The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 10, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Monday, August 10, 1818
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. - - is chancery. - - i r .. s i. r Sine ofNem Ytrk,a. ; ,:. IX purtoance a c ier of this bonoftble court, bearing data t.e tTib daof June, 13I8, wiil btolJ at public auction, at the Tontine Coi..Houe,iothdty of New York, under the direction of theobcriber. a one of the snas - Urt of this court, oa tha 2 let day m' July neit, at 1 i o'cloc k at Boon, all tbota several blocks, puce or parcel of ground, ritoate, lying tad being ta tha township of Brooklyn, in ha cotty qi King, and wtato ef Mew - York, afore aid, aad known aod distinguished oa a map made by Jeremiah Lotv tbo 9tu day; af March, 1803, by tlx following boundaries, to wit. northerly it Smut by watertreet, southerly in me rear .oj . Trout - atreet, easterly oa tfie one tide by Jack - ; soa - itrett. and westerly on the other Side by CoM - slrst?, ccatsfissjj four squares or blocfcs w troaq r. Alto all those cr rtsia water wis, iyio. ir.i.,1 - - .,.. r k. nniVtM irnbcd hlockA, .bowrided a follow to ,wit - aierljr by - Jacksoa - atreti, southerly ny niicrnwn, - '. .westerly by 'Gold - street, containing m breadth oa Water - streW tha distance between Geld - and Jarkton - ctrcet, and running lalo Hie wiw"' it tar ai tbe treat ef the poratH'f thw city of New - York eaten, witB Ue apparwoaot. - l)JteA Jane 2. Itt 10. . fAi.A ''' ? .JAMES A. HAMILTON,' .. - .' i : - ......:,'.. - - .. 1 1 : utii a - Chance r r ; 1 Note. Tbe abort property will be told iii lot aad parceli, according v a cerium uu ade thereof, - which will be extailubitcd in the Coflre - boute one week beoro .the day of tale V . The sale of the above property ti pottpnosd t the Seventeenth day of August next, at the ame riffiAMILTO.V 121 dbi ' ' ' nT a rWrrtal order of Ihit hooora 1 kkcoart, bearing daU the sixteenth day ofj VailUtSa mww.i" w - f : (.t.lue It wari I M BAliI mini IT KUCIIOD. ftU UK Tontine Coffee House, in tr city of New - KorH, ader tbe direction of theaubacriner, aaoiie of the w, vwi , ww r ' j daf of i annary oext, at twe4 ve o'clock, at noon, all that certain lot, tract or parcel of laad, aitua - folia tbe coaatr of Delaware, B the ttate ol Kew - Yark, aad ia Kaa' Patent, and known i by great lot Uiirty (bar, and bounded at follow : oe - f iniiinzat a itake and heap of ftonei near a beech ree, marked No. 34 and 37 i being the nortbeaat corner of lot tliirty aerta ; thence along the north bonnd thereof aouth eietity nine degree, weit one hundred and twenty eijjM chain and ninety nil tioka to a beocJi tree marked No. 3Jand 34 ; being tbe toatheart corner, of lot (ao. 33.) awn - aer thirt tliret ; Uieocaloog the eat bound thereof. Bortb three lexreea, eat eighty one chain and tweoly liak to a beech tree marked No. 31 aad 34 t tbetme along tbe oa(h bcand ol Jot (No. 31) aaaiber thirty one, north eighty nine degrF,ctut lbs dutanoe of one handnxJand four dialni, to a itake and bean of atone ; thence aoatb thirty 4v chain and twenty four link to a beech tree narked No. 6 I thence north eighty nine decreet, eaat twenty chain to the wet bounOW lot thirty fire thence along (be tame outb forty four chain and ninety ii link to the ntara of hnnnine t coataioios nine hundred aod lortr nine acre aod tltrra fourth ol an cra of land, with the appurtenancea. Aud alto, an uiai rialn other lot. tract, or uarcel of land, itua tmA in ihn count r of Delaware, in the ttate of New York, in vau Patent, and kuown by great lot thirty teren, and it bounded a ( low Brgiuninir at a bemlock tree marked No. 37 and 40, being the aortheait corner of M No.. (40) number . forty ; thenct along the north boundt thereof, touth, eighty nine degree, went one hundred and thirty - four choin and ten link to a beech lapliug marked No. 3a Si 37. ; thence north three degree, eatt leventy eijlit chain to a Beech tree with (tone round it i thence on the ouih bound of lot thirty foar oorth eighty nii.e degree, eait oao hundred an - t thirty chain to a Birch tree marked thirty teven and thirty - eight j Ounce on the weft bound ol lot thirty - eight, outh e venty - eight chum to the id ace of beginning, containinK one tboatand and twenty - four Qcret and one fourth of an acre of land with the appurtenaucc. Dated, December!, 1817. ' - . JAMES A. HAMILTON, Pec 3 law4&dtt Matter in Chancer - . n - 7 - The ale of the above rrniertv i notno - aeiTto the eigUUenth day of Fehruarj neat at the tame boar and place. uiea Jan. i, ioto. . . . .. JAME3 A. HAMILTON, Omttitti i . Matter in Chancery ? Tbe tale of the above property it potpooed to O k talk .r AAtr. aTaaA aiUQafi JkOUF WV44MI MCkW yi t - a m t - w w - lilaee., JJated lei. ih, hub. ... . , J - JAMJila A. HAMILTON, . - leb 1 Jawf!; Matter in Chancerv. . Tbe tale of lii above property it pottpoued to the 23J day of . June nest, at the taine hour aod place, JDaUd May 11, 1818.. , . i JAMJt3 A: HAMILTON, my 14 lawld , Matter in Chancery. The tale of the above property it pottpooed to the ISth day of Augutt nrit.'at the tame hour a . t r W . J)l iota - ES a" HAMILTON. Je 3 lawtdt : . Matter in Chancery. - - - At aourt of chancery held IVw the ttate i r Hew York, at tbe eitf hall of the ci - ! - . . . .ty of New York. ooUit rilleenth day of J aae, ia tbe year of our Lord one thou - - ' aattdeight nuadrea anr eignieea rmxiKaT, . . ; :. - . The honorable Jami Kent, Ctquire, ' - i ChanceUor. i. Mary tiaotier, '. . ... r - j.. - . . 