Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 5, 1895 · Page 6
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 6

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1895
Page 6
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/\ f WONDERS OF THE SEA. lt*as About the OtMm Collected bj tlie St. JxiclB Glob«-Deranrrat. ·foe Black sea has a depth of COO AJ thorns. The Gorgonia, or fan corals, are found in every sea. The Atlantic, ocean takes its name from Mount Atlas. The gulf stream is 100 miles wide -.nil from iOO to COO fathoms deep. Tlic polar currents contain less salt llii^n those from the equator. Ju u "-1/lc scter oi limestone, Gi- bimy found 3,000,000,000 sea shellk One very common species of ocean jafusoria. is shaped like a bell. The first author to attempt an ex- pbaition of ocean currents *vas Kcn- icr. Sea water is said to contain, all tlie [olnblc substances that exist on earth. pr Young estimates the mean depth ·f the Atlantic at about 10,000 feet. An ecliinodcrm that inhabits the West Indian seas has over 10,000 arms. Tlic sea cucumber is nothing but a, thin skin and a very capacious stoaj- jch. Naturalists are in doubt as to whether the sponge is a. plant or an animal. Over 7,000 varieties of microscopic sejshells have, bcc» enumerated by naturalists. The sea nettle stings its prey to death by means of a poison secreted iu ILS Innlaclcs. The ai crage depth of all oceans is supposed to be between 2,000 and 3,000 lathoms The Ealinc matter held in solution in sea water comprises one thirtieth of There are spring's of fresh water in ilie 1'ersian gulf that furnish supplies to vessels. For a long- time coral was supposed to he a plaut. Even Reaumur treats it as such. Tlic water of tbe Mediterranean contains o greater proportion of salt than that of the ocean. The -ntcr of tho I5cr.d sea yields about tw o pounds to the gallon of saline substances. When the gulf stream passes out of Ihc Golf of Mexico its temperature is about 70 degrees. The sea cypress, a kind of coral, iomclinies has 0,000 to 10,000 animals oa a single branch. No part of the Atlantic ocean between Europe and Newfonndland exceeds 2,000 fathoms. In 4u7 grains, by -weight, of sea sand, (,000 shells of minnto sea animals were found bj Orbigny. In a cubic foot of phosphorescent sea iratcr thcru have been found 25,000 living creatures. Mauy kinds of sea vrorms arc eaten by the people along 1 the coast of Italy, France and Spain. A phjsalm, or sea galley, of the size ota liazcluut, will kill a herring vsith the utmost ease. Starfish arc found at almost evcry dcpth in tlic sea. Some have bccc drawn up from 3,000 fathoms. It is estimated that the vratci of the ivholc ocean contains in solution over :,rjOO,000 tons of pure silver. Nearly three fourths of the -world's drainage, directly or indirectly, pour*, mtu the Atlantic ocean The Erst mention ot the Gnlf stream is in the journal of Alummos-, the pilot oll'onco de Leon, in J513 One kind of sea-bladder has no mouth, but absorbs all its nourish mcnt through the pores of its body. The sea pen moves by alternately c.