The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 8, 1931 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 16
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Ifi MASON CriT GLOBE-GAZETTE £-' " ~ _^ -.-- · · · · - · · · · - - · MASON CITT GLOBE-GAZETTE DECLINE INDICATED IN SWlNOiiA^ t , * ' ' ·" · i .--.-- · · · . - · * · · · . . . . ' · . ' · · APRIL 8 1931 CATTLE SUPPLY L THOT TOO LARGE ; ; fourse of Lamb Market Is Uncertain, Depending on ' Outside Demand. } . » . - . , ; , . . . . . · · . . . . . , CHICAGO, April 8. JP--Meager \ fresh receipts of · hogs', estimated at 15,000, including 4,000 billed di- feot to packers, did not prevent sellers from. attempting a raid on prices. Lack of an energetic demand WB.S at.the bottom of the demands for reduced prices. The stale supply j *f 9,000 carried over from the prev- j Sous day was a burden to the trade. , Bids on medium-weight butchers xanging; from $7.60@7.70, indicated } a 5-10c decline, from yesterday's av- . erage price '. schedule. Eleven mar- j kets received 21,000 -fewer hogs J fiti.ii a. week ago. . ' Supplies of 9,000, matured-cattle l£nd over 3,000 calves were regard- i ed as more than ample fop Immediate trade requirements. Demand al- j ready gave evidences of letting I down on the heavier beeves regard- 1 Jess of quality and no action was ' reported early. A huge supply of i Vealers on the previous day gave Jackers a chance to load up at lowest prices of the year. . v The course of the lamb market f was uncertain, much depending on , the outside demand. No direct coit- aignments were included in the run flf 10,000 and buyers seemed less anxious to take hold than at ths close of the active session on the previous day. Hogs slow, los20e lower. Cattle finished unevenly steady to 25c off, and sheep 15® 25c down, with most heavies unsold. KANSAS cm IJVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, April 8. CSV-U. 8. department ot agriculture-HOGS 5,500; 150 direct; slow, mostly 10- ISO lower than Tuesday's average 1 ; top $7.65 on 200-225 Iba. Good and choice 140-160 Ibs. J7.15gi7.50;, 160-180 Ibs. $7.2507.60; ISO- 200 Ibs. S7.406J7.65; 200-220 Iba., 37.40® * .7.65; 220-250 Ins. »7.30®7.65: 250-290 Ibs. *7.1087.4S; 290-350 Ibl. 56.75®7.20; pack- Ing sows 275-500 Ibs. Sa.10ff6.65; stock pigs, good and choice 70-130 IDS. 57.25® 7.65. '· · . · ·· . CATTLE 5,000; calves 800; killing classes stow, steady to 25c lower; stockers arid feeders steady'to weak; choice mixed yearlings; 59.25. Good- and choice - 600-800 Ibs' S7.50®9.75: 900-1100 Ibs. S7.50®9.75; 11001300 Ibs. S7.5009.75; 1300-1500 IDs. 'S7.75 W10; common and roedrum 600 ibs. up 55.25 ©7.75:-helfers. good and choice 550-850 Ibs. $6.50@8.75; common and medium- 550-850 Ibf. tl.50eo.75; cows, good and choice-$5SJ 6.25; common and medium $4:25@5;-low cutter and cutter $304.25; vealers (milk fed) medium to choice $5©8;~cull and common S3.50@5; etocker and feeder steers, ;good and' choice (all weights) 56.75^8.75; common and medium (all weights) 54.25 SHEEP 13.000; S.500 - billed thru; 'practically nothing sold early; bids on fat laznbb 25-40C lower; Iambs, good and choice 90 Ibs. down $B.25@9.15; medium 90 Ibs. down S7.25S8.25; common, nil weights $5.50® 7.25; medium to choice 01-100 Ibs. $7.25® 8; ewes, "medium to choice 150 Ibs! down 53.5005. - ^ LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. April 8.--Estimated receipts lor hogs, 20,000; cattle, 6000; sheep, 10,000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. · CHICAGO. April 8. LW--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 6,000, hoes 18,009, Bnec P 17,000. . · Representative Sales Local Hogs I| MASON CITY, April. 8.--Bes j Sorted lights, 180 to 230 Iba., $7.10 I test medium weight butchers, 24 I to 260 Ibs, 56.90; best heavy butch J era, 270 to 300 Iba., $6.70; bes prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs, 5650, best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs, 56.00; best heavy sows 360 to 400 Ibs., J5.80. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, April 8. t/B--United Stales department of agriculture-MOOS 15000 including 4,000 direct: Blow: 30820c lower than yesterday's average; bulk J40 210 lb S7.75®7.85; early top $7.90; 220320 Ibs J7.00SP7.70: .pigs S7.25S7.50; Packing BOWS S8.40@6.65; light lights good and choice . 140-160 -Ibs. S7.70@7.flO- light weJght lea 200 IDS. 57.75@7.90: medium ·weight 200 250 lbs..S7.40e7.90^ heavy weight 250 350 Ibs ?6 90@7.50; packing sows medium ana good 275-500 Ibs. SS.356.75; Slaughter pigs good and choice 100-130 Ibs. CATTLE 9000; calves 3.000; fed steers »nd yearlings weak to 25c lower; mostly IS W25o off market .slow, at decline; largely «e«r Tun early top long yearlings '510.00; «««t -weighty steers.held around" 510.50; bulll «*KJT M^tes 57 25tg8.0; -common -and medS , !um grade light · heifers -and light .weight cows .getting action,vbut other ahe stock dull, slaughter cattle" and vealers, steers gooa and choice SOO-800 Ibs. J8.30@10.50; KM) 1100 Ibs S8.50gilO.BO; 1100-1300 Ibs. 8,50@I0.50; - ^^OO-lsQO Ibs. 58.50010 50; common and medium 600-1300 · Ibs. $6.2*5@ 850 heifers good and choice 550-B50 Ibs. j|7.00@°..QO; common and medium 55,508 \ 7.00; -.cows good and choice $5.0006.50; common and medium 14.2595.25; low cutter «nd cutter $3.25®4.50; bulls (yearlings ox- eluded) good ana choice (beef) 14.50®5.75: cutter to n-cdluir. J1.00B4.90; vealers (milk jea) good and choice 57.005P8.GO; medium $8 OOQ7 00, cull and -common J4.5006.00; stacker and feeder cattle, steers good and I choice 5001050 Ibs. J7.25@S.70: common «nd medium ?5.50®7.50. / · BHFEP 10000; Jew sates'steadj; old crop lamb tending lower;-good and choice wooled tems fB2S@e.lO; best held above *9.75; choice clippers »8.75: sprtngera J14.00CP 17 00. for Greek Easter trader; slaughter *neep and lambs,'-lambs.90 Ibs. down good «nd choice 99.25@10.QO; medium 58.50® ? H· 8 J 10 °, '*«· medium [to- choice S8.25® » to all weights.