Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 4, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1943
Page 3
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irsday, March 4 ·j- Churches ACRED HEART CHURCH anday. Holy Mass and Benion. 0:0" a- m - .iday, holy Mass, 7:30 a. m. d y . Devotion.', 7:30 p. m. aturday, Holy Mass, 8:00 a. m Saturday, Devotions. 7:30 p. m · MARY'S OF BIT. CARMEL Eaelc Cenier. la. Fr. R. F. Duffy. Pastor lasses on Sundays at S:00 and 00 o'clock. THE PROGRESS-! A PORTE CITY WESLEYAN METHODIST Rov. A. Rothfuss. Factor unday, Sermon, 10 a. m. lible school for all ages, 7, LA PORTE CITY, JtOWA 3ib!e study for all, 7:30 p. m. ermon, 8 p. m. 'oltapc prayer meeting Wed- jay, 8 p. m. EMMANUEL EVANGELICAL I CHURCH " j G. L. Bergemann. Pastor Sunday church school at 10 a. m. Morning- worship and Commun. i ion service at 11 o'clock. In place of the regular mid_i\?tU service and Bible study on ThursJ day evening there will be a ? i r v _ | ice at 7:30 o'clock pn Satunbv' evening which will be followed by the fourth quarterly c o n f e i c n j e i session. j Rev. I. L. BaumRartrer of (V i dar Falls, the superintendent of. this district, will bo the p j e s i l speaker on Saturday evening, a ! s o j on Sunday morning, nnd will havt | charge of the business session. There will be the regular 7:30 U | o'clock Sunday evening itrviee. A cordial invitation is extended to all. TRAILERS KEEP WAR WORKERS WARM EMMANUEL WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Harold D. Scoggan, pastor unday School at 10 a. m. lorning Message at 11 a. m. 'oung Peoples Service at m. evening Message at 8.30 MMACULATE CONCEPTION CHURCH Gilbcrtville, Iowa Rev. Vf-m. J. Cremer, Pastor 'asses at 8 and 10 o'clock. METHODIST CHURCH Ralph Supplee, pastor. 10 a. m., Sunday school. Chi for all ages. 11 a. m., morning worship. "Main Street Religion." 7:30 p. m., youth fellowship. We invite you to make uj. u these services Sunday. o f l ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH Raymond, Iowa Rev. L. Putz, Pastor asses at 8 and 10 o'clock. BIG CREEK Better Feeds and Minerals AT MOORE'S PRESllYTKKlAN CI Frederick R. Passler. Pastor Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church worship at 11 a. m. I During these coming weeks which precede the Easter sensor, I a scries of messages will be given 1 which arc centered upon the fact j and significance of Calvary. The themes of these sermons are: "The Salvation of the Cross." The Sufferings of the Cross." "The Saviour of the Cross "The Seven Woids of the Cross." The first of these will be given on this coming Sunday. In this service several new stars will be added to our service flig to honor those in our church family who recently entered the armed services. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.