1 . IT appealing hy affidavit Renlamin Gautier, r. I to the tatitfaction of thi rttait that imnii of luhotana to appear aad an twer in thi caute hath bren regularly tinted a rainet the above named defeoda'it, Benjamin 111 iuvii " " liautter, bat that ke,Mie laid defendant, coi.ld ..(. anon nmrfni tearcn ana emiuirv. iddiib im - i teraediate the tetta and return ol the said ub - mena. be found to be served therewith And it I Atruer appeariav b tbe (aid affidavit, that the aid deteadaat retidet at preteut either in the city of Philadelphia, in the state of fennsylva - 1 aia,or in toe town ol Boston, ia tbe ttateoi mas i tachutettt, and aot without the territoriet of Uie I United State of America. Ann on motion oi R. i: IjiHIow. Junior. Ea aolicitor for the com plainant, it it ordered, that the taid defendant, Vi ,.uuiii uuur to oe eniereo, ana ui answer in uiis vae led, within four month from tbo date of thi or - Otr, or 10 aerauil vnereoi sni uib toiupiumui r biHotcomrJUmiM iMen P' M Ilim. ABO. II IBIuruwrwsucrcu, .... . Wyw w. f I... ...Lr lu nuhlisliad within I went V dtvilrnm tK. date hereof, ia one or more of the public ....nin.r nrinurf ia thi Ule. for eieht weeks nrrcuivelr. once at least in every week .; A Copy. . I3AAC L. KIP, : Je201aw3w .... Atsittaat Regitter. , IN CHANCERY. " . State of JV tic -, " IN pursuance of a decretal order or decree ol the honorable the court of Chancery of the ttate m e w.York. will be told at public auction at he Tontine Conee House in the city of New - York, on Wednetday.the twenty sixth day of August next, at 12 o'clock at noon, under tlie direction and saueria tendance of John Tow t. one of the masters in chancery of the (aid ttate All that certain tract, piece or parcel 01 land ana pre mites with the buildicei thereon erected and being. situated, lying and being in Uie towapf Yorkers, ia uie county 01 vvesicneii'r, ana wutcn tn an indenture uf tnortraee executed and delivered bv John Guioa to Thomas Valentine, and dated the .Itltj ol t'ebruary, 1816, is described in the words following, to wit : ' All that certain farm or tract of land, situated, lying and lie ing in the lowo of Yoakers, in county of West C Lester and .i.i.. nr v v i - . ' . stab of .New - Ywk, cootaTuuig seventy acres (as A c,er;eand ZSSS vjzr. i - . . dwelhns bouse, and critt mill anil nlhr in. proveaMQts,aad it batt d and hnow .A .1 ; bed as folloVs, vu: Northwesteriy by fcaw - Mill Rsvsr, aonberly by laads now of Ehiah Valentin.. T.il7., ? . 0W I of Peter Nodine, and S4wlherly bv Uww bow at Ut nf i,j, 1 ' sooag, and land now or late of Abraham Woo! - wpoiuo propeny ia road and riehtt of wav. , ' O. ta tor ute ia til On ' and it ty nut ol the be ucu - reaaiag 10 or irom said premises to uj Turnpike - Road, mmmonly called the Hiihlaod Turnoikel C , ' A .... AiM .rf. 4. 1 . I ..I7 - - . aim. am w umci uinwajB or eisewnero Together with all 33d ticular tbe hereditament, aou apmrienxnce thereunto belongtog. Dated ine eieoiD day oiJutv, lots. ...... . .. T. J0HN towT,' 1 i..ii. . - .. 9 lawuia iuuier ta vnaacery. . - ..j i' . - .... - - ? - - ; VALUACLE REAL 13TATE FOK BALE, . . . v civv J itir - ioii. ' " I.IVE lot of ground oa theetttideofGreeB - lVwich - etreet,bettreeaVertry at a vetorue - ttrtrwett.rSbT tto. - - . . ' roar tto ia the rear of the abovo froatiag oa Iheeait eideof Wathiagtoa - tOeet, tS by BU.,. Cicht do ia tbe block below, betweea Wah - iagtoa aad Wet - treev - - ; ; : : ; . In Mnstrrxmrv Countr. - . - 6000 acre of Laad ia Lawrence'e parchate, near taat Canada Creek, oa the north tldeoi the Mohawk. . ,' ( i . fn Franklin Coaatv. 4 15,161 arret of LaaJ. ia the. lowaaof Mount Morrjtaad Daytoa. - - ,, - 1 i v, ; - - ' r . 4 On Eate County. . ... 78? acre of Land in the town or Barrymore iBthtCountv oTLewia. ' "1t30 acre of tend ta Caatertaad, ' Ckaataaii Purcbaeto 4'" - . 4 ' ' Id Saratoca County. ' : - 1500 arret In Ptltner't rnirrhato. tnQuira at tbtolfice of liit tubacriber, 54 Ce - dar - ttreet. . . . BEY. HOC1NSON. mhl7tf " . . bAUNDER'ti PA 1 fc.M I' K.AZOH bl'ftOP. You that wiih to tbave with eate, . Bay of SatraDEHt if you p4t ', Hi Ratot StropH, peculiar tacb, - That tharpt the Raaor with a toocb. GSAUMJERd retpectfully tolicit those . who hare aot got tit Pateat Rator Strop, furnith themtelre with hit new invented Ka - Simp, and Metallic Corapoeition. No gea tkmaa woo once reaket trial of ono of the Stropt now otfrntd, will - erer try any olitert; aad och ii tnetr furmatioa, that ever o mucn ate win not give the' raaort that roondneti which render the best of them utele, and which i well known al - way to follow the application of all thoae hitherto mvtnttd. The above atrop are in general in New York, and are diitingaithed from all other. Barbert who bare uted them say more their praite than I can oiytelf. - ' " CilTVf it1 li! IA . 