The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 25, 1937 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 2
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% ' TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 25 · 1937 "1! 1,'t ~ 4 T. Keller, president, Nicholas Kelly, general counsel, and B. E. Hutchinson, finance chairman of the corporation; Richard T. Frank- ensteen, U. A. W. A. organizational director, and other representatives of the union and the C. I. O.. The .strike was called March 8 when the corporation rejected the union's request for sole bergaining lights Their'conference, of. union demands had begun several days earlier. Some 6,000 workers have remained in eight .plants here since then, leaving 60,000 em- ployes idle. For more than a week the strikers have held the plants in defiance of an injunction. Warrants for their arrest, based upon the disregard of the circuit coutt order, have been issued but no attempt has been made to serve them. 3 Hour .Cadillac Strike. A three hour sit down strike in : the sheet metal department of the Cadillac Motor company, a General Motors subsidiary, ended late Wednesday but the terms of settlement were not announced. Other departments were not .affected. Company officials said the strike was in protest against the transfer of one man to another department and replacing him with a new workman. The settlement was effected under the grievance provisions of the General Motors-U. A. W. A. agreement which ended the recent widespread strike in the corporations plants. · · ' 20,000 Men Laid Off. _ A strike affecting 600 employes of the Ferro stamping plant also was settled Wednesday a few Hours after it was called by U. A..W. A. officials who said five shop stewards set up under an earlier agreement were dismissed. The company promised to reinstate them, the union said. ; The Chrysler shutdown caused . the Brig'gs ' Manufacturing company to lay off 20,000 workers and 10,000 employes of the Hudson Motor Car company still were on strike. Negotiations were continuing to settle a sitdown in the Heo Motor Car company's truck factory at Lansing, where 2.2CO were .out of work. IDP A ALL-STATE FIVE ANNOUNCED Al Mitchell .to Name Boys Chosen on Honor Teams Friday at 5:15. Three all-state basketball teams, with eight-players on each, will be announced: Friday over WOI at Ames at 5:15 by Al Mitchell, Globe-Gazette sports editor, radio announcer and member of the all- state committee. , The committee, which represented the Iowa Daily Press association, based its selections on bal- .ots.of the "jury of 1,000," these rallols having been distributed to coaches and officials. Mr. Mitchell will announce the names of the 24 boys over WOf, and KMA at Shenandoah will're- lay the program through its remote control facilities'. KGLO of Mason City will broadcast the all-state selections at 6:15 on the regular sports cast, because of previous commercial commitments. During the Ames broadcast, Andy Woolfries, who broadcast the state tournament, and Coach Louis Menze of Iowa State college will assist at the mike. The Globe-Gazette will-, announce the all-state selections Friday. Heavy Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles but Does No Damage LOS ANGELES, (ff)--A heavy earthquake shook Los Angeles a 10:49 a. m. (CST) Thursday. The shock was felt strongly through a large area in southern California, but no damage was reported Buildings shook in downtown Los Angeles. Glendale, Santa Monica and Anaheim reported thi strong tremor immediately, bu 'observers said it was not enough to cause damage in those areas. The Knit-tex Goat On Air Forum Frank Ball, manager of the Iowa state employment service, will speak ; on KGLO's North Iowa forum at 8:05 Friday night. Mr, Ball will speak of the ' employment . serviee_ and tell how the public can co-operate with it. . F. R, HOPES FOR RULE OF REASON Congratulates Gov. Murphy on Agreement to Move Out Sit Downers. Radio News and Time-Table KGLO Mason City Globe-Gazette Mason City, low* (1210 Kilocycles) THURSDAY NIGHT 6:0(1 News, P. G. and E. 6:05 R. Friml Jr., 'Orch. 6:15 Sports Review! Decker Bros. 6:30 Dinner Hour . 