--It was -;JO° here when these pictures were taken but 40 war workers' trailer homes at Trailer City (above) keep them comfortable w i t h little use of fuel. Residents make ordnance for the Navy and live in their trailers ali year around Thousands of government-owned and private trailers arc keeping workers warm in cld climates this winter. Windows are frozen in Clyde Sargent's trailer (below) but it's cozy inside as he reads the comics to Bobbie and Nippy. Catholic News jAnd Views TRAGIC ACCIDENT Duane L. Elswick, len year old boy of Villisca, fell from a woodshed while playing "cowboy" and was hanged when a rope accidentally knotted around his neck. Opinions Mpn.s'.oi! lliosu of t l i p u r i t t - r may not c o n f u i n i lo \lcws of Hi' 1 rro^re B.I TI.OVD A.MIi:itsOV h u t - I n arc and may or i)i- e d i i o n a l THE CATHOLIC PRESS In eommon with all other newspapers and magazines, the Catho lie press in this country ii facing the problem of newsprint short ages and other production difficulties. But these are as nothing, tliolic eelitois in othei parts of llie' world. Ore of the points of ;it tack \\hcn Nazi forces ill ike liab been the Catholic prvss. In Aust r i a , Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France', Pokmd, -- in m a r i j other countries in Europe, the Catholic has been attacked by the invaders as they wnarth, i t ru . s . Without the it Ci| in. The Catholic picss has been attacked, bul. it 1ms not been conquered It lias gone underground, a- the church w e n t into the catacombs in its early history. It has pone underground, but it 1 sunivcd. ably the finest Catholic papers in | the world. In Rotterdam "Mnas. ,bode," one of the greatest Catholic newspapers in Europe, was con_ fiscated by the Nazis almost at once, an t | its editor phot. Other Catholic newspapers, in Ho'lanl were- suppies.sed; but their sub_ stnrce c o n t i n u e d to go through. I out the country. Pamphlet*, t j p c d , ·rimrogiaphcd cr printed, \\eic\ sent fiom hand to hand. Thu the problems co-ifioiitiiiR the Catholic p'e-s in t h e Unitu.l States do not co'.np ,iv iMlh tli.-,c in foreign lands. There i nuieh .stiength in the Catholic pri'-s mi this country, wiih m o i e Uum 111 icwspnpers, h n v i u g .1 t o t a l c h c n Kuion of more 1.000.000; and w i t h almost 200 Catholic maim. zincs, theii circulation beii'g e s t i _ n::itcd at fi,000,000. Helping these C.itholic nnvs. papeis a n j mm, r aziiii is the N'. C. V". C. X c w S i i i \ m , \ v i i h hnd q u a r t e i s in W a ^ l n n g t r n . This iv a I Catholic news galhc-img o i g M i n z a lion, serving t h e C.itholic prr^ as the setuliir news orga 1 i/.,ilion. ^erve Ihe ^i -n'ji'' pap' rs, It ]iro_ Ividcs a budget of Catholic ivorld nc\\s .i\LT.igiin; siiine 35.000 I words CM'ri v..ik. It has a f e a t u r e service of f i o m 17 to '20 a r t u l e s weekly,' d to lie of interest to peisons of all ages; a p i c _ t ' re seivlti' i l l i i ' - t i a l i i i g the nc\\.s of the day: an editorinl infoiiu; 1 .