Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 4, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1943
Page 2
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______ SSS-! CITY, ; iiirsii ay, CLASSIFIED ADS CLASSIFIED RATES Classified ads are one cent per word for each insertion, with a minimum of 25 cents per order. For example, a 10-word ad will cost 25 cents f«r either one or two insertons, but only 30 cents for three times. A service charrrc of 10 cents if added w "keyed" advertisement!: ealimp foi replies w be sent to In:- ofl'ict instead jf tne ttC'e r i!p".s. Ti-rnr; ore cash excop; fo: ncsmess houses: -arr nc r e R u ! c r ledger at.couiil.'- fice. at tnis of- FOR SALE SERVICES FOR SALE;--New pair of ladies'i Reoair Work I oxfords, size 7*iA. Phone 313 [ I Alma Hilmer. B_2p BODY. FENDER REPAIRING I -- DE «»oved._ repainted tej THE Li., AND GOLD WcekK Publication of the La Porte City School FOR SALE--110 ·Winchester. Practically new. Snyde: '? Mar-1 ket. 8-3c Insurance match perfecty. Onr -wort please yon. Drive in, Leo Motor| Co. 1-tf I i KNIVES Sharpened. Gravenhorst | Shnp. 4.5c IFARM PROPERTY INSURANCE; i written on instilment plan at I Miscellaneous actual coit through Kober, Apent. Jesse 0- -, - , , , - - FOR SALE Miscellaneous FOE SALE Ea.r!\ Arthu r B;ircT.5'.o^ Ohio SEWING MACHINE Bobbins. S.iui.,.1"- E ·- supphc.- :r. r ,-~... .Tn-. and Gif- ?' i- Nird!es, . 0" and STOVE 22(. a Stanon .1 GREEX rOLO\~!~.L FURNACES. Phon. t- 2!'" ; "..I M 11. W. A Framii- 1'tf. SEE u l f r i r c'r::. -'.a'-.e.- UJK, protein fe'.'d.- Moore Mi'br.p Co t--3c _ USE 3RIARD4J.L COFFEE, and j o u r br--il:fL i t v.jl! ut c»'Jd. j Brusl'E Groccrv. 1-tf | SHEET MUSIC, Music Books,, _' String, Rted"- n'tc supplies forlxuRSERY all kinut of n.ubcial inttruments. Garrabrant'E Jewelrj' and Gift Shop. 6-tfc FOR THE BEST INSURANCE in life, fire urd auto see G SL, Luveless 1'rfc FOR AUTOMOBILE insurance phone 31, Anna W. Kaber. l"tf Fumitore FOR SALE: 1 1941 Si'vf-rtone '.able model farm radio com. plete '*ith new batten, pack. This radio looks like new and works excellent. Only S21.00 (.omplct». Also 1 Cro-Oey Viblt model tl»ctnc radio. Ha' i^en completcl} overhauled. Onl ?s.45. Biam's Start. fc-lc Seeds FOR SALE: Tulips, Iris, Peonies. Better plant now than in spring Taking orders for Glads. Dahlias and other bulbs for spring delivery. List Free. Waterloo Bulb Farms, Rt. 218. 1-tf your garden -seeds earl:' at Moore's. S_2c __'; AGENCY FOR W A T E R L O O ) Laafidry and t'ciqne Cleaners j Harry Esher Barber Shop. 2-9p' · LOST-FOUND EASY Tu rEED--Sargent's Minis] Meal MC-L] for nogs. Farmers Supply Co. 1'tf CTFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS at Garrab'ant's Jewelry and Gift Shop. G tfc TWO GALLONS OF GOOD OH I at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf STOCK: Beaatif -make your home more desirable by planting fruit, shade or ornamental trees from Stark Bros. Nurseries. They also have a complete stock of roses, shrubs and plants of al! kinds. Ask about their landscaping plan. Call or see me. Phone 362, E. B. McLaughlin, local agent. 6-8p FOR SALE: Marion seed Frank Wilson. oats. 8.3c · FOR RENT FOR SALE--Check writer. Good condition. Phone 43.23, Mt. Au. ^! _ 8 ' 2p j FOR RENT--House on west Main CLEANER'S SOLVENT AT L. J.I street. C. C. Hager. Phone Tutt'r, Station. 