-common 57.00@i8.SO;" ewes ill r l £. mKVIUm to choice 53.758)5.25; ! all weights cull and common $2.0004 25- Xeedlng lamb 60-75 Ibs. good ana choice CHICAGO. April 8. .T--Representative sales as selected by the U. S.- department of agriculture-- - -CATTLE. Steers-- . Heifers-SS. 1184 10.40 30 710 850 36 1120 10.00 32 692 8 C'J 16 1368 0.90 35 79g ' 7 53 J7 1060 9.50 25 886 7^00 2S ^436 9.35 14 860 6 SO *t 1274 8.25 Cows-25 1156 -8.85 20 10B5 6.25 39 ' 1272 8.50 10 1024 5 5n 23 933 7.75 14 - 979 4'so 16 820 7.50 7 818 3lo 30 948 7.25 20 1011 · 7.00 15 931 6.75 13 v 861 6.40 SHEEP. Fat Wooled Lambs-- shorn Lambs-115 475 82 140 98 229 112 118 60 150 113 217 20 25 56 82 * 90 85 91 79 ' 92 . 95 9T 102 77 73 80 S3 103 55 Heavy-34 333 59 '323 2 204 1 · 280 64 207 6 254 Mediums-0 243 236 3 228 1 219 0 213 0 204 9.75 103 9.7.1 210 0.65 1IG S.50 132 80 8.7 8.5 00 8.5( 9.50 00 95 - 8.2 9.40 Tat Wooled Ewes--- 139 . . 5.0 130 4.7 156 4.5 160 4.00 . 3.SO 9.35 32 8.25 67 D.OO 88 F.85 14 8.75 3 206 8.50 8.25 8.00 7.50 HOGS. - Lights-7.00 70 194 7.90 .7.11) 63 187 7.80 7.25 · 75 183 7.85 7.3: 24 170 7.75 7.35 48 170 7.70 7.45 10 164 7.75 Light Lights-7.50 50 158 7.65 7.60 69 152 7.5u 7.65 34 145 . 7.65 7.70 20 138 7.55 7.80 12 132 7.35 INSECT DAMAGE TO CROPS SEEN Prospects Stir Up Buying Demand in Wheat; Tends to Lift Prices. CHICAGO, April 8. W--Apparent prospects of extensive 'insect damage to domestic winter wheat stirred up buying:, demand today for wheat future deliveries and tended to lift prices. Export demand for North American wheat, however continued slack. Another handicap to wheat bulls was a forecast of rain or snow thru out the greater part both of the winter an'd spring wheat belts. · · Wheat closed nervous, unchanged to =Ic S?- r :,? orn i w ^' ic "" « c U P: °«a « We decline to ttc advance, and provisions 5 to lOc down. - . . . Upturns in com prices brot about some Increase ot selling, but the offerings were taken by commission houses. Primary receipts or corn totaled 489,000 bushels ES 1 «"·* 63 °' W)0 a -"«* *SP and 1.088,000 at this time last year. Chicago arrivals wera 69 cars, .a week ago 108, a year ago 146. Assertions "that 60 cento- a bushel for wheat In the United States represented deflation .of a n ; almost complete type were emphasized tonight in connection with Liverpool advices that wheat supplies were going ictive consumer, use. and that wheat ·: TMTTMi n J^.' Britl ? h centers totaled but 5,208,000- bushels compared with 7.976.000 uireft months ago. · , - - · Cutworms In Nebraska wheat were reported as causing serious concern. More than Ji.^if 1 "" 1 y r y near Hemlngford were Instanced as-having been destroyed. Armies or .the worm were - described as moving across wheat Kelts, and taking a swath of 15 to 20 feet wide In a single day. strength^' ° Sta W " C w -" w!ls ' vi to wheat Provisions declined with hog values. . 'CHICAGO CASH DRAIN. 82«? N°°' Apr " *' ( ' 1 7 1vhe ' lt N O. 2 red .^·S.^-'l?.?'*J?® s ?.'^l No, 4 mixed Market Notes . .1 ' By TICKEH TAPB : Conlracls for more "than 6,000.000 barrels ot cement were awarded .Tuesday by Illinois and Wisconsin for thelr 1931 highway pro- grama. Cook county recently bought 750,000 X?I r S' Si TM«*liB a total in excess of 7,000,000 barrels since the turn of the month. The awards totaled more in quantity than a year ago, but the price paid was. slightly less, according to reports. . ° llllnols .contracts, awarded totaled - 5,000,000 barrels ana Wisconsin bought 1,370,858 barrels. .These awards with the 750.000 barrels bought last week by Cook county makes the exact total -7.120.S5B barrels. A year ??£,*; Ulls t i m B the state of Illinois'bought 4,000.000 barrels and Wisconsin awarded contracts for 1,560,000 carrels. -Shipments are .expected to start in the immediate fu- TofAi, BORROWING'. . ON STOCKS GAINS Total borrowings by members of the New York Stock. exchange against stock collateral on April 1 .amounted to 3.58 per cent ot the market value of all shares listed on the exchange on that date as compared with 3^22. per cent on March 1. This represented aa Increase of .36 per dtnt from the March. 1 figure,'which was the record low. The:ratio on April l, 1930, was 6.12. per cent... On April 1 the market value of all-shares listed was 553,336,391,405, against 557,054,776,481 on March 1, a decrease of 53,718,371,980 during the month. Borrowings of members increased $69,054,438 - to - a. total of SI.80S,810,404. at the-end of the month. On April 1 there were 1,300 stock Issues aggregating 1,298,402,270 shares listed on the, exchange, against 1,300 Issues aggregating. 1,207,879.293 shares March 1. °h April ,1 the average market value of -j;yw o'd) 01-H®03c;-No. 3 yellow 57* a 59Wc: No. 4 yellow 56HW57«c; No. 6 yet white 58Wc 3 W "" e 58 «®5W:; No. 4 29°lc!" K °" 2 * h " C 30 1 ® 9ie; No - 3 white Timothy seed S8.2DCJ-8 75 Clover/seed S11.505J19.25. Lord 58.80; ribs 510.37; bellies $10 37 MASON CITY GRAIN MASON dry, April 8 -- £g^ ::::;·:::;::::::::: if c Shelled corn. No. 4 ".".