pet pf S3 85 N W Sell Tel S!j pc! pf 3TM '0 N W St Portland Cement 23 21 Rath PacWns « pet pf 9S 100 F.ath Packinp 7 pet pt !'·" l |r Sioux City Gap ft Kl 7 pet pf S.'i S7 U n i t e d U r.ys K net pr 7R -'J' : l i m t c l Lt A- f.ys fi.36 pet pf * ' ' - *"'':· Unitc-l Lt ft Hys 7 I'd pf PS S!'i Weslrrn nr"cer pf £." ^ fi Western Grocer com 7', = g 3 Conn, and Sirs. Walter D. Conn, his wife T ' Howard Conn, single, and Cerro Gord ""ounty Iowa, for the sum of Eleven hun dred seventy-three and 27-1M Dollars, debt and Twenty-five and 60-100 Dollars, costs and Fifty-one and 73-100 Dollars, attorney fees, I have levied upon the following de scribed real estate, to wit: The North 80 rods in wldlh of Lot Z. In the Auditor's sub-division of the East Half of tlic. Southwest Quarter of Section 11 In Township 96 North. Itai.gc 20. West of the Fiftl1 P- M " excepting therefrom the tract conveyed to the Independent School District of Mason City tons, hy warranty deed dal^l December 9. 1!1G, recorded In the office of the Recorder of Cerro Gordo Cmmly. Iowa. In Book -.» of Land Deed Records at pase 305. lo which record reference is herein made, and that on the 29th day of Kay. 1 9 3 6 , o o'clock P. M.. at the front door of in Court House in Mason City. Cerro Gord Countv. Iowa. J will proceed to sell th same 'in satisfaction of said execution, to gether with all legal rosts accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office in Maso Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. \\'f. Pay Phone J. H. MARSTON Have A big- bunch of used car bargains. In the big: white building on 19tii St. Lodges and Societies I O. 0. F. LODGE NO. 22* E. STATE I'HONES 2144W-21UJ J. C. ROEENSON, N, Ph. 825 WATOAN CLOSSON Rec. Scc'y. 3467. H. J. PINE, Fin. Sec'r. a. LOVAI. OKDEK OF MOOSE MOOSE HAIJ^--2ND AND S. JTEnEKAl, Phone 1278 Meets Ilrst and tilra lljes- -Jsys of each month. Every 4th Tuesday Is family niphL A. C. CLARK, Dictator. 1514 N. Mad. WILLIAM GBOTH, Sne'y- Phone 1278 WENTIETH CENTURY LUB ENDS YEAR The last meeting of the year held r the Twentieth Century club was luncheon Monday at the Euchre nd Cycle club in the Hotel Han- rd. The committee on arrange- ents included Mrs. John Senneff, TS. H. C. Friesner, Mrs. Earl inith and Mrs. R. L. Jackson. Typical American reaction to the hreat of another Russo-Japanese ar: rat. "Sic "em." -- Davenport Demo- BENEVOLENCE LODGE NO. 145 A. F. AND A. M.--7:30 V. HI. Stated communication first Thursday of each month. G. I. WOOD. W. M. C. P. SHIPLEY, Sec'y. HARDING LODGE NO. 64» A. F. AND A. M. 7:30 P. M. Stated meeting first Friday of each month. L. L. RAYMOND. W. M. C. C. HALPH1DE, Sec'y. BOVAL NEIGHBOURS OF AMERICA MOOSE HALL Camp meets 2nd and 4th Thursday, 7:30 P. M. Club meets 1st and 3rd * Thursdays, 2 P. AI- MARGARET JOHNSON, Oracle. MAY BUDWORTH, Rec. Phona 1372W QUEEN BEBEKAH LODGE NO. 106 I. O. O. F. HALL-- 8 P. M. -.-\ Meetings every first and third Friday o£ month. airs. R. E, Kolwinska. Chairman sen-ing committee, JIRS WAYMAN CLOSSON. ». G. S461. MRS WIN NUTTING, R. S. 596W. MRS , . . . E KOLWINSKA, P. S. 1488J. LIVESTOCK SALE SALES PAVILION -- HIGHWAYS 18 AND 69 StADUPD TAU7A BEGINS PROMPTLY UAKnCfiKt IW W A AT 12:00 P. M. THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1936 25 HEAD OF HORSES -- C. E. Proctor w i l l be here with several 'head of good horses. 200 HEAD OF CATTLE--Consisting of 20 head of fleshy Shorthorn and whitefaced feeding steers, weight 850 Ibs.; 20 Shorthorn heifers, weight 500 Ibs.; 30 head of black steers and heifers, weight 500 Ibs.; 1 load of fat cattle. The balance will consist of butcher stock, springer cows and breeding bulls, stacker and feeder cattle of all ages, breeds and weights. 75 HEAD OF FEEDING PIGS; several head of bred sows, also 3 Registered Berkshire open sows. Your stock will bring highest market prices at our sales. SALES HELD EVERY THURSDAY GARNER SALES CO., INC. ED C. BUNXENBACH, On'ner , Garner, Iowa, Phone 37, or Klemme, Phone 13 AUCTION SALE! THURSDAY, MAY 7, AT 11:00 A. M. SHARP Lund Sales Stables ON NO. 18 -- EAST SIDE OF MASON CITY ~~ 65 -- HEAD OF HORSES -- 65 Consisting of good work horses and farm mares. Grays, bays and roans for some good 1 and 3 year old colts. There will be a buyer here for killer horses Thursday. Will have buyers this week from Wisconsin and the 'east. We can sell any kind of a horse you bring in. A five year old nice, gentle saddle marc. Don't be afraid to bring your horses as we have buyers here for all classes of horses. 125 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 125 Consisting of STOCKER STEERS, SPRINGER HEIFERS AND BREEDING BULLS 25 -- HEAD OF SHEEP -- 25 50 FEEDING PIGS -- 50 Some Brood Sows Some farm machinery nnfl furniture Lunch on the grounds. These sales will be held every Thursday. Bring anything you have (o sell. Get Your Horses in Early--Sale Will Start at 11:00 Sharp. WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND -- TERMS, CASH STABLK S758 -- PHONES -- RESIDENCE 38Sfi Ora Baylcss. 4127 -- AUCTIONEERS -- Jack Dorscy, Plymouth

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