The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 11, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1818
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. ; For liltiktlev and Mobile. tv - rone oi inn una oi packets.) J The well known, fart raiting schooner ' fZsUUAtWt cPl having two thirds JUtr freight engaged, will mctet wab JU ,, .tiot dispatch. . For the reoiaiuder.Vr ' e. baring superior accommodations, apply to Vi ' Jf 27 29 Caentiea - slip, r ror CMAIiTER, ffv A Hritisli HRIU, burthen 218 ton . Welpbia i ' will proceed to this, or a southern eerU to load for England, or the Wct liflies, ' god can pc ucamivucu wiuiiii tin ec u.iya no tice. Apply JiUuEKa fit POST,'.' J 6 51 Southtreet. ' HUM JD4iLY(At.H. f Pun hcoui high proof StyVWent, Ram, 11 6 do flue flavour J Jamaica do. 9 Barreli Jamaica Gingertjetjt received and far tale by ' TUCKER LAURJES, July 24 ' 89 South - tt. XL for tale by J 29 puuclieoiu dHtiMdlilv iS'. E. Rum, J.3,.irvviu.r, Jun. - 'A, ;' 54 Smith - street T I EA. VVl.NEa Jsud GROCERIES. No. 7 park (i.atb ladies acciio room. 1 1 'H K subscriber has constantly en baud a een X era! aitorttneiit of the lollowTog articles, which will be disposed of aiaoiodtiate advance Tea of first quality Sugars do - do Genuine old Cognac Brandy Holland! Gin Jamaica and other Spirit! i i Wine! of the various kiadl j:t . fine Apple Shrub . - Iemon, Lime and Orange Juice ' - ballad Oil in hetties and bottles ; . J.. Brown Stout . Hotted Ale and Cider Rouble Gloucester Holland and American Cbecie ' Cordial! pices, Essences Sperm and Fallow Candles ; Do. Oil for Lampi Coffee, Kice. Il.irl.v .V.AMustard . A few boxes Sicily lemons, in tine order Raisins, Almonds, Primes, Figs Basket S,H, &c. for sale hv ? JAMES P. AN DOE. W anted Jo.pnrchasc, a quantity of second hand nine and porier nnuies. ; j i ENIKCriY TOIUCCO. - - 27 bhds, JY. prime ICoptucky Tobacco, 'landing thi day Imn ship Craizd Seignor, frjjiui New Orleans, for . whhj; u uiiir.i, and J 13 ABRAHAM OGDEN. ItTHITK LEAD. BLUE VITRIOL. AL v V LUM, Vc. Received ar Chnunrey anil loiumnia, rriftu nnston ( ; and lor talc hy Lie auntrriiier, on advantageous terms, vu. 2U0 kegs genuine ground wbite Lead in Sblli kegs SO caski best dry White Lead in catki 5 to S cwt. each . 30 do Ktd Lead in casks from I to 3 cwt each , It do Spanish BroVn from 3 to 4 cwt. each ' 30 do Ivory Black from i to 3 cwt each - It do Roman Vitriol Irom 5 to 8 cwt each 25 do Veoetinu Red from 2 to 3 cwt each 1 tiercel A Hum from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 hhdt. 5 tierces and 8 libit Rotton stone , French Green, Lamp black, Purple Brown : Colcnthar Vitriol, lirttb Scouring Brirkt . Apply to A. CIU'RCH, J 15 v 184 Bowery." (ibKitlAAi GUUUS. Rr CElVtD by the tblp 1'ritoa And the ihip .Y'Ahr. from Hamburr. andothet late iinrxni - vifriM,nat"rt"pt of GfiruMLInekt, lucbat . tfretaa;net,Crrai, Dowlas, Brown C'heckf and Fhirting Ijnent tlenifien Osnahurgt and Ticklt - nbuigt, Hesiian, BurU, Brown ltol!, l'ags TapHt, Snpi i fine Broad Cloths Mapkins, Silk UalliHin and l'ound Kibbont Codre.MitU, Slate I'encilt t Ixwkii.j; Glnss Tlati - s 1'ockirt and Statia Glasses Lead Pro' lis And an assortment of Cardwire. Also on hand, A few tons St. rVtershiiYg Hemp r'irat quality Holland SailClotb, and Sixty boxes I'atej;rast Cheese, entitled to debenture. For tale on reaonable term, bv CL9. ti THKO. MCYER, 3 1 5 Im . 129 Wathinglon Kreet. ' Cut (XV WimjL Si JiACtlljVKCjIHiJS. rpiiO. WHITTKMORF, hascoaitantly on X. hand at hit manufactory, No. 60 Kerry - treet, nett to the corner of Pearl street, a large and general aiortoient of cards of every description, vix : Cottoo Cardt of 7, 8. 9, 10 Wool do r 5 and 6 Machine do Clothiers' and Hatters' Riin Cardt All ofiuperior quality, which be will tell on the lowest terms. . J 24 lin M'.JVT&iV, A Picket Book Maker, rae who nndcrttandt hit business will hate pood WHget and conttant employ, by upplvins at So. 13 Wall - street. an; 3 'VT E. KU.V1 - a i.n.u v k u..... i....i.r.. ll Crane - wharf, from sloop CatJ.aiw, and for I Vhurrb f 'e nT JA3. DUVOI.F, Jun. sjP?nV f a S4 south Mrret TEAS, WINES C GROCERIES, fo. 7 Park flate Ladiet Aoctii - n Room.) .rTMlB subtcnWr ktfiw constantly for sale , Jl general atsnrtment offirt rate Groceries rxitiiiiiy use. amongst whicb ere Imperial ttyson, Yosmg llynoo Hysn Skin Souchong & Pouchong linaf. Lump, Havana white TPtS rot first quality nnd latest importation. and brownf GARS. Double Glouceiter, rilt rsp nouand U American J Lemnn JUce . Sicily Lemons in rood order 4th proof Cogntc Brandy (grouine) .' IMiand'Giii aud Jamaica Spirits Madura, Port, Claret, L. P. Teneriffe, oiierry arhl oiner met . Sweet Oil in Bettiet and Bottles pices, W. 1. Pepper , llibrwrt't Brown Stmt . Sperm Oil and Candles ; with many other ies ioo numerous to tpeoly, which will be a aoqerata advance, ny u3 JAMES P. AN DOE,' AMERICAN CLOTHS. JU31.PH TITCOMB It CO No. 162 Pearl - 'Jfeet, have lust received 10 pieces Amrri - " Superfine Blue Cloths, which will be told P. for cash cmly. Also on hand, an eitensive assortment ef Po - - ?uc, vyooiiMi, nd Cotton Goodsiif every dis - "Pkoo, at low pri. es. J 29 vrvQr.n IXWKSTIC GOODS. JOSEPH TITCOMB It CO. 16i Tearl ttreet, ."XP4 received & cate. rontauiwig 'ACH 7 - 8, and 3 - 4 bleach'd Slieetiugt and R Shmint ""ti 6hiMingt ; Ginghams : Checksi Chaaibrays a - Trknit; and Casvmeres, J" on haad, an extensive aotoHmeat cf tJtiej Woollra and Cotton Goodi r 1 5, m i Bnnts and Sheet TarUsiuid Brads assorted invoice of Straw Brhid, Sc. - . ..! i "nirh low Prices for cash "credit. r otll T.; Co,ton or Ba! G001' received for sale Ct LARKT. 