11 - . Alto foriale, Rator. Soap, aad every nten - for Shaving, of the Crtt quality, with a auue - rior aatot Untal of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, lie. from Snivth. New Bond ttreet. London. N. B. Tbe molt liberal allowance made to dealrrt. " niv Ti - 1 O LfcT, - A pleannt back room, at no. 58 Wall street, suitable for a lawyer' office. Pomettion mmeaiateiy. Apply in the front oicce. Je4 . tXJH SALIC A farm of between lixty and teventy acre, aituate on tlie wett bank ol Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperttown. it are a new ttone home 54 ft ft tquare ; a new farm home, barn, Sic. It form a detirahle et tabliihinent for a gentleman wishing to retjrr into the country, at it situation, at to prospect. convenienre to market, sc. it not turpauea or any in ine inienor or ute naie.. ii win tie ioiu low for cath, on a credit, or etc hunted for pro - ptrty in tUicity, goods, &c. ArjP'yto ii. u a n, eujunii.A,' mv 7 tf , Ur Buildinict. fty BKOWN, nubo teal engraver and jewel - JL . ler, No. ICO Broadway. CoaU of arms, crettt, cyuhcre, engraved on ttooa.., ... Diamonds, asaclbyst, topues, rryital, Ic. bought or cut to n form.' ladie Mali engravea with motto , Uevicet or cretr. - ' Boolu of heraldry kept with upwardi of 60,000 names. A larce assortment of fine gold seahs chains, other leweHerr. Jy 5!t 1m t HE littilMMAHCAL BAR. T 1IE importance of a correct knowledge of uraruiuar, it too mucn acknowieagr.n m ntcd comment. 1 Iir unitltled end detullory manner, in whii b it it tauet.t in common schools, highly eaccptionaMe. To have arbitrary ruin ami iieumiions (jaiiomut .uiumniri ui uicuiuij, learned andronned by rote without comment or elucidation, it lound to be generally void of utili i lor to long at the prmnrln ol ruin are not understood. uv ran never be apn'itd to actual uie. Under touh iinjrefiiun aud influenced by a detire to promote to useful a biaiHh of education, the tubH'ribert pMpose a rtmedial system..' In the undertaking, tliey are conscious of no other motive, than the promotion ol a branch of knowledge, whkfa it an indi'peniible pre requisite in every other. Tbe ub - crioert anticipale many ohiectiotit tb to' complete a deviation from tbe antiquated track, which cuitom hat long lince sanctioned as the moet elutible : but, to obviate them, they ask a thorough aod candid investigation of its principlf t. It it a dictum, that witli - a IrnnwIeHc of th teasont on which lawt are made, no one can a now uie law. conviction i itt truth formed the mott powerful incenliveto invention ol the Grammatical Bar, wbicbcon - veyt to the nimd through the menium of the eye the reatoof, the whys, aod the wherefore. To short, it employ ute perceptive racuiuet, me learner acqbirti a hatit of alleution, bit judgement it exercised, and he advance! with eate and delight. '1 he subscriber have taken a conien - ient room w Kol ton - it reet, No. Io9, where chil dien, young ladies and rentlemen way ai quire a t lrnnuli.Hr at f.nKluli fnitimu in sixtv hours. A correct knowledge l parsing will bt iven to new beginners ; if not, no pay will be required.. A new data to begin on Wednesday. J. UROWN.Jun. E. D.CROSSFIELD. N. B. Youear eentlemen, who bare been in structed in the luort term of sixty hourt, will be presented for examination each day at 5 o'clock, P. M. Scholar! received and instructed at any T . , in r if nour irora oo - ciocs a. . i . - . tioned room. J 20 Im Oil SALE. LOT of ground on Broadway, between f Walker ilrett and Canal - ilreet, 28 feet mchet wide and 175 feet long. Inquire of f. A. JAY, t' 1 tf No. 37 Pine - street. 1 O LL r, A part of a houte aud a front office in Clierrv - sircet. within a few rodt ol Fraokhn 17 Cedarittrett. iudw. iui.ii. .i jy tj ti rut t'Oti S.1 Sin The HOUSF. & LOT, No. 339, Broad - . , . . ..;n WT " , - - i feet deep. The houte it 65 feet deep, nulled in the best manner, and replete With cooremcn cet for a larse famdy. On the prcmitet are brick stable, two rain - waler cuterns, (one 01 which it brick) and a well ol excellent water. The situation 11 contMlered equal to any in this city. Y or particular, apply to Benjamin u. AfinJum. on the premises, or to HUUi.111 how at., Jy ?5 lm No. 256, Pearl - it. ti;r - "J'r.ijii.' Li SOAP JjgJ !R. FRUMENTO baa received a box of ine ht" Per,un,,ea ')t't0Tv. Pl h he JSt r. sh77 '7 Nof ? waTtee r 3 tbe trial of it, at No. J n im A (Olliiti jlV supply ot la die Beaver Hat, iretn irom tfie ma - nuiactoiy, tuita. hie :orlh toutli era market, and packed at the shortest notice, at J. WILSON'S. 1C0 Broadwty. mnj fl atj 4 - r - r 1 X V? - t r s .v. - i. 1 a a or . .1 it I I valcaju t toraatr at iawaica, X, - Q , ' FOi iALt - , 'Tbtt err etoellent farm, (tho Wto roti - deaeo of Geo. "Ced rise, Jr. deceated) aituato at Jamaioa, (CI.) on the Kockawty Turapika, within ball a mile of tbe villr i containing aboot Co lore! of good land, in eaeelleat feeee and x n - ditioa. The mantioa houte it will built a'.d very largw aad eommodiouaj entittiag of a two tory maia baildiug, with two wines, making together front of nearly ISO fret. - The aot hodtee are very convenient and ia eioellent repair i the ban partieolarly, it aeariy new, and t ppoted to be tbo largest and belt arranged ono oa the island . On tbe premises are, also, a good orchard and larva garden, well docked with a varietj of fruit. ALO, a good piece of oait meadow, within 3 coilec at the la m, eoataining aboal 7 