1-fcf 20.42. C. A. Brust BRIARDALE STORE HOME OF FINER FOODS Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES FISH 19c 23c 25c 19c BRIARDALE RICE Best Grade, 2 pounds . . BRIARDALE CORN FLAKES 2 large packages BRIARDALE GELATINE DESSERT Assorted Flavors, 3 packages . TALL CORN PANCAKE FLOUR 5-pound sack . . · . . RYE GRAHAM FLOUR 5-pound sack . . . . . WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 5-pound sack . . . FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER p e r pound . . . GOOD HOUSEKEEPER PAPER TOWELS 2 rolls WAXED PAPER large rolls RINSO large package CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 7 bars "SWAN" SOAP 2 large bars RED AND EditOT-in-chief Associate Editor G. A. A. Reporter Hi-T Reporter Athletics and L Cl'jb Spotlight Club Voice and Instrumental Music -. F. F. A. Freshman Class Reporter Sophomore Clasp Reporter Junior Class Reporter Senior Class Reporter Typist As=t, Sports Editor Sponsor GOLD STAFF Ruth Coburn I" " RicV.rd Kocher "...". ______________ Zaida Selk Vem Foster _______________ Jack Lesh _ ...... _________ James Kahler ____ ...... . Rmh Vcpelak V.'.V. -V.V- _________ Don Hager _____ Mildred Casey -11I1-1 ________ Dary! McBride _____________ \Veilviood B'.ough _______ Doroiby Porter -_ -- ---- ^j lar j "g^hnke ._ ............ _____ !,Dick Fehl . _ ________ Mr. Hembera I Jimmy Novak, Vincent Ambrosy i and Ronald Kocher. I Our teacher has finished read. i ing- "Eight Cousins" to us. She is ! reading "Five Little Peppers and How They Grow" now. OTICE--Due to an oversight in the poptcard notices mailed by the Vinton Insurance company, La Porte City and the name of Frank Graveiihorst were omit, ted. Members fan still remit to m?, and payments will be forwarded veiihorst. Vinton. Frank Gra. ··OBSERVING WILLIE OBSERVES AGAIN" Dear Editor, [junior \ear. I Ralph enjoys excitement. He i hat taken a trip to our neighbor- I went around visitin' TMS southern state, Missouri and some of the classes, ar.d I must "sited Clear Lake for a week say I saw some pretty interestin' «'ith a group of boys. That was things. First of all I visited the afsem_ | blv. Mv--didn't those boys do really a Farming has been suitable to Ralph for quite a few years, LJI * . i ' * v ^ -- ^ J l « 4 * ^ L I I U O V uvf J U-J l ( w . ~ t ^ - I ^ L X a job on those window though. Of «here there is a lot of the great course, they were a little streaked out.of.doors. This he intends to OST--While collie, seven months around the edges, but I guess it's I make his occupation when he nas " ' name I the idea that they had the initia.; graduated this year. her tive (helped a little by Mr. Olsen old. Answers to the Eoo'h." Anjone knowing ·«hereabouts phone 26.62, Chas. Ackerman. B.2c X)ST, strayed or stolen--Shorthorn heifer, wt. 500.600, mark in right ear. John Benorden. 8.2p OST--One tire chain for 8.25-20 dual tire. Extra heavy duty S5.00 reward. Phone B-14. D. B. Cooper. B-2p of course) that counts the most! That's right, isn't it boys? SIXTH GRADE NEWS Lavonne Winter, who attended And then I decided to visit those] school here last year, is in the typing classes Mr. Hembera con. i hospital at Hampton, where she ducted. Some of those their pupils were just a typin' away to beat all. The air was kind of blue in some comers, but I reckon time will straighten ail of that out. Physiology class wasn't what I'd hoped. I'd heard about how WANTED ECAUSE we handle poultry and only, our entire effort is you the highest Produce Co., La 4-4c used to get prices. Fosse Porte City. VANTED--Lady to do housework- Go home evenings. No Sunday work. Call or write Progress. Review, Box B. NOTICES had an operation for appendicitis last Monday. We spent one day in Finland. The Finns are industrious people but have been held back by Rus_ SOLOIST Miss Bobby Canv,- J. Canvin cf Gnr,^. 