40 dozen very superiour Claret, ' for sale at $18 the dozen, by je 30 tf ripi'a l GEORGE JOHNsTOX, 12 llhd.. Choice L.P No 1 e lout - lane LUIKMICALfa, COLORS, tic 'ptom.tjaltt,iiicaiktof2cwt. LuiiipMuVnesia, in cases Ha., I small squares .' Caliineduo in phials i Uornelle Salts, Acid Tartar Citrm Acid, Blue Verditerin firkins l".tA..t ...11. V.... Vill , uiui jcuvnf mug, AVlluvr t Krgulus of Antimony uuiio, du 1 I JSS, tie. Fowling Piett - t, assorted, well hnitheri Uo do in wainscoat cases, dnely finished wiui apparatus complete Duelling pistols, incaies Gold Kpauletlet Naval and Military Sword Bells Gilt Coat and Vest Button's Copperplates for enjravers Matiieiunticnl InntrumenU Rolling Parnlel Rulert Mariners compasses, telescopes Opera glasses, microscope 3 tetta splendid diessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrew t.'silver pencil cum. Pur sale by ,J. LAMBKRT, Je ' 3 Courtlandt - street. ONE with a god snp(.ly of milk, and who ran produce satisfactory tetimonial of ruaracter, If a. will meet with encouragement, oy appij mg - ai tills. tAll)I.K.KS, J IU tt io. ;5t llroadwAv. 2 1 - 2 ir CVks Malmser do do j I LGHOU. SIRAVVS. it cases Lhnr 1 i L'l . r ' . .... " f ii vniwn, principally hue, just re ctived and for tale iy an 4 HL'RD & FEWALL. C 5 South street. 1.U.C0 J I A GOODS. - A few bales ol Gur w rahi and Uaftas. for tale bv J 31 , JOS. OSBORJJ, ' 28 Soulh - ttreet. BAR Ui.O.1., c.& ton Bar Uuu H tn! Sheet Iron i!0 dozen r'rt ing Pant Patent Chaff and Drawing Knivca Iron and steel i , German nd cast steel mill, pit ti iiand saws uuacn opnng st'ei. t or tale by AAUtRoO.V fc SHKARER, . J At IJI Wpteralr - et. xllJLVflkLu a lHiLVI.VUH.1M ttUODS. t Caries neatly assorted table Knives & Forks, ' I do. do. do. Small Cutkry, 4 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. Twl le Knives ti Forkf. with small cutlrrr. Saw?, Fdes, Erdge Too' ll'"it:uinia Tea - pol. A few caski CandTrrtirk". Butt Hii os. UrooJ Screws, Commode Knob, and I ra - e 1,'uttonF, 'oriHle, very low, by J NO. M'CRACKA'N, J'l'y W l2Prarl - t. I f Boxes miiln)i 10 do. 4 - 4 X 7 - 8 Irish liarot 1 do. piuk ginghams 1 do. thawls x 4 do. brown pla'.illas . 6 do Srntih ofoariiirirsj 7 balei imitation (heelings 4 do. brown linen X do. linen bed tick I do. 5 - 4 eutlon checks 1 do. carpetiuc. . ALSO, ?aiI - t!oth,' Cotlou bajjitg Twilled tacking Seine twme For tak ,y G FORGE JOHNSTON, Jlv2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. . Madeira Wioc. Scott, Lnu - rhiian. Pinfold & Co's. brau l. and uoreu lorr.ue by W. K S. CRAIG. aujl lm No. 84 Front - it. TO LEP, A part of a house ard a front office in tiry - street, .within a few rodi of Frankliu ank. Inquire at No. 17 Ce.lar - ktreel. Jy29 tf OILS. .Vc. Gallons Rclincd ica Elephant Oil JJJJ 1500 do. Summer SlrM sperm. Oil i w uo A at Oil lor Tort rait Panders 2 Oil PrpflSPS. Wllh irfiiUfl. tnnnin. in m.wi, , - f - .. ......... au . "i'" i dyes, suitable lor tobacco, oil, or clothier. To Deioldby SAMUEL JUDD, - ai iio. si itroaaway or I3tl riy - market Jv3l lt J. W. FORBES, mah Cfactcrrk or silver wark, No. 'JO Broriilwav. NFOR.M3 his friend and Itie public, that he continues 10 iuuiulu lure ulster imr. si Iverex lusively, and ol tnperior workmanship, IverTea and Table I Ladler. L'rns. Setts, I Waiters, Syphons Plate. Fih Knives orks, Cake Baskets, tic. dc nl'the latest and moil elegant atltros, and at me lowest prices. All orders t - m uted inn masterly manners N. B. F Ml LIES wishing to be supplied with the first rale articles of Silver, are invited to i:ispectbis work, as all articles of his manufacture are sold only by himself. J 30 lm BREW Eli i .For fair, a bargain, a Brew ery k Malt Home connected, in the city of lludioo. The binKlicgs are stone, and particularly well calculated for the business. It ir situated in' the midst of a barley country, ami has many other advantages. It is certainly au object for those wishing to engage in ths Iium - ness. It is the ouly lirewery m the courtry. This property will be sold cheap. Terms liberal; title gord. For further particulars apply to.M. MULDF.N, No. 78 MaiJeo - lane. New - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf lO Or those who may wish to erect three elegant Duildincs or lactones. r OTS. 77 feet by 80. more or lest, with the LJ buildings thereon, in the centre of Vesev - st. can be purchased separate or together. AL&o. An elerant LOT. with the Buildints thereon. 