- tion service for the 1 ,issi-.tance of t d i t o i s ; a biogi.iplne'al t-erviie- c o n t a i n i n g sketches rf o u l s t a n d . ing Catholic p e r s o n a l i t i e s ; specia 1 -.upple'inents at Chvi-tmao. Easter and school.opening tune; and j complete t e x t s of encyclicals o f l the Pope?, and other i m p o r t a n t I'cipal doctrines, brought by cable and radio from Vatican City. Tin N C. W. C. X i w s Seivice nou provides its weekly m a t e i i . i l to IS'! newsnapeis and p e l i o t l i c a l s in the United Slates and furelgn cmni- tl of the N. C LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF REGULAR SCHOOL ELECTION Page iv- eivon to hc quahfied e ectors of the Indepen dei.t School District O f La Porte City, Io« a . that the reg. ] ar c i c , tion of S;1I( | j lttri . ct XM]1 bL . MA at JIayor'. offirc on ,he Sth ,l av of Jlarch 191! (,,cor,l M o - m a v · M a r c h ) at ,« elvi . o V o i f c ; ·"Hi closing ;,t s i v t ,i o c U k p m A uiiccioi «Li ·,,,, clLC . Uvl foi . ;l term of three years to succeed t i,. Ronglm whose term eipirea March 1943. One for three years to succeed Howard Van Fleet whose term expires March 1943. And one drector for one year term to succeed Everett H. Smith. The mcetirg «,II be open for the transaction of such business '- may ' e v i l l y come before it. D a t e d rio. Ifl, 19!3, at La Porte City, IOYI.I. JESSE 0. KOBER, ' Sec'y compared with theii fellow Ca. Holland, for instance, had proh. FOR SWEET Be sure to include Sweet Corn in your crop plans for this year. We are announcing the hig-hest prices ever paid for Sweet Corn by the Iowa Canning- Company $19.00 Per Ton for Yellow Hybrid Sweet Corn The La Porte City plant will handle only yellow hybrid sweet corn this year. See us before you plan your 1943 farm program. We are now ready to contract for our 1943 requirements. SPARK .V'n rrcui",., (,.,] Giant Box Large Iiox MM|I G7c 23c We C:in't All Fight--But We Can All Buy More Bonds UIITU:!) Wheat ISc l!l r.IJ. H A ( . G O L D M K D A L Flour $2.35 rni'Nii BOX Macaroni 33c Oatmeal ISciiuiVr " 1N|:A """ E 37c Rice J -- I I.ll. CANS S A N T A CLABA PRUNES . . 25c ."ill l.H. M I . l ' H L I t i ; 1.I1S DltTh.U PEACHES 33c J M I I-ICKLKD Pig's Feet 33c W. C. N e w s Rtrvicc, it v o u l d have been practically inipn'^ib'c for the Catholic press in the United Sf.itet (o grow IM il h;is done in the pnst 123 year-). It iins in 1820, jucf 123 jonr- ago, that Bishop John ICnglanil 1 assumed ehaigc of (hp diocese n f j Charle.stown, Soulh Carolina He I had ft territory of I.'IO.OOO S([iinrc| miles Lo tovei, wiLli but two 1 priesl.s to assist Mm. Yet, in t h e ' face of those difficulties, one of I, bis acts was to establish a ^ Catholic papc 11 , f i i s l d i s t i n c t i v r Catholic journal in Lhc U n i u d SliiLc;.. Bishop Knglnnd \vm pov. crty sli icken, bul \ a f U r \ ' . i r lie niiido .-acrifitc's for tliaL diocesaii paper. He lerngnized thf power of the wnt(,i n word anil its ability to c.ill soul.s to God. | I sr.i:s PICTURES Mis. Msii-Kiii I Xott of C i i h m c l hrul r.ul hi-anl fioni her .son, 1'vL. Thomas Noll, for .··oiiietime-. I l c _ rt-nlly "-he taw :i p i c t u r e of U S. marine's marching on Cuadiikuna' in which bhe thought .she recog, mzed her son. She wroto him ami he later acknowledeged, saying ' that he was one of the men in the pictures. Cake Flour 10-rotM) HAG Table Salt 2Qc 1(X)CKTA1L ^'0 C\.