7:00 News, Currie Van-Ness 7:05 Kanawha Community News 7:15 Review of the Markets 7:20 Dance Hour 7:30 Concert Hall of the Air 7:45 Henry King's Orch. 8:00 News, Marshall and Swift 8:05 North Iowa Forum, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Cool 8:15 Ivory Melodies 8:30 Radio Nite Club 8:00 News, Highway Oil Co. 9:05 5 Minute Mystery, United Home Bank ·9:10 Art Tatum, pianist 9:15 American Family Robinson 9:30 Radio Auditions, Pfatf Baking Co. 10:00 News, First National Bank 10:05 Jerry Shelton and his Accordion 10:15 Song Styles of Gene Austin 10:30 Jimmy Grier's Orchestra 10:45 Tom Doring's Orchestra 11:00 News, Abel and Son 11:15 Slumber Hour 11:30 Goodnight. WMT NBO · Blue Network Cedat RDtilds and Waterloo, low* Central Standard Tlmo' 1600 KtlocyeleO FRIDAY, MARCH 26 In practically every city and town in the United States you will find this wonderful coat sold by the -best'store in town. : · ·' · V . 1 ' - *! '. · . ' -.' In this locality the makers of Knit-tex have chosen us as their exclusive agents. They know that our customers will be' sold their correct size arid that the coats will be properly altered whenever alteration is-necessary. ; . · And they know too that we' will sell only the' genuine Knit-tex Coat and offer no substitutes. ' WARM SPRINGS, Ga., President Roosevelt.was describee by white house officials Thursday as hopeful that the rule of''reason would be followed in existing labor troubles. They said the chief executive conveyed this thought late Wednesday night by telephone to Goy Frank Murphy in congratulating the Michigan executive on the agreement to evacuate sit downers from eight' Detroit Chryslei plants to facilitate further conferences between labor and management. Marvin H. Mclntyre, presidential secretary, said the president tallced with Murphy just before midnight, central time, after receiving word of the evacuation arrangement from Secretary of Laser Perkins in Washington. Week-End Conferences. . Meanwhile, 'it was emphasized again authoritatively that the veek-end conferences the presi- lent would hold in .Washington vith a few congressional leaders vould touch upon all pending questions, including labor. Officials said there would be no group meetings or special conference on. the sit down developments, but that the parleys would be the customary check-up on all onditions the president makes on eturning froni journeys away rom the capital. The president will leave here riday afternoon and arrive in Washington Saturday morning. Talks With Washington. He 'talked with Washington and Detroit from his Pine . mountain vacation cottage after'.presiding at a buffet supper in Georgia hall here, attended by'se'veral score infantile paralysis sufferers. They heard the president, responding to a speech of welcome say that the country was "going along all right and ; so is Warm Springs." . He told of his first 'visit .here in 1924' and expressed th'e hope I that, with" the'growth'of medica science and -additions to Warm Springs, the woulc take on added importance. . Humboldt Sponsors "Free Pancake Day' ' HUMBOLDT, (ff)--Despite ; mild blizzard, 8,000 pancakes, 31 gallons of syrup, 98 pounds of butter, 44 pounds of coffee and 30 quarts of cream were served at the free pancake day sponsored by Dakota City and Humboldt 'mer r chants Wednesday. 26 Persons Injured in Kentucky Tornado WINCHESTER, N. Y., ,(#)-Twenty-six injured, four seriously, and approximately 50 houses leveled was the toll of the tornado that swept Ihe eastern section of Winchester Wednesday night.- It cut a path about 100 yards wide along a six mile stretch. .. $ 30 Get to Know 6:00 Sunup Serenade 6:15 Home Folks Frolic 7:00 News, M~a s o n C i t y Fur Shoppe 7:05 Alarm Clock Hour 7:45 Merkel's Musical Clock 8:00 Lyons Musical Breakfast 8:15 Musical Clock and Program Resume 8:30 Mier Wolf's Melody Time 9:00,Voice of Damon's 9:30 Time an' Tunes, Jack Sprat 9:45 Tyler-Ryan Musical Clock 10:00 Opening Markets and Late News J0:15 On the Mall 10:30 Devotional Service--C. E. Gilman in charge. 10:45 In the Music Room ·· 11:00 North Iowa News, Skelgas 11:10 Bell and Martha--Diamond Bakers 11:15 This and That [ 11:45 Earl Hunt's. Orchestra, McCormick-Deering Dealers 2:15 Mor-Gain Program, Northwestern Distributing Co. 2:30 Globe-Gazette News 2:40 Markets--Hubbard Milling C o . . . . . . . . 