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 125, more or less, near Chat ham - street the whole on accommodating terms Apply at XI Chatham Row, nearfieekmao - lt 1 he advertiser has three small mortsaeea to dispose of, one of 3. 000, one ol5000, one of 1 1 jv, an in ran city. it EIWCATIO.V. YOUNG LADIES' SELECT SCHOOL, No. I J Cgn AR - STREFT. ' , R. MEAD respectfully gnes ootice, that iV.l his 9c h.Kil will be again open on Tuesday the 1st ol September.. Yoong Ladies' will be instructed as usual, in course of Kducsltcn: emhrarinr all lut im portant branches, trom Readies;, and Penman - hip, to Rhetoric and Natural rbilosophy. K.vnrh by one of the mst approved Instructors. F.ncuirrrs may satisfy themselves respecting the charictc r of tbis School, by calling uoon auy of tne loiiowmsT gentlemen, niosi oi wnoia are a - mng its patru'i. Richard Varick. (;alehS. Riegs, George Grilii, John Suvdiuf, idJ J 3J !m Thomas S. Clarkson, Arthonv Dey, Aroata'JacksoD, Jau.ei Renwick, Esqrt. rtLOTHsuCASSIMERES.A few easel eiira one tondon J oiha snH r..;m.r. I ,n.l v..: I 1 . iiUKU lc BEWALIj, "'g . 85 ttoutb - ttreet. W" ivium.huaiu FLUijR. - i - 6 barrels .: ,uPBrune r lour from new wheat iuo to do do from new and old do, landinjt Itnil tnr sain k. Ilf . O .. . , o aS5 lw 84 Front - street W ill V AU kcP' Engliih w its ijcuu. irniiinii in mi. ntvAv a - i,ijAfoi, nnii lor taie oy I ULKbHfc LAURIES, ""g" 29 South street ' I 'EA, He 50 chesia Hv mCHi Skin Tmm A 100 bblt first and Sd quality Loaf Sugarii handsome shipping order. For sale by i . rfnv&OUJI a wuui,t,t, "g 6 75 Wall - street, w I . PELL Hi CO. will udl ' . front of their n 9i amaii i.r.i. ,.r j une irein Current! jut imported and wor - D aneouon ui grocers and fruiters. . LOUGIAGS waiittd in the country, lor a gentleman. With his wilV. nnru. hil.l i.. ' rS ''CB1,"J uiiuon on tins island. Ap, Tllvat? C ..II. .... a .r aOV Kit l'1 - si. - vii.'Vi' iJtiuruaAL9wiU be received at the Navy 1. Asent't odice. New TorU. femn. r.. till! date, to lUfinlv B illnnfilv nf lViur nla Plank average length 45reet, 10 to 16 lroad, 9 to4 l - 3ttick Ditll ofharf "i ap. Alto, a number of Jenev Oak Lor, irom 33 to 65 fet loii. 1R to 0 inrh !.. and a number nf White Oak Knees, to tide from o . iw i lames, arm 4 1 - too .'eel long, bod les 5 to 6 1 2 Ion. The whole lo be fint miali iy, ana subject to the u!ntction at the A'avr Vard, and delivered trier. The proposals arereouired nnf In roit nrWMi ieei oi riaim j not more tlian 10 Logs, nor more mini ou ivnees at uo contract will lie given to a - ny individual to eicerd one of the above named quantities ; the shortest time, not eaceeditix 6 wek, niflit be mentioned. Money to be paid on delivery. Anv exnlanation thut niav he re. piirt d, will be(pi,ined at the Navy Yard, whern u bill will be uivm each iiidividunl alter h b contrncted, and liy w hich he n to be governed x I tx. ll . , CAJJ 1 IO.N. VIX jierfons.nie forbid harboring or truMiog an indt lib.d aniirentire lo tlie inl'imlr ny uiF inme oi nugutlat Uiclare, a lrnch boi. gcu fiimm if years, unuer eniiy or ine law, "K ' iw u. ,ItmtiAi, 11 bitOw.V, rugraver and jewel - . kr, No. 1C6 Broadway. Coats of arm, crest.', cyphers, ensrraved on tone. Diamonds, amethysts, toiKuen. rrvsJak. Lc. bought or tut to n form. Ladies teals engraved with mottos, devices nr relf. Btoks of heraldry kept with upward of 60,000 uamcs. A large njjortmf ut of fiue cold seals, chains. and other jnwelkry. Jv 2f5 lm T G.SAUNDEK'S PATE. I UA.UR STROP. You that wiitl to shave with ase, Buy of Sachders tf yon pleare ; Hi Razor Strop's, culi;ir such, That harpi the Razor with a touch. GSAUN DEKS respectfully solicits, those .who have not got bis Patent. Razor Stro to furnish tbemielves with bit new invented Ra. zor Strop, and Metallic Comoonlion. No r. tleman who once makes trial of one of the Strops uuw vucicu, nm ever try any otoert ; ana siKMi f their Itirmaiicn. that ever to much use will an rive Vie razors that roundnese which renders the best of them useless, and which is weU known always to ioJJou the anpjicalicn oi all those biflier - to iDvented. 1 lie above strops are in geoera ue in .ew i oris, ana are dutiuzuislied irom all others. Earbers who bate ured them aav mure iu uieir plaice man i can niyteii. G. SAUNDERS. IS WalUlrert. Also for sale, Razors, Soap, and every uten sil for Shaving, of the hrst quality, with a sutie riorasoitmtDt nf Perfumery, llair - Powdtr, Aic, irom Smyth's, New Lmd street, london. N. B. The most literal allowance made to dealers. my 22 A farm of between aixty and' seventy acies, situate on the west bank of Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperstown. Go it are anew stone house 54 ftctsiuure;anew arm noue, nam, uc. It lorms a desirable es tablishuient lorn gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its tituution, as to prospect, convenience to market, ace. is not suii nssed hv any in the interior of the stale, it will be told low for cab, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty in lias cnv, gooii, v,c. rt i.iyio 11. I) kU. SEDGWICK, mv 7 tf Law Buildings. I HE GRAMMATICAL BAR.' 