\- pandiug- and contracting- the folds of ili body, like an earthen worm. The sole business of every inhabitant of the sea is lo feed himself J-ml a.11 at~ lend strictly to business WOMAN AND HOME. INTERESTING COSSSP FOR FIRESIDE READING. How to Drcij ih e Tj tl i e cirla--Tn Goirna Galore--Calntj Idtu for CnJmrcar--Nolea lor tlic TJoasc- hold. HILDEEN S coats arc growing 1 more and more elaborate. One of the latest designs liknovcn as the "Princess." It is made of tan color Mcltou cloth, and lia.ncrs in two Ijox plaits from a claret velvet yoke. This yoke is outlined back and front w i t h a. frill of Renaissance lace, nliiuh is fulled over the thonldcrs to form epaulets The Eleexc is 3 generous Icg-o'-mutton finished -with a. deep vehct cuff. A novel idea is to have tLc fancy muff sold with these elaborate coats suspended from uands of fur instead of rihbou. The fur is made into an adjustable collar, and from this collar two narrow uauds of fur form a, chain to -which the mnff is attached. Tea Conns Galore. The assortment of tea gowns sho-nn In the shops is enough to make one think that women have nothing to do Imt, to ·ncnr them. So prcat is the variety that every type of woman ma\ Tie satisfied. The woman w h o has a fondness for porpeous ncjlige soivns will be charmed with a tea jjovin recently imported from Paris. It is fashioned of dart: blue velvet and has ISurhlc*- Stock buckles are the vogue thii. falL The jewelers'windows arc filled with them, and a stock of velvet caught in front with a gold buckle is considered a present not to bo despised. The buckles arc damty, delicate affairs. Many of them are of jrold nad enamel I combinci Heart shaped buckles and ' gold circles have taken the merry , maids by storm. , Her Dulntj- UndcriTcir. ·c gouns and ladies' ^nt*- c* ^^cct ever dc^ uniler- r:,,t; u a You can make better food with ABLTELY Lighter, sweeter, more wholesome. ROYAL BAKISG POWDER CO. 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. f II I j An OnVr ot niurrl.lgc*. The Iciclmjf paper in a. provincial town recently published the following matrimonial advertisement: "A jotinir lady of cuonuous wealth, who is prepared to pa\ off all iho debts of her mtmdcd husband, desires to form the acquaintance ot a respectable \ o u u p gentleman, w i t h a %icw to matrimony. Each reply to lie accompanied by n photo of tlic sender :iml addressed to J 1'., at tlie ollicc of this paper." The delicate hand w h i c h drew up the abo\c lines and thereby seemed .1 very hir^e uumbci of oilers b^lonpcd to no less .i pui«,oii:-f,'c thin Hc-ir It/iff tc-hl.iuchcles who had Irtcly opened a in j clothin"- cst.iblishnicnt in the town. C?lDEII\ show the influence of expansion -fashion quite as much, in Ihc-ir w a y , as ]j y lnca " ns o [ th c p l,otos sent iu he the outside things wInch arc constant- ] ciiabk'd to ascciluin which of 1\ i n \ i c w , anil .ill things considered, thc effect L more charming-, as the to ascciluin which ol Ins | v.onld-bc customers were in iho habit | of leaving their debts unpaid.--IIu- | moiistichcb IXlio. ccMBK.TB :in f.lcl't n«ur IMy. I I h c frr.ivodigpcrs -lie the lalosL trade I to claim an eifht-hour dny Tht'V com| plain the hours o£ « o i K at AVilli."