2:45 Petersen Roofing Co.'s Man on the Street 1:00 Chapman's Musical Miniatures 1 05' Wolf Coal Co. , 1.10 Mid Day Hevue ' ' ^._ 1,30 Marianne at the Stemway, Vance Music Cp. 1:45 Melody Matinee, Fink's -and - The Hub . 1:55 Club Calandar. . ' 2:00 Mailbag 3:00 Good-Friday service. 3:30 Women's Page of the Air, The Book Pilot. " 4:00 Reading the Globe-Gazette 4:15'Northwood C o m m u n i t y ·' ' Broadcast 4:30 Plymouth C o m m u n i t y Broadcast 4:45 Mason City School Program · 5:00 Globe-Gazette News 5:05 News Records from Vance's 5:15 Junior-Music Hall, Hermanson Brothers "Dairy 5:30 Gems of Melody 5:55.Lundberg's Fashion News 6:00 News, People's Gas and Electric Company fi-,05 Rudolph Friml, Jr., Orch. 6:15 Sports Review, Decker Bros -6:30 .Dinner Hour .6:45 Diamond City News 7:00 News, Currie 7 Van Ness 7:05 Musical Interlude 7:10 Review of the Markets 7:15 Dance Hour 7:30 Concert Hall of the Air 7:45 Hal Grayson's Orchestra 8:00 News, Marshall and Swift 8:05 North Iowa Forum, Frank Ball . 8:15 Ivory Melodies 8:30 Radio Night Club 9:00 News; Highway Oil Co. 9:05 Art Tatum, pianist . 9:15 American Family Robinson 9:30 Turning Around 10:00 News, First National Bank, Jerry Shelton and His Accordion 10:05 Uptowners 10:30 Jimmy'Grier's Orchestra 10:45 Rhythm Rascals Friday, Mirth 26 5:30 Tall Corn Time 5-.5S Farming in the News 6:00 Tall Corn Time 6:30 Family Altar ' 7:00 Newstime ?:10 A March for Today · 7:15 Musical Clock 8:00 Tim Brady and His Round-Up 8:20 Frank Voelker, Organist 11:45 OtldLlics in the Nowa 8:30 Women in the News 8:55 Interlude 9:00 Morning Newscast 9:15 Scotty Views the News 9:^0 Pepper Young's Family 9:45 Magic Kitchen . 10:00 Markets . , 10:03 Pine Ridge Musicmakers 10:15 Music Memory 10:30 Vic and Sadc 10:15 Edwnrd MaclIURh 11:01) All-Star Varieties 11:15 Lou Webb at the Organ 11:30 WMT German Band 11:45 Noonday Newscast 11:55 Cedar Valley Hillbillies 12:05 The Weather Master 12:10 Question Man 12:20 Voice of luwa 12:30 Markets 13:35 Cedar Valley Hillbillies 12:45 Joe Doakcs 12:50 Aunt Fanny 12:55 Iowa -Cornhuskers 1:05 Many Happy Returns 1:10 Iowa Cornhuskers 1:15 Musical Almanac 1:30 Bill Brown "The Movie Man" 1:45 Commercial Program 2:00 Izty on the Air 2:05 Chick Chats · . · . 2:10 Jimmie Smith Orchestra 2:30 Sammy Kaye's Orchestra 3:00 Peggy and Her Pal.t 3:15 Jleporter ot Odd Facts 3:20 Tunes ' --' 3:30 Good Friday Broadcast 4:00 Concert Orchestra 4:15 Singing Lady 4:45 The Day Dreamer 5:00 Harry Kogen's Orchestra 5:30 Frank. Voelker, Organist 5:45 Orphan Annt'e 6:00 Mile a Minute Revue fi:15 Stainless Show G:30 Evening Newscast 6:45 Diamond City News 7:00 Irene Rich -7:15 Singin'. Snm 7:30 Death Valley Days 8:00 Universal Rhythm 8:30 1937 Edition of Twin Stars S:CO Jack Pearl 3:30 WAIT Band Wagon 10:00 Dream Songs 10:15 Newstime 10:30 Dance Band 10:45 Freddy Martin's Orchestra 11:00 Boh Crosby Orchestra 31:30 Michael Zarin's Orchestra 12:00 Sign Oft IN COMMENT ON KRASCHELVETO Republicans Answer After Governor Rejects Farm"" Market Road Act. DES MO1NES, (/P)--Legislative backers of a' state farm-to-market program Thursday faced the ques- :ion of whether to start a new iarm-to-market road fund bill through the assembly. Gov. Nelson G. Kraschel late Wednesday vetoed the bill which passed both the senate and the house. Although he lias advocated farm-to-market road development, Kraschel declared the bil! which passed the two chambers \\ "completely unworkable.'! He closed the veto message with a plea that the legislature "answer the demand" for a farm-to-market road program with a "propel and sound law." In Formal Statement. Within a few hours after the passed would "jeopardize" nt: of the primary road governor vetoed the bill two republican leaders--Senator Willian S. Beardsley of New Virginia and Representative Robert D. Blue 01 Eagle Grove -- issued a forma statement charging that the veto "is more the result of his (Kraschel's) emotions than of sounc statesmanlike judgment." The statement recalled the pitched political battle which was touched off two weeks ago when Kraschel charged republican house leaders "injected politics" into the farm-to-market road question when they pushed through the house