'MIE importance of a correct knowledge of . u ram mar, la too much acknowledged to ueed comment. The unsettled and desultorv manner, in whi. h it is tnucl.t iu common tchonls. is highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rul. i and deliiiitioni parrnllikeroiuuii'.ted to memory, learned and rotined hy rote without commcot or elucidation, is loiimlto be generally void nf utili iy ; lor so long at the puni'ipies oi rules are no understood, tliey can never be applied In ac!u: use. Under such impressions aud influenced by a desire to promote in usnlula branch ol education, the subscribers propose a acuiedial ivitem. In tbe undertaking, they are conscious of no olher motive, than tbe promotion ol a hrttir. Ii ol knout edge, which is an indi pensible pie rcqiiiiit: in every other. The sun - cri.'iers anticipa'e many nniecnoos to so complete a ileviauuu 'mm f lie amiuunted track', winch custom has It ng since auctioned as (he unst eligible : but, to obviate hem, they ask a thorough and candid iuvestign - i ioo ol its principal. It is a didum, that with out a know ledge ol the reasons on which laws are one can know tbe law. A conviction otits truth formed the most powerful inccntivelo the invention oithe OrnrnmMlital Bar. wliichcoo veys to tbe mind through the medium of the eve tne reasons, tbe wbvs, and the tth retorts, 'to be short, it employs tbe perceptive faculties, (tie learner acquires a nanii oi BWemion, ins lunge meid is exercised, and be advances w ithe.isa and delight. 1 he sat seniors have taken a conven ient room in t ulton - street. No. 19. where chit dren, young ladies aud gentlemen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar iu sixty nours. A correct Knowledge oi parsing will be iven to new beginners ; it pay will be re quired. A new class to begin on Wednesday. J. BROWN, Jon. . D. CROSSFIELD. N. B. Young gentlemen, who have been in structed in the snort term of sixty hours, vrnl te presented for examination each day at 5 o'clock, r. .it. scholars received nnd instructed at an) hour from 6 o'ebek A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M Terms of tuition made known at the above men' tinned room. J 20 lm m fun i.a.iL, tJ The HOl'gF. & LOT, No. 339, Broadway. The lot is 2 feet front and rear, and 180 feet deep. The bouse is 65 feet deep, finished in tha best manner, aud replete with conveniences for a large family. On the premises are a brick statile, two rain - water citterns, (one of which is bruk) and a well of excellent water. Tbt i it cation is considered equal ia any in this city, tor particular, apply to Benjamin U. Minium, ou the premues, or to ROBERT EOWNF, Jy 21 lm No. 238, Pearl - st. FOR SALE, LOT. of ground on Broadway, betweea J. Walker street and Canal - street, 26 feet 10 inches wide and 175 feet long. Inquire of P. A. JAY, Jy 1 tf So. 37 Pine - street. fi tft SALE OH TO, VuJ Lottie the 6, 6, 8, and 10 Wardt; maay 01 wbich are oa regulated and paved streets. No money will be veuuired under ten years, if lold, '"'"HI VAICDITO. , , ' , HOtJSES. Several two and three ttory houses, on which a great part of the money remain ca mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An eicelleot stand for business, with ten arret oflantf, pleasantly tituated, with a wharf, ttore - I ouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven. withnnrreanrianM .i never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be m r m ft a A U...K ...r..: . - ."...u, nllu aauuii.iency oi waierioreacn. Apply at No.2Ureeuwich - strtet. jan Id If t OH iLE, A FARM, cootainine 300 acres. m the bauki or the North River, a mile touth from the village of Hyde Park, and eighty - six from New. York. The land is euu&l iu aualitv In lh i in Duchess county, and is in high order and good fence. On Uie premises is a good plain farm houje, a good barn and other anncudaet uerns. sary to couducting a large farm. Also, a build - ing tpM commanding an extensive and beautiful view of tb North River. Within half a mil of the farm house it an eminent 'Academy, and within two miles an Episcopal aud a I'rcibvt. rian Church, in eaeh of which there is regular ervice physicians two lauding, one of whirl. the Strom - boat advertises as a landing place, stores, ic. Ac. The whole will be sold together or di? iuea to suit purchasers. Tbe terms of payment will be made easy, and an indisuutabl title given by the subscriber. WILLIAM BAKU. Hyde Parle, July 24 tf JEWELLERY, WaTCHF.S, fcc. 4 CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, . SiU er Hunting and Plain Watches. Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 canes Ladies Cornets assorted. For tale by J LAMBERT, 24 3 Court land stieet. JVi.)y ML SIC. I DST published by W. hisTiano w roite and .Music More, No. 126 Broadway, iiiiaiju i en ( Her Smiling Eyes Fanny Dearest Thiue am I my Faithful Fair ' 1 be Solditr'a Bride Eveleen's Bow'r, with variations by f .osier. niao, an me rv.niis. &.c. Iliat are nnw aiM - inir .In: . . i, i ..n n ai ixt i.oiii eri iiy inn. uiirue, Iieiun, iltis InrA.r'1 i.d Phillips, tec. with n erentvru. ty jif nire Music lor the Piano Forte mid the Flute NF.V PATENT PIANO FORTES." 1EO I NEWBERY respeeifully and con fi - nentiv assures Ins friends and tho that at hisothce. Past I street, mav h iitir. cl ased the above instrument', lower tliiin any n - uir pinrr in ine ciiy j nere may also lie had Mael - els patent Meu - onomcs. J SI O.SK 11U.VDRKU HI) 1.14 lis R Ml AIM U UN A WAV f. ointbe Hritikh brig Pram is, cant. Tennnnt. Ivino - at tlw ntlnr!.iil 'nt. ground, on the SOth inst. a negro buy named ISAAC, about 16 itirinf vcru luit l,c - . . , r ' j " "i a scar on his breast occasioned by gunpowder ; be landed at or near Bergen. W hoever will deliver said Isaac to cspt. Tennant, onboard briir Francis, at miaraiiiin trmiiin.! nr t.t v.. 44 South - street, shall receive the above re - "arsi. j jo LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. WAN I ED, a quantity of locust timber aud tf ee - lialls.' A pphr To the Kavv At. - t Ol U' - .l.: . ' - o . oi . n.iiiiuiua - sireri. IC' '1'he publishers of I he New - Brunswick Tttnej, Newarlt CotiueJ, Long - Island Mar, New - Hav'u Journal, and New - Indon Gazutl. ;ilnl.........l,l:A .l:. .. .i . . .. ' win invimxv uuuitn iu Huverusemcui one mouth. ;iu tenu uieir ouia io mo navy Agent's Olhce. jy itt im UI. JOILN'S HALL OKOINARY '. The KJ contiguityofthia budding to the teat of bu' - siuess, induces the subscriber to open, for the accommodation of gentlemen cnunected with public business at the Cily Hall aud others, a public Ordinary. Dinner will be served ud Pre. cisely at half past two o'clock, and turtle soups, relUhej, with tho most suitable rcfreslimuuts ol the season, at all hours of the day. Au elegant Ball - Room, decorated in a perfectly national style, is also at trie service of parties for dancing, society meetings, or for purjio - ses of our justly deserving and admirable military volautcer corps, for their various exercises. I he subscriber has spared no pains lo render the building as pleasant as its situation would per mit, and, by assiduity and the strictest attention, will endeavour to deserve that patronage whith an enlightened aud discerning public are at all times ready to uertow. au3 lm JAMES L. HEDLNDERG. J. A KEYED HARP. K. GUTTWALDT respectfully invites the amateurs of music to iiisne'ct at hit. rinnu - r one .vianuiattofr. No. 75 Maiden ane. l musical instrument that ncrfectiv euuaU the harp in sound aud far surpasses it iu point of easy treat m nt, at it is played like the piano by meant oi keys, and consequently has all the ad vantages of brilliant modulation ; the only nneL the foiled St:ites. Also, an elegit Pinnt, Forte of fine true, luu'ieal variety and workmanship. wnhanasort!Tieot of different kinds, whose good juaiitirs have been testified hi (be underiizntd eminent prnlesurt : we the subscribers, professors of mnir. do ertiiy, Uiat we havecartfully examined Mr. J. A. Guttwaldt'suiano - lortes. which, lor inani ty and excellence of workuiai ship and uuifi rm hrilliaocy of tone, we desert edl) recommend to public patronrvge. Messrs. Gilb s, Etienue, Rd. .vieetz,o. 1 uioault, Charlet Gihert." J 7 I. NEWBERY. I.U ivtiri I - w ... . . , - - .. - - - , . 1 - tully uilormt l:ie rmhlic and tiioe ladies and geolieuien who lately applied lor DETT Mr - il's SUrER. PATENT PIANOFORTES, that he has just received anewsunn'v imr Hi. rtius, precisely the tame at the Inst, and offer u"'" ior aie on very accommodating terms. At t ianO fortes Of thll excellent maker have but lately been introduced into this country, for n am ui curresponni nr. V.s. M. leels il inruin. bent to add, (hat their tonet fbv tboe who are acquainted with them) are allowed to be lull and expressive, and have hitherto given universal tniiB:nt hod. Marisel't Patent Metronomet for sale. Also, London selected collectioui and snct mens 01 .viineraiogy, Sic J XI HACKNEY COACHES. OR Select farties, from Elizabeth Town Point, for Philadelphia, and tbe Hiram Rni ai t rein on and Bnto',aadthe Mineral Springs at Schooley'a Mountain. notice tent to rto. 53 White - Hall street, New York, or HALEY & STILES. Elizabeth Town. oy man, or ny tne Bieam - Bout Atulanta, will oe immeinateiy ailended to. J 14 'tO THE PUR LICK. A GENTLEMAN from France would wish IX to draw the attention of the citizens of New - York lo bis newly established Laboratory of Co lours