*.".'.'.'.'."*.'420 Bar Corn ' Vo PARAMOUNT ijfCOSlE · S1B,3SI,187 IN 1930 The Paramount Publii corporation reports TM A",, 30 Consolidated "net profits' of J18.- 381,178, equal to 56.15 a Blare on th* common stock, compared wits 515,544,000 for 1920, or 56.36 a share on the average number of shares outstanding. The average number of shares outstand- »Ll a ,»?* a ^ olaled 2,986.829 compared with 2,445.304 In 1929. Earnings tor the fourth quarter of 1930 totaled $4,831,989, equal to *1.55 a Bhare, compared with 55,812,000 for the fourth quarter of 1929. " ' :\ ! BUSINESS ON BETHLEHEM STEEL INCREASES DIVIDEND UNCERTAIN!? !,, ,, steady pressure on Bethlehem Steel Increases the uncertainty felt-concerning the J.OSS bllitios of the twenty-third of this month when directors meet for dividend action. Bethlehem failed to earn the SS dividend in 1930, returning a report of 55.26 a share compared with 511.01 In tho pro vlous year. Estimates for the first quarte of this year are running around 25 cents sharp against S2.60 a share earned la tti first quarter of last year. The difficulties of the steel situation hav been reflected amply In this stock lately and any immediate Increase In earnings Is ap parently not in prospect. The company has Its share of tho big Pennsylvania contrac lo look forward to, but In the present condition of market attitude future prospects havo iittie Influence. * CrainFutures Hog Markets »» w ^ u ,,* jjvuu, wpni a, up)--u. B. i department of. agriculture-CATTLE 2000; market very slow: proi- * ?7 . wea * ; to 25 ° Iower ott m «t classes; 1 f« * stock off most; · steers · and year- ^j ling In moderate supply; quality very ordinary, bulk salable J6.75CPB; beef cows "I, S" 1 "* 81 - heifers:55.50@6.75: fed c,- *7 50; cutters unchanged; -?3@4- x?rVS ,*°^ mcdtllm Grade J4.25; bulk ^.IL® 4 , .Sf""?.* 11 ,* ·. t ??»« ?=out sWady; MOOS 10000: alow, uneven; weak to 10- BOWS *?rn? n c l b l i t Aoo. SHEEP.1,200; two cars billed thru: tittle 'v? ·' telWll S "lightly lower on fat lambs. iKlng steady or up .to $0, Indications "·«, classes steady; -late Tuesday fed lamps S8; clipper $8.50. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. . By THE ASSOCIATED PBESS' Hog prices at Iowa markets Wednesday: CEDAB RAPIDS-- Prime hogs: Mediums fl.90@7.05; heavies $8.6508.80: lights SB uo SJ7.05; packers {5.6506. DES MOINES--1,900; steady to lOc lower- prime light* J8.9097.35: prime medium^ SB.Sp@7.30; prime heavies JO.3006.00: good packers 55.75®6.J5. · OTTUJnVA--lOc lower: 120-150 Ibs 15 20150-180 Ibs. $5.80; 180-230 Iba. S7.15' 230260 Ibs. *7; 280-300 Ibs. J8.70; 300-350 Ibs S6.40; over 380 Ibs. ss.lo; good packers' 55.05; fair packers M.65. · WATEBtOO-- Prime hogs, 180-220 Ibs tB.8S0T.15; 220-250 Ibs. J8.75®7.05: 250^ 290 Ibs. S8.50C-0.8a: 230-320 Ibs. 56.20© 6.50; good packers J5.70e?6.Q5. COMBINED HOO RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, April '8. LW--B. S. department of agriculture-'Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration ysrds and 7 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern .Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today weru 12,200 compared with 36.800 a week ago. Mostly weak to lOc lower, some stations ID-lSc lower; marketing very light n t ' the decline; bulk 170-220 lb. weights J7 lo to S7.35: 230-270 lb. 53.7507.15; 280-350 Ibs «1.40!S6.S5. \ . '· . Quotations' for good and choice: Light lights, 140-160 Ibs. S0.50S7.35; llcht weights, 160-180 Ibs. S7@7.45; 180-200 Ibs J7.IOSP7.45; medium weights 200-220 Ibs t7.10B7.45: 220-250 Ibs. 56.9007.30; heavy weights, 250-290 Ibs. 58.S5B7.15; 290-35U Ibs. 5ft.40@6.85. Good packing sows 275-300 Ibs. J6®6.40: 350-125 Ibs. JS.SSe'O.lO; 425-5M It 5.73. TVEDNESDAV GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, April 8. WHEAT- *"»· ' ' ^ W ' May old. 83% g2ii new..... .3414 .84 3 «ly .B2t(, .60% Sept. ·; .ay» . .«%,'- gSi""-: : · ·«*'..· ·«* May old...... .61" 60 new 61 .61 J»» 63M · .62)4 Sept 61H .60 olW^"" M " 52S May old .30 .20S new..... ,30Vi 294, July 30»i IJDH Sept... .30% . 301 . - gs_--· 32K - 3i « May oW .38% .35% : . new..,.," .3G a {. 3« /Juiy ' 38% '.37K Sept .40 .39% Dec - LAKD-- ·May 8.82 8.80 i"'y 8.97 8.02 ISfcau:-- ··" 9 05 May ...... July Close. .83 .81 .61H -5014 · .621J .5211 .29 « -2951 .30H .3054 .32 il · .36 K -38 U .40 8.80 8.02 9:05 LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER 10.60 10.75 .GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, April 8. Close Close HOO FUTURES. HOGS 8 500 114 direct; Blow, steady to ' * to ' h| PP ers .' tie Packers' inacSv" ° a "0-180 -lb. lights; early sales - - · ^ klos sows mostly 16.25^ average cost Tuesday J7.H, weight .CATTtE 5.800 Including 300- calves; fed S5Jr?--. lw .r yea , tllllg11 very slow ' undertone ^t 4° 2 Sc : 1 V "'- ahB » toc1 ' "ml bull" Slow, .weak; vealers weak to Jl lower; very ' about steady fed steers and yearlings ino.lly J768 50 few loads light steers JS'TS 99SO. choice yearlings 19.80; heifers 56^50 ^ 07 7S .oms held above J8; early salab beef C £T moBtlv »50®5.SO; cutter EradeTss'ls ' ir .. w medium bulls J4.33C4:50: odd , head choice vealera to Independent up to *"· _f«w lots stockers at S8.7S0750 1 lo\ve^B?e« 12 an°d 0: Iamb3 ' 2S ' SO1 Biles and bids on-fed wooled lamb.^s^"® 7,S 'i°"v to .'."I.'"" 1 'TM ""» »»·«: ?