an amendment which would have diverted four per cent of primary road funds to secondary road development. Would Divert SfinS.OOO.' In his veto message, Kraschel said the bill, if put into operalion. not only would divert $658,000 a year from the primary road fund "but might jeopardize our ?3,200,- 100 primary road aid (from the federal government) for 1938." The governor has favored, 'and he senate originally had passed, a bill setting up machinery for. administration of · the farm-to-mar-, ket road fund by the state highway, commission. The original bill would have left the primary road fund untouched and would have required counties to pay half the cost of secondary road projects from their share of secondary road gasoline tax collections. A truck taxAvas tentatively planned to augment^the fund. CountlDS Get Option. In the remodeled bill, the legislature gave counties the option of using up to one-fourth of their gasqiine tax allotments : to match state and federal funds for farm- to-market road construction. The governor predicted the diversion of funds proposed in 'the bill as paymei bonds, arid "subject farmers of this slate to the risk of having to pay the obligations themselves from property taxes." While legislators Thursday pondered;, the tangled farm-to- market road situation, a few predicted, that legislative action in remodeling the original bill and Kraschel's veto message might become focal points of the 1938 state political campaign. Denounces Amendments. TheyVpointcd . out that while Kraschel, in the veto message, did not refer directly to the politica uproar the farm-tp-market road battle has precipitated, he riever- the less denounced the amendments which had nearly solid republican backing in'both houses. The reply by Beardsley and Blue was equally blunt in its terms. "Gov. Kraschel," the republican statement began, "is evading the question \yhen he says that foul per cent diversion of primary rond funds in senate file 143 (the technical designation of the bill) to secondary road funds endangers the payment of primary roac bonds now in existence, x x x The overnor is misstating the case vhen he says that the provisions f senate file 43 in regard to mam- enance limits the expenditure ol lot to exceed 25 per'cent of secon- ary road funds for maintenance. Challenge Is Issued. We challenge him to'.poirit qut vhere the county boards are jarred under the provision of senate file 143 from going back into _|j he other 75'per cent oE secondary ·oad funds for the money to pay lor necessary maintenance. . "The governor by his veto or s senate file '143 has destroyed the means provided in the bill which match and make certain to Iowa he use of the present grant for secondary roads' from the federal ;overnment. - . · ··'··· "He is completely ignoring the possibility of further legislation to provide funds to match anticipated tunds which may be granted by the federal government x x.-x.- . 'We are certain that when the people of rural Iowa and the genuine friends of the farm-to-market road program have carefully weighed the action of the governor in vetoing the bill, that: they ·.will realize his action is more the: result of his emotion than sound statesmanlike judgment as' t o what is for the best interests of rural Iowa." Rev. Carlson to Be in Charge of KGLO / Services' on Friday The Rev. Alexander S. Carlson of the Congregational ch.urch will' be in charge oE Good Friday serv- ices'to'be'broadcast over KGLO from 3 until 3:30 'Friday' after-, noon. ' . '. Hecoveriiisr.After Operation. MANLY--Mrs. Frank .. Garvey, who had a mastoid operation Saturday, is recovering. She was just recovering, from scarlet, 'fever, when mastoid developed. Her sister, Mrs. Carman Engel of Minne- · apolis, is visiting at the Garvey home. . . ' · · - ' WHO NBC Red Network DCS [VIDines, tou-» Central Standard Tim* . (IDOO Recycles) Friday, march 26 5:45 Morning Devotions filOQ Morning Music 6:15 Sing, Neighbor. Sing 0:30 WHO Farm News 6:45 Almanac of tile Air 7:0(1 Musical Sevvice 7 15 Hardware News 7:30 Musical Faihion Kales 8:00 Gene and Glenn 8 15 Jfews;p£ Spring : 8:30 Musical' ClocJc ··' .