sores, and S pieces if eicetleut woodlaaii, conlai ing, die ooe boot 7 and the other about 10 aerea. ALSO, another farm on the main Jamaica turnpikeroad, about half a mile touihrrly from the Epbcopal church in the laid vilbge, con - tainaifr about 36 acre.' ' ... ALbO, SO valuable building lota, at tha cor - aer of Jamaica and (lotkaway turnpike, opro - sito tha retidooce of tha Hoc. Kufui King. The above parcels of property will bo sold separately together, as may be agreed upon, and can be viewed at aM reasonable hour?, - - The ttock aod farming utensilt may be had with the farm, at a fur valuation. Tbe title it indisputable. Apply to . D. COUWISK, 13 Nattau - tt. Or to the subtcriber on the premises, au r tf . MARY CODWISB. NEW WORKS, MARRIAGE, a novel, 2 vol, price $5. The Uacbelur and the Merried Man, or the Equilibrium of the Balance of Com tort, 2 vol, price I 75. . The possibility of approaching the North Pole, asserted by the Hon. I). Ban ing ton, a new edition - with an appendix, containing paper on the tame eubject, and on a northwest passage, by Colonel Ueautby, F. It S. illustrated with a map of the North Pole, according to the latest discoveries, price 1 25. Narrative of an Expedition to explore the River Zaine, utually called the Congo, in South Africa, in 1U16, under the direction of Captain J. K. Tucker, R.N. to which it addd, tbe Journal of Proiertor Smith, and tome general observation on the couulry and its inhabitants, published by permission of the lord's comwiasiou - ert of the admiralty. Price $t 50. Received and for sale at the Minerva Circuiting Library Book and Stationary Store, 265 Broadway, opposite the Muteum. aug7 31 fZJT The tine new aleam vessel FRONTENAC, ol '700 ton burthen, James (Mac Kintie, master, irill cumuieui.a ruuuiug on the tint day of May next, and will leave Kingston, for York and Niagara, on the lit, 1 lib and list day of each monih, and Niagara, for York and Kingston, tbe tith, 16tt and 25th day of each month, during the tea too, where every attention will be paid to tint ens and comfort of the pastengert. i ppucaunna tor passage tooe made to ine captain oa beard. Kingston, 6'h April, 181ft. J 7dtctOI UUM iOhhtlt. new ruin, landing iroiatluop Cairo, east tide Peck - s ip, foriale by K. fcV. W. DAVENPORT At CO. aus 7 SPEAU'S CALCINED MAGNESIA, - Remedy far a Stntr bOmtach, H tart - Hum, and a Cure for lniiifcilton. C1 A LC1.N E l M AJ N Eel A hat teen tome time in u bolb in Lun pe and Amtrica ! hut latterly it hat been more Ireqtienlly used than for merly. It wat nrtl brought mlo use in uerina - ap, and wat highly extolled by liotfuian, on on whose authority it wat iutrod'iced, but very cor.fined y, till the kuowledge or it, and itt excellence, wat more exteniivelv diHutcd by the au - Uvur of a medical paiuphlct, entitled an " Ettay upou the .Nursing and Management ofChildren," ic. This author hat testowed much tub - mid attention in tbe inveti igatiou of tbe virtuet of the calcined maenetia, and ia most inttaucet hat great ludiceutent aod kaowhtdze of the tnbiect on which he treated, and thereby bas brought Ifiii incdicina into hijih repute. We cannot, Uieretore, more properly txp'aia itt reputed sir tue. than bv ouotinr the nattase in which be re - C - 'Oirneudt itt ute. lie tail mat me tirsr ana . . - ". . . . general cause of most diseases to which infants are liable, it the acidity which their food occa - tiont in their iloma hi. J hit acidity becomet very obviout from the griping and I urging occs - tioned thereby. It may not ue improper to men. rather preventive, it timely administered, which the magnesia alba, calcined. This medicine effectually curet all aridrtict, provet a mild aud lenient purgative, and keei s the lody gently o - au cjr nuu griicfuuj a mh.ih ,u.o., pen, wunoui leaving neniou u mai cusui naic which layt the foundation for many dangerout and troublesome diteate." 1 he author ol the above mentioned essay fur ther observes, that " notwithstanding tbe peculiar excellence of thi preparation in removirg indiireftisfi. vet (till it labor under adisadvau inge aimcuil iv 19 uuviswut ns nuciicuiiii uai a yet pursued a method calculated todiyetl itcom - I'reieiy or n i ruuuies, ami Kive it vnai pre - eminence which iu me nit (when properly prepared) would justly demand tor it it a well eitablitntd fact, that iiMlieetiioo it the primary caute of ma ny of Uie mott alarming and daugeroui diseases incident to the human 15 stern ; consequently the magnesia alba, whea properly calcined, would be the most flicacioul rroiedy hitlierto known." ucretiful etttrimentt have fully demonstrated. that the magnesia here recommended bas arrived to the perfection at which the above author biots. bold onlv (by appointment) by JOHN C. MORRISON, Drucgitt, Ml) Greenwich street, aad HULL K BOW Pi t, Druggist, 146 fear! ilrett, New York. J 3 1 1m LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVER C5 ITU ATE between Barclay and Murray k3 street - , Chamber and Reed - rtreett, Jay and Harrnoo - ttreett, and Norih Moore and Beach - street, at a price very considerably less than in teresl on their value, and at the expiration of the term the bmhhngt to be fairly valued and paid for, or a new lease granted. A l - o, to let by the year at a low rate, several