*- tlun ,irc nolcvs lliEin thiiLui'ii. M e Uo not knou- how loiif,' it t-ikes lo di-r ,1 jriaic, Tut t h i r t e e n houis :L daj stem t o p o i i i L to au al.u iniii^ IHOI t.ility. In this cise :it :ill CM'iils t l i c public ^i ill rc 'o ".ce '.lie h u m s of 1 ihor .shoi t- eriLcl as inncli .is possible -- picf(.i.ill liy the d i t i i i n u l i u n in VliL ))o-,siblc -- pro fei.ibh b^ the diin'miilion in the dc- m.ind o£ f,n,nc". i.ith(.r t h a n liy the 'n- cicnse in the supplj ot (jra-.cdiRfTcrs c m c r Hie occupation, as bh.iUi';.- slious \is ui "ll.vinleL. ' hliO^Ut be c.iinnd on in iv leibiirtly and philoso- ,ihi :il -spirit, and this is impossible if tlie pruned ijfger is overivoiken. I l w i l l :'ilil :L nev.' pan;; to dc.illi if Me know :iru a d d i n g to the lubors " ie:ulv ovLrr.orhnl sc\Lon. 'JiropisLs \\i\\ :ill be cic I M I I I S L L l J U u l l f C l I ' h i l m- d. -- \VcsL- J t n j lldMrl'il G r l c r -- I |I:L\C i c c c - i v c d a l e t t e r from A u n t M.itlld i, s ij m; she c i n ' t Lome lo l:iy Lillle J o l i n u ^ -- l i o o , Imo hoo' "l)c-ir inc' f d i d n ' t kiiuw \ oil , \ c i c so fund of \ o i i r A u n t M.itihl.i 1F "I isn't " ' 'J'liL'ii u i i a l ' h tho matter', 1 " "l';c b-bruslicd my ;hoc.s and n - u . i s l i i d mj in i:k all for nothing-. I J . i l r y l n p I n N c l i r u n l f l i n profitable indnslry. The- t'rn'.scs found then- ,iru c^fclH-tit and a b n n d - anl bml.iljlr bn:d can he hniig-lit, .it the lowest pi ices .ind nn c.i\v t«Tms. U to P. S linstis Ccncial J'.is'cn- \,'cnt, (' ]!. A.Q. I! I!., CliiCiigo, 11L for dttuilc^rl i n f o r m a t i o n . n, sweeping trnui ami enormous sleetcs. 'Die front of the gown is of w h i l e cr« pc shot w itli cense. Tin 1 cicpc n tjatlicrcil lo the liyuro at Iho i r u s t line and tied with dark blue libbons To add to tho irnposin;; cffc'cL. llie crcpr front is bordcicil by b i n d s of Angor.1 fur. A nev/ idea foi a (CM ,11 vln'Hi is dainty and simple is to inatr ri,ils 11* cd :i sin UTOWLEDGB Brings comfort arid improvement nncl rends to personal enjoyment vrhen fighUy used. The many, vclio live 1-ct- J«' tban oUiera and enjoy life more, T ith less erpenditnre, by more promptly adapting the world's best product* to 'he needs of physical being, will nttcst fnc value to health of the pure liquid Iwativc principles cmbratid in tlie remedy, S\ ri] p 0 £ r- )gs . . ita excellence is dtre to its presenting in tho form most acceptable and plens- »t to the taste, tnc rcfrcAing and truly cencficial properties of n perfect Jnx- »!'TO; effectually cleansing tbc.Bjalcm, oispelling colds, headaches and fevers 5JI4 permanently ctmng constipation. " 1W9 given wivisfaction to milliong and to« with tho approval of the jn r-""TBion, because It acts on xiic n «fa, Liver and Bowels without ening them and it is perfectly free from "IT objcctronablo substance. .Dyrapof p igg j, for ^^ b y a \\ drug. B»tsin SOc and $1 bottles, but it is mau- .Jfoctnrcd by the California Fig Syrup J?? y ' wnose Dime is printed on every P^ge, also the name, Syrup of Figs', "* being well informed, you will not ·""Wftt any substitute if oflfered. r and soft thc t r i m m i n g s of cl i nty lace and cm- broicKi\ Ji'liinL " ' a n a m o u n t of fi'li- nuss " .lli'/tit c-\ or 1" "i,' c l u u i \ \ . J"i;ic' nnlnsoijKs J'lc'nch l i U i s t e . an'l sht'T l a w n s ,irc the 1 pnni ] i n.ritori.ils T'jr unilci w uar. .uid ( h n i i silKs .ire VIT^' l i t t l i ' used, t \ci'r»t fui n i f l i l ^o..ns. w h i c h ini,-nL IFC I I I M J I M ' , c . i l l