«1 CHICAGO, 'April 8. Bidding S3 for light hogs and $7.30 J for heavies to Grade . LIGHTS-April May June 1 (Hrst half) June (last half) Sept. (first half) Sept. (last half) MEDIUMS-May Sept. -. .' HEAVIES-Sept. l^n---Hog futures: ,' 57.75 for mediums arrive tomorrow: OHered Bid S. 50 £.50 8.MJ WHEAT-May old... new.. July ...... Sept. Dec CORN-May old... new.. July ...... Sept. Dec. OATS-- . May old... · n e w . . July Sept. -. .. Dec RYE-May old.... new.., July ...... Sept. ....... Dec LARD-- ,, May July Sept. BELLIES May July . Ago. .. l.W-Ji .. l.IDVS ... 1.17H ...1.22 .87S .SO .83 .66'i ..10.40 ..10.62 . .10.82 ..13.65 ..13.62 Yes'd'y. .83 .84 .6011 .09(4 .02 H .60- lesil .29-S .30 V, - .30% · .36 ' .39;5 .39JJ 8.87 9.00 9.15 10.65 10.80 uri-- Open Today. .83 !eOH ."oas ' .60 · .30 .3011 .aoii .32 .35% .30 .38 .3054 8,82 8.97 9.12 GRAIN MABKET BEVIEW~ UTIEAT--Eiport business was confined to half million Manltooas and same amount of barley. While this waa constructive to a certain extent, It waa not regarded as sufficient cause for the firm tone to prevail In our market and the strength therefore was attributed to talkto Insect damage, present and prospective..This Idea was uppermost at Liverpool.: where .BroomhaU: re'ported r shorts covering un rumors ot the damage Increasing as a result of the-unseasonably hlEh temperatures In parts of the American grain belt where the winter wheat crop Js getting nicely started. Reports of cut worm.'infestation with damage .to a thousand or more acres came today from Hemlngford, Nebr. TWs is Dot to be tnKea too seriously except Insofar as it enlarges the extent of terrl-' tory from which reports of such nature have already been received. This damage Is In Boi Butte county In the northwest part of the'state, where there is only a small wheat acreage. Cut worms as a rule do not spread entirely over large areas, according to Mr. Cromwell. .The northwest, alter the driest winter on record, is needing moisture for spring work altho some' sections of that part of the grain bell, still have a snow covering. Minneapolis was strong today and the situation there helped our market. Our advance was likely held back somewhat by the weakness in corn. While we expect no drastic decline, It looks na tho a, new Incentive is necessary to advance prices. _COBN--Corn failed to hold a very good advance which resulted from the strength in wheat, ana succumbed to pressure late in the session. September was the weakest and was solu at Intervals all day. The forecast for unfavorable weather over most of the belt had no effect, altho It will.delay planting. The movement to market continues small. Opening of navigation is expected to result In liberal shipments out of here In the Immediate future. About 50,000 bushels of corn was-booked to arrive, ahout of It being from other terminals. Bales however were only 32,000. We favor purchases ^nlBh^- 0011 breni3- Unrsm 1 due Wo to PRICE OF SHARES RECEIVES BOOST Midweek Business Outlook Less Gloomy Than Bears Expected. NEW YORK, April .8. W)--The crowded bear-following found elbow room at a premium in today's stock market and share prices were given a substantial boost as stock was brot to retire short contracts. On the whole, the midweek business statistics seemed to be less gloomy than the bearishly inclined had expected. A moderate recovery in Brazilian bondgwas an cncoura"- ing development in that quarter. Trading in stocks was in light volume, however. 'Such prominent- issues as U S Steel, Bethlehem Steel, American Can, American .Telephone, Electric Power and Light, Public Service of N. J., North American, and American Smelting, moved up about 2 points. The last named was -influenced by ordering of the regular dividend. Such issues as Allied Chemical, Johns Manvillc, Eastman Worthington, and Case pushed up about 3 to 4 points, and Auburn again fluctuated erratically, getting- up more than 20 points to a new peak price since 1929. Pox Film was heavy for a time in the morning-, selling off more than 4 points before recovering. Union Pacific dropped about 3 to a new low for the year, as did Texas Gulf Sulphur. \ . · The weekly steel trade reviews reported the expected slowing up of Ingot output, iron aga placing production at 53 per cent of capacity against 57 a fortnight ago'. The weekly report of freight cai loadings show the small decline o 1,863 cars from the previous week The weekly petroleum statistics was gratifying, showing substantia reduction in both crude output am in gasoline stocks in storage. Call money was back on a l'/i per cent basis, and was in fair- sup- P'y- , f v STOCK LIST NEW YOBK STOCKS NEW YORK. April 8. I.T)-- Johns Manv 63% Kelvinator 12 H Kennocott 23}1 Kresge 26*i Kroger 31 Lehlgh Port C 14 Ugg * My B 8554 Loew'a 53 W Loose Wiles 52 V* Lortllard 18 54 Mack · 35li Math Alkali 24 Vi May D s 34 U McK Rob 13 ii Mex Sea Oil ISte Mid Cont Oil 105J i l K T - ' 17H Mont Ward 22(3 Mot Wheel 16 S Nosh 35 Nat Bis . / 70. Nat Ch Reg A 29 5S Nat Dairy 47 u Nat Lead '120% Nat Pow l, 37H N Y Central 108 W N Y N H 4 H 7914 Nor \v 186 No Am 77 No Pac · 47 Otis St 11 Pac G E . 