1'. featured voca'isi SECOND GRADE NEWS I Dorsey's band, no-.v r \\"e are reading a group of j Hollywood Pa!Udiu-i. 3obby Hines hi'.s l,t week due to a throat stories called "New Story Book, by started Bob'. Friends" in our readers. Friday we read one of the stories to the third srrade. In art class we made pictures of the people and animals 'n these stories. Fourteen people in our room got "A's" in spelling last Friday* when he selected of his Music .V. family formerly 1 READ THE \VAM ^ Piles Kept Him In F TM^TM£TM1 .H^S^r 1 " 3 '* 1 having a unit on Hobbies. Several' sbouiii trr VYocioi.-,' of us have brought uur hobbies i u'^Vc'-'i'jYi'uL'^'-ri'r'* to school. We have some very fine | model airplanes, stamp books, match covers, collections of butterflies and many other hobbies. ·Uucir's " lux-mi ' 0 n't- "7 o \ ( r j . VOVi' T-i ILK 1" I A L L C D O D D H U C a T 0 9 e s [ f [ . . . r . | i, C I L T A T H A W L E Y ' 5 R E X A L L O P of them big fancy words. Maybe somebody's been spoofin.'--Sup. pose? A new county nurse or helper was here with Miss Gilbert. Made a mighty fine impression too. The way we heer'd it, Miss Gilbert isf goin into war work. We hope she has the best of luck too. Incidentally Mr. Olsen told me he's got future nnrses ·wondering ia 'or years. We have begun reading in these girls had great possibilities "Treasure Chest," this makes our as osteologists, but all tha while i third reader for the year. I -was in there, I never heard nonej .-- TYPING NEWS The following received the highest averages in the daily speed j tests given during the week of| Feb. 15.19: | Jean Jenks, 44; Dorothy Duller, 41; Lloyd Dutler. 41; E!»anor Taylor, 40; Jean Palmer, 40; Shir, ley Hackerson, 41; Jim Pearson, 40; Mane Foss, 36; Dorothy Haven, 36, and Ann Gill, 36. around school too! I hope they OPEN for business. Moore Milling take pity on those basketball boysj company. 8_3c and don't start looking for broken | SCHOOL NEWS THIRD GRADE NEWS bouncin" programs coming Sharon Davis and Ronald Peters «*"»* house Friday night. « made hive been absent from school all TM» kind of inquisitive, so being , - TYPING NEWS The following people received le daily ne week week. Those who wrote their spelling words correctly on Friday were special guest (I got in lor cents). I bought a ticket from cnt. And I -want to tell all of wurus currecuy TO rriday were ··--·-· -- -- - . , Mary, Betty, Janet, Anna, Regina.i "Bn." Fmsh do.TM in the hall and A^rrni^ A J « rL_. n...._·,.' vou who missed it. It shore was Angela, Ada, Irene, Beverly, Donetta, Richard, Jimmy, Keith, Larry, Charles and Noel. The second grade children came to our room last Friday and read stories to us from their reader. We enjoyed hearing them read. FRESHMAN NEWS We wish to tfiank Mr. Haven for the telephones which he presented to the school. These telephones have been installed as an intercommunication system between the office and assembly, saving many steps when calls come for students. The system was installed as a General Science project. Those taking part in the installation were as follows: helpers, Tink Lesh and Jack DcNeut, in. structor and chairman of the group, Jim Dixon. Dutler, 37; Eleanor Taylor, 36; Jean Paimer, 35; JIarie Foss, 33; Glen Schecl, 33; Jim Pearson, 33; Lois Buck, 32. FOURTH GRADE NEWS Mrs, Boyles has accepted a new just never saw anythin' like it before, but I shore hope to see some more of it agin' some- position. Mrs. Robert Ghme has, time It's just a shame that more|b«n our teacher this week. of you folkcs didn't come. It was mighty nici Just one -mighty nice! more thing afore :lose. The school spirit at the Jesup game was the best I ever saw. It just surpassed any you We studied homonyms in spelling this week. We found that they are spelled differently. The following people received 100: Dean Kruse, Thomas Gill, Carmen Abbott, Bermcce