e d w nip | p r i s , ;is tliLV .ire cl ili'.i.itcly iriuiiui il j and made to M I . I I OUT :i nams.r,k ffoi-. r. Tlii-.v arc vm.i 'Limrsinadc « ilh .1 yok' 1 of *il t''rnat' n i s ' » f l a ^ c n i i r- tioii and .silk, both i cl,' and f r o n t ; and afftim the b.ick '·· uul-'eil 'o tiio j fullnc 1 .',, and lo I h i s n ribbon is :il| Inched, ulik'h '.ics in front w u l i lonf ends. A wine bcrilri of lace in*-crl'vin. silk and ccl,"ir;,', ?oes o v r r the shoulders J n pin!: pale blue :nid w h i t e these jfoirin arc t e m p t i n g cn'mgh to inalcc an , w o m a n for^'cl ill her resolutions v economy. r--Wuir eitv ;ip|i-.ira to l,e quite moral jusi inn\. Citi/en -- Ves L of Lite years thn police lia^c cliur^'cd s n h hitth prices for prolcolion lli.iL it cloe't. I p^y dii'e- to r o n t i n n - 1msinc ^ , *Ulllllri: o L'cri-lll.inli-K. Osgocjil IhilLhinson shot, h i n i - i - l f in t i n - urnc-toii . L iid. J!l . . i n d ^ . n l.iiri'ji! 11''ijT'liny t' his n ritlc'n jn- s l i i i r ^ i n i i in .1 pine bo:s iMtli n o u i c - 1 am ( i l i i c h cured of Ij.'inon li.'u-f o[ ini^" li\ I',··(.', Ci.ic for ( oiisumplion -fn f 1 - ^ J-i* J" 1 "' ^-s, li( Lli .n\ Mo Ian i\ '') Gold, diamonds arc! twcntv-two different chemical elcaicnts havu boon found in aerolites, or "stones from the .sky." "ITnnpion'n M Hii»-vl IM cum t c ror IL I'rlc* ll e CornSulvc " .dney n-fundcj AftU your In the luusL-um at Maycucc, Gcr many, there are several iron tipped piles which were used h\ the Uomniii 2.000 years np;o in tha conbtrnelioii ot a bnc7pe near that place. ff^rmnn'n Camplinr Ic^ wltli Glvccrlno « u r l ^ l n n l iin I oiilj ^'»ulnL l^iri ri Ch ip|*il HtJi H '·Hlmil AlccU, ' nu old Stirlnifr, Scotland, knew all Iho JJitlo by heart. I f . i p e i - s o n named eh ipter :ind verse of any psut lu could fiom niemor;* j;iic the p..^,njjc II tlie llrvbj- in Cuttlnir Tooth. v anting U.aLol I anil v.'ll h l p l rcniirlv Ml OH'I SnnTi.i^c S\ui.i for (JillJrcn l i L i U I r j- Threc-tci.Lhs of the L\IIIHM;^S of a coniiet are rrn L -n to h i m on the cxpii alion of lu^ teiui of uwuiM-m- uicut. Some of I h c m T h u s sa\x moie money in nl t h a n they ever saved bc- PHYSICAL STKliNQTH, cheerful spirits anil the- a l i i l i t v to ftilly cnjo\ life, come ouiv \ \ i l h i licakliy binK .mil m i n d . '1 lie vjiini; ui in H lio sullcrs from iim- k l n l i l \ , i m i i . i i i e i l mrili- o\\ siints, irnLi- L-minr, .unl tlic- .mil and o ic ile- ineiils of I l l i m l .ml bnil\ lli.lL re n i l r roni. min il':r il n u r n u i- inis li t i n t s us'i il- 1\ O O l l L L L C l C l l 111 M i n l l i 1^1101.1M re, is t h c i c h y me in u-- il.ilcil to llinr- o i i | ^ l i l v e n j o y life llu; flL-l's tired, ,spnillcs4, lllil 'Ilimsy , his sltl-p Isllislllllieil mil ilois not rc- f LS|I h i m us il shonlil; the ^ i l l ]io«or is Mu.iUciml, moibid fear l i n u i i t h i m .ili'l :n.iy ri'Milt i n ri)ii(iriiicil h\ p o H u n n l r i i, or mi 1 111- Llinli.iaml f i n i l l v . i n n f l i i i ^ of UIE bi.iin, c p i l r p M , f ' J i l 1 " ) . ;MI l U ' i " . , lrLomotor .-1 i\' i ami ( \ e l l i i i l i o ul nl-.lliit\ '1 o i c . l u l l , 10 11 inn ruiil lo^loic inch miki] I mi iK . lo he iH'i mil li I]I|MIH ·;·., is tlie lim of the p i i l i l i s h c i i of a hook of i^O [n^c-^, ^ i i H L c n in jilaip but chaste 1 in^n.i^r, on the n i l n r f s\ mploms anil c t i i a h i l i l y , liy l i o i i i c - t r i n l i i i c i i t , of Mich iliseiscr*. 