5011 Packard g Para Pub 43*i Palhe 2« Penick Ford 39 l-OVE, Ky KUMA KOItB WKItSTFR Cofyrttkr 1931. Cattral'p^a Xiiodoiiw (Continued From Comla Page). Air P.c.lut 94 J4 Allegheny 8H Al Ch Dye 135 Allls Chal Mfg 33 Am Can 122y, Am Car 4 Fdy 304 Am Coml Al 9 Am For Pow 40 Am Intl 18V1 Am Loco Am Pow L Am Rad St S3n .am Roll Mill am Sm Ret Am Steel Fdrs * J73 Am Bug Ret 53'A V T ft T. 189M 4m Tob B Am Wat Wlss Anaconda Andes Cop Arm ot III B Atchlson All Her Augurn Aviation Corp B 4 O Barnsdall A Bendlx Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn Briggs Burr Add Cal a Hecla Can Dry Can Pac Casa'. 21V4 51 46 "A " 122 1 32 K 10 ' 280 72 H 10 ft 20^* 5414 73 K 2411 20 , ay, 35 »l 30 5i 85 W Cerro de Pasco 23 Curb Market NEW YORK, April 8. lm--The curb market acted somewhat more cheerful today ' J tut tradlns was still too dull lor a trend to be defined. Moderate covering stiffened prices a little n most groups, altho the only Impressive :ains were in a few high priced specialties Removal of pressure Irom Electric Bond ana Share resu(^d In n fair rally by that utility and others of the same descriptlo TM?i-*- tla " u «. |nt ,J «!l'H!..ta i B belated re ponie to the earnings report, rosa sever point*. Aluminum of America and Park Rust Proof' reflected minor covering Cord .waa not stimulated to V notlceaoleT deifr by:Auburn's early strength, but ruled hie' - ·««- ".ame back slightly. Tho "weake Chcs o Chic Gt W Chic Ct W pfd C N W C R I i P Chrysler Col Fuel Ir Col G 4 K Col Grapho Coml Solv Comwlth So Congoleum Consol Gas Contl Can Contl Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Cudahy Curtlss Wr Drug Inc Du Pont Eastman El Pow L Erie Flsk Fox Film A Freeport Teic Gen! El Oon Foods Gen Motors Ben Puo Ser Gillette Gobel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Grab Paige Granby Gt No Ry ft it W Bug r ar° * Jrlg Grun rlahn Houston ludson lupp 111 Cent nd Ref nt Comb ntl Har ''40% 6 36 54 ?i . 22 « 39to 11K 16 % 9% II Mi 99% 58 Ji 45' 77 lj 46 ·lit 7394 159' 27 ' 26 Vi 38 10-ji 54 « 43 175J 8 16 VS 45 16 M Penn Phil Pet Proc Gam Pub Serv N J Pullman Radio Rad K o Rem Rand Reo. Rep Stl Rey Tob B Roy Dutch St i, San P Scars U Shell U Simmons · Sinclair Skelly So Pac So Pr Sug So Ran Stand Bra's St G E St Oil Cal 3t Oil N J St ,011 -N Y Stew Warn Stone Web Stuilc Superior Oil Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B **nlon Garb Un P.B.C Unit Alro Unit Clg Unit Corp Unit G E U S Ind Ale U S Rub 54 !i 19% Ut P a L E t A Vanadium Warn Plx W Mary 50 68 Vj 85,14 ' 21 S 12 8 18 51 IS 36V- 31 !4 53 V» 7U- 15 -.1 ins 8»i 84W 12TJ, 42 18 73 K 43 « 17 45VS 23 5i ^ 28 Vt . 46 li 51 63 179 3Ui 6 f , 24% 17 « 20 « 137 K, 20 nt Nick Can T 'i T Eng 2Ti 50 V, Woolworth 1754 33% Yell Tr 12« Young 8 W 21 Oils were Inclined to take courage fro tho drop In crude output last week, but th and r °H Cment Wa3 apou '- Investment Tru Call money renewed at 2 per cent. MISCELLANEOUS !. * i . depart- ot agriculture-- · "^ t " C*.rctB 3,000, calvea.100: ieof steers Md yearling, slow, steady to weak- Vhe .lock rnoitly .teady/ light eowa.lron'gT bulb and vealers firm; .lockers and feeders llttll changed; pnrt i oad gooa 1M j,," 6 TM,, 1 ^ 59.25; Jew loads 5B.50SJ8; iulk salable »7 .®8: few heKera up lo J7 75- hulk h»«f cow. M 5005.50: t/ost l bul* M© JnNNEAPOlis FLOCK · MINNEAPOLIS. April 8. (jm--Flour-- Unchanscd; shipments 26,870. Bran J20.00@20.50. Standard middlings ilO.BO©;o.OO. POTATO 9IARKET CHICAGO, April 8. (/P)--United Stales department of asrtculture-- Potatoes 127; on track 322; total U 3 shipment* 852; about steady; trading rather slow; sacked per cwt., Wisconsin round Whites .Jl.50ei.65j fancy shade higher; Minnesota round whites S1.45SU.5O' Idaho russets No. 3, H.8091.85; Ua. 2 11.5BO 1.60; Colorado McClures »2.0u®2.10; Texas bliss triumphs new stock $4.25@4 50* Flor- S°'«i l " I i» apalIln K ""a *S,00@D.OO according HIDES BM °- Ve " 1ow; to ' Inactive; vina"" v' b '. Dutch «TM J7.250T.40; choice butchers' 7^0 *""* I0 ° d ^ ·'«Sl«? 57.15; odd lota 300-325 lb. weights')^fpaci" toscowi mainly ta.35d6.SO. · ^JJEEF 4,500. run includes 3 cars fnt California lambs and one' load ot Arizona leedine. lambs; opening fully steady to ship- «n^A " k""" OI lbs - ! ' A wooled Inmns iiiiS?' ,, 1ack ' ra ^ulng lower; undertone little changed lor other elaasei. Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. 808 Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides 51.SO-S2.00 Cured beef hides 4 C Green beef hides "SQ HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, April 8. «v- Hay unchanged. cars; ,, NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK. April 8. tJ\--- Raw sugnr unchanged at 3.33c. Futures at midday net unchanged to 2 points higher. Refined unchanged at *.60c. T01KDO SEEDS TOLEDO, April 8. un--8ttA unchanged. 10.75 MINNEAPOLIS, 'April g, upi-^wheat IBS cars compared to 44 a year aeo. Market nlener. Cash No. 1 northern 76 g Sic: No 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent protein 78®81c; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent protein 7Sc; to arrive 75c; No 1 nmoer durum 70!4®74\!c; No. 2 amber durum 68%a71!i:;,No. l red durum 63'4c; Ma 78e; July 71%c; September 60V6c. Corn--No. 3 yellow 65@57c. Oats--No. 3 whlto S8W®27Kc. Barley--32®53c. Rye--No. 1, 311,1 ®35tie, Flax--No. 1, J1.4954®1.56M. KANSAS cmr GRAIN KANSAS CITT. April 8. (.P--Wheat M cars; unchanged to ttc higher; No. 2 dark hard 74^£c; No. 3 nominally 72ff273"Ac: No 2 hard 73Mc; No. 3, 72Mc; No. 2 red nominally 73®74c; No. 3 nominally 72@73c. Corn 36 cars; up %®lc; No. 2 white nominally 57K@S8Kc; No. 3 nominally 55® 57c; No. 2 yellow 68i4@5814c; No. 3, 67c- No. 2 mixed nominally 35®58c; No. 3 nominally 53% ©55o. Oats 6 cars; unchanged; No. 2 white nominally 324®33c; No. 3, 32c. ' : » OMAHA ORA1N OMAHA, April 8. (.iR--Wheat--Hard No. 1, 73«c; No. 2. 