for walls, preimred for immediate use, aud ac:xniaoied With directions for raying thru on. . I be colours are of the brightest tiuls. and pre pared so that no disappoiutment can take place. St. Joha's Hall, t rauklort - st. N. B. A very suuerioc qualitv of RrcorJiur Ink maousdctured I y the same frrson. juiyxz u .1 au rrgiilmtingt the Gnagng and lntp;ctug o" - ii uiu. ranea .11 arc n 31, Itiltt. Er" is U tnacttd fer tht ptoplt of the Hate pj l"ea - iBr, reirneTUia in ttnate and autnUlj, That Uie peraoa aduliuisterkig the government of this state, by aud Wilh the advice aud consent oi uie council of appointment, shall from - iime to ume appomi ouc peron lor the city of Ne w York, whose lowers shall extend to, and include the village of Brooklyn ; one persou for the city oi Albany; aud. one person lor the city of Troy, Whose lowers shall extend to. and smgburgh and Watcrfurd. to be rubers and in. spectors of fish eil. Ji ud be it farther enaeltd, Thut it shall be the duty ol each person sppoiuted by virtue of this act, to provide lumteli with prorer instruments lor guaging and msnertine oil. ami I ral led on to guage and inspect auy parcel of frh oil, within the place for w hich he was appointed, it shall also be his duty lo inquire diligently and seek out any parrels ol fldi oil withiu his district, and guage and insjiett tbe same,acd brand legi - bly on tLs he - ad ol each cak he may so guage and inspect, 1 is own name and the uame of the place lor which he was appointed ; bIm the whole number of gallons the same shall guage,. aud separately from each oilier the quautity ofwa - ter, the quantity of sediment, as well as the quautity of pure oil he shall find therein, and suirecrioe and deliver lo the owner or holder of such parcel ol oil to guaged and inspected, - a certificate, exhibiting iu separate columns the quantity of each of the afoi eraid enumerated iugredienls the whole narcel shall cm. I lain ; for all of which gauging, inspecting, brand - . .j ...ft iimji nam, iir rii.ui rreeiTe irom the owuer or bolder of the oirfjfcuagcd and inspected, twenty cents for cachca - k, be tlienme small or large, the one half of whit h shnll al w.n . thereafter be chargeable upon the ol the same. .? rid be it further enacted. That it 'hall ht the duty ol ail prnont owuing or holding oil, I put the sameui n couveuieut nosiliou I'or p - or.m and iuipecting whenever thereto nquiicd by all authon.ird guagrr and im - prclnr. .tnd be it further enacted. That any beron or pcisoni, who Bonn coiinterleit, aller orcbuni! '.n. ,.C ll... I.. I. .. ""j wKuiaiiMs or miiras nioresaiii, on any cask of oil ro braud. d or marked, or who shall mix or in any maimer adulterate any cask of oil so bran Jed or marked, or who shall buy, sell or ai r auy mi wiinui ine uiMricls or places alure - aid, except the ;ame shall have been guaged, inspected aud branded according to law, or svho " "up, export, or otherwise conviv or cau it. e tonveveu any oil out or, or Irom the districts or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been giisgid, inspected bud branded bp. cording lo law, ui h person or persons to offending, shall forfr it ami pay the sum of twenty - five Jollan lor each task, the brands or marks ol which shall be so counterleited. altered orrlian. ged, or which shall be so bought, sold or bartered, or which shall be to shipped, fxoorted or otherwise conveyed contrary to the te - ue intent and mcs iiiugoflhishct: PromUd, tirrerthilitf, that nothing herein contained shall be Construed to prevent any person or persons from buying or selling oil by nieasureslc;:nlly tcaled. Jt tid bt ilfurlhtr enacted, That it shall be Ihe duty of any person or perrons who shall u or otherwise empty the contents of anv eavk of fi.h oil, immediately lo efface the euagei's and in spector's marks or brands from the same, under me peuauy oi iweuly - tive dollars. Jind be U further enacted, That any sorfeiluret arising by virtue of tins act, may beioed for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, iaasny fouriliaviug.cojjnizauce of the same, to uie toie use ana Dchool ol auy pertou who shall sue mere lor. NOTICE is hereby given, that tbe subscriber nas noen appoiuted Iy the honourable the Council of Appointment, Guager and Inspector ul all t ish Oils iu the City ol New - York and Bivoklyn, and has opened bis office at No. 37, Water - st. wnrre no mil receive ordirs dvui 7 A. M. to C P. m. every day, Sundays excepted. JAMES MAURICE. N. B. Dealers in Fi. - h Oil are hereby notified, that auy infringement of the above law will be prosecuted. July 0 lm A fnrm on the Hudson, about a mile Irom Newluirgb, containing ii acres, 33 01 which are Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a due proportion ol meadow, arable and picture land. The buildings are parly new i the house convenient lot a small family : its situation is equalled in beauty by low or, the river ; uie envaiiiage, irom ine vicinity ol a flourish ing village, of public worst.if, society and good market, with Ihe facility of communication with New York render it a desirable resilience. lor a gentleman. 