lots or 1 ard on ths water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of paris, tc. Apply to r -, 31 rark, oear the T hratre. Several of the above lntt will be told at a mo - derate price and on a liberal CLiMit A small xirtion ol Use money on:y will Oe required. June II tf Q. TO LET, The first and lecood iloor in (tore No, 8 1 ielchcr - ttreet. The rooms are large,) being 2j test wide, 70 feet deep, well calculated lor wholesale crockery itore,tnr storage, or for other I business requiring much room. To be U4 toga. ther or separate. Enquire on the premises, or at 143 Pearl street, up stairs. Jy 4 NEW - YORK SPERMACETI OIL ai CAN DLE FACTORY - No.58 BROAD - WAY QAMUEL JUDD, has for kJ a e. wholesale aad retail. ' . ..1 ...1 ..... rsMr strained Spermaceti 4 Olii Oil, at the above ractory, at tbe old stand, 133 Fly Mar ket. Alto, SPERMACETI, WAX, TALLOW MOULD CANDLEd. Together with a general a. tortmOit of Latiip. Lamp Glasses, Lamp Wicks 1 aad fjr the accoaimonntion CBstomer. Tin CaniMerv. tifm I to 15 calloo I Kegs, frotn I to 3 do ; with a variety of other article. all of which are warranted of tbe first Quality, and at cheap a can be nurchaeed in New - York 1 Tbe above article tent 19 aay part of uie ciry free of expence, where Oie purchaser m&kes laaorjec'. J 31 ml l - '.l - pW roST, COACn Air 8TKAM - 80AT USE, tun ruiiJiui.L.rnuii 1 WAT 09 KLIXAaKTBTOWW roiBT. (Through ia Oao Day.)'v : AK EW Lino of Pott Coacbea with every convenience for pattearer and baggage, on Springs, ttartt from the Coach office, No. 1 Lourtland - ttreet, oear Broadway, New - York, every morning, (Sundayiexcepted)at o'clock, in yie oieam uoai niuinnia, vis un;iira"ii Bnintwick, princton, Trenton nd Bristol, and arrive at Philadelihia the tame afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A aecond Line of sew Pott CoMrhet will itait from New - York every morning, (Sunday excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the fc teain Boat Atalun - u, kxtge at 1 reiitoo, and arrive at ruiianeipuia, ia aSteatnBoat, next moniing at 10 o'clock. Pare 5 dollar. P. S. Patcenger are requested to call and take their Seat at tbo office No. 1 Courtland - tt. N. Y. United State Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passengers aud baggage, oi apringt. The U. 8. mail coach will ttart from the coach office, No. 1 Courtlaudt - t. New - York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 8 pat - seneers admitted. i" ... i r : ...! - r r vr seais in wie anuvcnsiHu i.iuci, ui'fj lv TUOS. WHITFIELD, at the old eitabliihed Coach, and Steam Boat office. No. 1 Court - landt - ttieet. near the corni r of Broadway, new - York : or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No. I?4 Broadway, corner of Cedar - ttreet, and at No. 53 Whitehall - street, New - York. CiTAII godd and baggage at the risk oftht owner. JOSLPH Ll ON, fcOSS tu. N. B. Exprette tent to any part of the Continent, hy . THOMAS WHITP1ELD. Je S4 6W1FT SURE MAIL COACH Kb, run miLAnKi.rniA, ?.. ft7" Leave New - York JJ?1; ii evcy morning (Suudny'tex incepted) at o'clock, and ar rive in rhiluueipnia next day to dinner. Tbe puliln k houses are good, and reasonable in their charge. The driven, hortet and coaches are not inferior to any others now running between these two cities. The beautiful country, and the excellence of the roadt ou thit rout, connected with Uie tafety, comfort, and reasonable expence. are beleived to be ttronj iiHlucenientt to traveller! in giving thit line a derided prefer eoce. Tbe strictett attention wiil be obierved hy the proprietori in giving general satisfaction. All bngae and packagtt will go at the ritk ol the owner unlets intured and receipted fur by the clerk of laid office. Stage fare only 5, with a generous allowance of baggage. Partiel withing to travel at their leisure, may engage tlie Coach on reatonahle terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. for tealt apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - ttreet, New - York. . . LilUiV, JU.xt, it 1st). ap f Proprietor!. UNION LINE Jti' aSiiwiwaswl KOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenty - five uiilt land carriage, via New - Brunsw ick and Trenton. In new po.t couches , . $5 Do good stages 4 50 Do jorecastle or dork passengers, 3 50 Connected by the tteain boats oLivk branch and rm.4UKi.rHiA. The tteam - bo&t Olive Branch will leave New York evrry day, Sunday ' excepted, from the north side of the Halter v. at II o lock. A. M. PutteriKert w ill lodge at Trenton, anil take the steam boat Philadel - tibia, so ustoariive in Philddelohia at lOu'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore tteaui boats. Thit line ha a connection with the bett boats on the Delaware and Lhesaceake to Norfolk at also those of the North River and Sound l and their several arrival are calculated to caute uV tie, if any delay. Thit it a tpeedy and certainly the mott conve nient route, at the passengers will leave New - York alter the banksnuen, and arrive in Phila delphia before the hours of huuiett, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land car - ;ige l.eicg mucn lest inao oy any ointr rouie uc - twi o the two ciliet. For teat in the above line apply to , WILLIAM B. J AGUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Oflire, in Mar - ketfield ttreet, north skIh of the Battery, betweea Greenwich aud Washington street!, or to The CAPTAIN on board (7 - All goodt and baggage at the ritk of the owner. p NOlK.L. For the further acromnvi dation of the public, the ut 'parture of the Firetly from j.New - York and Newhursli will lie in lulure on the following dav 1 : Leave New York on Monday, WedneiJav and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newhurgh on uetday, Mutay and snnaay ai b a. .i. Tlie above arraneement willccmmenre hy thi Firefly leaving New hurgb on huoday, the 24lh may. Tbe Western Stage leaves New - burgh imme diately after the arrival of the Firelly. . ntn XASTOB AUD BBTlll.r.URM HEW LINK, VIA BKW - BKOIISWirK. (7 - Pasiengert will leave New - York every Moodav .ind Friday, at 1 1 o'clock, A. m. in 11 steam boat Oine branch : lodere at New Brumwick : leave mere early next morning, and arrive at barton at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave tattoo every Monday and I riday, at 5 o'clock, IM , lodge at new Urnntwick : arrive at .ew York at 10 o'clock next, in the tteam - boat Olive Branch. The ttate connected with thit line it a good four - horse ttage. I'atsage from it. uruniwick to r.atton, jw ; from Easton to Bethlehem, 75 cents. For seats in the above line.anply to WM. B. J AQUEr?, at tbe Philadelphia Union Line SI tain - Boat Office, north tide of the battery. IIOUKKI LLTSOJI, rroprietor. JelStf tVJt fHIUHtKLfUIA, Via F.LtZAB.ETU - TOtVir POINT. Pool - COACH l.l.N K Throurh in a dag and by daf - light, T EU M New - York in the ttcam - boat Ala XA lauta, from tha foot of WhitehaJ - ttreel, oear the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. I Courtlandt - strcet and No. 53 White hall - street, at which places seats may ba taken. Je20 tf. AMUOY ON fcLMMY. The Steam Boat OLIVE BRANCH will sail for Am - boy on Sunday next, and ; very succeeding Sunday ,at 1 1 oS loc k irerisety. the will leave it at 4 P. M. ti arrive at 7 o'clock. Pa mergers may either dine on board or at any of tlie tav eras. Passage 51) cents going, the tan prii:e for returning; dinner oa board 5 centa. P. 8. In the trip the will tail round statea island. JMU BOARDING SCHOOL. npiIE MiSi RENNET ! 'S have opened a X botirdinig trbxd for young ladies, on tlie south tide of Powiei Hook, in a situation very healthy, and although convenient to tint city. quite retired. The ! Ene;t!h brarx hrt aod Needle work, French, Mific. Dancins and Draw - tat;, arc lauetit, by thfiniclvea or by avproved ntaaien. r or lerntt c. apply to Sir. u. 1 GREENE, 21 WaU - itrrtt, or at tL school. J ll'i i i HifTi t n TUKSQUA'O ST HAM BOA T - LLS . itT ,'Tho proprietor, with A i - 1 view i accoiBiBouaufig uie .MWnuhlic. liv.vttiHinir fh. lin. i - - - . 3 n Norwich, intend Baakinr toe etpenusenl wiihlhe Ftiltoo, CapL Law, and thi route (if found practicable) will be cuiitiaued during tbe season. - I he line will in future be from New - York to Norwich, a follows:.! he Conuacticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - ork every Monday, it'dnaiay aod Frjrfujr, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor New - Haven. Ihe Fulton, Capt. Law, wilt leave AorsncA at 4 o'clock in the aorrrmg of thesame day, touch at JfttLo$iJan and depart from thence for Js'tw Haren at B o'clock. The boat will meet at fliw Haitn, and depart from thence every Monday, H'tdntt - da if and t'riday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for Veir - Port, and tha Fulton lot AtuLondon and A'mmri. mh 17 .IIDM(iM and tAMAIIAII!IAMAIl, - a'f AliC TRRAB Utii A Kill. Wffal KAVESNewburgheve - flL ry Sunday, Tuetday, niiu 1 i.ununj niorningt, ai three o'clock, runt throueh Montgncntry, Bloomingburgh, f.lonticello, by White Lake, Coshectnn, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owe ga, Ithica, aud Ge neva, toCanandaigua. Keturninr leaves Canandaieua every Mon day, AVednesday and Fi. lay mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the Uiird day in time to take tlie Stem.boaU which arrive in New - York the following morning. OCT" may bt txpetttd that at all frnwt irAen Mr ilram - boati alttr their dayt ef running, that lUu tint vitt alttr to 01 to meet them. The whole route will be rerfomed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of Aovember and from tbe first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, un til tbe fifteenth of March the tame line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four day. Passengers travelling - from New York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. iqi - Jc in tbe evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. The line it well furnished with good, new carriages ; good horses, and cartful and experienced ilr'.vers Every attention will be paid to rendes tlie patt:geof the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it U believed that the accommodation! 011 thit line are equal to any line in the ttate. (Tf - FAKL from riewburgli to Canandaijrua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. . N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from flliaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Points thence through Newtown and Paiiucd Post, to Bath, Sic. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at Uie risk of the owners. David Godfrey, Bloomingburgh,! E. C. St. John. Mount Pleasant. I L. ti R. Manning, Chenaigo, I Propric - .uiliri vcic, iiiica, WIS. Samuel (ireenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, rah 14 d6m TH& STKAM LO.i 7 si f.iL.iA 'J'.i, run. t - Li.Abt im ovviv roi.vr, . LEAVES N. York each day, Sunday excent - froni the foot of White - h.t:l - street near the Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leave Eliza - bathlown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half pail 12 o'clock aod ball past 4 o'clock r. M. JW tf IJT - Onthe 11th of May, a. comuicoccd runuing four if time a week. A Boat .: - ".r.'Slgarf Now - Yurk un Tuet day, attro'cluck, A. M s Wednetdar, at 5 P. M; t nday, at 9 A. 31. anil bnturdny, at 5 1'. AI. ol each v eek 1 and a lioat leiaitt Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9A. M The Fire - Fly leave few - York 00 Tuetday, Thunday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - burgh, and returns on Monday, Wedoetdny and Friday, at K A.M. Je 20 WHOOPINti COUGH. DOCTOR SCOT I '3 Pectoral Mixture, which it atafeand ehVctuai remedy for the whooping cnugh. It it only ttn yeart since it was offerr d to the public, and some thousands of children, both in Engmnd and Scotland, have Men cured ny it, alter every oibermediriue had been used without elkct. it is held in the liili - ett ' titirnalioii fur itt excellent and talubrious virtuet. It promotrt ntt permr ation, r - tuOket viscid pii! 111 i.y an .v ; . ixpn - - toratton, and 11 .iiiitnry t j 11 1 - 'untt ; it l n hgtliebt and delci.tit the lu';.n n, iiitca.ieal 1 r liberty ol hreulliing, and p - ndutes the most s..f, salutary and happy rhecti, by prevent - i - .'g thine dittteting and ciavuNiie cought, lo wM' h thnusandi of, ia mote - quence of neglect, prematurely tali a sacrifice. It is exciting a temporary stimulus of relief 111 those violent paroxysm t that itt quali ties are mattifetted, but by eflectually lemov tug lliuie dittresiing tymptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened f - ame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by 1L Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C. Mori ton, Druirgest, No. 183 Greenwich - street, N. York. DniggesU throughout the United . - tates, may be st'pplicd with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of tlie above places, at the lowest wholesale price. JLy 7 2m MUTUAL INSURANCE CtiMPASY TBI CITt OF 1TKW - T0RK. Thtolita lmtitution for Insurance againttfirt m uut cuy,) Pi&URE againit Los or Damage by Fire, Dwelling Houe, Ware Houses, Buildiogi in general, Merchandise, bhipt in port and their Cargoes, Household Furni.ure, and every description of personal property, on terms aa favo rable at uniiiar lntutunnni in tnitciiy. Tim Company 11 incorporated solely for tbe Durnose cf iutunnt: aeaintt lotn - t by lire, and hat circumtrrihed ila operation iluetfy within thit city and immediate proximity. In addition to tlie capital mock, $oW.uuu, whiili it secured by bond and moitgage on real ettatr and public ttorkt, tliit Company potsettet a handsome turpiut mad, invetted lti like manner sp&rtietattured mey therefore repose the fullest confidence in the solidity of itt capital, and that any lostet or damage will be settled with prmpvuune ana iiDcrauiy. Ilie dilfcrent rates of premium and conditions "f Insurance are uniform with tliote of the other Fire Insurance Otucet La thttcily. The public are referred for particular! to tbe priuten propa!t in circulation, and which may be bad on application at n r Wall ttreet. GABRIEL FURMAN, President, JOHN PINTARD, StcreUry. . mvtW f OIl.N HKVVI f T still resides at No. 44i W J ter ttreet, w here he hat a ve ry handsome and faihj - atsortmi - nt ofCat inct Furniture oa hand, which he will warrant to be of the first ?uality.. He tolicitt hit New York and toothers needs t" give him a call, at be fl ctteri himself they will ant be disappointed. Orderj executed at the shortest notice. Jt 2t tf A diitertiTi'riBfcne ko i, 41. ,. H.r.g that difler. tW" n.,mr)erof tha - faculty and .urgery there, deem, it EStf ty to ruAt sonoervlu"' tie abuse of AlERCHY rath, utditrriminate, aad fled kite Uereol, bat been 7 the of iaC,,il;, .J? tanus aie annually mercurialited out of iV ente. The disease we have in tkw ow uH? tal retu'lt chiefly to source. Whff iL" 'iiai a young man, tbe hopes of bis coaatr. 1 J the darling of hi. parental,,0 fi'SffiJ T HUT IIU1U 1U 1 1 It niTklTnOrla at n,t ! b, the consequence, , .7 TZIT and hy a dieate not in it. :Z?Z:??rK which only Drcres .0 fnm. n 'u" 4 - - . - ir.. ... u UWD uaiart fatal a J mly orore so imm A r1 treatment." A. geotlemar, (late D,K!t,w tint) bow. perfecfly hear., 'aid weuX: under phywcian. of general pracUct,' Sr, and repeatedly .alivats d ; when record aJ! Dr. H. (by a gent emaa of thi city) fc? were carious, aad hi. ticsh dropping "r fi!!, hit fuendt declareU be could aot rxiiaib'vn mZl? know with what eate and a,ety Dr. H A.i veAtrt 'd conlirai theVoa.i! lution. The Doctor't Ma. (7dveftJ.in7)CttT,'! eettary to guard the public againtt tbot)L ! mercury, and - other fatal delutioht, held fo,uf ' Pertois, therefore, having contracted, a i!7 vate dirprder, or (utssecting latent poitoa. admonithednot to tau,ier with tlieircols,iTf lion, or conceal the disorder, till put jr. ry t olherthaviug tl.e ren.aios ef an niA nD'V A YLZjrV. Vf "P or otiier impuritiei of the blood, Biwelluotk! c. (u iifiiiiiiu ui ceucaie aaiure, in .i.fci. ex. .boiUd remember portenty, aod do ml to their cortciencei, by making ar,! to Dr. H. at bit old ind rJnr..:tC,,:a.,i' lithment, No. 64 Water itreet, foaf houte. of Old - thn, to ohtaia that prompt aUUnr.T Ion calculated fi prevent litTclocure. lX let me claim your serious attention RenseicKw a tuiieificial cure it no cure at all .nu.Tr" tines tit radically done, yoo will certainly fci the ditorder break out again with redooNed ? Iignty. at ome luture period ; perhan. then wiB be too late for remedy. Don't you oftenm7 the streets miserable, mutilated being Ummt Dr. H. character for skill and rtsbborn int.. grity being uruverlly known in thi, city, t. I804,guatantee to patient, Uim delicacy an. i.! crecy hitherto unknown, and having conTined Lis v i - 'f v., y - iusiveiy to the cured ilueatet of tlie blood tystciu.fli...r..a.i,f ... . Glcttt eradicafed in two or three we.lit unsieu intwe or three week - . aoved wiUmuf bougict or any oik - S and all debilities; likewise all 1, Mula'i ire. . cr instrument ; old ulceratmni. plurality 01 ouict are provided, aad so titi. ated that patient are not exposed to each other t observation. Opio till half patt 9 in the evening. All perton concerned are invited tn ha A I l: . .1. . . . ' calling, and sneaking with Dr.H. which is tn ui cosu iiua nere ine svucmr cannot avoid tte txprestioa of gratitude ti r innumerabie - mendatioa, aad for the deciiled preference (it i presumea wiinjuticautt) kxig given bini bff - iV.w. aii lettert mmt be pott paid. Dr. Bui banan. Augt7 1 ' ' NUT ti Eli tL.iLA,hX AUH JMtUSh JOA. ' DiR. IVANS' auperii method of curing ace. tain Disease, bcowunivt.a ' ally acknowledged iotai cuy ; nn mode 01 treauaetl is perfectly mild, tafe, ei pediuous, and hi crura. reasonable. Ia every b stance he warrant a ctrt, and will rctarn the navile doet not perform agreeab 0 to contract. iTiere are many perton in this city and it vi cinity, laboring under various chronic diserves. such at cancers - old inveterate ulcers, scrcMt . or kiogl evil, nslulas, diseases of law wrethnu bladder and kidmet, old complicated coBsumaui . of a certain nature, biliout and other obioat lion, rheamatiam, Ac which they considet itet rable, they can certainly bo cored (in general) by applviat: at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, 9, FecB - iliP, having practised ia extetait hctpitalt in Europe 12 yean, under some of tae first Surgeons and Ptiyvicrtnt in the world, lid made thote obttmate tfiteasus bit coattant tti dy in, 30 vean. Oct 12 AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall street, gentle - . mi n't dretiiiig: loom, has for sale a few sVt - tors of Damatk Steel, wadj by the celebrated Marauin, of Pat is. He bat alto received aa as sortment of the best English Hators, which he warranti good. If pruyed to the contrary, money lelunded. 1 Also, cult and drttfet hair ia the latest ttyle and in a manner to a to adapt it to the physiognomy. : Mr. KKU.vit to return nit sincere uaaa lohitcuitomert, and Ihe public in era ral, for their very liberal patronage, and loiidts a COB tinuance of their lavourt. II. ha likewise nrocured a vet v Dae bone.tal engages to restore raxors to a very keen edge and snouhi mey 001 cot wen do win rccsnr recompence. ' ' Gentlemen who tubscribe by the quarter, wil have their apparatut kept exclutiiely for d'OR the above troubLtuue i ond often falsi A? 1.:.. u :i, 1. l - i..;. i.nlTvmf. VllB a contidenre inspired by twenty year experiment. A tingle trial wiU prore that ttdis - ludgcs and evacuates the tough viscid pttr r mucus, strengthens the weakened vessels w lungs, sheathes the acrimonious humour wjneo irritates them, and finally discharger it. . l striking at tbe root of the ditorder, tbo tyBp torn are of course effectually and P,n"JPti conquered ; the reverse of conimon ""rZth which weaken Uie constitution, aad give tlreop" to the disorder, for the take of mooewin. pr ent tome of itt painful enect. 1 m - .itA I O r AtvLiNTS, Wild have CBUOrra . with thit dread'ul malady, thi i discovery a, 1:... :. - a. ..Am insMhatt ine urn innEiiiiuue. o ii ni - . tude, as it afloid na"" " e progrett, and in k short ioj igr 1 tU Host cruel ditorder to wsf able. Tbe elixir is so PrS,'I1L lief, check tbe 1 tirelv remove I cniioreaare uauie. lutnim , - 1, - ... 1 T ...... reeabie, and Ihe doce to (mail, tbat bo oiiw - j aiiseiiu taking it. m , ,'.... . tie particular to aik lor nammow - " - "'.i.t itatioot or which are offered tolho pu.M none afe genuine without the signature w UFor tale at LEE'S medical warehouse. NM Mniilin Lane, and by every retpectable Vm sist in New York. ' - FOR SAUi A YOUNG black - womin. For term, A apply to Mrs. H. ANDKC30N, lif. apply to J 29 2w No. 10 SUte - cwcet. NEW - YORK t , . PRINTED AND PUBLiSSSO , MICUAEL BVRNBAM k CC.' No. 49 WiuJAtt - BTBBBT orroeit lf VauU. uorrKR - iiousa. EMBe?sR XA W mmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmrtMOf'' w'TV TTaTEa sv.

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