72M©7314c; northern iprlnsr No. 2, 72c: durum No. 4, 64KC. Com--White No. 2, E5or No. 3. ·"··-- yelloW No. 2, 54@55c; No. 3, mired No. 3, 51c; No. 6, 50c. . Oata--None, CHICAGO POltt/TRV CHICAGO, April 8. un--Poultry--Alive, 2 cars, 13 trucks, steady; fowls IOS/22C; broilers 38©40c:' roosters 14Hc; turkeys 25c- ducks 20®23c; heavy spring ducka 26c; goose J5c. NEW YORK POULTKV. NEW YORK, April 8. UV-Poultry--Ure not quoted. We are told of a man who fell asleep in a dentist's chair while having a tooth drilled. He felt bored, of course.--Punch. Masonic Craftsmen Club Will Sponsor Dance on April 6 The Masonic' Craftsmen club, organized the first, of the year, is sponsoring a dance to be held at the Mason City armory Thursday, April 16. The Varsity Club orchestra will furnish the music. The dance committee Includes Joe Fiala, chairman, Lyle Topliff and Art Hegg. The proceeds 'from the dance will be used to sponsor a band, the members of which are to be Masons. The Craftsmen club membership is made up of Masons belonging to the Harding and. Benevolence lodges. At present there are approximately fO members. Tom Skipaey is president and John Strom, secretary. The club has been organized to promote Masonic interests here, including a band. Bond Market ..,,., YORK, April 8. (m--Peats of a de fault in. Interest on Brazilian bonds seeme to have been dissipated today. From th opening these obligations were strong an by the middle of the session gains In then, ranged from 2 to B points. The two Issues of Mlnaa Geraes 6^s were the strongest o the group. The two Issues of 6Wo and th Issues of the federal government were th most active. Uruguayan Gs were weals on large sales. Issues of Oie United Slatesigov ernment experienced ,one of their duties days this year. Kailrond Issues continued to decline Ir regularly. St. Louis San Francisco 4M, o 1B78 . reflected heavy selling presaur? an, dropped to a new low for 1931 at 63 durlni tne first two hours. Pennsylvania series L .*»», Southern Pacific «s of 197S, and gt. Fu"o V er. 9 ' 200C '° 3t B TMTM "' * ""= Industrial bond] larg, offercd^a ray of hope Oil. 5. ope Armour 4«a of .1039, American Smelting 5s Interriatlona! Match 5s, shell Union Oil 5 and Western Electric Bs made small gains Most nubile utility obligations were low er. Lenders in the downward 1 trend w«r* Postal Telegraph s,, Cincinnati Gas anTM " Am " lcan CtOSING BON1J QUOTATIONS NEW YORK. April 8. (.«--United states government .bonds closed-- ^""cs Liberty 3Ho ,101.23. First 4tts 102.27. Fourth 44s 103.20. Treasury His 111,28. PRODUCE Ford Motor Company Made Net Profit of $44,460,823 in 1930 BOSTON", April 8, UP)--The annual statement of Pord Motor company filed with the Massachusetts commissioner of corporations, indicated net profit for 1930 of $44,460,823, compared with ?81,797,861 in the preceding year. Profit and loss surplus December 31, 1930 was $708,888,247 against ?664,427,424 Dec. 31, 1829. Indicated profit for 1930 is equal- to $257.52 a share on 172,645 shares of capital stock, against 5473.79 a share in the previous year. Sheriff G. E. Cress was to go to Chicago Wednesday night and f/om there to Sheboygan, Wis., where he will deliver an address before a safety first meeting Thursday evening. MASON CITY, April 8.-Cash Quotations By E. O. Morse. EGOS Eggs (current receipts) is c POULTRY ??*ss : 13o Heavy hens, 4'^ Ibs. 14 C Light hena j lc Old cocks, heavy "' g c Ducks | "l-c Geese " _' 7 C , Merchants Quotation*. " · Eggs, th trade i6 C Eggs, cash. 14o 'Butter. Plymouth Z5c Butter, Clear Lake ... -.. '..^33c Butter, State Brand S5e Butter, dairy ., SQC Potatoes 35o and 40o a peck CHICAGO PKODTJCE CHICAGO, April s. on--Butter 8.183- nrrner; creamery, extras (92 score) 28!4c standards (00 score carlots) 26»lc' eitni first, (M-Ot .core) 25',5«J25«c; ilrs'ts (8TM 14024$. 25 ® 25 '' lc; ^"^ W-S' ««" " EBBS 22.35J; nrmer; eilra first* 20«n- /resh graded firsts 18'.48l»c; ordinary firsts KANSAS CITy rRODUCE ..KANSAS CITY. April 8. (m-Heos. U® ITc, Other produce unchanged. NEW YORK PRODUCE. ..^^ X OBK ' Aprtt a ' '^-Butter 1J.H3; steady. Creamery--Extras (82 score) 27=i ©2Sc; flrsl (SS-91 score) Z811«flr«" Cheese 20B.068; steady. , EBBS 50.852;' steady; mixed colors, recu- lar packed, medium jlml. lS«@ii)«c Nearby and nearby western hennery while Stra y M e i'nl3 "^ W®TM*-' io. «ve«B. extra 2354®24c; Pacific coast white extra 27 TM a '. 281 ' 4c: exlra "rst 25®27c. Poutlry, dressed, steady. CHfCAGO STOCKS Cont Chic ctfs Dexter Co" Lakes Alrc "*·- amnaanl % Quaker Oats 150' * Griesby-Grunovr ; 4i s^nti"*. r Insull Ut inv 38U 13rt fnu »?SwTl!h "S Jfi'S"' Llbby McNeil . 1 2 ' TJtll Inrf 101 M aJ Household c Zenith Mid-West Utll 2iV, - V, 2854 55 9 46 shme like stars." He reached ove and covered her hand that lay o the seat between them. Sweet of him to say that. Bu Mary knew why her eyes shone didn't she? And wondered if he eve would know. Self-consciously, sh said, "Oh, I'm not pretty. Bonni has all the looks in our family,- Wai until you see Bonnie's eyes. The not only shine like stars, but tne : twinkle, and are as blue as the sk- around them." Mary, never had go over the habit of praising her littl sister. Even when they were littl tots, she had always boasted abflu her pretty little sister and delighte. fa showing her off, or claiming he for a sister. Something of refleote* glory, perhaps. "Is^onnie your kid sister?" Dicli asked, absently, looking down th river. Tea. 