40UU dollurs of the purchase money may remain on mortgage : the navment of Ihe rest will he made easy to the purchaser. vppij on ine premises, to Je .l 11 I. Vr.KrLANCK. SIX 1 tl A V EN C E, aud CA R.M l.v L - S 1 REET NO 1 ICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment npMiiut d by tbe Supreme Court 01 jonicamre 01 me state ol .'Vew - Kork, toper lorni ceilain duties rehitive to the extending ol ine sum Avenue (rum urecnwich - lniie to Car mine - street, ami for enlarging nnd improving Car mine street (o Vaiick - elrcct, in Ihe eighth ward ol the said cily, have completed their estimate Hiid assessment at wellol the loss and damngesu - tau.ed over and above tbe benebt and advan tage received by tbe owners and parties inter, s ted in tlie lands and prctnisr s required lor tbe 1.1 id improveuieni, at also, o me benent and artvao lage received by the ownrri nnd parties inlerct led of and iu certain lands and premise! not re quired lor the laid improvement ; and that e the said conimiitionrri have depotiled a true co pv of such estimate and asm ssment i.i the clerks 1 Hu e, ot tLecily 01 New - York, for tbe inspection ol whomsoever il may concern ; aud notice is hereby further given lhat the report of tbe said commissioners of estimate and assessment w ill be presented to the Supreme Com t of Judicature of the slate of New - York, at Uie Chpitol in the city of Alhnny, on Friday tbe touileenth day ol iHKUMiiesi, ui me opening wi me couri vn inm day, or as soon thereafter at counsel can be beard thereon. New York, 30th July, 1813. HENRY MEIGS, ) WM. T RREY, and Commissioners. PETER ST AGG, Jy 30 lUt A'F Uitr BOOK MURK. BLAKE' CHANCERY PRACTICE. Containing ull the proceedings n,r a suit, a well in (he court of chancery as in Ihe court lor tbe trial of impeachments, and correction of er rora, for tlie state of New - York. This bonk contains about 700 pages octavo, and is said by professional gentlemen lo be all important to the practitioner io tins court, beirgthe only American produrlir n on this subject : and to the stu dentil is invaluable, as it exhibits in a very clear ed lucid manner, step by ttep, (lie progress ol a suit, in all its mitiutia, from the Com mencement to the final termination of it Ac - compacted with ao appendix, containing precedent of tlie must approved form, suitable t every esse Unit ran possibly occur ia the course of a suit. Just published and fur sale hy , I). BANK'S . Opposite Citj Hal. Corner ol Nassau and Spruce streets. - 4 Im AMAICA KUAI "J JO 4inrjM - s will re lamled thisrUv at tbe foot of K ctor - alref. Stub Kiver, fraui ca board the ship Pacific For ads by ug S ROBERT LIS'OX. D 1 C.dIiMS, Coatirosioit MiRCHAsm, ri r nouses ana recre ai JLJ. forward goods, rottou. fcc. free rx . uriu aud whariuae. Vsssels nnd lido ollheir stores. Sbipirs wilf nice, unit to CAL IN SI EAR, Boston. ' and FEI EKSAi DERRICK, N. Ycrk. t EMLEN at HOWELL, Philadelphia. Jy 25 tf , i O - JA.V.E4 1). STOUT. Engraver and r - eid Cuuer, removed to t)U Liberty - street, near Greenwich - street. . Jv8 3m t or 1. 1 gland, ita tiahjujc, A". 3. ftV" LKT'l t.KS icrltia lir;i;,iin! M. ,.(.. Packet Wneelisllerrv. will be received at lb Post Office tilt Wtdoesduv afteroouD. tbe nili day ol August. ' J 81 T. V. MOORE, Agent. ( Warned, a id othcer tbr a tlup to stre t. New - York. riurcbbe I In - ui. Appiy to J. Ii. BOI.EKT, Esq. Jy 1 No. 138 Water - nUeet. .WECIIANHS' BANK. C"Tlie Stockholders are informed piat a dividend ol" fnurper cent, oul of the piorits lor the lust six iiionliis, will be paid on the 1st of August next. Pjr order of (he President nnd Dim tors. JJi' ,n W.FISH. Cashier. UCT I ltd ncwfLHRY BOATS liomtl.e loot ol Walnut street, New Vork, to Ihe foot r.l Little street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence running on, the 17th Persons crossing to Hrooklvn Iroui the upper part of the cily, wa. all foul Uie distame nh horteiied by using t,i ferry. ny 14 Mil 11 1 Qr 1 be Rising Sun Sail Boats, Knnpariel, and Induslry, lioiu Ihe Elizabeth towu Peiiil, for New - V ui k, sails Irom Markellield street, ( v ,er the Steam - boat Atntanla lormerly ci.ii.e to.) ut lOo'clork, a, en b oVy. Passage. 12 1 - 2 ceuts. Emjuiie t the Steam lioat linieil.m VAADEKPt'lJLfc PHILLIPS. my 21 tf 0J - JOHN PIIWTOR, Je. (jh LiLnyTt. oilers liberal anticipat'ionkon biopei ty censign cd to his friends in the Alcditei lurtlicr particulars, appfyas abovei, or to aisuuiam i!i:n., Je 6 tf corner nf Cliff iFultonls. LANDS. Oir STEPHEN U. MLNN. No. 9r. p.,.i. 01s 1 erntory, which has been set apart i..r Ihe lute Army. Letters from Die country til ing a description of the patent and the price aired lor oi 101, win oeaiitt.aefl to, i; 'ol i,auj. my li tl i VI BOA R in EIGHT or ten gentlemen, who are desirous of ol.tau.11e board in a plensant m.4 past of (be city.obnte accommodated in a pri - vnle lamilv, at No. 4JL brl street. The iii.proxe - meuts which have lady betu made in this stieet and its retired situation, it u.:n .. . der ft a desirable letreat from Uie noise and bus - ne 01 nuiines. n,. i.u Ul 1 A I. i A t nt IrAl.Eu to LEI, and immediate lusetioniriven. II. I. ..I lace called Monl - Alla. Seven uidna Irnn. 