- fi:45 Household Hint-! . , 9:00 Mornfns Melodies S:15 Betty Crocker 9MO Betty and Bob 9 45 Today's Children in;GO David Harum 10:13 Bnckstagc Wife 10:30 Monliccllo Pnrly Line 10:45 The Voice ot- Experience 11:00 Kitty Kocnc. Inc. 11:15 The Story ot Mnry Mnrlln 11:30 Nat*I Farm and Home Hour 111:30 Commercial Program 12:45 News 1:00 Mother -Randall's Open House 1:15 The Honcymooticrs 1:30 Market Report 1:45 Judy and Jane 2:00 Pepper Young's Family 2:15 Ma Perkins 2:30 Vic and Sade 2:45 The O'Neills 3:00 Tea Time H :30' Way D own E«i st ' 3:45 The GuMine Light 4:00 Rhythm Makers .4:liv Houseboat Hannah 4:30 Hello Pcspy. ' 4:45 Adventures of Dan Dan 5:00 News . 5:05 Revue 5:15 Junior Nurse Corp5 fllHO Jack Armstronp 5:45 Lem Turner and the Four Dons R:OO Amos 'it' 'Andy . 0:15 Uncle Ezra's Radio Station S:2f) News fi:45 Musical Moment* 7:00 Symphony Concert 8:00 Wnllz Time 8:30 True Story Court 9:fH First Nighter 0:30 Exploring America With Carv' Wells 0:-1! Jerry Cooper. Songs 10:00 Virginfa Dare 10:15 News 10:30 Stranpe Facts 10:31 French Casino Orchestra 11:00 Rainbow Grill Orchestra Jl;30 Trfanon Ballroom Orchestra °N ONE OF $24.50 WILL BUY THE FINEST SUITS THAT . . . CONVINCE YOURSELF AUNT HET By Robert Quillen ' "I called for the luncheon check before we started eatin". It was unusual, but'I want Jim to know I was payin' for it so he could enjoy it." 11:00 News, Abel and Son 11:15 Slumber Hour 11:30 Good Night HAS SUBSTITUTE ON CHILD LABOR Borah Offers Amendment to Replace One Awaiting Ratification. WASHINGTON, (/P) -- Senator Borah (R-Idaho) introduced Wednesday a new child labor amendment to the constitution providing for federal regulation of employment ot children under'14 years. Borah introduced the joint resolution providing for the amendment without comment on the senate floor. A child labor amendment which has been awaiting ratification by thu states for 13 years fixes the age limit for federal regulation at 18 years. It has been approved by 28 states. Eight more are needed to make it part of the constitution. Dies as Train Hits Car. AINSWORTH, W--Roy Moore, 52, employe of the state highway commission, was' killed instantly when the car which he was driving was struck by a Rock Island freight train at a grade crossing. ry?srxF«*»r-n T*vr»"rfSfff£**J**fti?r*TM!" (640 Kilocycles) WOI College Station Iowa State Iowa Frldar. March 26 , t 6:45 Service Reports .7:00 Matins 7:20 News Nolcs · 7:30 The Music Shop 8:00 News of the Hour fliCS Music Shop, continued 8:50 Service Reports !);00 News of the H o u r \ 0:05 "The Alleged Great Aunt," Ruth Calvin 9:30 Service Reports 10:00 News of the Hour 10:0.1 The Homemahcrs JO.-30 Servjce Reports 11:00 News of the Hour 11:05 Organ Recital. Ona Searles Lantz 11:30 Book Chat, Mary Callahan 11:50 State Police Bulletins 12:00 "Poultry Problems'* 12:15 Service Reports 12:40 News Summary 12:50 "The Home Orchard--Its Place on the Farm" 1:00 MocIJer's Accordion Band 1:30 Service Reports · 2:00 News of the Hour 2:30 "Diesel Engineering as a Lifcwork" 3iOO News of the Hour ,1:05 Maslerwnrk 3:30 Marcli of Science. Robert Orr 4:nf\rowrt State Medical Society 4:15 American Legion Auxiliary 4:45 News Summary A COMPLETE EASTER Showing of ; ^ S U I T S ^ TOPCOATS Y/hen you. look "over our clothing selection . . . when you see racks and racks of smart new Spring Suits . ... when you see the va-. riety of patterns, and colors . . . the dozens of models, only ons word will describe it---Impressive. Come in and be convinced. THE "NEW YORKER" $3750 THE 'LONGWORTH" OTHERS AS LOW AS $17.50 I I j Y L T Spring SHIRTS The new spring Kinglys top them all! Exclusive designs . . . new'but- ton-down models, tab collar, regular pointed collar, and above all . . . famous Kingly quality tailoring! , Report Duke, Wally Will Wed in France VIENNA, OT--Belief that the Duke ot Windsor and Wallis Warfield Simpson would wed in France and honeymoon in Carin- thia spread Thursday on the report,, which was not confirmed, that the former king had obtained a permit to take his pet terrier, "Slijjpers," to France. ww^^ Kingly English tab collar on neat checked broadcloth in desirable spring shades. Kingly lustratone jacquard- ed madras, clipped figure, in three blended shades. $1.95 $2.45 ON FEDERAL -- JUST OFF STATE

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