'You will like her, too." "Perhaps so, but I already like you better," he grinned and gave her hand a quick-pressure. Mary laughed softly. The pulse of the ferry motors vibrated thru the sailing stillness of the river traffic. Shadow boats and phantom barges, outlined only by their red and white and green lights swept beside them, past them, before^--all about them, in and out of the foggy shadows. Deep, throaty horns blurted abrupt signals of warning. Bells clanged. Mary liked the ferry crossing, particularly at night, always thrilled to the romance of jt. On the river's broad, strong, heaving bosom rested tl-e commerce of the world! In the crook of her arms on either side It held big business--turbulent, tem- permental, overgrown children, whose opposite natures she was constantly striving to unite and reconcile. And deep within, under that broad, tranquil surface, still other forces held sway--in the arteries of transportation. Mary's own pulses throbbed heavily, rapidly, anticipating 'Dick's next words. But just then the curved end of the ferry slid into the corresponding curve at the Jersey City wharf, iron chains clanked, Dick started the motor and they rolled 'off into the highway. No time to lose, if tney got back to New York early enough to dance any that night. , The conversation during the drive was about . most everything but ·"shoes and ships and sealing wax," and then they were hurrying into the house. This was the first time Mary ever had taken Dick in, for he had not stayed on the two other "-occasions when he brot her home-late. As they went up the. steps, Mary hoped fervently that the twins were in, bed, that Morn looked her best and the living room was in some semblance of order, as it would not be if the boys were about. . Opening the front : door, she almost collided with Bonnie, just leav- ·ing with a fellow whom Mary bad never seen before. Greetings and introductions followed. Mother, It- developed, had taken the twins to a movie, fortunately for Mary, on this night when she was in such a hurry to leave · again. · Bonnie's round eyes dilated when she saw Dick, as Mary knew they would. Which-gave Mary a little Umll of pride, for it was usually Bonnie who brot home the" classy ' dates. And then--Mary reeled sick- emngly aa what her eyes discovered. There was Bonnie, resplendent in her own new red chiffon evening dress and slippers, and 'even her black velvet wrap that had been chosen conservatively to wear with most anything. Bonnie looked stunning, all right. But the vision swam dizzily before Mary's eyes. , Finally, she managed, "Bonnie, will you come upstairs with me? I want to'see you a minute." What calamity! 'Even if she did change now, the boys would know she had taken the very clothes off Bonnie's back. But that wasn't the big,thing tp Mary now. She had to look well for Dick at tbe club. Oh! how could Bonnie just take her new dress without even asking her? Upstairs, having closed the door gently, she whispered with entreaty, "Oh, Bonnie, please give me my dress. Dick is taking me to the University club dance. I'm sorry but really--'· · "Well, such nerve," Bonnie retorted.. "What do you think I am to keep my date waiting while I dress again? Who do you suppose he is-none other than the junior Horace P. Moffatt, the silk Moffats, my deaJi! And I haven't a decent rag to my name. You surely don't mind if I wear it just this once." "Well, I do mind, Bonnie. You lon't know--how important--please, Bonnie, you can have anything else of jmine, but tonight, and because it s now, I want that dress--" while he pleaded witn Bonnie, Mary was getting but of her crepe dress and ticking off her oxfords with rierv- us haste. "Oh, your old beige lace will do," Bonnie Insisted, "and you may have my-blue wrap--it would clash too horribly with this red. There's a ear. I can't keep the honorable Horace waiting another minute--" tnd before Mary could open her lips o protest further,-'she had gone, caving only the fragrance of Mary's eat perfume behind her. (TO BE CONTINUED) SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS - · Supplies by tASISON BEOTHEBS AND CO Mason City Office in Baklev- Beck Building. Telephona No. 7 "·viy *UKK STOCKS * *L p° S ~A , Inland Steel 63 ·-"£. £S 1 ' 5§- ' Kelvinator Ab P - " N1 ^ ^'? RK STOCKS Am B .. Am Brake Shoe co-n Am Car Fdy 30% Am Metal 18 Am. Sum/Tob . s Am Tob 119 Am Zc Ld i Sm 5ft Ar i Co B (111) 1% Assoc Dry Gds 25% Baldwin Lo 23 ja Brlpgs atfB Co 20 Best £ Co 40H Burr Add ifach 28 Butte Cop Zc 1=! Calif Packing 3s% Com] Solvents 18% Cont Motors sqi Cont Oil . sis Cudahy Pack 46 Curtiss Wr pfd 411 Daw Chemical 15' First Nail Sires 52 Rubber Herjhey Ch Co,OS« -Western" Inoian. Ref 1 ""* ' "M w fsley -- Corp **~B Lambert Co 80 ^ Liquid Carb Cp 42« Ixuls[ana OH 4 Mathieson A]k 24u McK t Robb 13 iluns Wear Inc H5 Nev Cons Cop 10 H Otis steel it Pathe Exchange -2*$ Pure Oil Co 8^ Purity Bak Cp 39' Reo' Grande Oil 7 Reo Motors a St Joseph Lead 18 sch Ret Stores 10Vi So Cnl Edison 49% Std Brands 18 Superior Oil i Tobacco Prod 3# U S Heal. Imp 27 Vanadium '58(4 Western Myld 14 Union 131 Tr CO 71 NEW YORK CUBB QUOTATIONS .mer For P Co 2i«i Hudson B M S Sli """ "" *· " "- Humble Oil 515; Nlag k Hud 12% No Amer Avlat 10 Pennroad Corp '6M O Ind 30T« S O Ky 20% Tranacont Air T 0 Amer Gas El Am Sup -Pow 14Tji Ark Nat Gas A 5% Assoc G * El A 20%, ^an Marconi 31^ eforest Kadlo fiifc Durant Motor 244 Elsler El 4« El Bd . Sh 48',i Fd Mo of Can 20 Mo of Eng 15 ?ox Theaters A 4yj Hecla Mining eft Walgreen Drug 21 United Gas Un L t p A 27 Util P 4 L. IQ Vacuum oil ... 