'il. City - Hall, on the North River, adinimng Lord Courlenaj's. It cont, ins 20 acres ol land under unproveii.ent, with a large garden w4 sleeked wilh vegvtiibies a variety of fruii, - wftb. every Lonvonience ior a larouy. eor terras, ' which are very reasonable, and tf sold a long credit ti - v - n if waiitMt. apply to N. & U. TALCOTT, C4 South - slreet. . Je It I i'VP .A.''ELI8, formerly practitioner of J Aibeioe in the Mlhury llnapilalt of Ka - t P J.,Jd a socaaber or ihe Medival So. wetyolew York, where he has resided sine, me year 1 aid his reputation arid ,M pi - aclice is now esuhlicbrd 1.. n.. t. - . - . - j .r ihe puhlio by nekr twenty years experienee, eon - duuea to be consulted atiis Ann. Vj ..JT'EoL ter street, opposite Crane whrf, - In Klieuiiialieand Venereal eu ti. 11. a.. gelia hat beea wonderfully sueci ufid ( suid the icmuie eneeitoi those disorders have frequently been cured by him In a short space of tune without inconvenience to the patient. Obstructions, Ulcers in the throat and palate, silliness 111 the joints, pHins in the limbs, eru prions ol the skin, together wilh a numerous train of e - vils arising from neglect or improperly treating ot the must insidious of maladies, have given way to his mode of treatment in almost an in credible manner. His extraordinary suecess is, In a great measure attributable to l is well known Antirheumatic and Anti syphilie Syrups, which ehilit Ihey ersdieate every form of disease, restore the emaciated patient to vigor and health. N. B. All letteri from the country (post paid) will be attended lo, and the necessary advice and medicine will be given and sent to say part of the union. J 21 lu .VeiehjnU, iiure krtptrs, be. WANTS a lituation as Clerk, a Young Man whose character can undergo the aieicior. investigation, and who has no objection to go to any part of tha United State. Employ mriit being hit eh object, will engage lor a shmt period, ou moderate terms, to any merchant or store - keeper. A line addressed lo J. B. and Icll at this ollu - e, shall meet immediate attention. Jy30 gw l.'OK SALE, at IU .Vlaidtu - laui'. ippoile 17 Gold - sLeet, a span 01 grey cariige Jli.iR. SESj well tnntched st geiitle in hiirneaa. Will be ald low, the owner having no use fur them, aug 3 JO? .1 III the IN 1 OFFICE. EPH V. VGRADY respectful'v inforirii public, lhat he has onen. d an L.lelii. geoceeffii e i.t his house, 131 Fly - Market, between Pearl and Wn'er - alreels. may be arrommodate.d with servant, bouse - keepers, &c. tic. Servants, &c. w ith satisfactory reoito - raeodationa, aupp'ied with good si aalions. Orders from the country promptly attended to. aug 4 lm tint .1 At, An undivided moiety in tie following lots 01 laud in r. vans' ratent ' Uelaware County, Mate of New - York, viz t Lot No. 50, containing 16 acrea ; lot No. SS, eontsining 1 34. Alan, an undivided moiety in the tan half tf lot No. 40, containing 104) acrea, and in lot No. 37, la the same patent containing 11)51 acre. Tbe above Iota are well timbered with bine. he. See. and their contiguity to I be sees branch of the Delaware river render them worthy of tbe atten tion of lumber merchants. They will be sold reasonable for eash er approved note. For fur ther particulars apply to THOMAS ADDIS EMMET. counsellor at law. No. 5S Pina street. New York, (who is authorised to roaka contracts foe the sale of Uie above lota) sir to the subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will be given. MARTHA BRA DST REET, Hammond atreet, Greenwich. New York, Jury kUh. HI a. (Kr 'I he Proprietor of the Philadelphia Freeman' Journal are requested to publish U above for two months in Uieir pater and send their bill to the subscriber. J 85 dim cens 17JTI ii let, . iiitj A fdcfttant ba k rooia, at pa. 5 "rVall - street, suitable tor a lawyer's uffir. - PoB - ica immediately. Apply in tb front i - fEce., " . .. J4 9i 1 I 1 V' KTAU The fint nd xcood iW n no. O l - ll.. - . .a. Tl.. arweaai slfA IraftV ebsMCIaT iv;n.u''i - r.i isci 1 sw - i " o 9 j ?5fr.twiile. 70f,tdeep, wellcnkotaLc - i A bclta!c rrockerj rt.e, trlrag, or for otjK V ; - biisines requiring much room. I'o be let toff r t nrr or sc prte. Eomre ow tb presair, at U3 Pearl t!i ? ' 4j I ' t ! 1 ! :! : . i .,o - I . - 'A - f j ' ! r 1 . i ; i I 4 1 I "'Jl! t I '. ' 1 v , ; at '? .1. f 1 ri: V I H; ' ' '. f ' n ' . 1 ? : , '.''a. - , i v J ) v . :! ; 1' . 5 : 1 1. - . 7: - i : 1 t ! ' l ' i .: - 1 t , . r

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