\S SfchDLESS 2-- 1C m.. CANS FI1UIT 25c 34c 2 T A M . ( AVS \ A S C'AVrS 1 TOMATO SOUP 2oc iiox COM I.M-KITMJ ( I . I . \ M . I : NOTE A Few Facts in Favor o/ Sweet Corn for 1943: --A "War Crop" in AAA Program. -- An early cash crop. --Makes good roughage or fodder. --May be removed in time for fall seeding. --Good food for us and our allies. IOWA CANNI * COMPANY Q. In \vliat iianicfl may a War ^avjnge Bond i*c juucd? A. War Bonds can lie rcc- islcrcd o n l y in tlio names of individuals in their own rigli( in one of tho following fornu: 1, The name of one individual, or 2j Tho names of two individuals, oa co- owncn, or 3« The n a m e of ono individual an owner and tlio oilier individual an bencfici- ory. Q. May a Bond be registered in (be name of e minor?, PERFEX i-- 1C ()/, CAN'S KANC'l PEACHES i \.v i r;n( III.N KLENZER f l /.. I I O T I I . I I M I T A T I O N 23c 2Sc AETNA PEACHES T i n y ( Imri-i In I|a%y Sj rup 2 No. 2/ 2 Cans 39c '^ NO 2 ( AN'S 1-ANCT TOMATOES 25c i i NO s Ays 111:11 I J e .(;i{EEN BEANS 29c Vanilla !,,.,, 2Ac I'l I.ll. I!A(, 1IIA \ f O M J S I l l ^ r Flour $1.99 j RAISINS j l 1AT.J. C A S U. II. Milk 27c · M .". C A N S S L N . N V OAHDKN PEACHES 35c ( I K U O I . A T h AM) - V A M I I . A | IK n ( '* N «| | JUICE c« Lb. L 1C Sugar 29c noroj.ATi; Cookies 2k DOG FOOD iiritKCi/s OLEO, II). . n o - r i r i 19c Fancy Large Almonds u i l n i i l h or Mixed N u l l Pound 29c 2k 2 NO. 2'/_ ( , 1 N s (.'M.ll'OUNIA SPINACH 33c A. Yes, By GUI Cmkctt. Q. How ton I bny a Bond by moil from agencies oilier llian a poet office? A. Write lo iho Treiuurcr of the UnllcJ Stales for 'on oHcr form or tend a lelur with a check lo (be Treasury Department or lo a Federal Rc- wj-ie hunk slating number and denominations of Bonds wanted and giving c o m p l e t e in- ·Irudioua aa lo ibo de- rired. regialralJon. Q. 'Can Bondt be attached for debt in cose of B judgment? A, Yes. The rignl lo re- cdf9 payment of · Bond nutf be tnn*- f erred ibrough ralid jn- dJcUI procwdinp, tai onlr if Ihe Bond iudf it mtraodend to tl» frtmaay Deparunem. Sea Treasmr Der«rl- ment OrenLu- No. 530, Fifth Reriijon. Remeinber the ).njc«r yt» keep W«r KVrxh, ·p lo lOyean, t)te more ^9 I.I) JiAG I l h l ' I TATION Flour 1.85 2 NO 2 ( A N S HKPLTATIOJ. CORN 23c 2 N O . Z C A N S I l t U 1'ITTKD CHERRIES 36c Northern POTATOES i;. s xo. i STOCK TRIUMPHS or COBBLERS, pk. 45c 100 Llj. Baff--52.9.1 ; in. JAII iinvz IJAKED BEANS 15c 2 N O . 2'/j f \ N S C l I O I t K TOMATOES 33c Wi l.V,. BAG IIKI'UTATIOJJ Pancake FLOUR 14c 1 C A N 1 - STOKI.fcVS BABY FOOD 25c 2 M). 2 I A N S «,1I,1IAN'S CARROT CHIPS 17c 2 M) 2 C'ANS C t l K A M STYLE YELLOW CORN . 25c j i NO 2 CANS Hill) WAX BEANS 29c Apples STONEWARE Kroiii I lo 2i Elllon jar* at Attractive Prices X W.. CAN MUSHROOMS 21c ivir.r.ow TWIGS b..d K.I..K ..d Coou C»o k ,n r 4 Ibs. 25c; bu. ?2.7 I J . L S N A I ' T I I A Soap Chips, large bx. 23c SWEBIHMM IIKI.ICIOLS OB WINESAP.S 3 Ibs. COA--T FROZbN OCEAN JO TF.XAS MAHiH SEEDI.KSS Grapefruit 10. ir 29c 2 r.ARGE HEADS Head Lettuce 25c .21c 33c 10 n\IlS FEIS NAPTKA SOAP . . . . 49c 2 7 c lriKE, 2 Ibs. Carrots 3 I.B. CAN D. B. SHORTENING 64c 3 LAHGE BARS BI.VE BABBKI. SOAP . 25c / i l l iNEWSPAFERr Kay Dee Mineral Blocks A Complete · Ctnipramd bM* M* NEWSPAPER!

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