54 CHICAGO Aub Auto Co 280 Bendlx Av Cp 20 «4 lorg-Wnm Cp 24^ Butler Bros 5H !ont Chicago Cp 8 lord Company ' 14% Gt Lakes Alro 4H Grlgsby-Grunow 4^i lor O A ft Co 25(4 Key St Wire 10^1 · STOCKS . Lions O 4 H Co 551 Morgan Lllho su Munclo ci-er A ny, Muncie Gcer B 2Ii NatI Leather i; Nail Standard ' 3H4 Quaker Onts 130 U S Gyr.ium 4n Utll Ind Cp 714 U S Ra If Tele 2714 MINNEAPOLIS STOCK First Bk Sk Cp 224 JONNEAPOI.IS GRAIN MARKET CASH SALES Flax 14BH to 1565J MOTTTOGIVE POSTVILLE TALK Former Resident, Now Y. IV! Official, to Visit With Relatives. , DECORAH, April 8.--Dr. John R "Mott, head of the World's committe of the Y. M. C. A., will deliver an address in^PostvIlle on June 7. Dr Mot is a former resident of Postvill and wlll,be a guest of friends whll ill town. He is .also scheduled ti speak in Fayette at the Upper Iow university in June. lOOMTHETAT CRYSTAL LAKE Brotherhood Sessions Held; Next Meeting Will Be at Forest City. THOMPSON, April s.--Those from Thompson that attended the Forest City group of the men's brotherhood, held in the M. E church at Crystal Lake Monday night were the Rev. B. Welkel, E. C Dethlefs, Donald G aiding, Emery Stewart, J. S. Hanson, Philis Halvorson, F. 'B: Alvey, W. M. Myera and H. F. Crawford. One hundrec men were present. A program was given by various members of the group. At this meeting it was voted to hold the next regular meeting at Forest City in June. Shack is Destroyed. A shack at the rear of 331 Ninth street northeast burned down Wednesday shortly after noon. The building had recently been purchased for 53. p resident Receives '31 Baseball Passes WASHINGTON, April 8. UP)-^ark Griffith, president of - the Washington American' league base- all club, today presented President nd Mrs. Hoover with annual passes ntitling them to admission to all American league baseball parks. PRODUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, April 8. m~Egg fulures osed: stor.iRn packed firsts, April Jllc 1 " efrlgerator standards, Nov. 24«c Butter futures closed: Frean standards, une 25JJc; storage standards, Nov. 27V tic. ' . An eight pound ten ounce son was orn to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blake, 35 Tenth street northwest, at tfercy hospital Wednesday fore- oon. ' PLEASANT RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION Shoulders droop under weight of years. Young, yet beauty has fled. Cheeks are sallow and drawn. Unsightly pimples. Keep your system clean and-you keep the beauty of youths Its energy. Its irresistible charm. Then life is not a failure. Clogged bowels and- inactive liver cause poisons to seep thru the system. Health vanls.hed and with It beauty and energy,. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets will help save you from this dark hour. For 20 year! they have been prescribed in place of calomel to men and women seeking health and freedom from constipation. They act easily and smoothly. No -dangerous griping. Take nightly before retiring-. Results will amaze you. -Thousands of men and women would never be without Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets, a vegetable compound. Know them by their olive color. 15c 30c and 60c. All druggists, j U S E S O X Y G O SHOWN BY M'PEAK Laboratory Experiments Are Given for Lions; Monroe Glee Club Sings. The many and varied uses of liquid oxygen and the .various steps in the development of this field of science, were described to the Lions club Wednesday noon by Don Mo- Peak, proprietor of the Mason City Hardware company. Mr. McPeak had with him a sizable-container of the frigid fluid" and In connection with his talk he performed a number of Interesting- experiments. The almost instantaneous freezing of th» petals of a rose the crystallization of rubber and a ' wiener and the solidifying of a small brick of mercury thru the medium of freezing were included in the experiments. Primitive methods of producing arid using oxygen in a semi-pure condition in his early days in the ' welding business were described by the speaker. In contrast with this are the methods employed at -present, as exemplified by.his demonstrations: - Music for the program was given by the girls' glee club from Monroe ichool, under the direction of Mary Ellen Lydon. Two choral numbers were sung with a pleasing regard to nterpretation and shading. In the Hosing songs, the club was invited A committee of'three, Orlo Gould Howard Knesel and James Irons' was named by acting President J. L Fauley, to make arrangements for he district Lions club convention o be held in Davenport May 13 and .4. For the nomination of delegates a committee made up of Ed Stoltz Cecil Maudsley and Charles H. Barber was named. Frank C. Goodman was a guest of the club. DO YOU NEED MONEY? Our personal loan department offers good service and reasonable terms. C. E. Brooks Co. 209K 1st Natl. Bk. Bldg., Ph. 380 LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or' unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange Investment Department FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mason City

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