'J'his borjl;^\ili he ve-nt sc-ajc'l, in pi im n ·' lope- on ici'c-ipl of tin-, no- liC! 1 \ M t l l I G I I C C I l l s 111 . s t a l l l ) . ! , foi |IOsl- nr^p ^ l l l l ^ ( ^ ' 1 \Voi M'K Oisjieii 1 - u} ^Jc'l- Assnci ilinii, I l n f T i l o , ?. V. I 01 moic t'n in a f | i i ' n i i - r o r 'i ccnlnrv ]ili_. sici m^ coimct I c t l xulh l h i ^.ulc-ly Cflehr.ilal l i i s i i l u l on h a i e marie lli(! t i c i t . n c . i t of Ilic ilisf.rcs ibovc" l i i n t c d at. Ihcir s[)ccnlt\' ' J l i o n s n i n i i l i n e c o n - .sin'.c' 1 llicm i iv I c l t c r unl ii-ccivcvl aflnce .mil mi l i e n i e s .\lnch h i e icMiilcd in lLrinaii' nl r u n ";. SnlTcTcr!, from picimtmo old nje. or lo^-s of ^ \ i l l fiinl mm Ii of intercut in Hie Ixiol; !ino\c me nlionc'l. Ifake Home a Bottle of ALLEN'S A ^'.n i)l 101 !'.«- ret" n!ly w e n t to t h e ullar. .1 Ijruli! .md froom, j n Ottav,,i. O h i o 'J'hcv w i riOlr U. ,\. ii'jlioi.:.^ i a^'ccl e-'i and .'Mrs. Thornton, :i;;ci! ^ I JT JUKES COUGHS COLDS, V uilnd I'.rlli loi f i . i ' n l N. U. C H I C A G O . V O L . Y.. i -(. ill NO. j When An5v;ermg Advertisements, Kindly 1 Mention this Paper. -Cleanse* tbe Iftm , A11.3T. P.U. and Smell. IDTA. have it made of fine French flannel, trimmed with while moire ribbon, feather slilchcd in while silk to the flannel. Such a frown recently hcen was made of pink flannel in tlie JJrn- pircdEMgn. White moire riblrans were drawn over the bust, fonnir',' a girdle. They ti«-tl at the center of the coi-faffc in a, Jiufffi uoiv. The upper part of Die sleeve waian enormous puff of tlie flun- i)d trimmed by a Van «ko point of Ihc moire ribbon aripliqned to it. The back of the pown hnnp ina (jiaccful W»ttcau plait.--New York IVorld. For twenty years folks all over the world have cured rheumatism, neuralgia, and all other pains and aches by using St. Jacobs Oil. There must be tomething in. it, for you couldn't fool all the people for so many years. Tfi* Inpan^Jic I inprfss' Conn*. Only once :i year, and then on the occasion of :i ic'lig-ioiis festival, is the cmprofys of Japan ECUJI in native garments. .\s, a rule, she affect-; the choicest creations of the Paris "m:m milliners. ' TMn^M Womrn to KnpT. Vrl.-ct is Ihc approved raatciial for winter milliner}. Large hinokcd pearl liullons arc seen on tailor made jackets Velvets, h.ind cn-broidcrcd with bends, arc utcd for mantles. Plaid i-elvct and spanjlcd satin rile bons a'efavoritctriniinings fordrcvtcs. Tlic silk bodice veiled v.ith chiffon has become '.lie- regime a Ial for theater v/car. Thc tlfrly poire bonnet Is oecasionalli' scc-n in Paris, Hay it never venture over thc s^r.- Tlanuiomc bullion embroideries in j ^ EcnaLy^ncu pn'.Lerna laid over velvet i -· fonufe thc cro'.'