Anderson, Dick kids ever had before, and it sure] Wagner, Shirley Kuhn, Mae Hitt, was mighty cncouragin 1 ; keep it up kids. You got a big game a comin' up! Cheeringly yours, Beverly Bagcnstos, Juanita Bryan, Shirley Foster, Beverly Sides, Obervin' Willie j Biographies Ralph Peters -- Ralph, the "Waltz" King of our high school here at La Porte City, started his G. A. A. NEWS life five miles northeast of Em- j Thursday, Feb. 16 the freshman'crson. Neb. April 1, 1925. He is and sophomore girls enjoyed a the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Lea given by the juniors and sen. Peters, now living six and one-1 iors. The entertainment consisted half miles south of La Porte City, of three songs by Jcannctto Cole, but they are moving six and a half They were "There's A Star Span- miles southwest of La Porte City.' gled Banner Somewhere," "I've Ralph has four brothers and three' Heard That Song Before," and "I sisters. I Had the Craziest Dream." They His first school was onc.half jilso enjoyed a piano duet by Ruth mile from his home, and tha first Coburn and Maxine Thomas. .through seventh grades were fin. | ished in this country school. Bruce j RELATED SCIENCE NEWS No. 2 was the liltle country school) The unit on clothing is being at which Ralph attended for the studied by the freshman girls. In eighth grade. Then he came to this, various things concerning La Porte City for high school, care for clotliing, ability to di s _' During that time, he has decided tinguish various material, origiJthat biology is his best-liked sub. nation of certain threads, etc. is being studied. ject. Physics might be if there were not so many problems. As for sports, basketball, baseball and j CORRECTION 'football are all tops with Ralph. Ann Gill is also a member of He also has participated in extra.! the play cast "Show Up." We are | curricular activities. These in.' sorry we neglected to put her name! elude Hi-Y for four years, FFA] sorry we neglected to put 1 in last week. | for two and basketball during his FOOD RATIONING--Is a part of the price of Victory. It is something we, the retailer and consumer, must accept as our part of the war effort. We are not going to have all the varieties of stocks we once carried, but we are still going to have plenty to eat. Send the Family Cleaning to Us For Economy and Long Wear OUR PRICES Men's Suits 75c ]| Ladies' Dresses, plain 75c Ladies' Suits 85c Men's Trousers 40c || Ladies' Skirts, plain 40c Take advantage of these prices. Why pay more! When a better dry cleaning service is produced, we'll have it. Waterloo Laundry Co. "agoin" since '79" La Porte City Agents: Esher Barber Shop -- Jenks Barber Shop Novak Barber Shop For Pick-Up Service Phone 19 . AMAZING NEW KIND OF PAIN7 COVERS WALL- Before you even think of re~ decorating, let us demonstrate Kern-Tone, the latest miraclo of modern paint scicncel La Porte City Sales Co. Next Sale Saturday, Feb. 2/ 130 HEAD OF CATTLE ~~ 50 head 500-600 pound shorthorn and uh'V-f steers. 20 head whiteface steers, 600-700 pounds. 15 head feeding heifers. Remainder Mixed Cattle. 75 HEAD FEEDING PIGS SOME BRED EWES 100 BALES TIMOTHY STRAW 15 BUSHELS POTATOES ANTON, CLARK JURCENS, Own PHONE 209 M V K E THE .M V] A HAIJ11 : T FRI.-SAT. Feb. 2 HENRY'S BlJl.MN THE TO« A That boy '- b.-ck . to Ill's erij£ in Iroubli up to h t - b - or U CO-HIT SUN. - MON. BURGESS MERDITH-CLAIRE TPF in "STREET OF CHA?-4CE" Feb. 28 - \ WtRNtf STIRRINE Nancy Cols Raymonjj Wi WAN HW£- ARTHUR KEI ALSO NET TL7ES. - WED. - THURS JH1 ARNER wtos i"W NIW HITI -ROSCOE KARNS-EDWARD CMNNEUI PLUS -- Cartoon and World in Action lEWSPAPERr VSPAPERI

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