.'n of many fancy ban nets. Weak Mothers ! i and all -women irho are nurain j babies, dcrivo almost incon- ct^able beneflta from^ho nouriihiDg properties of Scott's Emulsion This is the most nourishing food known to science. It cn- riches tho mother's milk and gives ler strength. It also mokes babies fat and gives more nourishment to growing children than all the rest of tho food they cut. Scott's Emulsion has been prescribed by physicians for ftuenfy years iox Bickets, Marasniig, 'Wasting Disauea of OMldzen, Coughs, Golds, Weak Longs, Emaciation and Consumption. Seitif/or fawpklet en Stolt't Cir.uliion, I-KL.E, Scott Bawne, N. Y. Alt DrucBlpte, ' SO conta and $ PUBLIGflTIONS --Ot THE-- GREftT NORTHERN RfllLWflX. ST. PflUL, MINN, Tho Gciior il l J ~.«Hcntfcr onico of tho Grc^t Nortlicni K.ilh\:u w i l l Do pli- ibud 10 fopw ird 10 »I»|IIL I HUH uiij or nil ot tin 1 public uluns n mini nolov on rci**lpi 6f tho n mount ot POM 11:1. u piu'il :in p r f iL'li I[ stioulii bo under- jiton/1 H I I L these l)ooh*4 nnpn nntl ii.mipliloi"* iicre |ii~oiuirL*il ic coiiHlclunblo Hint .mil aru Ti\nrili In tJi-li L I o ininy iln»rs ihn JHMI.IKH. They n I I I iiroM, uf i n u i l i iiULTi-sL Lo jM:riorM ^\ht nir'i'miiliiic a n i p lo nn\ \t\rl of ilui I s o r J i M L ^ i in ulio ik-lire tho inroniinilon -ill I n i L l l l h c i u iHoplii itioulil iio'isc 1 .'! cniiLCriiln*; a Mist i c s D i i r t i r u l h u p u r l u u l uml cronlnic l.irL or the U . i i U i l tit KC-I P v \ c n l of Ihrsc |iul»- I k i i L l o i i i l ) l \ o irLcll riU])pllC(l Iu r|liunllt|r4 lo public schools ht iho roaiiLdi ot supirliiltml- culMtiid UJLlic*--, on ut-ioiuu of Llio InsirUvllMJ · it USL'TUl lliroriLllllIoil LllL'J C U l l t l l l l ) H O O K rOLUL:i;.-- h u u i l 2 i m t a for .MAI' r O I . D M E . -- Scut T F L I . A 1 L A S OI' 1111 O U T J I \ 1 KST. -- Send 1^ t-ffsst-. i:: pnstii^r. Com HUM iom;il''io rnipq ol inn Unllad SlilU -i Mill IK MIL 1 |1|U L\\0 J) iKoltlH, Mo ft" 1 in i 10 iliit .mil U iisalh- T loii sliOi\)n n ' IKIHI- t i l i i - - . 10 J u n o I ihsu M U U c \ ( r v l u i p o i u m nii,T i i . u i l i u l u ml C()ic^'r.Li)liU U f f . i i u n Lniuirlii ilmwi in (I Liu m u l j M l u l r - d in tUu lil^Uu-hl S l j l o of HIL in. i p tn ill 1*1 H H i Inion "Ulnr tktjLrlp* t h e lil u n t i l u mid lurin rn iilou jp- IM-, ri v.llli .n li m.ip In |HMt.if,'4 A L L MAI'. -- Srnil S3 contl Jura i v r l t l n ^ K'*« nt-iir- , A M I V I I A K . lo A Y t t l u r n O ^ A L I - i : i . r i . A t N , M l d l i i i u l \A 1,1 tc^ Si n i l 1O t ( i 1 is In i i o i i i i f ^ d . T)IM u U i . i L t U t [inhlk.iUon l o n i i l n s n-Mrl/ livi S'oriliwt - i i c i n \ li WH sln^i^ mil In (,'roupii, i U l u i l fruiji pi ulo r t r«)ln orn iniunl illy cm- I cIlNJu'd, iinil in ioni|j,iukd In ilc K r l j i l h u iniii- I«T mid ili.tniutr. I!L InltLiH l n . m U r n l l v p r l h h i l I n t o l u i H uUg^cllHT foruilni, nnc of Lliu mnsL Llc^iuil Ijuol.h ot t'jo Mini! L'\er Issued. Jc H L-iiiiil i n i i n Ijool.n \ i , hiili -i(»ll for n doll.i- or in«r« unl L o r i u i n \ i y uintli lu-i-j Kuncrui In ruriiuilon iiuU be iul} nr^oieiiMJvi: PAML-JILI;TS on j(ur-- I-l.l l i -- S u n d ^ f o i i U po^lnjjo for I l l M'lMi ANI3 1 I S I 1 1 S G I!LT l.KTINS. -- SuiKl J ceiiL^ punlu^o /or L h u luo. Mi:U'S Ol M O U N T J . 1 D J 5 X AND K O I J Ti:N VI C A N ^ ON -- S ( - n « I DO emit cnch. I r i i n o U , - . l i l J i K'.Hl, '2.QO o icli, K V I U I U I L I 2 E N ' l^ for IKIIL. i(*o. 81 ATJC. -- Send B TAC'IS A I I O U T A t . K I ' A T C O C N T K V . -Sent fret., A TOLJC or "ouu cou.vrny." -- Smi 61. (10. 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